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In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and Merciful.

We are highly grateful to our course instructor Mrs. Shumaila gull who taught us with great affection and whose supervision enabled us to complete our Project. We hope this Project will fulfill the requirements of our teacher.


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Executive summary
High noon Companys commitment to qualify standards extends beyond the boundaries of manufacturing facility to encompass all aspects of the business from production to environment. They believe that they can address their customer needs best by recruiting the best human resources, to deliver the best. High noons investment in human resource starts with the recruitment. It invests in the human resource by identifying the training needs of its employees and arranging the training programs required. It ensures professional growth by providing training, offering a career path and cultivating a shared culture. They believe that high noons most important assets are its human resources. Therefore the company continuously strives to equip its employees with the latest management tools and training programs that focus on building their operating capabilities and enhancing competencies.



Introduction BRIEF HISTORY:

High noon International (Private) Limited was incorporated in 1996 in the historical city of Lahore. The company belongs to High noon Group of companies and became part of a following successful breed of professional companies:

High noon Laboratories Limited Dynalog Services (Private) Limited High noon Textiles Limited Route2 Health (Private) Limited

High noon Laboratories was incorporated in 1984 in the historical and culturally rich city of Lahore, called the heart of Pakistan. From the very beginning High noon embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence led by its visionary Chairman. Leading from the front, he developed a culture of commitment, fierce competitiveness and distinction in every area of the company's operations. HIGHNOON Laboratories Limited is the flagship of the group companies and is ranked among the top pharmaceutical company in Pakistan; engaged in manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The company also exports its quality products in +35 countries. Strategic Alliances with world renowned companies has been the basis of its tremendous success. CHAIRMAN: Mr. Tausif Ahmad Khan Vice chairman: Mr. Anees Ahmad Khan Executive Director (Commercial, Human Resource and Legal Affairs): Syed Faisal Zaman

High noon Laboratories Limited is a leading company in National Pharmaceutical organizations. It is rated 12th Top Company in an industry of more than 600 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan to IMS (Information Medical Statistics data. they are one of the fastest growing companies this year in pharmaceutical industry and have a portfolio of 60 Brands and have Foreign Collaborations / Strategic Alliances with the following and many more:


Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Germany Tanabe Seiyaku, Japan. Chugai Japan Almiral, Spain Choongwae, Korea. Bouchara Recordati, France .

Vision statement
We at High noon Laboratories Limited understand the duties of being responsible corporate citizen and stand true to our conviction and promise to work for the betterment and prosperity of our people.

Mission statement
We strive to maintain excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, consumers, stakeholders and employees and to improve quality of life by providing quality products

Objectives of high noon:

The management has set for itself the following objectives. These are the hallmarks of our journey towards a Healthier Nation: Excel in meeting customer needs. Maintain leadership in national pharmaceutical industry. Gain confidence of Doctors, Pharmacists and Consumers who use our products. Seek employee involvement, continuous improvement and enhanced performance goals. Enhance export business.

Human resource department:

"Assets make things possible, people make things happen" High noon will continue to focus on its human resource. They will continue to invest more in their employees to enhance their competencies and hence productivity. High noon is conscious of meeting its social obligations and at its own level contributes towards corporate philanthropy. It remains deeply seized with the declared vision of "High noon for a Healthier Nation" and every operational activity revolves around this vision and will continue to strive to effectively discharge its obligations on this score as well. High noon is an ISO 9000 certified modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility having as well a dedicated Antibiotics unit


religiously adheres to "current Good Manufacturing Practices" (cGMP). Today, where they stand is mainly because of their rich human resource. They work as a family. This way of life constantly generates self-esteem and motivation among our family members. Achieving corporate goals hence becomes easier.

Selecting human resource manager:

The HR manager is selected considering the following factors in their minds: The person should have traditional knowledge about selecting and hiring employees, employee training and compensation The candidate should understand the business terms and should be able to convert the financial terms and strategies into HR policies through which the employees can give better output. The candidate should be capable of leading the employees to follow the HR rules so that the goals of the company can be achieved. The candidate should be open to new ideas and should b able to accept and understand new technologies and trends that can help for the betterment of the organization.

Duties of the HR manager:

LINE FUNCTION: the HR manager has the right to give orders within his or her department. But the can only have implied authority outside their department because the other managers know that the HR managers knows their seniors demand much better. COORDINATIVE FUNCTION: the HR manager at high noon has the functional authority i.e. He or she coordinates the personal activities and implements the HR policies within the firm to the top management. STAFF FUNCTION: at high noon the HR manager assists and advises the managers of all departments and to the top management as well. The help the management understand how the employees should be treated in order to get best output from them.

