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Declare  to  ACHIEVE  

Nirmal’s  family    
           Nirmal’s  family  was  the  richest  in  the  Chengalpet  District    (the  Present   Kanceepuram  &  Tiruvellore  Districts)  The  family  had  500  acres  of  land  in   the   present     two   districts   including   the   close   suburbs   of   Chennai     Moghaper   ,   Ramapuram,   Virugambakkam   ,   Valasaravakkkam   &   Porour.   The  had  a  bus  service  fleet  &  huge  diary  farm.  They  were  highly  regarded     for   their   philanthropy.   They   constructed   5   temples   and   donated   each   temple   5   acres   of   land   .   His   grand   father   Late   Mr   Sivapatha   Mudaliar       was   Chairman   of   Saidapet   Municipality   which   was   a   suburb   of   Chennai       &   Chairman   of   Chengalpet   District   Board.   His   small   grandfather     Mr   Kandaswami  Mudaliar      was  the    first  Chairman  of  Kunrathur  Panchayat   Union.     Nirmal’s   grand   father     donated   land   to   poor   and   those   who   were   in   temple   service   like     the   musicians,   priests   &   Flower   grower   of   the   temples.   They   promoted   communal   harmony   .   Every   Sunday   they   will   host   lunch   to     poor   Muslims   of   Pammal   &   Pallavaram.   On   Saturday   evenings  they  had  Samabandhi    (all  are  equal)  dinner    with  people  of  all   communiTes     ,   parTcularly   people   belonging   to   the   suppressed   community  .  

When   the   family   found   that   they   should   mainly   focus   on   agriculture  ,  the  closed  the  transport  business  .All  the  buses   were  donated  to  conductors  ,  drivers    and  cleaners.    Many  of   them   became   quite   rich   ,   some   of   them       richer   than   the   family   which   lost   most   of   its   ancestral   properTes   ,   in   business.   Nirmal’s   father   geWng   down   from   the   bus   &   Nirmal’s  mother  with  his  sister  waiTng  outside.  

The   family     constructed   five       temples   in   Kunrathur,   near   Chennai  and  donated  each  temple   10   acres   of   land.   The   donated   5   acres  each  to  the  temple  musician   (Nadhaswaram)   Flower   Growers   for  temple    &  the  temple  priests.    

Nirmal’s   family   had   huge   property   ,   hundreds   of   acres   of   land   in   5   villages     around   Chennai   ,   which   were   all   lost   in   the   family   business.   When   Nirmal   stepped   out   of   college,   there   were   no   properDes   but   only   Rs   15   lacs   loan   that   the   family   owed   to   various   creditors,   which  fell  on  Nirmal’s  shoulder  to  repay        

Life  will  not  be  challenging  if  one  is  born  poor.  But  it  will  be  hell  on   earth,  if    one  born  as  rich  all  of  a  sudden  becomeing  poor.    

       When  they  sold  their  last  house  in  T  Nagar  in  the  year  1971,   his   mother   conveyed   her   wish   of   their   moving   to   their   own   house  &    Nirmal  should  try  to  buy  a  house  through  bank  loan   in   T   Nagar.   The   bank   where   he   worked   gave   a   loan   of   Rs   45000/-­‐       through   which   he   could   not   get   even   an   outhouse   .     Fortunately   Nirmal   came   to   know   that   there   was   a   house   available   in   Giriappa   Road   ,   T   Nagar   for   that   money   .   The   price  was  so  low  because  it  was  in  a  slum  area  with  mounds   of  filth  ,  heaps  of  garbage  ,  piles  of  cow  dung  &  cesspool  of   sewage.   As   people   did   not   dare   to   live   there,   it   was   kept   under  lock  &  key.  Nirmal  bought  it  .  He  found  life  becoming   more   challenging   .   People   were   answering   call   of   nature   on   the   side   walks     ,   pouring   sewage   on   the   road   &   li_ering   everywhere.        

Important Declaration 1

ExNoRa  InternaTonal    since  1988     is  the  largest    Environmental  Service  OrganisaTon  of  India  &    one  of  the  fastest   growing  in  the  world  ,    started  in  the  year  1988  in  Chennai    

You  can  consider  ExNoRa  as  an  ORGANISATION,  a    CONCEPT     ,  a  HABIT  or    a  WORD  .  The  Choice  is  yours  !   ExNoRa  :  What  the  3  colors  Green  ,  Blue  &  Red    signify?           The  GREEN  represents  ENVIRONMENT,     The    BLUE  represents  PEACE  &     The  RED  represents  SACRIFICE     We  need  Clean  &  Green  ENVIRONMENT  &  PEACE  in  our  society  &   within  ourselves  &  we  can  get    both  by  only  SACRIFICE  see:   www.voluntarysacrifice.org    

An   member  is  called  as   who  uses  the  prefix  


ExNoRan   Exn.      


