Program Support Functions
13.3 Compound Type Fixed Cycle for Turning Machining

13.3.7 Compound Thread Cutting Cycle; G76
Function and purpose

The G76 fixed cycle enables the workpiece to be cut at the desired angle by designating the thread cutting start point and end point, and it automatically cuts so that the cutting cross section (cutting torque) per cutting pass is constant. Various longitudinal direction threads can be cut by bearing in mind the command value for the thread end point coordinate and taper height component.
Command format

G76 Pmra QΔdmin Rd ; G76 X/U Z/W Ri Pk QΔd Fl ; m r Number of cutting passes for finishing: 00 to 99 (times) (modal) Chamfering amount: 00 to 99 (0.1mm/rev) (modal) The chamfering width based on thread lead "l" is designated by a 2-digit integer without decimal point from 0.0 to 9.9. Tool nose angle (thread angle): 00 to 99 (°) (modal) The angle from 0° to 99° is assigned in 1° units. "m", "r" and "a" are commanded in succession in address P. (Example) When m=5, r=1.5 and a=0° P is 051500 and the leading and trailing zeroes cannot be omitted. Minimum cut amount If the calculated cut amount is smaller than Δdmin, it is clamped by Δdmin. Finishing allowance 0 to 9999 (µm) (modal) X-axis end point coordinate of thread The X coordinate of the end point for the thread is commanded by an absolute or incremental value. Z-axis end point coordinate of thread The Z coordinate of the end point for the thread is commanded by an absolute or incremental value. Taper height component (radius value) for thread straight thread when "i" is zero Thread height This is commanded by a positive radial value. Cut amount The cut amount of the first cutting pass is commanded by a positive radius value. Thread lead


Δdmin d X/U


i k Δd l

(Note 1) The two above G76 commands cannot be placed in the same block. The data commanded by P, Q and R are automatically identified according to the presence or absence of the X/U and Z/W axis addresses. (Note 2) Parameter settings can be used for the above "r" modal data but these parameter (#8014 chamfer amount) settings are rewritten by the program commands. (Note 3) The chamfering amount designation is valid even for thread cutting fixed cycles. (Note 4) Program error (P204) results in the following cases. (a) When "a" is outside the rating (b) When both the X and Z commands have not been issued or when the start and end point coordinates are the same for either the X or Z command. (c) When the thread is greater than the movement of the X axis at the thread bottom (Note 5) The precautions for the thread cutting command (G33) and thread cutting cycle (G78) should be observed. 334

Program Support Functions 13.13. z w S (1) (6) (5) u/2 (4) (2) (3) ( -i) x r When Ri is negative a°/2 z w S (1) (6) (5) (2) u/2 (4) (3) k a°/2 r x When Ri is positive i 335 .3 1 cycle configuration Compound Type Fixed Cycle for Turning Machining The tool moves at rapid traverse for operations (1). (2). (5) and (6) in the cycle and at the cutting feed based on the F designation for operations (3) and (4).

2 24.0 Q3.0 W−46.0 . G76 U−28. and at the cutting feed that is F-designated over the thread cutting sections.0 R9.3 Compound Type Fixed Cycle for Turning Machining a° Δd for 1st cutting pass 2nd cutting pass Δd × √ 2 nth cutting pass Δd × √ n k Finishing allowance "d" (cutting results for "m" number of passes) Example of program X axis The tool moves with rapid traverse over the solid line section.13.0 G76 P011560 R0.0 P6.0 9.0 Z axis 0.0 1.5 F4.0 32. 336 .2 .5l 6.0 46. 30. Program Support Functions 13.

the automatic operation pause lamp will turn ON. (3) The dry run valid/invalid status during G76 execution does not change during thread cutting. (2) The tool stops upon completion of operations (1).3 Interrupt operation Compound Type Fixed Cycle for Turning Machining (1) When the feed hold button is pressed while G76 is being executed. Program Support Functions 13. or if applied in the interval from the execution of the thread cutting command to the axis movement. 337 . automatic operation will stop upon completion of a block without thread cutting if thread cutting is ongoing.) If feed hold is applied when no thread is then being cut. when automatic operation is changed to manual operations or when single block operation is conducted.13. (The automatic operation pause lamp lights immediately in the feed hold mode and it goes off when automatic operation stops. and the automatic operation will pause. (4) and (5) when the mode is switched to another automatic operation mode during the G76 command execution.

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