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Conclusion Village Characteristics

Conclusion/Action from consultion 1.1 Village Characteristics (1. VILLAGE CHARACTER) People have told us that they value the existing characteristics of Patumahoe village and would like to see them retained throughout any growth. Although the Franklin DGS attempted to define the identity and characteristics of Patumahoe, these aspects and values need to be community defined rather than committee or planner designed. Throughout this process we have invited comment regarding this issue and feel that this will be a continuous activity. Given the responses so far, the priority for most seems to be retaining the existing rural village feel and scale. Methods of achieving this may include: Planning growth needs to reflect the village feel and rural environment ie. limit to size of retail and commercial enterprises in the village centre, Control of type of businesses permitted in this area eg. Use of category in zoning.

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Timeframe referral ONGOING DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Any future

Village Aesthetics

2.1 Village Aesthetics (2. VILLAGE AESTHETICS) As a rural village with a strong horticultural background and ancient tangata whenua ties, we believe that development and planning should reflect these histories, and include the natural environment which surrounds and supports us. Therefore our relevant point of difference is maintained by considering the following aspects during planning and development projects: Retain the feel and function of a working rural community, Encourage sympathetic built form in new buildings in central village hub, Create network of accessible natural environment within our residential areas, Design community central hub that can be used for local market days or farmers markets.



Feasibility Study & Initial spatial plan

3.1 Feasibility Study & Initial spatial plan (3. MULTI-USE COMMUNITY CENTRE) We have asked the Local Board to include in the Local Board Annual Plan allocation of $60,000 to conduct a feasibility study to investigate a multi-use centre for Patumahoe. This request is in line with recommendation of the Franklin District Growth Strategy - 7.9.5 Future Actions. As well as considering current clubs such as rugby, cricket, tennis, bowling and netball this study should identify and include other stakeholders eg. Heritage group, Volunteer Fire Service, Plunket, Patumahoe Community Asset Trust, Playcentre, other sporting and recreational codes, and any clubs, organisations, non-profits or businesses that may be looking for a suitable venue. Our current model of choice is Moutere Hills, in Nelson, primarily because as well as managing to coordinate all sporting codes in one facility, they extended their brief to encourage extensive use of the centre by other organisations and businesses. After five years of operation, running at a break even point (give or take $2,000) their current turnover has almost doubled from last year, and they will be making a substantial profit. A truly sustainable and beneficial community asset that has encouraged and achieved community engagement and is valued as such. We believe that a feasibility study will provide a specific direction for asset management and growth that at present is nonexistent. This direction will provide information for decision making that can not only protect the current community connections, but enhance and encourage further community involvement both from planned new residents and currently unengaged ones. 8.1 Feasibility Study & Initial spatial plan (8. PARKS & RECREATIONAL LAND) A request for a feasibility study to determine future requirement for active sports fields, and land requirement and location for multi-use facility has been made to the Local Board in August 2011. Included in feasibility study process will be an initial spatial plan for the village centre which will help identify land acquisition priorities and requirements and act on those recommendations.

3.1, 8.1


Conclusion Initial Spatial Plan for village centre

Conclusion/Action from consultion 3.2 Initial Spatial Plan for village centre (3. MULTI-USE COMMUNITY CENTRE) In order to create a relevant spatial plan, it is also important that the conclusion of this study (3.1) also provides options for a basic concept spatial plan which will retain and enhance the heart of the village taking into consideration the results of the study. This consideration has been a priority for many of the respondents so far. This spatial planning will allow discussions with local community, affected landowners and council to take place with clear objectives and considerations noted. It will also help to define how to protect and maintain our community characteristics and values. The feasibility study will provide one of the key documents for spatial planning and requests for long term community facilities and funding. This process will also follow the recommendations of the Franklin District Growth Strategy 2051 (2007) which recommended that Patumahoe undertake a design based focus and produce a Structure Plan for the future urban areas, identifying road, reserves and residential patterns and integrating this with the structure plan already contained in the Franklin District Plan. 4.1 Initial Spatial Plan for village centre (4. PLANNING ZONING ISSUES) We would like review of community and commercial spaces of village centre, to create a village spatial plan for these areas that support and enhance the quality of life that Patumahoe village residents and businesses appreciate and value, 5.4.1 Initial Spatial Plan for village centre (5. TRANSPORT Public transport) A location for a train station will be defined by any spatial planning for the village centre, regardless of current policy and resource allocation, to ascertain the best position for future proofing and land acquisition requirement. This Initial Spatial Plan has been requested in the Local Board Annual plan August 2011 and includes considerations from 3.2 and 4.1.