Each nation has a vital potential. For example let us take India, where EXNORA was born. Exnora considers India as a rich country. No doubt India has an entry, ONE BILLION STOMACHS (to be fed thrice a day) on the LIABILITY SIDE of her BALANCE SHEET. But if one turns one’s attention towards the ASSET SIDE of the same balance sheet, one will be amazed to see two entries, 1. ONE BILLION BRAINS & 2. ONE BILLION PAIRS OF HANDS. Yes India is a rich & resourceful country with POSITIVE TANGIBLE HUMAN NET WORTH, a vast reservoir & ocean of HUMAN RESOURCE. The people only need to be guided to ‘THINK POSITIVELY & WORK CONSTRUCTIVELY’.

Can all of us do it?

What the father of the nation had taught us!
The colonial rulers had weapons, arms, machines and gun powder. .But what Gandhiji had was the people resource. The OCCUPIERS’ ammunitions were no match to the people power which Gandhiji could gather in such huge number. Exnora identified garbage and sewage as the worst common enemies of people and successfully could mobilize them to wage war against the danger within, truly following the foot-steps of Mahathmaji

Exnora has a very unique ‘COMMUNITY HRD’ Programmes to fulfill its mission. This principle applies to any country. MOTIVATED PEOPLE DO MIRACLES. Undoubtedly ‘MOTIVATION’ is the GREATEST ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL TOOL’ and the BEST ‘MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE’ which Exnora uses all the time in all the places with all the people.

                                                     SPARK  1  &  DECLARATION  1                                                                            
The  relaTves  who  visited  Nirmal  felt  sad  &  asked  him  one  quesTon  “Can’t  you   move  out  of  this  place  and  move  to  a  be_er  place?”  Nirmal    replied  “Rather   going  to  a  be_er  place  I  will  make  Giriappa  Road  be_er  “  

Today the house is invisible as it is wrapped by plants & trees

The same place, after he started

Home ExNoRa Concept in 1998

TODAY Giriappa Road South. Nirmal’s house is there

A sample of how one highly motivated with strong mind can achieve and nothing is impossible for him. This is Giriappa Road (South ) has a come long way , thanks to Nirmal & his Indomitable WILL

Giriappa  Road  North  TODAY  &  its   condiTon,     where    Nirmal  does  not  live  .  
North Giriappa Road where Nirmal does not leave is encroached upon both sides. 80 feet broad road has become 25 feet narrow lane. The previous picture and this picture show, how one individual can make the difference

The EVOLUTION of a so called Public Toilet as People’s Toilet: Picture no1 DeLiWaM

Public Toilet Evolution Picture no. 2

Public  Toilet  EvoluDon  Picture  no.  3  

Public  Toilet  EvoluDon  Picture  no.  4  

Children were using the road for open defecation in

Children developing the habit of use of Toilet Evolution Picture No 1

Children  developing  the  habit  of  use  of  Toilet    
Children  were  afraid  to  go  inside  the  walls  of  the  Public  Toilet.   Hence  ExNoRa  Created  a    Children  Toilet  minus  walls  around  it.   In  short  an  open  toilet  on    dais  .  Children  happily  answered  their  call  of     nature  without  any  fear  &  people  could  walk  without  fear.  

EvoluTon  Picture  No  1  

But  sDll    some  children  were  not  using   the  open  toilet  !  ExNoRa  changed  the   spelling  of  Toilet&  that  made  the   remaining  children  too  to  use  the  Toilet.  
Can  you  guess  the  new  spelling  ?  

The Toilet became TOYLET

It has toys which lure children to come to toilet play using the toys and of course answer their call of nature too.

The  Problems   to  Environment    

The  Toilet  Breakthrough   A  toilet  like  this  became  …  see  the   next  picture    

The  same  toilet  became  like  this.  The  liquid  waste  is  treated   bacterially  by  ExNoRa  as  water    for  irrigaTon  for    HorTculture.  The  gas   waste  is  trapped  and  supplied  to  the  Community  Canteen  and  the   remaining  solid  waste  minus  gas  is  converted  as  an  organic  compost.    

Nirmal  went  once  to  Sogandy  village  &  he  saw  a  8  years  old  girl  child   daughter  a  po_er  was  studying  under  street  light  .  He  got  a    spark,   Nirmal’s  “One  Hut  One  Light”  scheme    introduced  for  the  first    Tme  in   our  NaTon  ,  in  the    Sogandi    village  in  1978  .    

