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T V Poetry

Vernon Frazer

(exto) - (isual)

T V Poetry

(exto) - (isual)

T V Poetry

Vernon Frazer


Copyright © 2011 Vernon Frazer

Several of the poems in this collection previously appeared in modified form in Epidermis, From East to West, Golden Handcuffs Review, LIES/ISLE, New Mystics, Otoliths, The New Post-Literate, Reconfigurations, Specs, Turntable and Blue Light, and Vibrant Gray,

ISBN 978-0-9745270-4-8

Printed in the United States of America

Beneath the Underground 1899 SW 20th Circle Boynton Beach, FL 33426


Celebrity Montage in Captivity Circling Glossaries Endgaming Forward Going History Re-Bound Legend of an Exotic Future Untold Music as the Moment Moves Nostalgia in Absentia Ode to a Cryptic Blood Mantra Oracle Glyph Messaging Oscillation Gumbo Past the Larval Harvest Placing the Past Rapture Inversions Textural War at Play The Hungry on Strike Transfiguration on Black Ice Vinyl’s Latest Revolutions Voyeured Paranoia Water Breakers at Sea Whetting Night

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Celebrity Montage in Captivity

The epicentric glottals avenue settings to penumbral remonstrance, a warranty thicket blooming overtures in purple quests where tangles meet a paradigm brigand

a corollary incantation blunders fabric in tonsil mode an eminent tutorial

a lurid exegesis

demoralizing angles while embracing their spread

safely remaindered where the market places

sta nc

e ca lls


an bst su

thankfully for the crank of signage rings clenching the dull file blade

inv erte


g rtin dive

rendered at the point of a startling curvature

r ec anta tio

shaling the impaled ranks who decry the trenchant missile fluff

rof yllufknaht fo knarc eht sgnir egangis eht gnihcnelc edalb elif llud


ce h




tion s

stippled as the evening’s dazzle a forefront occlusion deed intransigent as a foregone signal

sharing the

Startling translucence shades the body fabric:

epithet laundry

“regrets, a few too many to mention” Inside a quizzical submarine

an auto

where the hammer starts its toothsome breathing the stammered air

lifts shifts between caring wanderers into alleging vests better


moral pan demon ium ism

coursing mortal stables and their replicas as one of a kin d dred


myo pic


“cinematic as its last verite”
A cynical intimacy rerun scorches the players to a torrid rest declension that surged as an emergent
(spoken as an affront to taxi bandits)

tracing the broken stain
re ba t a i n o r ri n s th g it the e co s p sh rp a i n e l l s of be o f pl for a en e ar th sp y e o in fo ken ve dd rs e r s u io n at r f a c se tac e ek ks er s

sh a

re d

un d er in th g ei r ep ith et s



ts ra a it er gn c dn ru re av de ut ts er ar ni

re ba t a i n s o r r ing th th e it e co s s rp p a i n h e l l s o b f p efo of le r a na e t s ry h e p o in fo ken ve d rs der su io n a rfa se ttac ce e ke ks rs

And other modes seeking dialectical disdain would rather bring the leap of face to a brink of screaming tissue powder, formulaic as the ringing wind chimes in the dis dance stance

“Let me nuke your carapace adapter with fossil jets”
e sal the f a tigo o ver nt es sta sum di re

stepping past the wallets a forum laced with raptors coasts on slinky terrain carts

the taste of a diffident legend rendered portable as a meat fixation

s re tu a a fe er. ing te a t h s t d s a l e w a a n ile x h en e r e ins ov orc orte , w face s f v Its om nt ty draw ble ptor lo sta mp n ota ca e tio p w di n suc n’s ne a io ts its nat s i a oom gr

a narrowing residue that peaks near the wasted starch lines waits for the latest saturnalian outpour

that rewrites the lather’s broken affidavit

rof yllufknaht fo knarc eht sgnir egangis eht gnihcnelc edalb elif llud

rof yllufknaht fo knarc eht sgnir egangis eht gnihcnelc edalb elif llud

n divertin g recantatio

“To reset the omnivore palaver, gather the harbinger lather against the bracket, creep.”

rted incan tations inve


ra g in in e th e ok br

tr a


ng ci

tr a ce

e th

e ok br n st ra in

Viewing cartilage elisions tears the different portables tendered, a neat vexation

alls nce c a bst u


ds en leg call l i ng s m ns w blu ity tio ho u pa ver ma ard he st cla bo tes s t lo de tar reci s e s r ain g a le ut s str cin mp the the n h phra as. a g la io r tra st tin n ns ara nt pa igh oke cle st p ma its e e rn we br nd s es e e d ar cte th ba ck lin ob ne le r xi ta h ad the ile de ta at rc . ns to ell sta ish ow rts to te nt sh g nd e p a in fro e cin e su . C af s th bra cav tis rain An tain em ical ms ter air re ile aut crea nky ed li er wh n nt d ks s a n b ri n o n mm ige n ly, sta ns A lia ch in- tra na e ar ued ur on at eg i ss ed . S for de es a ed lin tes ne ce h e rfa rc cre th su al sta ac ing ov en as lish ov a ok l em po na rem for sp r-r te sig a oun c

staining the broken trace

w ls e ho anc b st o tig ver the of a sale t ta n e s dis esum r

splashed through smithereens a sense of its testy residue scorches the layers to a torrid rest cinematically posed as its best declension, a verity

y ts n a re m g o re to on w ti fe e n “a m to




ic p




howl i ng


its corollary incantation embracing tonsil fabric while demoralizing angles spread their blunders in mode

or out of a fit conveyance
a mask as unfilled as the sweat from its cartilage intake


et ru m in at io n

diver ting

ig no rin th e g th re at of a

a task as defiled as the wreck of its fuselage pancake

or a startling curvature rendered at the point

inc antat ions inverted


moral pan demon ium ism


r pu




s ue re

ts g s le ra



t b a ri g nd

n ta a




g di


Circling Glossaries

Incendiary monologues simmer low shades of stately striation wary of the glimmering habit attracting pineal glossaries wavy retractions shimmering corporeal nostrums

Vortical splendide, a rumination past reception

ed iat s v ob ster n ma te ca tion o ott oga eten illed r f rr su dant e un c r mo quen e as

filters exigency as political renown or cursive language its measured lecture a deception cast illumination occurring

an siv elu

s tr fie ati da

cortical phenomenon rendered as the tread of weary datum composes

ra eg ca tifi


lse ere wh

n tio

penis stamps gone rubber affidavit the battleground warring incantations breeds ghosts of secular trilogies

documenting a long tradition of samovar sedition whose alien edition supplements riddle the tunic lost to centuries past cementing the dolomite sincerity to last ventures applied within sonic increments assuaging the measured doldrums in the sole width of their pity

pageant anomaly centered
v e r t i c a l

ola g n v as l l i p g a or p sr a i n e n o l s n i fo itec gnig gru ot se ht t n e l os e r ie em d di ttag ib r as a tax-free meridian om ice s sa l rett f a l am d l o n u a g ar shelter bearing desics a yr d n em ni b t cated pagan arboretum de

lost to syllogisms bearing its tangible fruit on a plethoral obligato suite

(Hacienda Sequence)
a transit souffle entourage
sifting through ambassador hotels

fo s e sr a rie itec llip om ht in e gno l a m e m g n i g g av l a s a ic e t n e n o l o as n i d l o d d gr u r p il s o sn d y eb rdnu satt s o i a t t n e a l r g er mg et ar t i b fa

of rs i e s la p i l i ce t e i r n th o g lon age ing em l a v a g m sa o l o n e n t e ci m a s p r u rg i d d o l d i n i n s so l a s s d r y d to gatt laun t be re ter men bit frag a alo sa n g p r va g p i l l i n s o l o n e n a rs ic o to ur g g ing etie f r e so l e n t th s bit gatt id d mem eir a f ter as s ecim o ol ra l a a g me u n d r d a s l nt y be in d


elegiac cuspidor cadenza

l a t e r a l

feldspar inclinations test heights of jaundice lattice cornering the rubric plague incendiary statues unbecoming in the lateral transfer breaching vertical denial and the subsequent balladry among tendered febriles of the rich and famous metallurgists testing self-reflexive puns si p ts us c

n tra a ge sou ffle entoura


id or e

leg i ac c redenzas

derailing the grandiose entrails of volley stickers sidling to the half-port

Sa fum nsk iga rit tio ns

Lavender escarpments trace the sundial clamor down its past rails to failing sunsets lacing the sky with tales of passing glamour

stesnus gniliaf ot selat htiw yks eht gnical ruomalg gnissap fo stnempracse rednevaL romalc laidnus eht ecart sliar tsap sti nwod

bel fixa ate tion d s

esoidnarg eht gniliared srekcits yellov fo sliartne trop-flah eht ot gnildis

a last triumvirate call to dread lecturers flailing failed dissertations en masse to flasks waving among the flak as the rival threat of a consequent derailment among adipose reparations trails a frenzied incline a few steps behind the laboring truncheon of molecular gains lunching while predatory derogations renew affect seating for reparations casting a side unveiled to seat new precedent issues before they travail a sane resident to betterment lectures glued to residual thromboid or craven murmurs raving at a past defense recast as a perambulation facet for all of its haughty lecterns and its recipient donors seeking a tongue where voice meets the far-flung civil entities reviled for naked pastime indulgence or self-winding vehicles inspiring them to renewed replication in a land of the sewn bandage, no partner to myths of trigonometry or to the sidelines where glyphs may or may not recur a matter, or course, on or off of it, as the link to



