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A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt 7 Part .

Support Allah, and He Will Support You

By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, May Allah Protect Him


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Wait, O pharaohs of the era *** for Moses still waves the stick before the water. The bird of oppression must fall one day *** with the sword of pride and arrogance. I still think of a day *** when Allah takes revenge for the weak, Raising their hands after their ablutions *** and their prayers dyed with blood. I am against America because its weapons *** slaughtered the infant in the womb of a chaste woman. I am against America even if it made *** this life for us like a wide heaven. I am against America even if the Mufti *** gives an edict of support from the midts of the lofty Kabah. I am with Usama when he takes vengeance with the blood *** that will make those cry who relished my tears. I am with Usama when he interpreted His word *** (He who transgresses) when they were made equal. I am with Usama who will either achieve an early victory *** or achieve a place among the martyrs. I am with Usama in the desired meeting *** in a paradise where we will live amonsgt the happy.

In the name of Allah, all praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon on the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions, and those who follow him. O Muslim brothers everywhere, As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu: This is the seventh episode of A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt. But first, I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the Muslim Ummah for the beginning of the American Crusader's withdrawal from Afghanistan, and all praise be to Allah who extended our lives to see this day and to see the fulfillment of the hope of the Leader of the Believers, Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid - may Allah protect him - who said: Allah has promised us victory, and Bush promised us defeat, and we will see which promise is true. Therefore, I reassure our Muslim Ummah that is revolting against oppression in a number of our homelands, that America will follow the Soviet Union, Allah willing, and its agents will follow the Soviet Union's agents. So be steadfast, our Muslim Ummah, and do not back down from insisting on toppling the agents of America, and do not back down from establishing just rule that rules with the Shariah, spreads justice, implements Shura and uproots corruption and the corrupters. Act, our precious Ummah, according to the words of the Prophet, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him:

The best Jihad is a word of truth against an unjust ruler. And his words, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him:

The master of martyrs is Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib and a man who stood up to an oppressor ruler where he ordered him and forbade him, so he (the ruler) killed him. Our Muslim Ummah and believing masses! Your sons, the Mujahideen, are paving the way for the heralded change with their blessed strikes against the Global Crusader Alliance that has started to stagger due to their impact. Our Muslim Ummah! Your Mujahideen sons will be unstinting, with Allah's permission, in giving all that they can give so that the occupation, the occupiers, corruption and those who corrupt will vanish from the lands of the Muslims. They will spare no effort, with Allah's assistance, in waging Jihad with their weapons on the battlefields, and in the Jihad of the tongue and speaking out for the truth in front of the oppressors, to gain political backing, in religious incitement, and in social guidance. The Mujahideen, with Allah's permission, will not stop exposing the doubts and suspicions cast by the rumor-mongering defeatists that the rulers employ to enslave the Muslims in the new Crusader order. Returning to the message of hope and glad tidings to our people in Egypt, I had spoken in the first two episodes of the true reality of the regime in Egypt. Then, I left the series of episodes to speak of the blessed uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. And today, I return to recommence the series of messages about the reality of the Egyptian regime. I had mentioned earlier that the present state of Egypt is one which can be summarized as a deviation from Islam, and I had spoken of the first type of corruption in this ruling regime, which is corruption in creed (Aqeedah), explaining how the Egyptian regime is a secular, authoritarian, and nationalist regime. Then, I explained how this regime was established, mentioning that Egypt was at one point an Ottoman state in which the Ulama used to fulfill the duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil. Then, I referred to the French campaign, showing that it was a campaign from a regime secular in creed, Crusader in spirit, with a Zionist leaning. Then, I spoke of the inclusion of secular laws in the era of Muhammad Ali and his sons. Then, I spoke of the British invasion and its cunning way of ruling Egypt. Then, I mentioned that the English sought to corrupt the system of rule in Egypt through the establishment of a nationalistic, secular state that claimed to be independent and democratic, while in truth it was being steered by the spears and cannons of the occupiers. I also mentioned that the English had sought this through several means:

