By JamesBorges, BSRA


he FiveRitesare a form of simplestretches that amongmany thingsstimulatethe glands in of the bodv to increase vitaliw and stam,
The Five ina. The Rites are not rigorous exercises. Rites are simple postures that activate the body's nervous systemon the etheric level to restore opti, mal health .The glands are key components in the nervous system.George Crile shows in "The Phenomena of Life" (TPOL) how the glands govern the bodies electrical systems"lt is at once clear that energy-controlling there is within the organism ar-r priwhich is activated by the special senses system marily. Theoretically, this systemwould consist of the brain, the adrenal-sympathetic the specialsenses, systemand the thyroid gland." Ruth Drown suggeststhat the glands are conductors of ether or vital force. A very interesting book called "Hindu Secrets of Virility and Rejuvenation" (HSOVR) published the idea by The Basic ScienceFellowship suggested that each rite triggers a gland and stimulates it in a gentle manner. Dr. Drowns observationscombined with this idea led to the conclusion that these rites develop the glands and thus the body's ability to receive the vital force, or ether that is constantly descending into the brain and through the entire body via the glandular systemas electricity. The Five Rites as given by Peter Kelder do not refer to ether, glands, or chakrasbut simply to Vortexes.The connection of the vortexes to the glands is no mere coincidence; this is an ancient borderland science.The glands and the nerve plexus are the physical manifestations of the chakras. I imagine the colorful wheels depicted in mythology are descriptions of the fields viewed through highly devel. that can perceive the ether. Rudolf oped senses Steiner describessuch sensedevelopment. That the glands are radiating energy we know from the radio,electricinterpretation of life as developed by George Crile, "Evolution probably seizedupon the

factors that have the power of shifting the amount of radiation toward the short wave field, hence increasingthe amount of electricity generated.Thus, the an increasein the electrical charge.up increases muscular and glandular activity of the animal." The Five Rites seem to enhance the ability to shift the amount of short wave radiation toward the short 'We seea glimpse of the etheric/electric wave field. transmutation taking place within the Vortex. The Five Rites stimulate the entire "energy-controlling system",the body's ability to receivevital force is enhanced. The correspondencebetween the Vortexes and the key organs of the "energy-controlling system" is demonstrated in Figure One. There are seven PsychicVortexes in the body. Vor, tex "A" is located within the forehead: Vortex "B" is located in the posterior part of the brain; Vortex "C" is in the region of the throat at the baseof the neck; Vortex "D" is located in the right side of the body above the waist line; Vortex "E" is located in the reproductive anatomy, and is directly connected


" (HSOVAR) The thyroid in the neck is also activated along with the liver and adrenal glands. activityvoftexes "Et'./ pituitary glandsin the head.Its situationis within the headat the baseof the brain aboutmidwayfrom front to back. This way each simple short routine gradually builds up a huge force over time. latedwith everyactionwhich takesplacein the pel. (Figure1) Effects: seems It that whirling stimulates into great tA". The brain points to the mysterious connection ber'ween the ether and electricity. There is only one caution:you must turn from left to right. It is a slow gradual toughing and rejuvenation of the limbs of the tree of life." Vortex "E" is the gonads and is aboutthe sizeof a pea.The pituitary is a verysmallgland. Its condition has a marked influence on the gonads. lates the thyroid glands. nism. The sex glandsor glandsof reproduction(in the male)are calledgonads. This first rite seems be the one that awakens to all the vortexes but primarily stimularesthe pineal. "The electric current. cated current is established. We will find more on information on Vortex "C" when we look at the Fifth Rite. stimu. ons and nervestoward the points of lowest potential in the glands and musclesto be stimulated."(TPOL) In Ruth Drown's conception of the ether the brain is the main receiver of the ether. which is descendingor emanating into the physical world constantly creat. as Vortex "D" is the Liver and the Adrenal Cortex. Both Vortexes "A" and "B" are in the brain. The liver maintains a function which is essentialto 84 .Vortexes"F" and "G" arelocatedone on eitherknee. which plays a most vital role in the acquisition of energy. Vortex "A" is the pinealgland. therefore. "The pituitary is a very small gland. Now spin around until you become slightlydizzy. Rite *1 Standerectwith armsoutstretched.just abovethe collar bones.It is no wonder the skull has often been thought to be the challis of vital force. it is about the size of a pea." (TPOL) The activation of Vortex "C" at the neck.It is closely re. It cannot be rushed. vic. They areclosely interlocked with everyother function of the human body.Its condition has a markedinfluenceon the sonads. it stimulates adrenals the and the gonads well. "F" Vortexes and "G" areverymysterious re.This gland is in the neck." (TPOL) BV simple stimulation the glands will releaseenergy and begin to recreatea larger supply for the next demand. of Using the correspondences can takea look at we the ritesto observe their function on the glands. would passfrom the highest potentialwithin the cells through the zonesof lower potential in the ax. ". ing and recreating the body. "ln the higher terrestrial animals the rise of the thyroid gland coincides with the rise of mental and bodily energy.Thesehavea and stimulatingeffectin the other two "C" and "D".. Vortex "B" is the pituitary gland. "B".in turn activatingthe generativeglands. and lateto the muscularaspects the rites. nal cortex. "Since in a bipolar mecha. horizontalwith the shoulders. Its situation is within the head at the baseof the brain about mi& way from front to back. Electricity has been considered as decayedether by many bor. it is necessary to cite such facts as may tend to snpport the conception that the cells of the brain are the principle source of the electric energy that coordinates the body and to show how the direction of the fabri. Vortex "C" is the thyroid gland. the electrical current must flow from areasof higher to areasof lower potential. There is a mysterious connection between ether and electricity.with Vortex "C" in the throat. The region of Vortex "D" contains the liver.. The liver maintainsa function which is essential to the life and activityof the cellsof the brain and adre. derland scientistsin the past few decades.

