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NAMA............................................................. TINGKATAN: ........................ ___________________________________________________________________ Answer all questions.

SECTION A Read the newspaper headline and answer the question that follows. Police catch thief red-handed in shop 1. According to the headline, the police caught the thief A as he left the shop B while he was at the shop C at the entrance of the shop D when he was going to the shop Study the advertisement below and answer the question below.

2. The film The Crazy Bunch A. is shown in the morning and afternoon. B. is produced by Harrison and Company. C. has Chinese and Malay subtitles. D. has won the best picture award. 1

Read the advertisement below and answer the question that follows. ANNUAL MOVIE FESTIVAL 2006 PUTRA WORLD TRADE CENTRE, KUALA LUMPUR Featuring some of the greatest movies from America, China and Australia, this Festival highlights box office movies that have captured audiences world-wide. So, why wait? Visit the festival today! Dates Sept. 22 Sept. 23 Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Sept. 26 ADMISSION Movies The Sound of Music (12pm, 3pm, shows) The Phantom of the Opera (2pm, 9pm shows) Peking Opera House (11am, 1pm, 4pm shows) Crocodile Dundee (1pm, 3pm, 6pm shows) Raise the Red Lantern (3pm, 7pm shows) FREE

3. If Sam finishes work at 6.30 pm, which movies can he watch? A. Crocodile Dundee and The Sound of Music B. Raise the Red Lantern and Peking Opera House C. The Sound of Music and The Phantom of the Opera D. The Phantom of the Opera and Raise the Red Lantern Read the banner below and answer the question that follows. COME VISIT HISTORICAL MALACCA You will be attracted by its beauty! 4. The banner ___________ people to visit Malacca. A. encourages B. requests C. reminds D. orders Read the dialogue below and answer the question that follows.

5. By saying no inkling, the woman is saying that she A is not happy. B shows no interest. C has no knowledge. D disagrees with the man. 2

Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. For each question, choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D to fit the numbered blanks. Future successes in school and in life depend very much on how you can think creatively. You can ..(6) computers , calculators and other modern equipment but they do not replace thinking. They are simply tools..(7) your mind, just like pencils and rubbers are tools to help you to write. Thinking creatively is necessary if you..(8) to survive in a fast changing world of the present and future. We often think being creative..(9) producing work of art, literature and music. It is true..(10) creative thinking also means a way of generating ideas that can be applied to the world, anytime and anywhere. It means looking at problems..(11) a fresh angle. The value of creative thinking is..(12) it bends the mind to new ideas and possibilities. A student with a rigid mind will think that a paper clip can only be..(13) to clip papers. The creative genius however will expand his mind.

6. A. has 7. A. from 8. A. were 9. A. meant 10. A. and 11. A. by 12. A. those 13. A. using

B. had B. with B. was B. mean B. but B. from B. which B. use

C. have C. by C. are C. means C. while C. through C. that C. uses

D. having D. for D. is D meaning D. although D of D these D. used

Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Situation B : Janet and her sister, Gina are talking about Janets exams. : Im worried about my exams. I dont think I do well and Dads going to get mad with me. Gina Janet : Dont worry, itll be a piece of cake. (19) Youre a smart girl. : Its easy for you to say that. Youre the apple of his eye. (20) Im just his youngest daughter. Gina Janet Gina : Well, all you have to do is set your mind to it and try your best. : Thats true. Where theres a will, theres away. (21) Right? : Thats the spirit.


14. a piece of cake A delicious B an easy task C nice to eat cake D like a cake

15. the apple of his eye A his pain in the eye B his apple in the eye C his favourite person D his annoying daughter

16. Where theres a will, theres a way A You need a will before you can see the way. B You can find the path if you have lost your way. C You can achieve anything if you are determined. D You can put your mind to anything if there is a

correct way

Study the bookmark below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. I my Library

Practise these 10 manners when at the library: 1. Handle all library materials and facilities with respect 2. Maintain a quiet environment at all times. 3. Show consideration to those who are waiting. 4. Return browsed library materials to the book bins. 5. Sleep at home, not at the library. 6. Supervise your children at all times. 7. Eat and drink at the caf only. 8. Settle outstanding payments promptly. 9. Give priority for seats to those using library materials. 10. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