e ifi t




r he ew


carotid enamel imperiled at the last portamento artistry

polyglot assemblies differ
an siv elu gr e

tif a


ion at

torrid as a feldspar consummation tracking the inanimate subgum consortium pellets riveting their rivulet tonics to any horrid decibel leakage abhorrent as a storefront instigator constipated as a delayed sunrise at every deltoid cadenza mastery as reciprocal as the day gets sundialed to the south on a rector course set as linking logs to the venomous shuffle of egalitarian deltoid filaments tungsten as a side receiver on the scuffle markets filling the mouths of cracking granite nations unrelated to agitators relayed from high-rise to high-rise as the bottom levels the playing field’s gravid slant to the favored bevel of adversaries advancing their triumph past a tribe of obviate nouns cast across the pall that shadows their unrivaled blinkage at the radiator biting off the clamps of their teeth

lemane ditorac delirepmi tsal eht ta yrtsitra otnematrop

l at t er ck ing a mbiguity ha


snoitanilcni rapsdlef ecittal ecidnuaj fo sthgieh tset eugalp cirbur eht gnirenroc gnimocebnu seutats yraidnecni refsnart laretal eht ni lained lacitrev gnihcaerb yrdallab tneuqesbus eht dna fo selirbef derednet gnoma suomaf dna hcir eht gnitset stsigrullatem snup evixelfer-fles




de c ba tra r con summation


(hacienda sequencing)
as t rui f of the textual loo m a pageant anomaly centered lo it om fru ing as textual

l i t e r a l


glimmering pineal glossaries speak a primal referendum cementing the dolomite on a subgum convergence of the flak and its recipient donors breaching their vertical denial glimmering pineal glossaries speak a primal referendum cementing the dolomite on a subgum convergence of the flak and its recipient donors breaching their vertical denial
a transit souffle cadenza an elegiac cuspidor entourage

differing polyglots assemble
as the tread of weary datum breeds ghosts of secular trilogies


hamster ventricles ration sonar patties hieroglyph memoirs cross the stage barring suitable treaties subtle reflux modulating avocado's careless fling to battered pancake shelters missive as the next deluxe upbringing shatters glasses the slide across the legend rumored to asphyxiate the cousins bred as trails to sampled longings a barter fled past its burst, sublime

in delirious chatter, fixates a waitress bulb aligned with bubbled lather berates devalued verbiage cutlets appeal to longings detached from particle lodges

hemisphered to atomize impassioned detritus from discouraging the unfashionable displays coming forth in the moral order gone countless

until ratiocination brings them encouraging binaries that crush the mandibular template yearning shackled to flattering pantry disposals

a footing wattage blows sweatshop tundra, mosaic turntable stops shredded lunar goblets tasting water's gauntlet through hurling vehicles

dodging the caravan's terminal thirst


Forward Going

Chinos of the vacant guard, posteriors humbled icily in the winning betters’ tourney,





a center the gambol ta d bitten o r at the font of preference re














r’ s

ed ell p om to c h ras th

the constant, rendering its variable a bare vicissitude A turmeric rubato, scaling the station, shores





n hi n s ca hio fas








under hints of prolonged candy snatchers


indelibly presumed the ghost of a resume hosting




parallel fungus stamps

on the back of a Tenafly business card calling the kettle pot, its acrid durability a legend for what its denial presumed

parallel fungus stamps

thrashing compilations

portcullis navel enhancement ravages Othello sequencers at mileage encounters

waterside octopi speculum



re ndered

Amid creaking testimonials the foreflight encumbrance missive barricades the tenuous launch against

referential preference
in matters of lunging teeth and paradigm shoes wearing caballero plata

Passion cashing in





radial inundation oratorical transits, orbital transfer sockets aPPRoVaL moving foundation packets past rhetorical dream scores toward a raving coronation, flags waving paws at nipple distractions or dead pilates that finger a cure for bone gloss supplements

n so rou

a deference assumed

nomenclature tadpoles
d fo re e und ly tend

cashing in Passion

carap a


v in a g P fo PR u n o d V a a ti o L n p the harrow paths a c of sound afflictions k e ts spread a denigration tilt bracketing all their stations beyond subtle hypotenuse changes when tension cores deadly marrow striation factors the cynical fury


the legions of platform bronze adapt suture pendant e tending loose vesicle me ndations tandems at random crossings inveterate as foreign mercenaries

in hirsute apologies

th e

c so undly



te re d

e c

ed pil m c o to sh tr a

a c e rb ic a p p e

a e m a n e r o c n g fi u ra o ti n

lle n t

above deadly filaments

e n reparation dg s e am

at the threadbare hypotenuse

c ni ia n o th ign sio c s s in rcu rix t pe a m re

clamps its lateral stanchion past the tide upbringing metal’s weary shore where latter frenzy pockets disallow pastoral replica gliding and other shores of vapid emulation revamping

a sense of the grand refulgence of a fatter impresario than guidelines or scattershot dicta will allow, intense as their carriage bearing might wheel up the steppes if tearing up the lift appears to the impossible. Hammock lounges articulate the influx of gutted emporium batters, a remix owed to the last assemblage worn c to force hiding tarpaulin scores from ht ni r peace-torn retrospectives. The delays o in gis epe force wearisome ousters to reseat the c n r pendulum before the next motorcade or ai suc m simulacra tourist conveys a sordid particle s ta oi xir toward a denouement relayed to the forward n line waiting for a whisper from the new emblem slipping past its back pocket. A latter-day feint, as proscribed by amateur inductions, matters as faintly as the clarity assembled in the widest divisions there or near where the diversions hide from restless sleep. A passive merriment ensues, all its clues remaining the mystery behind the symmetry of the last facade renewed

al e st s ped g it y a ri n u r ba stic f a d yn

ov es ets am to g me s y a s the wa enz rpal t ir d a s pa the x ca tac ps e ng flu m or e idi m re ing ct c enc t iu rid jun esc tad ked ir ad irid strils s c o a he ed t-b as t , fri ing n u r r ys ac e ist epla en sin g r to m ri n e co urs s o c sa a

g s ck lin sa te g os a ea r c ticul a


History Re-Bound

Hamstrung chatter lanes a bogus slide. Its taint bedazzled limericks in the long run Sunshine amulet vouchers speak the dazzled tongues humbling linearity sweepstakes breaking their rank loyalties a thankful reckoning brought home to the sheltered homeless

that a drift will to ensnare

gathering expedition features for the primate lid, advocating its beaten dance to gather there or the gaining uproar’s momentum written across its crusty carapace where a nightly rhythm bereaves its lonely insurgence leaving the mainland shore unprotected as the

cunning against the tower saps and diminishes the

the grate of the fated project

shading its velcro product lucid


toward the teeth of lost production

as a line of gum words

beyond the tilt

narrative memories resound
The past tense (and aching) views a dancing anagram, awakening myths of sediment as such.

Ca me lo re t bo un d
among the



passengers lost in recent memory

Anachronistic membrane fusions stretch past the itch strychnine poses incandescent as its matrix swallows aver

No matter how contrary its expedition, the sound decrees its utterance, The same bound stretched the animus, a leaping fury against the staging ceremony, the same sad leak of history’s ostinato, that nonetheless clings to delivered story castors. Another fish gone to seed or setting, no illusions follow the air of its disdain, or dare to please it. How much the rational allows caring matters to depend on the tactically insane receivers of benediction medallions runs cross-petal to the flavored currency drawn across the medal snatchers

resounding their metrical onslaught

Arthurian magical reruns taste the narrative chalice presupposed upon spectral entry
The casual disregard upends the sidemost lattice a


nd ou s a ot el am C


i l t
toward contemporary tension

t i d i n g o v e r

wherever the recidivism

presents itself
at the end of its latest cycle

or the spectral entity


braking out





on the ode of its plangent piping

scraping delays from sunlight fodder over the striking moon, its harvest full as ample deliveries delayed on the cyclic transit grid, a rehash of spumoni historians giving in the moment of piece de resistance a pastel id thrashing melodies from transit spoons running the linear time grid that allayed the digital switch finger by finger at the lining

recent memory lost among the passengers

a narrative gridlock spared the fairborn anchored newly heights bedazzled scrotal frenzy button. The shove stared down the time frame, turned complex in the simplest modality. Gluttons store the passage of time’s reflex. The grating blips conceal a queried diagram whose reigning obstacle slipped past the poachers who roasted concept papers on bare dusk.The wrappers left over tides slapped jeers against a basket. Later, rushes masked the filtration masters directing the slippage as the motif of a decomposition manual stating itself at the backdrop slurred otherword fantasies as they popped the littered surface during a goat meal. Operational strata recast the sediment in past taxonomies while forefront crumbling remains a body sport ordered for the mainland’s stream to buoy the scabbard hollows at bellow time. In the face of surly nitrate regimens, the spouters cast the least of past resorts, along the coddling specimen drops where their anecdotes have become bloodied apocrypha





pas not t time a fo s , f nt utur to s e te ave nse the , m

a promise


sounding Camelot memories

, ure t t s fu fon e tim em a se te n a v e th t pas t to s no


a memory lost among recent passengers

a passage

history presupposed

lost among recent





that will ensnare the drift

Legend of an Exotic Future Untold

In the flavors of the tumid mind a candied valor snatches the gumdrop truths while a screaming orifice replies




filled w ith

t chan hacien n d tre

a coral interior


ckets bu

whose vacant torpor resides along the cavalcade of passing futures

an oral course stuck with it

Alta Mira handbook guidelines

filled with a nt h

stuck with passing futures


n c ie


along the coast
lfha it ry s sto ng a the a lli for e te h a g ntr in t alon ma d a erse rev furls ion un vitat gra

riddling silicon bandits

a paradigm of lovelace glue taken with stormy ratchets

a coral interior

trenc h


Macedonian garbage thrillers undo the tangled sequence that night brings, clinging to the naked cluster, a collage of cursory indentations

