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God’s Handbook For Operating Human Vehicles

A No Nonsense, No Strings Attached Approach to Universal Being
Congratulations on your embodiment in a human vehicle! This handbook will share some of the basic guidelines for smooth operation of your vehicle and help you maximize your time in the body and increase your personal satisfaction with your ongoing reality experience. No refunds. No exchanges. No upgrades. Remember: your personal experience in a human vehicle is limited to that body’s lifetime, so don’t delay and make the most of your human experience today! INTRODUCTION Hey God! It’s God here, writing this from me to me, or me to you, or you to me, or you to you! Pronouns! Tricky little buggers, especially when we’re dealing with the genuine nature of reality. The point is, I’m you, and you’re me. That makes us one and the same. However, curiously, “we” seem to find ourselves in different bodies, which is why you probably don’t remember writing yourself this handbook, seeing as how the body you’re using to read this isn’t the body you used to write it. Confusing? Not in the least! That’s just how it works. One being, many, many bodies. So, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got some insights into how this whole crazy reality works, but you probably also still have some nagging questions, lingering doubts, and some subtle, or not so subtle, points of confusion that could use a little clarification. And that’s exactly why you wrote this handbook: to help out other versions of yourself along in the exciting and dynamic journey of life!

Thus, you’ve put together this little guide. It’s just an operator’s handbook, so it won’t provide all the answers, and certainly won’t ever tell you what to do, because, hey, you’re God, and YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT. However, it will lay out some of the basic functional parameters of your human vehicle for you along with some points to keep in mind for how your vehicle functions in its ongoing task of navigating reality. It will also spell out some of the potential pitfalls that your ego might produce for you and how to deal with such issues when they arise. What you’ll find is that, when used properly, the human body is the #1 vehicle for enjoying reality. It’s top-of-the-line, high luxury, and the latest and the greatest. 14 billion years in the evolutionary making, there’s currently no model upgrade available. Nope. There just ain’t nothing finer that a good old human body to enjoy the reality playground in, and this is a guidebook to help you enjoy it and make the most of the time you’ve got. REALITY CHECK You might find yourself saying at this point, “Really? I’m God? And I can do anything I want? Really?” Yes! Really! But here’s the deal: Since you’re operating a human vehicle, this fact means that the “whatever I want” bit is limited to what is possible within the human form. Keep in mind that the human form is informed by all of reality, so all the normal rules of reality apply equally to the human vehicle. Just because you’re God doesn’t mean that you can violate the rules you yourself established in order for it to be possible for human vehicles to exist. It takes all the laws of physics and the physical evolution of the universe up until this very moment right now in order for you to be here and enjoy yourself from the perspective of your human vehicle. This tends to be a tough sticking point for the human ego to accept, and this is due to the fact that the human ego has a very distorted idea of who and what God is and what God can do. Most egos are in serious need of continual reality checks! We’ll spend some time discussing the ego shortly, but first, an example. Most egos are afraid of dying. Because of this fear and anxiety, egos invest a great deal of energy into attempting to escape or avoid the physical death of the body. Indeed, even a cursory glance at human-invented religions and spiritualities reveals that this is a fairly fundamental issue for human egos as virtually all religions point to some kind of idea of personal immortality, transcendence from death, repeated reincarnations, resurrection, and all kinds of similar, yet totally fictitious notions. However, as God, you know full well this is all just silly ego games and projections. It’s only the ego, the illusory sense of self, that wants to live forever with its identity intact. You know that such an idea is as absurd as an actor insisting that character he’s playing in a movie “live forever.” The truth is, YOU DON’T WANT individual bodies or identities to live forever as that would make evolution impossible, and it’s evolution that produced the human vehicle in the first place.

Despite being God, you can’t just snap your fingers and make something from nothing. It takes time, transformation, and the inevitable impermanence of all physical forms in order for the human vehicle to evolve. Any identity and awareness associated with any particular human vehicle is a temporary configuration of energy and there is no such thing as “personal” immortality. It’s only the ego that may want that. Since you set the whole thing in motion, you made the rules according to what you want for yourself, and you can’t undo decisions that you’ve already made or undo energetic realities that are necessary for bodies to exist. So, in that sense, what confused egos want is completely and totally irrelevant when it comes to making authentic choices in reality. Your ego can want personal immortality as much as it likes, but that won’t ever make it reality. Fortunately, you know better than that! You know that ideas of personal immortality are illusions, so you don’t waste your time trying to exert your will against an unsolvable problem or issue. You’re in the business of keeping it real! So, you accept the life that you find yourself in, and you exert your will to make the best of what’s presented to you, working realistically within the bounds of the greater reality that is also you (not just your human vehicle). Attempting to violate reality is attempting to violate yourself, and that’s just something that can’t be done. To have the most satisfactory experience in your human vehicle, you’ll want to get clear on what’s realistic for that vehicle, and make your choices accordingly. To give another simple example, you may want to breathe under water like a fish, but no amount of saying, “I’m God and I can do what I want” will make that so, unless you undertake the common-sense approach of getting some SCUBA gear or some other technological solution to the problem. Yes, you can do whatever you want, but only insofar as your choices coincide with what is real. Otherwise, you’re lost in illusion and fantasy. That’s fine for when you’re a child, but as an adult, you’ll probably find illusion and fantasy unsatisfying and endlessly frustrating, other than as entertainment (speaking of entertainment - aren’t TV and movies great? Humans are so clever!) In order to have a more realistic understanding of what possibilities present themselves to you through the medium of your human vehicle, let’s get to know this top-of-the-line model a little better! We still haven’t discussed the ego, but for now, let’s just start off by acknowledging that the human ego is profoundly confused and there’s no doubt whatsoever that you’ve been exposed to massive amounts of its confusion, both internally in your own private mind and externally through the constant barrages of nonsense from other egos in other human bodies. Before we turn to the amusing antics of the ego, let’s get another reality check out of the way. REALITY CHECK The human vehicle is the most sophisticated vehicle that has yet evolved here on beautiful planet Earth. This is not a value judgement, an opinion, or a statement of human hubris. It is simply reality. As a vehicle for YOUR expression, nothing beats a human vehicle! Now, many human egos want to pretend that humans are low, debased, sinful, ignorant, etc. etc. etc., but really, these

