Vibrational Marketing and the Law of Attraction

2009/03/22 San Francisco CA Guest: I have studied your tapes for about probably three years. And I’m interested in an application of the Law of Attraction specifically in the area of marketing. And I’ve heard you say in the past that marketing is really about representing a resonance and having people come to it. And I wanted more detail as far as how does that work. Abraham: Well, there are few things we want to say to begin. First, we understand your question to be - you want to get into the natural alignment with Law of Attraction. Guest: Right. Abraham: And.. Guest: And a lot of marketing isn’t that. Abraham: Well, here is a distinction that we want to help you understand. Law of Attraction is like the law of gravity. In the sense that it isn’t sometimes working and sometimes not. It’s always responding to vibrations. And it’s always managing those vibrations. So, it’s not sometimes working and sometimes not working. It is always working and it is always consistent. And therefore it’s fairly easy, once you understand that, and just through your deliberate trial and error, so to speak, of figuring out when you’re going with the flow of it and when you are not. But the distinction you are looking for, and we talked about it only briefly at the beginning of this day, is that Law of Attraction is responding to two specific aspects of you. It is responding to the drum you beat as you think the thoughts you do and say the things you do and observe the things you do. And it’s responding to this larger vortex of you which includes all the things you have asked for. So, when you are thinking in terms of marketing something, you have long before you even found this product or this

if you can dream . and wanting people to find benefit of it. So much so that we don’t know anyone who could accurately begin to describe and explain exactly what is in their vortex.that Law of Attraction is responding to this already! And all cooperative components have been drawn.the framework of your question was really. All of it is now working together and it has taken now this collective form. and wanting people to buy it.subject that you are marketing.the majority of the benefit of the empire that you have built and are building. you have long before through living of life. and wanting people to have benefit from it. You see what we are getting at? So here is this vortex that has been spinning. Because your clients already are! And that is the thing that most don’t understand in marketing! They stand outside their vortex and don’t see what’s already lined-up for them. So what we want you to understand . And so its brilliance and beauty is more magnificent than the sum of the pieces that went into it individually.if you have something that you are marketing.are you a cooperative component or not. Which holds them apart from what is working. happens before you see any physical evidence of it. You have been doing this for a long time and this vortex is really swirling! And this point of attraction is very. and wanting people to find benefit of’s always in the vortex for a while before you get in there and reap the . very strong! So the question is . And then they apply the majority of their marketing tactics or techniques from their place of real active awareness of what is not working. and wanting people to find it. The new way of saying that is . Such as: you want to be prosperous and you want to find things that are beneficial for others. Because they put it in peace by peace. Isn’t that interesting? Where. In other words . and wanting people to find benefit of it. you have been putting all kinds of things into your vibrational escrow. and wanting you to feel benefit of it. Which means . It has been synthesized by Source. And we have been saying that for a long time. and you have been wanting people to find it.there is a lot of pieces of this vortex that you have been putting in there over a long period of time. really good . wanting people to buy it.

the defining what a successful business means as far as you can see from where you stand .actors and such that are looking to be chosen for the part. Ah. most significantly . It’s already been created. The scripting. do you match it?” there is the potential of holding yourself out of the vortex. the talking about what you want. this is good . they have already been attracted. So. we tell people . It just responds to the vibration of it.I know what I want. the writing. So. Guest: One of the things fell into place this morning was then making a list of positive attributes of my clients and what they are doing with the products. the flawed premises that we have uncovered here long it takes you to get in the vortex. You are not in the process of creating it now.can you feel how that’s what we meant when we said . They have already been assembled. So. pretending it’s already done. you see. The Universe doesn’t know if the vibration you offer is because you imagine it or because you are living it.benefit of it. how long it takes you to begin reaping the benefit of it is not contingent on how many people are out there. I know what I want and it looks like this and it smells like this. do you match that? But in the “I know what I want. The marketing campaign you are launching is to attract you there!!!! And the way you do that is by talking about the beauty of it. talking about how good it feels. We are not kidding! It’s done! The amount of time it takes for you to begin experiencing the manifestation of it is only about one thing . potential employees who are looking to be chosen for the job .we tell them that you want to dawn the attitude of you being the one who is checking them out! In other words . Abraham: And in doing that can you feel how it’s adjusting you? Period.the marketing campaign that you are launching is not to attract the millions to your product. there are few of them.what you want is already done! It is not missing. lining up with it.the person that you are doing the .these are the processes that soothe the vibrational gap and allow you then to be a cooperative component. talking about how wondrous it is. In other words .