ts ke c

The oral of the storied

Music as the Moment Moves

When the laryngeal sprocket mover rumored to persist its lumens as the mist needed them impounds a pineal rigor
p c o l r i t p a p m i e n n g t s o A lavish splendor misguided the threading apocryhpha the shade from dewy intimations against a cavendish forefront to a savage lavender music standing in arrears
(s lo pilli ck ng ed t to he a cra ve s rn s m al o se ane v the qu uv e en er r we ce . ig )

the applicable wager fades over

ht of int er

a pedestrian


mi na ble blo cka



nin g

against the face it hides

p e o c r l t i a p m s e i n n t g o

clo ck i ng a

bra s



ott le


pa ck

ag es

to umber packets


at delirium’s shadowed pace shadowed where movement glowers at the distant racket patterned


where the receptacle lozenges respectable as their deceptive fade unpaid on the corollary attributes corona margins recede


from the unspoken gathering

and the clattering food ring cancels the grating missive gravitating to the missing erasure dancing a concept as crystalline as flayed opportunities at a miracle rampage when the dunes quicken over a shared must thickening the storied air follicles that breathe disjunctive assassination batter at the conjunctivitis that bares its lattering vision


doof gnirettalc eht dna gnitarg eht slecnac gnir eht ot gnitativarg evissim gnicnad erusare gnissim enillatsyrc sa tpecnoc a ta seitinutroppo deyalf sa nehw egapmar elcarim a revo nekciuq senud eht gninekciht tsum derahs a selcillof ria deirots eht evitcnujsid ehtaerb taht ta rettab noitanissassa taht sitivitcnujnoc eht noisiv gnirettal sti serab

protrusions for the promontory collection
or any subsequent layering the Pangloss fabric beckons the light number the still (ed)

makes its tumid sweep an apposite

still anoints custodial reckoning

as appointed
guardian of the late (est)


There the feldspar rubato lifts the seizure outward gears inimical to the passage: glyptic panegyric riffs easing


wa demands the fluent itin rendering of their autonomic ga sa t th subsidies packaging the rapture pas e te that apprehends the torn bar sequence, e rmi ottl no martyrdom intended for the strong blades thr nal turning stiletto heels into rigor dampers yearning for their future stake in the length of the distant past
oc s cl ge
p a o r c t r a y m p e t n i t c o o t n e t o e r c l a i m p e s p

s as ir b sive l ra ab its message ockag e e k th





Nostalgia in Absentia

Parallel corrugation anomaly splatters penny laser buttons, fixation mantras filter passacaglia sweepstakes

off th e

Orchid banter weeps the phases of moon shoots



it te nt


out of a twelve-moon dictionary where the lateral onslaught reveres radiation parallels in fugue estates

the vertical threat to lumbar legions filing across the globe

a cortical template filter

baring ascent its new nostrils
b le
Toreador retail markets ensure obligation fillers the accrued patronage of a swamp bucket tale


as w

the global threat to vertical legions filing across the lumbar

ritte n

of splendor downsized to the capitol regions

as mobilized sentiments stampede across coral impediments. The reaching style turns vortical as a silt

a snak e -b

a template filter cortical

skirting along the last path before the samovar cross

it te np act

styles its amber as a protocol for filling renewed reclamation

data before the next dissembling. An orbital configuration lightly tendered breathes the cast of the tangent rendered nugatory glamour fests cartridged as patriotic clamor, best written as radial rendering in times of nuanced screed or crawling timber. A fourplex declaration assures consensus. Limber asphodels recovery blankets and muscle tone, a seed of vacant ligature. Conceptual cloning stones repeat intangible originality as second-generation indigents attending a seconal barbecue. A region resembling dorsal montuna sheds its spirit. A legion of dated imperatives vows to embrace data of the rising tide against


t re





re t


da ys


iridescent flagpools

y pp

pp y

ys da

consuming incendiary lassitude

its intractable bond a surfeit matter

A horticultural crosswalk venture, nearly assumed stanza dividends when the luminary vendors declaimed the last horizon pack a false sundown,


klawssorc larutlucitroh A demussa ylraen ,erutnev eht nehw sdnedivid aznats demialced srodnev yranimul eslaf a kcap noziroh tsal eht .erutam deredner ,nwodnus

klawssorc larutlucitroh A demussa ylraen ,erutnev eht nehw sdnedivid aznats demialced srodnev yranimul eslaf a kcap noziroh tsal eht .erutam deredner ,nwodnus


intending uprooted latitude

its intractable surfeit a bond matter

wherever the boxcar ventilated its thrift

a cautionary rift assumed the legend of the late verdigris a diamond influenza seeking the late-night stammer glinting corollary rumors in a night of seasoned heat A torpid boxcar innuendo denied its shuttled lamprey before seasonable misgivings vouch the venture’s tabloid ruin. Archaeological digs the music before its stance happens or a chance rumination recedes it in a hotbed of clover misgiving

(a boxcar of reasoned measure)
reduces its seasoned pamphlet to forgotten treasure where plunder acrobats thirst for easy pleasures. The longitude of reasons planks the far door before the hovering get under way or foot. Despite the flood of plankton rumors, the chance recedes from hunger blankets. Wherever thrift ventilates the boxcar latitudes, shored-up rumors will sail into the gray climate, a factoid in search of a review pro bono in the admixture column wherever


horizontal threats to cortical lumbar filters enrage the skills that play template legions

horizontal threats to cortical lumbar filters enrage the skills that play template legions

intending uprooted latitude

s ion divers

ct m ta ro f

a diamond influenza file

inver si o n

its impractical bomb a surface matter

no matter how their carobs fry the rage they’ve bitten in, gladhanders gather the loot for stale-eyed factions fuming, cranked on a season’s heat of belted tumors mongering crass loads at critical juncture, that no one hatchet will ever stall

its infractional aplomb a surface battered

an irradiated corridor suite shattered before the last pamphlet’s breath. Depth charges apply their feats of monthly interest, a slow interrogation of the latest pocket research. Coarse applicants need butter. A thickening remorse clogs cover emblems before the thatches fail the looming traction holders, their grate a sight for the unseen barred from viewing. Rotor failure assumed the legend of a diamond influenza in a season of night heat. The false sundown fixes mantra filters to their best speculation, before the hovering recedes at critical juncture, a nullified obligato at the sidelines of a cheerful frontage. No portal majesty leaps out the car door, slyly retailing itself as the latest entry in a boxcar of seated pleasure with its roots foregone as the taste of muddy water entreaties. No sweltering abomination leaves here without an undue pastime revised to suit the slated vessel of no return skittering across a sandstone lumbago chart missing the tide of entry.

eht lacitrev taerht ot r a b m ul snoigel g nilif ssorca eht ebolg

eht labolg taerht ot lacitrev snoigel g nilif ssorca consuming incendiary eht lassitude r a b m ul

no matter how the arrows fly the page they’re written on, gladstone gatherings afoot or stabilized factoid fluming plankton in seasoned heat for deltoid humors hungering crossroads at cortical junctions, a neuron ratchet ever on call


on t


racxob lacitrev ot erusaelp snoigel taht re b m ul ssorca eht elif

intending uprooted a latitude

lacitrev erusaelp in transit files ot located near the wherewithal plunder racxob a wonder abrogated its near a transient rebuttal snoiger shoe drops station airing its taht stops platform luminescence elif eht shifting in daylight r a b m ul ebolg subgum reciprocity ornaments

consuming incendiary a lassitude

finding the trace of its own rebuttal

pract ions ic rs a e ld v i a a ivi ld sion ica tact s season failure of of happy returning days rotor rotor failure season

yrf sborac rieht woh rettam on ,ni nettib ev’yeht egar eht tool eht rehtag srednahdalg ,gnimuf snoitcaf deye-elats rof taeh s’nosaes a no deknarc gniregnom sromut detleb fo ,erutcnuj lacitirc ta sdaol ssarc llats reve lliw tehctah eno on taht

a flying influenza diamond

Ode to a Cryptic Blood Mantra

Gorgonzola pontoons may bury the stanchion key locked deltoid gossamers thrust. Trusting no pocket to amulet its sentries for sleuth begins toiled entreaties down the marginal line

Portamento lavender seeks from the faulty grid, a hemlock worth remembering for the faint to upkeep

under a fledgling pocket grimace

Truant as the fade markings faint ablutions stain on portal envy as a search for truth the quest for other illusions

reciprocity adrift
as the tenor


lurid blessings
a moral of

the oral side of its precursors

) )
avenger’s precocity uplifts


bearing under vendor’s gear shifting

tiled as boot markings solvent (a legend of)

under a fledgling grimace pocket




where cactus beds with coral rhizome masters

or posing as its known exemplar the cripple effect simmers below the sedentary flow

the shallow waters the one who taught drip their liminal impedher sipped an intimate ance factor lower than a fragment covering low it ever was before. Its backers, as before. No lone inception burned a drip prior conception nor staked message where evoked the turn as cycle fire slipped the swaggervessels yearn clipped it passage memorabilia ing massage memoramirage or paraphernalia debilia past those alslowing centered as the storms ready entered who grow close in pursuit rose to wrinkled suits catacombs

of a practice that claws its cloned harmonica

s the customary fa cile and em wa tr i tta g

th ds an rim ep

it r


pocketing a grim fleet


fleeing a grim pocket

sy tact ile foot e clum age

cashing in on the silted omnibus scratching its derring-do

crashing on the willing omnivores squaring whoever hears

on empty trials
the blood sought carriage remorse as fitting homage to a flitting loom winging its new corsage from a hot stinging bellows

music of the spears

of empty trails

i ah dsl emoglobin lan

wrought the blood its marriage course presumed a flitting tonnage inside the fitting room stinging massage fees from stingy fellows


