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Managers of the future will be under more pressure and have to meet more challenges than their predecessors. History has taught us that they will need to be expert planners, strategists and thinkers. Strategic planning is essential-at the heart of businesses of every size. It determines their objectives and the reasons for them. Large business may allocate more resources and time to strategic planning, where as small businesses being close to the stakeholders can move more quickly. (P. Rea & H. Kerzner, 2009)

External Analysis
Environmental Opportunities and Threats Gathering of Information

Internal analysis
Organizational Strength and Weakness

Firm’s Social Responsibility

Evaluation of Information

Managerial Values of Management

Strategy Evaluation

Strategy Selection

Strategy Implementation

Figure1.0: The Traditional Strategic Planning Model (P. Rea & H. Kerzner, 2009 )
In the tourism and hospitality industry airline forms an important element of transportation. As Ryanair is the cheapest short haul airline, it has an important role in the UK and Irish tourism industry. On their website of 16.03.11 Ryanair boostede the English and Irish Economy by offering offer some special trips to Dublin and London for the Royal Wedding

Strategic Planning of Ryanair. Md. Shafiul Alam. CTH ID-28469

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Its journey started with an Embraer Bandeirante Turboprop aircraft consisted of 14 seats. Ryanair currently has a team of 8000 people and expects to carry approximately 73.59 Table: 1 Major financial highlights of Ryanair (www. It connects about 160 destinations around 27 countries in the world.7% SAS 3. newspapers and articles.2010) Full Year End 31 Mar 2009 31Mar 2010 Passengers 56. a businessman from Ireland established Ryanair in 1985. CTH ID-28469 Page 2 .8% Ryanair 5.ryanair. Primarily Ryanair chose to fly in Waterford to London Gatwick Airport route in which a duopoly of British Airways and Air Lingus was exist.64m 6. (www.ryanair. Liam Lonergan and Tony Ryan.com) Since 1985 Ryanair has developed so much that it is now one of the largest airlines in Europe.1 History of Ryanair Christopher Ryan. journals.91m 4. All flights between London-Republic of Ireland at that time were controlled by these two airlines.2 Size and Market Share of Ryanair Ryanair has now become one of the favourite airlines in the world.1% Table: 2 Market Share of Ryanair in European Short-haul Market(Karl West.2m €319m Adjusted basic EPS 7. The airline went public in 1997 and raised capital for expansion of its operations as a pan-European carrier.5m Revenue €2942m €2988m Adjusted profit after tax €169.The Daily Mail) Strategic Planning of Ryanair. Their cheap fares attracted a huge number of tourists to London from all over the Europe.5 million customers in the current fiscal year.6% EasyJet 3. It operates a fleet of 250 new Boeing 737800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 64 new aircraft which will be delivered within the next two years.com) 31Mar2011 72. 1.6% British Airways 2.23m 4.97 %Change +8% +21% +26% 25% Name Passengers Market Share Lufthansea 5.12m 7.2% Air France 4.53m 7. I was inspired to choose Ryanair for my report because of their important and innovative role and success story in the tourism and hospitality industry.ryanair. (www.com) 1.10 21. Everyday about1400 flights of Ryanair are operated across more than 1100 low fare routes.7m 66.and St Patrick’s Day. Md. books. (Annual Report. I obtained the information from the internet.1m €3630m €401m 26.53m 5% Iberia 3. Shafiul Alam.3m 4.

com) Ryanair realizes that price is the key part of its brand and this keeps them different from their competitors. Sometimes the price is more important than the product itself. (Mayer. CTH ID-28469 Page 3 . The company has deals with Hertz car rental and a number of hotel . aged segment and corporate passengers too (Swarbrook & Horner. Ryanair’s long term strategy involves different pricing strategies which mean that off-peak booking and travelling in advance makes a ticket cheaper. 2007).2007) Strategic Planning of Ryanair.3 Products/Services.ryanair. the airlines fleet will increase to approximately 200 aircrafts to cope with an estimated 95 million passengers.5 Corporate Objectives of Ryanair Ryanair has the following corporate objectives . (Gilbert. Md. Normally Ryanair defines its target customers as price independent but also includes young students. Ryanair represents the pure low cost airline concept with no frills at all with narrow seating on board –by carrying passengers point to point on routes of short haul (Mayer.  With the aircraft orders it has placed up to 2012. Ryanair adapts its prices to maintain a 20% difference to those of its direct competitors their future policy is to continue these low fares strategies. They sometimes offer holiday packages. phone card and bus ticket companies.Child & Bennett 2007) 1. 1.(www.  Continue to pursue price sensitive present as well as potential customers to travel with Ryanair convincing them that it offers the lowest fares and specially attacking every other low cost airline on their truck routes.4 Target Customer of Ryanair The target customer is anyone within Europe in the age group 15-64 who are not willing to expend much but desire to make air travel to attractive places. It aspires to maintain simplicity of its products as much as possible. Shafiul Alam. Ticketless travel in one class can be made by its passengers without reserving the seat. 2005). Price of Ryanair The low cost service of Ryanair to European customers is very attractive because of the lowest price of its one way tickets.to  Develop its share of market in low cost airlines industry of Europe to 40% within 6 years.1.