Decentralized decision making:

Decision making at high noon is decentralized. Where there is a need a change is recommended and thus implemented after further consultation.


Strategic human resource management:

The HR department at high noon is purely strategic, meaning that they form policies and practices among their employees to help them achieve the companys strategic aims. The HR manager understands the aims of the company and then finds ways to convey them to the employees. The HR managers are flexible to organizations environmental changes and learn and adapt new technology quickly so latter they can help employees implement them.

Role in strategy formulation:

The HR managers at high noon play a vital role in the strategy forming process, as they understand the best need of the organization and completely understand their employee behavior thus they are involved in the meetings for strategy making. STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSESS: To form the strategies the decision makers need to know their employees skills and competencies. And HR manager is the best person to give this information. So that the strategies made can be implemented properly and can give maximum output. OPPERTUNITIES AND THREATS: The employee interviews can help know the customer complaints, which when considered can help in gaining a competitive advantage. Furthermore the outside interviews help build charts from legitimate public data which can help gain knowledge about the competitors. Thus all these reports from the HR are used and studied before formulating any kind of strategy for high noon.

Role in executing strategic policies:

Once the policies are made they are to be implemented and the human resource management takes the responsibility of implementing these policies to their employees according to the organizational structure.


Basic structure for strategic human resource management at high noon laboratories:
Business strategies are made with consultation of HR manager

workforce enviornments are identified

HR policies and procedures are made according to strategy and then are implemented

the performance is measured to check weather the HR policies are helpful or not

Hierarchy of HR department
Two departments come under the big umbrella of human resources: HR department Personnel administration

HR department
The department is primarily engaged in the following activities: Hiring of the employees Training of the employees Facilitating the employees

Personnel administration department

The department is responsible for housekeeping and administration related tasks.



human resources

HR department

personnel administration department

Staff hierarchy
The following chart shows the hierarchy of the staff in HUMAN RESOURCES:

GM human resources

chief manager HR department

chief manager personnel admin department

officer HR department

officer personnel admin department


Organizational culture
High noon believes in sharing information at functional level as well as at cross functional level. Therefore it encourages its employees to share their views, ideas, and suggestions with each other. Over the years high noon has been able to attract individuals with diverse background. Diversity in the organization provides impetus to shred learning. Team work is valued and encouraged at every level. Human resource function plays a key role in this regard by not only hiring the right individuals for organization but also retaining them.

Job analysis
Job analysis comprises of the two activities which are: Job description Job specification

Job analysis at high noon laboratories

The HR department at high noon laboratories does not split the job analysis function into the two sub activities of job description and job specification rather it is considered to be the one task and accomplished simultaneously.

Competency based job analysis

As per the nature of the job, some job descriptions are also designed in terms of the measurable, observable, behavioral competencies an employee must exhibit to do a job well. The sample shown next also includes a section for the core competencies.

Steps involved in the job analysis

Job identification
Once the job is identified to be vacant for some employee, the immediate boss or supervisor reports it to the division manager who approves the need for an employee at that particular seat and the reapproves that from the general manager (GM) human resource department.


Defining Responsibilities of the new job

What would be the responsibilities of the new hired worker? What are his major tasks and duties? All these questions are answered by the immediate boss. He prepares two documents, one is for the divisional head and other is the document for job description. The one prepared for divisional head includes the need and requirements of a job while the job description is a formal document for the candidates.

Document of job description

A single document is prepared after the job analysis. It includes both the sections of job description and job specifications. Section of job description This section includes all details regarding the specific position. The areas and activities related to the job, the scope of the job and the accomplishments required. Section of job specifications This section describes the basic traits a candidate should have to fulfill the job requirements. It asks for the educational background, past experiences and core competencies. Apart from this the core competencies, interests and the personality of a candidate are also taken in consideration.

The document is finalized after the approval of the following two authorities: Divisional head: The final job description document prepared by the supervisor of a respected position, is taken to the divisional head for editing and approval. GM human resource department If the divisional head approves the document, it is passed on to the GM of HR department who then reapproves the document and allows its issue to the candidates.



Revision of job description

Every two years the document of job description for all defined jobs is revised for the essential changes and modifications. This task is done by the immediate supervisor to the respected job in collaboration with divisional head and GM human resource department.