are just statements about the human ego, from the perspective of the ego, and if there’s anything you’ll want to know about the ego, it’s that you are free to ignore it! Let’s look realistically at what humans can do. Physically, the human vehicle isn’t the strongest, meanest, baddest, or even the longest living of vehicles available in reality, but it is the most capable in the sense that it is the least bound by its form, or, alternatively, is the most enabled by its form. YOUR ability to express yourself and act on your own free will is far more developed and capable in a human body than in any other living being. No other plant, animal, fungi, microbe, or anything else, is as uniquely expressive as the human body. Try writing a symphony as a jellyfish, or programming a computer with dog hands! Jellyfish and dogs are great at being jellyfish and dogs, but their capacity for personal expression and creative diversity is limited by their forms. They have neither the “hardware” nor the “software” to accomplish acts of expression and creation on the level at which human vehicles are capable. The basic truth of reality is that the human form is the simply the most capable vehicle because it has the physical equipment necessary for such. Humans not only have hands and highly articulate voices, but they also have a sophisticated enough brain and nervous system to really put their physical abilities to work. Furthermore, human vehicles come with a peculiar feature known as the “ego.” “Ego” is just another way of identifying the uniquely human sense of personal self and identity. It takes an extremely sophisticated hardware system to effectively run an ego program or function, and for all intents and purposes, we can pretty much limit our discussion of the ego to the human form. Lots of egos, out of bizarre tendencies for sentimentality and supposed “spiritual” values, like to claim that other animals and living beings have a sense of self and identity, but at best, realistically, it is only rudimentary in form. The ego makes many things possible in the human vehicle that are effectively impossible in other living vehicles. Only vehicles with egos can ask themselves, “Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the point of existence? What should I do with myself?” These are all questions that reflect a basic self-awareness and a division of experience into self-identified subject and perceived or imagined objects. The ego also makes contemplation possible in that the ego allows for the individual to project thoughts into unreal situations. For example, the ego can think about the past, ponder the future, or imagine all kinds of possible scenarios that are not actually present. Other vehicles do not have this ability. Other vehicles are only aware of what is actually present within their energetic environments - nothing more, nothing less. Humans, on the other hand, not only have to deal with what is present within reality, but also with what the ego thinks, believes, desires, imagines, wishes, fears, hates, envies, etc., etc., etc., a great deal of which may or may not have anything to do with what is actually present and realistic within reality. In other words, it is very easy for the ego to pay more attention to its fantasies than to reality. Of course, this feature of the ego is also what makes possible the endless variety of human expression, creativity, and invention. The ego is not limited to what is actual within reality, but it can imagine how things might be otherwise. It can imagine things that don’t exist. And every now and then, the ego finds ways to make these imaginings real. There was a time, for example,

when chairs didn’t exist. At some point, some human ego came up with a brilliant idea of a chair, and then went about using the vehicle of the body and other materials present within reality to bring it into being. Through this “magical” process, something that was only an idea came into being and now exists in reality. Virtually all of human culture and achievement has followed along this same process and the vehicles that are currently in existence within reality get to benefit from the results of these ego-based processes. For example, this body that is typing these words didn’t invent the personal computer or word processing, but it does get to benefit from these creative expressions of previous human vehicles, and they’re all the product of egos wondering “what if?” and then taking realistic action on those thoughts and ponderings. However, since the ego isn’t bound to limitations in thought and contemplation the way that other vehicles are, it is also prone to attachment to things that simply aren’t real. The ego can imagine all kinds of things that don’t exist. This is very helpful in creative enterprises, but can be very challenging when egos become committed to false ideas, sloppy thinking, or fantasies, and willfully mistakes them for reality. In the most extreme cases, such can lead to “insanity” or delusional thinking and acting, though it is important to recognize that all egos are committed to false ideas to a greater or lesser degree. The primary delusion is the delusion of a separate self, which is one of the essential functions of the ego and its main goal. To help put all this into perspective, let’s spend some time discussing the human vehicle’s energetic system and how all the parts function together to create a uniquely human experience. ENERGETICS OF THE HUMAN VEHICLE Just as with all things that exist within reality, the human vehicle is basically an energetic system with certain functions, parameters, and possibilities. All of reality is a massively complex, highly sophisticated, network of interrelated energetic processes of change, transformation, and evolution. In the most basic sense, this is what “you” are: the entirety of the energetic process for you are fundamentally energy. All “things” that exist can therefore be described according to their energetic processes, and the human vehicle is no different. It’s far more complex than an electron, or even a plant, but it’s still just an energetic process. Living in reality means living with the energies that are actually present in reality. Living in fantasy means living with energetic projections and illusions that only exist in the mind. Evolution is an ongoing process and is one through which greater complexity and sophistication is able to develop within the system through continual energetic exchanges and transformations. It took approximately 14 billion years, give or take a few, for the human vehicle to evolve out of this process. The result is the most versatile vehicle possible for your reality enjoyment. The human vehicle, as with most other mammals, vertebrates, and other life forms that exhibit bilateral symmetry (a very basic energetic blueprint and one of several options such as radial symmetry, branch symmetry, or bilateral symmetry) has its main energy centers stacked along a central column. The central column runs directly down the middle of the body and goes from genitals to the top of the head.

This is NOT a “metaphysical” or “subtle” description of energy systems as is commonly discussed in religious and spiritual traditions, which are mere constructs of the ego. Many egos have mistakenly decided that “energy” is somehow different from “the physical,” but this is, of course, a completely false distinction. The physical is energy in highly structured and coherent form. The energy centers in the human vehicle either process and express energy, or they generate energy. Understanding the difference can help users keep the energy flow smooth, authentic, and real. Let’s deal with energy generators first. In the human vehicle, there are three centers that generate energy. These are the brain, heart, and sexual organs. As long as the vehicle is “alive,” and barring some major surgery or physical accident or trauma, these centers will continue to generate energy. THE BRAIN, SENSE ORGANS, AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM It is the sophistication of the human brain that allows for complex thought and ideation. The brain is not the source of consciousness, as consciousness simply exists and is fundamental to the nature of reality, but it does generate an electrical field when operating properly. At the current evolutionary stage of reality, the human brain is the most sophisticated “object” yet to evolve and is the most capable of processing the vast intelligence that is you. It is the only object known to be sophisticated enough for you to have a paradoxical experience of yourself as both God, the nature of all that is, and as a unique individual with a personal perspective that is self-aware and self-motivated. That’s a pretty fancy trick! It’s also the entire purpose of the evolution of reality. The human body, with its amazingly sophisticated brain, is the ideal God vehicle as it is the most capable of all vehicles currently in existence within reality. Even though the human body’s energetic blueprint (DNA) is 99% identical to a chimp’s, the upgrade is logarithmic in nature. Compared to other animals, the ability of the human brain is off the scale! The brain functions by generating and processing energy. Ideas, concepts, inner dialog, language, imagination, visualization, abstraction, are all expressions of energy. The human brain is always busy categorizing, cataloguing, identifying, conceptualizing, etc., etc. As this is its nature, it’s virtually impossible to stop. It is an ongoing energetic process. The brain, via the nervous system, is also the processing center for the senses and sense organs. The sense organs receive energetic impressions from the environment and translate those energies into personal experience: what is seen, felt, heard, tasted, smelled, etc. Taken together, the sense organs provide the energetic data necessary for the individual to create a virtual reality of sense impressions that are taken collectively as “experience.” In the absence of direct energetic stimulus, the brain will tend to create its own projected realities, such as during dreaming, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic experiences, and in severely malfunctioning cases, such as schizophrenia. REALITY CHECK

