CHAPTER III Methods of Research and Procedures

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Attendance Monitoring System for Laboratory High.

Methods of Research Used This study adopted a certain research methodology namely the applied method. This method is used to measure the knowledge of researchers to create a Attendance Monitoring System with the use of database as data storage.

Determination of Sample Size [NV + (SE)2 * 1-P] Ss

[NSE + (v)2 * P(1-P]

Ss = Sample size N = Total number of Population V = Standard Values (2.58) percent level probability

Data Gathering Method The questionnaire checklist is the tool used in this research. A questionnaire is a list of planned written questions related to the topic. Interview.5) Instruments Used The data gathering procedures conducted by the researchers were interview and questionnaire. The researchers interviewed the Students of Laboratory High to ask approval regarding the material that the researchers used in system design creation. respondents’ This instrument which will is be used used to to collect compare the the evaluation. The checklist was prepared and . manual and proposed system.01) P = Larger possible possibilities (0.Se = Sample Error (0. Questionnaire. with space provided for indicating the responses to each question an intended for submission to a number of persons for reply. The researchers got the needed information.

Weighted Mean To get the weighted mean. the researchers used the following: TFV WM = N . wherein the respondents checked the items provided Statistical Treatment of Data The responses were tabulated and tallied using the following: a) Frequency Count b) Weighted Mean c) Average Frequency Count This is a way of getting the number of frequency done by the tabulating in each occurrence.finalized therein.

9 Verbal Strong Agree Agree mid Agree Disagree Strong Disagree Average ∑x X = N Where: X = Average ∑x = Sum of Values N = Total Number of Respondents .Where: WM = Weighted Mean TFV = Frequency N = Total Number of Respondents The weighted mean was computed using the assigned values with their corresponding verbal interpretation.2.9 2 . Numerical 5 4 – 4.9 0 – 1.9 3 – 3.


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