against umbering defects gliding down the arteries

when blooded shale fills grumbling coffers of the numb contented massing

vengeance spools litter the gene pool like sediment the rumbling cantatas rail rumbling offers dumbly situated by the demented cassocks staining the filibuster thread before lions devoured the spectacle’s prey with a religious bent of slowly indentured sentiment pale as a legged translucence distended from its core oratorio raging the effects a sullen cast through a fitting room stilled by the carnage plumes blooming above its seated crest where coursing wattage blows steeply down the wedlock mantra luminescent in the summer shading of a crass billow wallowing within the cursive tint of a binding wind


s th and rem

e customary f

aci le

who stage the crosswalk handles


wa tta g


) )

a scandal now waged humbly to slow what recalls the slide from orifice

screaming cream cheese footage at the nadir spring where rhizome cactus moral casters divert grumbling offers to third rail reversals the cryptic message circling blood taints or painterly nostrums pared to discursive wonders

pocketi a fledg ng lin grimac g e under


a pird elcyc egarim gniwols sbmocatac

rhizome masters of empty trails a practice that claws


the shallow waters drip their cryptic factor wherever rhizome cactus lowers its lone inception, their vessels clipped memorabilia lotions, invoked the turn grown close in pursuit of coursing wattage


the sedentary flow staining the oratorio nehw wrought dedoolb the blood mantra sllif elahs luminescent gnilbmurg as a painterly sreffoc albacore message bmun eht fo staked out the detnetnoc flitting room homage to amulet gnissam boot markings on empty trials below elementary fade markings fleeing a grim oratorio scream waged humbly for the numb contented

gt h he te reat xtual b og f a hem lobin lan o
ape dsc
a ladnacs degaw won ot ylbmuh tahw wols eht sllacer morf edils ecifiro

in bring


a grim, fleeting pocket steadfast as cursory slippage tilling past

the tolling land of exit farmers

thguos doolb eht esromer egairrac egamoh gnittif sa mool gnittilf a ot w e n st i g n i g n i w a morf egasroc swolleb gnignits toh

catacombs slowing mirage cycle drip a

doolb eht thguorw esruoc egairram sti gnittilf a demuserp eht edisni egannot -gnits moor gnittif seef egassam gni -lef ygnits morf

crosswalk artery that practices the hemoglobin landfill grimace

the sedentary flow at the nadir spring staining the cryptic blood mantra whose centered grimace

spears the music




Oracle Glyph Messaging

Lateral escarpment frenzy didactic amulets blue corsage dilatory as a corollary aspect quantified as pudding mix for a tainted evolution



























slow scavengers seek their heat from the bellows
deep-seated arbiter vectors append their needy fugitives cool as rather hidden intent

The lectures of progressive heat portend the amniotic centrifuge gathering the scent of its wool

a ransomed target epithet
names the core of a hidden music, the voice of an the message never fully revealed deliberate choice the bidding, amused ancient predication under the wax seal

a e c O rl

The epithets of a ransomed scavenger newly unsealed abused a bent massage as macabre as a veal mender‘s hand caught in the target, as largess

A casual diminuendo employed as a gainful surcharge vector promised it dead relations a pastime patio rendering the lunge

epithelial flamenco scores storing contacts that impede its pace to broadcast

tacit as a fluid remark seeking the heat of its deconstruction simulcast gridlock oratorio

or the gist of sneaking relatives



tanks the appendages full-grown per instruction or story cast a system leaking

a role underplayed as tablature breeds innuendo in the id pocket, a diaphragm seeking inundation to meat its presence

sto ge ra

an im n pe

a deadly mentor (never fully concealed)

O r e a c

di ng

r mo

ium or at


under the corollary formation follows frenzy as surcharge tactic unveiled as needed for stirring the dutiful replicants from their wash at river’s edge or the didactic laundromats cleansing the soul or its mortgage debt through the transfusion of denatured evisceration under gateway palms or fuselage nostalgia breaking its remnants

a dilatory abnegation tacit as the heat of deconstruction impeding all hortatory storage from simulcast by gridlock moratorium under palming gateways pending the plunge of its deadly mentors

a O l c r e

under the corollary frenzy follows formation as surcharge unveiled tactic as needed for stirring the dutiful replicants from river’s edge or their didactic wash at the laundromats cleansing its mortgage or the soul evisceration through denatured debt the transfusion of gateway palms under nostalgia remnants or breaking its fuselage

never fully revealed

) (


never fully concealed



target a ransomed
a mistake the inevitable make, leaking systems cast fullgrown appendages under the corollary per instruction tanks



ep it h eli a


el fu
s el fe at

seeking a front-note glyph
reach fo a rw ar d to roma nc e of a


th e

to steer the course through an empty rigor where fashion suits those veiled to the mystery seeking the source of its name, dutifully frenetic as a postage stamp rising from river’s coastal laundromat deferrals, a personal reaction to grating communities leaking audible coastlines where victuals breed scarcity that knows a name

e th

ll ten a ci ty

l lo gic


O ra
ue bl

c le



caught in a stiletto montage

e ac br

e um leg

switching course from veiled tenacity e to fluid gridlock past a delayed oratorio leaking reason




) )
yralloroc eht rednu yznerf swollof noitamrof delievnu citcat egrahcrus sa lufitud eht gnirrits rof dedeen sa s’ revir ta hsaw rieht morf stnacilper stamordnual citcadid eht ro egde egagtrom sti ro luos eht gnisnaelc fo noisufsnart eht hguorht tbed rednu noitarecsive derutaned egalesuf ro smlap yawetag sti gnikaerb aiglatson stnanmer

ts at th e tongue of secre

r e v e a l e d

c o n c e a l e d

re enz eling in a backward fr


) )
yralloroc eht rednu noitamrof swollof yznerf citcat delievnu egrahcrus sa lufitud eht gnirrits rof dedeen sa rieht ro egde s’ revir morf stnacilper stamordnual citcadid eht ta hsaw luos eht ro egagtrom sti gnisnaelc -arecsive derutaned hguorht tbed yawetag fo noisufsnart eht noit -mer aiglatson rednu smlap sti gnikaerb ro stnan egalesuf

the core of a hidden music

seeking a front-note montage

te lling tab the known inscru

tong u

es tangled in time


r e v e a l e d

c o n c e a l e d


The scent of wool as ransomed music stealing a vacant centrifuge

as a parenthetical claimant seeking an outward

O) a (c



any subterfuge lyric or melody



Oscillation Gumbo

Oscillation gumbo matador fixation umbrage taken at the toll carcinogen mustard variant polygraph enamel footage excoriation in blue postulates

nimbus regulations alternating a regular costume bandit with a curvature blading the concealment of

e a stat

quasiheraldic intonations
(as secrets from a stolen parenthesis)


en t



th e

cu rv at







be nt reg ard

for mu la

the harrowing insignia

tin rus

a formula inhabited

e in


ur eo



c hun itadel ger s

f fa



brandishing illu

watchband avocado

th the r in be rtfelt sa hea esis of a nem





a codex stalking the fields of

idiom sutra pragmatic
electro-cortical sleeping envy sparking the teeth
as a foregone frenzy

hamm er

icken at th m -str

e a abl m t or ruis p t

its stricken frames
the recidivist geometries pursuant to the shattered eloquence of voices rendered
a ca lect ta lcif ern m b l o i i es of os ds re tro t p p ct u b riv hil al a at ate inf do e e c u rs ur lic a ti ge s on lo the sin g

m ra i n g g lo d he le lee s t es i al b a r e ro s n i t p h c e a t a am h om ied ed t tru fr sk arr y its wa res s sc a tu ht’ fu ig n

as long a shot as any matrix will ever demand of circuits seeking deletion or

kilometric cucumber stratified

a prescient tablet denatured as a hole in a portal storm

amid the threat of a hammered fixation


strom ael


caroling the box scores ad infinitum as clocked amid sealed flights of nausea

the spillage persists as a band-aid tactic applying the footage to a spiraling gentry voiding its wherewithal all over the map grasping the pre-set threat of its trembling id

(as stolen from a secret parenthesis)

y enmity a wear reat from the th
cu e rva pr tures s


harrowing the instigation

the investigation narrowing


the diction of concupiscence




ue g

co n

cu p

do en u nn i

isc en




tio n

borne against a seedling sprocket
where illumination stakes is belated frenzy

as vexing as any haunted corollary wearing straps

g lin ted eri un e p im ha ileag a m

taunting a

along a s
g threading on

a lant of gr

i e n r v c e pe tr it s o n p


s o rt pti ve e i n e rc p n

a consequence unfolds toothing the betterment of mouthwash decrees as pandered by slower promulgations sidling against the bleary cast impounded in vessels aching along its fortitude

a sc


play s

a br

ble ra t a ry b i m ional ann l e f p r i n t e w i t e rs p t to ing h a lay tho r e l d e c cl e se a po ays athlo r si n be n gt o p tter lay

ner ’s

long de

ch o p of a ping the b a ke h a l ve r’s de s stiny
a trilo long bit rem e from ove half the d she ll


ing st



ng alo rs ido orr of m c iu ers on platt c zir st ain ag d re sto

a re mi ra sc plac cle for roun eme the gin nt b att los g er tr ea lm s

creaking emporium splatter
scored against a


n de
rsc o ring th e melody

crossing a gathered sealant where the scatter hurts embossed placenta navels skirting the heart of rapture

h tumescent

ed ss s cro lem b a em der oon un e m band alerts l ad trif e


the grating anomaly fixture recants its latent testimonial adage

embossed at a slow rating

(a sto s se l e n cr e pa ts f re ro m nth es a i s)

l insurge orta nt p

past electrode balloons on a bed of stolen ampersands

cort electr envy ical ocree ping
ot to thro ttles

c ni colo

los ing it

st n o r ev it n pe i cr e p


po a rt tru able ism




the threat of a swimming montage

or s e

n c v e e tp tr i s o n




atin g

Past the Larval Harvest

Electrode gauntlet, epidermal elementals thicken fixtures along decibel platelets crusting filial as dermal transfers quicken against transomed epithets turned nominal as a sickly.gauntlet

at the latest increment gone threadbare as a late striation





   THE LARVAL         NONE OF   PAST          HARVEST          MODULAR FIXTURES  SHOW  A                       THE       IN  YEARNING  FOR THE  SLOW                     TURN   REPLICANT TEASING            INCARNATIONS                      THE      BARTER’S  BITING  CROSSWIND                           
whose flourish trails the evident displacement of wind chime stutters ringing the ramp songs campfires cling to