2 Weaknesses  Niche market: restricted expansion possibility  Long distance between some of the destinations.2009. (Ryanair.  Internet bookings.  decisions of EU court: future expansion will be difficult as a result of this  Recent increase in bargaining power of Regional airports.1 Strengths  Brand value: Ryanair has been able to build up a high value brand for its services in 14 years in the LCC markets  Advantage of low cost airports: These helps them keep the price low  Has first mover advantage on airports within its region: this acts as a barrier to entry for new players. Some of the strategic models which are related to the Ryan air are outlined below: 2.0 Theories and models of Ryanair Strategic Planning is a top-down approach to business planning with an emphasis on long term business wide issues. Shafiul Alam.  Increased sense of price among customers.  Fuel and other risk hedging(Ryanair.1. business synergy models.1. experience curve analysis. growth-share matrices.  High level of price sensitive customers of Ryanair.  Advantages offered by low level of geopolitical risk  More numbers of low cost passengers due to economic slowdown. Md.p-11) 2. 2.1.  Increased regulations in air traffic.p-10) 2.  Still potential to capture market.1. research and analysis on product life cycle etc contributed to increased popularity of Strategic planning .  Low quality of service: due to incompetent employees.3 Opportunities  Expansion of EU: a lot of new destinations will be opened up by this.p-10) 2. During 1970s a widespread application of different models such as portfolio models. (Ryanair.  Modernize fleet: helps to gain cost savings in maintenance. CTH ID-28469 Page 4 .  Large numbers of seats  High quality of the services: high level of time savings and high rates of completed flights. competitive advantage analysis.2.2009.2009.1 SWOT Analysis of Ryanair SWOT analysis is very important in any organization in terms of strategy.p-11) Strategic Planning of Ryanair.4 Threats  Heavy reliance on oil markets  Variations in economic cycle  Competition from other low cost competitors. Following figure shows the SWOT analysis used by managers of Ryanair. (Ryanair.2009.

Government passed the law for carbon emission to the aviation industry by imposing high taxes. CTH ID-28469 Page 5 . Governments in different countries increase the route charge. The pressure of trade unions is increasing day by day.1 Political Factors Political systems vary between countries and often shape what managers can and cannot do. Md.p-93) Figure: PESTEL Analysis (www. Shafiul Alam.2.com) 2.2 PESTEL Analysis of Ryanair In the following PESTEL analysis we will discuss six factors which will affect and be the focus of future business in the airlines industry.Figure: SWOT analysis of Ryanair 2.googleimages. 2009. (David Boddy.2 Economical Factors Strategic Planning of Ryanair. 2.2.

2004) 2. The (Personnelttoday. more particularly.(www. This is only partly true. (Milmo. UK and European countries always try to decide in favour of their flag carriers. 2.p-12) Strategic Planning of Ryanair. In 2009 Ryanair reported the first loss in its 20 year old business as a result of the credit crunch. 2010) 2. such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010.2.6 Legal Factors Ryanair has been alleged of misleading advertising. 2009. It disrupted the whole airline industry leading to numerous cancellations and customers claims. disrupted credit markets and fuel cost 60% above the average. as it led to high employment rates.2.3 Social Factors  Increase in the grey market  Increasing business travel  Change in the mode of travelling  As the economy grows more people will be interested in taking a holiday  Lower company costs means they can fly more frequently .2. some operational cost is paid in US Dollars.5 Environmental Factors Natural disasters.com/doc) 2. (Ryanair. ancillaries and services of third parties and checking in customers.4 Technological Factors For Ryanair it is absolutely vital to keep abreast of new technology which helps to enhance business processes and cost-efficiency. Even Ryanair suffered from the recession in 2008.The increase in almost all airport charges is a further problem for the airlines industry. EU competition law safeguarding the aviation industry imposes further restrictions. Md.2.2009). Shafiul Alam. (Milmo.Michael O’Leary claims that in a downturn there are a lot of positives for his company (Freeman. CTH ID-28469 Page 6 . Ryanair run a multifunctional web-system on its websites that allows selling tickets. can have a dramatic affect on the basic airline strategy.scribd. 2009) Another threat is that several of Ryanair expenses and assets are denominated in UK pounds and.