and "Q". a GeorgeCrile demonstrates connectionbetween further stimulatinsinto actionthe Seven Effects: strengthens clesthat haveso important a function in guarding sources. Kneelon rug. the feetextendbacka bit overthe body.Then perform this rite all over nal cortex. how this rite builds up the pelvic We seephysically that stimulate region.the life and activity of the cellsof the brain and adre' this vortex slowly.. the abdominal 85 . Fingers fingertipsof eachhand kept closetogetherwith the turned slightlytoward one another.Then slowlylower the feet to the floor and for to a moment allow all muscles relax. latedby the combinationof the headmovement with the stimulationof the pelvicregionand lower back. of the rite influences hardeningprocess The second walls.Vortex "D" is the liver and the adrenalglands.Vortex "D" is stimu. placehandson things."This rite awakens later."D". especially texes thosespinalerectormus' HSOVAR: ..Then bring the headup alongwith the body. in up This rite is very effective speeding vor' Effects' t'E". the sametime the headshouldbe lifted at and thrown backasfar as it will go. "Et'. for HSOVAR: Primarilythis simplemovementcares abdomenfrom which so manysuffer the distended of and which is the cause so much lossof vitality and viriliry.towardthe headbut do not let the knees bend. Then placethe shouldbe handsflat alongsidethe hips.It is in the headmovements Vortex 1C" the th1'roidgland. more activated will becomemuch Rite #3 Rite *2 Lie flat on the backon a rug." and procreative vital nervecenters The third rite is for the smallof'the backand all the procreative forceshousedwithin the pelvicgirdle. by The regionmost affected this movementis the the musclesheathcovering lower abdomen. The feetarethen raiseduntil the legsarestraight let up. If possible. Leanforwardagain and startthe rite all over. the chin possible.and lean for' with the headinclinedso that ward asfar aspossible Now leanbackasfar as restson the chest.

