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Opera provides a flexible, open standards-based solution for developers and users who require a full-featured, rich, Web experience.
Jim Ready, president and CEO, MontaVista Software


A cOmPlETE SuiTE Of inTERnET TEcHnOlOgiES THE OPERA STORY Opera Software ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange ticker: OPERA) Opera for Home Media is a complete suite of Internet techhas 10 years of experience in browser development and nologies for electronic devices, including set-top boxes Internet technology. Operas award-winning desktop (STBs), media players, video phones and networked high browser is the preferred choice for more than 10 million definition televisions. recreational, academic and professional users, and its mobile browser is advancing the mobile Web into Operas innovative and powerful features, such as its Extenthe mainstream with approximately 20 million Opera- sible Rendering Architecture, seemlessly adapt the Internet enhanced handsets in circulation in 2005. experience to suit varying screen sizes and input devices. Opera was born and has thrived in the worlds toughest, most competitive market. By cultivating its employees innovative spirit and drive to amaze the Web community with every product release, Opera has managed to become a success in the desktop and mobile browser markets. Now Opera is bringing its experience and innovative solutions to the home media market, powering connected entertainment devices with Internet technology. Opera for Home Media is a powerful execution environment for Web Applications and dynamic user interfaces, as well as a full Internet browser. Cost-effective solutions, based on advanced Web technologies powered by Opera, reduce development costs and time to market.



From desktop to mobile or set-top box (STB) to media player, the common core of Opera is deployed to millions of devices, enriching them with interoperable Web technology and a superb user experience. Operas standards-based approach paves the way for cross-platform services.
full-fEATuRED, SmAll SiZE With Operas small size and powerful technology, it is optimized to run on the most popular embedded hardware for the home media market, including STBs and media players. WEB APPlicATiOnS Opera brings Web standards to home media devices and accelerates the pace for developing dynamic user interfaces and cutting-edge Web applications. Due to Operas industry leading compliance with W3C standards, these applications are easily portable. REAl WORlD inTERnET Todays Internet pages are not written according to standards but using what is commonly referred to as Street HTML. Unlike any other home media browser, Operas desktop experience and cross-platform core technology enable the full Internet on home media devices. Security is integrated into Opera from the start, verified by Operas impeccable track record at SPEED fOR DEVElOPERS, SPEED fOR uSERS Opera for Home Media allows content providers and developers to create exciting, dynamic services in an easier, quicker and cheaper way. With the fastest rendering and JavaScript engines available, Opera for Home Media makes user interfaces snappier, more dynamic and more enjoyable. READY fOR THE fuTuRE Opera for Home Media enables all of the services that are available on the Internet today. Opera makes home media devices future-proof and able to adapt to undiscovered Internet business models of the future. OPERA fOR iPTV Operas advanced technology and close partnerships with leading IPSTB and middleware vendors make Opera the ideal solution for IPTV deployments. Opera is easily integrated with streaming media players, conditional access systems and personal video recorder (PVR) applications.

HARnESSing cREATiViTY A TRuSTED PARTnER Opera for Home Media allows Web developers to use stan- Opera Software ASA is a publicly listed company that dard, off-the-shelf tools and their existing skills to make is based in Oslo, Norway, and traded on the Oslo Stock exciting home media applications or to re-purpose exist- Exchange. Operas professional engineering team ing Internet content for new devices. routinely makes embedded deliveries to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. Opera has local sales and technical representatives in the US, China and Japan.



Adding WiFi and full Internet access with the Opera browser to our portable media assistants ensures consumers will have the best of both the entertainment and productivity worlds in their pockets, we are leaving single purpose MP3-type media players behind in yesterdays mist.
Henri Crohas, ARCHOS CEO

Nokia webpad 770


Spreading like no other modern technological phenomenon before, the Internet enables endless commercial opportunities. We have only seen the beginning of all the emerging possibilities that stem from a connected global network where information and applications are spread instantaneously.
With the rapid uptake of broadband, wireless and alwayson Internet connectivity, the home media industry is poised for a revolution. More and more entertainment devices are incorporating Internet technology in order to access the power and opportunity of todays information society. By including Opera in your device, you can offer all of the services that are available on the Internet today, or provide exciting new Web applications that are created using simple, interoperable Web technology. Operas considerable experience with rendering the full Internet makes Opera the ideal choice for Internet devices. Innovations such as Operas Extensible Rendering Archicture and Spatial Navigation enable Opera to seemlessly adapt Internet pages to suit any screen size and input device.



