COM604 Course Title: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT L: 4 T: 1 P: 0 Textbook: 1. Hunger J. D. and Wheelen T. L. , Strategic Management & Business Policy, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 8th Ed., 2006 Other Specific Books: 2. Kazmi, A. Business Policy and Strategic Management, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2nd Ed. 2007 3. Jauch, R. Lawrence, R. Gupta and W.F.Glueck, Business Policy and Strategic Management, Frank Bros.&Co., 7th Ed.,2007 Other readings: S. No Journal articles as compulsory reading 1. Camillus, J. C. Strategy as a wicked problem, Harvard Business Review, May 2008 . 2. Hirotaka, The contradictions that Drive Toyota’s success, Harvard Business Review, June, 2008 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. C.K. Prahalad’s Plan: India @75, Business Today, August 24, 2008 McAfee, A. and Brynjolfsson, E., Investing in IT that makes a competitive Difference, Harvard Business Review, July-August, 2008, PP.98-107 Collis, D.J. and Montgomery, C.A., Competing on Resource, Harvard Business Review, JulyAugust, 1995 Michael E. Porter, From competitive advantage to corporate strategy, Harvard Business Review, May-June, 1987, pp.43-59 Markides, C.M., To diversify or not to diversify, Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec., 1987, pp.93-99. Goold, M. and Kathleen, L., Why diversify? Four decades of management thinking, The Academy of Management Executive, August, 1993, pp.7-25. Raghunath, S., A Strategy for Alliance, Management Review, January-March, 1996, pp.5-11.

10 Raghunath, S., Alliance Management-The next Millennium Challenges?, Management Review, . March, 1999, pp.103-108. 11 Raghunath, S., Joint Ventures: Does Termination means failure?, Management Review, January . 1999, pp.11-17. 12 Partnering, Business Today, October 7-21, 1995. . 13 Hax and Majluf, Resource Allocation and Portfolio Management, Chapter 17, The Strategy . Concept and Process-A Pragmatic Approach, 1996, pp. 276-322. 14 Collis, D.J. and Montgomery CA, Creating Corporate Advantage, Harvard Business Review, . May-June, 1998, pp. 71-83. 15 Yip, G.S., Global Strategy: In World of Nations, Sloan Management Review, Fall 1989, pp. 29. 41. 16 Yip, G.S., Loewe, PM, and Yoshino, MY, How to take your company to the global market,

CH-2 3. 4. Provide for at least 2 x L spill-over lecture. 6.2-10 your strategy is? Policy HBR. April 2008 2. (For MBA – Hon. 6 x L for after the MTE. The Five Competitive forces that shape 3 www. Mgt Case studies Self-study modules Strategic management Articles Detailed Plan for Lectures Plan for 12 x L Lectures: 6 x L for before the MTE.Winter 1998.78-97 Relevant websites: S. .org/wiki/Strategic_management 2 www. / Other to students reference1 3 Do S4 1. (International) Plan for 6*L lectures only and provide for at least 2*L spill-over lectures) Lecture Topic Chapters / Assignme Pedagogical aid Date No. Introduction to Strategic Ch. January.csuchico.37-48. Defining Strategic Intent through Vision & Mission statements Defining Strategic Intent through Vision & Mission statements Defining Strategic Intent 3.strategicmanagementreview.CH-1 Case study (Bartlett Commerce & Ghoshal/Managing across borders) 7. www. pp. Introduction to Strategic CH-1 4-2 Management & Business Policy 3. Introduction to Strategic CH-1 Case Study 1 5-2 Management & Business Managing HUL Policy Strategically Video #7 4. Strategic Decision Making CH-1 Case Study 2 Process & Strategic Robin Hood Management Process. Can you say what 3-2 Management & Business p. Vintage Case Study 4 Archies Vs.wikipedia. 2008. pp. 17 Michael. Porter. E.emeraldinsight.1/1. Vintage Video #2 .CH 3. Strategic Decision Making CH-1 Process & Strategic Management Process. Sections nt / Task Demonstration/ case Delivere of to be study / images/ d2 5 Textbook assigned animations etc . & MBA. Case Study 3 Samco do Brasil Salient Features Detailed description about Str.Hon. Harvard Business Review. No Web address (Exact page address) 1 http://en.CH-2 Case Study 4 Archies Vs. 9. Impact of Globalisation & e.