HSOVART."(TPOL) Rite *4 Rite *5 Place handson the floor abouttwo feetapart. arepractically straightup and down while the body. with the legsstretchedout to the rear with the feet alsoabouttwo feet apart. return to a sittingposition and relax for a moment beforerepeating procedure. the latesVortex "C" This tonesthe glandand causes a secretion its hormonewhich gives body an in. the liver and adrenals that areinterdependent upon eachother for their growth ". and ttC". ttGtt.. all reacti. the Vortexes"F" and "G" havefar reaching energetic potentials. the tonesup the muscles which sur. structingour bodiescan flow much easier through a bodythat hasutilizedthe FiveRitesto increase vitality.the thyroid gland. vates glands.Placing chin on the chestagainstimu.But it is closelyrelatedwith everyac.Now raise the body and bend the kneesso that the legs. ttEtt. for it stimulatesthe adrenalsand the gonadsas well.It stimulates the vital sources." The fourth rite stimulates the procreative all forces and reaches lumbar regionof the spine."(TPOL)The ethericformative forcesthat are constantlyr€coo. Then placethe handsalongsidethe body. round the pelvicgirdle and helps. and it alsomaydependupon someother organfor the essential lipoid molecules. fore that thesemolecules the semipermeable for membranes the cellsof the body might well be of suppliedby the adrenalcortex. rising on the toesand hands. the Then. "The sources sustained in of energy areprimarilythe hormone of the thyroid gland. The liver maintainsa function which is essential the life and activity of the to cellsof the brain and adrenalcortex..The liver in part and glandsin part maintain the structureof the ductless he cells.from the the sametime the headshouldbe broughtso far down that the chin comesup against the chest.especiallythe hips. 86 . Then asthe body is raisedthe head should be allowedto drop gentlybackwardasfar as it will go. the When the body is pressed to the completehorizontal up positiontheseeverymusclein the body.just abovethe collar bones.put you in good condition all over.. Stabilityis impartedfrom the knees.Beforepushingthe body to a horizon. Effects'This will havea tendencyto stimulatevortexes ttFtt. This is not in the pelvicregion at all. up asfar aspossible.. of the crease energy.push the body. arestrengthened." (TPOL) By gentlestimulation the Five Rites transform and vitalizethe glandsand organs of the body. "The Thyroid. but in the neck. but the stainon the muscles creates hugeelectrical a reaction. tal positionthe chin shouldbe well down on the chest. "As the liver is an organwith a very high functionalactivityits semipermeable membranes alsoarerapidlybroke up and haveto be replaced. Next.VorteX"D". from the shouldersto the kneeswill be horizontal."(TPOL) Sit on the rug with feet stretchedout in front.'S7e postulate there. the adrenalgland and gonadsin the pelvic region. tion which takesplacein the pelvic neverthe less.

This rite ex. Next.He owesthesecharacteristics and physical of largedevelopment the brain. by affected the thyroid hormone.Its Vortex "C" receives to ability to radiateenergy the brain and other parts of the neryoussystemis the key to the subtle energy worksof the human body. "In the animalsthe rise of the thpoid higherterrestrial with the rise of mental and bodily glandcoincides energy.Bring the headup.George subtleenergy showed Crile.emotional' any other animal. (Continuedonpage 107) 87 . fact onstrated that the thyroid hormone increases percentage radiationin the short waveor ioniof the zationfield and the immediateeffect of this would potentialof the be the of increasing electrical the potentialwould conbrain. that pioneerof borderlandscience. potentialof the and capacity. surrounding ertsa stimulatingeffecton the muscles and of the back. the The fifth rite stimulates entire pelvicbasin. electric conductivity. the thymus.the greatnervecenters. thyroid. the small through all the a cause gentlestimulationto pass procreative sources. (c)As the thyroid hormone shiftsthe wave towardthe short or powerfulend of the emissions and asthe brain and nervoustissueare spectrum.and to activity. Vortex "C" in the most efThe fifth rite stimulates are manner.While all the vortexes spinficacious glimpsethe ning.we can worksof the human body. which. thyroid gland was indeed the masterkey to that the natureof man. through as it passes into the glandsfrom the ether the nervoussystemof the living being. the relatively the with the thyroid gland. causing to be drawnas possible."(TPOL) The strongerwe can makeVortex in we "C" the more electricity can generate our bod' through its control of oxi"The thyroid secretion would especially that the brain and other units of to appear follow by are the nervoussystem speeded the thyroid hor' mone. "The unique the subtleelectrical effectof their thyroid hormone upon mental and be emotionalactivitycan now be explained the dem. electrical of the is. all are mental process dependent our emotionsand that comes That subtleelectricity upon electricity. the thyroid glandgoverns capacity the or' ganismfor work.the gonads. (a) The Thyroid hormone specifically increases the percentage short waveradiation.produces collaborating requiredamount of powerfulshort waveradiation. (d) Man hasa relatively largerthyroid glandthan greater mental. far backas HSOVAR: The tuckedheadhasan importanteffect on the glandsin the front of the neck.'sagging' po. attentionin all five rites. one supportingthe other." (TPOL) of "\7e may then sum up this consideration brain' thyroid glandcorroborationin shiftingthe short wavereactionof the brain asfollows. of (b) This increase short waveradiationis due to in the effectof the thyroid hormone on nitrogenme' tabolism. allow the body to comedown to a it sition.and the pituitary the gland."Our experience life. the dation governs electrical that tissues.This increased electrical increase menof fer upon the brain a corresponding of tal and emotionalpower.