we were trying to get a woman to. It’s clear that .the more definition you give the worse.advertisement for is you. Abraham: One day a woman was. for all of you. Have this wonderful business and these wonderful products and all these wonderful people assisting me. when you get in there. And all these wonderful clients. because part of it is just keeping up to speed with what we have said want to find ways of getting in there and being in there. you know that you are fulfilling your reason for being. which is it . you wanna be there joyfully in there. When you are not in the vortex . You begin to feel your creative genius. You feel. This is so good for you to hear. Or should I be specific as I think about what I want?” And we say . When you are in the vortex .the more definition you give the better. Guest: Yes. where we just wanted her to begin talking from inside the relationship she was looking for.should I be just so laid back that I let the vortex take me. I really got. In other words. that it’s about putting me into that future that I’m trying to create from my thoughts. We’ve noticed that sometimes a person will say “Well. And she said “I see two people walking down the beach. It gives you a feeling of invincibility! It gives you a feeling of such worthiness! It makes you know that you are the center of the Universe! It makes you understand your reason for being. And finding the feeling of it. rather than outside the relationship. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more fun. are enjoying it as it moves along! Helpful? Guest: Very helpful! To summarize. And most of all .” And we said “Are you one of them”? In other words . And when you get in there you don’t wanna be too busy.isn’t it really fun to explore contrast and recognize that you have opinions about it? And isn’t it fun to define that you don’t like that and that you prefer that? Isn’t that fun? It’s just amazing how many circumstances and events can surround you in answer to all the stuff that you have put there. And it’s exhilarating as the ideas expand and the products expand and the benefits expand. it was a process called Scripting. You know that you are adding to the expansion of all that is.

I’d like to hear more about that”. And let’s say you have already done that. In other words. The next missing piece for most is that Law of Attraction is responding to both aspects and that’s what equals the way they feel. there are few missing pieces. Abraham: You have been the missing piece because you have had a flawed premise that said . But what I think about what they do . we’ve said to Jerry & Esther “It really does not matter what the book looks like or even the particular of the words it says. So let’s establish the vibrational point we are wanting to attract them to. in my control! I can control my reaction to everything! While I can not control their action. Let’s call it Vibrational Marketing. The next missing piece is that they can do something about the way they feel no matter what. and when I get them all controlled. The first piece that misses for most people is a realization that they are non-physical Source at the same time that they are physically focused.I need to control these hard-to-control things. Guest: I just got what my confusion was. In many cases marketing entails telling a story that induces someone to go “Oh yeah.the missing piece has been putting me into the script. rather than vibrate my way there. And let’s enlist Law of Attraction to summon them. Guest: I have just one last question. So. It’s more about the art and practice of marketing. then you’ll be in the vortex! Regardless of what’s going on out there. The missing piece was . And you just can’t get there from there. then I’ll be in the vortex. is that anything anybody else does is really not in my control. And once you get that down. we think that the missing piece for most people. there is a vibrational advertisement that is going to the boundaries of the Universe. isn’t there? In other words. and maybe the biggest one of all. It’s the striking the vibrational cord with what people are looking for”. So you gotta find a way of being attracted to that point. And it was thinking . Abraham: Let’s go into a new way of looking at this.I can act my way there. And the next missing piece.

You have been leveraging time here today. So these are the pre-requisites for you doing really well with the offering of something. And you will be right there to welcome them. In other words. . And when you are there. And it is kinda fun to do that. Abraham: You think that you need to convey it to them verbally or through action. You must adore it yourself and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others. But the Laws of the Universe are responding to the vibrational course. when you are in the vortex. there was something to say. the world stands still while you catch up. And you might wanna do that because it’s fun.that there was something to know or there was some story. then those who are looking for the benefit that it offers will flock to it. We’re talking about how articulate some of you are.

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