CASES Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd Macaura v Northern Assurance Co Ltd Daimler Co Ltd v Continental Tyre & Rubber (GB) Ltd Jones

v Lipman Unit Constructions Ltd v Bullocks Smith Stone v Knight Ltd v Birmingham Corp Hotel Jaya Puri v National Union of Hotel Bar & Restaurant Workers Tengku Abdullah Ibni Sultan Abu Bakar v Mohd Latiff bin Shah Mohd Twycross v Grant Erlanger v New Sombrero Phosphate Lagunas Nitrate v Lagunas Syndicate Gluckstein v Barnes Re Leeds v Hanley Theatres of Varieties Ltd Tracy v Mandalay Kelner v Baxter Cosmic Insurance Corp Ltd v Khoo Chiang Poh Allen v Gold Reefs of West Africa Brown v British Abrasive Wheel Co Ltd Greenhalgh v Ardene Cinemas White v Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd Hickman v Kent Eley v Positive Assurance Co Separate legal entity Property of co belongs to co, not members (owner sold timber estate to co, belonged to co- no claim for loss) Lift veil of incorp- case law – in times of WAR to determine character of co Lift veil of incorp- case law – FRAUD Lift veil of incorp- case law - TAX purposes Lift veil of incorp – case law - co is AGENT of CONTROLLER Lift veil of incorp- case law – GROUP enterprise DHN Food Distributors v Tower Hamlets LBC Lift veil of incorp- case law - JUSTICE of case Defn of promoter by Cockburn CJ Remedy- breach of duty by promoter - rescind contract Habib Abdul Rahman v Abdul Cader Remedy- breach of duty by promoter - Rescission lost: Undue delay/ 3rd party bona fide& for value/ can’t be restored to original position Remedy- breach of duty by promoter – recover profit Remedy- breach of duty by promoter – claim damages Promoter bought property not in his capacity, co cant recover profit, can either rescind or affirm Re Cape Breton Co Pre-incorp contract totally VOID Pre-incorp contract ratified by co after incorp Alteration of AA (bona fide) Alteration of AA (fraud on minority) Alteration of AA (bona fide) Enjoyment of class rights Contractual effect of AA: terms of contract among members (member breach, another member sue) Variation of class rights Contractual effect of AA Contractual effect of AA- co & outsider no contract

doc relied on is forgery Consolidated AL Underwood Ltd v Bank of Turquand rule exception.person rely has notice on irregularity Ruben v Great Fingall Turquand rule exception.Wong Kim Fatt v Leong & Co Sdn Bhd Ashbury Railway Co v Riche Contractual effect of AA: terms of contract among members (member enforce art on another member) Ultra vires transactions Re Jon Beauforte Bell Houses Ltd v City Wall Mitigate harshness of ultra vires doctrine: Properties Ltd Subjectively phrased objects clause Bumiputra Merchant Bankers S20(1)Ultra vires transactions valid & binding in Msia Bhd v Supreme QBE George J: sec abolish absolute effect of doctrine Insurance Bhd Public Bank Bhd v Metro Construction Sdn Bhd Mahima Singh v Baldev Singh Completed ultra vires transactions can’t be invalidated Hawkesbury Development Co S20(2)(c) petition by minister to wind up co Ltd v Landmark Finance Pty Ltd Aik Ming (M) Sdn Bhd v Indoor Management Rule (Royal British Bank v Chang Ching Chuen Turquand) Rama Corp Ltd v Proved Tin Turquand rule exception.person rely put on inquiry & Liverpool irregularity discovered if made due inquiry Foss v Harbottle Effect of incorp.person rely aware of & General Investment Ltd contents of articles Howard v Patent Ivory Co Turquand rule exception.particulars of charge lodged with Registrar Kwong Yik Bank Bhd within 30day valid notwithstanding late issue of cert .co may so & be sued United Asian Bank Bhd v Chan J.

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