The “default” setting for the brain is something along the lines of: inquire, explore, observe, wonder and imagine. Small children are useful as an example. Observe how children engage the world around them, especially when small. Children want to get into everything, explore, learn, and play. They want to know everything about everything and have extremely active imaginations, which they use to explore possibilities and make sense out of their world. They also keep their focus almost exclusively on the present moment and engage in very little projection or speculation. As they develop and start to gain a sense of themselves, these default settings start to shift into fear, caution, the need to be “right” or “good,” and also start subtly manipulating others to get what they want for themselves. These are the beginnings of ego formation and children begin to spend more time in projections and start to develop concepts of themselves as individuals. Another default setting for the brain is to mimmic and is connected to the “observe” function. Children take up new habits, ideas, and modes of expression through observing others and mimicking what they observe. Mimesis is probably the most powerful force in the shaping and developing of a sense of self and ego structure. THE HEART The heart is the next primary generator of energy in the body and is the central processor of emotions or feelings. Emotions and feelings are are more direct impression of energy than the more abstracted impressions and concepts utilized by the brain in its energetic processes. In this sense, the heart can be understood as the primary sense organ of the body as it processes the body’s relationship to everything else in a very direct, energetic manner that is not filtered by the conceptual constructs of the brain. It always informs the individual about what is real, though this process can be disrupted and distorted by excessive exertions of control by the ego, a topic we will return to below. The heart accomplishes this sensory task through a rather large electromagnetic field that it generates that works holographically to “feel” its way through reality and inform the organism of what kinds of energies it is encountering within reality. As such, it is the basic “fountain of life” for the individual vehicle and mediates all experiences between the individual vehicle and that which it encounters either internally or externally. REALITY CHECK The “default” setting for the heart is universal, unconditional, absolute love. Love is the basic energy of existence and it has neither subject nor object. It just is. It is the energy out of which everything else arrises and can also be equated with “Truth,” for it is that which is. All other emotional states are variations on the energy of boundless love. All emotions are energies that arise in the context of subject and object and are therefore dualistic, while universal love is unitary and non-dualistic. For example, love for chocolate involves a subject who loves chocolate and the object of chocolate and is therefore dualistic. Again, small children serve as an example of this reality. Little babies have no fear, no judgement, no expectations, no attachments, and no aversions. They just interact with

everything in love and openness. Through experience, they learn both realistic and imagined limitations on this basic energy. THE SEXUAL ORGANS The next primary generator of energy is the sexual organs. This is the energy center that not only insures that the evolutionary process continues, but also provides energetic opportunity for individual bodies to experience profound levels of pleasure, bliss, and fulfillment and satisfaction. All living beings are sexual in their own way, though sexual and reproductive methods and habits vary greatly across living beings. While being embodied in a human vehicle, you can expect that sexual energies will inform a major part of your existence and will be an ongoing motivational factor in choosing what to do with yourself. Though countless religious and spiritual traditions try to subvert, quash, or otherwise transcend or transmute sexual energy, these are all just interferences by the ego. Sex and sexual energy just is. REALITY CHECK Sexual energy is an expression of universal love and therefore does not have a specific object. Energetically, men and women tend to be sexually drawn to each other, but this is not a given. Ultimately, people are sexual and not necessarily “heterosexual” or “homosexual.” Though many egos would like to make it so, sex isn’t a moral issue (actually, “morality” and “ethics” in general are purely products of the ego and as such are imaginary constructs). THE MOUTH AND DIGESTIVE TRACT In addition to the three generative energy centers, the human vehicle comes with two interconnected energy processing centers of the throat/mouth and the gut/digestive tract. It is with the mouth that the human vehicle is able to gather the necessary energy from its environment to sustain and nourish its physical form. The energy produced by the three productive energy centers of brain, heart, and sexual organs is not sufficient to sustain the vehicle - they only provide the operation functions of the vehicle. Food must be consumed in order to keep the vehicle functioning properly. The food taken in through the mouth is then processed in the gut, distributed to the body via the heart and blood, and excess is expelled. It can be a bit messy, but that’s what’s required. The throat/mouth, can also function as an expressive energy center in that it is the human vehicle’s primary method of communication, from the simple cry of pain to the most abstract expression of human thought and intellect. In doing so, it is not generating energy, but rather expressing and releasing energy that is experienced internally in the body and mind of the vehicle. Really, the mouth and throat is a sophisticated input/output mechanism that moves energy from inside to outside and vice-versa. REALITY CHECK The default setting for the expressive energy center is “be honest and authentic.” The natural tendency is for the human being to say and express what it truly thinks and feels. As the sense of

self develops through the formation of the ego, individuals tend to structure and shape their expression according to what they think they should do or say as emphasized by their parents, family, and culture. Every human becomes a product of culture very rapidly in his or her development and this tends to compromise the individual’s commitment to honest and authentic expression and instead promotes “culturally and socially acceptable” modes of expression and communication. The ego situates the self in context with others and quickly chooses to concern itself with what “others” think and the emphasis shifts from pure self-expression to being accepted, respected, and appreciated by others who may or may not have a commitment to honest and authentic expression. In other mammals and similarly structured animals and living beings, these energetic centers basically function on automatic pilot. Living purely in the present, other living beings just follow their energy and do what they do. However, the sophistication of the human vehicle gives rise to the ego, which means a sense of self can and does insert itself into virtually all of these energetic processes in the human vehicle. We are thus now ready to discuss the ego in more detail and see how it can either help or hinder the human vehicle in its ongoing job of processing and expressing energy. THE EGO The ego is not so much a “thing” as it is a “function.” The function of the ego is to create a false sense of self and identity, and through this function, the human vehicle is able to have a concept and awareness of itself that is not possible for other living vehicles. It is, in other words, an intimate aspect of the human experience of consciousness and being and it is both necessary and persistent. Despite religious and spiritual claims to the contrary (all projections of the ego), it is impossible to “kill” your ego or live an “egoless” life. However, it is possible to free yourself from the grip of the ego, at which point the ego is something that you live with and not something that you mistake for yourself. To see how this works, let’s get a better idea of how the ego functions and what tools and methods it has at its disposal. The simplest way of describing the ego is to say that it is a collection of limited energetic patterns that collectively comprises an individual’s sense of self. These patterns of energy include patterns of thought and conceptualization, patterns of self-expression, behaviors and uses of the body, including gestures, body posture, tone of voice, movement, speech, beliefs, projections, and attachments. There is no “core” to the collection, no self-existent entity holding it all together. There is no soul, spirit, or “true self” lurking beneath the collections of energetic patterns - only the patterns themselves. This is also why an ego takes time to develop in the human vehicle. As human vehicles mature, their sense of self becomes more and more defined and individualistic, generally culminating in early adulthood into a fairly solid, albeit illusory, sense of self. Because the constructed sense of self is illusory, however, it requires constant effort to maintain and individuals will experience constant challenges to their sense of self. How individuals react to such challenges reveals either how relaxed or energetically wound-up their egos are. The ego is tasked with the job of maintaining a sense of self within a constant flux of energy and experience, both internally and externally. As the individual develops and is exposed to a greater