No. 3.2, 4.1, 5.4.1

Timeframe referral PRESENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat Road Carter Road residential zone Woodhouse Rd Stage 2 Woodhouse Rd residential zone Any future

Land acquisition Multi-Use facility active sports fields

for and

3.3 Land acquisition for Multi-Use facility and active sports fields (3. MULTI-USE COMMUNITY CENTRE) We have also asked the Local Board that budgetary and priority consideration be given to possible land acquisition resulting from this process. Future development contributions can then be utilised to acquire land in order to help mitigate the effects on the existing village residents. 4.2 Clive Howe Bush Reserve Henrys Bush linkway (4. PLANNING ZONING ISSUES) We would support the plan proposed for the residential development of the properties in Patumahoe Road, as defined and agreed to by Whakaupoko Landcare, Auckland Council and those private landowners which includes the removal of the chicken farm and installation of public walkway proposed in 5.2.2. 5.2.2. Clive Howe Bush Reserve Henrys Bush Linkway(5. TRANSPORT Walkways) Whakaupoko Landcare, Auckland Council, private property owners and PVI The recent council acquisition of Clive Howe Bush reserve and the clearing of the existing track down to the wetlands has created an opportunity for the collaboration of several parties to benefit the community as a whole. Discussions with local property owners are taking place that may allow the wetland track to be extended to reach the Henrys Bush reserve. This would also require some landuse changes as specified in 4.2. 6.1.1 Clive Howe Bush Reserve Henrys Bush linkway (6. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Ecological corridors & sites) In our submission to the Local Board Annual Plan (August 2011) we supported the current Whakaupoko Landcare project: Clive Howe Reserve Henrys bush track because it results in multiple benefits to many in the community with one project and also achieves many of the criteria for our transport, natural environment, community values and planning issues with one stroke. It should also be noted, that many community responses have mentioned that they would prefer the existing chicken farm property to convert to residential in order to reduce air quality issues. The farm operates well within consent requirements, but for the improved quality of life for the local schoolchildren and residents we believe that the change of landuse would provide ongoing benefits for all for many years to come. We ask that Auckland Council and the Local Board support this project for the same reasons.


PRESENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Carter Road residential zone

Clive Howe Bush Reserve Henrys Bush linkway

4.2, 5.2.2, 6.1.1


Conclusion Village walkway/cycleway network

Conclusion/Action from consultion 4.3 Village walkway/cycleway network (4. PLANNING ZONING ISSUES) We also support any planning strategies and proposals that provide community links throughout the village, from Patumahoe village to Mauku and opportunities to link to other networks. See 5.2.3 for possible future options and 5.3.2 for proposal for initial Patumahoe/Mauku railway corridor route. 5.2.3. Village walkway/cycleway network (5. TRANSPORT Walkways) We would also like support from the Local Board for our plans to create a network of routes that provide access to sites of ecological and historical significance. Identification of these routes will be aided by the input of our local conservation group, Whakaupoko Landcare and the recently formed local heritage group. Current identified possible routes are: Walkway/cycleway adjoining railway line linking Patumahoe/Mauku villages can also provide offroad access to Patumahoe Preschool on Mauku Road, Extension of Searle stormwater route to include adjoining old quarry site and bush, and possibly create connection to Kingseat Road from subdivision, Connection from railway route to Mauku Watergardens (Mauku Falls) and St Brides Anglican church (historical site). This network should aim to integrate the existing and new residential neighbourhoods, and encourage the non-vehicular movement of people within the community. 6.1.2 Village Walkway/Cycleway network (6. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Ecological corridors & sites) Continue working with Whakaupoko Landcare, community groups and other agencies to identify ecological sites or corridors for inclusion in the final village plan and help to protect and enhance such locations. 6.2.1 Village Walkway/Cycle network (6. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Regeneration & Pest/Weed control) Increase the use, maintenance and value of ecological sites by including them on the proposed village network of alternative routes. Resources and volunteers can be allocated to keep these areas weed and pest free. 7.2 Village walkway/cycleway network (7. HISTORY / HERITAGE) Community information is required to determine sites of historical significance. Where possible these sites should be included in network planning, and accompanied by relevant signage or sculptures. 8.2 Village Walkway/Cycleway network (8. PARKS & RECREATIONAL LAND) Identify immediate and obvious land acquisition needs for Transport section and include in immediate and longterm budgets, Identify landowners and stakeholders on possible Transport routes and projects and coordinate with them to plan best outcome for network design Identify possible alternate options for active reserve land and acquire while still rurally zoned. Work with Auckland Council on spatial plan to determine whether new land acquisition can be offset by sale or rezoning of land currently owned by council.

