Episode 4 – Uninvited Guests

Story by: Ana Tinoco and Paul Santos Edition and hand drawing by: Ana Tinoco

Anaxenite and Joan attend to a party organized by Thor. What seems to be a mere troublemaking get together can be the very beginning of something bigger.

October 9, 2011

*Early morning Anaxenite is already up attending her war horse.* Joan - Up already? Anaxenite – Yeah we’ve got lot of things to take care of Joan… Joan *with a sleeping voice and stretching her limbs* - We do? Anaxenite – Yes, we have a party to attend tonight! Joan – A party? Since when are you the party girl type? Anaxenite *chuckles* - I am not but something tells me I cannot miss it… I believe there’s something big about to happen *stands still for a moment thinking about what Thor had told her on their last meeting – got word from our scouts that my brother Loki sent the frost giants to attack the kingdom. After the great battle we lost many men. Have to raise an army as quickly as possible. I can't afford to be as discriminating as usual.* Joan – Oh… so going to fill me on this or what? Anaxenite - Thor is giving a party tonight at his palace here in Asgard and I take it that all the lowlifes - mortals and immortals are going to be there. Joan – Thor! Like in the God of the Hammer? Ana I don’t trust him or any god specially not after what you have told me about your past regarding the gods. By the way one day you are going to have to tell me that story but this time don’t save any details! Gods you have that…that…annoying “talent” of cutting the stories short! Anaxenite – *chuckles* Thor might not be the most pleasant of beings but next to his brother Loki…he’s quite…tolerable. *a dreamy smile crosses her face for a moment but then her features become hard again* Joan – So…we are just going to a party in a god’s palace, filled with warlords and badass gods, well there’s something that doesn’t come along every day. And how are you planning on getting in? Anaxenite – Don’t worry about that, I’ve got a plan – let’s go to the market place first. Joan – Shopping! I’m starting to enjoy whatever plan you’ve got in mind. Anaxenite – eheh don’t get too excited we are only going to buy strictly what’s necessary. Joan *with a somewhat disappointed look* - Spoiling my fun huh? Anaxenite *amused* - Let’s gather our things and leave. ******************************************************************

*Meanwhile at Thor’s palace.*

*Thor outside his palace greeting one of his sergeants.* Sergeant Lir - Why is the meeting here? Don’t you think Loki will find out? The All Father (Odin)? Thor - Nei Sergeant Lir - Wouldn’t everyone get suspicious you having a party and not inviting your family? Thor - Nei again. I always have parties with friends only. Besides, drinking and hunting stories do not interest them. Sergeant Lir: - clever! My lord, what is the purpose? Thor - Relax sergeant Lir… …err, friend, I will reveal everything when all the guests arrive. *Thor leads Lir into his palace.*


*Late evening, Anaxenite and Joan arrive to Thor’s palace, they are wearing long cloaks with hoods.* Joan – Are you sure about this? Anaxenite – Positive. Look it’s going to be ok; if we stick with the plan there should be no problem ok? If you prefer you can wait outside, you don’t have to go inside as well. Joan – No way! You’re right it’s going to be ok. We have gone through so many difficult things together, no way I’m staying out. Anaxenite *smiles and puts her hand over Joan’s shoulder reassuringly* - Let’s go then, you know what you have to do. Joan - *nods* Yup. See you later.


*Inside Thor’s Palace, Joan can be seen entering to the kitchen of the palace from its back rear.* *Cut to a large dining hall brightly lit with torches. Men sitting at tables drink being served by servant girls. Loud chatter by the guests. Thor sits in the middle of the largest table with his high ranking officers sitting on either side of him.* Thor: *pounds his fists on the table to get everyone’s attention* - Men! A voice from the crowd: - Men? I only see us boys! *laughter* Thor *not so pleased* - I have gathered us here tonight to… Another voice from the crowd - This is a gathering? I thought it was a tea party! *more laughter* Thor to Lir - Lir? Lir - Yes my… yes Thor? Thor - What did you have the servants give to the crowd? Lir - Oh, nothing special. (nervously) just the finest ale from my uncle’s cavern. Thor *yelling* - Lir! Sit outside! Lir - The usual place sir? On the stool? Thor - Yes! And bring your coat with you. It’s cold out. I can’t afford you dying outside my palace instead of the battle field. Now leave be!

