Cloud computing Introduction Cloud computing is where software applications, processing power, data and potentially even artificial

intelligence are accessed over the Internet. What we see today - on campuses, in coffee shops, in train stations, and in the park – is that we are increasingly communicating, storing, interacting and working via cloud-based services. People today are indisputably showing a willingness to put more and more of their lives and the Information online. Remote-based email (whether it be Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, MSN Mail, AOL Mail, or any similar service) may be the easiest way to understand the basics of how cloud computing works. In fact, analysts have pointed to the fact that our knowledge of how cloud computing works can be best understood through our own personal use of Google’s Gmail and GoogleApps. When using a service such as Gmail, your mail is stored on a Google server, rather than on your own machine’s hard drive. Just because of this, you can access your email from any device that has a Web browser and an Internet connection. Thus, anyone with a web-based e-mail account is already taking advantage of cloud computing. We see this again and again in our Web 2.0 world, as anyone storing files or photos online is a cloud user, as are all participants on any of social networking sites or blog creators (and the many more who read them). Thus, most of us are indeed already in the clouds, whether we know it or not. In all of these instances, both
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the data and the application behind it are stored on a remote server, rather than on your own PC, laptop, or other computing device. As more and more us are today using these cloud computing resources for not just our personal lives, but for our work as well, cloud computing has now become increasingly important.

What is Cloud Computing ? Computing has become the next big thing in the world of computers. In this blog am going to share the basics of what cloud computing is and where/how it is being used in simple terms. Now , what is "Cloud Computing ". The basic definition of it can be derived by parsing this term "Cloud Computing" into words as Cloud & Computing. Cloud:- Generally we use the Cloud symbol to represent the internet- which is a collection of web servers, File server, super computer, printer etc., So some resources will be available somewhere in the network, we can access and make use of it based on the privileges we are holding. Computing:- It explicitly tells that, computing/processing something on the cloud. From this we can understand that, the main functionality of cloud computing is, usage of resources over network as a service, on demand basis We can take Web Server as one of the best example of Cloud Computing. In this, as a user we are sending request to web server, for accessing particular page for certain purpose. The web server recieves our request, and will compute/process that based on the specification we have given and send back response to us. But I have mentioned this example for basic understanding; in reality it
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Is it only about Computing over Cloud? No. to use over network like Google Docs • Infrastructure. • 3 |Page . to deploy and run our application • Software. Its about usage of resources over network. but pay only usage • Platform. It might be Storage. etc. The next question that comes up is. Nowadays most of the Cloud providers are distributing lot of resources through utility computing much more than that. to store our data in some centralized location like File server • Database. to store data in RDBMS without buying whole licensed software.. One of the key features of Cloud Computing is Utility Computing/On-Demand Computing.

For example we should pay $0. as [their] computing requirements change". CLOUD COMPUTING CHARACTERISTICS Dynamically scalable Cloud computing is dynamically scalable because users only have to consume the amount of online computing resources they actually want. anybody can now rent "virtual server instances" from Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or "EC2" service for as little as $0.02 an hour (or indeed you even sign up for a one-year trial of the AWS Free Usage Tier for nothing). As Amazon explain. both up and down. Cloud vendors including Amazon Web Services (AWS) now quite literally sell computer processing power by the hour. allowing [customers] to quickly scale capacity.Utility computing is. we are obligated to pay only for what we use/consume. "EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes.125 for next 49TB/month and so on.14 for usage of 1TB/month and $0. Device-independent 4 |Page . this rate will be based on our service providers. For example.

Such device independency is also a killer feature of cloud computing because it means that users can move between computing devices -. Users do not have to purchase or install anything before using a cloud computing resource. The above means that cloud computing empowers its users to just get on with what they want to do. or a netbook.without having to worry that they will always have access the latest versions of their files.such as their work PC. hardware or network infrastructure. Task centric Cloud computing is task centric because the usage model is based entirely around what users want to achieve. Provided that it has an Internet connection and a web browser. lots of people do still consciously sit down to use a computer. home PC. e-book reader. nobody sits down to use a pencil. however. it really does not matter if the computer being used is a traditional desktop or laptop PC. rather than any particular software. tablet. Nor do they have to maintain or pay for anything during periods in which no resources are being used. or any other kind of cloud access device. Software as a Service (SaaS) 5 |Page .Cloud computing is device-independent because cloud computing resources can be accessed not just from any computer on the Internet. However. Today. start to catalyze a mentality shift from tool-in-hand to task-at-hand computer application. but also any type of computer. Cloud developments may. Smartphone. laptop and netbook -.