We have chosen to include Operas browser... because of its focus on standards compliance and ability to browse the full Internet. Opera is an ideal presentation engine and this is [going to be] ... a key feature in the future of IP Video.
Roberto Mestriner, CTO Telsey Telecommunications

i3Micro Mood 300 Series MPEG-4 IP STB

Amino AmiNET 103/110 IP STB

Including all of the latest innovations from the Internet, Opera is both a powerful Internet browser and a flexible execution environment for set-top boxes.
Operas Interactive Program Guide with user interfaces for TV and Mobile, as well as Voice activation, is an excellent example of how cutting-edge Web technology can be used to make cross platform applications. Operas interoperable Web technology enables OEMs and operators to quickly and cost effectively launch exciting new interactive services, from Interactive Program Guides to personal video recorders. Opera works closely with middleware and STB vendors, making it easy to deploy Opera into digital and IPTV networks. Unlike native technology, TV applications created with Opera can be dynamic, quickly updated and easily ported to new devices and platforms. Operas fast Javascript and rendering engines with Native Javascript Extensions enable user interfaces created with Opera to control the complete device.




Web applications are faster to market and cheaper to develop than native code. Most home media applications can be developed using HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. Together, this powerful suite of standardized technologies can be used to efficiently develop cross-platform applications using regular Internet authoring tools.
With Opera for Home Media, dynamic user interfaces are easy to create. Operas powerful and fast layout engine allows applications to update any part of the screen, without causing the entire screen to be re-drawn. Operas JavaScript and rendering engines are the fastest on the market, enabling even complex applications to run smoothly. Using JavaScript, Web applications can communicate asynchronously with a server using standard XML technology. This means that the user does not have to wait for slow server responses, and existing server infrastructure can be re-used. Operas JavaScript extensions enable JavaScript to interact with the device, providing a total solution for the user interfaces. JavaScript can be used to change TV channels, adjust the volume, make a phone call or even playback a song. Operas complete and fast CSS implementation enables the same Web applications to be optimally presented on different devices and screen sizes.



STAnDARDS SuPPORT Operas full compliance with W3C standards support is reinforced with Operas support of additional industry standards such as DVB-HTML and ATVEF. AnY SiZED DiSPlAY Operas proprietary Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) re-formats Internet pages on the fly to suit any screen size, from two-inch LCDs, to giant 16:9 flat panel TVs. Horizontal scrolling is eliminated, and anti-flicker technology and TVoptimized fonts provide steady images on traditional CRT screens. AnY inPuT DEVicE Operas spatial navigation capabilities make it easy to navigate on platforms that do not have a mouse. Spatial navigation is easily configured to work with a remote control, game pad or keyboard. Operas integration with IBM ViaVoice enables users to interact with Opera using voice commands. inTERnATiOnAliZATiOn Opera supports Unicode and proprietary character encodings, and has full support for Bi-Directional scripts. Global deployments are powered using Input method editors and the integrated iType font engine. fAST inTEgRATiOn Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and middleware vendors can easily integrate Opera with device hardware and software using Operas well-documented APIs and code examples. Pre-integrated ports reduce time to market for popular architectures. EXTEnSiBlE Operas native JavaScript extensions enable OEMs to create new JavaScript objects and methods that can be used to control the home media device. Support for new content types can be added using the Operas APIs for plug-ins and extensions.


Based on Linux, the Opera Home Media Software development kit (SDK) is a multiplearchitecture development environment for Opera. The SDK contains fully documented APIs and examples, enabling OEMs to quickly integrate Opera with their target devices.
Designed to reduce porting time and improve time to market, the SDK provides OEMs, application developers and operators with a complete suite of Internet technology for Media Players, STBs and other Home Media devices. SuPPORTED ARcHiTEcTuRES Opera is continuously adding pre-integrated support for new architectures to the Home Media SDK, which reduces time to market for new devices. Operas platform independent code can easily be ported to new platforms by the experienced embedded engineering team at Opera Software.

x86 | IBM PowerPC | MIPS | ARM | Intel xScale | Equator | ST Micro | ATi | Sigma Designs HOmE mEDiA SDK - gOgi EDiTiOn Generic Opera Graphical Interface (GOGI) is a high-performance, low-level GUI abstraction interface that enables developers to create device-tailored UIs using the technology of their choice. Opera provides examples with source code for GTK+, DirectFB, MiniGUI and Linux Framebuffer. The low level, high performance GOGI API enables OEMs to tightly integrate Opera with the device hardware, minimizing resource requirements and maximizing software performance. HOmE mEDiA SDK - QT/E EDiTiOn The Qt edition of the SDK is based on Qt/e. Closely integrated and providing an out-of-the-box UI with source code, this is the ideal solution for Qt-based devices. Opera can also provide a standard, out-of-the-box browser with a configurable UI for Qtopia.

