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A project work undertaken at Mahaveer Electomechanical Works Pvt. Ltd,

M.I.D.C. Akola
This paper explains how the VRML (Virtual reality modeling language)
capability is used for the display and marketing of various agro machines fabricated at
Mahaveer Electomechanical Works Pvt. Ltd, M.I.D.C. Akola. The assembly of the
machines is quite complex and size is considerable, therefore the marketing people were
finding it difficult to give live demonstration of the actual machines to their customer.
The problem was referred by Prof. S.K. Patil to Prof. Dipak shirbhate who is doing his
M.E. in production Technology and management and his guide Prof. D.S. Ingole. The
problem was taken as a topic for project work.

The Brief Description Of The Machines Taken Project:

Mahaveer electromechanical works Pvt ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of agro

machines supplied all over India. The brief description of the machines taken for the
project is as follows.

MAHAVIR D-Series Destoner

MEPL Destoner assures unbeatable reliability and performance. Most effective
solution for separation of stones, mud balls and dust from seeds/grains.
For continuous separation of stones from a stream of granular material. Simple and dependable separation on the basis
of the difference in terminal velocity of the material and of the heavy impurities such as stone, metals, glass etc.

The gravity-fed grain is spread by a feeder across the entire width of the machine. On separation screen,
the stream of material is stratified according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the screen
and the air flowing through the material from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the top and the
heavy ones including the stones at the bottom. The lower layers of stones flow upward and are separated
out. The stone free stream of materials float on cushion of air, flowing slowly towards the material outlets.
The inclination of the screens. The air volume and final separation can be individually adjusted to achieve
the optimum degree of separation.
Dust Collection System:
Some products are contaminated with dust chaff and other light impurities, which are to be separated. The
provision of special fan for removing the said impurities can be given as an optional arrangement.
Adjustment: All the adjustment provided in the machine is simple and user friendly.
Machine Capacity:
Due to the wide variation in separation requirements, MFPL cannot guarantee these specific capacities; however,
estimates in the table are conservative and have been equaled or exceeded when the destoner and other associated
equipment have been installed and operated properly. The destoner requires a firm foundation, an adequate clean air
source and uniform feed rate.
: Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power in HP Dimensions

2 HP Length - 1300 mm
Width - 960 mm
2 TPH Height - 2000 mm
3 HP Deck size
(With dust collection) 870 x 740 mm
MAHAVIR G-Series Gravity separator
Mahavir Gravity Separator is used to separate any of dry particles similar in size & shape, but having
different in specific weight. Gives best result in gradation of seed as well as grains.

It works on principle of Gravity' (weight) difference in the particles. For efficient density separation on different variety
of seed or grain. Proper adjustment of deck inclination (longitudinal & transverse). Deck oscillation speed & setting of
air of multi fan is necessary. The above adjustment can be done very easily while machine is in running condition.

Certain seed/ grains contain dust; chaff & other light impurities make pollution in atmosphere. To control
this air pollution as per system can provide with optional arrangement based on customer required.
 Blower of aerodynamic design gives very high efficiency and avoids noise.
 Sturdy & compact design.
 Easy airflow adjustment.
 Filters provided to avoid entry of dust in blowers.
 Rectangular deck ensures excellent separation.
 Multi fan arrangement ensures exact ensures air flow requirement in different deck areas.

: Technical Specification:

Model No. of Fan Capacity Power Dimension in mm

MG-1 3 Fans 1 TPH 5.0 HP
MG-2 5 Fans 2 TPH 7.5 HP 2200 x 1150 x 650
MG-4 7 Fans 4 TPH 10.0 HP
MAHAVIR A-Series Air Classifier
This machine is the effective solution for separating light seed / grain, dust, impurities from good quality grain/
Working Principle: The seed/grain are initially fed to feeding hopper. Through feeding hopper grains are
pneumatically conveyed to top classifying feed chamber. The grains are conveyed through rectangular
conveying duct. Stones, chaff dust are separated out from grains & are collected in top feed chamber. From
top feed chamber, grains are fed to classifying duct where high velocity air stream separates light grains,
light impurities from good quality grain. Separate chute is provided for collecting good quality grain, light grains
dust & chaff.
Special Features:
• Grading of grain is done by high velocity air stream.
• Removes dust, light impurities, trash from grain.
• Low quality immature grain and broken grains are separated from good quality grain.
• Self-pneumatic feeding, hence no need of bucket elevator.
• Glass panel is provided to observe process of separation and for accurate adjustment.
• No screen, deck or any moving part, hence maintenance free.
: Technical Specification:

Model Electrical Power Capacity

MEPL 4 7.5 HP 4 TPH
MEPL 2 5.0 HP 2 TPH
MEPL 1 3.0 HP 1 TPH
Special Features:
• Electronic Setting Facility.
• Load Cell based
• Accuracy 0.1%
• Range 20-100 Kgs.
• Capacity - 60 Bags of 100 Kgs. per hour.
• Facility of Conveyor.
• Facility of stitching of gunny bag.
• Structure - Powder coating, hence long life.
• Easy clamping & decamping of Gunny bag.
• Storage bin capacity - 750 Kgs.
• Only one Operator requires operating the machine.
• Pneumatically operated feed gate system.
: Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Power Reqd.
20-100 Kgs. 2 HP (Conveyor) 3 x 1 x 2.5

Problems faced by marketing people:

Marketing people reported following problems.
1) Considering the complexity and size of machines, the transportation of the
machines is costly