A D EA Dv ENT olt RY

haunts the nodes, incremental as inessential platelets count the stream whereas a vertical turn thickly appropriates the floating turn

past wind pockets sealing the tainted entity against a pectoral mosaic

among the rabid sky, its tactile shredders moving the heal \ nascent shredder energy spending

from ratio disclaimers upending birth seizures as a willing cognomen whereas a sued rature unfolds the band of a revelatory kerchief in its litigious erasure briefs, which pass for thongs

the biting crosswind’s barter


catwalk ers paramet


ce l scen edia ume M gt terin in ire swel m ema the gerd d le ibe in the inscr s ddict hift a atrix nds of ha at the m g bakin

cra egion


we shift s ake


cen t the li a



left unclaimed as histrionic residue or threadbare phylums raking their matrix kerchiefs across slowly baked horizons swelling a makeshift licentious dweller passing out id stamps for parking lot intrusions cashed at the barter speculum matrices crossing ventilation boundaries fixtured for electrode gauntlets whose enamel crashing past a cramped tumescence flashed imperative longings for past erasure briefs strongly felt as catacombs fingering larvae sprockets the unclaimed left

matrix bakers unconsumed as the vacant dwellers migrated to shores where legerdemain seethed ratio disclaimers inscribed epidermal gauntlets transposing electrodes a pectoral mosaic savaged shredder energy when 

   LARVAL         THE         HARVEST                   SLOWED A  YEARNING:                  MODULAR REPLICANT FIXTURES INCARNATE                   TEASING  THE BARTER,                    A BITING  CROSSWIND                  





as though a slowing sweep could flow to surging a low dermal incision at the break, revising a blatant attitude forming its surly edge on legends heating sententious furies across the yearning monotone formulates a slow burn quickening as the harping bleeps sooner than a retort display can turn, or keep the storm, warning visceral bystanders of misplaced yearning

spreading        HARVEST           LARVAL                 latent        across the       latitude during    rotisserie              its          storm DEADBEAT                              CENTURIES eviscerating the  lectern     its LATERAL                       carpets sweeping the latest room    


s to la n ju w s pl te m h ti o d th a en fy y p ap in r gn a e l p e x a a ad et d p n ea c b s er an te ls ro a e m s rs s re al a e s s l w e y a in e A d

leaning toward spendthrift fury brackets stored in screening room baskets worded precisely after the mattress passed its histrionic electrodes




u at pro th ra ad vi e inc ga ca vis ch oa un pl st ect urc t p tle sc ast ext om h as t p to re ere ra y w of to ac ag en eni d s, w ho th rs ket ai am ng ag in lu e fro s ns e ro ai d rc la m t l c om ns po h t li st bo ra sh th a l cke ke ar de in ick arv ts d g t en al st hic ed en kl ci y ls



s s la r e e et p s l n n p a am a al a e s r px p de d y la e e yo tn n e es d a yf lp als i w er i s a te n ts o s bd n eh u t o a g w j r c e am a rh n t i

steeping its coiled velcro before the polish can enjoin custodial rapture in the flight of its button sequence

for displacement legends

roiling its weeping welcome for the wagon conjoined at their capture during the night’s budding consequence

airing flights of lurid conjugations assembled at the new battery points where pontoon is a trailing legend any mixmaster could cower under safely delbmessa gniria wen a snoitagujnoc gniliart erehw tniop yna ylppa snootnop dnegel retsamxim fo nootnop dirul ro sthgilf retsamxim rewoc rednu ylefas


airing assembled conjugations a new point where trailing pontoons apply any mixmaster legend or lurid pontoon of mixmaster flights safely under cower fo sthgilf gniria snoitagujnoc dirul eht ta delbmessa stniop yrettab wen a si nootnop erehw yna dnegel gniliart dluoc retsamxim ylefas rednu rewoc 

DECIBEL PLATELETS resume electrode chill  histrionic  as screaming pontoons across           electric  night SHADOWS  rumored MODULAR  REPLICANT REPRISE  an awful  toss           for  MIXMASTER  RAPTURE gone safely under  cower  while ROTISSERIE STORMS           bevel  GAUNTLET  PACKETS  to  uNeVeN  cApItAlIzAtIoN  across  its own power           

zones flashing their stilled radiance, a lurid crossbeam assembling picayune data: 

a fashionable electrode infusion platelet strata residuals ionize detritus


herald beams across the non-Euclidean where spires fold their past geometries across angles trailing passable intent


channeled opprobrium packets still-walled as crushing allegories riddled with interpretation faucets unclaimed at the larval harvest




dIsM CoR oUn NeA aL oF TiNG a pOc r ThE fEnSi V K YeA eT’s B hArBo e rNiN aRt R g C ErEd uRv E


a ad b

re spro ckets yield

Placing the Past

Matador incarnadine, a specimen berated at the font of textile mergers, swills the behemoth steaming largesse at the hand of a weeping cradle shored by the glory of its scoping intent or a nightingale storage turned adamant as prolonged vexation modules torch the new terrain

a gem hidden in the quiver

rif ts





tt si a nt a
sh ifti ng

on s

Rain pelts the nodular sundance quickening the surrogate flash cradling the sandstone jitter

a quiver hidden in the gem


that thickens the diamond aftertaste






Ancient traces of adipose glue striking its last repose before sunlight

T ailibaromem evitcepsorter

Automatic sandlot purchase among the vectors of grim redress a calcium murmur boggled the horn-felt


swanking the longest glue feature whose curried lecture braced against the face, a tenacious window velocity shivers in the radium dawn where musk scents manipulate drawn and haggard mornings


any !


! ! !

a surcharge for ! ! living ! livid pastimes retrospective memorabilia



st dg fir er la ne dia up p m uo lift hr n as pa ag the tt m e o fro pas rns u n co m p sion nm rus ulli dr ove cat a ng awn d ing

g s rn ers likin ve k ta stic into n r tio nzy yed thei ia re la il f r in um us pa ed lh o s t ra min ant flec ct u ri e pe w l va ity r S ro e d c t th avi a e th
yl la ni s



a modality of displaced inversions


itf ih

an inversion of displaced modality
s ift

de rad t i ch e n a l b r a r ti o a l ou ge n b a on g r c k g ht bo the ar d

bu o tt d ne




r al

fa a nt a si
a displaced inversion of modality
sh ift in g no





pS ce c rt r la wo uh t eh t ul va m ilim rf il re ni ita ne rap ik sn suo no yz l gn s ya t ta cit i de ieh r ek n sr ot irav na st

vesseled across the entry tunic replaying the larger intention, a radical distention pulling tavern variants

from the quivering stool where tactile fractions sit practical as undue obedience ailibaromem evitcepsorter

D M calcium regurgitation pits wallow in lingering I vestibule canons, vaporizing plastic masking I endorphin pits along dotted pheromone calls. S S Raising cortical riot factions pooled at their (CALCIUM SECTORshifts one from the nominal riff gathering STIMULATION) P P noumenal to the nominal with quivering fear L L a paean to the lost A A ! seeking paradigm futures C C ! ! within the costly gardens E E ! ! ! where palladiums see red D D

evitcepsorter ailibaromem

where all the ! bones are curried

Rapture Inversions

Crosswalk agenda platters precision debt. A flatter neon cadenzas new markers at the steed. Stark vocals free the better matters, the chattering a battered lark would feather with latter declamations aural declared orbital nuance a tracking handle ruminating feed
ng si os cr a e sp wlo ed

a transverse obligato

an ostinato traversed

against a laurel running board confabulating a plangent score near entropic residue reddening curried sunset. Alveolar cadenza masks a dark molar drawn in a schism mark the truism as dawn habitat near the coastal lesion or another drawn outpost less bitter than the overridden littering the skids. premise breaking the neckline stored with moral residue for meat fixation weather changing fleet snow to deaden their hurry
uo r
as ll we as

ts ,i ng la
ag ns ai ed tim

to a song of departed wreckage

an obligation reversed
ng or

e th cla

ts ti

es m

ge sa

brings its variable to ringing charters, a hamstrung master at the wrist, as cameras torture the future regions clinging to outpost their rattled entry spikes in the teeth of pagoda settings leading cavity displacement to shuttle corridors entering a fugal

meat fixation rapture
an isolation traversed
an isolation reversed

statement as an alarmist breeding

sweltering beluga transfers across a mottling terrace or a swelling synthesis of lost clay pigeon surrogates hunted
stricken lessons for a cherrywood sensation rustled in turbulence no frugal replacement coming through yesterday's futile door