variety of energies and experiences, the ego collects energetic patterns that help it make sense of itself and all that it encounters. In a sense, it develops a tool kit of actions and reactions from which it chooses on a continual basis, always with the goal of maintain the sense of self. All patterns of the ego are developed through the free will of the individual and therefore the individual is ultimately responsible for his or her ego patterns and tendencies. A bulk of such patterns are freely adopted as young children, however, so most individuals are not aware that they are actively choosing the structures of their egos for themselves. Most children are simply mimicking what they observe around them and as conscious beings who want to fit in, be loved, and find a place in their culture and society, most adopt the patterns of their culture and family without any thought. Culture, through enculturated individuals, tends to present itself as a given or simply “how things are.” Mistaking this for reality, children simply copy that which takes place around them. As individuals mature, the ego asserts itself even more through the period that is identified as adolescence. It is at this time that individuals being to truly question their identity and may or may not choose to react to the ego structures around them that they have seemingly unconsciously adopted. At this point, the ego can become rebellious, reactionary, or complacent. Usually there’s a mix and challenges and turmoil are likely to result with the eventual emergence of an adult-centered ego structure. Whether the individual is aware of this fact or not, the truth is that all such ego structures and patterns are freely adopted by the individual. In other words, the ego is comprised of collections of choices that have been made by the individual. While the past can never be changed, this does mean that individuals can make new or different choices in the present, however, and as such, the ego is always open to change and reconfiguration. In fact, entire ego settings can be deconstructed and replaced with brand new ego structures! This is what tends to happen when individuals join a religion, convert, begin a spiritual path, or even join a club, team, or military organization. The ego is constantly under negotiation and is subject to continual reconditioning. Well-established ego patterns can be very difficult to break, however, and for the most part, the ego, rather than embracing no patterning or no conditioning, will generally choose to supplant one set of patterns with another. This is the great irony of spiritual and religious traditions that supposedly promote “selfless” action or “transcendence of the ego.” These are great selling points to ambitious egos, but they are also disingenuous. All that occurs is one set of ego structures gets replaced with another that is supposedly more “spiritual” and “virtuous.” Just more of the ego deluding the ego! EGO VS. “NATURAL” ENERGY As has already been discussed, the human vehicle functions according to the energy centers present in the body. These energy centers and processors work just fine in the absence of an ego as is made clear by animals and non-human vehicles. The energetic constructs of the ego is therefore something “extra” found in human vehicles. As stated, the purpose of the ego is to generate a false sense of self and identity, and this is primarily what sets human vehicles apart from other beings.

Because the ego is an energetic process, it tends to interfere with the “natural” flow of energy in the human vehicle. As a result, individuals can be come “cut off” from the full experience of their various energy centers and can find that their energetic process is far from ideal. Let’s consider a few ways that the ego does this. COMMITMENT TO ILLUSION The most basic way that the ego disturbs the natural production and flow of energy in the human vehicle is through the ego’s commitment to illusion, projection, and ideas and ideals that are not necessitated by energetic realities. Of course, the most basic illusion is that of a separate, selfexistent self, which does not exist. Basically all the other commitments to illusions that the ego makes is predicated on this initial illusion. This fact is why having a unitary, non-dual, or “mystical” experience can be so liberating for individuals. In the non-dual experience, the individual is energetically open to the fullness of their true nature: infinite, without boundaries or limitations, and all “things” are included in the identity of the self. In “spiritual” language, this is described as “union with God/the Ultimate/the Absolute,” the pure nature of the mind, infinite being, etc., etc. Energetically, it means that the limited energetic constructs of the ego have been temporarily transcended and the individual is able to experience him or herself in infinite form. However, full mystical experience, or what is more descriptively identified as “full energetic opening,” is rare for most individuals, and tricky to achieve. Paradoxically, such an experience cannot be created, generated, or produced by the ego. In other words, there is no “method” or “path” to such an experience as the ego cannot transcend itself with any of its patterns of action. The only way for an individual to have a full energetic opening is to allow the ego structures to temporarily fall away, which can be experienced as a kind of “death”. As long as the ego is trying to make such an experience happen, it won’t. When the ego finally relaxes and effectively gives up, then the individual is able to expand energetically into awareness of the full nature of being. Such an experience can be liberating, profoundly transformative, and life-altering. It does not, however, render the individual “enlightened” in any way, for once the ego takes hold of the individual once again, old energetic patterns will immediately reassert themselves. Let’s look at an example. Imagine a person who has spent her entire adult life seeking a mystical experience. She practices yoga, meditates, prays, makes offerings, strives for moral and ethical uprightness, and all the things she thinks will bring her “closer” to God or the Absolute. One day, out of the blue, she suddenly has a full mystical experience and all these strivings of the ego drop away and she experiences the infinite fullness of herself. The experience is temporary, however, and once the ego is back, she falls right back into her old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. In fact, she now goes around telling everyone that the “path” she followed is genuine and authentic because she had a mystical experience. She now “knows” that her “path” is “true” because she got the results she wanted. Thus, more ego projection and illusion ensues. The only effective method to maintaining non-dual awareness and being is through commitment to truth. The creations and energetic constructs of the ego are not truth. Consider another example. We’ve already discussed how sexual energy is a primary component of the human vehicle. Humans are sexual. There is an energetic drive that is simply there. Egos adopt all kinds of invented attitudes toward sex and sexual energy, however, and in doing so,