Spark 2 Declaration : 2

Declaration that he made it to himself “I will ensure that this girl of potter of will study in an electric light in her HOME”

Nirmal  with  his  family,  before  his   departure  to  Hong  Kong      

Director Health Service The Director of Public Health was there . But Health was not there . Nirmal got the spark & declared that “ I will change the ugly face of the campus as beautiful face ).

On  return  from  Hong  Kong  ,Nirmal  became  Chief  Manger  ,in  1984  was  posted  to  IOB   Teynampet  branch    which  was  in    the  Campus  of  Director  of  Medical  Service    &   Director  of  Public  Health.  What  was  not  there  Health.  Mr.  Nirmal  and  Minister   conducted  a    massive  Cleaning  Campaign,  which  was  indeed  a  forerunner  to  ExNoRa.   Today  the  campus  looks  as  a  forest    .  Nirmal  conducted  a  massive    cleaning  campaign   with  the  local  MLA  most  revered  minister  Late  KAK  .  That  created  a  wonderful   awareness  and  was  another  forerunner  Nirmal  starTng  ExNoRa  .  That  was  a  great   MoTvaTon  saga  ,  moTvaTng  2000  employees  of  Government  Departments    

Spark & Declaration 3 : “I will make the dirtiest Director Health Service Campus Healthy”

From that day after Nirmal & 4000 employees took broomstick & cleaned the Campus it became spotlessly clean

Spark & Declaration 4 “ I will make this barren campus of Forest Department is as a Forest”

The  campus  had    the   Government      Forest   Department  but  without   trees.

Today  DMS  Campus  is  a   Forest  ,  thanks  to   Nirmal’s  iniTaTve  

Staff can give ideas for improving customer service , marketing , Human Relations, Public Relations , New Products etc and a wall was dedicated for that

There were piles of old books (periodicals) lying in the bank hall belonging to the staff circulating club. The staff said that they could not sell . Nirmal got an idea of Book Bank . He told the customers that they take a book , read it and bring it back when they come next time .No record was maintained. Mr Nirmal said “If the customers bring back the book , I will be happy and if they don’t bring back I will be very happy” He thought that it is the best way to get rid off the books . But the customers made him very unhappy by bringing their old books and dumping it there in the BOOK BANK . Mr Nirmal got a message. If he has good scheme the whole world will be behind him

Bank  entertains  Customers  .  Nirmal  had  every  wee  k  in  IOB  Teynampet   “Bank  Entertains  Customers  Monthly  Programme  “.  Nirmal  as  Bank   manager  introduced  to  Actor  Vivek    to  Chennai  Public  as  a  mimicry   ArTste.    Later  Vivek  in  the  book  release  funcTon  said  that  it  was  Nirmal   who  gave  me  a  dais  first  .  See  the  youtube    

The    famous  daily,  Dinakaran     newspaper  says     “The  wonder  that  happened   in    Vysarapadi  .   The  two  vey  big  rowdies  of   Chennai  who  made  Chennai   fears  jointly  plant  trees  .   ExNoRa  arranged  it    

Saturday,  February  24,  2001  

Two  gangsters  turn  a  new  leaf  


Our  Staff  Reporter     CHENNAI,  FEB.  23.  Two  underworld  gang  leaders  today  decided  to  turn  over  a  new  leaf   in  the  presence  of  senior  police  personnel  and  members  of  the  public  at  Vyasarpadi.     At  a  funcDon  organised  by  Exnora  InternaDonal  (EI),  the  two  dons  -­‐  Vellai  Ravi  and   Chera  -­‐  whose  names  spelt  terror  in  the  city,  promised  to  give  up  violence  and  do   social  work.  Many  persons  had  been  killed  and  injured  in  the  fight  for  supremacy   between  them.     The  DCP,  Flower  Bazaar,  Mr.  Shakeel  Akhter,  said  the  police  welcomed  rehabilitaDon   programmes  for  those  who  had  taken  to  a  lawless  way  of  life.  While  warning  that  the   police  would  put  down  rowdyism  with  a  firm  hand,  he  hoped  that  this  event  would   serve  as  an  example  for  others  to  follow.     Mr.  A.  K.  Ulaganathan,  Wildlife  Warden,  appreciated  the  move  by  the  reformed   gangsters  to  support  tree-­‐planDng  programmes.     Mr.  M.  B.  Nirmal,  founder  chairman  EI,  inducted  Ravi  and  Chera  as  ``Tree  Guardians''  of   Exnora  Green  Cross.  He  hoped  that  the  duo  would  serve  as  examples  for  others  to   change.     Both  Ravi  and  Chera  pledged  before  the  people  that  they  would  not  resort  to  any  form   of  violence  and  promised  to  support  social  causes.  


