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Naga Kumpatla

Work: 202 458 2488

Mobile: 703 861 4465, Home: 571 434 9091

Professional Summary
 Have 8 years of experience in database administration, using Oracle 9i, 8i, 8.x and 7.x on various
flavours of UNIX, and Microsoft Windows.
 Business background of applications such as Materials Management, Health Insurance, Airline
Revenue Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, Government organizations and Banking.
 Management of small to large-scale databases. Trouble shooting of database problems,
database creation and maintenance, implementation of backup and recovery strategies,
performance tuning, storage management, capacity planning, replication, network management,
security and resource management.
 Design and implementation of Data Warehouse (Decision Support Systems), OLTP databases
and Hybrid Systems running 24/7.
 Good expertise in SQL tuning, PL/SQL packages, libraries, java stored procedures, SQLJ, XDB
and XML, Oracle intermedia, Oracle Text, Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE, Informatica, SQL server
Analysis services and Unix Shell programming.
 Experience in maintenance, tuning and installation of Oracle Applications (E-business suite).
 Database design using ERWIN, ER-Studio and Designer 6i case tools.
 Experience in all major areas of Software Development - Life Cycle. - Business Analysis
Requirements gathering, Design, Database Administration, Programming, Documentation,
Testing, Version Control and Implementation, Knowledge Transfer and offshore co-ordination.
 Have proven team management skills while working closely with many business analysts,
technical and non-technical players.

Technical Skills
RDBMS : Oracle 7.x, Oracle Rdb, MS-SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000
Object-Rdbms : Oracle 9i/8i/8.0.5
DBA Tools : SQL*Loader, Import, Export, Svrmgrl, SQL*DBA, Toad,
Instance Monitor and Quest Performance Tools OEM
(Oracle Enterprise Manager), Replication Manager,
Recovery Manager (Rman), EZ - SQL, Customized
Utilities and Scripts, Net8 Assistant, Tkprof, BMC
products, Implemented Data Guard/Standby
Data warehouse : Brio, Discoverer, Express Analyzer, Business Objects,
Oracle warehouse Builder (OWB) and Informatica
GUI Tools : Developer 6i, Microsoft Visual Basic and Java
Java IDE Tools : Oracle- J-Developer, IBM Web sphere portal studio
Application Server : Oracle Application Server, Apache, Web Sphere
GIS technologies : ESRI Arc-GIS, Arc-SDE and Oracle Spatial
Programming : C, C++, Java, Pro*C, T-SQL, Sql, Pl/ Sql and Test Script
Unix Utilities : Shell Programming, Sed, Awk And Admintool Of Solaris
Case Tools : Oracle Designer-6i, Erwin, ER-Studio and Rational rose
Testing Tools : Winrunner, Loadrunner and Astraquick
Version Control : CCC-Harvest, PVCS.
ERP : Oracle Applications Release 10.7/11i, Sap R/3
Operating Sys : HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, IBM-AIX, Digital Unix, Windows
NT/2000, SCO – Unix
Hardware : IBM P-Series, HP 9000, Sun Fire, Sun Enterprise, Sun
Sparc Ultra2, SCO Unix Ver5 on Intel, Veritas storage

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Name Date
Oracle 9i Database Administrator Certified Professional 12-29-2003
Oracle 8i Database Administrator Certified Professional 10-21-2003
Oracle 8 Database Administrator Certified Professional 12-30-2001