First: Corruption of the legislative system. Second: Awarding Egypt fake independence. Third: Turning it into a [secular] nationalistic state. Today, I wish to speak of a fourth method the British employed in corrupting the rule in Egypt, which is the allowing of a fake, corrupt political life in it. This was achieved through several means, the most important of which was the imposition of a secular constitution by the force and authority of the occupiers, and then by allowing a political life with three poles: the British Commission, the palace, and the parties. The palace and the parties would fight amongst themselves, but they would take care to have the approval of the British Commission who watched the game from afar and intervened when necessary. The political life in Egypt reached the furthest depth of the swamp of corruption in the incident of February 4, 1942. On that day, the British tanks surrounded Abdeen Palace, and the British ambassador came forward, accompanied by the head of the British forces, to warn King Farouq that he had to support the premiership of Mustafa el Nahhas, the head of the Wafd Party. Through this incident, the political system in Egypt was exposed naked with all of its corruption and rot. Rather, the true secularism of Egypt was exposed for what it was. Secularism in Egypt and the rest of the Muslim lands was never a choice for the Muslim masses, who to this day demand Islamic rule. Instead, this secularism was imposed upon the Muslim Ummah through oppression, trickery and false elections, and this is how it is being sought to be imposed in Egypt again today. The same event of February 4, 1942 is being sought to be repeated today so that the sacrifices of the Ummah can be stolen, those sacrifices which it gave to bring about a just and good government. America wishes to establish in Egypt and other Muslim lands a fake political life in which parties contest in elections and parliament, while America and its proxies watch the game from behind the curtains and intervene only when necessary. And if Britain existed with its military forces in the 40s, America exists today with its forces in Egypt and the areas around it. The leadership of the Egyptian military, which receives annual American grants worth approximately 1.3 billion dollars, is ready to preserve the interests of America. I do not rule out the fact that America will seek to establish a political regime in Egypt similar to those in Turkey and Pakistan, where an army that is loyal to America watches the political game from behind the curtains, and intervenes when the game exceeds its allowed boundaries.

As I said before, we must not be led by emotions, but rather try to observe facts as they are. The leadership of the Egyptian Army in the era of Mubarak, which is now became the ruling Military Council, was the primary tool of Mubarak in safeguarding American interests in the region, protecting the borders of Israel and blockading Gaza. America administered a peaceful transition of power that preserved its interests, so that the popular revolution turned into a military coup d'tat in which rule was transferred from one wing to another under American supervision. The three most important American interests that it looks out for are: - Suppression of Islamism. - Preserving Egypt as a strategic power in service of American influence. - Guaranteeing the safety of Israel. In the cause of preserving these interests, they see no harm in granting the masses some freedoms and tricking them with some lies, such as that of the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, the lies that the official media - that switched in a moments glance from the media of Mubarak to that of the Military Council, and from describing the protesters as saboteurs to encouraging the revolutionaries I say: that media tried to promote the trick of lifting the blockade of Gaza that has not been lifted to this day, and Gaza is still deprived from receiving food and medicine. Only some individuals, those under 18 years old, over 40 years old, and women and children, were allowed to proceed, and even from those, some were prevented. There are still lists of thousands of people who are forbidden to enter due to security reasons, because they participate in the resistance and Jihad against the Israeli occupier. As for food and medicine, their entry into Gaza is still banned, meaning that the policy of

starvation and siege of Gaza continues, in addition to the deception of the repeated breakdowns that the employees of the crossing employ, which pushed the Gaza government to complain more than once. This severity with regards to our fellow Muslims of Gaza is met by obscene easing in the welcoming of thousands of Israeli tourists who enter into Sinai without a visa. It is not just the siege of Gaza that continues, but also the supplying of Israel with Egyptian natural gas at prices that are lower than the market price. If the gas for Israel were sold at a price higher than the market price, it would still be a crime. So how about now with this compound crime! Here, I salute the heroes who blew up the gas pipeline extending to Israel, and I ask Allah to reward them the best for their heroism, for they have expressed the rage of the Muslim Ummah for this crime which has continued since the era of Hosni Mubarak through to the Military Council's rule, the Military Council that promoted Nabil Al-Arabi, the graduate of the swamp of Camp David, from the foreign minister of Egypt to the General Secretary of the Arab League, meaning that the school of Camp David in the era of the Military Council has now dominated Egyptian and Arab foreign policy. And to show the extent of the collapse that the foreign policy of Egypt has suffered, I will hold a simple comparison between the Arab League during the time of the Nakba and its condition today in the era of the post-revolution coup d'tat. During the time of the Nakba, which we considered to be the ultimate Arab tragedy, and in which we regretted the weakness of the Arab nations, the Secretary-General of the Arab League Abdul Rahman Azzam - may Allah have mercy on him abandoned in his youth the study of medicine in Britain and joined the Ottoman forces in the First World War to fight against the Serbs in the Balkans. Then, he moved on to join the Jihad in Libya against the Italians, and when the first ArabIsraeli war commenced, he organized, alongside Hajj Amin Al-Hussaini and Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna - may Allah have mercy upon all of them - the supplying of weapons and equipment for the freedom fighters in Palestine. This was the condition of the Arab League during the Nakba. As for today, in the era of the post-revolution coup d'tat, the position of the Secretary-General was taken by one of the dwarves of Camp David, nominated by the Military Council, because he represents its policy of insisting on the continuation of the peace accords with Israel, conspiring with it in the blockade of Gaza and tricking the masses with some masquerades. This is the difference between the two men and, therefore, the two paths: between a man who fought Jihad in defense of the Muslims in his youth, supporting the Mujahideen in his old age, and a man who remained with Sadat in Camp David