3. CTH ID-28469 Page 7 ...2.p-5) 2.3. 2011.3. In the case of Ryanair. buyer power. shows Porter’s model listing various aspects which Ryanair should consider in regards to the airline industry.. either with a high or low power and influence. Figure. 2. supplier power. Md. it has been able to build a superior brand identity over the years since the time of deregulation. Shafiul Alam.1 Threat of New Entry The threat that new entrants may encounter in entering the industry and lessen the earnings of existing companies is analyzed by this force.2 Competitive Rivalry in the Existing Market Strategic Planning of Ryanair. As a result a large amount of investment is needed to be expended by a new entrant by way of sunk costs in advertising if it wants to compete on a level playing field. (Christophe Muller. threat of substitution and competition. Porter’s Five Forces Model Porter’s five forces model helps to establish a holistic view of an industry by considering barriers to entry.

The distribution power of travel agents is increasingly threatened with the increasing preference for booking tickets on the internet or directly.4.p8) 2. 2009. 2009. (Ryanair.5 Threat of Product Substitute Customers have others modes of travels which are sometimes considered safer than airlines such as fast train or travel by coach/bus favoured by most .p-8). With the downturn in the economy airlines are putting their purchasing on a very limited scale.3.holidaymakers. 2.4 Service Gap Model of Ryanair 2.1 The management perception gap (Gap 1) The primary reason for the gap 1 is that customer perception is that Ryanair are unwilling to discuss or address their expectations.The cost of high rivalry among the competitors can be quite high whereas customers are getting the benefit from such price wars among the airlines. Boeing. CTH ID-28469 Page 8 .3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers At a very basic level the airlines industry suppliers are limited only to two segments. 2. (Ryanair. For new customers particularly they focus on transaction marketing rather than relationship marketing.3. One is the supplier of planes and another is the supplier of fuels.4 Bargaining Power of Customers A large number of new customers of new member countries of the European Union are taking an interest in flying from one destination to other due to low airlines price.3. Md. 2. That’s why Ryanair has advantages over other airlines because they have designed a policy of low frills and low prices which help them to become strong competitor for the customers who are more sensitive to price. Ryanair has a very healthy relationship with the main aeroplane supplier. (Gummesson 2008) Another key factor for this gap is Ryanair’s inadequate service recovery. Shafiul Alam. Strategic Planning of Ryanair.

2009) Service recovery Page 9 Strategic Planning of Ryanair. there are not that much formal processes are available in Ryanair.4 The Market communication gap (Gap 4) Customer expectations may be raised potentially by Ryanair promises made through different promotional activities like media advertising. Md. Flight attendants and pilots are not happy with their work environment. Customer and employee needs are often remain unfulfilled by the service care design of Ryanair.4. Employees are not clear about their roles in the company.4. There are number of hidden costs involved in addition to the original ticket price which are not stated in Ryanair advertisements (Ryanair Customer Review. 12/10/2009) 2. sales force and other communications etc. (Dispatches: Ryanair caught napping and undercover Copper. (BBC Panorama: Why hate Ryanair. SKYTRAX) 2.5 Recommendations After discussing these theories.4.4. Shafiul Alam.3 The service delivery gap (Gap 3) Channel 4’s current affairs investigation found that Ryanair requirement and training practices sometime fail to maintain a good standard of fairness and quality. 13/06/2010) 2.2. CTH ID-28469 . models and concepts I would recommend the following to achieve the corporate goal of Ryanair    Building customer relationships Core service provision Relationship bonds(Gremler and Brown.2 The quality specification gap (Gap 2) To set service quality goals and customer driven service standards.

