Introducing An Innovative Performing Arts Camp For Youth

MJ Music Camp @ NCCF
Summer 2011: August 1 – August 7

Join our one-week intensive program that develops artistic and personal growth. Gain feedback from music industry professionals, jam with peers, and perform LIVE! Build life skills, and learn “10 truths” of the music industry.

Create Music. Play Live. Engage Community
Located on the NCCF campus at 6301 Greentree Road Bethesda, MD 20817. New Building and Music Rooms! Register online: http://mjmcatnccf/

lyrics and performance. parent of a creative child. setting goals you can achieve! 10 truths of the music industry – Part B. or as a sponsor in support of the next generation of musical artists. Plus.VIP guest Each student completes the program with a recorded song and a professional photograph! . Students will rotate four-times each day to receive coaching and mentorship from industry professionals in vocals. Sheryl Brissett-Chapman. who will create an engaging environment that parents will trust to build artistic and life skills. and personal goal-setting skills. and allows them to demonstrate responsibility and develop personal growth.Our Program Marcus Johnson Award-winning music artist President. NCCF Linda Gill Anderson Executive Director. MJ Music Camp is being brought to life under the thoughtful leadership of Linda Gill Anderson. remaining true to your own values! Social media: building your brand and understanding the independent music scene Words of wisdom -. The daily class will provide an opportunity to gain insightful knowledge. music. Our curriculum empowers youth. The week of development culminates in two live performances on Saturday and Sunday. money management. and the development of young adults by the visionary family and child advocate Dr. MJMC Welcome We invite you to join us at MJ Music Camp @ NCCF as a student. MJ Music Camp @ NCCF is an intensive one-week program that inspires and encourages today’s talented youth drawing on the expertise of musical artist Marcus Johnson. Plus. A Glimpse at the Curriculum: Mon: Basics of finance and building a knowledge of managing your money Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: 10 truths of the music industry – Part A. Sheryl Brissett-Chapman Executive Director. Three Keys Music Dr.

What about meals? The camp offers breakfast and lunch daily. Our students will be from schools throughout the D. 2011. please inform the Camp Administrators. 2011) with an interest and ability in voice. tuition costs $795 and must be paid in full by July 8. | Suite 300 WDC 20036 Ph: 855-GO-MJ MUSIC Fx: 855-853-8251 Email: mjmcatnccf@gmail. and checks may be mailed for receipt by 7/8/11. . August 1 at 8am and closes on Sunday. N. Mail address: MJ Music Camp @ NCCF 1726 M Street. Q. Arrival time begins each day at 8am – 8:45am. lyrics and performance. There is no extended camp aftercare. Summer 2012: There will be two one-week sessions.W. and the program starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. What is the tuition for MJ Music Camp @ NCCF? Tuition: For Summer 2011. August 1 – Key Dates SUMMER 2011 • Registration opens 5/9/11 • Registration closes 7/8/11 • Camp forms due 7/15/11 • Wait list students contacted 7/22/11 • Camp opens 8/1/11 • Special Performances: 8/6 & 8/7 • Camp closes 8/7/11 SUMMER 2012 • Tuition announced 12/1/11 • Registration opens 2/1/12 • Open House: Early March • Early-bird discount deadline: 3/23/12 • Registration closes 6/1/12 • Camp forms due 6/8/12 • Wait list students contacted 6/22/12 • Camp opens 7/23/12 • Camp closes 8/5/12 *2012 dates subject to change. If your student has food allergies.General Info FAQs Q. metropolitan area. What are the camp hours? Located on the NCCF Campus at 6301 Greentree Road in Bethesda. What are the camp dates? Summer 2011: The one-week program is scheduled for Monday. Who is eligible for MJ Music Camp @ NCCF? High School students ages 14 . Scholarships: Please inquire about partial and full scholarships. August 7 at 3pm. Q. music. the Camp opens Monday. Q.18 (as of June 1. The camp will have an Upper Camp for students ages 15 – 18 and Lower Camp for students 12 – 15. August 7. Final student pick-up is 4:30pm. Q. along with mid-morning and afternoon snacks. or any diet restrictions. Registration is available online via credit card. and students may be enrolled for consecutive weeks.C.

fully understanding and accepting them as stated.W. I understand that all tuition and fees to the camp are payable as specified above and that no child may enter or continue to attend unless all tuition and fees are paid and all forms required by the Camp are complete and up-to-date. and thank you for registering with your payment of $795 by the July 8.Registration Tuition $795 Scholarship Application $25 Enrollment Form We're excited to have you be a part of MJ Music Camp @ NCCF. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come and priority need basis. For questions. | Suite 300 WDC 20036 Ph: 855-GO-MJ MUSIC | Fx: 855-853-8251 Email: mjmcatnccf@gmail. Examination and Emergency Information Form. please call the Administrator.. Signature__________________________________________________ Date____________________ Mail Registration Address: MJ Music Camp @ NCCF 1726 M Street. including a Health History. 2011 deadline for Summer Update: 5/1/11 . I have carefully read the above conditions of this agreement.) Emergency Contact Info Name______________________________________________________ Relationship____________ Email__________________________________________ Phone_____________________________ Payment Info Check_______ Credit Card_______ Visa____ Discover____ MasterCard______ Name On Card____________________________ Signature_________________________________ Card #____________________________________________________Exp______ Code__________ CARPOOLING: The camp has permission to include our contact information on Carpool Lists: Yes__ No__ FAMILY INFORMATION: The camp has permission to share our contact information with other camp families: Yes__ No__ I hereby enroll the above student in the MJ Music Camp @ NCCF. If you are applying for full or partial scholarship. N. I hereby give my permission to the Camp to use photographs. the non-refundable application fee of $25 must be received by June 10. and/or videotapes taken of the abovenamed child at camp for promotional use only.) Name______________________________________________________ Age____________ (As of 6/1/11) High School______________________________________________ Grade Entering______________ Interest: Sing ____ Write Lyrics _____ Write Music _____ Play Instrument_____ Type_____________ Does Student Need Loan Instrument: Yes_____ Type_______________________________________ (Only guitars and keyboards available in the Summer 2011 program. 2011 at 12noon. Family Info Forms submitted: __Health Info __Health History __Exam __ Medicine Permission __ Transportation Authorization __ Trip Permission Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip_______________________________________________________________________ Email__________________________________________ Phone______________________________ Student Info (Complete a separate form for each student in your family.

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