26.CH-6 CH-10 2. Quiz 1. CH-5 CH-10 2.10.CH-6 CH-3 CH-7 CH-7 CH-7 CH-5 Assi gnm ent2 Case study (Estee lauder)-case 1 Case study (Estee lauder) Case study (Estee lauder) Case Study 8 Tech Mahindra Case stud y 1.5 3. Case Study 9 BHEL Concentrates Case Study 10 Suzlon energy Case Study 15 Whirlpool 27. 28. 25. Retrenchment and Case Study 5 Infosys Technologies Case Study 6 McAttacked CH-3 CH-3 CH-3 Assi gnm ent 1 Case Study 7 Gitanjali Gems The five competitive forces that shape strategy: HBR. Micro & Macro environment. Jan 2008 13.CH-5 3. ETOP and SAP analysis techniques Internal Appraisal – Methods and techniques used for organizational appraisal Financial and Non Financial Analysis. CH-3 CH-4. Value Chain Analysis Benchmarking.CH-5 3. through Vision & Mission statements (Corporate social responsibility and business ethics ) Scanning of Business Environment. 21. 14. Balanced Scorecard and Key Factor Rating Benchmarking. Balanced Scorecard and Key Factor Rating Identification of Critical Success Factors (CSF) Developing Core Competence & Competitive Advantage Developing Core Competence & Competitive Advantage Developing Core Competence & Competitive Advantage Strategy FormulationCorporate level strategies – Concentration Strategy FormulationCorporate level strategies – Integration Stability. 19. 16. 24. Competitive Environment Porter’s Five Forces Model of Industry Attractiveness Porter’s Five Forces Model of Industry Attractiveness Internal and External environment Use of SWOT. ETOP and SAP analysis techniques Use of SWOT. 20.5 3. 12. 15. 22. 18. TOWS. Historical Analysis. ETOP and SAP analysis techniques Use of SWOT. 17. Expansion. 23.CH-5 CH-4. CH-5 CH-6 . TOWS. TOWS. 11.

Strategies to fight low cost rivals: HBR. 43. Corporate Restructuring.CH-7. Combination Strategies Concept of Synergy.CH-3 McKinsey’s 7 S Framework Leadership CH-9 Structural and Cultural Issues in Strategy Implementation Structural and Cultural Issues in Strategy Implementation Strategic Control and CH-10.2006 Case Study 17 Gati Limited CH-9 Quiz 2.CH-11. .. 36.236 Azhar 3. CH-5 Assi gnm ent3. Operational Control 3. 2. CH-8 evolution and Shell Directional policy Matrix. 33. Joint Ventures Business level strategies Generic Alternatives of Differentiation Low Cost & Focus Business Transformation Strategies Total Quality Management Business Process Reengineering Strategic Analysis & ChoiceCorporate level analysis BCG Matrix GE Nine cell. 30. 40. 31. 45. Mergers & Acquisitions. 46. Corporate Restructuring. CH-8 Mapping your competitive position: HBR Nov.29.2007 Mapping your competitive position: HBR Nov. 3. dec. 48.CH-13 Case Study 19 The Immelt Revolution Case Study 20 A crash diet for Sara Lee Assi gnm ent 4.2007 Hofer’s product market 2. 38. 2. 42. 2. Strategy implementation: 2. Case Study 23 The Dabbawalls Case Study 22 Bata India Ltd. CH-8 2. 47. 39. 34.CH-11. 41. 37. Mergers & Acquisitions. 32. 44. 35. Qualitative factors in strategic Choice.CH-13 Strategic Evaluation Measuring Performance & CH-10. Case Study 16 Indian Railways p. Case 2. Joint Ventures Concept of Synergy.