at least 32000 more passengers per year can be served by exploring new viable routes.2009) 3.(M Michel.88 flights per route per day which is very low compared to Easyjet and other existing carriers. It shows that some business passengers requiring more flexible time schedules are remaining out of reach of Ryanair. to compete with big players like Lufthansa and British Airways and to be the number one airline in terms of passengers transported in a cost effective way. 2011) Strategic Planning of Ryanair. The main objectives are as follows 3. Ryanair can also open routes where expensive airlines operates their flights which will attract more customers for its cheaper and no frill option. It also seeks to continue a high level of growth.. 2011) Easyjet and Rayanair. according to experts. Since market growth is declining due to negative circumstances Ryanair need to look for alternative ways to sustain its growth and market share. Md. 2011) 3. If number of flights frequency is increased in some of the routes. At present Ryanair operates on an average 3. the two major players in European airline market control about 80 percent of the total market.1. (M Michel. Ryanair can attract some other passengers from other carriers.1. potential market share for Ryan will not be more than 14 percent subject to continuance of its limited service to Western Europe.2 Exploring New European Routes There are many viable routes that still un-served by low cost carriers. In the next 10 years. CTH ID-28469 Page 10 .      Make the service fail-safe Encourage and track complaints Act quickly Provide adequate explanations Hire /train the right people Address service intangibility(Fisher.1 Increasing the frequency of flights in the existing routes The low cost airline market of Europe is by no means exhausted. It is evident that Ryanair’s present success has been contributed by rapid development in the industry. Shafiul Alam.(M. (M Michel.1 Strategic Objectives of Ryanair To maintain a high market share and be the market leader in the low cost airline market. Michel.0 Strategic Objectives of Ryanair and Recommendations Strategic objectives of Ryanair include covering highest number of routes with lowest fare than any other airline in Europe while protecting its business model. Ryan must undertake adequate research to explore new viable routes before deciding to compete. 2011)In order to do attain these objectives this following actions must be taken into account: 3. and exceeding other competitors in the market in all respect particularly in quality of services.

other operating bases such as Dublin. 3.5 Entering the Market of North Africa Many tourists and North African immigrants in Europe are also visiting North Africa in great numbers.different from Strategic Planning of Ryanair. Md.1.2 Best Strategic options and Recommendations Due to the economic turndown Ryanair faces a fall in its passenger numbers but because of its business model Ryanair must keep growing at all costs as this is the way to reduce its unit cost.7 Overhauling the Customer Service Ryanair has had a remarkable track record has been achieved by Ryanair for its tangible customer service . experts believe that the company can further reduce cost by growing at a fast pace.3 Developing the Other Operating Bases within the Continent With Ryanair’s service will be able fully cover the low cost market from London .1. 2011) 3. 2007) 3.Y. a large share of this market can be occupied by Ryanair. By applying its low fare strategy. (The McKinsey Quarterly 2009) 3.1.3. Ryanair must keep this in mind and should adjust this issue with its rules and regulations. Hahn etc must also be looked at by it that can all be developed.9 Ryanair Fully online A part of optimizing the distribution cost. Although business has already been set up by SkyEurope. SN airlines currently dominate traffic from Brussels to North Africa but they are neither a low cost airline nor a traditional airline. There is still a plenty of opportunity. (M Michel. Volume of routes and passengers is the strategy of Ryanair .8 Continuing search for ways to reduce costs Despite having the advantage of lowest cost base than other competitors.4 Covering the market of Central/Eastern Europe Increasing number of tourists and business travellers are travelling to Eastern Europe due to the continuing enlargement of EU. None of these destinations is served by Ryanair. 2011) 3. holidays in lieu of package tours. In next 12 months they are expecting 100% booking will be made through internet as they want to eliminate the cost of call centres (Mayer.6 Attacking the Market Share of the Charter Airlines Represents 25% of overall European traffic is represented by the Charter market. Ryanair must carry on aggressive attack to this market by widespread promotion of D. (M Michel.1. there is still great scope for Ryanair.1.1. 3.However the softer side of Ryanair’s customer service drew bad records from press and media.I. CTH ID-28469 Page 11 . Brussels. Ryan air will constantly use the internet as prime ticket distribution channel.1. Shafiul Alam. 3.

