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Unit-G/The Guyver Unit; Character

Modification/ExpansionThis is a detailed character modification conversion of the Animated OAV series called the Guyver with some information from the movies. The following powers/abilities are available only while bio-boosted, unless otherwise stated. Unit-G/The Guyver/Bio-Booster Armor is not an O.C.C. or really an R.C.C. but similar to the morphus, like that in Nightbane, but the unit on its own is an alien piece of technology, its best summarized to be like a special kind of power armor, as it does protect its wearer (host) and grants special capabilities otherwise not available to the PC, unless he is bio-boosted wearing it. Although a very powerful weapon, it does have its weaknesses, which will also be stated herein. History (Rifts style) Guyver units are a type of symbiotic power armor that was developed by the First Race to act as a living space suit. Not much is known about the First Race other than they are believed to be the creators of some of the races in the universe with humans being their favorite. The First Race was locked in a war with another unknown race when they began experiments on humans to make them more powerful weapons. This resulted in the creation of the rare Zoanoid. Near the end of their stay on Earth the First Race decided to test their Guyvers on humans to see the result. They were horrified. The Guyver mutates when bonded to humans and becomes a super weapon of destruction and combat immune to their mind control. After a couple humans where bonded to the Guyvers they rebelled and forced the First Race off of earth. They havent been seen since, however, they left their journals on their genetic research behind along with an unknown number of Guyver Units (3 are currently active). The coming of the Rifts destroyed the company Cronos that was doing research on the First Race and also destroyed one of the left over spacecraft that scattered an unknown number of Guyvers across North America and Japan (the only two known places where First Race ships where discovered). Guyver Bio-booster Armor: Alignment: All units are considered Anarchist regardless of hosts alignment. Attribute Bonuses: Attributes become the following: PS: 50, PP: 50, PE: 30, PB: 6, SPD: 152(100 mph) MDC of armor: 800, an inactive guyver has 300 MDC. Bio-Energy: The guyver feeds off of the hosts PPE to power its weapons and abilities. The unit gives the host 300 PPE plus the hosts. Also gets 1d4x10 PPE per level. Recovery of Bio Energy: As the character gets used to using the Guyver in Bio Boost form and Bio energy is depleted, the unit will recover bio energy in time. The character will not be able to sleep if bio-boosted, however, total depletion of the Bio Energy will automatically recall the armor. Host is asleep: 18 points of Bio energy per hour. Host is awake, non-active: 6 points of Bio energy per hour. Host is awake, active: 1 bio energy per hour. Host with Meditation skill: 12 points of Bio energy per hour. Back Pores: On the back of the guyver are two marks that can be either on the upper back or neck that allow telepathic communication with other guyvers. These marks are actually symbiots left behind by the guyver after the first bonding. They heal the host when the armor is inactive and also call the armor when its needed. The symbiots cant be removed and will active the armor if there is an attempt to do so. Transformation changes: Bio-boosted, the character is in organic plated armor that feels and when tapped, sounds like metal. A silver medallion is located under the armor at the forehead and clearly visible, with an extension above that rises up and hangs back, representing the antenna to the unit. The eyes are covered with milky lenses. Areas where the joints move and are flexible, tendrils wrap around and can either be lighter or darker than the armor plating. Small blade-like extensions rest near the elbow or outside forearm. Increase weight by 300 lbs. Increase height by 1 ft. The color and appearance of the armor depends on the personality of the host. A dark personality such as an aberrant evil character or a character with a serious personality would have dark colored demonic looking armor while a happy fun personality would have lighter colored armor looking more like the traditional guyver. The general appearance of the armor (face, eyes, antenna) remains the same just a little different like in slightly different areas. Time to Bio-Boost: Almost instantaneous 2-5 seconds. The armor also gets a +10 to the characters initiative to represent how fast the bio-armor goes up upon its activation when defending against another characters attack with initiative. Bio-Boost Gravity Shield: A protective field of gravity erects itself as the host is bio-boosting, to protect them from any threats. The gravity shield protects from solid substances in which it does not take damage, however energy weapons, whether plasma, laser, fire, etc, will cause the shield damage and is thus subtracted from its total S/MDC. Shield has 200 MDC. Area of Effect: A globe envelops the character and is 1 ft above the head and under the feet. Bio-E Cost: PE points are the initial cost for activation of the bio-armor. For every 10 points of damage suffered, only 1 bio energy point need to be spent to repair the damage.