To be filled in on the date of delivery of lecture by the instructor 3..5. LCD projector etc.11 Details of cases planned Name of the case study 1 Managing HUL Strategically Nature of Assignment Analytical Expected outcome Developing Environment Scanning Skills and learning how the business are conducted/affected with changing environment Students would learn how to use the information into business decision making Students will learn to think strategically. Strategic Management and Business Policy.w ikipedia.2008 2. 6 Ghosal Videos Notes: 1. OHP. 1.Reward Systems Additional material for spill over (for at least 2XL lectures) 1 Japanese Challenge http://en.3.. . No of the reading above 2. Use S. To be filled in on the date of assignment (by the instructor) 5. The students have to develop the business level and corporate level strategies for the company with complete justification of the choice of strategies 4. A group of two students should be given a Case study to Analyse and present 6 Every student will submit a Case analysis of their choice. 4. On the basis of the assignment 2. Application of Concepts Business Decision making Analytical Case study analysis Do Learning and application of various business Strategy Concepts Analysis and presentation skills Analysis is evaluated Due date of term paper:2 wks before the close of term Source Kazmi. The Students have to individually analyze the cover story of any issue of Business Today : e. The students have to take a company of their choice and prepare ETOP and SAP for the same. Do not write Lecture. 7 Quiz1 8 Quiz2 Term paper to be allotted by lecture no.or g/wiki/Str ategic_ma nagement 2.4. Details of Assignments Planned: Assignment Details No. 3rd Ed. A. Critically evaluate a Merger/ acquisition/ takeover 5. ‘Projects in Peril’ BT sept21.g. Put assignment number from Assignment Table (below) against the lecture in which planned to be assigned (by co-ordinator). Lessons in Excellence by S. 3.

.. K. 2008. S. A.. 2008 pp. Tata McGraw-Hill.. pp. A. A. Blackwell Publishing. New Delhi.. Robinson Jr. A. and Smith. 23-48 Tech Mahindra Mital.. 2008.. Cases in Strategic Management. Cases in Strategic Management. Tata McGraw-Hill.. J. A. 565-568 Details of videos planned Video #1 Organization. pp. Strategic Management and Business Policy. Strategic Management: Formulation. 2008. pp. New Delhi.. 12-22 Angwin. Quest New Delhi. Tata McGraw. Vision.2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Robin Hood Semco do Brasil Archies Vs. pp... power equipment industry. Strategic Management: Formulation. Strategic Management and Business Policy. New Delhi. Robinson Jr.2nd Ed.. Robinson Jr.211-221 Corporate restructuring of Kazmi. 272-275. 3rd Ed. Mital. pp. 159-175 The Dabbawalls Gupta.. A. pp.. New Delhi. Business Strategy. 236-237. Business Policty & Strategic Management. 2008. Tata McGraw-Hill.. Tata McGraw-Hill. New Delhi. pp. A.. 10th Ed. United Breweries Limited Mital. New Delhi.672-673. Cases in Strategic Management. Blackwel. S. C. 2008. 2008. 2008. Cases in Strategic Management.. A. 2008 pp. 2008.. 2008. 2008. 2008. 2008. pp. 3rd Ed. 146-158 The Immelt Revolution Pearce II. New Delhi. Tata McGraw-Hill. Prentice Hall of India. A. 2008. A. A.... Tata McGraw-Hill. New Delhi. Strategic Management: Theory & Application.. Suzlon Energy Ltd.. A. 10th Ed. A. Strategy of Wipro in Europe Tata McGraw-Hill. Gllakota. pp. 70-86 Rewrite Rules at Pantaloon Mital.. 3rd Ed. J.. Tata McGraw-Hill. New Delhi. Implementation and Control. D. and Srinivasan. values and Mission . Gati Limited Mital. A. pp. New Delhi. Implementation and Control. Haberrberg. A. C. Cases in Strategic Management. New Delhi. Tata McGraw-Hill. A. 2008 pp. Pearce II. pp. New Delhi.. Mital. ONGC Mital. pp. and Smith. RB and Mital.. Cases in Strategic Management.. 386-387. 2i8-221. 2008..87-100 BHEL concentrates on the Kazmi. J. New Delhi. Oxford University Press. Cummings. PP. Cases in Strategic Management. 418-424 A crash diet for Sara Lee Pearce II. 2008. A.A. New Delhi. Business Strategy. 2008. pp. pp. 167-168. New Delhi. Indian railways Tata McGraw-Hill. 649-656. 194-210 Bata India Ltd. New Delhi. Cases in Strategic Management. Implementation and Control. RB and Mital. Tata McGraw-Hill.A. 10th Ed. Cases in Strategic Management. Gitanjali Gems Mital.A. 2008. The Internationalization Kazmi. Strategic Management and Business Policy. 9293. Cummings. Blackwell Publishing. New Delhi. pp. R. A. New Delhi. A.. Cases in Strategic Management. Mital. Vintage Infosys Technologies McAttacked Tata McGraw-Hill. D.. Tata McGraw-Hill. Tata McGraw-Hill. Tata McGraw-Hill.176-193 Whirlpool of India Mital. and Rieple. pp. 2008. pp. Tata McGraw-Hill.. Tata McGraw-Hill. New Delhi.. New Delhi. Cases in Strategic Management. V.Hill.. 125-145 Cyber Media-The Leadership Mital.. 101-124 Do you feel lucky? Angwin. Strategic Management: Formulation. 2008. pp.. RB and Mital. 25-26.