amongst a group of beneficiaries, after three of his ministers had resigned in protest due to his concessions. This is the collapse that we have reached at the hands of the Military Council that has turned the defiant revolution of the Egyptian people into a military coup d'tat that preserves the interests of America, protects the borders of Israel and supplies it with gas. In the era of the Nakba, the Secretary-General of the Arab League was supplying weapons and equipment to the Mujahideen in Palestine, and today, in the era of the post-revolution coup d'tat, the Secretary-General of the Arab League has recognized Israel, insists on having peace with it, and is silent regarding the blockade of food and medicine to Gaza. In the era of the Nakba, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, through the Arab Higher Committee, was training volunteers to fight and sending them to Palestine, and today, in the era of the post-revolution coup d'tat, the Secretary-General of the Arab League provides NATO with legal cover for intervention in Libya, refusing any assistance himself to the Libyan people against the criminals of Gaddafi and their shells and rockets. At a time when France prides itself on supplying the revolutionaries in Libya with forty tons of equipment and weaponry, the Military Council and the Arab League and its Secretary-General stand as false witnesses, monitoring the Crusader intervention in Libya without offering its people the support which would make this intervention unnecessary. Where is the Joint Arab Defense Pact that was assassinated by the peace treaty with Israel? And can the Secretary-General of the Arab League, who participated in the drafting of the Camp David accords, activate that defense pact for the Libyan people when he was one of the people who had smothered it in its infancy? Where are the treaties for boycotting Israel that were assassinated by the Camp David treaty and the other treaties of surrender that followed? Can they be revived by the same people who assassinated them? The Military Council and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not boycott Israel, but rather boycott Gaza. Think about how pitiful this level is that we have reached. This low point is only one of several ugly examples of the trickery that is being used against our Muslim Ummah in Egypt, the trickery that turned the members of the Military Council - the trusted men of Mubarak, the main pillar for his rule, his tool for oppressing the Ummah through the military courts, his tool for preserving the borders of Israel and supporting American influence in the region by providing bases, facilities, and participation in joint maneuvers with the American forces - I

say: The trick that turned the Military Council from all this into the hope of the Ummah for bringing about reformation to form a just and upright government. the trick that turned Nabil Al-Arabi from a member of the group that had benefited from the swamp of Camp David to the hero of Arab politics. the trick that turned Abdul Majid Mahmoud from the mouthpiece of the executioners and their agent, to the caretaker of the interests of the Ummah, and so on. This is how people are tricked, revolutions are stolen, and blood and sacrifice is wasted. Our Muslim Ummah in Egypt: The American plan that has transformed the Egyptian revolution into a military coup d'tat was brought into action by a council that thrives off American assistance that aims to embroil us in the maze of a corrupt political life, like the one that yielded the events of February 4, 1942. But American plans have often failed and been defeated by the grace and power of Allah. And I have already congratulated the Muslim Ummah at the beginning of my message on the American withdrawal from Afghanistan after their failure, despair and defeat. Our Muslim Ummah, the first step in foiling American plans and in the establishment of a fair political system is legislative reform, and the first step in that is that it should state that Shariah is the sole source of legislation and nullify all articles of the Constitution and the law which oppose it. Some may argue that the second article of the Constitution in its current impotent form is sufficient, and all that is required is to put it into effect. This is an idea whose fallacy I have often explained, and I clarified that the second article in its current form is what has opened the door wide for incorporating into the Constitution and law things that oppose the Shariah. But in brief, and to leave argumentation: Why do we not agree upon an inclusive yet preventative form that acknowledges the rule of Shariah and closes the door on every tamperer, a simple form that is composed of only two sentences: Islamic Shariah is the sole source of legislation, and all the articles of the constitution and the law which opposed it are null and void. The Islamic movement is the one nominated to bear the responsibility of gathering the Ummah and inciting it to seek this noble aim. So let us rise above our organizational and factional associations, and let us cooperate with every free and honorable supporter of Islam to achieve this basic step of reform. My Muslim brothers everywhere, and those in the Islamic movement specifically, you are strong because you are upon the truth, and Allah is the Truth. You are also

strong because you have many martyrs, Mujahideen, and those who enjoin good and forbid evil. You are honored by an unlimited record of sacrifices and expenditures in the cause of Allah. You are all, after that, this strong because the Ummah is with you, because you are the hope for which it has been waiting, and because you are also the most capable of establishing a good, just regime. Do not forfeit this Islamic right. Do not hesitate, and do not pay heed to the various bargains, tricks and exchanges. Support Allah, and He will support you.

And say: 'Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers: Soon will ye be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that ye did.' (At-Taubah: 105) And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of all that exists, and may Allah's prayers and peace be upon our leader, Muhammad, all his family, and his companions. As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.

As-Sahab Foundation for Media Production 10 Ramadan 1432 August 8, 2011 Source: Al-Fajr Media Center

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