If you have a SCSI attached robot and in device monitor you see the drives marked as AVR, what does that mean and how would you fix it? 2. If I asked you to tell me if a client has Netbackup on it just by using a telnet command what would you do? ANS: Telnet command used to check the bpcd port is running on the client Telnet < host name> bpcd /13782 3. If you wanted to know what IP address netbackup was using to perform backups what command would you run and where would you run it? ANS: use bpclntcmd –pn from master server to the client. Bpcover –r < host name> 4. What is flash backup? 5. How is image stored in netbackup 6. If a media ID A04567 comes back and it is frozen, what are the steps to unfreeze it and move it back to scratch from the command line? ANS: bpmedia –unfreez < Media ID> Through GUI , right click on the media to move to scratch volume pool 7. If you wanted to bypass netbackup commands and move a tape from slot 1 to drive 3 how would you do that? ANS: robtest s1 d3 8. What is the client version supported by NBU 6.x and 5.x masters ANS: The version support from 6.x to 4.5 9. If your last catalog backup was two days ago and the master server crashed what would you have to do to bring your environment back up to present time? ANS: I am expecting some one answer to this question. 10. How do you find a disk based image via the command line and then delete it? ANS: http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/279174.htm 11. How do you import an NBU image that has been written to a disk storage unit? 12. What are the critical catalogs or databases on a Media Server? 13. How would you tune NetBackup to increase backup performance? In which location(path) the temp files located in Netbackup for Windows/Unix? 14.What is the process of importing images and why do we import images? ANS: There are two phases. Phase I: It builds the skeleton metadata Phase II: It allows you to select which images to actually complete the import process. http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/240402.htm

4.. How to check the tape is already expired or not? 20. On the Policy Name and Type screen. 1: It should be same robot controller 2: It should be same library 3: It should be same media server connected 4: It should be same Density.What is errorcode 58 and trouble shooting? Can not connect client 2. BPTM... verify that Online. enter a valid Policy name and click Next.how to create? ANS: Start> program> Backup. 999 machines are transferring datas in good speed but one client machine is taking too long to transfer a datas . On the NetBackup Catalog Backup Policy screen. That is . 1.the data transfer is still happening...... There is a Tape library with 10 drives . 5. select the Configure the Catalog Backup..bch files 25...15.? ANS: As per my knowledge.. How to check tape is bad? vmquery 19. From the NetBackup Administration Console screen.. how to create log directories? 24. verify that Create a new catalog backup policy is selected. On the Catalog Backup Method screen. in client... N no. 28.What is SAN media server? 18. 3.bpbrm on both master and media server and bpbkar and bpcd logs on clients.There are 1000 Client machines .but after 12 hours and more . How to see log entries. It will create . restore and archive> select DB’s and save..SQL Script. How to install media server(with device configuration steps)? 26.What does it mean by inventoring a robot? 17.. What is 99 errorcode and troubleshooting? NDMP generic error 3. hot catalog backup is selected and click Next.How to Importing and expiring images? 16. 2. How to check tape is in cap? 53.. How to find out? 22. click Next.. . I am appreciated if any one give more information on this.Can we able to create 2 Storage units. But mail criteria to create a storage unit is. How to check volume pool? 21 Media has been already expired. of storage units you can create.. click Next. In the first screen of the NetBackup Catalog Backup Wizard. why? ANS: Please check the Network bandwidth.what is avr mode 27. If ndmp backup faile how do troubleshooging? 4. How to take catalog backup? To configure Hot Catalog Backups: 1..backup should complete within 2 hours .

Click Finish to exit the wizard. verify it appears on the NetBackup Catalog Backup Policy screen.6. either Incremental or Differential. Click Next. click Finish. verify that Create a new catalog backup policy is not selected and click Next. On the Catalog Disaster Recovery Method screen. How to check tape is bad? . Because these are Hot Catalog backups. How to check tape is in cap? 13. the Start Window does not need to be outside of the Start Window for normal backups. 10. 11. 5. 13. 7. This path is usually a location other than where NetBackup is installed. On the E-mail Catalog Disaster Recovery Information screen. For tape. This time. How to check the tape is already expired or not? 10. Basic questions about vault and VTL? 9. select the desired Start Window. On the Rotation screen. On the Backup Type screen. select whether to use Disk and Tape. How to find out? 12. set the desired rotation frequency and click Next. select to do a Full Backup. How to check volume pool? 11 Media has been already expired. provide an appropriate path. provide an appropriate Media ID and Media density. or Tape only. select to perform an Incremental Backup. Click Next. Provide Logon and Password information if necessary. If using disk. How fo restore catalog backup? 6. To save the Hot Catalog Backup policy. 9. how to create log directories? 14. You have now finished the Catalog backup configuration process. How can we assign barcode rules? /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmrule -add <barcode_tag> <media_type> <pool_name> <max_mounts> "<description>" 7. Click Next. If desired. How to see log entries. 12. The policy will now appear in the Policies dialog of the NetBackup Administration Console. choose either Yes or No to have the Disaster Recovery Information stored via email. How to install media server(with device configuration steps)? 8. After NetBackup finishes adding the policy. On the Start Window screen. 8. Provide an appropriate E-mail address and click Next. Disk only. It can be modified similar to any other policy.

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