Damage: PE x10 for those caught within the globe. PE x5 for those caught 2ft outside the initial barrier, any further and the opponents suffer no damage. Regeneration: 10 MDC per Bio-E point spent but also automatically heals at 1d4x10 every minute (4 melees). Host regenerates 12 MDC per hour. Vulnerabilities: No damage from Bullets, Normal/Extraordinary/PS attacks, normal energy attacks, damage from Electricity. Heat/Fire thats 1,400 degrees Fareinheight or hotter and Vibro Weapons. Normal damage from Supernatural PS attacks, Psionics, Magic, Particle beams and rounds fired from rail guns or higher-powered weapons. X2 damage from Acids. Guyver hosts are immune to physical transformation, biowizardry, or having any other symbiots and parasites on them. Magic tattoos, however, are possible but unusable while the armor is active. The host is also immune to disease (both normal and magic). Poison and toxins will affect the host when the armor is inactive but the host wont die from it. MDC by location; this is the armor itself; this does not include the gravity orb, control medallion, head beam or the mega smasher. Head--- 90 Arms (2)--- 110 Legs (2)--- 130 Sonic Blades (2)--- 150 Main Body--- 800 Control Metal--- 150 (Inactive Unite) Main Body--- 300 Control Metal--- 150, can only be damaged by a critical hit, 20 on a 1d20. Control Medal; The silver orb located at the forehead of a bio-boosted unit. It is a very serious weak point to the Guyver. Without it, youre dead. The control medal regulates the armors output, control of transformation, power overload and records the entire genetic structure of the host, meaning if they are ever injured, killed and bio-boost material is left over, the character will heal and regenerate whatever was lost. A good demonstration was Guyver series 1 Vol. 3, in which his brain was missing and in time, was regenerated. The medal also has tentacles, which reach into the hosts brain; this allows him to control the Guyver, while bio-boosted. Through the activation of the Unit, the Control Medallion protects and makes the character immune to any mind affecting psionics. AR: 19, called shots only. (-5 to strike, due to it being partially protected by the bio-armor and being a small object to hit). MDC: 150 Invulnerability: All types of energy and soft materials (cloth, wood etc). Weakness: Solid objects, like various rocks, concrete, metals etc. These can and will damage the control medal. Supernatural PS characters can damage the control medal with punches, kicks and head butts. Acid does double damage. Magic, Psionics, and super abilities: Magic: Cannot be used while Bio-Boosted. The control medallion interferes with this as it only allows you to use its abilities while Bio-Boosted. After the armor is recalled, the character can fully utilize his mind as they can fully concentrate to use their practice of magic. Psionics: Except for the natural ability to Telepathically communicate between Guyver units (Bio-Boosted or not) through the pores on the hosts back. Bio-Boosted, the host temporarily loses the ability to use his psychic powers, due to the control medallions effect during this time. However when the armor is recalled, the character can freely use his psionic powers again. The only exception would be Auto-Mind block, which would be beneficial, as Mind Bleeders would have to go through 2 mind shields. ISP and Psionics are automatically assumed to be 0, since the Control Medallion basically hides all this and prevents you from using your powers anyway, but only while Bio-Boosted. Super Powers: This is tricky, so Ill state it like this any powers that would cause the armor to change, like Alter Facial Features/Physical Structure, Alter Limbs, any Alter Physical Structure, Animal Metamorphosis, Bio-Armor, Chameleon, Growth, Lyncanthropy, Shapechanger, Shrink, Stretching etc will not work. Thus the point when you were actually hosted by the Guyver is the way you will remain when you bio-boost, the Control Medallion remembers you as such and thus that will be the form you will always be in when BioBoosted. Special powers like Adhesion, Expulsion energy types and the Sonic power will not work either, the armor covers up your eyes, hands and mouth so theyll prove useless unless you can generate enough damage to tear through the armor. Powers like Energy Absorption; Invulnerability would have to result in the armor being destroyed first. In the case with Invulnerability, the character can have the medal damaged and will not be affected by the after effects; the bio armor is simply destroyed. Then with powers like Magnetism, Invisibility and Intangibility so on and on, they will work fine; youll just be a really nasty Guyver to fight. Powers and Abilities:

Gravity control orb; The gravity Control Orb is what grants 3 abilities, Running, Flight and the ability to generate an orb of gravity, which is called the Pressure Cannon. The gravity Orb is located at the abdomen of its host when bio-boosted. See below for its special properties. The gravity orb has the same properties as the Control Medallion, but will not kill the host if damaged; instead it will regenerate itself in time. Anti-Gravity Flight Travel Speed: As with running 700mph Flight Bonuses: +1 attack per melee. +1 to Strike. +2 to Parry. +6 to Dodge. Gravity Shield See Bio Boost changes and look under the gravity shield. Pressure Shield The Guyver can create a gravity shield in front of itself instead of using the pressure cannon. Range: Self PPE: 10 MDC: 200 Lasts only long enough to parry or block one attack (melee or ranged). Will need to be reactivated to be used again. Pressure Cannon The Guyver can fire blasts of gravitonic energy at opponents by concentrating gravitonic energy from the