I picked up mysterious signals from space probes like the old Voyager 1 and 2 and Cassini Huygens super

technology, demonstrate the presence of gigantic spacecraft that are operating in the vicinity of Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system. And much more! The presence of such ET vehicles is certainly one of the most important ... Secrets of discoveries made in space. Large cylindrical vehicles, belonging to an unknown and highly sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization, and these are also present in regions of Mars and the Moon. "(No. Bergrun) In 1996, our large Hubble Space Telescope was looking for new moons of Saturn and Jupiter. but that day the telescope was able to do infrared images of Saturn and right on the photographs were discovered mysterious vehicle of unknown origin, which could be an astronaut or mothers, however, a certain type of major carriers to transport aliens. One of these mysterious craft appears to have a diameter close to that of the Earth and another has more than fifty thousand miles long! In his book "Ringmakers of Saturn" Dr. Norman R. Bergrun, in collaboration with Walter Vincenti, a professor emeritus of aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford University, described the rings of Saturn and in fact are not entirely natural, but artificially constructed by the gigantic cylindrical spaceship ET - vehicles operating in the vicinity of Saturn . Who is doing by creating these rings and other artificial devices in our solar system? What is the reason for all this? Do not forget that Col. Philip Corso in 1947 had an encounter with a being ET. In this meeting of course asked what planet they came from and what were their purposes. The answer was: We are the creators, "We are also called Igigi. They are therefore the creators of worlds? If we read the ancient Sumerian texts (Enuma Elish) the famous Nephilim were described as the Guardians and Creators of the Worlds. Does not seem to want us for now. But something is moving in the right direction. We all know that these beings, extraterrestrial civilizations, highly advanced that can create amazing things in our solar system. For their help they have huge vehicles that can be measured in diameters of planets like Earth. ET A vehicle of such enormous size, has the ability to support an entire civilization. They are also capable of creating enormous rings around planets like Saturn or Jupiter moons or satellites and creating around them. It seems that we are part of this great project.

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