*As Lir leaves, Thor returns to the crowd. Lifts his hammer in his hand to summon lightening* Thor *screaming* - Now men! May I have your attention? My scouts have informed me that Loki seeks to sack Asgard. As some of you may know that our most loyal men have joined him. A voice from the crowd: - But how can they? I thought they were honorable men and loyal to the All Father? Thor - Remember he’s the master of deception. It’s thanks to his lies and bribes, that he has been able to raise a very large army. He promised to make them rich and powerful. Another voice from the crowd - How can we possibly fight them? We are few and not skilled in fighting. *Thor takes out a map and points at it.* Thor - Loki seeks to invade from the east, because that is his realm. If we confront him here in this valley, this narrow crevice if you will, we stand a chance! A voice - With due respect my lord. We can’t possibly. I’m just a commoner and lack the techniques in warfare. *The crowd agrees.* *Thor looks concerned and disappointed. Senses he is losing the crowd.* Thor - Then if you will not fight, the best thing to do is go home to your families (if you have a home and family), and kiss them, because you may not see them much longer. *Thor resigns and leaves room.*


*Joan disguised as a servant prepares a food tray and it’s on her way to the dining hall when she hears voices, she stops in her tracks and hides.* *Two figures can be seen in the dark.* Female voice *angrily speaking in a low tone - You fool! How could you get drunk!? *rolls eyes* Men, typical! Male voice *nervously and fearfully* - I’m sorry my lady! Female voice – There’s no apologize that can save your sorry ass from Loki now! Male voice – Please Lady Amora give me another chance! Female voice – You are on your own! *with this she disappears*

*The spy gets out from hiding and heads towards the dining room. Joan waits until the spy can no longer notice her.*


*In the dining hall the music starts playing and a group of dancers come into de room dressed in exotic clothing. A closer look on one of them – it’s Anaxenite wearing a long black wig.*

Anaxenite – (Gods am I really doing this? Focus Ana focus! And here I go!) *she starts letting her body flow with the sound of the music although always keeping herself well aware of the surroundings*. She identifies some of the men and Thor who is talking with a guard. And then she spots Joan and approaches her discretely.

Joan *whispering behind Anaxenite* – Ana, a woman by the name of Amora was here, she was talking with a guy and they mentioned Loki. There, that man over there with raven hair and beard. Anaxenite *her eyes widen* - uh oh! Thanks. *Ana moves towards the man Joan mentioned, touches his shoulder from behind him, he turns around, she quickly grabs his hands and moving provocatively leads him towards a corridor – the same one where he had been talking with Amora – he’s not in his full senses because due to the effects of the alcohol and well not every day that he has an exotic dancer hitting on him, he just gives in. Ana pins him to the wall grabbing his neck. Spy – What the…! Who are you? Anaxenite - I ask the questions here! Spy – Oh not again! Two in a row in just a night!? Anaxenite *teasingly* - Oh don’t worry, from you I just want a “little chat”. What are you doing here? What are Loki’s intentions? You better start spill out the beans fast because patience isn’t my best suit. *with this she leans a dagger at his throat* Spy *now trembling and impressed by this woman’s strength that gives him no change to escape her grasp* - I’m here to get some information for Lo— *A familiar male voice interrupts.* Thor - What’s all the commotion? *Ana is startled and the spy takes the chance to escape.* *Ana gets angry.* Anaxenite - Thor! You let him get away! Now he knows everything and will tell Loki! Thor - Relax. The entire plan was a ruse. I knew Loki would send spies. I wanted to influence the route he would take on his way to the city. *Joan now joins them.* Anaxenite – But… Thor - But what? I know what I’m doing. Besides, I didn’t think you would come. *looks Ana up and down appreciatively* but I’m glad you did. *Thor grins.* *Joan giggles.* *Ana not amused folds her arms.*