Personality Types Human behavior is not only a complex subject to understand, but it is also cursed with the element

of unpredictability. Everyone tries to fathom what the next guy is thinking about or, how he or she will act in a certain environment. The advances in the field of psychology and the deeper understanding of the psyche of man, have come up with personality types A, B, C and D. People from every walk of life, based on the their behavior and personality traits they exhibit, can be grouped under, at least, one of the types. However the world full of people of these types only, will be a very bleak place to live in. In reality, you will be extremely lucky to find a true specimen of these types which are described below. Personality Type A The people that come under personality type A are of a highly independent nature. These can best be described as the bulldozers. Their ambition to leave their mark in this world singles them out from the rest. They are self driven and know the importance of goal setting, positive thinking and motivation. If you are interested in studying one of the specimens of personality type A, choose one from the ranks of business leadership. They are competitive in nature, in fact they thrive on it as if it is the fuel of their life. They are well known for their sharpness in getting to the heart of the matter in no-nonsense and blunt terms. Individuals of personality type A are risk takers which characterize an entrepreneurial spirit. They do have the ability to put on the veil of practicality to solve a problem as and when it is required. You will find that open minded people of personality type A are the ones who welcome changes in technology and practices. The secret of these successful people is that they don't balk under the requirements and necessity of change which eventually, make them what they want to be. Personality Type B These people can be described as the "bombers". These characters are extroverts to the soles of their boots, and think that life is nothing but getting under the spotlight and spell binding the rest. Individuals that fall under the personality type B are human magnets that can attract attention of the rest in a gathering, effortlessly. This make their type seem special among the various other personalities. These people have a very engaging personality and when it comes to conversations they are as sleek as eels and as voluminous as the Niagara Falls. Individuals of personality type B are the people who can sell a fridge to an Eskimo who, after the sale, thanks all his departed ancestors and the snowman for bestowing the honor of buying something from this wonderful man. Because of their ability to get tuned in with the people, others find them a fountain of entertainment and charisma. Turn and focus your microscope to sales and marketing fields or to those people in the field of entertainment and you will find them in no time (aren't they in the limelight too?). Persons of personality type B thrive on the interactions with the others. Your act of ignoring them or their efforts is as good as you sticking a knife in their back, for them. Not being able to attract your attention or making you sway to their tune, will hurt these people. Personality Type C The apt term to describe these people, is the "Seekers". If you are searching for a promising heir to your microscope to bestow on, you can choose any person of personality type C. These are the introverts interested in details which separates them from the rest of the types. They could turn heaven and hell upside down or inside-out, depending on their mood, to find the details or facts they are interested in, before taking it to pieces in order to restart the process. These people tend to shrink from social or human interaction. Arranging facts (these include women and their behavior, how foolish!) around them, in logical order is what drives these people to no end. A person this type can live with an individual of personality type B, as happily as a meditative ton of matter with an outgoing, bubbling, jesting and noisy ton of antimatter. Yes, personality type C is as exactly opposite of the personality type B as an electron with the left spin is the antithesis of the one with the right spin. You can find specimens of personality type C personified in accountants, computer programmers, etc. These people find it difficult to get out of their shell and communicate with other people, but are tigers when it comes to numbers and logic. Reserved nature is the mark of personality type C, and they are cautious, too. Risk taking is not a very attractive option for these people who tend not to venture into something until they have gone over all the facts with a fine toothed comb. Personality Type D These gentlemen really believe in inertia which they have no shortage of. These people prefer to stick to the trodden paths and established routines over the uncertainty of change. You will find,

an individual has to work real hard and over a long period of time to know a person in-depth. juxtaposition of parts. It is found that the lifestyles led by the individuals of each personality type make them prone to diseases such as heart attacks and cancer. An individual can know about which personality type he belongs to with the help of a personality test. However. By Shrinivas Kanade . These are followers of the spent actions and executors of the direct commands. Always remember that we are dealing with 'the man' and not a watch that can be dissembled with a few turns of a screwdriver. With the help of professionals in the field of personality development and through sheer power of self motivation or self improvement. don't train your microscope or binoculars on a stage bathed under a flood of spotlight) a true specimen of this type in people engaged as clerks.(well. one must keep in mind that these types are just broad classifications to follow. in order to know a man tentatively. women more mysterious to understand. In reality. these people can overcome their handicap to some extent. its innards looked at. You will find them doing their best not to stretch their neck out when it comes to taking responsibility and risk. (Are you trying to?) and the world more colorful? This is why. relationships and dependability understood. then plotting and calibrating its behavior in sync with the reality. an individual is a mixture of personality traits characterizing all the types described above. this makes men more complex. Won't you agree with me that.