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Chapter 1 The Medevil Sitation Created via literacy not via absence Poet Laazamon, but its literacy

of a pre scientific ancient cluture. Aristotle of sky vs nature. Aether-divine. The midevil revvila, tasso arisoto spenser etc was not really a revilval, but a reusrugnece of a culture that never really left discourse. Via romane ballad folk and even iconogon[rgrapy. Middle ages built on systems. Fromalized styliezed cdodes. Perfected midevil model combination of hetero genous sources, Aristotle christnaity pagan platon sotic. Set next to summa and comedy and midevil form. Chapter 2 Reservations End of 17th century midevil model abandon. Milton is still midevil even though not in era. Backcloth. Chapter 3 Cicero-sominum scipinonons Dream poems chuacer book of the uche parlement, imitates sominum scipionons from cicero via the dalouge of scipio minor relating his dream of his grandfather. Africus major on top oc carthage, to the highest spehere stellatum. This ascent is protopye to dante, Chaucer hall fo hame, trolius ghost lover kin quair. Don quioxite and Sancho. Suicide unlawful echoded in spenser tredcross night. Donne the same in satyre iii 29. Lucan-Pharsalia Dante translates in Convivio and emulates in paridso when Thomas Aquinas says bride of st franics had long remained without a sutiar. Lucan’s charactesr appear in inferno as good pagans. In convivio marcai is la nobile anima. Noble soul turning to god. Dante anaagoe. 9th book-soul of pompey sascents from funeral pyre to the heavne.s pompey arrives at beginning of spheres. Mentions lunar movment ghosts inhabit the surface of the aehter, mocks his own funeral. Used by boccacio in taeside in his ghost of arcita. Makes similar remarks as he traels along the spehres, also mocks his funeral and morning. Chuacer in ghost of trolius also similar sentiments. Bethisou- De constilione philosopiae - From emulates mennipiean satirue, which hasd strong influence over sannazaro arcadia. Fortune aplogy for her wheel. This inspires a thousand passages among them dante

Nobility is fame of ancestors virtue. Idea of providence and destiny being a wheel if you get closer you tempt more. and orsinos monologue in Shakespeare. Also Chaucer ballad eof fortune and hamlets there is nothing eirhter good or bad thinking makes it so.. Notion of prior aetas primeval stoic innocne. And de maronarchia. . Stellatium. Influences. Make out all aspect from an extreme distance. Midevil dtendnecy to foreground everything. Dante alos borrows false nobility in vonvio. Becomes a flourishing midevil idea.The most miserable misfortune is teo be e hapy once. Primuim mobile. All speak to Boethius idea of fortune. Mlton moon riding first example in egnlish poery. Don quicote and Sancho afraid of burning II xli Dante Maggio Corpo. book 3 echoed in a knights tale note on happiness. Echoed by mitlon pretiiosa pericula and Chaucer ballade of former age. Philosophia as a young and old woman. Wife of bath roman de la rose. Dante inferno nessun maggior dolore and teynnysons sorrows crown of sorrows. Dante Paridiso Chaucer hous of fame.

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