Mr.  M.  B.  Nirmal,  founder  president  of  Exnora  InternaDonal,   suggests  that  criminals  could  be  reformed  and  rehabilitated   using  ``empathy''.  As  a  test  case,  he  says  that  Chera,  an   alleged  gangster  had  now  given  up  his  notorious  acDviDes  and   was  engaged  in  social  work.  Even  recently,  Chera  led  an   environmental  campaign  at  SAF  games  village.     Another  person,  Natarajan  of  Padianallur,  who  was  now   ``reformed'',  was  recently  elected  as  vice  chairman  of  the   local  town  panchayat.  Mr.Nirmal  feels  that  if  criminals  were   given  the  right  opportunity  they  could  become  the  future   assets  of  society.  It  is  also  learnt  that  the  city  police  are   chalking  out  some  rehabilitaDon  packages  for  reforming    

Human  Diamond  Lathe.  The  society    dropouts  are    like  cut   but  unpolished  diamonds  .  “Human  Diamond  Lathe”  is  an   organizaTon  founded  by  M  B  Nirmal  having  mind   programmers  who    reprogramme  offenders  as  Samaritans   using  Nirmal’s  7th  Sense  Techniques.    

Venkatapuram  slum,  near  Guindy  Raj  Bhawan    became  the   best  &  a  model  thanks  to  the  Youth  ExNoRa  that  was  started   there  .  It  looks  like  Singapore    

Slums becoming clean, green & enviro- paradise due to Motivating them to participate & tapping the valuable Human Resource & converting it as Social Capital.

Under  Ground  Sewer  system  in  Mangalipillai  Tho_am  (Giriappa   Road),  with  the  slum  dwellers  contribuTng  their  free  labour  .  With   25%  of  actual  cost  ,  the  pipes  were  laid    

Nari Kurava Colony, Adyar Toilet with bio gas plant was started with the residents giving their free labour

Waste Paper recycling at Exnora Vocational Training Centre – formation of micro-enterprises
Project supported by USAID

More than 9000 people

Across Tamil Nadu Trained

Mr  V  V  Giri  ,  President  of  India  reTred  from  Presidentship  ,  he  came  to  Chennai  &  launched   Clean  Madras      Campaign.    He  took  Nirmal  one  of  the  members  of  the  5  member  high  level   commi_ee.  When  his  100th  Birthday  was  celebrated  ,  Nirmal  was  iarecognised  by    Mr  Giri’s   family  .  The  president  of  India  Mr  R  Venkatraman  &  Mr  C  Subramaniam  presented  Nirmal  “Dr   V  V  Giri  Memorial  Award”  for  his  outstanding  contribuTon  to  Cleanliness  of  Madras      

ExNoRa  InternaTonal     inaugurated    by  Hindu  N  Ram     &  A  M  Swaminathan   IAS  on     28th  April  89   at  LLA  Buildings  

The  first  ever     ExNoRa   Branch,  Civic   ExNoRa   being  launched   by  Minister   Veerapandi   Arumugham  &   MLA  Stalin   on  26th  June  89   at  Adyar  

M B Nirmal’s father was Editor of Pesum Padam . The leading Film monthly. In Nirmal’s house in Kunrathur were Ms Jayalalitha & her Mother Mrs Sandhya with Nirmal’s father & sister . Nirmal’s father one of those who were responsible for Ms Jayalalitha’s film career

Mrs Sandya, Hon’ble CM’s Mother with Nirmals’ mother in Nirmal’s house in Kunrathur

Nirmal  is  one  of  the  most  successful   Self-­‐improvement  trainers  in  Malaysia    

Nirmal  was  the  only  to  get  invitaTon   from  Tamuilnadu  to  meet  Clinton   when  he  visited    as  USA  President  of  USA    

EXNORA is now in INDIA’s Solid waste management history. Exnora has got a place in the Solid Waste Management history of India. In the year 1989, it was Exnora which took with a manufacturer of fish tri cycle cart, converted the cart as trash collection cart. It is called as ExNoRa cart Now this cycle cart has become the national symbol of cleanliness in India with several lakhs of them from Kashmir to Kanyakumari silently transporting trash with Out noise and air pollution.

Exnora   Senator   Late   Capt.   Velu   and   Environmental  AcTvist  Amrita  Patel  went   on   a   tour   from   Kashmir   to   Kanyakumari   under   ‘ THE   EXNORA   CLEAN   INDIA   P R O J E C T ’   t o   s e e   t h e   c o n d i T o n s   parTcularly   the   role   of   local   bodies   in   Solid   Waste   Management.   They   called   their  trip  as  Garbage  Yatra.  India  was  one   and   same   from   North   to   South.   They   found   in   no   place   the   municipal   solid   waste   was   managed,   it   was   only   mismanaged.   They   filed   a   case   in   the   Supreme   Court   which   ended   Supreme   Court   passing   judgment   direcTng   the   local   bodies   to   do   the   work   of   Solid   Waste   Management   including   Zero   Waste   Management.   This   was   followed   by   Government  of  India  bring  an  enactment   making   it   a   Law   requiring   local   bodies   to   do.  

