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On earth every living creature has a home of its own desire & need. House
provide them shelter & environment for growing & living. Environment & sanitation
of area where an individual is living are important for health of people. Health is
affected by factors like light, air, water, crowding, sanitary facilities, noise etc
prevailing in residential environment. There is a dynamic equilibrium between man
and the external environment & disturbance in it lead to ill health. So to prevent
disturbance sanitation is important tool. So to understand this science lets see
what these component – House, Environment & sanitation are.

Housing in addition to physical structure also includes the immediate

surroundings and related community services and facilities. According WHO which
use term residential environment “house is a physical structure that man uses and
the environment of the structure including all necessary services, facilities,
equipments and devices needed to designed for physical, mental, social well being
of an individual and his family.”

Environment is the total sum of external conditions influencing life,

development of an organism, human behavior and society. For descriptive purpose
environment is divided in three parts:
1. Physical includes air, housing, waste, light, soil
2. Biological includes animals, insects, rodents
3. Social includes cultures, habits, income, occupation, religion

Sanitation is a science of safe guarding. According to WHO it is defined as

control of all those factors in men’s physical environment, health & survival.
According to National sanitation foundation in U.S.A. “sanitation is a way of life, it
is a quality of living that is expressed in clear homes, clear farm, clear business,
clear neighborhood & clear community.”
Data of our patient:-
Name: Monghiben Nathabhai Vankar.

Residence: Limda Gau, Opp. Parul Engineering institute, Waghodia Road, Vadodara.




(1) House: Owned, Semi -Pukka

Site: House was on ground floor without any elevation from ground.
Surrounding: Road of street was muddy due to rain.
Floor: Pucca.
Total build up area-
(Optimum requirement is 100 sq ft)

(2) House:
2.1: Walls: Made up of Concrete & brick , Chuno
2.2: Floors: Tiled
2.3: Roof: Concrete (ground floor) / Tin (first floor)
2.4: Windows: only 2,(one in front & one backside) .
Windows are placed at the height of 3 ft from floor.
2.4: Rooms: Total 4 (3 rooms, 1 Varanda and kitchen.)

(3) Overcrowding: Present. There are only 4 rooms for persons which is not

(4) Ventilation: Inadequate. Except in Varanda, all rooms are inadequately ventilated.
Cross ventilation across the doors is present.
(5) Lighting: Source: electricity, Adequate
Tube lights: 4
Bulbs :3
Sunlight - inadequate

(6) Dampness: Present- in backside.

(7) Kitchen: Separate. Water for cooking and drinking are stored in pots.
7.1 Fuels: Gas (LPG) / Chula (Smoky)
7.2 Separate water supply pipeline: No
7.3 Smoke outlet: Yes
7.4 Cooked & raw food: Covered
7.5 Fly & Cockroach nuisance: Present

(8) Water supply: sanitary well / public tap

8.1: Storage of drinking water: Covered
8.2: Storage of other water: Covered
8.3: Mosquito breeding: not present

(9) Bathing facility: separate bathroom.

Notes: Floor is made up of tiles.
There is wooden door.

(10)Latrine: - Separate, Clean.

Water supply: Adequate
Notes: Floor is made up of tiles.
There is wooden door.
Latrine pan is of Indian type.

(11)Disposal of Refuse: Indiscriminate

(12)Disposal of Waste water: Drainage (Pukka) gutter.

(13)Cleanliness of the rooms: Satisfactory.

(14)Sanitation around the house: Unatisfactory.

(15)Fly, Insect: Fly & mosquitoes were present.

Animals: No
Breeding Place: Seen(Both in front and behind the house)

(16)Domestic Animals: Yes.

Type- bullock
Separate from house.
Disposal of animal waste: Unsanitary
(17)Water Storage: there’s one overhead tank made up of cement and brick, lined by
tiles. It is covered and clean from inside.

(1) Relationship with each other in the family: Good & co-operative.
(2) Peace between the family members : Yes
(3) Relationship with relatives : good
(4) Relationship with neighbors : good

COMMENTS: (Based on the above points) patient and her family members are good in
nature and they are taking adequate care of her.

 Patient is from lower class so housing condition is poor.
 Environment is free from stress so it has no part contributing in patient’s high blood
 Overcrowding is present.
 Lighting, ventilation, sanitation etc facilities are almost satisfactory so chances of
communicable diseases are prevalent in family of patient.

So in last but not least don’t forget what the great scientist said:

“The environment is everything that isn't

-Albert Einstein