prevent the authentic expression and enjoyment of sexual energy. Ego-based approaches to sex and sexuality is filled with ideas of proper and improper, right and wrong, sacred and profane, allowed and disavowed, etc., etc., etc. These are all ways in which the ego attempts to control and define sexual energy. Egos invent ideas that chastity is good, virginity is sacred, that sex is a desire that needs to be overcome or transcended, etc. These are all just ideas that egos adopt and then use to try and structure their experience. The more the ego gets involved, the less “natural” expression of energy there is. This creates blocks in one’s energy that then requires the energy be released or expended in other ways. Catholic priests are an excellent case in point. As a rule of thumb, you can always ask yourself, “Am I choosing to act based on what I feel, or what I think or believe I should do?” Priests, for example, aren’t celibate because they don’t feel any sexual urges. They are celibate because they believe that it is a sign of holiness and commitment to God. This is a commitment to illusion, however, and as such, is bound to create imbalances in their energy, usually with undesired results. All natural energy needs an outlet and needs to be expressed and “grounded.” Energy that is not released according to its nature will find other methods to express and ground. And given that it naturally wants to flow in the manner that is most appropriate for it, it takes tremendous and continual effort of the ego to redirect and restructure the energy. As a metaphor, we can imagine that the “natural” rivers, springs, and waterways of the human vehicle have been damed, drained, redirected, and filtered. It takes energy to maintain such internal structures and also takes ongoing commitment to illusion. The “natural” person acts on what they truly feel, not on what they think they should or should not. They have sex, eat food, dance and sing, and act as feels genuine and in accordance with reality. They don’t live according to pre-set ideals, ideas, dogmas, or concern for purity, righteousness, or spiritual or religious values. ENERGETIC BLOCKS All egos create energetic blocks in the body. Since egos are engaged in the constant process of defining self vs. other, they are always in the business of creating limitations, boundaries, and as a result, identities. Constructed identities always get in the way of genuine expression and experience of energy. This is why there is no artificial identity present in the full mystical experience, for if there were, there would be an energetic barrier between the experiencing self and that which is experienced. When the ego is not operating, the blocks and restrictions are relaxed and individuals expand into their full infinite nature. When the ego is operating, blocks, resistance, and withholdings of energy are always present. The ego can create energetic blocks anywhere along the central column of energy from genitals to the top of the head. In a freely flowing energetic system, all the energy centers of the body work in concert together to move, process, and express energy. The ego can, and usually does, interfere in this process of being. An ego that is afraid of expressing itself can get caught in the throat, with related constrictions in the gut. An ego that over-intellectualizes can get caught in the head and cut the individual off from the feeling and sexual centers. An ego that is afraid of getting hurt emotionally cuts off access to the heart. An ego that looks down on sex can cut the individual off from the sexual center. The list goes on and on. While there are many variations on blocks in energy and the resultant experiences that generate from them, the cause is generally

the same - an interfering ego that is imposing its beliefs, ideas, and “shoulds” on the natural energy system that is the human vehicle. Ego-generated energy blocks are also usually associated with correlating projections. In other words, not only does the ego affect how energy is processed in the body, but also affects how energy is processed between bodies. A very simple way of putting this is to say that people will generally have to encounter and face their worst fears in actual situations, and even if the situation does not realistically enact a worst fear, the individual’s ego will probably project onto the situation in such a way that the ego will perceive the enactment of its fear. It is important to recall that the human vehicle emits electromagnetic energy and the strongest field is generated by the heart. The heart, as a sense organ, is looking for that which will compliment its energy the best. Thus, in a sense, egos can “draw” experiences to themselves, and especially other egos that are broadcasting a matching, complimentary, or resonant frequency. For example, an ego that gets upset with other people talking in a movie theater is likely to encounter just such an event. The ego, as an actor, is looking for other characters to fulfill necessary roles in its self-created narrative/drama about itself. In the dream or visionary state, the ego merely projects other characters onto the mental screen of the dreaming mind and interacts with “others” to play out its fears, dramas, and curiosities. In “real life,” the ego enlists other egos to play the necessary parts to act out its drama. Egos are always looking for other egos to play along. And most egos play along quite willingly: this is what we call culture, religion, and group identity. It’s all a game of charades and make-believe. An ego-generated energy block cannot be removed or released without a correlating expression and processing of energy. All energy needs to process and there are no ways around this basic fact. In practical terms, what this means is that when ego blocks release, the individual will have to go through a period of transition and processing of energy where the “normal” and “usual” structures of the ego cannot effectively hold. This can be confusing, distressing, and disorienting for the individual. It can also be blissful, liberating, and ecstatic. It all depends on the nature of the block, the method of release, and the individual’s attitude toward what is occurring. Energetic releasing and processing can take the form of purging/vomiting, diarrhea, speaking nonsense/speaking in “tongues,” vibrations and spasms in the body, feeling loss of control of consciousness/rational thought, ecstatic laughter or crying, excretion of sexual fluids, mucous, coughing, gagging or choking, heart palpitations, sweating, rapid temperature fluctuations, feelings of “possession,” mystical union, full body orgasms, and the list goes on. When releasing is occurring, keeping the body in a symmetrical posture tends to deepen the release and help in the processing. At an exterior level, when individuals release ego-generated energy blocks, it usually means that there will be a corresponding shift in external relationships to correlate with the new energetic signature of the individual. These shifts can also require processing of energy and will often translate into breaking of old relationships and the formation of new relationships. For example, if an individual has been not expressing him or herself in a relationship but is able to release that internal block, then that individual will be more likely to express openly in the relationship. This

could lead to the dissolution of the relationship, or a strengthening of it, depending on the state of the ego of the other person involved in the relationship. REALITY CHECK The temptation for the ego is to fall back into previously established patterns and relationships both internally and externally. Unless one is committed to truth and reality, then the challenge of the transitional period while energy is processing and reconfiguring can inspire one to fall back into old patterns for the sake of perceived comfort and ease, or quickly adopt a new set and find a “place” for the “self.” This is especially so if the ego patterns are correlated with close interpersonal relationships. There are very strong ego-generated pressures to avoid discomfort and social distress. Egos generally don’t like to make others uncomfortable (unless, of course, that’s their “thing”). Once an ego block is removed, old relationships won’t seem to “work” the same any more, and this can be uncomfortable and distressing. Loved ones claim, “I don’t know who you are anymore,” and “You’re not the person I fell in love with,” etc., etc. Other egos cry out for you to come back into the fold and be the person they think you should be. This is also why when an individual breaks out of one set of ego structures, it is common to simply replace them with another set. It is more swapping of identities than it is a release from false identity. This is why converting or starting a spiritual path can feel so liberating but is not more realistically “liberated” than that which it is replacing. The individual escapes one confining set of ego patterns and finds another that is more properly suited to its new interests and concerns. Egos are always looking for a group to fit into and therefore are always seeking some identity. Given that all of reality is merely a hall of mirrors, egos tend to want to like what they see in the mirror and therefore routinely seek out reaffirming reflections. NAVIGATING HUMAN CULTURES Pretty much by default, if you find yourself in a human vehicle, you’ll also find yourself situated within a human culture, unless, of course, you’ve been raised by wolves on a desert island far outside the normal shipping lanes. Other than the truly alone loner, all humans congregate into cultures, sub-cultures, counter-cultures, and other various sets of identities. This is because human cultures are ego-generated identities writ large. As such, there is no such thing as a “true” culture, because all cultures are fabrications of the ego. They all have arbitrary ideas about what it means to be a human being, the human’s place in the world, and how the human being should think, act, and behave. All cultures are relative and none are inherently more “true” or “authentic” than another. Some are more open and permissive than others and seem to afford more “freedom” of expression and being, and others are more repressive and controlling, but they are all equally products of the ego. Because cultures are ego creations, they must deal with the reality of ego-generated illusions, blocks, and distortions of energy. Most cultures have found ways to deal with the energetic disturbances caused by the ego in ways that tend to support the overall structures of the culture and therefore work to reaffirm the constructed identities and realities of the culture and the egos within it. Festivals, wild religious rituals, times of social inversion and protest, etc., all work to release pent up energy that the ego has blocked from naturally expressing itself. But ironically,