Build up a case study of Hero Cycles from rags to riches. highlighting the ups and downs of Hero Cycles on the road to becoming the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world. TQM implementation is a sweet and sour experience in Indian industry. 3. C. Praladh Scheme of CA: (out of 100) Component Attendance Home work based tests / quizes Assignments Term paper Frequency 2 6 1 Marks out of 100 10 20 60 10 List of suggested topics for term paper [ at least 15 ] (Student to spend about 15 hrs on any one specified assignment) S. 8. Ghosal Monkey Hunt Co-creation by Dr. Take an example each of a successful and an unsuccessful implementation of TQM in India and do a culture comparison of the two. 15. critically analyse the various factors governing the success of the product 4. Taking the example of atleast two Indian companies. A critical analysis of marketing strategies followed by Bollywood for domestic and international market. S. Analyse the impact of latest economic meltdown on IT giants like Satyam and Infosys. analyse the strategic implementation of BSC in India 11. Balance Scorecard is a new tool in the hands of Indian Corporate. Critically analyse the turnaround of Indian Railways and highlight the various milestones in its success. Proposed changes from the standard pedagogy for the course: .K. 7. 5. by using BCG matrix and suggest suitable strategies for various products 6. Taking the example of GE and Toyota compare and analyse the American and Japanese styles of management. 14. Apply the Porter’s five forces model on Tata Motors and outline the future strategies for TM to be on recovery path 9. Critically analyse and compare the growth of Mukesh and Anil Ambani after separation.Video #2 Video #3 Video #4 Video #5 Video #6 Video #7 Video # 8 Infosys Technologies Turbulence in Business The Five Competitive Forces that shape strategy Overview of Strategic Management Lessons in Excellence by Dr. Critically analyze the product Mix of Maruti Udyog Ltd. No Topic 1. Critically analyze the various ethical issues involved in running insurance business. 12 Study ITC as a group and analyse its diversification strategies and identify the critical success factors thereof. Good Corporate Governance is based on ethics. A comparison and analysis of marketing strategies followed for Aamir Khan’s movies from QSQT to Ghajini 2. 13 Turnaround of any company is full of pains and gains. Taking a case study of any recent New product launch. The changes in Business environment are inevitable. Study an NGO and develop the strategies for the success of the initiatives taken by the NGO 10.

1. 22 Quiz Doubt Clearing Case discussion Case discussion Quiz Doubt Clearing . 4. 6. etc. Signature & date) Comments of HOFD (Chief Academic Officer) Signature & Date Comments of Dean of Faculty Signature & Date Report Lectures: . Vision. 5. 8. values & Mission Turbulence in Business Corporate Social Responsibility Relevance of Five Forces in today’s era Syllabus covered till 21st Lect. 7. 10 Topics covered in the Tutorial Organization.(to be filled by the instructor and submitted at the end of term of HOS through HOD) S. Case based presentations Case based presentations Syllabus covered after 21st Lect Activities (like quiz. case study. 9.__________________________________________________ Prepared by ( instructional planner: Name. NOT part of the instructional Plan Topic and lecture number where introduced General Comments of the Instructor about the suitability of IP Conduct of Tutorials Tutorial Date No. any other) Discussion on Video #1 Discussion on Video #3 Discussion on Video#2 Discussion on Video #4 and other reading Sr. 3. teaching aid. doubt clearing. No Innovation introduced [ New pedagogy. No. 2. new demonstration. case study.

12 .11 . Syllabus coverage report Case based presentations Case discussion Doubt Clearing Syllabus coverage by one week before MTE Satisfactory / Lagging by ___ lectures. ________________________ Signature of Instructors & date ____________________ Signature of HOD & date . Syllabus coverage by two week before ETE Satisfactory / Lagging by ___ lectures.

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