Many SaaS applications are also collaborative. Many SaaS applications are free to use. You can find links to a great many in the Cloud Computing Directory. people may use an online word processor like Google Docs. This means that businesses and individuals who require direct access to cloud computing hardware on which they can run their own applications cannot use SaaS. you can watch the now classic video Google Docs in Plain English. A real-time chat window can also be opened up alongside the spreadsheet to further enhance collaboration. The cells different users are working on are locked-off and highlighted in different colors. in the Google Docs spreadsheet different users can work on different cells simultaneously. Advantages • Pay per use 6 |Page . an online photo editor like Pixlr. an online database application like Zoho Creator. they need to cloud compute at the platform or infrastructure level using either platform as a service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS). SaaS advantage is that can provide its users with many benefits. for example. For example. And you can find a video introdution to some great free SaaS applications here. This allows multiple users to share documents and even to work on them at the same time. as well as the benefit of being able to use an application without incurring fixed costs. For more information on collaborative working using Google Docs. These include the general cloud computing advantages of dynamic scalability and any device independence. The disadvantage of SaaS is that it is basically a take-it-orleave-it form of cloud computing. So. or an online invoicing application such as Zoho Invoice. at least initially.Software as a service is where computer applications are accessed over the Internet rather than being installed on a local computing device or in a local data centre. Rather.

Applications developed using PaaS may be used privately by just one or a few users within a particular company. When people choose to cloud compute using platform as a service or 'PaaS'. they obtain access to an online platform provided by a cloud computing vendor. Microsoft Word is an application that runs on the Microsoft Windows • Email cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) A platform is a software environment used to develop and run applications. All such offerings effectively provide their 7 |Page .com. They can then use this platform to develop and deliver their own online (SaaS) applications. Most notably these include Google App Engine. they can also be offered free or for-a-fee to anybody on the web. For example. and Force. However. Microsoft Windows Azure.• • • • Instant Scalability Security Reliability APIs Examples • CRM • Financial Planning • Human Resources • Word processing • Commercial Services • Salesforce. This means that if you have a great idea for a new online application then you can use PaaS to turn it into a reality! Several cloud suppliers now offer PaaS tools.

What this means is that whilst PaaS makes it relatively easy to create new online also allow an initial application to be created for free! Whilst PaaS is great in many situations. it is nevertheless restrictive. users are nevertheless constrained by the particular programming languages and tools provided by their PaaS supplier.Force. its users do need to be mindful of the involved flexibility verses power trade-off.customers with a box of cloud computing PaaS vendors have total control over which Lego bricks they allow their customers to build with. Popular services • Storage • Database • Scalability Advantages • Pay per use • Instant Scalability • Security 8 |Page . In other words. It is for this reason that many companies and some individuals choose to cloud compute at the infrastructure level. Whilst this ensures that applications built using the tools on offer will always function correctly. With claim that their "simplified programming model and cloud-based environment mean [customers] can build and run applications five times faster. some applications can even be built using a simple drag-and-drop interface. New applications are then constructed from the plastic bricks on offer. Indeed. Google App Engine and Force. Relatively non-technical people can therefore create new online applications very quickly. at about half the cost of traditional software platforms".

So. Real or "dedicated" servers are individual circuit boards – known as blades – mounted within equipment racks in a data centre. whilst the Microsoft Word application runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. Cloud computing servers are basically computers on which online applications can be run and data can be stored. platforms in turn run on computing infrastructure. Virtual 9 |Page . The fundamental building block of cloud computing infrastructure is the server. When provided by an IaaS vendor.• Reliability APIs Examples • Google App Engine • Mosso • AWS: S3 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure as a service or "IaaS" is where a cloud supplier provides online infrastructure on which their customers can store data and develop and run whatever applications they please. IaaS therefore allows companies to move their existing programs and data into the cloud and to close down their own local servers and data centres. Whilst computing applications run on platforms. in turn the Microsoft Windows platform runs on the infrastructure of an IBM-compatible PC. for example. In contrast virtual servers – also known as "virtual server instances" – are software-controlled slices of real. cloud servers can also be real or virtual. physical servers.

virtual server instances are cheaper to supply as each does not require its own piece of physical hardware in a cloud data centre. These are most commonly known as "private clouds". four categories of IaaS are available. Advantages • • • • Pay per use Instant Scalability Security Reliability APIs Examples • Flexiscale • AWS: EC2 Big Data with Cloud Computing What is Big Data? 10 | P a g e . Dedicated physical servers and virtual server instances can perform exactly the same functions. For a start. "hybrid hosting" and "cloud hosting".servers are created by a process called virtualization that allows many users to share the processing power of one physical server. "dedicated hosting". However. For this reason. virtual server instances are sometimes seen as less secure by those who do not want to share server hardware with other customers. On the other hand. there are some differences between them.