Roles Performed As DBA

 Installed oracle database server on SOLARIS, HP-UX, SCO-UNIX, WINDOWS NT, LINUX and
migration of oracle server from 7.3.4,8 to 8i, 8i to 9i and applied oracle patches.
 Installation, maintenance and tuning of Oracle Applications. Used rapid install and other Oracle
Application maintenance utilities like OEM, adadmin, adpatch, adctrl and adrelink.
 Created development, testing, staging, production and standby databases for OLTP, DSS and
Hybrid using customised shell scripts and stepwise.
 Created tablespaces, users, roles, profiles (Security), rollback segments, snapshots and schema
 Management of oracle Instance, physical structure of the database like data files, redologfiles,
control files (mirroring of the control file) and Storage management.
 Regular testing of the backup and recovery strategy to ensure minimum recovery time.
 Implemented RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete
recovery and TSPITR and disaster recovery using Standby database or Data Guard.
 Performance tuning of the database - SQL Tuning, Used Tuning utilities like Statspack,
UTLESTAT, UTBSTAT, Quest products and Tuning of SGA, Distribution of disk I/O, Sizing of
tables and indexes.
 Data loading using SQL*LOADER, Logical backups using full export.
 Network configuration of several databases to the clients using tnsnames, Names Server and
connection manager.
 Database replication using snapshots, materialized views and advanced replication methods.
 Created a new instance for the parallel server configuration database.
 ETL of Datawarehouse using materialized views, SQL* Loader, Informatica, warehouse builder
and custom built scripts.
 Resource and capacity planning that are needed for the database.
 Implemented flashback query and log miner features for point in time recovery.
 Implemented various search engines and Thesaurus using oracle text (formerly known as
 Trouble shooting of various database performances by proper diagnosis at all levels like SQL,
PL/SQL, database design, database tables, indexes, Instance, memory, operating system and
java calls.
 Good co-ordination and communication with system administrators, business data analysts and
development teams.
 Database design and metadata repository creation.

Project: DBA for 25 Instances
CLIENT: World Bank. (
SOFTWARE: Oracle 9i, 8i, Oracle Intermedia, Informatica Power Centre
Hardware and Env: HP-Unix p-series on HP-9000, Sun Solaris on Sun Enterprise Servers
DBA Admin: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Sql*Loader, Unix-Shell, Export, Import, TOAD,
SQL*Plus and PL/SQL, SQL-LAB Vision. RMAN, BMC patrol,
The World Bank Group is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance. In fiscal year
2001, the institution provided more than US$17 billion in loans to its client countries. It works in more than
100 developing economies with the primary focus of helping the under developed and developing
 Database Administration of Oracle RDBMS versions 8.0,8i and 9i for Data warehouse, Online
Transaction processing system and Hybrid database applications.
 System administration -- Installation and maintenance of Sun Solaris on Sun Enterprise Servers

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 Implemented backup and recovery of Databases using Recovery Manager, Log Miner utility, hot
backups, cold backups and logical backups. Creation of standby databases. Recovery strategies
during disaster scenarios and periodic testing of Mean time to recovery the instance and
 Performance tuning of database, application and operating system using, Oracle Enterprise
manager, BMC patrol, Db-Assist, Quest software products and Unix Admin tools.
 Networking, Replication of distributed databases and Data warehouse management.
 Database design and modelling using ERWIN, ER-Studio and Designer 6i
 Programming using SQL, PL/SQL including triggers, stored procedures, packages, functions,
native dynamic SQL, Java and Pro*C.
 Installation, configuration and administration of oracle 8i and 9i instances on Sun-Solaris, HP-UX
and Win-2000.
 Remote database administration of the instances.
 Standby database in sustained recovery mode and read only mode.
 Enhanced backup using Verities Backup utilities.
 Advanced replication across the country offices and head quarters.
 Used Log Miner utility to undo the database changes that are committed.
 Looking into day-to-day activities of Production database, monitoring its growth and performance.
 Data modelling for the bank projects data warehouse using ERWIN tool kit.
 Implemented search features using ORACLE intermedia, extension of the theme based search of
oracle intermedia, maintenance of Oracle intermedia indexes and B*-tree indexes
 Development of PL/SQL stored procedures/functions/packages, triggers.
 Worked on SAP – BW for the Data warehouse extraction.
 Used XDK and Xml parser for the advanced search and data transfers.
 Implemented data migration from Sybase database to Oracle database using Oracle transparent
 Application development using XML schema and XDB features of oracle 9i.
 Implementing security at various layers of the application and database using SSL, roles, views,
password management and data encryption.
 Implemented mappings and workflows using Informatica power centre, from various types of
sources as a nightly process.
 Resource management of the database using profiles.
 Auditing the database usage and user monitoring.
 Development of XML pages from the database (Oracle 9i) using a single dispatcher procedure
which can be used for browse/navigation and search capabilities of site. The dispatcher is more
like an interface which accepts the request, in the form of XML string and sends the requested
data back in the form of XML. Pagination of the data is also in-built into the dispatcher so that the
interface development is real easy and quick.
 Oracle Developer and DBA -- Estimated Debt Services (EDSR) (,
Projects and client connections, people pages and various
other applications.
1. Creation of data models, extraction of data from Sybase using transparent gateway.
2. Summarizing the data for the required reports using Materialized views.
3. Providing the data to the requested service in a XML format. Pagination of the XML data
is also provided to make the interface development easier.
 Developed a document intelligence using extracting of gist (summary), theme and thesaurus of a
document using ORACLE INTERMEDIA and enabling the Knowledge base extension of
 Implemented Real Application Clustering (RAC) to improve the High Availability and scalability of
heavy transaction based system of Loans module.