Overview of job analysis at high noon

Document of job description

Next the document of job description is shown used by the HRM department of high noon laboratories.



Nature of jobs at high noon

The very first view of the company gives a typical feeling of an office environment. The cabins and the infrastructure provide a sophisticated look of a company and its environment. The studies found that jobs at high noon are of the typical nature and have a little implication of the following concepts discussed:

Traditional work environment

High noon laboratories is a mature company with years of work experience. All the jobs are well defined and designed. Workers are supposed to perform their jobs as per the schedule and there is little or no variation in the daily work routine.

Job enlargement
Job enlargement is basically assigning workers additional same level activities thus increasing the number of activities they perform. At high noon laboratories also, job enlargement is practiced to some extent. In the annual meeting, according to the changing environment some alterations are announced in the jobs.

Job rotation
There is no concept of job rotation in the company. The employee hired for a job is meant to perform the same job until or unless he is promoted.

Work specialization
As there is no concept of job rotation, employees get specialization in their specific job area.

Job enrichment
Every year in the meeting, employees are evaluated for their past performance. The hard working and potential employees are assigned some more and different tasks from their routine job to enhance their confidence and abilities.

The recruitment and selection process

Personnel planning and forecasting



Jobs vacancy is always identified and reported by the immediate boss or supervisor to that specific job. He reports and then justifies the need for a new employee or employees to the divisional head who after then reapproves it from the GM of HR department.

Computerized forecast
In case when there is a need of large number of employees, the method used to forecast is computerized forecast.

Forecasting the supply of inside candidates

As practiced in almost all big companies, high noon also keeps the qualifications inventory to hire the inside candidate for some position. All this record is maintained in the database using computerized information systems.

The process by which a job vacancy is identified and potential employees are notified is called recruiting. The nature of the recruitment process is regulated and subjected to employment law.

Centralized recruitment
A new job is identified by the supervisor and its divisional head but is finalized and approved by the general manager human resource department.

Sources of candidates
Inside sources of candidates
When it comes to generate the pool of candidates for a vacancy, no preference is given to inside candidates over the outside candidates. Any candidate who is eligible to the post is considered seriously either within or from outside the company. In annual meeting, promotions are announced for the inside candidates.

Outside sources of candidates

Candidates from outside the company are attracted through following means:

Company publishes its advertisements for job vacancies in different newspapers.


Employment agencies
The main sources of outside candidates are the employment agencies.

Internships are offered on the plant only. So hiring of the company internees is not common.

Initial screening
The pool of candidates generated through different means is passed through the initial screening stage. HR department checks the candidates profile and separate the candidates who are eligible to the post.

There is a little trend of testing in the company. More focus is on the interviews. Some of the techniques used by the HR manager include the following:

Work sampling technique

For some candidates, a testing method based on measuring performance on actual basic job tasks is used. It is particular for the plant workers and the pharmacists who practically perform the job tasks.

Another tool used for testing the employees is quiz. They frequently use quizzes to evaluate the abilities of a candidate. The quiz is designed according to the requirements of the position. They might be used to test the cognitive abilities or to measure personality and interests.

The candidates, who have passed the initial screening and testing stages, qualify for the interview.

Types of interviews Unstructured interviews



For selection purposes, interviews conducted are of unstructured nature. Unstructured interviews are the type of interviews in which interviewer pursues points of interest as they come up in response to questions. An interviewer at high noon told us the way she conducts an interview. She said that she keeps the profile of the subjected candidate in front of her and then asks questions related to that profile. As the conversation begins, she pin points the weaknesses and strengths of the interviewee.

Interview content Job related interview

The content of an interview comprises of the job related questions.

Administering the interview Panel interview

Interviews for all most all job posts are panel interviews in which a group of interviewers questions the applicant.

The employees who are then chosen by the panel are offered employment.

Although the job description explains almost everything about the job the new employees need to know the environment they are going to work in, the history of the firm, the ethical values, culture etc. And to do that the new employees are given orientation during the beginning of their job. At high noon these orientations also make the new employees feel welcomed and comfortable towards the organization.

Orientation time:
The orientations held at high noon are during the first week of the hiring the employees. The learning at high noon is made motivational and objective so that the right skills are used for the right purpose.



Training process: On the job training:

At high noon the new employees are hired and their training begins while they are on the job. They are taught how to perform their job according to the company requirement so that they can perform with quality.