gravity orb at the waist. Range: Effectively unlimited. Bio E cost/Damage: 20 Bio E to use. Damage: 1d10x10 APM to use: Takes up 3 melee actions to use. Bonuses: +3 to Strike on an aimed shot. +1 on a wild shot. Head Beam; High-powered beams of Infrared energy that fires lasers from a compact housing located above the control medal. S/MDC of laser: 10 (-5 to hit due to being a small target and only on a called shot). Bio-E cost: 5 per blast. Range: 2,000ft. S/MDC damage: 10 per blast. APM: 1 for 1 ratio. Bonuses to strike: +10 to strike, whether aimed or not. The reason why its so high is because its main focus is to protect the Control Medallion. The Control Medallion when reached for by an opposing enemy will have the laser fire automatically to ensure the life of the host. High frequency Vibro-swords; Small blades that lay dormant and activate only by the will of the host. The blades can be half the size of the character, or on full extension, the total height of the character. S/MDC of Blades: See Bio Armor S/MDC locate Bio-E cost: None. Range: Half the size of character for normal extension, or full size of character on hyperextension. S/MDC damage: 1d6x10 or 2d6x10 for both blades (two attacks). APM: 1 for 1 attack ratio. Bonuses to strike: +5 to strike with the blades. Special: Natural rolls of 18/19/20 with called shots to the limbs, head or body automatically severe theyre opponents as the GM sees fit or as to how the character was describing the attack. High sensitivity preceptor/orbs; the eyes in the back of the head for the host/Guyver. The character cannot be surprised and can target numerous characters, as well as see through walls. S/MDC of Antennae/Orbs: See Bio Armor location for antennae. Orbs are 10 MDC each; they share the same weakness of the bio armor. Bio-E cost: None, they are always functioning when the host is Bio-boosted. Detection Range: 600ft, anything outside of this range cannot be detected. Special Capabilities: Interpreting Shapes: 98% Estimate Distance: 98% Estimate Direction: 98% Estimate Speed: 98% Estimate Location: 98% Mega Smasher; Located under the chest plates of the Guyver unit, are two gelatinous globes; under them are plasma beam generators. When enough energy has gathered, the generators charge up, upon the

opening of the plates. They need not be fully opened either, just slightly opening them, even a crack begins the charge process. One plate can be opened rather than both, to save on Bio energy expenditure. S/MDC of Plasma generators: 20 per generator. Size band of Beams: 2x/Twice the height of the character. Bio-E cost: 50 minimum for one plate. 100 for both. Range: Effectively Unlimited. Damage: 1d10x100 or 2d10x100 if both are used. APM: 5 actions must be spent for use of the Mega smasher for both plates. 3 if one plate is opened. Bonus to Strike: +10 to Strike. This only applies with one plate opened and the minimum Bio-E spent. Otherwise it only gets a plus 5 to strike and laying waste to everything in its path. Sonic Buster: Located on the mouth, or near the mouth area of the Guyver are 2 small silver orbs, they vibrate with sound to allow the characters to speak and when focused on by the host, can emit damaging sound waves, which literally violently shake and damage targets with sound waves. S/MDC of Sonic Busters: 1 each. Size Band of Waves: A size band covering an area in all directions to be the size of the character. Bio-E cost: 15 per action. Range: The size of the character in height will be the distance it covers, x2 if underwater. Cannot be used in Vacuums, like space. Damage: 30. APM: 1 for 1 ratio. Bonus to Strike: This is a defensive weapon, so a successful Parry is needed, +3 to Parry. Additional Information The Guyver will only bond to humans and no other life form. If the hosts brain is destroyed, damaged, or if the host is unconscious the unit will go into a self-defense mode until the host regenerates or becomes conscious again. If this happens the GM takes control of the character and they will attack anyone who is threatening fighting with all abilities until the threat is destroyed finishing with the Mega-Smasher. The armor will also automatically activate if the host is killed while the armor is inactive or if the host is attacked while sleeping. The only real way to kill the guyver is to reduce all MDC to 0 and than destroy the control medal. All Guyver units are equal in power so a battle between them will depend on the most skilled fighter to determine a victor. Guyvers are also extremely ultra rare and not even the Splugorth know of their existence, but if they found out they would pay billions of credits for an intact unit or a captured host with one for them to study. However, even with their advanced knowledge they will not be able to replicate more nor will they be able to remove a unit from the host even with magic. Anyone with a unit will probably be considered a deebee even if they are human and sought after by the Coalition. Being a Guyver is not detectable by magic, psionics, or science unless the armor is active, otherwise the person will appear human. Guyvers are also immortal as far as aging goes because the armor constantly regenerates the hosts body keeping them the same age until killed. Insanity Note: The only way a host will be unable to activate the armor is if a powerful psychological trauma (such as what happens in the anime) creates a mental block that prevents activating the armor consciously. The armor will still activate by itself if the host is dying, killed, or attacked by surprised, but will retract automatically when the host is aware of the danger. Only by destroying the mental block can the armor be used normally (may have to seek mental counseling or psionic therapy).