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LESSON PLAN Subject Date Time Class / Level Theme Topic Focused skill Integrated skill : : : : : : : : English Language

10th Jan 2011 7.40 a.m. 8.40 am. 2 Syahbandar (Mixed Ability) World of Knowledge Follow me. Reading. Writing

Curriculum Specification: 3.2.2 Read and learn the meaning of 5 keywords of each topic taught. 3.3.3 Read and understand a simple paragraph of 2-4 sentences. 4.4.2 Complete simple instructions and descriptions. Learning objectives: By the end of this lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. Read and answer correctly at least 4 out of 6 simple directions in the given text.
2. Read and match words with the pictures correctly. 3. Copy correctly. CCTS Moral value Teaching aids Language Content : : : : Discipline, co-operation. Obedience, Following orders. Worksheet, picture cards, laptop, speaker, LCD, manila card. Grammar Prepositions of locations and directions (in front, next to) Vocabulary right, left, near, far, between. Teaching aids/ comments LCD, Laptop, speaker To arouse the students interest

Steps/Time Set Induction (4 minutes)

Content Introduce key phrases or words. Examples: In,on,under, between,In front of

Teacher/Pupils activities

1. Teacher shows a video about

In,On,Under to the pupils.

2. Teacher then asks the pupils

what have they have seen from the video.

3. Teacher introduces the topic.

Pre-reading (7 minutes) Questions: Where is the left? Where is the right? Who is to your right side? 1. Teacher asks pupils some questions and pupils answer it orally.


Who is to your left side? Who is behind you? Who is in front of you? Who can tell me where Izzati is sitting? Textbook: page 70

2. Teacher asks pupils to open

the textbook and read.

To stimulate students interest

3. Pupils skim the text. 4. Teacher explains about how

to give the directions to the pupils and writes some keywords on the whiteboard.

5. Teacher asks the students to

move around to demonstrate turn right, turn left, go straight and so on. While-reading ( 38 minutes) Scanning the reading text and identifying the directions.

1. The teacher reads the

text aloud and pupils listen. 2. Pupils read aloud with the teacher.

Reading text

3. Teacher asks some

question to the pupils in order to get the main idea of the text.

4. Teacher asks the pupils

to give directions to places in the textbook (map) in pairs. Activity 1

Textbook: Page 68 Pairs

1. Teacher asks pupils to

read short dialogue. 2. Pupils will give direction according to the map. 3. In pairs, pupils make free dialogues giving directions. Activity 2

1. Teacher distributes
Worksheet 1 to pupils. Individual 2. Pupils need to fill in the blank on the given text. 3. Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. 4. Teacher asks pupils to exchange the answer To instill honesty and cooperation


questions with another pair. 1. 2. 3. 1. Teacher asks pupils to answer the questions. 2. Teacher discusses the answer with the pupils. 3. Teacher instructs pupils to copy the answer. 4. 5. 4.Teacher walks around the class 6. to assist and guide the pupils.

Post-reading (10 minutes)

Written exercise Teacher gives a list of prepositions of place and words according to the topic on the board: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Next to On In front of Behind Under

- Exercise book

Closure (1 minute)

Moral value: Why do we need to follow instruction?

1. Teacher infuses the

moral value by asking some questions. 2. Pupils answer the questions orally.

To raise awareness