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info 349 East Brewster Road Butler, PA 16001 OBJECTIVE (724) 431-6677

To focus and provide solid design and excellent quality as a Senior Database Administrator working with Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server database technologies and the Java and PL/SQL programming languages. The DBA Zone, Inc., Pittsburgh PA Senior Database Administrator August 2004 – Present


Designed and implemented various high availability solutions for a diverse group of clients running Oracle9i, Oracle10g, and Oracle11g using Data Guard, RMAN, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Streams, Oracle Flashback, and LogMiner. Provided JDBC programming support to implement Transparent Application Failover (TAF), Fast Application Notification (FAN), Load Balancing Advisory (LBA), and a custom application to monitor LBA FAN events. Technical lead for a large number of tuning projects. Performed application, SQL, and database instance tuning using a wide range of technologies including ADDM, AWR, Statspack, extended SQL trace (event 10046 trace files), CBO analysis (event 10053 trace files), Confio, OEM Performance Manager, and custom scripts. Created an automated, enterprise wide monitoring infrastructure using several key technologies including UNIX shell scripts, PowerShell, Java, and SQL. This allowed our operational DBA team to efficiently gather database metadata, exceptions, and performance statistics for remote clients running Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server using a consolidated Intranet approach. Developed, designed, and implemented the company’s internal DBA Portal using Oracle10g Application Server. Established and wrote the company’s standards and best practices document for all Oracle database environments based on Oracle's Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA). This document outlined all standards for the DBA Operations Group including installing/upgrading Oracle, creating databases, DBA tools, administration and monitoring, naming standards, coding standards for Java and PL/SQL, policies, practices and procedures.

Management Science Associates, Pittsburgh PA Senior Database Administrator March 2004 – August 2004

Led all major tuning efforts using Statspack, SQL tuning, and the wait events interface that resulted in significant improvements in response times for both application and

a web based DBA tool that provides solutions to enterprise database management from a common interface. Developed and integrated several web-based modules in Perl and Java for analyzing data integrity and tuning metrics for the divisions’ flagship product. May 2002 – January 2004 CoManage Corporation. Designed and implemented a web based solution in Perl and DBI:DBD for capturing and reporting metrics from Statspack. Developed and designed Java packages and PL/SQL packages to be included in the TrueSource product that provides automated database maintenance. Established standards for all Oracle database • • . Precise/Indepth and TKPROF. Led the application design team in developing a custom ETL application using built-in Oracle technology (Oracle Replication. Led the stress test initiative to evaluate the success of this approach. RMAN backups. PL/SQL and JDBC performance tuning. Change Management. and tuning support. PL/SQL. and the BEA WebLogic Platform. application tuning methodologies.• • • data migration modules. Utlstat and File IO. Some of the current modules include Tablespace Monitor. Security Manager. Oracle9i new features. Warrendale PA Senior Database Administrator May 1998 – May 2002 • Designed and implemented Web*DBA. Oracle9i RAC. Snapshot's. Materialized Views. database replication. Database Resource Manager. Oracle’s JVM. Provided mentoring and knowledge transfer to DBAs and developers on Oracle architecture. determining instance and I/O efficiency. Lock Manager. Provided DBA and programming support for all internal and client based Oracle implementations. and using tools like Statspack. latching and wait event statistics and the efficiency of the Shared Pool. tuning methodologies. This document includes hints for SQL. and PL/SQL) as well as designing the Star Schema used to support the company's Enterprise Business Intelligence system. Shared Server Architecture (formerly known as Mutli-Threaded Server). Established and wrote the Performance Tuning guidelines for the Engineering Department to enhance the quality of the product for all current and future code development. Marconi Communications (formerly FORE Systems). backups. Session Manager. Wexford PA Senior Database Administrator • • • • Performed analysis of current optimization model and provided recommendations to move to Oracle's cost-based optimization.