4 To buy new aircrafts at low price Finally Ryanair‘s last option for a change of strategy is its fleet renewal.3 To freeze staff pay A more secure way to maintain cost is to freeze staff pay for three years.Easyjet for instance. and maintaining constant earnings from ancillary revenues which account for 20% of the carrier’s revenues. 3. In March 2009 Ryanair pilots agreed to freeze their pay for 12 months. The carrier needs to buy new aircraft for two reasons:. In spite of its cut ticket prices its yield has been falling by 17%. Ryanair also needs more passengers for two other reasons – achieving the target quotas set by airports and earning the allocation of subsidy from them.2. 2011). due to European Commission’s Regulations these practices are often denounced as unfair. The strategy of Ryanair is to maintain its load factors at all costs. 2011).to keep growing and to operate new more cost effective aeroplanes (Matthias. The solution is to get high cost reduction from the airports.2. These repetitive freezes will limit costs increases but won’t reduce them permanently (Matthias.1 Increase the passenger tax Through 2009 Ryanair has constantly added new taxes to its passengers such as registering online to print their boarding passes and even pay £5 for it or pay €100 if they forget to bring their boarding pass. 2011). (Matthias. Strategic Planning of Ryanair.(Matthias.2 Get more from airports and regions As we know that passenger won’t provide enough revenues to Ryanair. 2011). 2011). One way to generate more money is to get more subsidies from the airport. Therefore it needs to think of some new strategies to generate new sources of revenue.2. Shafiul Alam.2. but. 3.(Matthias. Following are four options which Ryanair could follow 3. Md. 3. CTH ID-28469 Page 12 .

com) 4.1. Ryanair’s management mainly focus on controlling four types of primary expenses involved in operating a major passenger carrierA. D.3 Frequent Point to Point Service on Short Haul Routes Frequent point to point service on a number of short-haul routes is provided by Rayanair which covers a large number of secondary and regional destinations across important population centres and travel destinations.1 Business Strategy of Ryanair Ryanair’s objective is to position itself as the market leader in the European market of lowfare scheduled passenger airlines by means of constant improvements and expansion of its low cost services. B. The cost of equipments of aircrafts The cost associated with productivity of the personnel The cost of Customer service The costs associated with accessing and handling airports.com). Shafiul Alam.lamk.com) 4. C. Unlike its competitors. (Ryanair Annual Report-2010) 4.ryanair. Ryanair operates on a one way pricing policy which eliminates minimum requirements from all travel other schedule services of the company. Rayanair remained more punctual. (www.4.5 Effective Use of Internet The host reservation system of Rayanair was converted to a new system named Flightspeed in 2000 from previous system of the BABS which is operated by it under a 10 year hosting agreement with Accenture Open Skies. Ryanair offers frequent services. 4. CTH ID-28469 Page 13 .01 round trip per route per day. experienced less amount of lost bags and fewer flight cancellation that other airlines.1.1.1. According to the reports different industry bodies and published statistics about the industry.2 Customer Service Ryanair aspires to provide the best customer service performance among its competitors.ryanair.4 Low Operating Cost The operating cost of Ryanair is the lowest among the scheduled passenger airlines in the European market.1. In FY 2010 Ryanair flew an average 2. Md. while eliminating the necessity to provide frill services subject to the customers’ expectations on longer flights (www.1 Low Fares: Ryanair’s low fares are designed to attract price sensitive leisure and business travellers who could have choose other alternatives modes of transportation or would have stayed apart from travelling. The main strategies of Ryanair’s are 4. An internet booking system for Rayanair has been developed by Open Skies which is a part of the new reservation system. (Ryanair Annual Report-2010) Strategic Planning of Ryanair. (www.

4.4.7 Improving the Operating Results by offering Ancillary Services A wide range of ancillary services together with other activities related to its core passenger service is offered to its customers by Ryanair. 2009) Strategic Planning of Ryanair. This commitment is reflected in Ryanair’s the total process from hiring and training of pilots. These services of Ryanair include non flight services. Putting a connection among the airports within its current networks of routes E. 2009). Initiating passenger service to other destinations in Continental Europe from the UK or Ireland B. 4.6 Safety and Quality Maintenance Commitment of Rayanair Ryanair’s commitment to safety is a primary priority of the company Rayanair and its management are committed to ensure the safety of its passengers and to maintain a quality standard of its service.1. Entering potential domestic routes between countries under EU.com) 4.com). Important choices applicable for Ryanair’s business model include:         Secondary airports → low airport fees Lowest tickets price → large volume Low commission of company agents → lower amount of cost Standardized fleet of 737s → bargaining power of suppliers All passengers get equal treatment→ economies of scale No meals→ faster turnaround Nothing free → additional revenue No unions → flexibility A useful way to represent a business model is by means of by using a causal loop diagram we can represent the business model of Ryanair: here casualty is represented by use of linking choices and consequences (R Casadesus & Enric Ricart. different internet related services etc (Ryanair Annual Report-2010). maintenance personnel to maintaining its carriers and aircrafts in accordance with highest industry standards (www. Considering opportunities of profitable acquisition of other companies in near future D.ryanair. C.2 Business Planning Model and Synergy of Ryanair According to Magretta defines business models are the stories that describe how enterprises operate. Md.1. To illustrate our notion of a business model and introduce a tool to represent business models consider the famous airline Ryanair. selling beverages and other food items on board. Considering and selecting new bases available in Continental Europe. CTH ID-28469 Page 14 . Shafiul Alam. Ryanair intend to follow a manageable growth plan by A. (R Casadesus & Enric Ricart.8 Focused Criteria for Growth Based on its huge success in the Ireland-UK route and coverage of the market of continental Europe.1. cabin crews. (www.ryanair.