these times of expression and release are carefully constructed and set aside as “sacred” time, which contrasts distinctly with “normal” time. During such events, individuals often feel free to really let it all hang out (still within structures that the culture deems acceptable, however) and thereby release some of their pent up energy. Not surprisingly, many such events, festivals, and rituals involve the consumption of alcohol, the great ego-drug. Alcohol can help release pent up energies while simultaneously enforcing and bolstering the most ardent ego-based energy patterns and projections. It is no wonder that alcohol has been such a central feature of human social interaction and “recreation.” It effectively helps maintain the status quo. Culturally approved release valves usually aren’t enough for a culture, however, especially since most participants will immediately take on prior ego structures once the festival, ritual, or event has ended as it’s time to “go back to the real world” where normal ego-based activities and identities rule the day. As such, there is generally still a lot of energy that has not been fully released and the blocks tend to reform almost immediately after the temporary suspension. The way that most cultures seek to deal with this ongoing problem is to then project images of “undesired” energy outside of itself and project it onto a “foreign” identity. This is why cultures and social groups are always happy to fight and kill each other and is the “dark side” of social and cultural identity. This is a problem for virtually all cultures and identities. The “dark side” of cultural identities tends to come out strongest during times of stress, which is also true for individuals in that their most troubling ego-based illusions tend to come to the surface when the individual feels threatened or challenged in some way. When this happens on a large scale, cultures tend to go to war or find a social identity to scapegoat and blame for their ills. This is ego projecting on a mass scale and is responsible for the most savage acts of violence. Egos are extremely quick to resort to violence to protect their invented identities. Such violence and threats of violence also take place within a culture, molding egos into wellbehaved members of the group. For example, many cultures and religions promote violence against those who would reject the group view and ego fantasies. Countless religions have turned against apostate members, heretics, and blasphemers with inquisitions, purgings, and purifications. Similarly, many cultures and traditions have secret initiation rites where the fabricated nature of cultural reality is revealed to initiates, coupled with threats of violence should the initiates reveal the secret to non-initiates. For example, in traditional southwest Native American cultures, children are taught that the masked Kachina dancers are the “gods,” and they grow up believing this to be true. However, upon initiation, initiates have the truth revealed to them in dramatic ritual form: the Kachina dancers are just their older relatives and aren’t gods at all. But for culture to work, the illusion must be reinforced and the initiates are recruited, through threat of violence and death, to perpetuate the deception on the young generation and properly play their fabricated roles within society. This is just one example, but similar, if not largely identical, cultural practices can be found around the world. Virtually all religion works on the same principles, threatening violence and suffering for those who refuse to “play along” with the fabricated reality. The truth is that most egos find it easier and socially more comfortable and rewarding to simply play along than to outright challenge or reject the ego-based illusions and fantasies of their culture. As mentioned above, for those who become dissatisfied with their culture and its

illusions, adopting a new identity in a new culture is more the norm than liberating from all egogenerated illusions. Therefore, egos tend to swap illusions rather than do the challenging work of dispelling them. As social animals, humans want to interact with other humans, and from the ego’s perspective, that means playing along, at least to some degree. THE MEANING OF LIFE This is generally a hard one for egos to accept, but the “meaning of life” is simply to live. It couldn’t be simpler. Egos, as generators of meaning, want everything to “mean something” and often aren’t satisfied with just taking things as they are. Egos want to define themselves through a sense of meaning, of purpose, of having something grand and significant to strive toward. And above all, egos want to know that they are “doing it right.” This is why egos invented things like religion and spirituality - to satisfy the ego’s need to have meaning, purpose, and a sense of doing things right. Ironically, not a single human religion or spiritual tradition ever came up with the right answer, however, so they are all equally misleading and misdirecting. Imagine a religion that proclaims, “Relax and just be yourself!” Wouldn’t that be something! Of course, that’s not at all what they say. In fact, they say just about everything but that! More often than not, they use fear to hook egos into their belief and practice programs, and countless egos are more than happy to buy in - after all, egos created religions for themselves, so naturally they are attracted to the product. They’re all just ego games, however, and as such, are completely unnecessary, and thoroughly imaginary and fantasy-based. As an embodiment of God in a human vehicle, you are perfectly free to ignore all the nonsense and there is no requirement that you participate, though your ego might have other ideas for you. In the end, it’s up to you. It might help to consider that the “laws of God,” or the “way of the universe” cannot be violated by you or anyone else. In other words, you do not have a choice in this matter and your will cannot produce a “fall from grace,” “damnation,” or anything else. The only “laws” that exist are the ones we call the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, etc. No matter what you do, you cannot violate these laws for this is how reality works: without these structures and limitations, there would be no reality here to enjoy at all. These laws make it possible for you to be here, in reality, in a body, with a life. Problems arise when egos seek after meaning beyond these facts. You exist! Do what you want with the time you have! Enjoy yourself! There is no greater meaning or purpose. Always remember, despite all the apparent diversity in reality, there is really only one actor (you/God) and billions of different characters, all playing different roles. Does the actor really care what one character does to another? Does the actor really care if the characters suffer, kill, maim, die, or whatever? Does the actor care if any of the characters are “saved,” or “enlightened,” or “doing the will of God?” or anything else? No! Of course not! It’s all a charade, so what does it matter? Though countless egos struggle against this reality and seem to do everything they can to deny it and create a false sense of purpose and meaning for themselves, this truth can also be profoundly liberating when taken to heart. It means that within the given structures of reality, you are free to