creating databases. Livermore. Performed needed DBA tasks to redesign and tune several Oracle instances hosted on VMS. Oracle Enterprise Manager and Precise/SQL. and PL/SQL. . customized scripts. coded and converted various Pro*C programs from COBOL for use in the current Analysis Data Warehouse. Designed. automated and redesigned a cost accounting system from Oracle Forms 3. administration and monitoring. practices and procedures. This initiative involved the design and development of several UNIX shell scripts used for both physical and logical backups. Perl 5. CA Computer Scientist / Math July 1994 – September Programmer 1997 • • • Optimized. Managed a group of developers responsible for researching and recommending solutions for the department's current and future Oracle Web infrastructure. Pittsburgh PA Programming / DBA Consultant • • • • Provided programming and DBA support for migrating corporate wide applications from the IBM Mainframe to a client/server environment using Oracle 7. naming standards. coding standards for Java and PL/SQL. Enhanced the performance of the company's Oracle environment by providing advanced performance tuning and coding standards. policies. Successfully designed and developed a backup/recovery strategy and procedures for several Oracle 7 databases. This document outlines all standards for the DBA Group including installing/upgrading Oracle.0/Korn Shell to the Web using C. Redesigned a thorough backup and recovery strategy for all major production systems. Also included in this effort was the development and testing of various recovery strategies that included media failure. Pro*C and OpenVMS.• • • environments based on Oracle's Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA). user failure. September 1997 – May 1998 Computer People. Established and wrote the Database Administrators Procedures document for the IT department. Oraperl. and block corruption. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. DBA tools. Successfully maintained peak performance of all primary databases by providing advanced tuning methods. This initiative involved redesigning all new and legacy environments to adhere to these newly established standards.

Present December 2009 CERTIFICATION S Oracle Database Administration 10g Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Administration 9i Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Administration 8i Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Administration 8 Oracle Corporation Oracle Database Administration 7. Author Conducting the J2EE Job Interview Rampant Owner. Stanislaus Major: Computer Science Conducting the Java Job Interview Rampant TechPress.3 Oracle Corporation Java Development Learning Tree International March 2006 January 2003 February 2002 December 1999 October 2001 .• • Selected as task leader and programmer for converting extension scripts and C programs for the Oracle Financials from VAX/VMS to HP UNIX. May 1994 EDUCATION Bachelor of Science California State University.Present September 2003 Present June 2004 . Implemented a secure infrastructure for developing transaction based financial applications in PL/SQL and Oraperl for use within the company's newly created web based Guest Contributor PUBLICATIONS April 2004 April 2004 October 2005 September 2003 January 1998 .Present June 2004 .idevelopment. Author Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs O’Reilly. Technical Editor www. Technical Editor Oracle Privacy Security Auditing Rampant TechPress. Site Author Oracle Technology Network Guest Contributor The Pipelines Newsletter Guest Contributor SearchOracle.

(PL/SQL and Java) Development Environments: JDeveloper Designer/Developer 2000 IntelliJ IDEA Visual FoxPro Netscape Directory Server Netscape LDAP SDK .(Solaris. OpenVMS Linux) Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/2008R2 Software Configuration Management: Apache Subversion CVS .(md. raidtools. ADF.SKILLS Languages: Ada HTML JDBC Perl PowerShell T-SQL Visual Basic C/C++ Java JScript PHP sed/awk Tcl / Tk XSL C# JavaCC Oracle JVM PL/SQL SQL*Loader Troff XML DBI:DBD Javascript Oracle XMLDB Pro*C SQLJ UNIX Shells Databases: Oracle RDBMS (6.23 – 5. WinCVS) Continuus Oracle Software Configuration Manager (formerly Oracle Repository) Volume Management: Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (ADVM) Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Solstice DiskSuite / Volume Manager Linux Multipath RAID on Linux . 10g AS OC4J.(Java) Visual Studio Oracle Application Express Discoverer 4i UltraEdit Operating Systems: UNIX . Solaris. HP-UX.x – 11g R2) MySQL (3. BC4J Oracle WebLogic Suite Sun's J2EE SDK LDAP: Oracle Internet Directory Oracle LDAP SDK . mdadm) Sun StorEdge RAID Manager Logical Volume Manager Backup Management: Oracle Secure Backup .(SunOS.x) SQL Server (2000 – 2008 R2) Application Server Environments: Oracle 9i AS.

.REFERENCES References are available on request.

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