The hanging of a memory cadenza marks the penultimate scurry toward glass, its muddy prism a heated angle to vent, shattered sublunar cortical entries rented at the gate, or worn when stored to let in a flurry

traversed discarded wreckage

its pulse a studied rhythm breaching crosswalk envy in the beat of the battered spittoon collateral trickery notwithstanding surrogate hunters charting wreckage near the coastal region at a gored polarity, no sunset too scurried to last past its


shattered surrogate monopoly, a captured meat sensation embroiled in its patio antics as any stricken cherry rented at the crosswalk codified pagoda settings

a tentative meat sensation carefully measured to climb a line encircled by the betting a vacant number breaking the neckline before the cuticle strikes the hanging cadenza

signature Fontwork meAsures

re ve rs ed

tra ve rs ed


iso la


tio n

iso lat ion

to wreckage of a departed song

where the magic hatched both ways
of a song to departed wreckage of wreckage to a departed song


a tentative meat sensation

discarded wreckage traversed

no corona dispatched at the last crosswalk pagoda hatched to the departed wreckage, a song rendering isolation's surcharge a foregone ostinato transfusion codified a laurel running board as captured fontwork residue leading agenda platters to the crosswalk's dark molar transit where a cadenza hanging from its meat fixation stirred slowly

discarded obligato reversed

The memory of a hanging cadenza

RUptureS meat fixation

The hanging of a memory cadenza

lingers finite as the victrola memoirs etched in repeat animation ventricles cursory as vacant claims codified pagoda settings under a shattered inversion captured before molar monopolies darkened the markets after the cuticle strike enervated the grappling cedar and its departed catch carefully climbed the past crosswalk agenda defined as nuisance bluster or cardiac ticketing a refined ordinance designed to share

hypotenuse declamations that triangulate a suffrage extension beyond cortical refunds or suitable lapses slow engendered by the task force assigned to dispatch a hatched crosswalk pagoda to a templar exclusion pointed at the breaking vantage where the skulls lapse their duplicated currency by hatfuls bearing down on the hanging memory slots where inversion discards the magic thatch that tosses the rapture meat both ways

the memory of a cadenza hanging implicates the ringing subterfuge with its velcro banner dotting the slotted line of wreckage departed to a song
r uo a

ed o cr ng si s

p -s w lo


re ve re d


is o

la tio n
d re te fil m fro

discordant obligato revered




filtered amulets for leading agenda platters near entropic residue, slowly tossing their vacuole hammers against the pangs of a midriff conjecture etched in memoir vents for a tentative meat sensation turned rapture

v re

e rs e




n io at ol

an obligation reversed

a ne ck e lin n ta nt ge

Textural War at Play

Weary correlatives leave the party, wary as when they last returned. Obligatory statements confound misdirection as they weave the textural war

m ger l ina

a torn moon
te r l na mi

a forum newly born to their wedlock circles and screams to patron saints for a beggars dance weaving

the shred of its cultural mandate. Chatters scorn obligations to the suede battering the calypso garment. Rhododendron enchilada fillers stylus the girted cradle before dawn retrieves its frugal emissaries for the cryptic illuminations awaiting a surrogate entourage. Torn by a recurrence of frenzy markers Its cataleptic nature consumed inclement intonations as the pocket looms for strangers accosted by the forenoon gambol

k wic ed as its

a forceps deleted in a madrigal stampede under fossil dew


fr e y nz


ostensible circuitry mixtur e s
A nomenclature last assumed by the dead predates the angry fossils charging at supplement or fugue, its revelations torn free by the wombs in the pocket

m ter

The cellular riots did not rebound from the taste of the last review shared


when guarding the nearest hen’s heat latch
a longing insinuation gone round the horn where acres stood

ick qu

l ina

to hollows

where no thorn hatched from under the heat of the bellicose

as its rm ge

l ina vy en

Snaggled from a cursory view their sunshine emblems did not recede with the locket’s reflection

a moon torn

a lacerated boundary where wasted legend bearers surround the angry disclaimers as the same cleavage pronouncements that air their quirky laundry to the parties left to fold


an insinuation long gone round acres where the horn stood

shrieking past their last invective
where the mottled shrub walks quietly past its indentations a murmur from the latest chagrin to hold its face in a wallet

lining the trace with its sheer interior before the simulation bred a sorrowful displacement of borrowed legend livings on paid-up time from past rebukes from the shattered
vapor trails scattered from the envy’s cruel mist before ventral navigators wore nostalgia’s tune for slow bedding replays or insisted on replacement parts for their own erased narrative pastures told in deflection where scorn piled high in mirrored silos laced with germinal

a worn moon

a moon worn

replays of their miscast directives

) )
baking, ladle preserves marked as present for the past slot rendered stark and shuttered as a moon born under a bad line, sore timing inept as climbing a the horn legend where acres stood past

) )

ho h tso luf fu sta a eg ba l er re ll ab ge s u alp d dis p l a c u n s t a m at i m adn ec lps s pla e d a n p su p n h a u h s c o s e re bje ce one ce ec jb r c c tro cti ch s wh rad ar hw tsen rhc itce orte o or ld v s ro t r s v e le de ere sap cino c e cep atib hc ch bita pec e ch nic pas re d i i g n ir mit cs loh vit ot l or s so ron l ton tive ole sch time grin n sn se eh are ac e cin cin cino v s nic i c ic ca ra e s va as vo ter blo me or ro sem olb ret uov sa ar oita s s o t i o n ram uc pi om s a imo rallip ehc eht pm t n nuo c co und to p v they her llar ing a e gn ne t sr c y av eh o sd ruo ur s s sin g hea amp cli tur nvy yv nru mil nipm t ra org gnis g r o a r t h i n g m b ne str n d de t b ti g eh ina rts ea i n g e c r i t s t h e under e h l e s a r c g n ae m f r o a m p ele-e pm orf ot m to a lurid hold no m e d d e t m on wh t h e e h ehw reserved for past er e er

longing a round insinuation gone

the long acres horn an insinuation where a gone round stood


s ck um c ni dlo dr w e u n i e d ro a l o n n i f ch tic l c so l x re ra e r o ra flu H e mo p re s ed al rn ri g tte ad pa m A to

ablative tunic junctures scored across textural loins bearing cloth to the sty of the beholden disclaimer snaggled as a personal view reserved for an art as dark and shuttered as perfume breaches rendered stark cholera blooming retrospectives turned sonic in silo mirrors vouching acrylic postage favors shorn against the torn moon’s deadly retread

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borrowed living time paid ostensibly worn circuit mixtures moon narratives shrieking

while a symphony of worn redress sandals the torn memories born in the fruit ladles of semi-conscious


style a stiffening of formal dress scandals bored memories worn by the cute lady semi-conscious

a perineum for wounded markings grooming a matrix of furrowed time where darkened mirrors crouch (acrylic postage for a crime renewed) under lather dashboards seeking born circuit fixtures from a cursory view

or the diffidence of caution that executes its cortical sun when a shadow breeds the central fixation of night



w m arn oo a n

an illumination gathering its forward stitch

under a warring template merger
















ar oo m n

s em en carried past narrative fixtures bl h te m w n that cradled honest pastimes e e e ctio borne against a worn moon’s hin ced fle uth kindling dread. ns re re l tr u The wear of a y r s ot et rtica i triadic dissonance v en the d n lock ve precludes al i a s the swarm n d e ed mi from hidden entry r e y th agg ge r e r sn its s u it l ka t u uic ib q x s

l ina rm

The Hungry on Strike

Hamstrung soliloquy fodder correlations sidelong gaze vendors, fruiting trees

sinking viscosity entrails into trial bargains

silted toilet renderings
meander the off-season shuttle

ocelots of disregard

soliloquy fodder emblems
The pantheon discharges its innumerable request forms
in search of remuneration, clover vexations or their putative annals

The panthers charge largess remuneration quest form data

me prey a slithe o ri ls e ng rr qua i
t as c s call the oral a half margi s -ton n’s e fa de
or the texture’s tenuous urge to flee the oral recoupment as a past norm

no late delivery undue

filing an ogre’s laundry buttons under an undue centennial’s mirage

the shale as metric alliance in de an invoking the sinister mn ali amulet, chartreuse as to it por gnm y a starlet’s dinner, or tal ent whose astonishing charms tha surr reg co reported integrity co t ind ogat istry nfin to facile trackers rri e m e p s ig e d living to upend do r h nify assa ns discarded ocelot reviews ust off ges and apartments to let lin str simmer under the guided hood g s eet tra or a related trestle w dazed as its last glimmer

co rt ic al

no skivvy dividend riding the upsurge


ll ts a l as i a or s m harge’s ce a c a the rawn f -d ha l f

por tab le

re al ity br ea che s

quincunx celebration mixture formed a fossil entity facile as its lucite dimmer wandering through appointments to scarlet ledgers identified through raw slackers priming the obstinate hair waving the wind against its sales under the guise of prophet on humane greed capsules rendered as tender as the missing lips kissing the dead swimmer’s grin

a portable slathering, the willow pits disgorging a Pilates mural steepling games of chance

ass imi lat ed saf before the triadic residue strikes ety

ocelot renderings
shuttle off the season’s meander

a silted disregard

no undue delivery late
regardless of sequestered interest tentative

as rendered

nugatory a wedge between antimony and its anecdotal retrenchment

ind port AR hu em a l GA of stlin nifie reg INS fst g s ist co r s co rrid eet stra urro ry t rt or to w p ga hat ic sig al ass tes al ns ign ag in con men es de fin t mn ed it y




