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Trial Testimony Regarding Casey Anthonys Searches for How to Make Chloraform/Chlorofrom.

Casey not only searched for "chloroform," she also searched for "how to make chloroform", which proves that she wanted more than just know what it is; she wanted to possess it.

JUNE 8, 2011
Page 3-21 to 3-22 (lines 41-9). ( )Time stamps of the video of the testimony are given in the text. 41 23:25 John BRADLEY: "These time stamps are the same and, in looking at the URL, spelt, the 42 first one here, number 5, the search term is ampersand q for query how to make 43 chloraform, spelt with an a. And the next item that follows is a similar but not the same 44 URL, that says how to make chloroform spelt correctly, and that final value of spell 1 45 suggests that item number 5 was committed as a request to GOOGLE and it produced the 46 second item which was a suggested spelling to the same query 1 2 24:25 Linda Drain BURDICK: "Alright, so if I'm understanding you correctly, the user at the 3 time had their GOOGLE search engine up, typed in how to make chloraform?" 4 5 24:36 John BRADLEY: "Yes." 6 7 24:37 Linda Drain BURDICK: "And then hit RETURN or ENTER or SEARCH? 8 9 24:42 John BRADLEY: "Yes. ============================================= Page 3-47 (6-10) ( ) Time stamps of the video of the testimony are given in the text. 6 24:44 Linda Drain BURDICK: "Would it be fair to characterize this block of history, of internet 7 history, as surfing the web for information about weapons, and chloroform, how to make 8 chloroform, those types of things?" 9 10 25:05 John BRADLEY: "Yes.

JUNE 23, 2011

Page 5-15 (38-44). ( ) Time stamps of the video of the testimony are given in the text. 38 19:41 Linda Drain BURDICK: "Are there GOOGLE searches for how to make chloroform 39 displayed on this page in evidence, presented by the defense?" 40 41 19:57 Kevin STENGER: "If you can expand the column h." 42 43 20:06 Kevin STENGER: "Right above the MYSPACE you will see a GOOGLE search 44 specifically for the words how to make chloroform, spelled with a ============================================================= Page 5-16 (6-13)

6 20:28 Linda Drain BURDICK: "Alright, since that's been expanded, can you tell the jury what 7 it is that you were just referring to, the how to make chloroform right above the 8 MYSPACE entry?" 9 10 20:40 Kevin STENGER: "When you type a search into GOOGLE, you will see the results of 11 the words that you typed in the bar, right above where your search returns, and that 12 includes all the words that you actually typed into the search. In this particular instance, 13 the words how to make chloraform were entered." ============================================ Page 5-17 (20-23) . 20 24:13 Linda Drain BURDICK: "So, even in the NET ANALYSIS, the times between the 21 MYSPACE.COM entry, and the next how to make chloroform are 20 seconds apart?" 22 23 24:33 Kevin STENGER: "Yes, ma'am." ============================================ The complete transcription can be found at the following link.