Ryanair was the fastest growing airline Strategic Planning of Ryanair. 2009) 4.0 Ryanair business model representations. In Ryanair synergy is that they are trying to merge with AirLingus because the chief executive of Ryanair thinks that they are the closest competitor.0 choices are shown as underlined and elements that are not underlined are consequences. and value creation for stakeholders.0 a machine can be assembled in a number of ways to perform particular tasks such as variation in levels of redundancy. CTH ID-28469 Page 15 . Shafiul Alam. 2009) The assembly and working process of Ryanair ‘machine’ has been represented by Figure 5. (R Casadesus & Enric Ricart. 2009) In Figure 5. (R Casadesus & Enric Ricart.3 Ryanair Synergy Synergy is the advantages of combined efforts greater than individual effort. Consequences that are rigid are placed in boxes whereas consequences that are flexible are in the boxes. Md. When a consequence is very to choices we call it flexible. In terms of synergy Ryanair has the car rental contract with the car company named Hertz for their passenger and they have some cheap deals with so many hotels in all over the world. Other market players also have distinct assembly process than Ryanair in terms of logic. (R Casadesus & Enric Ricart. specific mechanisms. operating style. components quality etc.Figure: 5.

Based on its rising growth it is hoped that it will go for acquisition of other firms like Buzz to enhance its competitive advantage and profitability.05. 2011) 4. (http://ftd.4. 2011) Strategic Planning of Ryanair.in Europe in recent years and because of its growing market share O’Leary now has the objective of outperforming Europe’s biggest airlines Lufthansa. To satisfy customers it can offer discounted flights to its customers and increased value for money to enjoy competitive advantage. (Johnson and Scholes.4. (D Ratnasari.de/ub/di/48739. 2002) Another important trend among European airlines is that because of price wars airlines are forced to form alliances.1 Merger and Acquisitions Merger and acquisition are the two widely used corporate level strategies prevalent in the modern business world.2011) 4. (D Ratnasari. The company does not seem to value its people. Md. (D Ratnasari. 2011) 4.2 Strategic Human Resources Management Ryanair in its commitment to low-cost airfare has sacrificed the quality of its process and services. (D Ratnasari. Many try to increase margins by merging with other airlines in order to reduce cost and benefit from synergy effects such as the merger of LTU and DBA in February 2006.4. CTH ID-28469 Page 16 . The human resources of the company are not considered as a provider of the firm’s competitive advantage.4. This strategy will also be helpful to minimize per unit customer cost of the company.html accessed on 30.3 Market Strategies Management at Ryanair should focus on developing a comprehensive plan for designing its market strategies and ensuring high customer service.0 Future Strategy and Recommendations 4. Shafiul Alam.4.4 Recommendations Based on the discussion made above it is suggested that Ryanair should focus on expanding its operations in short-haul markets particularly into routes of transatlantic areas as this areas is accounted for more than 60 percent of the total air travel in the world. Ryanair can effectively use its low cost strategy in this market together with offering other benefits and services through its websites.2011) 4.

(2011).Low Cost Carriers: What are the strategic options for Ryanair?. [Accessed on: 26. Canada: CIP. Matthias. 2.6. Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide.iese. (2010).(2011) http://www.com.05.Which Budget Airline Market Analyse [online]. Peter Rea & Harold Kerzner.References 1. CTH ID-28469 Page 17 . 12:00am 3.scribd. [30. Karl West.http://www.2011] 5. Dian.05. Md. http://whichbudget.05. Daily Mail 6 June 2007.com/doc/18152552/ RyanAir-Case.2011] 4. R Casadesus & Enric Ricart.edu.2011] Strategic Planning of Ryanair.Ratnasari. Shafiul Alam.com[Accessed on: 31. 1.scribd. (2011) http://www.

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