Once query is given. each node process and send its respective results. we just need to know how this MapReduce works.. Apache Hadoop Framework etc. Strategy is simple. How cloud computing related with Big Data.Big Data usually refer to processing/analysing huge amount of data or data set(terabyte.. Running time for a querying these two tables with complex join condition will take around 30 minutes(approx).etc of data) which take long time to process in RDBMS type of databases. you have two table with 1TB of data (or) you can say 1Billion record (1000 Million) in each table. so task will be done soon. MapReduce has two functions: Map . big task is split-out and given to multiple people. petabyte.Hereafter Reducer combine all node result and give the final combined result.. MapReduce framework have a strategy to handle this situation. Big Data projects uses lot of technologies and framework to process data. Example let consider a scenario that. might vary depends on your database server capability. First Google introduced MapReduce framework in 2004 and present day also google uses MapReduce framework to index whole WWW for google search engine. Reduce . data-mining grids.Input data is partitioned and map to multiple(all) node in cluster. Few other frameworks used for Big Data are massively parallel processing (MPP) databases. 11 | P a g e . that a big question? For this.

1 TB data is partitioned into 256. But. Its difficult to establish required number of node on-demand. Why should we use Cloud Computing for Big data? The main reason is. Once operation is initiated. Reducer combine the result and return the result. and along with 1000 node(worker) cluster. each node process the data and send back the result to Reducer. For this situation cloud computing will help us. and Utility computing model help to pay only for duration consumed to process our data. 200 TB and so on. Cloud computing is scalable to any size to any number of nodes.As per above scenario. might get lot of 12 | P a g e . 512 or 1024MB data blocks and mapped to all nodes in cluster by mapper while loading data. • Chances are there for data size will increased to 100 TB. • Its difficult to establish and maintain 1000 nodes to process data for minimum usage of time. resulting time also will be reduced to almost 500 times roughly. Here 1000 node is pretty enough to process 1 TB data. After observed above picture.

Or we can say. We will see about that in Apache hadoop frameworks in upcoming posts. self service model. Cloud service providers bring lot of new features from other technology and introducing more and more new features along with cloud to beat competitors. Cloud Computing Application MONDAY. user program. 13 | P a g e . On-Demand Computing. And one more main reason is. location independence.doubts about master. Elasticity. instance startup. intermediate files. Reliability. Easy Maintenance and Pay per use Model. 2011 Reason for Cloud computing popularity and rapid development Nowadays Cloud computing users is growing in exponential. Because. Posted by Cloud Architect at 9:50 AM 4 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Google Buzz Labels: Big Data. Multi-tenancy. cloud computing is not a single technology. JUNE 27. it’s a group of technology names as cloud computing. it has lot of features like Pooled resources. Cloud Computing.

number of processor will be more then thousand. computing happen in server.Distributed Environment. large companies which do millions of transaction per day will usually use this type of system. self healing. which run under client server model. Utility Computing . Mainframe computer . and self protection with help of Artificial Intelligence. This type of model used to process complex form of tasks. people use to say it’s a super computer. Real Time example with used all this technologies with Cloud: Let take Amazon or Ebay type of website.Parallel computing along with client server model. It has features like self configuring. Similar like our utility bill (i. surely we need a powerful system like Main frame or Grid type of computing system to process all customer request. based on the capacity of cluster in Grid. self optimization. client request for service. server process the request and send back the result.powerful computer used to process huge amount of data. as it used across all over the world.What are all technologies clubbed with Cloud Computing or Underling technologies in Cloud Computing? Client Server model . its’ just a group of processor which run parallel at time. Electricity. phone bill) Autonomy Computing .Model in which provider charges to customer only for what they consumed.Model which is self managing capability in distributed environment. Grid Computing . 14 | P a g e .e.

traffic over the network is high because people buy lot of gifts than normal. Utility Computing SATURDAY. in which all resources like network bandwidth. Surely on that time. Major companies can use cloud. processor. iPad. As well as help to give good service to customers. Posted by Cloud Architect at 11:50 AM 5 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Google Buzz Labels: Cloud Computing. free cloud service for his customers. Instead of buying new servers to manages this traffic for few days. JUNE 25. iBookStore here come up with the new one iCloud. iOS. iPod. etc.But there is a situation like some festival season (Charismas Eve). 2011 What is iCloud? From the series of Apple Inc products and services like iPhone. Advantages of iCloud: Nowadays it’s hectic to keep all your data updated across all your devices. memory. iCloud helps to keep your data updated 15 | P a g e . iAd. iTunes. are auto scalable with the help of Autonomy Computing and uses Utility Computing model so companies can save his capital expenditure.

