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Introduction to Internship Report

As parts of the academic requirement for completing MBA(General)-HRM, the students are required to under go for 8-weeks of internship with an organization. The internship is to serve the purpose of acquainting the students with the practice of knowledge of the discipline of banking administration. This report is about PTCL was established in 1949 and since then, it has expended its network, becoming the largest commercial corporation of Pakistan. It offers different products of services to its customers.

Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study in hand is together relevant information to compile internship report on PTCL. To observe, analyze and interpret the relevant data competently and in a useful manner. To work practically in an organization. To develop interpersonal communication.

Scope of the Study

As an internee in PTCL the main focus of my study research was on general operation procedures in one of the branches of PTCL. Similarly different aspects of overall of PTCL are also covered in this report.

Objectives of the Study

Discuss thorough study of PTCL To understand the various operations and to equip with practical knowledge of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.

Limitation of the Study

Some thing is better than nothing. No matter how efficiently a study is conducted, it cannot be perfect in all respects. This study was conducted in accordance with the objectives of the study. The study may not include broad explanations of facts and figures due to the nature of the study. Secondly, the limitation, which affects the study, is the restriction on mentioning every fact of the PTCL due to the problem of secrecy of the PTCL. In addition, the availability of required data was a problem as all the documents and files are kept strictly under lock and key due to their strictly confidential nature. Thirdly, the problem of short time period also makes the analysis restricted as one cannot properly understand and thus analyze all the operations of PTCL just a very short time of 8-weeks.

Benefit of the Study

The study done will benefit the HRM students because the Staff roll of HRM department section of this report comprehensively encompasses all respects of Human Recourse Analysis. Furthermore, PTCL D.I.Khan branch may also benefit from the recommendations made at the end of the report.

Research Methodology
The report is based on my 8-week internship program in PTCL. The methodology reported for collection of data is primary as well as secondary data. The biggest source of information is my personal observation on my working with staff and having discussion with them .Formally arranged interviews and discussions also helped me in this regards.

Primary data: Primary data include, Personal observation and Interviews of The Staff Members Secondary data: Secondary data consist of Manuals, Journals, magazines, Annual Reports and internet.