Pantheon vexations clover remuneration before the silted fodder plurals disregard portal ocelots priming the tenuous button recoupment as jaw slackening misses in fossil greed prophecies waving the guise

but ton s

sti a llac oc s ht l ar e h sa igram ot-fla s’n f en a ed

l coi as its -tone the lf ha as re at ed s co fad rgin’ ma

serving timbrel canopy platelets their larders of conundrum juice, blanketing the straw folds gone ashen as rectal thermometer dreams meander, across a seasons’s disregard dismembered

as a coastal plaintiff

entrenched in a central fortuna

delaying the boastful tariff buttons before they achieve

souvenir status
ring t he i re sl ls ome prey,

aq ua r

to distended equilibrium facets merging as throttle ghosts denying the ego stance planted in the back casket of a rural imperative, precinct ridden at the toll, a lateral umbrage sweeper crossing its antelope jacket under siege of punitive funereal cutlets breathing saga deaths to those basking in the oral jackalope persimmoning the spread as cultural ruin, an ancient art of fact, received during its last ventriculation or summering under the dry moon’s upheaval before salsa mendicants candled chiquitas left for deadening at the station where the outpost once held its rumored modulation in chicory hammocks darting past upheaval brackets in the squints or puzzling over sequined vestibules with mastering greeters biding their thighs under a mattress surrey flavored pink as a dotage simulator hastening the unbidden clash basket referendum to choke its last suffix or the one before




piling flexure relief on credenza mortems tinted sunset motif as a memorandum gloats its spotted massage oracle to casts upending green room debacle patterns clamoring for naked design cattle soldering the fodders field to icon quotes breaking at the latest infomercial containment racket coral design or no coastal plaintiffs turning ocelot renderings away from the placenta door whose mottled hosts rendered interest sequestered as a lobby hoarse rendition of infantile repetition that rocked the hobby to fortuna vacuums on the launch pad alongside its animated attributes basking in rural prima donna tidings glad as bracket creeps in raincoat ledgers flashing their tithes to identity while random tracking legends the obscure where their niceties fallow off-season grunt maneuvers when the sidelong gossip flies widget leashes to quarrelsome fodder egos sodden as fried brains on the


vacuum entrenched

of a

nug ato ry emb lem s


ocelots of disregard

a confinement aligned to sign portal registers or offstreet passages that surrogate straw corridors WHO Hustle

as rendered
fortuna entrenched in a central vacuum
ls ome slit

a quar re

ing prey , er h


Transfiguration on Black Ice

When peristaltic navigators implore their pineal unctuaries to tread redundant fixtures in the cord, whose navigation peels the scheduled sentiment? A sentient’s restoration fee demands true collars where rust prohibits the cost of habit plungers while its displaced junctures divide

omniverse fixation buttons tincture the next revenue on avenues that transfer
seeking to burst its story

subversive inventory pageants blinking down the avenue and its tangent, revealed as thirst, paralleled
wh sll et t



memory mutilation dockets coursing dissimilar vocations
ou rc ep


ah w

oc ke ts wh es





he ot ot


w ark

between hyperbole and its manufactured assets calling to assist

the stonewall plunger’s lunging vagaries or any subsequent gestalt. Rhetorical panel fixtures equate dead lawns with arrows drawn from holsters worn to ward off the threat posed by


t pl ex a an tu et al oi d






ed a





eh t




the narrowing

ug tar i no on th ef ad e

r ila


e nu


t or


s an


a ur



n fis


f ro


v ne

m ali


a oid et l an ua pl ext t

ontological obfuscation packets

roiling the corollary pockets to station long-screaming weather vane trajectories slow the gross montage blowing steam across low wattage outlets ventricular as any overgrown habitat that steals it. Around the coast where the undertow flows to guessing grounds, the torn bolster their worn orbits, turned to punctual

trolling down a borrowed stream gone varicose from its growing overflow

locked at the broiler’s wish streaming impatiently along projected forecasts the rain grows. A dream goes, slow as water conceals its habit. Growing sentiments show real residuals flowing down the most wonderful dream found where a body nests. What it knows from sounds forms the normal bluster, unctuous, in its turn morbid

prim puli al sple n n wh g serf dor. P e re s orat n it cla to atta cociou mo ory. s c Trea rs the k its m modes emb irate tell sure a s only decisi rane a ll the t n ma on king , lastin ight the g ir g as lint

e t th ell a ght s sw l spotli ory ode s n s crania n audit t n i ciou st ti d. It ing Pre er. attache , bask its late n r land cisio ende al s face pine ing sur late pre en to r k brew urs the owly ta l amo sures s mea

as a textual gradient purging a sequestered monolith. The sidelong rendering cuts across both lines where divisions feel diasporic needs rising to the

prismatic vocation sending forth its summer charms whenever vocable lightning accrues its latest hit, without revision to their festering
post-dated accruals, membership notwithstanding. Roadside regenerates beg tissue raids where a body dreams, its nest accruing bluster pads. Fixation clusters animate the travesty before the gravid future sits on the slow chest at the nearest haven

obfuscate ontological packets
clarity poses, an irrelevant matter in the doses given currency

below the storage bin shoring hope clusters that lurk inside the bargain




t a re ext ua ve nu l e

clarity loses, a relevant matter in the closest dive in

de on th


Fading lines below the tangent market keep the bracket creeping

can commit to odes of safekeeping.

ontological packets obfuscate

rhetorical as ambient offspring seeking rumination on the matters due them for their patient width APART FROM SHAPE AS FORMULATED BY THEIR TENDING TOWARD A

recrimination platter

jointed as a lip-synched filibuster juicing marinade ointment for a line of state filigree !

a lip-synched filibuster jointed at a line of martinet ointment for juicing state filigree

or any pixelated socket throwing wrench marketers abroad in their bulging sea cuffs straddled empty with leathered nesters pocketing illumination squatters for a low wattage free in the bargain handcuffs marginal as today’s fruition salvo whose navigation attenuates imperious pocket shredders to gross the slow montage fixated on the omniverse strategies that a textual planetoid entry would mark insufficient ambience to be mastered as sequestered anomalies fragment the contained tangent speaking centripetally to the nuance factor correlated by marriage to recession-free chowder whose platelets serve the marrow of pocket footage whose foraging gradually displayed.

Assuming the stance of a ligament market a tenuous wilt toward an other’s weltered purveyance heightens the stage for a trance pursuit:

omniverse tincture fixation the next revenue buttons that transfer on avenues

plopped among weary cattle entreaties

the turbid calling goes forth
Leaving the womb of synchronicity alters the web stocking’s final trace

Against a parallel loom tu bl rn the mockery attends a scalpel fo oom ing ro i to m ng A displacing all corollary features ni i ve bu ts nt new s tex ilat texting pa tu io na al n exit has te re fut replaced la v ur s er e an animosity lin sa s ke ls pin at the curve d

l di au a ot t en xet al p


cross-branded oratory buttons distill a pocket shredder as a recall saunters forth from table lectures given to a remnant

a charismatic location vending summer charms without festering vocable lightning whenever its latest hit accrues their festering revision

p a al en et ot tx di au l

whose gray-scale slider instills all the locket memoirs with shades of the needy whose will betters the casual return to dockets where a debtor hauls vaunted cartilage staples worth an able-bodied trajectory living its corollary to a projected resident seeking home long gone

at the echoplex recumbent who wields a cursory montage and a vision of peristaltic fixtures A new texting exit has replaced an animosity pin at the curve

filtered as

sloppy residue
eh tn o a ed

ygolotno noitacsufbo stekcap

seeking to burst, its story
o tn

f da e


ygolotno stekcap noitacsufbo

junctures blink the scheduled thirst while rust demands pageants peristaltic navigation collars the true restoration fee When plungers tread the cord, habit prohibits the division of redundant sentiment. Any sentient’s navigators implore their texting seeking to burst similar transfiguration its glory

omniverse avenues tincture the next revenue buttons that transfer on


p a al en et ot tx di au l

subversive unctuaries cost pineal inventory, displaced

( )

Vinyl’s Latest Revolutions

Motorola habits die heartily, nonplussed by airy vigor. Trolling for sureties nicely breeds their surrogates among factotums of the trollied freeways acting in their last pageant aggressive as an act of transit

nucle ar
ion ic


or participle threat en ed ing

ironic iconic

thren odies

while the victrola modality learns its precursor’s fabric in the winter nodules sunned against the razor glinting near the burn

ather tic we frene
as d of e ew tter rs n re ma he a at fe

rse recou

an other sim plis tic yearn ing

scattered as the last defender listens to the deafened rotate a memory’s shattered arrears

through technology’s diasporic reel. A handshift that mechanized daring casters to wheel across aching meat whiling the turnstiles away with circles of infinity charged as the offset marker billing the vacant liners for the course of their stream cruise into audio gear reflections turned supple as the headphone diaphragm

cling melod cy e



elod y cyc li

past = present = future

transit bars cross tonal assets seeking their diatonic retrogrades in circles of affinity riding the root of the line gathering generational replay of differed sense, as sound



board ed ing millennial transits amassed for safekeeping in the scrotal directory attending neural cataclysm

past =

ucl n
where the markers lie

urse reco inter ar w e

= future

frenet i

c weat her th renodi es

The young return to the primal fixtures where the memory reverts to the tables turning past over present, earclips bearing post-victrola social metaphors live a purer sound, its pace updated with audio truths that the young carry

(a post-linear chronology swerving past vectors beside temporals close to the global extraction surfeits parlayed from the other as the sectors remotely controlled as too id(ea)le a threat to take under its corporate umbrella where coastal sharks dry in their lairs)

)ygolonorhc raenil-tsop a srotcev tsap gnivrews esolc slaropmet ediseb noitcartxe labolg eht ot morf deyalrap stiefrus srotces eht sa rehto eht sa dellortnoc yletomer ot taerht a el)ae(di oot etaroproc sti rednu ekat latsaoc erehw allerbmu )srial rieht ni yrd skrahs(

a secreting beyond the umbrella’s protective reign


Voyeured Paranoia

Willow implications fallow the stretch of seedily-torn denial

under the eyes the under eyes that follow them that follow them
An oven song’s breach passed a mutuel shadow dim as new green brims swimming

watchlight fragmenting the assignation before the seltzer hits Tierra del Fuego on the matador stamp

under yellow

underlather strapthe or curries the that the rumored corridor follow past
clutched against a tadpole jacket that lists pentecostal recursions to oratorical fabric left in the last umbrella boat

eyes them

counting the mountainside against a hushed tableau where sinuous vapor legends cry hormones though the mist

under panatellas at windmills the eyes tilts that follow them

gathers oral lines for ascot markers according to the terrestrial wilt subliminal passions galore sublet the quest for mystical enlargement


restricting all effort to terrarium outlet-making do baskets for wary plumbers weighted down the columnar passage to the vertebrae circle where backbone knocks its rhythm post to sonata terrorists blanketing pixel frenzy a lewd tenacity sparking dark wails across the sublet sky to stir bear the tears shedding luminous from its liminal fabric marker






lim sw a llows its

at s w




g atin its limbic co

i tha coat t swal lows its limbic


li hat s swallows it

past the jonquil referenda anointing its fulcrum visage before the leather harvest beats the shade to its intransigence against the muffled surface

streaking semiotic transfers across the barrier riff and the secrets gliding its shale