Dayang PowerBox 1000 IP STB

stAnDARDs suPPORtED: HTTP 1.1, HTTPS HTML 4.01 CSS-2 DOM-2 XHTML 1.1 XML JavaScript 1.5 Frames | I-Frames SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 JPEG, GIF PNG with Alpha Mask Unicode Support

ADD-On cOMPOnEnts/APPlIcAtIOns: Macromedia Flash xPDF Reader Opera Games

MInIMuM REquIREMEnts: 150 MHz Processor Footprint: 1MB ~ 3.5MB*

* Footprint varies depending on the OS and development environment

Kreatel 1510/1520 Hybrid DTT/IP STB




Opera partners with silicon vendors, system integration partners, integrated third party application partners, and middleware, OS and service providers to enhance its product offering and expand global sales distribution.
mOnTAViSTA The Opera for Home Media Software Development Kit (SDK) includes support for MontaVistas Linux platform. This award-winning product contains an impressive array of cross-development tools for system and application development, unparalleled processor and board support, and hundreds of deployable utilities, libraries, drivers, and other run-time components.

For each of the standards listed below, comprehensive documentation of the depth of Operas support can be found at

HTML 4.01 XML XHTML 1.1 SVG 1.1 Tiny XHTML+Voice 1.2 DOM Level 2 CSS 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Korean (EUC) Thai (TIS) Arabic Input Method Editors Scalable Vector Fonts Stroke Fonts Bitmap Fonts 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

iBm Operas Software Development Kit is based on the IBM WebSphere Multimodal Toolkit, with its IBM WebSphere Everyplace Multimodal Environment, that includes IBM Embedded ViaVoice and allows developers to easily build multimodal applications for devices ranging from low resource set top boxes to high-end Digital Video Recorders using the industry standards-based X+V markup language that combines XHTML and VoiceXML.

CSS 2 CSS 2.1 (working draft) ECMAScript-262 2ed and 3ed JavaScript 1.5

Spatial Navigation Mouse Support Pointing devices Fixed cursor navigation Remote Control 4 4 4 4 4

HTTP 1.1: o Persistent cookies o Cache control 4 4 4 4 4 4


mOnOTYPE imAging The Opera Home Media SDK contains iType from MonoType Imaging, Inc. PDAs, set-top boxes, interactive TVs and other devices benefit from iType, Monotype Imagings scalable font subsystem for rendering high-quality characters within memory-constrained environments. iType works with industry-standard TrueType and OpenType fonts or highly compact strokebased fonts and includes a fast TrueType and OpenType rasterizer.

o Authentication o Proxy SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 FTP with resume

Smooth Zooming 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Extensible Rendering Architecture:

GIF89a JPEG BMP 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

o Small Screen Rendering o Medium Screen Rendering o TV Screen Rendering (16:9, 4:3, Anti-Flicker) o Landscape/Portrait Mode History Bookmarks iType font engine Freefont font engine Example UI Source Code

TROllTEcH Opera and Trolltech have worked together to fully integrate Qt/Embedded and the Opera Home Media SDK. This combination provides developers and hardware manufacturers with an embedded platform that is well-defined and stable. Qt/Embedded enhances embedded Linux with a proven, robust and customisable user interface and application development environment. Qt is renowned for it cross-platform C++ development framework, optimized for embedded Linux. This product speeds up time to market by multiplying the efficiency of development.

ICO WBMP PNG including 8-bit alpha mask Macromedia Flash PDF

Unicode Bi-directional scripts/input English and US (Unicode / ASCII / UTF / ISO) European Languages ( ISO-Latin-2) 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Native JavaScript Extensions Netscape Plugin API Generic Opera Graphical Interface Opera Web Application Framework Opera SDK API Comprehensive documentation 4 4 4 4 4 4

OTHER PARTnERS For a complete list of Operas partners, please check Here you will find Operas partners for third party plugins, silicon vendors, IPTV middleware, system integration and many more.

Japanese (EUC/JIS/Shift-JS) Simplified Chinese (GB / HZ) Traditional Chinese (Big5)

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