[Texte] TRANSLATION condamnation, peine, sentence pour contre peine capitale le couloir de la mort déclarer coupable tribunal mortel

détenu jugement, procés adolescent, jeune liberté conditionnelle force de dissuasion

LAW GLOSSARY 1. sentence 2. pro 3. con 4. capital punishment 5. death row 6. to convict 7. court 8. lethal 9. inmate 10. trial 11. juvenile 12. parole 13. deterrence

Right letter

DEFINITIONS a) against, in opposition b) the place where condemned criminals await their execution c) one of a number of persons living in a prison or other institution d) a punishment for a crime e) the conditional release of a prisoner before the end of a prison term f) the judges, magistrates, and other officers that administer justice g) young person h) examination in a law court before a judge (or judge and jury) i) in favor of, in support of j) the idea that fear of punishment will prevent crimes k) to declare in a law court that a person is guilty (= not innocent) l) causing death m) the use of execution as the consequence of a crime

A LITTLE HISTORY 1) What was famous in 1692 ? 2) Who was electrocuted in Massachusetts in 1927 ?. 3) Why was Bruno Richard Hauptmann executed in 1936? 4) What were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of in 1952? 5) Why was Timothy McVeigh famous in 1997? Look at the map and click on the different methods of execution. 1) Is lethal gas used in California ? Is it the only State ? 2) In which part of the USA is electrocution most used ? 3) Which method of execution is most common ? EXECUTIONS THE DEATH PENALTY, OCTOBER 2011. 4) Which methods do Idaho and Utah also use ? 5) Which methods are used in Washington ? 6) Who tried to save Karla Faye Tucker in 1998? 7) What saved nine death row inmates in 2000 ? 8) Find 2 states which had the most juvenile executions.

[Texte] 1) Most black people can be found on the death row in this State. Which ? 2) Are more men or women on death row ? 3) In which State do most executions take place ? 4) Why was George W. Bush nicknamed "the Texecutioner" ?


1) Find arguments FOR the death penalty here (Choose 3+2 or your own invention) : 2) This organization wants to abolish the death penalty : Amnesty International What are their arguments ? What do these figures represent ? over 800 over 3,700 over 100

ALTERNATIVES to the Death Penalty What is CUADP's opinion ? (Find 4 important points) Now look at this drawing . What can you say about it ?




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