Category of Project Integrate d modular Avionics Easy Handling for Small Aircraft

Helicopter Fly-by-X



Analysis of cabin systems in terms of their integration on the IMA platform.

Small Aircraft Avionics Architecture

Analysis of in-flight entertainment systems with respect to integration. Implementation of a path planning algorithm, the path planning algorithm determinesoptimal and valid (obstacle-free, compliant) routes. Graph search algorithms, the D *-family are a way to do this. Integration of an aeronautical database: This includes airports, airspace structures andwaypoints, which must reach the autonomous route determination by the path planningalgorithm are considered. Examination of existing voting / monitoring procedures derived in terms of their behaviorin asynchronously sampled signals, and this possible new voting / monitoringprocedures, implement, and evaluate well. It is a Simulink model for si mulation andevaluation will be created. Developing a mechanism for automatic adaptation of thresholds of a voting / monitoring procedure asynchronously sampled redundant signals. It should create a Simulink model for simulation and evaluation of the adaptation mechanism developed, implemented, and finally thoroughly regarding a possible erroneous response of the monitor are analyzed. Development of a signal filter, the sampled asynchronous redundant signalsmanipulated so that they can pass undisturbed as possible throughout the voting /monitoring process, without creating erroneous error messages. It should create aSimulink model for simulation and evaluation Formal definition of requirements with the help of the model checkers SPIN with the aimof early verification. Automating the creation of Python test scripts from SCADE models Modeling of the platformmanagement based on XML. This automatic code generationwith XSLT. Any integration with Eclipse. Eclipse integration of the calculation of quality metrics for the ILS software platform developed to enable automatic reporting.

C programming language ARINC 653 IMA, Java N/A

Basics and Specialisation in Aircraft Systems

Basics and Specialisation in Aircraft Systems

Basics and Specialisation in Aircraft Systems and DSP.

Deriving test cases from UML design requirements: it should be generatedautomatically for the certification of ROS from UML Activity diagrams.Adaptive Avionic Structure Automatic Developmen t of Avionics Systems Real Time operating System Safety and availability with adaptive topology approach: incorporation in the previous works in the field. Evaluation of the prototype by the outcome. or Fly-by-wire for small aircraft Safety analysis and synthesis of aviation systems . Safety analysis and synthesis of aviation systems. Analysis and modeling of the SAFAR system in the software demonstrator for the safetycalculation. test cases. investigation of non-functional properties of a sample system. and development of a basic topology based on the requirements.

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