Project: DBA for 16 OLTP instances, Oracle Financials and Datawarehouse.

CLIENT: LodgeNet Entertainment.
SOFTWARE: Oracle 8.0/ 8i, Developer 6i, Oracle Apps 11i
Hardware and Env. HP-Unix K series on HP-9000
DBA Admin: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Svrmgl, Sql*Loader, Unix-Shell, Export, Import,
TOAD, EZ-SQL, SAM of HP-UNIX, Sqlplus and PL/SQL

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LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation, a specialized communications company, designs, implements,
programs and operates broadband, interactive digital systems that deliver entertainment, information
and marketing services to the lodging market. LodgeNet derives its revenue from providing hotel
guests with basic and premium cable television programming, digital movies, digital music, video
games, high-speed Internet access, and other information and marketing services.
 Installed Oracle 8i, configured multiple instances for multiple applications, Space
allocation, monitoring user activities, tracefiles, alert logs and scheduled jobs from OEM.
 Installation of Oracle Application 11.02 and Sizing/Capacity planning efforts for the Oracle
Database and Applications.
 Performance tuning which including UNIX, Oracle INIT.ora, Oracle SGA, I/O Balancing,
 Implemented the automated backup and recovery using RMAN.
 Tuning of RMAN by using mulitiple channels and parallel process.
 Supporting Oracle Applications with 500 concurrent users and Production database of size
 Carried out Application System Administrator activities like registration of Reports and Forms to
Oracle Applications, creation of responsibilities, custom menus and registration of Users.
 System Administration - Monitoring Concurrent managers for Manager, request errors, long
running request and processes. Creating new responsibilities and adding reports to existing
 Created new Concurrent managers and assigned programs to them based on the time they
take to complete
 Registering Concurrent Programs and Balanced the Load on the system with new Concurrent
 Coordination with Oracle Support for fixing the Application and Database related problems.
 Maintenance of the Data-warehouse database, performance tuning and scheduling the ETL jobs.

Project: Oracle Developer and DBA

CLIENT: Caresoft Inc.
SOFTWARE: Oracle 8.0/ 8i, JAVA, ATG Dynamo 5.0, Brio, Business Objects, MS- Access.
Hardware and Env. SUN SOLARIS 7 on Sun Enterprise Servers Windows NT 4.0 on Pentium.
DBA Admin: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Svrmgl, Sql*Loader, Unix-Shell, Export, Import,
SQL, Sysadm, Sqlplus and PL/SQL
Caresoft Inc. is an Internet's leading provider of health information and services. Through Caresoft and its
highly acclaimed Web site, The Daily Apple (, people can make better decisions
about their health, physicians, health plans. Managed 14 instances running on current version and new
version of the application including 2 datawarehouse instances.
 Database Migration from oracle 8.0.5 to 8.1.7.
 Team Leader in the implementation of Data migration.
 Maintaining production, staging, testing and development databases.
 Implementation of the OEM for the database fix-it jobs and alerts.
 Replication of the databases, using the replication manager.
 ETL for the Data warehouse using Materialized views.
 Recreating the standby database and making it available for reporting.
 Renaming of the Instance.
 Created jobs for the periodic online backups and replication.
 PL/SQL stored procedures for data-migration
 SQL and PL/SQL coding which is called from Java using Jdbc.
 Java stored procedures called in the Pl/sql procedures.
 SQL tuning using sql trace and sql-analyze.
 Tuning of the sort operations and temporary tablespace.
 Resolved the redo copy latch contentions.
 SGA tuning of the production database and monitoring the hit percentages.
 Data migration from Ms-access database to ORACLE database, data loading from the access
database files to oracle database. Querying oracle data structures in MS-Access.

