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1. Sodium has 11 atomic number, then:


= 2

From the electron configuration of sodium, so we can say the amount of sodium shell is three (3) 2. The electron can move from one shell to another shell. The energy in photon form will be released if the electron moves to the inner shell, whereas the energy in photo form will be absorbed so, the electron moves to the outer shell. The energy which is released or absorbed in the form of quanta for hv as planck equation. E = hv Where h is planck constant and f is light frequency or photon which is released or absorbed. 3. Because the atom has electron valance in range of 1 up to 3, it's easier to release the electrons, then another atom will catch the them. So, the atom will change into positive ion due to the releasing of its electron valance. 4. Each shell has a different energy level, the located on the outer shell, then the energy of each atom was higher. therefore, when one atom from the outer shell want to get into the shell closer to the center, it must release its energy, because the energy levels of the inner shell is lower than the outer shell. 5. When hydrogen is in the closed medium and given with sparks which are come from high voltage electricity source, then the hydrogen gas molecules will absorb the energy. It cause the H-H bond in H2 is break, then results excited hydrogen atom, hydrogen atom which has over energy. The over of that energy is emitted in light form with kinds of wave length. When the light is throughed to prism, it results hydrogen atomic spectrum. The fact that gas radiates light in form of line spectrum is assumed has a relation with atomic structure. Therefore atomic line spectrum can be used to test the truth of an atomic model. The light lines in the spectrum above is corresponded with wave length that shown the level of energy. Therefore, hydrogen atomic line spectrum indicates that electron in hydrogen atom placing certain level energy.

6. Atomic spectra hydrogen trial aims to investigate the existence of discrete spectrum of the hydrogen atom spectrum of colors ranging from purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. If a gas is placed in a tube and then an electric current is passed into the tube, the gas will emit light. The light emitted by each gas is different and is a characteristic of the gas. Light emitted in the form of a line spectrum rather than a continuous spectrum. The fact that the gas emits light in the form of spectral lines is believed to be closely related to atomic structure. 7. Planck Hypotesis: Every physical system (matter) cant have energy with random value but only alllowed to have a certain value Theres a relation between frequency (v) with Energy (E) from electromagnetic wave from a matter, namely:

E=nhv E = n h c/

Note: E = Energy in joule (J) n = Number : 1, 2, 3,............. h = Planck Constant c = Light velocity: 3 x 108 m/s

8. De broglie was assumed that matter has a dualism properties, it means that light can be expressed as a wave and as a particle 9. The experiment which is support de broglie assumption is difraction of electron which is expressed that the matter has dualism properties, as wave and as particle 10. Accoording to schrodinger. The total energy system can be predicted through the finishing of an equation known as: Schrodinger equation. Particle wave equation (ex:electron) which moves in one direction. Schrdinger equation :(-h2/8n2m) (d2/dx2) + V = E Where, m is mass of electron, V is system of potential energy as function of coordinate , and is function of wave.

contain 3 quantum number that is principal quantum number, azimuth quantum number, magnetic quantum number. 11. The principle of quantum number is the number which shows the position of electron in an atom theoritically, symbolized with n; 1, 2, 3.....

Magnetic azimuth number is the number that shows the position of electron in sub shell. It has score of ; 0, 1, 2, ...

l = 0; for subshell of s l = 1; for subshell of p l = 2; for subshell of d l = 3; for subshell of f 12. The configuration of
24Cr: 24Cr

1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1 3d5

So, the quantum number is: n=3 l=2 m= +2 s = +1/2