No. 4.3, 5.2.3, 6.1.2, 6.2.1, 7.2, 8.2

Timeframe referral PRESENT LANDUSE CHANGE & DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Patumahoe Road - linkway DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat Road Carter Road residential zone Woodhouse Rd Stage 2 Woodhouse Rd residential zone Any.future

Commercial / Industrial zoning

4.4 Commercial / Industrial zoning (4. PLANNING ZONING ISSUES) We would like to determine whether the need identified in the DGS for commercial zoning is accurate. We would like Auckland Council to undertake the recommendation of The DGS for 7.9.5 Future Actions Business and Industrial Activity: Undertake a study of appropriate land uses for Business zoned land in the village centre. This may result in changes to the business activities permitted, along with appropriate activities and development standards in each zone. The location and use of this land should be determined through the structure planning process. If so, we would like to ensure that we have a category system that defines appropriate business type for its location. If requirement is warranted and location is identified, categories of business type should apply to any such zones within Patumahoe to ensure that only appropriate businesses are located close to the heart of the village and residential areas.


PRESENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat Roa Carter Road residential zone Any future

Conclusion Traffic Calming village entrances

Conclusion/Action from consultion 5.1.1 Traffic Calming village entrances (5. TRANSPORT Traffic) We would like traffic calming measures to be put in place at identified locations at all four entrances to the village. This should be completed before or at the time of the Kingseat development which will have a decided impact on traffic movement in Patumahoe village. These methods should include: Change of road surface (ie to cobblestones for 3 5 metres ) to provide visual, auditory and physical indications to drivers that they are entering/leaving a residential area, Considered planting alongside this road to give a visual indication to drivers to slow down, and also reiterate the rural village aesthetic, Appropriate and locally defined welcome signs, that reinforce the notion that as drivers they are entering as guests to a village area that is specifically designed for residents not drivers, Review of recently installed traffic calming devices for Patumahoe School, which seem both functionally and aesthetically inappropriate for their location.

No. 5.1.1

Timeframe referral DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat village Any future ONGOING

Blackspot identification and remedial works School Bus Stop review

Transport Processes and Projects

Hunter Road loop walkway

5.1.2 Blackspot identification and remedial works (5. TRANSPORT Traffic Identification and remedy of blackspots immediately, before the increase in traffic volume increases the likelihood of accidents and injury. This request has been included in out Local Board Annual Plan submission August 2010. 5.1.3 School Bus Stop review (5. TRANSPORT Traffic A request for a critical review of school bus stops and execution of resultant solutions or recommendations, has been included in our Local Board Annual Plan submission August 2010. 5.1.4 Transport Processes and Projects (5. TRANSPORT Traffic We would like all local residents and groups to be considered stakeholders in Transport projects, and PVI is willing to pass on information from organisations that are involved with any traffic process or project to keep the community informed. We also ask that our local Board, and Auckland Council support us with any interaction with Auckland Transport, other roading or transport agencies, and provide any necessary resource allocations that can address these safety issues in a cohesive and planned manner. 5.2.1 Hunter Road loop walkway (5. TRANSPORT Walkways) Patumahoe School parents group This project is currently underway. It is an initiative by local residents that aims to create a safe, concreted footpath on the Woodhouse Road and Patumahoe Road segments of the Woodhouse Road Patumahoe Road Hunter Road circuit.






