Up in the mountains of dead whispers lies a witch’s lair Cauldron full of troubles, a bubbling affair Rise Rise Oh Demon

she would chuckle and say And slowly the night would eat up the days

Oh the evils of magic in wrong hands Even the strongest of will slipped out of grip like sand But once in those times even after playing her best game Witch failed miserably and put her whole clan to shame For she could not harm a heart warm and kind And a potion to dismiss the good the witch could not find Witch struggled, screamed and added all that she had in her evil pot But in hatred and rage, her cause lost the plot Witch blamed the potion, the cauldron and in her anger broke it Others of her clan gasped in horror as she rampaged her valuables in fit Every witch has a special cauldron it’s known And once broken or lost all her special powers are gone But that was not all; everything in the broken cauldron was cursed And humans who come across those things face the worst Do you not hear the scream sometimes in middle of the night, Or a footfall in the dark? That’s the witch looking for ways to get back her powers like a killer shark

First to be cursed were the Fridays on the thirteen Some you will be turned into witches slave, a slimy green All the thirteen things cursed are coming your way Hope you all read these and save your day

The black cat crossing your way is just a sign Cross the path and end up in the cauldron full of brine

For every odd sneeze before you go out Your pretty little nose will turn into a pig’s snout

For every mirror that cracks or glasses you break Get stalked for seven years by spiders and snakes

If a lizard falls on your head in the morning Your waist will add another tire without a warning

Spilling salt is pure bad luck Spend rest of the year a sitting duck

And if you happen to walk under the ladder You will have a whole day with a weak bladder

If a bird uses your hair as a part of her nest You are sure to fail your driving test

And opening umbrella inside the house Calls for three days of nagging by your spouse

If a crow ever flies across your path You are going to forget even the basic math

A bride should avoid the colour green It’s a witch’s colour she sure will get a mom in law really mean

If you ever sweep dirt out of your door You will be chased by a wild boar

In the cauldron was the witch’s favourite a frog And if you ever kill one, you will in your next life be born as a tick on a dog

And of course how can we forget the human tongue in the witches stew A slip here or there or let it rule, oh! The trouble it brews

Witch and her broom go swish swash zoom Collecting the snakes and newts to decorate her room She has been wandering for centuries now to get all the ingredients back And she needs a thousand people more to err to fill her sack Some call these superstitions but these are as true as the earth being round And those who ridicule these will end up on the witches ground

-Soma Mukherjee

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