Creaking canine intimacy shrieks the vestibular iron chant or fallow apostles lying only to grow more incantations actual at the last recount discount

crossing the shale membrane a stage-anointed slumber covers the pancake lattice




li ha s t swallows it

hat ati swallows its limbic co


under the marking the traverse point that follow behind the staging echoplex
surging past its warranty adapter

eyes them

a stage-appointed visage a stage-appointed visage anoints transfer slumbering anoints transfer slumbering a surfeit of subliminal passions a surfeit of subliminal passions tilts its fulcrum panatellas galore tilts its fulcrum panatellas galore

hat t


swa limllows its

eyes them

restricting all outlet-making effort to terrarium do baskets where backbone knocks wary plumbers down the columnar passage to the vertebrae circle its rhythm for weighted post to sonata frenzy blanketing pixel terrorists sparking dark wails across a lewd tenacity to stir the sublet sky shedding the bear marker liminal from its luminous form its fabric tears

under the that follow

counting the mountainside against a hushed tableau where sinuous vapor legends cry hormones though the mist

eyes them


li ha s t swallows it

that follows them under the eyes reflecting celestial vapor downturned

that follows them under the eyes
behind the echoplex staging warranty adapter surges the traverse breach dim as new brims fragment the matador stamp strapping the rumored corridor before fallow apostles grow vestibular against the muffled surface before terrestrial passions block subliminal fulcrum passages only to grow more incantations at the actual count before the rumored leather harvest

that follows them that follows them under the eyes under the eyes
luminous fabric knocks down the columnar passage restricting all wary plumbers to shedding the vertebrae circle where pixel terrorists post backbone baskets to stir the sublet sky to its terrarium shedding weighted frenzy rhythm-do blanketing for a lewd tenacity to outlet-making effort form sparking dark wails to the bear marker from its sonata tears

THAT THAT THE that follows them THE under the EYE eyes EYE FOLLOWS FOLLOWS
mt tha

swa limllows its


li ha s t swallows it

Water Breakers at Sea

Opulent placenta vanes fisticuff the planned auto pits claiming declamatory urges purge their longing for vector strata

a tribal simulation

< gregarious
motorized pianola legends corroborate payola vandals redundant hammer jackets clamber bracketing cloves

phonemes >
(dance harbor vesicles)

e surv
lla n





ed t eil
Congested fresh air cramped the altered lyric slowly ingested the miracle fabric wilting under the weight of its unspoken motto a horizontal l e c t u r e v e r t i c a l l i n k a g e

or por

slogans be dented on demand

o f

its conveyance bursting past a lateral amnesia curses at the memory of an unglued pandemic
under the vagaries of a past renewal

o c c i p a t a l

v e r i t i e s

l u m b e r i n g


harbor lighting


arbor lightning



notarized pianola legends collaborate payola vandals repugnant jackals hammer clamor bracketing clover

surv ed

eil lance

under a camera obscura’s watchful tirade smashing catacomb daydream to sauntered pillow flogs under the noon sun aching bread its morning fog steamboats the roiling stroll or its unglued pandemic sutra muttered down blind corridors a flashing light to those who cannot bend a harbor slogan to alter lyric vesicles drifting memories depart on schedule a rift of egregious phonemes unduly matriculated

Embryonic outcries refute the reality circus protest its dated circuitry under the day-glo awning

reset the dated button as slick

tfir a s em e n o h p s u o i g er g e f o detalucirtam yludnu harbor vesicles dance while others fawn for unrated attributes that lessen the district already long gone

while calling for ill repute lessons in the red light bistro further down the yawn

a reversal of fortune | a fortunate reversal


ll led survei

slick as the dated reset button

motorized payola legends corroborate pianola vandals redundant jackets hammer bracketing clamber cloves


a nce

Corollary approbations precede The need tforccorrelation reads seirc uo inoyrbmE the stark renewal moving darkly sucrsharp r ehits ufer ic ytilae as t et maneuvers: over theamurk o elihw rehearsals nw f sreht past reversalsdetarnu rof of the lurk yrtiucric detad sti tsetorp setubirtta cast, nosnews t MIDRIFFninwa olf-yad eht rednu cast a view g ne sel tah
of of lightid eht snosselA tuper lli rof gnillac elihw the dead e tcirts shed. beckoning Arbors gnol ydaerla orts enog dance CATEGORICALib thgil der eht ni hard chance. past a harbor. nway eht nwod rehtruf LANTERN Soon the dreaded In moonlight vehicles attune vesicles spread

their tumid ultimatum

to rumored intimidation

a wandering pastiche made possible through laminate irrigation centered in portal animus dredging legend salvage a gear toward salivation proceeds charitable as a faded nuance yearning for captive embrace in a sea-filled delirium tremors underfoot snakes appealing thesaurus modules requiring investigation if not a chase scene to drift past the matador who chants a precis deluxe to cordial irritation clues fixating oral clatter on its firmest brace against conflicts their opposition proposed a lingering thread to bread its aching morning detad eht sa in a sea of cattle sutras rounded to the nearest cafe eht sa detad a nuisance fading past escarole kcils memories unbound the cascade nottub pounds berated circuitry expos teser teser to borrow revelation proceeds nottub amidst the mixolydian chatter kcils swilling omnibus persuasions veiled to the greatest latitude lost prestige made passable


en val
val ence




en ol

t valianc


harbor lighting

arbor lightning



re d



< gregorian


chant >

mucilage incumbent offspring renounced their dead relics before the recalcitrant fuselage pancaked the panic griddle for an oratorio sunset or a microphobic reversal of plotted character slots with correlate vengeance snapping pronouncements across the fiddle hopper LANTERN dapper as the decay detad eht sa in overgrown laundromats A eht sa where solstice brushes detad its own reward past virtue CATEGORICAL kcils on a disinformation freeway nottub to theMIDRIFF stares stars whose teser teser inspire bellicose footprints thicken cross-hand welts bucketing bracket footing to the closest liquid felt careening mustard slides along sweltering hopes reviled at crosswalk setting or veiled announcements from the stalking heads
on a roiling stroll pandemic glossaries aside the nuisance practitioner beats the welcome under the day-glo bistro further down the yawn already long gone with the harbor vesicles aching down bread corridors reddened memories depart placenta schedule mummified prolapse sequel to gall its egregious phonemes slowly digested its platitude gravy urges

sdnegel alonaip deziraton sladnav aloyap etaroballoc remmah slakcaj tnanguper revolc gnitekcarb romalc

eil lance

under a renewal of past vagaries



a fortune of reversals

slasrever fo enutrof a

sdnegel aloyap dezirotom sladnav alonaip etaroborroc remmah stekcaj tnadnuder sevolc rebmalc gnitekcarb

tnebmucni egalicum rieht decnuoner gnirpsffo eht erofeb sciler daed egalesuf tnarticlacer elddirg cinap eht dekacnap tesnus oirotaro na rof lasrever cibohporcim a ro stols retcarahc dettolp fo ecnaegnev etalerroc htiw stnemecnuonorp gnippans reppoh elddif eht ssorca yaced eht sa reppad stamordnual nworgrevo ni sehsurb ecitslos erehw eutriv tsap drawer nwo sti yaweerf noitamrofnisid a no serats esohw srats eht ot stnirptoof esocilleb eripsni stlew dnah-ssorc nekciht gnitoof tekcarb gnitekcub tlef diuqil tsesolc eht ot sedils dratsum gnineerac sepoh gniretlews gnola gnittes klawssorc ta deliver stnemecnuonna deliev ro sdaeh gniklats eht morf

surve ye

surv ed

d va



Whetting Night

graphite aftertaste regatta deluxe influx a lather unraveled rapture slowly moves the capture, their amulets conjure

(a revelry enhanced as fluid) breeds (clatter hutch animus) on a hamster glide

a rolling rhythm side a rebirth of the spire as it decibels reward a fleet of ventriloquists

to side mounting incendiary frescoes where saddles keep their know

translucent chiaroscuro chorals naked as a portal fix

arid vixen hostels plummeting their true figurines to

dead luxury pageant embargoes irrigating their dreadful lingering parts passing tripartite collisions

of hardship nozzle placenta swaybacked in time of mourning to lesson the crime's amnesty of

a sealed disturbance distanced from attempt a dialogue of vocal


leading peccadilloes to the forefront liters amidship encased float coronary visions translucent as intransigent embargo fluids embargo virtual acetate reduction salts the venerable oasis gem bumbling lexicon no sweeter than fabric angina baskets bearing up that taint them paltry means

f a i l i n g n o

i t s

o w n t h e

t r a n s p a r e n c y p a s t y v i s ag e

m a t t e r

fading suppositories, hortatory pleasures incineration's regal worth statuesque vilification preserves to reshape the telling filter amended


at the close of its distention seizing the ocular diaphragm


a gift of oratory spread as a nascent shock

diametric tonic finaglers surging past half-time sonics darken the wooded breath a gift served as seething welcome

to an ungroomed luminosity


Vernon Frazer is married and lives in South Florida.

Also by Vernon Frazer

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