Skilled and experienced coach:

On the job training at high noon means a good experiences and well skilled coach supervising the new employees, the employees learn by watching and observing the supervisor. They also learn from what the supervisor tells them. The steps that involve the training process usually involve the following: The learners are made comfortable to their environment so that they can learn quickly. The trainer exhibits each aspect of the job to the learner in a detailed manner and tells them the tasks required to perform the job. The learners are allowed to perform the tasks slowly and as many times as it takes before they actually learn how to perform it. The learners are told who to look up to or who to contact on need of help.

Apprenticeship training:
The new employees are also given class room lectures with on the job training. This provides high noon with high performance workforce.

To train their employees high noon sends them to special training programs at renowned training service providers like: LUMS PIMS KAM



Performance appraisals

Evaluating an employees current or past performance relative to his or her performance methods is an essential HR function.

Annual meeting
Each year a grand meeting is held at high noon laboratories. The top and lower management takes part in the meeting. Beside many other decisions, appraisals are also announced. Following are the appraisal methods used by the managers:

Graphic rating scale method

Employees are appraised using the method of graphic rating scale. a proper document is prepared on which employee is rated according to his or her performance on each trait. The document is designed by the immediate boss of each employee. These traits are based upon the job description document.


Who appraise employees?

Appraisal for each employee is done by his or her immediate boss or supervisor. He rates the employee on different traits as he is well aware of the responsibilities of its subordinates. A document of appraisal is attached next.

The best employees are announced after the appraisal in the annual meeting. According to the situation, these employees are rewarded with increment in salaries and sometimes promotions.

The employees who do not adhere to the codes of conduct are warned strictly. If the mistake is of intense nature, immediate action is taken and the subjected employee is fired. If an employee is not performing up to the mark, a complete research is done for the possible reasons. If it is purely because of the negligence of an employee, he is warned otherwise he is provided with the proper training to enhance work performance.

The companys environment is quiet formal and strict. Employees strictly follow the work schedule so there is a sheer need of some activities for employees refreshment and motivation. Some of these are:

Gala dinner
An annual gala dinner is organized for all the employees of the company.

Business conferences are conducted to enhance the interest and knowledge of employees.

Office workers also arrange picnics for a change and refreshment.

Annual meeting



As discussed above, best employees, salary increments and promotions are announced each year to motivate the hard working employees.

Retirement plans
As per the government rules and regulations, retirement plans are also offered to the employees. These plans vary with the working time of an employee.

Career management
Attracting new and efficient employees is never enough, rather hiring and then retaining the competent employees is also very important. In todays competitive and diverse environment, employees have many opportunities. They can only stay loyal with the company if they can develop and plan their career while working in the company. we have not noticed any special tool for the career management. Some of the typical tools used are:

At annual meeting some employees based on their past performance are promoted to positions of increased responsibility.

The company is multinational; hence some competent employees are transferred to other countries so that they can study other business environments as well and bring changes to the existing one.

Ethics and the code of conduct

The culture of the organization and the treatment of top management to middle and lower management set the standards for ethics and discipline. As discussed above, the organizational culture of high noon is a strict typical office environment. How the HR department does plays role in building strong employee relationship and an ethical environment? Following are some of the tactics used by the managers:

Ethics code
A proper document that memorizes the standards the employer expects its employees to adhere to is prepared by the HR department and issued to each new employee. It lists down all the ethical measures an employee should follow.



The sample document is attached with the report next.

Some other measures taken by the HR manager are:

Employees are also appraised for their adherence to codes of conduct. This encourages them to follow the rules and regulations.

Two way communication

Although the work environment is formal, but the employees have freedom to communicate their problems with their seniors.

Ethics training
DR Sultan Ghani is a name the company trusts for training of their employees within the organization.

Conclusion: how HR has helped high noon get competitive advantage?

High noon is ranked in the top 20 pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan. It has achieved this target in the short period of 17 years. This was never possible with the latest machinery, information technology or good financing alone, rather it were the human resources company has succeeded to attain and retain. Today the company is having a full fledge department of human resourced with 2 major and 1 minor division. The diversity factor of the company could never be handled if the HR personnels were not so efficient to make the foreign employees feel at home.

It is difficult to pin point the loop hole in such a successful company but according to our knowledge and research we recommend few changes in the department:



Managers should adopt some formal ways of doing job analysis and writing job description. The culture should be made a little bit friendlier so that other stakeholders are also attracted to the company. Managers should practice job rotation to enhance the workers capabilities. There is a little trend of testing employees; managers should design more tests in order to meet the universal standards of hiring employees.