Moreover space required to store the music. iCloud provides free storage space about 5GB to store user data and synchronize data between devices between our other devices like iPhone. and then they can extend their storage space by paying extra price. Along with iCloud. The various types of data we can synchronize with our devices using iCloud services are: iTunes with iCloud. and Backup data. All history of user purchased list will stores in iTunes Store. iPod and Mac or Windows PC. So users no need to worry about plug-in or transferring data between devices like iPad. ‘iTunes Match’ service also releasing. This can be done by wirelessly either in Wi-Fi or 3G (based on user configuration). hence user will get dedicated 5GB storage to store their personal Mail. iPad. books. Music collection may included music ripped from DVDs/CDs. Changes made to your data in one device will automatically update to your other apple devices. iPhone and iPod. In the case of user need more storage space for their use. Documents.automatically to all your devices. your 16 | P a g e . Even this other music also shared between all device. no matter through which device user brought that music. purchased somewhere else other than iTunes. And also it allows us to configure up to 10 devices for each user. user can download to any device if its not available. apps purchased from apple are not included in this 5GB. For example photo which taken in your iPhone will be pushed to your PC automatically. it help to keep user whole music collection. user purchasing music will automatically appear in all of his devices. iTunes Store keeps list of all music purchased by user in past.

Calendar and Mail enables the user to access their Contact book. Calendar and Mail – With Apple former service MobileMe. Contact.99 for a year. Documents – As Apple given iWork apps to all developer to make their application work with iCloud. Pre-requisite to use iCloud with iTunes is need to have iTunes 10. If it matches user can listen to iCloud music which gives 256Kbps iTunes plus quality. user can share the calendar with the person whom they want to share as well as instant mail in all iOS devices and PCs. It will avoid the problem of carrying our laptop to access our data wherever we are going. if your own music file match with iCloud music library of 18 Million music collections. all application which your brought from third party vendor will be used along with 17 | P a g e . It is available to download free for Mac and PC. Schedule and Mail from any place. only you have to upload which doesn’t file will be uploaded to iCloud. so it available in $24. And also if any change done by one of the member who included in the group. This iCloud service with Contact.3 version. you can use from iCloud itself. iTunes match is not a free service. will automatically update to all other member’s schedule. in case we are keeping all the records in our laptop. even user had low quality file.

all changes made to documents will be automatically moved to all devices. home screen. thereafter he can able to access the same page where he left at last( that means at page 36) whenever he re-open the same book from MAC or PC. Store will keep the history of entire user purchased list. It takes backups of all music. even ringtones. So you can check your office documents in iPhone even during vacation. even though anything happened to our device accidentally. books. highlighted text . device settings. if the user reading a book in iPod. Even book mark. In this case we can recover the data which are in backup from our damaged device to our new device by 18 | P a g e . app organization. So you can create documents in all iOS device and check your work from anywhere. The backup data will be safe always. apps data. For example. and he closed the application at page 36. Text messages. in case if apps or book is not available in our device.It helps to take the backup of all the devices automatically and securely in daily manner. iCloud also pushes newly buying apps to all other devices. camera roll (picture and video). comments made and the page which left when closing the application everything will be updated to all other devices through iCloud service. we can download from the store. apps. MMS. iBook Store – It enables the user to install/use any of their purchased apps & books from any of his iOS devices. Apps Store. For example user can view the books in PC which are available in their iPhone. iCloud Backup .iCloud.