Nirmal  receives  the  Saavi’s  Best  writer  Award  from  the  CM.   On  the  dais  Pollachi  Mahalingam  &  Saavi  Editor  Saavi  


ExNora presents its award to the Mayor Stalin . Presented by Bharat Rathna CS with Malai Murasu Editor Ramachandra Adityan .


M  B  Nirmal  with  the  CM  in  the  FelicitaTon  funcTon  organised    by   ExNoRa  .  MBN  recognizes  the  CM  .  Int  he  stage  are  the  then  ExNoRa   President  Subash  ,  the  then  ExNoRa  VP  Kalyanamalali  Mohan  &   ExNoRa  T  Nagar  President  Actor  Manorama  

M B Nirmal with the CM in the Felicitation function organised by ExNoRa to recognize him for providing water to Chennai through Telugu Ganga project

M B Nirmal with the CM in the Felicitation function organised by ExNoRa in her honour

As  Rotary  Club  President  Nirmal  recognizes  Manorama  .  In   the  photo  are  late  Actor  Jayashankar  ,  Kamal  .  Producer   Saravanan  ,  Nirmal  ,  Manorama  &  late  producer  GV    

As   Rotary   Club   President   Nirmal   presents  Award  t  Mr  Padmanabhan  ,   the   Chief   Secretary   of   Tamilandu   .   With   them   ar   the   IIT   Chairman   Mr   AL   Mudaliar    

On   behalf   of   ExNoRa,     Nirmal   recognises  Vairamuthu  .  Ith  him   are   famous   film   directors   Bharathraja   ,   Maniratnam   &   K   Blachander   &   Balu   of   Balu   Jewellers    


Mr.    Stalin  said  “I  was  just  a  poliDcian  .  I  got  the   inspiraDon  to  do  social  service  &  Civic  Service  from   Nirmal  “  

Outstanding  CiTzen  of  Chennai  Award  to      Nirmal  for   contribuTon  to  Chennai  Cleanliness    ,  by  Hon’ble  CM  &   then  Mayor  M  K  Stalin  by  CorporaTon  of  Chennai  on  the   Golden  Jubilee  celebraTons  of  Indian  Independence    

Award  to  Nirmal  for  contribuTon  to  Humanity   by  TMC  poliTcal  party    by  the  great  statesman  ,   GK  Moopanar    on  the  Golden  Jubilee   Independence  Day    CelebraTon  of  India    

Rotary’s  For  the  sake  of  Honour  Award  presenetd  by  IOB   Chairman  Mr  Subramaniam  &  Rotary  Governor   Gangadharan    

Doctorate  to  Nirmal  by  Satyabhama  university    by  Dr  Madhavan  Nair    ,    Chairman  of  Indian  Space   Research  ORGANISATION  

Nirmal  being  greeted  on  his  birth  in  his  house    day  by  Mr  M  K  Stalin    

Nirmal  with  the  PM    

Nirmal  is  already  part  of  Tamilnadu    10th  standard  Text   Book  &  ExNoRa  is  part  4  of  university  curriculum    

South  Australian  Premier  is  presented  with    “  ExNoRa  Green   Premier”  Award  by  ExNoRa  Founder  Award      

Nirmal  addresses  the  august  audience  in  South   Australian  Award  presentaDon  funcDon  at  Hotel  Taj    

ExNoRa  recognizing    Dr  Rashid  Aleem  Chairman  ,  Sharjah   Port  &  member  of    Sharjah  Sheik  family  via  Prince  of  Arcot  ,   M  B  Nirmal  &  Mrs  Soluchana  Ramaseshan  President   ExNoRa  InternaTonal  

In  the  last  Assembly  General  ElecTons  ExNoRa  aligned  with  the  Chief    ElecTon     Commissioner  Mr  Praveen  Kumar  IAS    campaigned    for  Clean  &  Free  ElecTon    .  In    the   picture  are  Mr  Praveen  Kumar  IAS  ,  CEC  &  Amudha  IAS  ,  EC  &  Office  bearers  of  Youth   ExNoRa  InternaTonal    releasing  an  elecTon  campaign  DVD    produced  by  ExNoRa.  Last   ElecTon    was  the  toughest  ever  elecTon  conducted  so  far  due  to  a  le_er  sent  by  5th   Pillar  ,  the  2nd  largest  anT-­‐corrupTon  movement  India  ,  Founded  by    Exn  M  B  Nirmal  to   the  Chief  ElecTon  Commissioner,  Shahabuddin  Yaqoob  Quraishi,  in  which  the   organisaTon  wrote  ,    in  Tamilnadu  the  Voters  don’t  decide  the  candidate  ,  but  Money   Power  &  Muscle  Power  decide.  This  was  acknowledged  publicly    