Pukekohe Commuter Route

5.3.1 Pukekohe Commuter Route (5. TRANSPORT Cycleways Develop a commuter route from Patumahoe to Pukekohe via Patumahoe Road, Eden Road, Russell Road, Belmont Road, Factory Road into Victoria Street West. From Victoria Street a route that terminates at the new park and ride facility can then be identified with signage. Appropriate planning for cyclists will be factored in to the design of the park and ride. 5.3.2 Patumahoe/Mauku railway corridor route (5. TRANSPORT Cycleways Develop a walkway/cycleway adjoining the railway line linking Patumahoe and Mauku villages. From Patumahoe there is then the potential to develop the trail west towards Waiuku and so include tourist destinations such as the Glenbrook Vintage Railway. Linkages towards Pukekohe are a future development so as to link with current iniatives such as the Tuakau to Pukekohe cycleway/walkway project. This route will be part of the Village walkway/cycleway network proposed in 4.3 and 5.2.3. Co-ordination with other iniatives in the district and a long term strategy are key to the success of the above projects. We ask that Auckland Council support us with any interaction with roading or transport agencies, and provide any necessary resource allocations that can support these priorities in a cohesive and planned manner. By identifying the requirements now, any future requirements for land, accessways etc can be taken into account when opportunities arise. For instance, road shoulders can be created when roads are resealed. Future developments can fund land requirements and work costs.



Patumahoe/Mauku railway corridor route



Conclusion Land acquisition Train Station location

Conclusion/Action from consultion 5.4.2 Land acquisition Train Station location (5. TRANSPORT Public transport) When idenfied we ask that any land acquisition include this location which until needed can be utilised as a passive reserve. We believe that this approach will ensure any transport planning (vehicles, pedestrians, cycles) can then be designed with this possibility in mind reducing future adjustment costs, increasing networking cohesion and avoiding later increased purchase prices given that the village would have expanded at that stage.

No. 5.4.2

Timeframe referral PRESENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat Road Carter Road residential zone Woodhouse Rd Stage 2 Woodhouse Rd residential zone Any future ONGOING

Policy changes for Transport

5.4.3 Policy changes for Transport (5. TRANSPORT Public transport) In our Auckland Plan submission (May 2011) and out Local Board Annual Plan submission (August 2011) we asked Auckland Council to define a fuel price indicator or trend signal that allows them to re-prioritise the spending and subsidising of public transport, so that as economic and environmental priorities change, some flexibility is retained in local government that allows a shift in policy and spending without long delay. From a long term planning perspective there will be greater future use of public transport and provision needs to be made now for this.


Environmental improvement projects

6.2.2 Environmental improvement projects (6. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Regeneration & Pest/Weed control) Work in coordination with other community groups and Auckland Council to improve effectiveness and scope of projects. Work alongside or in conjunction with any other organisation that has the same aims as Whakaupoko Landcare in order to educate the community and facilitate improved natural environment and public access to same.



History collation & preservation

7.1 History collation & preservation (7. HISTORY / HERITAGE) PVI offers the use of the community website pages for any residents or groups interested in collating, discussing or preserving local history anecdotes, photos, documents or stories. Training or assistance will be given to those who require or request it by contacting us by mailing: P O Box 172, Patumahoe or emailing:



Land acquisition

Land acquisition Land acquisition requires the coordination of input from the previously noted areas of investigation: Land acquisition for Multi-Use facility and active sports fields 3. Multi-Use Community Centre Item 3.3 Clive Howe Bush Reserve Henrys Bush Linkway 4. Planning Intentions - Zoning Issues Item 4.2 5.2 Walkways Item 5.2.2 6.1 Ecological Corridors & Sites Item 6.1.1 Village Walkway/Cycleway network 4. Planning Intentions- Zoning Issues Item 4.3 5.2 Walkways Item 5.2.3 6.1 Ecological Corridors & Sites Item 6.1.2 7. History/heritage Item 7.2 Initial Spatial Plan for village centre 3. Multi-Use Community Centre Item 3.2 4. Planning Intentions Zoning Issues - Item 4.1. 5.4 Public Transport Item 5.4.1

PRESENT ONGOING 3.3 4.2 5.2.2 6.1.1 4.3 5.2.3 6.1.2 7.2 3.2 4.1 5.4.1 DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Kingseat Road Carter Road residential zone Woodhouse Rd Stage 2 Woodhouse Rd residential zone Any future