Pre-requisite to use iCloud feature:  iTunes 10. user and data independently. all devices only stores last 1000 photos as it has space constrain. 2011 What is Virtualization? Virtualization means creating virtual form of hardware and/or software resources. JUNE 18.3  iOS 4. applications. iClound SATURDAY. Virtualization of server means partitioning physical server into several virtual servers. if we did not connect any other device to icloud. iCloud Photo Stream features helps to move our photo to our PC picture folder. So it helps to install/run different operating systems in virtual machines although it runs under same physical server.3  Mac OS X Lion  Window Vista or Window 7  Outlook 2007 or 2010 Posted by Cloud Architect at 12:54 AM 6 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Google Buzz Labels: Cloud Computing Application. In which each virtual machines are isolated. user can transfer the data from iPhone to any other devices. so it can interact with other devices.just giving our Apple User name and Password. Since 19 | P a g e . iBackup takes quick backup of only altered data not from scratch every time. and also no need to worry about limit on taking photo/video. Except PC. Photo Stream in iCloud – By using iCloud service. or machines. And also iCloud will store all photos for 30 days in iCloud itself in the case of.3.

it has the isolation feature. it can also combine group of physical server into single server. most of the machines utilize only 10-15% of its total capacity most of the time which results in wastage of electricity and maintenance cost. And it also controls the amount of access that each virtual machine have with hardware resources. memory and disk input/output. if one virtual machine crashes it will not affect the another virtual machine. Hypervisor software separates the operating system and applications from the hardware resources. Why virtualization? Take an example of data center. What are all the types of virtualization? 20 | P a g e .To make the optimal utilisation of the remaining capacities we can use Virtualization concepts which also helps to avoid installation of platform/application specific data centers. which adds a new layer between the hardware and the operating system (see above picture). Virtualization is not only about partitioning resources. such as processor. How virtualization can be done? Who will take care of isolation of virtual machine (or) server? Hypervisor is also known as a virtualization manager. Main concept of virtualization is utilizing the resource usefully by either partitioning or combining.

One virtual machine can have 1GB memory. whereas the other one can have 4GB memory. 10. 100GB storage and 2 core processor.Nowadays lot of new types are evolving in virtualization field. Application virtualization – Application can be separated from operating system for relocating. 1TB storage and 20 core processor. we see few of its types Storage virtualization . There is no condition like each virtual machine which come under one server should have equal amount resources. List of Vendors offering virtualization software:  VMWare  Citrix  Microsoft Hyper-V  IBM PowerVM 21 | P a g e . but we create number of virtual machines which user can access remotely and use like personal computer. Desktop virtualization – It is similar to server virtualization. Network virtualization – Network bandwidth is split into independent channels and assigned to a particular server or device.Multiple storage resources in a network are combined into a single storage device for centralized access. depending on the requirement. It helps in easy upgradation and maintenance of all desktops Example: Consider Server with 8GB memory. even 20 virtual machine. 200GB storage and 5 core processor. Using virtualization this resources can be split in 8.

large scale infrastructure) >hybrid cloud (composition of two or more model) 2. 22 | P a g e . RedHat Xen  Oracle VM Manager. etc. >large enterprises may also use hybrid cloud infrastructures software. >large enterprises data centres may evolve to act as private cloudes. Challenge of cloud computing 1.there are four cloud deployment models > private(cloud enterprise owned or leased) >community cloud (shared infrastructure for specific community) >public cloud (sold to public / any user.possible effect of cloud computing include amongst other >small enterprise use public SaaS & public cloud & minimize growth of data centres.

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Use Amazon EC2.000 users for only two months duration. significantly lower maintenance costs. Use Cloud Front from Amazon. Conclusion cloud computing is truly a revolutionary concept for many business organizations. • You want to run a batch job but you don’t have the infrastructure necessary to run it in a timely manner. Use Flexiscale. cloud computing presents itself as an all26 | P a g e . For managers dealing with the growing demand for IT in their respective organizations. but only for a few days. 2. You need to host a large file (5Mb) on your website and make it available for 35.use a SaaS provider such as • Your email is hosted on an exchange server in your office and it is very slow…outsource this using Hosted Exchange. Because of the technology's ease of adoption. there is no doubt that cloud computing will gain widespread popularity going forward. • • You want to host a website.PaaS • You want to start storage services on your network for a large number of files and you do not have the storage capacity…use Amazon S3.SaaS • Your current CRM package is not managing the load or you simply don’t want to host it in-house….Examples of usage 1. and greater workflow efficiency.

Publisher. C.B. at the end of your paper.B.D. include the name(s) of editors of referenced books. enclose the citation number in square brackets. reducing energy usage—all at an affordable price.F. and E. and E. Where appropriate. at the same time. When referenced in the text. C. solution.F. single-spaced. Book Title. Journal. Location. Date. [1] A. Jones. Smith. 27 | P a g e . A. Smith.D.. [2] Jones. 1-10. for example [1]. Location. Roberts. being able to satisfy the growing IT needs while. “Article Title”. References List and number all bibliographical references in 9-point Times. pp. Publisher. Date.

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