Mr  Praveen  Kumar  IAS  &  Mrs  Amudha  IAS  releasing   the  DVD  produced  by  ExNoRa  for  the  conduct  of  Clean   &  Fair  ElecDons    whiled  Abdul  Ghani  ,  President  ,  Youth   ExNoRa  InternaDonal  watches      

Exn  M  B  Nirmal  &  Mr  Naresh   Guptha  the  former  ElecTon   Commissioner  together  conducted   several  meeTngs  for    Clean  &  Fair   ElecTons  .  The    Campaign  saw  1300   meeTngs  of  ExNoRa    through  out   Tamilnadu  in  just  one  month  period    

US  Consul  General  Mt  T  Simkin  &  his  family  in   ExNoRa’s    adopted  slum  cleaning  programme  

En  MB  Nirmal  &  to  his  lei  are  Dr  Robert  Mugabe  the   President  of  Zimbabwe  &the  Governor  of  Reserve   Bank  of  Zimbabwe          

MeeDng  with  the  President  of  Zimbabawe      
•  The   meeDng   with   the   Governor   for   discussion   and   drawing  the  blue  print  went  one  whole  day     •  The   President   meeDng   should   have   been   for   45   minutes.   But   went   on   130   minutes   at   the   instance   of   the   President   .   ExNora   projects   have   been   iniDated     •  Glory  to  all  ExNoRans  &  the  team  mates       •  Thanks    

Nirmal’s  ideas  accepted  by  Govt.    
•  What   Nirmal   said   /   advised   the   Government   accepted  .  Here  are  some    

Nirmal  founded  5th  Pillar  the  largest  anT  corrupTon   movement  of  India,    on  1/09  /97  in  Trichy  through   CS  .  Seen  on  the  dais  is  the  then  Collector    of  Trichy   Rajaraman  IAS  

The  Chennai  Chapter  was  formed  with  Vilal  IAS  ,  the  then   CVC  

Youth  ExNoRa  President,   Exn  Abdul  Ghani  with   Rahul  Gandhi    

Exn  M  B  Nirmal     &  Exn  Abdul   Ghani  with  Delhi   CM  Mrs  Shiela   Dikshit    

Green  Kalam  Project  launch  by  Mr  APJ  Abdul   Kalam  .  With  him  are  Actor  Vivek    &  ExNoRa  leaders    

The  Hindu  
Actor  Vivek,  who  blends  social  messages  with  his  trademark  comedy,  has  embarked  on  a   ‘greening'  campaign.   The  All  India  Padma  Shri  Vivek  Fans  Welfare  AssociaTon  has  joined  hands  with  Exnora   InternaTonal  with  the  intent  of  planTng  10  lakh  saplings  across  the  State.   “It  is  a  dream  of  former  president  A.P.J.  Abdul  Kalam  that  100  crore  saplings  should  be   planted  all  over  the  country.  We  have  planned  to  plant  10  lakh  saplings  in  the  State  by  this   year-­‐end,”  Vivek  said  at  the  inauguraTon  of  the  project  here  on  Sunday.  “Dr.  Kalam  suggested   that  I  highlight  the  importance  of  trees  in  my  comedy  tracks.  I  will  keep  highlighTng   environment-­‐related  issues  in  my  upcoming  movies  as  well.”   “Students  need  to  be  made  aware  that  trees  determine  the  quantum  of  rainfall  and   environmental  quality.  It  is  not  possible  to  imagine  life  without  trees,”  Vivek  added,   emphasising  the  role  of  students  in  preserving  Nature  and  spread  the  message  of   afforestaTon.   Vivek  distributed  saplings  to  people  from  different  walks  of  life  during  the  inaugural   ceremony,  organised  jointly  by  the  All  India  Padma  Shri  Vivek  Fans  Welfare  AssociaTon,   Youth  Exnora  and  Tiruchi  District  Exnora.   Describing  Vivek  as  a  socially  conscious  actor,  poet  Nandalala  commended  him  for  uTlising   his  popularity  for  a  noble  cause.   M.Chidambaram,  general  secretary,  Exnora  InternaTonal;  C.  Balasubramaniam,  president,   Tiruchi  District  Exnora;  J.  Jeyachandran,  general  secretary,  Tamil  Nadu  Youth  Exnora;  T.   Senthil  Kumar,  secretary,  Tiruchi  District  Youth  Exnora,  G.  Jeevanandam,  district  president,  All   India  Padma  Shri  Vivek  Fans  Welfare  AssociaTon  and  actor  Cell.  Murugan  took  part.  

