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Homework/ Work Plan for Brookfield Academy Upper Elementary Week of 5-15-2006 Work for Mrs.

Subject Monday Due at 3:00 Tuesday Due at 3:00 Wed. Due at 3:00 Thurs. Due at 3:00 Friday Due at 3:00
AM Math Group Math Seatwork Math Seatwork AM Math Group Math Seatwork
Circle and Triangle: Adding All groups: fraction Circle: Multiplication with Math Book
fractions with like denominators. practice in green book stamps All groups: Fractions, Corrections. Come to
Square and Rhombus: adding Triangle: Multiplication the next step. the teacher’s table if
Math and subtracting fractions with with the checkerboard
Square: test tube
you need help.
different denominators. Montessori Math
Rhombus: falling over division problems Review as needed
Pentagon: Changing fractions to Rhombus and Pentagon: after checking work.
percents “Falling Over”
Finish Monday’s seatwork.
Science Seatwork AM Science Groups PM Science Thursday Thrill
Level 2: Check the board for late Check Science Science Reminder.
assignments 3: Flowers and Homework in group and Work on boxes for
Level 3 and 4: Make sure that all assign pages to be
charts and illustrations are complete
Pollination the Spring Concert. Level 4: Check for
Science 4: What is force? summarized and completeness.
and that last week’s lesson is in Levels 3 and 4: You have
your bluebook. today and Monday to
Level 5: Welcome back. Check Science Bluebook Test
5:What is Behavior? for Level 3. Level 4 next complete work.
over your bluebook for missing
work. You will have an exam on week
your notes in two weeks.
Geography Seatwork Timed Tests Today AM Geography Geography
3: China is due 3: Egypt-Just for fun Seatwork
4: Weather and humidity report from 5: Begin 20 questions.
Get your paper ready in 4: What is precipitation? 3: Sugar Cube Pyramid
Geography Chapters 19 and 20.
5: Moving on to Pacific 4: Make water condense.
5: State Study due Wednesday…. the morning.
States 5: Pacific State Map of
20 questions choice

Decimal Book – 2 pages Geometry

Angle Chart should be copied Decimal Book – 2 pages Angle Cards Angle Cards due
Work on new angle lesson.
into your notebook. tomorrow.
Math book
Circle: Practice Multiplication Pentagon: p. 367, Set U
Science Homework: corrections will be
Facts sent home on
Triangle: Practice Division Facts Do pages written in
Square: p. 434, Drill 47 red notebook. Wednesday, if not
Rhombus: p. 455, Drill 128 corrected in class….
everything under

L. 2 Science: Monday Test on Mollusk and Echinoderm. Wed. Read pp. 68-87 in Accent on Science.

French: for 5/16.06: Review Pages 20 and 21 for test.

The students have been working with Montessori materials to reinforce their multiplication and division concepts. All
groups will work with fractions in group this week. The chocolate chip pancakes were really great. Thanks for the idea,
Claire! Level 2 did a great job cooking.