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Project: DBA for 45 databases of Rapid and Comet
CLIENT: MERCATOR (IT Division of Emirates Airlines)
SOFTWARE: Oracle 7.3/ 8.0/ 8i, Developer 2000, 6.0, 6i,Oracle Application Server, Discoverer and
Oracle Apps 10.7 NCA, Ms-Access
Hardware and Env: SUN SOLARIS 8/7/2.6 on Sun-Sparc Windows NT 4.0 on Pentium, HP-Unix 11
on HP-9000
DBA Admin: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Svrmgl, Sql*Loader, Unix-Shell CCC Harvest,
Export, Import, TOAD, EZ-SQL, Sysadm, Sqlplus and PL/SQL
RAPID is an airline revenue accounting package, developed for the Airline Industry. It is a comprehensive
solution for Passenger and Cargo Revenue Accounting. This product has 45 databases having 3
productions, 3 staging 6-regression testing and 30 test and development databases and 3 DSS system
for generating reports depending the archive of the transactions. Maximum sized databases production
75gb, staging 15gb, test 5 GB and development 10gb Now the system has become an Industry standard
and has clients like British Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Zimbabwe, Air Lanka, Royal Brunei Airlines,
Royal Air Morocco and many other airlines.
 Database Administration: Creation of new instances and databases for test, development and
staging databases. User Security, Privilege Management and Database Auditing. Resource
Management, Sizing of the database-Indexes and Tables Query optimisation, and
management of physical structure of database datafile, archived logs logfiles and controlfiles,
Storage Mangement., Data Management. Created utility scripts using dynamic SQL for
generation of backend objects and compiling of the schema objects. Migration of Oracle
database from 7.3 to 8i. Reconciliation of Test and Staging, Dbdiff between Databases and
Schema comparisons.
 Oracle Apps : Managing concurrent programs and reports, Administration of concurrent
managers, monitor concurrent processing using oracle enterprise manager. Compile flexifield
data in AOL tables, Upgrade of Apps from 10.7 to 11.03, Run auto patch utility to apply
patches and maintenance packs.
 Created data warehouse of the DBA Resource planning database with contains the history of
150 databases repository. Implementation of the OLAP database for RAPID.
 Replication of 6 distributed databases (Multimaster Replication). Resolution of the conflicts.
 Backup and Recovery: Periodical backups, regular testing of backup and recovery strategies.
Full (cold) backups, logical backups, online backups and RMAN backups. Complete recovery,
incomplete recovery, point in time recovery.
 Network Administration: Local naming and host naming.
 Performance Tuning: Memory tuning, Disk I/O tuning. Application and SQL tuning
 Installation and maintenance of development to production instances of Oracle financials,
configured printers. Capacity planning and tuning of the database.
 Implementation support - Installation and configuration of the product, Creation of Data patch
and applying to the live area
 Web Application: Deploying the Product on the web by using Developer 6.0 and Oracle
Application Server.
 Development of Database Administration Tool called db-man which gives the status of the
rapid databases and monitors the size of the application
 Written Unix shell scripts to do regular periodic backups using confab scheduling, to extend
the tablespaces. Enhancements in the existing script to create new instances. Creating new
file system (in accordance with OFA of oracle) and mount points for maintaining different
versions of the product and software.

Project: SWAN
SOFTWARE: Oracle 8.0.5,svrmgrl, Sql*Loader, Unix-Shell
HARDWARE and ENV: HP-Unix on HP 9000

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This is Health insurance management database and is developed for BUPA a major health insurance
company in UK. Monitoring of 8 databases of which maximum is 15.5gb oracle servers running on HP-
Unix on HP servers.
 Created two development databases of size 5gb and 8 GB.
 Sizing of tables and indexes using appropriate storage clauses and several tests.
 Created users, roles and privilege management to secure the database access.
 Developed audit module for the application management using audit trail of the database.
 Tuning of the SQL statements using explain plan and auto trace facility.

Project: DBA of 7 development and test databases.