an honor. I was assured-r-rot voice or letter. spatially. and understood by me-and was given license to ask questior-rs. through with Love. \ilhen I withdrew after this third sojourn. should I have dropped stone-deadfrom where it was I stood. should I persist for too long. as does an unre. but. Something nagged at me. foundations our beins. The Vortexesarethe spinning ethericsubstance underlyingthe electrical activityof Theseriteswork on the very the brain and glands." The Eyeof Revelation PeterKelderis by not just a fairy talebut a transmission an ancient of electrical. spontaneously did. vacuumlike. it appeared to be an inverted bubble of endlessproportion.I found that I retained a great quotient of its power. I would have passedfrom this sphere bearing God's own promise of eternal acceptance. This few real qualities. to be shared of by one more brave than me. two years hence. shifting frorn the intellection or cerebral. I realizedat this point that the experienceat hand was no LSD flip-out. A cleansing wind blew through me. which was. I knew. ceededto stand. But it was not over. and I also knew that I wouldd not be able to relate that which was learnt by me and stay free. that my confession of All Knowledge would likely lead me to the bughouse. I was be. absent ego. To be part of was. askedone and only one "\Uho am l?" It came back the answer. transforming. I had been forgiven of all the wrong I had ever committed. I experiencedpreciselythe same occurrence.create. true and eternal. and for a long moment realizedthat I was among the intellectual elite of world history. that the experiencebecame life. knowing fully that I may never be "right" again. a supernatural event. at that instant. a ing of any sort. nessto receivesuch absolution was exhilarating and overwhelmingly humbling. but instead felt very special and hurnbled by the op. and was struck. And so I did so.and I saw myself in all stagesof physical."upon hearing my story. which resounded in rne for nearly an hour. more powerfully.'E RITES page The greatsecret the Lamas of wasrediscovered by GeorgeCrile "The stateof mind and the stateof consciousness a resultof radiationand electrical are potential. and the self-knowledgeof mine own worthi. and stared at myself in the other mirror. cast them into the Void. anything I desired. There was a fierce sucking aspectto it. but the Vor. It said: YOUARE AHOLY MAN. Ordinarily. brought rne to my kneesand shook me to involuntarv weeping. (Continuedfrom 87) A NEW LOOK AT THE FI\. of The EYE OF REVELATION is upon the world. ity. and. The mural artist Robert Daf. clear and indelible and undeniable. thing I call the Vortex possessed The hue was of a gray. It sirnply Is. practicingthe Five By Ritesone seems havethe potentialof increasing to their bodiesability to capture.mean I would be rendered insane. given. emotional and intellectual development-the All of me now. I walked to the front door. membered face. registering in my soul. There are not words sufficient to describethe power of the "heart"-but compassion and charity spring immediately to mind. but rather a True Occurrence. feeling an attachment to bed and position to be unnecessarynow.when contemplating this night. such an endorsement would have had me erupting from all ports (ask some of my friendsl).greenand. exposed and apparentto me. I question. fell away. knelt. to that of the heart. And it was when I acknowledgedhumil. I pro. or so I understood.which was God's answer.only this time I allowed myself to remain in this Vortex for as long as i could stand it. ford called it "a state of grace. still after only tens of seconds. But societalconstraintsbreed cynicism. I did not rejoice. That is what it was. tions we call life. But it was there: infinite spaceand All Knowledge. and again the room. but never did it emanate evil. and usethe vital forcesthat underliethe amazing field of vibra. tex had also stripped me of ego. that I had been for. & now. but a response. 107 . all physical confines./etheric technology. ing invited to share in all knowledge that ever has been and everwill be. And when I did. and then of the soul. portunity.and.

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