The bookmark is for A librarians B users of the library C parents with children D toddlers The library materials in the book bin will be A thrown away B returned to the users C put back on the shelves D recycle The parents must supervise their children because the children may A sleep in the library B take up seats in the library C disturb other users of the library D arrange the books 5




The payments probably refer to A cost of the books borrowed B charges for using the library C fines for returning books late D fees for renting the library books

Read the news report below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Ipoh, Mon.:- Dengue, caused by Aedes mosquito, is on the rise in Ipoh town. The worst hit areas are the commercial and industrial areas. 800 cases were reported last year while 350 new cases were already reported in the first half of this year. To stop this deadly sickness, the town council carried out an antidengue campaign with the cooperation of the residents.The steps taken included the fogging of houses. However, fogging alone could not get rid of the breeding of the culprit mosquitoes. Moreover, some residents were not cooperative when the officials came to do the fogging. Elimination of dengue threat should start at its source. There should be no breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. This includes keeping containers covered or dry, ensuring that flower pots are not water logged and clearing up clogged drains. The public is advised to recognize dengue symptoms like fever, stomach ache, headache and bleeding of the nose and ear.

21. From the news report, we know that A. dengue cases are dropping in number B. the government is not getting rid of Aedes mosquitoes. C. there are no symptoms for dengue D. many people in the town areas suffer from dengue 22. The anti-dengue campaign needs A. the people to be fit and strong B. the cooperation of the public C. the closing down of restaurants D. the closing of schools 24. Why was the fogging of the places not effective? A. People did not cooperate. B. The fogging could not be done in certain areas. C. Fogging was bad for eyes D. Fogging made people fall sick.

25. An effective measure is to A. stay at home B. keep windows shut all the times C. prevent the breeding of mosquitoes D. keep the home clean 26. The following ways can control dengue except A. clearing drains B. keeping containers covered C. keeping containers dry D. eating at home Read the poem below and answer the questions that follows

The Lake Isle of Innisfree I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee And live alone in the bee glade. And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings; There midnights all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow And evening full of the linnets wings I will arise and go now, for always night and day I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey I hear it in the deep hearts core.

27. I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree means the poet A wants to live there B wants to see the lake C is keen to start a farm there D is anxious to leave immediately 28. What does the poet hope to find in Innisfree ? A Bees B Peace C Beans D A home

Read the extract below carefully and choose the BEST answer for the questions that follow. Galau sat still and said nothing. He didnt like to quarrel with his brother. But Umat thought he was afraid. There you see, he said to Lutong. He spoke so loudly that everybody in the room could hear him. Here is brother Galau, too frightened to speak up for himself. What sort of a chief would he be? Tomorrow, at the meeting, I will sit in the highest place. Galau can sit beside me. You can sit beside me too if you like, he said to Lutong and walked out of the room. Soon everybody in the village knew what had happened. People were worried. They knew that Galau should be a new chief because this was their custom. They also knew that Umat was a good and famous fighter and a very hot tempered man. If the enemies come, Umat will certainly be the better leader, some of the men said.

29. According to the custom,.should be the new chief. A. Galau B. Umat C. Lutong D. The villagers 30. Why did Umat want to sit at the highest place during the meeting? A. Umat has been chosen as the new chief by the villagers B. Galau wanted Umat to replace him as the new chief C. Umat wanted to be the new chief D. The villagers were afraid of him

SECTION B Read the passage below and answer the question that follows

The next time you throw something away, see whether you can reuse or recycle it. Many things can be used again or recycled. For example, glass bottles can be reused to store things, like spices or sweets. They can also be recycled to make new bottles. Old newspapers and unwanted books can be recycled, whereas old greeting cards can be made into bookmarks. We can send aluminium cans to the factory to be recycled into new aluminium products or reuse them as pen-holders. Old tyres can be converted into artificial reefs or for planting flowers. By recycling and reusing garbage we can help make the environment cleaner, as we are reducing the amount of garbage. We can also save on natural resources, as we need not mind for more minerals to make new things. By recycling, we can also save trees from being felled to make more paper. Furthermore, recycling and reusing will reduce the number of rubbish dumps needed to throw away rubbish. We can use this land space for something else, like building houses or for agricultural use. 8

Summarize the passage on the advantages of recycling or reusing waste. Your summary must be: in continuous writing.( not note form) in one paragraph in your own words as far as possible in not more than 60 words including the 10 words given below

Begin with: There are many types of waste products that can be.. (10 marks)

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