Confronting Radical Jihad
CHALLENGE: Jihadism – violent, radical, fundamental Islam – is this century’s nightmare. It follows the same dark path as last century’s nightmares: fascism and Soviet communism. Many still fail to comprehend the extent of the threat posed by radical Islam, specifically by those extremists who promote violent Jihad against the United States and the universal values Americans espouse. Yet the Jihad has been with us for some time.
Key Post Cold War Jihadist Attacks
1993 WTC 2004 Madrid Train 2005 London Subway 2004 Beslan School

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “Today, we face a new generation of challenges, globally and here at home. We will do as Americans have always done: we will rise to the occasion. We have all that we need. We have technology, technology that would have been beyond the imagination of our grandparents. We have national wealth. And most important, we have the heart and passion of the American people - always the greatest source of our strength as a nation.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library, 4/10/07)

Post Cold War Terrorist Incidents
REGION Africa East Central Asia Eastern Europe Latin America & The Caribbean Middle East/Persian Gulf North America South Asia Southeast Asia & Oceania Western Europe TOTAL
Source: The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base; RAND

2001 9/11 Attacks

2005 Sharm Al-Sheikh 1998 Kenya Embassy

2000 USS Cole

1994 Jewish Com. Ctr. Argentina

1992 Israeli Embassy Argentina

1998 Tanzania Embassy

2002 Bali Bombings

INCIDENTS 745 171 1466 2283 13048 153 4896 1591 3636 27989

INJURIES 8615 5487 5121 3337 48989 4083 20887 5217 2512 104248

FATALITIES 2980 214 1992 1945 24869 3184 8142 1622 512 45460

Source: Nuclear Threat Initiative

Radical Islam has one goal: to replace all modern Islamic states with a worldwide caliphate while destroying the United States and converting all nonbelievers, forcibly if necessary, to a fundamentalist form of Islam. Merely closing our eyes and hoping that Jihadism will go away is not an acceptable solution. U.S. military action alone cannot change the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims. In the end, only Muslims themselves can defeat the violent radicals. But we must work with them. The consequences of ignoring this threat – such as a radicalized Islamic actor possessing nuclear weapons – are simply unacceptable.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “I think many of us still fail to comprehend the extent of the threat posed by radical Islam, by Jihad. Understandably, we focus on Afghanistan and Iraq. Our men and women are dying there. We think in terms of countries, because we faced countries in last century’s conflicts. But the Jihad is much broader than any one nation or nations. Jihad encompasses far more than the IsraeliPalestinian conflict. For radical Islam, there is an over-arching conflict and goal - replacing all modern Islamic states with a caliphate, destroying America, and conquering the world.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library, 4/10/07)


Confronting Radical Jihad: THE ROM NEY Plan
To meet today’s challenges, we must mobilize and integrate all elements of national power in unstable areas where traditional civilian agencies cannot operate effectively and traditional military power alone cannot succeed. I Create A Special Partnership Force (SPF). The SPF will integrate all elements of national power under a new force with leadership drawn from a core group of our Army Special Forces trained to work with civilian governments and intelligence personnel to form a new capability that is: L Focused on locally-targeted efforts to win support in the community while identifying, isolating and eliminating terrorist elements. L Highly integrated and able to mobilize all elements of national power, including humanitarian and development assistance and rule of law capacity building. L Closely coordinated in partnership with local governments. L Intelligence driven. L Agile and flexible in its operations. L A sustainable effort in contested areas and sanctuaries of Jihadist groups. I Launch A New Type Of Marshall Plan Unifying Nonmilitary Sources Of Power To Support Moderate Muslims. As President, Governor Romney will call together our Middle East allies and the major nations of the developed world to establish a “Partnership for Progress and Prosperity.” This Partnership will assemble the resources of all developed nations to assure that threatened Islamic states have public schools, micro-credit and banking, the rule of law, human rights, basic health care, and competitive economic policies. Resources would be drawn from public and private institutions, and from volunteers and NGOs. I Strengthen Global Alliances. The failure of efforts such as the United Nations Human Rights Council has given multilateralism a bad name. America’s strength is amplified when it is combined with the strength of other nations. We need to expand alliances such as NATO and efforts among the world’s leading nations to face the new threat of radical Jihad and increase our homeland security. We need to build global and regional capacities and networks of law enforcement and intelligence officials to confront Jihadists and other transnational threats. GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “This [Special Partnership] Force would work hand-in-glove with local host governments. Together, they would seek to target and separate terrorists from the local population, and to disrupt and defeat them. They would have the authority to call in all elements of civil assistance and humanitarian aid. Where they felt it was necessary, they could call in Delta and SEAL military resources. Their goal would be to build national institutions of stability and freedom, and to promote the rule of law and human rights.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At AEI World Forum, 6/21/07) GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “And further, if I were fortunate enough to be elected your President, I’d call for a National Summit of Nations to create a new partnership – a Partnership for [Progress] and Prosperity. “This Partnership would assemble the resources of all the nations of the world to work to assure that Islamic states that are threatened with violent Jihad have public schools that are not Wahhabi madrasas; that they have micro-credit and banking, the rule of law, human rights, basic health care, and competitive economic practices.” (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At Yeshiva University, 4/26/07) GOVERNOR ROMNEY: “The inaction, if not the breakdown, of many Cold War institutions has made many Americans skeptical of multilateralism... But such failures should not obscure the fact that the United States’ strength is amplified when it is combined with the strength of other nations. ... [W]here institutions are fundamentally incapable of meeting a new generation of challenges, the United States does not have to go it alone. Instead, we must examine where existing alliances can be strengthened and reinvigorated and where new alliances need to be forged.” (Governor Mitt Romney, “Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges,” Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)