Youth  ExNoRa  representaTves  which  has   more  than  100000  members    

Nirmal’s  LIFE  is  filmed  by  corporates    

The  Common  Enemies  
       For  people  of  one  RELIGION  ,  people  of  people  of  another  RELIGION   are  not  ENEMIES.  Men  of    CASTE    cannot  be  opponent    of  men   another  CASTE.  CiDzens  of  one  LANGUAGE  should  not  be  not  the   foe  of  CiDzens  of  another  Language.  For  one  race  ,other  race  is  not   adversary  .    

     There  are  hundreds  of  common  enemies          FROM  GLOBAL  TO  LOCAL              waiDng  to  wipe  out    the  humankind  from  this  planet.  Humans   should  join  together  and  fight  the  Common  Enemies.    

           “We  the  Chris+ans,  Hindus,  Sikhs,  Buddhists,  Jains    &  Muslims  release  these  pigeons  symbolizing  peace  and   harmony.  We  request  you  to  stand  up  for  total  freedom  from  the  deadly  evil  of  Communalism.   Humanity  faces  several  problems  global  and  local,  from  the  dras+c  consequences  of  climate  change,  natural   calami+es  and    environmental  pollu+on  to  poverty,  illiteracy,  unemployment,  water  and  food  scarcity,  price   rise,  dreaded  diseases  and  many  other  deadly  threats.  Adding  to  this  woe  are  the  unnecessary  fights  that  we   carry  on  between  ourselves  in  the  name  of  caste,  colour,  religion,  region,  language  and  race.     We  cannot  remain  divided  anymore!     Let  us  not  fight  amongst  ourselves,  lest  we  lose  our  focus,  our  peace  and  our  lives.  Let  us  together  create  a   caring  and  sharing  community.  We  have  joined  hands  and  vow  to  work  for  our  collec+ve  mission  and   common  cause  and  fight  against  the  COMMON  ENEMIES  of  the  human  kind”.  

Mr. M B Nirmal , Founder of ExNoRa & ‘Ma’ is flagging off a procession of Hindus , Muslims , Christians , Buddhists, Jains & Sikhs on 22nd January 1999 in Chennai Tamilnadu , India , a prelude to forming “Ma” (motherliness for communal Harmony )

Ma  -­‐  A Background
•  As the number of religions increased, there arose a competition which gradually took on the ugly forms of communal riots, which lies dormant but ever ready to burst out at the slightest provocation. •  Everyday we see around us Clashes and violence of intolerable kinds. •  These sometimes, don’t last even a day but the impact and suffering of the victims remain as painful reminders. •  We see the need to infuse the message among the masses that the Spirit of Humanity Strengthens Religion. •  We have several far more lethal natural and man-made dangers to fight. There is no room for human animosity, rather there is a burning need for collective action. •  Motherliness is meant to nurture goodwill and compassion and protect, not destroy and harm, which seems like an apt solutions to many of the ills of our society.

Ma  –  The Ideology  
•  The  ideology  of  motherliness  underlying  Ma  is  a  universal  ideology   to  all  religion,  caste  or  sects.     •  It   believes   that   if   a   community   could   culDvate   and   nurture   a   balanced  mind,  free  of  like  or  dislike,  never  heeding  to  rumors  and   considers   the   fellow   sect   people   with   motherliness   then,   that   would  help  transform  the  world.   •    Ma   encompasses     the   simple   humane   laws   of   compassion,   goodwill   and   protecDon   as   opposed   to   hatred   and   harm.   Ma   follows  this  belief  in  thought  and  acDon.   •  Ma  would  be  the  tool  to  destroy  the  enemies  of  society  through   the  expression  of  motherliness.  It  would  direct  all  of  humanity  to   collecDvely  fight  common  natural  and  global  enemies  than  each   other.  