TOOLS: SQL*LOADER, IMPORT, EXPORT, Oracle Enterprise Manager
This is employee welfare and health insurance system the major modules are coverage, loans, aids,
allowances and general. This system has 5 databases, 3 development databases and 2-test databases
maximum sized database is 15gb.
 Creation of new instance and databases for testing of size 3gb and 2.5gb.
 Configured multiple listeners on different ports and of TCP/IP protocols for various databases
using listener control utility. Used both the host naming and local naming for the connectivity.
 Tested online backups and recovery strategies regularly to prevent any sort of failure during
 Database tuning, application tuning and query optimisation. Rollback Segments tuning to
enhance the performance and avoid errors during large transactions.
 Database security using roles and the resource management by profiles and monitored the
resource utilisation by users.
 Audited the users activity to prevent unnecessary discrepancies during the testing phase.
 Tuning of the database using TKPROF utility, tuned the shared pool and buffer cache to have
better performance
 Point in time recovery for recovering the master data when the tables are dropped by user errors.

Project DBA for 8 databases.

TOOLS: SQL*LOADER, IMPORT, EXPORT, Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Management of 2 production OLTP databases, 2 development and 2 staging and 2 testing databases,
maximum database is of size 8.5 GB.
 Installed oracle server and created new instances and databases for production, staging, testing
and development.
 Replicated the production on the staging database using snapshots.
 Co-ordination with the project manager during system study at the client site analysis of the
system, creating the E-R, DFD’s, process flow diagram.
 Designing of the database (Data modelling).
 Periodic backups, mirroring, complete and incomplete media recovery,
 Security management, Creation of security layers both in the application and on the database
 Data conversion from MS-Access to ORACLE and vice versa.



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Material management system is critical in any production environment. Improper management of
inventory will prove fatal even to the extent of shutting down the plant because of lack of materials.
Managed 15 databases with largest being 25.6 GB.
Created development database of 5gb, test database of 1.5 GB and staging database of 2gb.
 Data migration from COBOL to ORACLE using SQL*LOADER and PRO*C.
 Regular monitoring of the Database performance and the Unix performance.
 Created new file systems and mount points on the Unix.
 Periodic Backups on to the tapes and on the network drives.
 Periodic exports, space management, Security Management
 Tuning of the application and database using TKPROF utility

Project STDORG
This project is designed to manage stores department of Standard Organics Ltd a well known
pharmaceutical industry in southern India. The database is of size 4gb. It is an OLTP system with high
 Physical and logical Backups of the Database using export utility
 Created scripts to create backup of tablespaces and datafiles.
 Shell scripts and dynamic SQL programming for storage management.
 Major role in the development of the stocks module,
 Created 90 tables with constraints to impose the data integrity
 Created unique, concatenated indexes depending the performance of the queries
 Tuned for the better performance of the fronted of application (like forms navigation, using
packages, libraries, property classes)
 Created 65 forms and 48 reports for the stock module using forms 4.5 and reports 2.5


This project deals with current accounts and saving accounts. Opening of new accounts, deposit transfers
from other branches, daily transactions of different accounts, chequebook operations Generating daily,
monthly, half-yearly reports basing on customer transactions and branch transactions.
 Developed Forms and Reports as per the module specifications
 Developed Stored procedures, packages and database triggers
 Created tables, sequences, and indexes.
 Worked with multiple forms, calling forms and reports within the forms
 Created drill down reports to view the reports at macro level and also at micro level.

Educational Qualifications
 Bachelor of Science with Distinction, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
 Diploma in RDBMS and ORACLE7.1 with Grade A

Corporate Training
 Oracle Database Administration.
 Diploma in RDBMS and Oracle 7.1 with Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Report 2.5)
 Oracle 8.0, Oracle 8i, Oracle Web-DB
 UNIX(SCO-UNIX,SUN-SOLARIS 2.6/7/8) Administration
 Sun Certified Java Training Course. (SL-275).
 SQL Server Analysis Services
 Informatica Power Centre Advanced developer

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OTHER Certifications
 Brainbench Certified ORACLE 8 DBA
 Brainbench Certified Oracle 7DBA
 Brainbench Certified Oracle programmer.

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