do what you want. You are free to be yourself, if you allow yourself to do so. You are also free to be a confused ego, completely invested in ego games and illusions. It’s all your choice. If you want to make up a purpose for yourself, go for it! Just don’t expect reality to support you on that fool’s errand. It’s your game, after all, and you are responsible for it. Mostly likely, you’ll find other egos to play along, but even getting billions of other egos to play along won’t affect the actual nature of reality in any way. It doesn’t matter how many people accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, for example. It’s still just a fantasy and doesn’t have anything to do with reality. A life dedicated to Jesus is a life dedicated to an illusion and fantasy. If that makes you happy, then so be it. Just don’t expect to get anything special for it! As an embodiment of God in a human vehicle, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You have an infinite intellect, an inexhaustible imagination, and the tools necessary to communicate, create, discover, and express. You have the luxury of enjoying and utilizing the most finely-tuned God vehicle available within reality and it is completely up to you how you choose to use that vehicle in the limited time that you have. You, and you alone are responsible for yourself. No one and nothing else is responsible for you and your choices, and this applies to all equally. Realistically, each individual is responsible for him or herself and no one and nothing else. Most egos react to the above reality by claiming that it is selfish and narcissistic. Egos want to be responsible for all kinds of things, always making everything else their business! They can be pretty pesky that way and it takes a strong commitment to truth to keep them in check. Ironically, it is through confused arrogance that egos think they’re responsible for everything. Think about “nature,” for example. In the absence of humans, everything in nature appears to work just fine. “Nature” doesn’t need humans to function. In fact, “nature” worked great for billions of years before humans came along, and it will work just fine without humans in the future as well. Every last little bit of reality is fully God, and as such, each bit does its part to be itself fully and completely according to the energetic reality of its relationship to everything else within the system. Only human egos could ever think that there’s something that must be done to help reality along. Everything else just is, and as such, is fully itself in every moment. Only human egos get confused about this “being yourself” process, given that egos are predicated on an illusory sense of self, so it’s easy to see how they can get confused about what this means. Being responsible for yourself, your energy, and your choices in the time you have in your human vehicle is more than enough responsibility for a human being. Life is a constant and ongoing barrage of choices, options, actions, results, and consequences. If humans were truly responsible for anything else in the universe, this place would be a profound mess! Humans aren’t even responsible for most of the functioning of their own bodies, let alone anything that takes place outside of the body. Just imagine if you were responsible for growing your toenails, or secreting bile, or converting air in the lungs to oxygen in the blood! Fortunately, your toenails, bile, and lungs work just fine on their own. Most of the processes of your vehicle are running on automatic pilot, thereby freeing you up to do what you want with your self-regulating vehicle. Really, you couldn’t have created a more ideal situation for yourself. You’ve managed to evolve the most sophisticated reality vehicle possible, and also freed yourself up to really enjoy it and make the most of it. Why is any greater “meaning” or “purpose” or “responsibility”

necessary? Isn’t a life of freedom and personal choice enough?! (Egos are sooo hard to satisfy!!) The great irony of being human is that human egos actually create the vast majority of problems that human beings encounter. Reality is a dynamic and exciting place. All kinds of stuff happens, and from the human perspective, some of it seems good, some of it seems bad. Things like asteroid impacts, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, plagues, disease, etc., are all necessary parts of reality and are just functioning according the laws of reality. Gotta take the “good” with the “bad,” you know! Dealing with the facts of reality is enough for any human. It’s not easy being here, but the delights, joys, and pleasures make it all worthwhile. Egos, however, do a good job of making things much harder. Egos invent things like genocide, slavery, prisons, hate, racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, and well, all the other isms you can think of! All ego games come with consequences, and often the consequences are objectively not too good for humans, especially if you find yourself on the wrong side of the projection game. Honestly, the world would be a much more pleasant and enjoyable place for human beings if egos would simply lighten up and relax. If egos would just let go of all of their illusions and fantasies, things would function a great deal more smoothly and people would be happier in general and there’d be a lot less unnecessary suffering. It’s that freedom and free will thing, however. Human vehicles will always be free to chose whatever they want, and egos can continue to choose fantasy over reality indefinitely. The only thing that anyone can do about this is to take responsibility for him or herself. ONLY YOU can liberate YOURSELF from your illusion patterns. YOU cannot do it for anyone else, and no one else can do it for you. Each version of the self is fully responsible for itself, from its perspective. This is just as true for an electron as it is for you in your human vehicle. DEATH No guide to operating a human vehicle would be complete without addressing the subject of death. This is probably the #1 motivating factor in the ego’s quest to make up all kinds of B.S. about its purpose and the meaning of it all: fear of death. So, let’s just get right to it: death is effectively the “end” for your individual perspective as you experience it from your human vehicle. Is death the “end” of “you”? Of course not! Remember: there’s only one being, and that one being is everyone and everything. Just because the individual perspective you happen to be enjoying from your vehicle has come to an end doesn’t mean that reality just vanishes - only from your individual perspective! It’s a pretty neat trick, actually. You are an infinite, immortal energy being that paradoxically gets to experience itself as living one unique life from the perspective of one unique reality vehicle. What an amazing trick! Keep in mind that this is exactly how you want things to be. To understand this point, a comparison with movies might be helpful. When you watch a movie, the more you can suspend disbelief, the more enjoyable the movie becomes. In other words, we want to be convinced of the reality of the story in the film as this affords us more empathetic enjoyment of the story. It doesn’t matter if it is a love story or science fiction/fantasy film.

When we watch a movie, we want a good plot, good acting, and a consistent and coherent story line. If we catch the actors attempting to act, it ruins the enjoyment. If there are too many unbelievable plot holes or inconsistencies, we become critical of the movie. Ideally, we want to be fooled and we want the fooling to be as complete and realistic as possible as this maximizes our enjoyment. Well, living a life in a human vehicle is pretty much the same deal. We want to suspend disbelief so that we can really invest ourselves in the experience of being. Deep down, YOU KNOW that you are God, that you’re the only being that exists, and all of this is some fantastic play of forms where nothing really matters. Well, from the eternal perspective, that’s pretty boring - All you, all the time, and nothing ever really changes! Infinitely lonely, infinitely boring. So, you’ve invested yourself in the reality project and willingly suspended disbelief in order to really maximize your enjoyment of the show - no matter what the show brings: horror, comedy, tragedy, ecstasy. It’s all a show, and you love it all. So, to make it all seem like it really matters, you’ve invested yourself in individual lives with individual perspectives, and by all appearances, you only have a limited amount of time to interact with “others” and enjoy their company. By creating limitations, you’ve set up the conditions necessary for you to really invest yourself in what you experience. This is what makes reality real. Without these limitations, reality would be no different from imagination, and as we all know, the real thing is better than imagination! Would you rather have real sex or imaginary sex? Would you rather have a real lover, or an imaginary one? Which is more satisfying? Which provides a greater sense of meaning and enjoyment in your life? The reality of death is the ultimate meaning generator for the human vehicle. It is what makes everything meaningful and worthwhile. Without death, life would be empty. In other words, act now! Love and enjoy your life NOW! You won’t get another chance, from the perspective that you are currently enjoying. Life is a one-shot deal. It’s up to you to make the most of it. Express yourself, create, love, enjoy, smile, dance - do what you want and take full responsibility for yourself. Be all that you can be in every moment, for the moment is truly all that you have. Always remember that YOU ARE ALREADY LIBERATED SIMPLY BY YOUR TRUE NATURE. Everything else is up to you. FINAL REALITY CHECK At this point, you might be wondering: what about my ego? What are my blocks, my illusions, my projections? Self observation is the only method for gaining personal clarity and centeredness in your energy. Through carefully observing yourself and paying attention to your energy, you can come to know where and when you are pulling yourself out of clarity and into illusion and when you are or are not in your energetic center. Energetically, being in your center is like being in the center of a maelstrom of energy, but despite the turbulence, your center stays calm, relaxed, and open, much like the eye of a