Members:     Those  who  receive  the  Ma  ideology,  its  mission  and  the  organizaDon  are  Ma  members.  They   could  start  Ma  in  their  street,  residenDal  area  or  at  their  organizaDon.   Any  one  can  join.  The  young,  old,  children,  men,  women,  youth,  any  community  or  language  or   caste  can  join  the  Ma  OrganizaDon.     Membership  Fee:   In  a  Ma  organizaDon  of  a  street  or  an  area,  no  fees  is  required  to  enroll  as  a  member.  If  any   funds  are  needed  for  administraDon,  the  governing  members  can  collect  a  minimal  amount   as  registraDon  fee.  The  members  of  that  parDcular  branch  of  Ma  OrganizaDon  should   manage  the  funds.   Member  Guidelines:    
Members  would  choose  a  cause,  an  area  of  service  or  acDvity  that  would  unite  the  community   members  together.  Four  factors  are  needed  in  fulfillment  of  a  task.     •  Authority     •  DelegaDon  of  job     •  Guidance     •  MoDvaDon.   •  Any  task  with  these  factors  will  be  accomplished  successfully  with  no  doubt.  

Ma-­‐  The Organization

Ma-­‐  Activities
Good deeds need advertisement
•  It  is  commonly  known  of  religion  clashes  even  a  meager  one  finds  its  enormous  form   through   the   passage   of   word   of   mouth   and   makes   a   vast   damage   of   all   kinds   to   the   society.    At  the  same  Dme  there  are  lot  many  people  who  work  silently  for  the  welfare   of   other   religion.     Their   acDons   were   not   adverDsed.     Instances,   which   depict   humanity,   should   be   thrown   to   the   awareness   of   common   public   though   media   to   create  a  conflict  free  society.   •  Members  of  Ma  will  create  awareness  and  teach  people  to  examine  the  facts  before   geqng  into  acDon.    Simple  rumors  through  word  of  mouth  could  create  great  harm.   They  will  also  propagate  the  virtues  of  tolerance,  paDence  with  perseverance.         •  The   members   of   Ma   will   take   this   ideology   to   school   and   college   students.     For   the   mind   of   the   young   are   like   wet   cement   on   which   lasDng   impressions   can   be   made.     Members   will   seek   to   leave   the   impressions   of   love,   compassion   and   peace   in   the   young  minds.    

Ma-­‐  Pledge
“ I the member of Ma will adhere to motherliness through out my lifetime whole-heartedly. I hereby vow to toil towards the attainment of unity among various caste, creed, community and language. I will work my best to implement the action plans one by one. I will integrate all people to create a peaceful and sociable new world ”

All  the  members  of  Ma  should  take  this  Pledge.  

Ma,    Ma’ism  &  Ma’ist  
PracTse  “Ma”   Adopt  “Ma’ism”   Become  a  “Ma’ist”    

A  postman  asked  Nirmal  admission      for   his  son  in  Don  Bosco  which  Nirmal  got.   The  postman  came  axer  one  week  gloom     wri_en  on  his  face.  The  cause  was  a  son   wanted  a  pair  of  shoes  which  would  cost   the  postman  dear  ,  which  he  did  not  have.   He  said  that  he  is  wearing  rubber  slippers.   That  a  gave  spark  to  Nirmal    to  evolve  a   concept  ,  books  &  organisaTon  ,   Principled  Simplicity  see     www.principledsimplicity.org      

ExNoRa  World  of    Principled  Simplicity    
Principled    Simplicity       is  of  three  main  categories     Material   Simplicity    
1.  Spending   Simplicity     2.  Possession   Simplicity     3.  Transport   Simplicity     4.  Dress  Simplicity    

Behavioural   Simplicity    

Habit     Simplicity    

System     Simplicity    

1.  Sleep   a   Simplicity   1.  Speaking  Simplicity.   2.  Food   2.  Treatment   Simplicity     Simplicity   3.  Walking  Simplicity     3.  Thinking   Simplicity   4.  Body  Language   4.  Time   Simplicity     Simplicity  

1.   Procedure   Simplicity    



Nirmal    wrilen  on  various  kinds  of  simplicity   and  pracDses  them  .  

Nirmal founded Thie (Fire ) to protect women from men’s Alcoholism

All the vintage car owners came wit their family in the attire related to the year the model of the car

Nirmal  is  the  Founder  of  Vintage  &  Classic  car  AssociaTon    

Nirmal believes in one caste & one religion . His wife a Doctor, retired Doctor of Madras Medical College. Daughter Anita & husband Timothy Son Manoj & his wife Madhu who are now citizens of USA

             TVS  Industry  Group    Chairman,  Mr   Rathnam  is  installing  M    Nirmal  as  Rotary   President      

CHENNAI:   “Exnora   InternaDonal’s   founder   Nirmal   inspired   me   to   take   up   social   work,”   said   Deputy   Chief   Minister   MK   Stalin   speaking   at   the   release   of   the   book   Nirmal-­‐Oru   thani   mara   thoppu   by   Rani   Mainthan.   The   book,  a  biography  of  MB  Nirmal,  was  released  by  Stalin   and  comedy  star  Vivek  received  the  first  copy.    

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