hurricane. When you are energetically displaced by your ego, you feel swept up by the energy and tossed around. It is useful to remember that one’s energy is always reflected in the body. Once you get familiar with yourself and the ways that your ego patterns affect you and your expression and mobilization of energy in your being, you’ll find that “reading” the energy of the ego is like reading an open book. Most people are glaringly obvious with how their ego patterns push them around, constrict them, agitate them, and otherwise keep them from being in their energetic centers and maintaining clarity. By “reading energy,” fluffy metaphysical ideas like auras and chakras are not implied. How energy is mobilized and expressed is very straight forward and open to ordinary observation and perception - no magical powers needed! Let’s start with an easy example and make it very relevant: how have you reacted to reading this handbook? This is a good place to start. Did anything you read here make you angry, uncomfortable, nervous, anxious? Did anything make you think, “But what about X, Y, or Z?” Did anything make you cringe? Did anything inspire you to judge the author of this text? These are all possible ego-based reactions to the truth presented in these pages. When confronted with the genuine truth about the nature of being and the nature of reality, most egos find that the information presented conflicts with, dismisses, or discounts many previously held beliefs and ideas. Generally, it is when an ego is challenged and does not have its illusions and projections reaffirmed that it tends to show its true colors and it very quickly mobilizes and expresses energy according to its pre-set patterns. So consider again, how did you react to what is written here? What were the feelings you experienced, and how did your body react? Did you find yourself squirming in your seat? Did you feel the need to say your disagreements out loud? Did anything make you tense, and what does that look like in your body? Or conversely, did you feel yourself relaxing as you read these pages. Did you feel your heart open and notice a correlating relaxed and open posture in your body? Or did it make you feel defensive, with tension and a correlating protective body posture? A method for getting to know your energy patterns is to intentionally put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable and observe your urges to react, control, and manipulate yourself and others. Egos are pretty crafty little buggers, and the learn very quickly how to “play it cool” and keep their hang-ups and projections hidden. So find situations that help you expose your hidden ego patterns. Dig deep beneath the veneer of the illusory self to see what’s really going on in there. Are you able to maintain relaxed, open, loving trust at all times and in all situations? If not, explore yourself to find where you are closing yourself off and holding yourself back. Do you feel confident to fully express your true thoughts and feelings in all situations, no matter what, regardless of how others might take your expressions? If not, look into it. What are you afraid of? A very simple rule of thumb to keep in mind is that genuine energy tends to express itself in the body symmetrically, mirroring the physical shape of the body, whereas ego-based energy

patterns tend to give rise to asymmetrical body movement and expression. Again, observe yourself. When you are uncomfortable or uncertain, do you tend to turn away from what is making you uncomfortable? Do you look the discomfort head on, directly in the eye, or do you glance down or to the side? Do your hands and arms remain relaxed and open, or do they get tense, fidgety, and grippy? Only careful self-observation and exploration can reveal these patterns, bringing them to conscious awareness, thereby allowing you to make new choices and let go of old patterns. How about your relationships with others? Do you tend to get defensive? Are you angry or judgmental? Do you see yourself as a victim of circumstances or the manipulations of others? Or are you able to take what comes, accept it for what it is, and not take things personally? Does your happiness depend on the actions of others, or is it something you’ve found within? Do you need to be reaffirmed by others, or are you content with your own internal state, regardless? Do you play favorites with people, objects, and experiences, or do you embrace everything equally? Do you attempt to “stack the deck” in favor of a personally desired outcome, or are you willing to simply be truthful and open and let the chips fall where they may? In the end, it comes down to this: Know Thyself! If you don’t know yourself, your nature as a constantly shifting, loving, and open energy being, then you will be trapped in the false constructs generated by the actions of your ego. Only you can become aware of yourself, your choices, and how you are responsible for your expression and mobilization of energy. No one else can do that for you. ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING YOURSELF. Ultimately, the “self” is an ongoing expression and process of energetic exchange and transformation. You are energy, as experienced in a human vehicle. Energy is reality. There is no specific “self” with a name, identity, and purpose hiding underneath the ego - just the continual process of energy, unfolding, expressing, and transforming in the moment of RIGHT NOW. Neither the past nor the future exist. There is only this moment, right here, right now. You are a perspective within this constant flux and change. When you are in your energetic center and clear, the energy swirls through you and around you, but never displaces you from your center, for you are clear. When you’re operating from your ego, it’s a wild roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, and occasional jolts and thrills. It’s up to you to decide what you want for yourself in the time you have. One final thing to keep in mind is that being God in a human vehicle is a perfectly ordinary fact of existence. There’s nothing “special” about it. It’s just the way things are. It doesn’t come with any miracle-working abilities, or magical psychic powers, ever-lasting life, or anything of the kind. It’s just the nature of being human. Nothing more, nothing less. All the “ordinary” things that the human vehicle can do are absolutely astounding! Living in reality means accepting and acknowledging this fact, and letting go of all the mythical ideas of what truly being God might be. You are a vast, creative, and loving energetic intelligence that is experiencing itself from the perspective of a human vehicle. The experience comes with all the abilities and limitations of the human form. The imagination is infinite, but it is the limitations of reality that make reality real. The possibilities for human expression and experience are fairly infinite, but they are still bound by the limitations of reality. Living in reality means working realistically with what is provided.

FINAL WORDS OF ADVICE Relax! Lighten up, and remember that there’s no requirement to take things so seriously. When confronted with a “should,” either externally or internally, feel free to ask yourself: according to whom? Life is full of choices, and you are always free to choose what is authentic for you, regardless. There’s no need to take anything personally. Expecting reality to do your bidding is foolish and misguided. Looking outside yourself for salvation, liberation, purification, or any similar quest is bound for failure as it’s based on illusion and projection. Save yourself! Let other versions of the self worry about their own responsibilities. Encourage personal responsibility in others by being responsible for yourself. Encourage clarity in others by being clear. The only thing you can realistically control is your reactions and how you choose to express yourself. Remember that no matter what, your ego will always attempt to convince you to listen to it: feel free to ignore it. Your ego is something you need to live with, but you don’t have to pretend that your ego is actually “you.” Enjoy the fact that you are essentially a character in a vast, complex, ironic, comically tragic drama. Sit back and enjoy the show! Have your personal preferences, but don’t play favorites with reality. Attachment is a sure path to frustration and disappointment. Be fearless and ruthless with your love. Take no prisoners, don’t hold back, and expect nothing in return! Do it for you! LOVE YOURSELF! And of course, don’t forget to have fun! ;-)

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES To help assist you in the process of getting to know yourself and express yourself authentically, the following resources are available in the forms of books, websites, and lectures by Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. BOOKS: Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of Reality The Entheological Paradigm: Essays on the DMT and 5-MeO-DMT Experience and the Meaning of it All WEBSITES: PODCAST: