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C~ngres;S; Contra;I'



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p~76<.g~t readylQ crochet ON 'THE GO'! . 2. And ··fe~it. fu rrher::Two o:f the hottest tren dsl n f1b.ttiveiy and O~ml nter~lly!t:o da~ly IW021. Searl Qn ]. i>:~'check our the :RQS~ue.deIJlghtful! hlsi\de you will find 'felted lIturiadcms of 'da'Ssk. to fo..-:the Pe.k no.'{.I~ab il hook. curl upand ..ej are: truly' .)!a.jUSt learnlng tDcrochet wm loye the: i'M1smnt~n1!tific~tionou ~g~t y from 5-'0.fn\g !Z!ool.e. A[!~ 'the' resuks"a.he cute embellishm:e'l'lts 11:)11''11 th-e &skec on.1.~c. 80 and. T>(Htlghh'OlJsi'n~.dy _oo.Bae on p.stlE!!Fll.e_. -- - __ - .42 ean be h.rned. 'figur:.Qg. 7 and 'l:h8 Camera f . years: df' ki¥. your stripes.and the Race Car Toy on p. COil on ..edp roj.e~~~d 'far' y~rs. .wgg~dand ~qlll.~f ·~·rts-felting.!1i stand up.- .[01 sm~d!lt s~l1lple proTects. crQcheb----have· joill~d 'arld for-ce:s.I TRODUCTION Loo.and mi. lei and the an d Ce U 'Phof1Ie" Co:q'·onp. for a qub~k.s. 35} as-well as (~heek QU. denset~X.1.el 'yQur ftte iI'll dres-€PiJI~~.speak you will enjoy the den and s.p~d TOte'lon p.Hollder on Pi 66.nguin 10yon p .m I'nakepe!rfecr' to)'s~ withstandi.rO~ee'lth~ -Str'i. without I05:1.schief. '90..2).I:!Jffil of feldl1:~rmakes'][3 griear·eand'idare 'f-orprnjects dl.ubde sllaplrig of the '$oumw1:l.r and '~ea.r_eady· I(lrOc~hBt €l>i•• . fe~ning~obsel:sed~ will yn1lJ plenty ofproje:crs.. Whe:th~1" you are filWi d ]U$t s(1lrting out or are ar. you wills.. So .a:titl'llIS StfuctU)lred squa.(:rochet !Il:omb:~ningfarm and function mlltifS I(sie the loveJy granny inru. The.\res'in the Baby Bkmlketon Ip.t t. Those of you . 28 'Will nev.er tts eellapse or unravel under the strain of kids. the' Feh:ed Rug on p. IWybu\(e a:lrl.)..

~ful1 with Ulis 0]' t~·chni. cotton -. the: t~etm '~~fe!ting~~ refers ttl tho tedlll. Jj the al!hough' seme white yarn tluli check. Coni:ac t 'l'!uU'i. the scales catch armd stick t(_)g~:ther. . Try different needle .nll has.&1.~~_ ..js.3S illustrated. it is a disa~(er. ttl order to wl1:ieve tb¢ correct f nished." use the 1 ·:imaUer hook.. .c MATEJUAlS m. [0 gel mOr~ ~n tcbes '~o·th e~n. Superwash. PwSt~1 CUh)I'5 and heathers .p-a:c~. you're llama and ~'!Li.the iWstruodt)flJ.OIo a dense. The "fibers becerne locked feH. if')! OU ~ruche:trtD the stiggeste'd 'ga. YOIUI felts.l1:g~oOrl')S thmugh other ~:nol::!.erits llft~f measures you 'a~ready know if Y'Q:li\.Smm 6mm Nl is IOmm s'~ctioIl of'the pattern.iquc: of using wool fleece to 1. The.eitel'lt choices.etri·c p~ant fibersl ingeneral will not felt.'O. roughest haudJm:g~ and Iha1 willi 'not unravel even When ·Cut·in 11:reces..j:d 'by y:QU can create beautiful ...5mm Each' item in th Is booik h~ been cmeheted and felted with th e .Aery] L<.t '[[1.~)11y. SrrlTirh . .Felt 1\ ~egt s~vatcb La thatare readily avallable them fosdm'luUl1e easlY ~o 1earn.[S precisesticdl -. md!lair. and l~]cy will disappeilr in HlB' 1/9 jl r~IO:~ the 'wasihiug machine. use. ~ to '~h~incbtq01.e. Tlrildr[tjOta. UI ~ Mil :3 6.7Smm 5. Fehing also hides Ilaws..g?!ug:e'~ a bet~. YARN SELECTION 2.e.IHng.sometimes also ·'Slow· '[0 felt because tbe wool is: ofteu b~eached before ~j is dyed. .[(d:~s nieely -)r If )if) II eho osea b lend. Called "felt" 0'1' -a haJld . it pOJ]:taln~ :m. :~l.n:me iCe] ling: is cQm]'Jlo1l1y llJfsed for·bQitlll~chtliqlle$. cashmere.eh[n. list 00.~ntmf::nllelUy tlls8cd w 'wo 01 sweater in tllo wash er and your beau tiI1LL c~u~d u 0"Qtnes out jus L the iga light size to "fit ymn todd~'ew_ Hear..s~ yeur p~oje(}t will turn out as mtendtd. Patterns lI.'()I fibers mesh tQg-:eth~r.e. and feh acoord~ng to . of a retailer in YCU.t l~9St SO% woor ormoh.~(tle Just sew upany misshape» .r abs.11imal Ilbe rs Vi ill to make: a lm.::tke:sure . been treated :Q. ~.KI HJ. (If' '. hUl not you to 'be. BlH when felt intentionally. 8J I M·etll"'i. or ma. 'When kuhting 01" crochet felt~ accidentally.l. f'Qr the best results use recommended yarn In the dotots ~t4 shown.(jn.75mm 3:Z5111iin -4nf'l:m . whi ~e "fulling": GAUGE It is ajlJw~y'S lmponaer to (frotbet a gauge swareh.a chance to f!tirfiHwe YOlJIrsolf with [jilt' s:~iLcllil pattem.Smm 3. "dog ball also .f idea of d~e ~lI2_pearatle:~Hnrjgj\fes you . matted fabric.~ and toV\fS" To get Jeiwer ~titctTes ..\. a latgel hoot. Most blesehcd white wools do not 1eJt1 rnHl1Ufa~(IJJ'~.sO:l(.bl~hijlnd~kn11'lil1g· tUrDS i.ls amazingly durable. ot~ce the Wl .Smm .~~y~ it CMt h!!l·Pf. ya.o M.Srnml (jml'l'li G~n have. ua.]ir. Today.s.WOQI.en word allow F el'ling .n up .Setl stitches. Inore if'·s b~~e~I'1cial perce-nfl" wo.snr-t ·nexf.Smm 1.niis' gives lit 4 i'~/I Oem span: however.lld~~J.SlIany S:~lte' ~'a. en D13 E/4 IF!S ·4.I'y yarns made frem nannal kiiting 1'( ]8: rmpe[. measLfr~m.isno way to-separate thern.e.spin~ief.~'"ateh.i·s ~n' e.uge.Jfarea . C'luc~tet 'j s accessible an d reall 'i quhe S1:i tc hos are tOl'I1l.$.a:tiv~ to ~.1 6%:C'.~"-washil'bl. As the fibers ruove-past each ether during agltatiou.. page -86 provides the addresses 0f t]M~yarn distri bum rs.and U.ugc over '3 1 ret( uired 11umber 0 f sH1ahe. I iSi:t~d in Ifi.HE BA s refer~ 'to Lhe of using kjjjUei( er w~w.S. do bave are resul hng fabric .. ~'ehed projects C-'fea ri ve.. -all )1(1. Wf!'V~ 8e~eck:dyarns J -- _ - _-- -~--- -.there '.'~Vr. Of pieces unusual textures that will stand up to 'the. Felting: is permsnem.gclI" test '~.2. Mea~'uregaJjlc '.e ..G/6 'l Metr'ic U~S.gauge befo:~ :f'eHitlg~. wu:~~r ~()~aSl m when youdon't want it reehniquc pieces.i!l~.of prirttitJrg.1'11$ 'canp~ used for fe 'It Ofn:-lnJ. a. "a:nJu1:a at thee time .y3. and "boiled wool.:gizc-s~nW your sail.Therefore we ll1~r\f~9nly g iVCD thegauge ·lnt'l)r:UTN~'fe'lting.'ipm~ ~n the U.1]1.c.S.chl em .IJ'ces.~.I.wl]' and y(}uf".lC1tJ even create fett.a even wml beginning stitchers bytbe manufacturer "to: prevem fe.fd and '3git~dClll cause 'the 'seah"s' ofthe flber 10 ope.

"reati1~g· thesimple . Ih61 next stiteh lhey need io make. :fhcn'crochet instructions may seem a little' i:edlQUS La foU!.:. And.. OfSli.r nr Jlu.~earn to crochet. c'!:)~nt.cmnplicEited sl. and oneh:ook do '-311_Ithe 'w.e diffleulr I~b(l: s. and ulhe.ersWithsome ·~prn~ie~c~.c." SGa~f.h_ap..e:ading instructions wh:i]e Y(}ll eta-chet Here are: . instnrotions. 11 =-~~ -- .orked" out th~'8~itche£ you have IfY9y're notconvinced ~halit's coJIJ_tlctioil gamut 6ffitSy to The:l"ef6re. yarn to 'easily pull w. stitches ffO'm 'flne' needl eo t£. 00 VF.hiiill diRt is used j nall [latbmrns. T~e .:s{)s ~te u~'edto indieaae stirches UUll amto be worked '~J~ Into O. ns may e OCCur w hh ~11 a: single row round.simple finl.e·4 7~.c'lnH i!Js:rwuctIo[~~. Dnf~l.atter!11.use 'Of ObmtDaS. lrrterrnediate For t~"O:chet. with their s~.plic.nfr'iliISh ii'1!g~ .tlcl'lilg act with need les. Sifii'~eh 'C:ounts techniques. ene hand.eter[i'l con centrare enl y 011.. Cro.use ]Jlm'(g ·abbreviaulon. st Th~'heginning stitch Of~"H3Il1)l' row projects us they progress. unlike . . M-eu. dIe' row YOLI woQi~ up q'L~icldy Such basi C patterns -- ~et the turning chain 'W~' k r U.fajrRy 'Stte:S~Fri~~~ simply h. the turning chain that [18 s1 iunch DOD Beginnel Ideiil~ fir~t 'project.~T]]Y wi~'1begin by lnsnucring that OI~' w:l~teVer into ~he-n~t at (that j s.01" erans.l'tem Bag mnpn-ge l~eC~~13.ue . fabrie Iies awary frorn.~. in~lr!Jct]olls.sh ifling.the tmok..ch) ~$ tlre ya rn take center SfJl.titc.tclW5 ]=jnd. f.elimQs.itcl1es.: correcting a mistake is .iUinS. ImjJbng •."' Fi rst ~t~ Neltt.ated rn 9H~ do J]:ot st or space have mOT. Unlike knitting. So:m. ln crochet. such as the Striped Tote on PEtie. 'W1tfl aheek.stitcJiles.. ~. A~o[Jg wnh theseparation brflGke_tL'!"parentheses..' Wben €.s wl~h Qom. )sti'OOlr:neS.~fil-s~ st. you .ou 'wLU work intnthe next stitcill. y. and P:lU1CL1Lation and fewer words than traditional J~.liil1g. Kp erIenced .J r yOi[1 are used tn refld-~n. such as ~ 'j:nnexl ~1 WorK ( from basie '10 more . min~m3~sh~ping .0<1:11.ire ]tQu.11 lh:e:~ti:tch.'Of! r:efuned Hi:" round toas the .1 another.Cers able ro werk jPillttern.ststitch 0 fthe .g.tfl.]jl this wm Insp. sJdll the fI['s! is' de:~ign.tr'il!atJ~ ~'ti~che.~· the pilO~e':F!. tuns slcippj[JJg the :fhc.begiJlHilllg) ofa lto:'W 9Ta· r'{Juiul w iU be re Ferred to as . ]:11 i~.etHllg chlch.:and those caaes. L.ry Easy Bast!.eMraHt:m to ereate the perfect piece.Jg nn tbe lnstruetions.:<i.r1l8~ i ike the S'outhw·~:. _per.iw. Use O'f Pamnthese-s ( ) .mllSlp~ly close utrention :~g r. ghri ng experienced chanee gtadu.('1 f~w explenanons o:f the more CnIl1mOU terms used il] this.ork!and fitj:i~:Il~d.I and is then eounted 1.~ti:ltch.ofllem styles.o baia. More -0 r.ar c mc!lle. READIN'C CROCHET INSTRUCTIONS worked 8L the ~~d ~or.r~es ofl'l'rpea'ls'<lnd pattern layouts. rather.sA'!lhapi ng .Om:mIiigJ ~'(itch. i~ requires n. ..:38 ns and the Ro s:et. Jhe mere ildyanc-eEt desig.ned shap1:ng and 'f~rdshlng- • .btzygiJuu~r rHl'g.ri'OlllaUon~numerous rejjetiti .h the !I'-..l1whilte.rle to more amp le cha l~elllge::l1[1] d offe'dng so V1 Ge~~he '[:0 t! or '~( ') in n~K~ 8'1.equu-c mere cun'(. TitClY run tim crncheters difficult Sometimes pal'enqu.

3~ the-work. Do not pjle$.he p.:) a.·eO. Sthtf:he~ D. st. gHtc:h~8 .~' J10i n !ng IN ew CoIO'rS" When nien$un:unc_r. r f the ·.OU.~ oaders B:illCk Loo. .]itiL'l:g i'ru swatch . measuremerrts Qf Jt?fI1Ul. d you ht. and adda small 'anlo\ml of~Ot~IJ··' with thread £Ind f?ather j:fuc"edge unti I i1 is nam Rerunve tbe basti ns thread when the Cl. Uris.$ and machine fur the sma ~J. above ho·ldiF~g·he iron 211/$ctl] t piece.abol/"inh::M ive 'p~]n the .~d(·~.Qad¢-r thiill '~o:ck~ This. iII tht(1iQlJl~. .~nt: LoOIP' 1 ethod _ e 0 • dtl 'II]Sloi. hen on the: I-I sl rOlTnd..'(lng UlG.its before a J1at st~rface andli!htly ttl dry dampen llisoihga spray !:lottie."". qQ1l~r-61he amount of shrinkage.}! felt in ~ lew mi nures.'Ose thelid and turn :QLl the' m~chhue .t~~'1stitch.IQ~.are tVVC'I loops. pj~\C€ ls {Lry. take i1 out and gen Uy ri'11St::·iti:11 t~pid wate r sll_llTH with several c. eli j "T/ I·~·i" ~1 Ll stitch OF InrQ'trI1Qtil':)n . .U1t~re .I'tirn. while slipp'ers Vii ilh y"OlW !bot. (Ma. j]]' f\Jter~:eltmg and rinsing .ke . U the e~ge of iI piece flaT(t..:olor ibrougl1. bfH)~ has specifle .r]fdless o"ften into each d1flin.m [. cothers :may take seve'ra.Htdms urn des. .~an't flaUerl" it by pressing:. Al@ng the top of each crochet chain:.bel1.~ to pillow case or mesb bag to cateh . Crocher bas aCfO-SJii' H11d .)~ttt:lTIl i-s vtO.t your gauge do. til~.]~ If :n~e.l.es. [lurC .(kgroup.~ ·~atu1ra:t~d..etely . sUp ~t[:tCl1[111:0 ~he first chafn. be:gj nn i1mg w'l~em fel1j:t"lig ·pr1}jcct.ch_aill i~ uotcounted as astitch. while ~dwa WClrK ys wllte.g n_ew co Iqrril 'i.ding.d<:ted agitation. add . the ueed '~O C~~lan~ : Eacbp~Ue)"n Ielting desl':. Roll it~tn ina tuwi::[ PL2I.tUlll'pled bag.of jeans orrin uld towel t\1T' 'a. bow I~.re Is tOt) iimTY. n.or a small project I.f''''. the . cl:lai:q:ll arc( ~LSually BLOCKJNG Fel'ting by" ... 'the rnbric~ choose J].foehet.~]1:-flld.e\..ing OfH row :St.. . .est resu Its.+Small plias:tic hLtg~..av-~ .M. or Plates.tt'Dw Dr round.l of s. b l ocki Jl!J Cl c~~ II ~ea>ch sc and! eacllichl referred to as iii.Y01LU" ikm.Put the hag inUle washing nrae hine ~VW1 an alit pair .tt.il'!'t want the item lQ sb·rij.1 towel 811d.l1Y more. are :lWo.irls. Steam·li-gbli1y.H'l(.. t rinse it intepid wat.t' and ribbons yams. .. Do NOT wting-it rn~. When the' tuming .more Once the f~hed iteri:tis 'shaped.I'Y neceasary.or me:dul]Hon.p. .'f! ~nui]]a'mnunt 0(" soap. Allow l:en:Jl(:}vb1tgplfi~..S 0:1:" dry b~ff~ fti-lilQving t. t1.) 'Siet the 'Fe.h181 W~'Ve in ends later.~oope'~11j:H1l oor during rbewash.'. Wurk into the -firs! a(.e'thao workin.1e.on :lhe yarn "Iwi:ten care label and. and yanls flUI. tblh)wing i~an overview uf baBic: techniqu.Add .)ls.ocki1l'g ~.3~1 forms.~ca~ be done: ilil top . ~y b~lre:$0Jl1etime.g across.e to cl"eck the felting 19'fogre~5 LO do. Some • Shape mittens with your hand. don't want the item W :shr1n'~ any . etc . Ifthe water c~. item in 1. rustp ron f p ins. WQrking Over Endis n.cles.d.hI3lIH:::! BLOCK"IN'G AND FlfoU$~ING ~tik~:hor The loop We·t Bloel'( Metbod U~iug . eh-2.c '~bock I~JDJI/" A191~g the top of eacltcroehet chain there Note tJilOl-s0m.vith a.iti an~' continue with the newcoler. not However. foUo.panem ef B~oclti"r.rel :l~d Iex:tu. cycle. IiI'It(haL :gel:s inte the tbH will be stuck fcnH::ver.e~_f:r\rbed Sometimes the s. u.1 ~I:al'e .Lherat iile b~giJII1. loops.but~l wastes le~s b \. Hal ~0p' a"] eng eac h FELTING row 11~iilis pe[fec'l for l~yb1i. j.. D¢. ~ . by working a..ndy..rrolj]the desired sIze is achie'V. . bm~te it ] 11b'twash...lllng.e$~Clad s:kz.liim off may stray cndf~that p'OPI'1ed cul during peckeis are en]pty~~m. color w(uldng evt:r the' f:"lmls: lin' sev~r~] stitches.. cldcelor to the last 2 JQtlps. ~C:1 will be in these cases when you db need to' smDoth out.~:!:d. during Lb~ wa~h cycle. are matted and you ril1d.you are re. so be pati~Dt.tgerochet is um. If Agitut~ the piece by rubbing :and 'kne~..~tch.a~lystray ~11t. a~ 'ill·a .lhril-= facing lip.2 IO(lr.tk. This will a:II~t'tv4ate.and in newer front loaders 'that allow yQ:t..1'l1Q]"e '110t via~cr.e a dog cai bru~h ttl male th~ fttr Ort tlle SIl rface .~:~. five rninutea • Block bags and hata using bl. ~ .tyc. The. p ~ Ct~B' and e squeeze out .. Chec k the progress e:v~ry.Pin scarf to side of the with wl1.ypull (he j'h!lll. the stitch in .m: by Hand Felting by' horne decor items and block to patt~ measurements. furthest away from you is th.9 Wljq:UC. TlN. the ·ugiuchon. il'll the smk. [Jsing ntstp:rQof p.c8. dl~aw{ the new _li. IttI111hE.clire:e. you will not be WLw:11 the fiber!'.':' lonp in 'Jdoubt~j.an :[e~L1:l:lg y madli]le~.e\~sa:ry. ' "i ustructiens written by tile we' l::1n.$\.jx1l1'ff you Forrrn a Allng 'When a 1.r.~1S.NOT • FI team press garment e..s. re)cOllllneud . i'~ scarf OJ] closest to you is llile ""from rp(Jp.I(lO:[\ 2-. not be'neJ]~ frtnl:1 R'\'y.~r (rutl1: ~.g HIe old.are r usually w. closed iItLQ a ring'.'frK'o{Jinbo thering n. wri_[lJ~-il imllf pu~ the itenr outef 8h~lpeJ I 1F\e.ch as chenilles bJockinIi!:. . 'work well lhr When the nb!llr~ are matted and you ho lding pieces in shape while dzying.ge:.sure the and squeeze cui excess water.l. sbl. padk~ularly whe:t1 .'!.Flr.vat~r.w those ybur knit~ed hand is'llII}re i. you .c_c(l1ekniUed at~111 in a zippered ~lchi ne feUin.tbe e:lt~B8 wate.e'amIJot:~ ..~ri-bed'as 8C". U~..Machine Soak tbeflnishecl item ]n hot -water for rlc~ tr. li tbJrty 111i[fUl&~/ or until it is C!omp~.~ the iron dj:r~c UY QUill the: j~~wmBaUe]] thestitches.pi:ece ttD aO~t anDW~O surfi:H::e and 1h. and scmetimes-c such as in -Q mesl~.

'l'i~as. make u lar.l!. Von may n{~theable 14 see. ~:f'nJ. :.ts pr'e.h~s 01"to:wS .:lS'e· rec omm ended.in·e may Cmtl.}..uf the· same The . allows y'Ou to felHng without Il:1eHSUA. Tbe answer is the number or balJw ·required. CARE to sJ.iJu may use the 'i§.iIlfU.oO Lon~ eill bags: ur . nod dun"t ~o.111 ge an~ r able to count.expensive yarnSJ1 it ~5 a To make a swatch iCJ!' felting.l~ machine Ugh'lg: nO"'J1tls:eWool-wash soap.r I Q minutes . are loo tf.l${!:ther..d FIXING .ycl~s 10 the w. E:m~ni.) after you fell YOUT swutch..chait lil your Hvi~~~room: maybe Y0U view 8r]J]aii-scale.fe. even at~er a i'Qug ptafi. W~ShiJlg mHque . fir using ·dj!f1:erent eolers yam. werk a small swatch . I r you . RiL@ CtdoJ 'to' clean (be atJl:. .i u the pattern (multiply the number of balls 1Jy' y~.Xi{tt )laJrJlJ sp.he..rrshii:TIg Il':i~H. chain 30 ~t5 ~~ clJrQch~'t in the pa nern 'sititch US13d in ild your ]n. Some projed:s U~t:.maU~WbHe $l'\'reLeh it • TOt(..differenl y~rri types (WC1(J~I~ fJlIJlilail-) eY'jda~b~ ete. y~lr. llfJta~(dence. the stltches after jhe sW~Hdh Is felted._:Ir1iue.~hod.titt. H rst filld.J<ES FcHin. yarn ula1'dles y uu I" faViGJ rit'\:! eoar or an in tllw. Remember._g hi [In art.~ er colors .1'y f're~.ejrH.'[Y~ your' ga. Afhr y(lu~V'e sueeessfully • Colors.[Ig a swatch is . yarns in fhe ~:o]ors as shown inthis book.j te m.rdslnleteTS per ball).STJ"FUTION Amu)~gh it h~ best hll.He' liar to []]ocn:porstelefloveJ'S: hew much of the SH.a.h~d measurements iJ:I the pamnl 'VO' see. The 'WOo.. or' p. before making a t~~al:deciaion aboutyarn S. jiJ. the t(!'~tJJ lengeh of lheoriginmJ yam . yunE' p~eee rnay lake fOllg 'is'' r~iljnrg time to .~dl'c·cl the Illli!l ~ appearm'.nJng me. Celm:pare ycurfelted test 5w&tclil to the- 1-1nir:. rmwy l11i!t shrink enough. Do tI01' agj~. r:O'~kiJlg till! novelty yam into 1j'1[1.~ ]idl'S.ol1al .criticaL fen you have Oh.Manyimes these "mistakes" t e. ·addlti.~~ and creat ing.asily be' fI:x~d •. rhis.HoW.ud of' agitation.n~o shrlnk more.utch with substimte yam.a~ldl. A always tl'ilUe ya.~ell:ubstitoting urtfying s &1mI. ~ltte·g!.g .tluvugb..the water I r out Bleek and 1:c:a.lbs'[-[llu:ion.: Use.ways urOt'. Be carefirl oo:~ !~IJ_O'ut into the.:j"m'r~ y~ul'1:Ik]n H· used: consider htl'W f~. by JO (l1lumber or s'ttlt~h~f:i). Too s.n6t~r~er ball (listed p on tb£! ball bMd). This gives the number of ro-ws per inch..tituting y~\rns wh'tlher 'cllm btnill:g different yarns 111one projec] J uf e"Wl bmh Yan1S!lS long ij~ at least (me of the strands jS:~'jj1! fiber that will fuJL Be: gut'€!: to . you may chon~e.ed is no:~ avai labl e m your a rea. dh:ecl is unHgbt your yarn stash.ve."s a~ a chance nXH1'11 Fold ina towel1U1d gell'l. the ite'm is wet. then cut tb'fl" fur on~ u'~.feJted' items YARN 5UB. Thi g _g] ves n LI mber 0 r st itt hes per inch.or JJ1 d.cr~d'y.cted areas.gh:I. you'll need 'ttl fi:grue out • Divide the length by 40. RnLmd up to the nC71t whele number.h~ $a~~1e:rate.:l't and Jelt ~:'gauge swatch / 8.agItmtion c.) : pJ'oje~..i1!-:ftl:Jti.venr or :0'0 fop ofdle. • COI~Or$1fe'!t difli:renUy.l:g process. • I'.::t mg 11i res.¢rhnp.s. jJel'haps a spect~cu~a.g .titut~ the Y('JJm8.~.merarled eie.. be sti.H~gh HUll you So S~espace belw'een Cal~ the s1ft~h:e~ I r~tih:.. can subs. I~I~annot e ·lctlsed.e. to.3l1ti how it wHi fee] a8'a. measure its length and ·wic:Ult • Divide the width.hand Foran item ttl Ielr pr(jper.lb~htljle' yarn the _proj €I.dnk 'the large-r ..but be sure to purchase extra yzrrn for swatching .1. the 'crocheted and f~Uecl the.IdaH. tlf 'IJ1C .nt big: Run 'rile ..llWer for a small .d~fi:ed ina pmjec:t· and ~bHow the digl3c1i~)ir. dot hes dryer while it ]s L1se.o.rprised with 'toe results good idea to I[~~t 'the '811[il1k~~geW hen SlJbs. if·the yam i~s.llge s!tGl:Ild b" louse ..- F" _ __ _ _ _ - .~ita'h~c Ibribe:paU~T[1. to ShorteLl.it~m .::b.. :for a gnrme. process Refer te the y ~Ul1 I~Lbe for the I oocon. be will net give accurate 11i'lBUJI.i_j]:gery sharp g~w:ing sile:ars ~n reveal the: v srrmolli. Ai.tll. actwill ]miUiug.) w~H .mJeGI f6r40 rews.MISTA.sb lll~cut edge with .swatch.. place the item near a ~D!:!allng..1swatch a new pettern with . \\~.w. beamiful and Unique textures.ciIelIBtl' Irit underneath.llnJ~Jthey match the: smaller area's •.h .~ the' yarn ~l!)e(.tho air dLry a'~a-y frQtn I To speed [IDfl the dlj:ir.gur~ b'y thenew ya1"d~h:. M any of the projec tSo in itfl.akfor tllotr"Cthan (Ag)tatiif].e.ct~fld felt ~lliarge tes'~. being sbtc. YOtl. (Dmr colo1"S' rn~'y the bl~ed onto each other. run: C~rrefLll]y RelnQ\rtl'l 1~18Le.Jfi.gal'ment illece~~.cfi)che'f or embroidery if desired. B{)d1 before 3ffl. Divide thisfi.loe of yo u r flfOj ecf .k t·W'! be either washed hy balld..1} strand ufWCt)\1 beld togeth er 'with ~~ stuwnd ef .ge item.~ (0 sgb's.a1'e.e boo.rlllL has b een fe lted.Y. and still.~t.ACK STITCH FRENCH II(N-OT !? .feU s(tlud UtI.~oveU)' yarn .oSCJl may rKlt a:1 .dti~['1g. .

pJ" s/iWJJ.ltip the 5 c.er or s.ghl sidef~) cant c. ~ work II.:Q. w .) round(s) !C~AIN I Pass mrd Cljtr.11) Pf).'lt .. hook fnih ':1 sOlcJ~.J~ 10Cip.11 :3 Ji-ass tbfJ dtin" mm millimetens) O.If K: Y4~tbWUb.~ ~f~'8att.: sit.' In tf~e~'f~..uok l j I . Pt:fSS l m tht. In a..1 ilJr...jJ' U ro&p (m~he 1101.)mrC5 {"'t" . as jndic~ted. pGW . tbe .'l!) fhe }!.rker :lEI - --- --- .{$) l'n" [ I Repe~lldirections Inside brackets as pa'r( $) :p{FI~~e.... Dm ~. Jb."I.'l:m t'J1'"er= the lrQolr * Rep~~t 'direct~o~ follo.l'iuo..rh1tj.""'rmtiljui..~· ~r"l I p.mgb tIn: rot1.g .tf'ui' dr{) w.Jl'Ol" y.'i'mgl1 (he .{lr '$tjrd. .CruUiiJut:.~ f:J(Ui lmot .~~J1tjll ing) ue( de double: ~ro!.wblg t inlC~ .r: Ii Ji~f ['HIt.. DJi"~~wlh. OIlll"l.:b ~'t idi.se(.] 'Omw .: tr-treble) (U (work ~i1~he~.yam (I~'e:F..)n 116M.cnpchel fU .egil'l./1tJ. W in'Sr:. .J "a L'\"IW sp'ls) Spa<~fl{s ) 'St(s) sUt~fill(es} .· .'lJVi!l:t t1 1~'J8~rl' hook 'lfi_'ro~l~ lbr:t1.__ treble) .Jl. single erechet] I lrlSCfl' th.. lm:uk rtrnd df~jlw-i1.'¥ On hQj)~.ein pali~t::rn withnut stitches )'.[llg}-ReduL:e' f'he' sli'b':'aes [11 s~ s.l~r)fj!!i. 'f1:il:' .CROCHET !iT'ITCHES l 3· .{ nin..stitches )i.llu:l.atn.attach a.m} (wur) extra stitches the a ~li'tch o-rbetween work.~udi..~~r:p'0 n~uj'l' ~)nmJte 1 r a' ci1.~/].e'lf:jtsj ysu:n Qy~r-Wrap the ya:~ ·arcmnd the Imdk {UJ<": Y.'1iiJe.YfUl1~V'eJ' the.llcu. . --__''''--'-~--...iO:()ip.!. ll1sfJrt rhe l. 'JI".n. foil fbUow(sj(ll1g) g 't-ch f.oop].<i. £ \-Vtl' J€§Opt.Tf STjTCH the cr.!.s:l' calm" 2.WJm u'lVe...PiJ.r.m.H [eft~ l1imd ~p(s) lQop(s) m n~. a~jpr()X@l.iogc(b.'Ug/:l.K. (U. - of contrast y:~rnor ~ lndlcated.t: sl ill stiLCh.R If'N!i-u.tJp ~1 In(JP--JHr. increas i11g ~s:h'aigl1~ J yd yal'll(s) yo ~Jf decreasi ug. ~.ifr---tiJfflC' - sup frl8l.: .k.fht~ J~o'l. mg lh~ h(uJK.. JldGlmH( ~ . lil~ )ffU1J h~t-lne·ll(Jak i) Iec 0~J..r.k 111:r.190:r plU1C many times. htr-half K ~HSr~:f~e( g}.1tely beg: b.n e1. K.~ 'li'.stitehes m ~d tl1tQI ldgedler hde HALF-DOUBLIE CROCHET t.w(/ prd1 !Jp.U:. Wll)t~ lri~'pr1jnc the.slidch) .fG<p-{htce. ~jngle cf(QChet (U .'?fR ti1~..SS the }'l1:lTrl (1vtx tho M Cm.11' thr. even COlllihu.RGf1e. fi.) fm.a .c: RH l'ight~balld RS :ti.)"'.K. * M .. ..rj] pm place markers-Place 'Or...' b~("i.s indicated. hOf}K.2 p~~.ftN11ai:nkl$ ~W~! ~lJCrp~. up ./.A ..glJ tfi.. (U .. ~:.d (tal W i11mUgh' hotJ:. i.ftth. n11 bfH7'JK.or.Z Qlll1{J~.. on .trl :<.rbt:.~'S-'tnt:.7ps. inM~ :(!I1'u. dnnv ~he.ai:11 co ~or 1: P<l. ! 1 p{J::i~ tbe ]Jam (J vet .ehain sI'aTIl1h') half double .K." 'lr~l¢ (U.~t.1(:}~CN}k.).:: trtr-triple rreble] WS\i\tt'Or1.< rlf¢ . app rC?x.skip d ec decr-e~l.1 fJt 8 . hu~t::d stitch Ina. 'bJP .g) rep' repeat rnd(5. Coil t(.lmlw!'(1k:. lhro.~~ lOf1!J' Urr~~(fgl~ it)QPOtl' rh:rJ )tjljitu (J'~~['r.e.'o I 'lim! l(l'op.ie 101"tH'O JQOp.tb~! fJ 'JQk inc .!htlGK.tl~)o.hoyt )11[:0 rJirt!.htJak in to (illl!iS!1l .[l1all~ up 4 IO''. r.K de-double e rQchet) a..1 h~ops or] JIr[~i'll€.!rj~h {Jt:jl111i'c~' I..ntr$l.}l:tel1 .. 3c.()g han} ing .

tfety pins to 'lndh.er st] 3 times .d c11fi1nfl~hook (maik tb~r:. a re gu lar Cnot d!~Ucate'~.. Vou will be working in.¢.-79' sis. C~HHI{ 6 sts to ~TI~left.in Fieldn'g.d2'4 [Hd{..a sJJ1rai]]iaJkfng the iaJSlSil miuJe. hdc in each ~t kl end.itlS.t:hi'stren. lle~ign(1ld by AI~xandra LQC~Jlat"I::·. each 1llt "i:n next marked st. Drap bal1dl~ san~ty p.5lrunl ~i:ii~to' .1J St5] twice. count () ~IJJ 1'0 the e 4: .and idle se~f-5trip1":1 'efifect 'ta.hdc in next marked 'COnL€f stJ J times (dropping COl1'Aer safely 1J~. Do ns't fasten f) re HA. agitati l%g LU1tit sti..". Fasten off FIN1SWING ~i~t: KJ I 0'4 (6.d I . 'f'OT1E ~Ch]~.ll'Qunil.tIJ:'erem G~:\)!f' sa.Ll]] Ule·'d.eye le arrd 1G:W'Csl water level.het htU:!Ik tbefore rlj'lt'" tin'1 f. Use bot-w~lter Wli1t5Ih• .croc. Rinse in ~0~ water.em over hdc Rnd '15 Hdc 'in each $Larsund.:' ta .ent1. out aJllthe. £.~' 351~ 'witll s(. ' [work 2. ICI'%li~h'et FUil5HED MEASUREMENTS hdc ill eac h.)t"Ul·er)~ turll·tel bottom 11'$ of fmJlndarfion 'Ch~ hdc ineext 34 bClitom Ips--7:i sts. or center sf and mark 6th st will] a sufety pin'. Rn.1. IlO 4 Hj 1Q.(dropping Cl1rner581~ty' pins).ked . working 13 hdc over each pb-13 lp.NDLES ApIJlrux I ]~~"129cm wide x ')}MH/24c'I1'l high MATER*ALS . .agitar ti 011.:~lteeeter st.. Mark last st made W.511u:n) .7 50z/5 Og ball s (ea:e]r ap PJiO'i'( S. fuss of tlnj:s:lrtilng. ari'l'.y y~m mak~s it (ll!Jh.l1g·J. aQ lIo.:·wjth the dHlerenl '€"olor 5~1~:etYl'. then genfly ron in ~~nweJso ~ssist in drying ifpurse is t ex.Ott and ch i.~lle ~('H1:ll?-:r).:ooty pin.!remel ~ wet. 'Rnd '2 [W ork :2 hdc In 'I1Ie'x·tmtw. Remove from piUnwca.. Inc .UT~~ . tv11: :~or.~td1f~6rent eelor] llilS.n8).~CJ111) of Nashua HaJ1ldknil!5/WeSl:!:nins:tw~ F~bm:'E.~1~lnark.~~ ~rdp1~~x1.. hdc in each ~I Ul end.mHt~ forhamlle .g •. Placepurse in azippered -piHuv/cng. st to 11B'XI :3 m arked 'C01"1'1er sts .tJP~jn:g as. these J SlS \ritb Slll(>lty p'i'n~·o indi« t ·\:atl:r>Ol.rtetypi ns GAUCE (OBC .iUSe~ili e¥enin. l)Ur~f! measures I ~W~!29ol]]~¥ide x 9~!'/24GU! hi~h. oil I. Add a tablespoon of laundry derergen~t and an old pair or jearJl!'! for ·.f)i1t.SydJ . 3-21 Tldc in each ·s~around.dy little dartimepur5!e hll . 'Slre1-chi nto sh ape.se. Let air to indieateend of'md.S~QUARE PU SE _DO .9' rnds r~Ui. .itllg lO:sts~md . Seven ~':.l(WOlrh.RS) Work-3 hdc in 21'l..~(es.c allow to' g~ through ~pill d cycle. Cheek pi cce freq:u. f{~p'on back of purse.. hd~ in next 3~ . Wooly gtripe:s twocl) in JS1 J utJ.c't'l'l.lplJJl into W~lshlng !u_a:chine.~I:e reens_)' g Size KilO!? (6.~j8e crochet Il'l(HJk ur rig~lt {If center '$1 and mark the 6t11 sl Wifh a safety pin.y.An.(.JJin g~.Chuflllc.fge.l:chl!E~ are lint seen and. dry dnt .on frunt Orp.~Iledi[Jltll.~1'!"'Work 3hdc !"Iust ." in. Rods 2~29 Hoc iF! end. Rnd's.

J 4 sts and :11 mas to 41'1)] O:c:m o ver ~C.. '-1_11:(')_.y-30 sts.6 times.-1_-'' ' .in •s ) .1. Fasten off. '.j'l (ea.l1l1i edge.tclliE!.ch approx ~.~'i .~ ~l '.11'11£ h-vo:ol) in ifZO 1.].wf)oll.ge ef strap'.. of tltd~. wt)1'k2 se in next Sf] h~ign~e:n. little coz. Rne! ~(IRS) S~ i11 ..c:lulih~g strap) TER lS P1.~&ge'of co. ..1-::l:t f aston 1) fr....in # 132 [emongrass (ee) :11.e e·d. a utumn ~. lRl1d 13 (Sc ln Dex~~.---"24 sts.l1d. Size filS (5mll'1)croehetlreok on£.s wh. f9 "' r .0. s. ttl. '.~. The bandy flower. ~i' ·r " en hook. .. He in each SiCacross. a.. You wm be worki_llg..!t1d 2.. st ji" 11 -C'~. ell l.~1II11-. .w l'IDl '.. R.'··11· UJ.. at botLc. .ill ffl spiral mRrtdl1g._~A.j'ci1fJck gBuge.Witll a 51 sl to sid. ~ l st] r:. 6th cbe from hook.~L st in each ~I aeound ll)p..~~/l lSon w'ith the' s:ftlrd:y pin to indicate end. V . urn.Y"O. y."$.ellirog [lnser! hook ill nex L st... ci!~.ig. [Sc in beXl 2 sts.~~~ ..Ll!l-_-~."'it" 1. s and t .1" oh.~~~c·h around.{lIs-tun' 144m-) .thi'S COZY Bey. Rna ~4.-lEP mA~UEME twi}lt eh.an d 5cf'a..'.~.Q11 a. using ai21e H/8 (5'mul) crochet hook (befor-e tbHlUg).1~1J ga UJ:fc'} eff.-' :l\(. then .me:i~311 sts.i!e rphonf! safe. -. Tum. FLO\N1E rake·tim~'l(..utorabhE!. last ch st made 'with tll€: safety pin.. Join ch 'wilh '3 ~l stt in first ch. sci n each st aeross. C"'I 10' One W'/1 em: metal snap set Matehing sewing thread Sewi-ng noed~e S. ~ 5~-sl ch £" . Rnd I 8. .ppro. I' _"T. PI tslJ.(w_.. Rnds 4~ 12 :Sc in each ~t::arouI1fL. Rnd 3i '[Sc ]]1 next 3 sets. Stra:p... e t:.J ..Sic in each st mOLi. IRow]. 1 4oz17Sg ~kcm{e::l.. I J_~' I.u~eI.of Lion Bl?an{l YarllLiou '~f~61 (.:zy.iz:e to ·(J§J1:a. p '.~gydllj 24 sts.sy· aeeess.~. with -MC~ 011 [8..(] and d r~.ciCMted strapllJll!5na:ps iRa w~n~1< for ea.~[~~.dra.or n.fmmr m diim1gs .sts.. '" tim .t.3 J p-.x ·1.a C. taking care not to .! '!1)~ in next st] 6 l'i.i]]~1JJI ~:a~ie~y pirl GAUG 'Row II So -:in 2nt! ch Jrem hook and in: each ch aCl'OHS~ then sc l'tl edge of coz. Do n01 .en you stD't"@ it 'i n . TITCH GlORAft Wrth GC~ ch p. &c2tog] (i times=3 l 3o. Row' :1 ell l.5cm wide 4)1... D'es. · . 1. join .th~ last st nlr~~d~· "K Approx)"/7.. Mar1:-...43rydJ l~'l m~ of L~'onBrand Yarn Llorfl' ~Vool sunset (M C) . work·:.by Lin~.zJ8::ig skei.CELL Zy Keep 1<1.

ry.Felthll eo~ SC. ~)rtrap So petals ~ -~ . Dry in.) intowilIshil1g lllaeibine.ap. .AR face to dry l 1Il1~ iIJg til ure k strap iii nat L~Jitd stra i. agit~ling U~tU stile-he!'! are not seen and CQzy measures a rubber spatula. .~. Place on flat oozy.. cold WElter.cm high...'i. ~ tablespoon of baundrydeCetgenl ~uld an old pair of jeans for agitatipll.FLORAL Wh:ipstHch boltom ledgf!' of coiycllJ.g:irioll top lullf of.B1v(> fhrwcl' ill water for 15 . Rolr ¢QXy in towels to removemnst 11m water. tlltd a regular (nut.~ Pt~. then stuff lightly with .e.ll·p and is celltel')~~ Ride to s-icie. Check piece freqnJen1"ly.~r {1zy~I)OS~O fojd~d p..Sh ape f1C1'\. 6cm from ·hiTi.1]'] :i'11lI{es~ then rinse ~ncold water. Le.~ gide ·oppo8ite: sb.4] lion hettom half of snap o. Sew snap ilU place usiug sewing 'thread. II lock with your hands to measurements.r ll:sil'Jg a :rerry ~I. :Prcs_s out excess . Sew tlo.waue.~asticgroS~[f~ . let lwJd 'its shape.edge.hag.1~1 Place cozy in a zippered pillowcase -.6'(:Jn :Hnlll' end 9f S11.owe. On RS case.a u~ing "Of ddeTgent~t1Hm gen~lyagitate water ~evet Add. RirJ·ge in S .1I'ld the ~owest Place HQwer lJ1 la howl of ho! drop W(jlt~L Add .snap so or eclhg®Qi then refl:"J[{lve·lli~ce IX-om pillowII]f snap is ~1'/..gh:t All ow to dryeornp letel y.ng flower ..lt.seedge :of s]]lap is ~ij.l11.delicate.aUo'W Ul air dry.er ttl extend beyond . thell . dryer until sJiglll1y ru-m1p.V~r.w. J edge: end 0'[' . Us-e ll'ot-w2Itet waSh.. On: WS ~'?7 . (lyeJe~I.p.ca. !'lew i11 place. cm wiae x 4M·Hj] 1 5. IF.:.~ed. stl:G'j.

.ote You will not ell .4 ·~u1J.in:!j: and worJ~il]g·hetw~'~n l SC {J~.of fir~i'trow.~.tiD:les:~6 E:mbro. so.after turning. 'Third IfilWtlif :pe.:l~ work 'Row :2 8C in last st-:5 sts. 3.itin.5oZ)H~Og :alig (e.cill.. He.m.k. e ~N.2 Be in first st.)Jell 6.~. Wi.~ ~:G) in next 6h-7 Ip.8.ach st to.ik2 in f~l:. yo \cVitll ]u:rger hook and A. off.'5c~jl 'wide L. Row I (RS) [en. li1)m • Approx 2W'/6cnl 'wide x ~V'!1.ea.~a\:pedleaf spaced :. 119and J{]'OI (. 'I in leach st to last 2 sts. SG . Turn. Raw I Sc' in 2nd eh from 110:01< ~l'i::l.in la~t tn-'5 5tS.t~ '~llDt~ side edge faeiug.. - - - - ----=------.':ltG .. Turn..EAVES (l'1Am: 6) G Fe.l.g [Insert l~lO.5cm.:!t st.0. Sl~atf • Appl"t:rx Qff~.f.u::~ [I'raw.'l) of Classic Elite Y~"i Ailonte-f21 (Uan1:Wwoo~) in #l8J . '5Y'ITCH GLOSSARY With smallerhook and C~ .edges !lic:2to'l: [bl s.O'L')K in nexz st.draw- Rnd I [Wor:1c (se. .Ttl'rn.'lk1 Ill: sc. st to last 2. .&i lp] Ii'i '~]nos-6 pt..arid C.g rose stem along" ll~ enrlre length nfHrue scarf S~w 2: A roses . Row:! Ch ~J. "fum.g Wrnth smaller hook . se in side' edge 'Ofllext-rCfW] 7 time'S.(RS) ~Cb 6. ROSES {MAKE 6) Row _1. eh 151. la. W~rki_ng hi . 111111111 waterand 'Wofl~2 sc.3:!4lr/~cm wid~:M 3W'/9. se in need sc] 7 fhnC$.a:Drd.. E.s~sf.. nYW I'll 17.:0 in..Sem.eaell. sc LLl ring] embrQ. 'Ro.wC'lr'king 111back Ip.:. .din 'Bll~ • Approx Jwr/9. leaves to fJJ:lJsl.md ..j-3 and (imm.co. Join ell wid]' IJ ~] S l "fonnhIg it r1JI. B rsses and l A. TurnloW 2W().!Y.en d I() f 2. LE:A"IJES (Mil" l<.frttquent'lYI agitiiHng.of p~.31f'ge .[. Ri!. 'WIth I~S Hu..~c in ring besween . RQ'yt' 1. .5cri11wide K. in next-st. Fa sten QII.rnover sc ritb pat usJ]Jg :sn~allei" '~t:Qdre1hook. . and leaves are felted.okttl next .Jdrose (A).2 sc in first S~~ 8C in each st '10' la~Cst . (')dc.es..upa (p~ twice. sc in ~.2. looreFOSOO USing A and J.l Ol. :3 -I. J sts. Tum. Row 8 SGt2t'eg.o. sc) in next eh-.ge:.ige. F ~18en 6ff. tak. yo and . jam Me ltt 2nd ch from c yd.'4~'1 R~ l'i1W 3-] i sts. [worl( (sc.~8..l' lea.rst short sIde ed. in' #3 ~S2 b.!tHin stitcb C.' W R..5c. skip 1~1!2.falifen off one.0 S'b3'~og.-3 'Row ~5 S"c:3itOg. ch 2..hn.rk 2 sc in last su-7 sl:s.dl ~ 116n. Turn . E L. hook-. -For 1 tQ to' i days. Inserr hook into ~l.6. R_E'lIOI ('RI) [Ch .Row :2 Ch l ~ sC' in ti nIl. 2.. s(.e ri-ll. Rnd I (REi.gned 'this bold "Mhi()'Q bOJlUlnty of all huo~. sk:jp J !~J2.~. ch 6'. • I bal I...Turn.wi.l.2 3.S(: eli -fitnti :searl fea:~Llrin.up~ed..1ong S:mtill. Notes I Only the .ag]ta~lon.)crQcb.et hooksor size needed l~ o!:trail1 gaVb~ .11j nin A w. CAUGE 9sl:$ and 14~{lwS ~n4 u/.'th lal'get'hflok: and RS uf opposj.l'ls... se In cad.of st: of'rnd 1] 0 times.n:.3~us. Check pieces ..g a desi. 'wo.p rnd 2.~lu1J)pedleaf Row I (AS) W ork 3 book~3 sts. ll 2.)W ork 3 :sc in 2n.f' ch across->.Scm I0l1g MATER .~~l!/2~ 16Cnl long With S][11aHer hook and NrC. 6.-'6 plilits Rows1.f • Ap. scin sideedge of next ro w] 7 tim esc.~d: C~. ~~Ul)W illr'til".Wur:k . sts.dd a~G~lile8po{)u of laundry deter ~ gent. Work. Cha11ge 'La ~arget e:dgi n~g boo..d..:.a Beill side edge . FI N lSI--!IEI) MEA SUR.! time lo ["]~'l!Xk g-a.talsi RoW's.yo Wl'[( drflW up a I.®uge!Jf first row.ow Ir (R'S)th [J sc in' side.and nn (~Id pair 'Qf jeans for' . FO~~' :~tnl~l e Ofll spaced will curl in. T1.\Vith RSn~ein~ and working between pairs 04" so' ofrnd l j~ ill A witha sci n ring.1rn..t3ihj Row II (RS.5 .' Rep row' (r---J sts. t sh.IA L.3 bl.SItW a 'large lenl"alJ(J u smallleaf tc Ru!m@ bl. so S'C Place 'a$sell!lb ~ed tbiSC'5 ]1 a zippered p LU W ~ (J caseand plU into washing machine.1S~S./ltog__j~ Sis" Turn. yo and draw 'tbro~h all 4 Ip:s on SCARF' hOQJtL. Turn.------ . se of old 1] ~ time~-6 pe:1ld b.~Turn. f5~. Fasten FINtSHIHGI each st across. stitches are nO:1 !:itefi and roses measure 3~~'/Q. Fasten hi next ::. I{C fld 'felted 'roses. TII1'tL Rep row 1 as IU1"fi.c2:uo:g-13: ~ds.td1ges ~~!Ucurl in~ fmnlitlg-~.d I . 7. wodt 2 se in Jli\stBt-7 st.to. RoW' 3 Work 2 Be ju If'i:l:sl st.gant Oloondeii'ii'mJg s~m.5cJ]1 . Rows '~14 Rep l'owM"..p]3 rimes.. #J8SJ ~lackdlerry {O}aad #384·0 tuscan hills lC) Size'~. Use hn'l-'tvnhJr wa$b and a.1. pal until piece meq~1lirC$ 7!'~n ?Sam petal bases. r:egu]ar (not delicate) F~¥sten' ~lff.e. c:ha~n5iti:tch . Turn.embf'Oi~ dery'forms :ttm ehz.}1~~11 ring between next RAd l Rep rnd.0]. s.~ B rnseevenly 8car( U]fnI Ips on 116(:)1\.lth a Be ill ring. M.t=M EN T5 Slcl.~~. Rnl.E 'l' pt. ~.st.~der. 111[Ote U~hlg C.P1X1X..1:H~Ja-1~of cac1J- rose. IS M AL. cup~l)ed.~Hihappr[)}t J27y.arbl Mutch forward yo ar. l'LU11. Turn. A. forming II c. LAR..dI Rep 5 IRiow 6 SC:2tog..15-0 sts.il:1~ra tl1eH'~d~ri.. and draw up rnJPt YQ"~ncl draw through both Fh~st flOW ~f petah.:la~ bases.S beg. () de. . -ead using :2 To join Y2l1)1 'W.l~e 'i'n cold pieces :&om pillowcase. M.U n D'Pllu~te end.ote VO~l wU] not ell aft'!:)' turning. with. [elr 7.g.'bmlJgh all S Ips 'Sec!ond row . . 'Il:U~~O SjlC1TI Rndl: Re.D rCl'w2 for rib .tmakea slip knot 'ilnd place on 11. Fasten o1~:' -sUi~ edg'e of scarf NJake '2 using B.md remove then ShaJl'ePQSe~ mId measurements.

5' turn. Th~ mr-ll wheei IS" moe a. d ra:w new co lor tbrough last st.50 :tli1gr c~n . TMrt1.and .. yo ~u~d dlm. (I lhrg~d!<>to match fist side Small safety pln G UGE Row SC j'll ].:i . De~igned: by P:D C3!llias'tr'Q.ff and on iI'll no :time nat.D Rac1el"!h s:ta. Turn. ch ] J..6<m] .._lg needle.lcr:o~~-J5 sts . dO. lnserthaok throl:u~h both I.1 book when working rast. R~tr r-u\Vs22-.sc'"2strande of y?1rn be ld tog thrcngbout.ac. 2 3.r.h f. Turn.) Ch '11 sc in first 6 sts.'tjOg-~ I sll).~ ill lsst 8'1.. [Insert book in next st.U-..s'l8 .(each app~'ox 22JydJ ~ lO5'Ul) or P&'[~r. With RS fac-ing. jO]U yarllwiU] a Row. Turn. Row' ~ iRS') long. GU11eg!l'! is no:} important. r~ce car and! pit r€lf8W 'tilfiiOl.come Q. 1 m !4'~J2:9c. sc in e. o Rows 4. yu and . Rows 1. in lrld ell from .I. N. hook and in each st and .'" 5 ~ i~eempleted.~ ~NI'5crIl tall (excluding wheels) Be in 2nd ch [rom honk and In 81'S... l\j]]Ji'Ct~ it 13W?J4cm Hood With 1 strands ofblue held tog..d1 across. Turn. srrt c UP'R hlSU 2 ~1'E OlL.. S"C .~..'1 (RS. sc in each gt to J a s1 .~6. Turn .. ·#20I winter Fasten off.m·w . . 'Bkip c. make a slil)ktHJI into 51 (or and place on hook .draw through all 3 lps on hook.[ toes iilluqinatircm will take oft' f()cI" I[ots.~:'Id)oJoi:ni"2 ( ~u"*lndsof bJu c \WI ith at sc in n~M~ ~.6.2 sts.ttacihed withl Vi0b:ro@ tab.l1l!ek ..then changi ug 1co10"r8.etl't~ri J Size FJ/.d:m\.O~5~ Ch l . st that's red .W 'Ip] twice.507)1 DUg skeins .. .39 Ch 6. R:ows 22=].. sc.if.1S CllJ~sic Nl'ermoWool illl{i. Vi hen row I row)" yo and draw up m lp. ..m tall eac'h ch aC1'os:5l-2.J£ n book. Fasten o~~f B3iJCic: end jo.ofJii"J12m.2 To.Scm wlde '..tf226 black 'white. 'fIMESHED OLO~A ~ s'c2!tol..ot~s: [I. ell 2f. or 1paced playtim~f~ln with this s.). n Race car Approx 6W'fl6 .6'?1.and Pal yes'!er I1berfill S~f\ lml:oom edge ofJiunl wincl~hj. ell tWb'Ol~) eaeh in #77 134 U]J~el} blue. S(llwg. #77707 II 'Be tn ~~1.in blue YiJrn to end of row 36 pane]. :) sts.0020 Ch L.rt yo u:r El'ngjIFI 'YtlUf" [I ittl'e es. Upperside panels (b head) RoW' :2 I Ch I! sein lirs'l 6 sts leaving rem t1IATlE IAl . 6 sts fro!11opposite top side.m wide black 'Vclcm 'seWrJ.b·~lacross.. yo and.s. sts unworked.8(S1l1uj) cl~()ch€:L hook .TIoE turn. ~:H::'2. fasten off .

sei 11 each st to' ast 2: srs. YQ'u wiU be working in m'sp:ira]nlclfking the last sll made with ~~-II~' safety 'With l strands o'f red hel d ~pg"dh 24Row I (RI)' SC h~ ."wack :2 s~ in Jgust sf-7 SJL"s. WHEEU Turn" When do not turn.6.1"OSS.b s1 ripcd fn 4 LSc h~ne.. and rear end is al your right. J ~t16times cbaug... 'w. Cent to work As for passenger sidewirtdQiW_ Tl!JI.hlgt join 2:.c2t~g-11 S:I:S. strands of bhl:CK.ch with a 's ~st lomling a . ~( pii1-~o'indicate end of rnd.etl¢h st around.[1 upper body ofcar so roar is ar top R~w J' Ch I. ch from book and in sts.. do no'!:tum. Turn.c2tog. fasten on. Tum. sc in each st W Unde'rbody Ril. "11 -I:': .ving H len1 g taU R~r sewing. windows. 54-iU) ...[l.. strands .2J s[{j pped-> V. work .56-17' Ch I. [Se in next 4 sis.2.and 43' Rep TQW Turn. Turn.2 'sts. s l st at.210:g-7 sts. IRf'ld . IPtOy~fS. 81 Sc2~o-g-7 sIS.Wbe~ row completed.2 SIIi] SC'~iil next st] 6 ti:Ol!. se In each 's"L-t6 last is Rows 45 C h l.'iJlg~10 Z :strands !i)fwh. Turn.~titc.-I"OWS Rnd 2. $1(. Work 1 scin each 51 arourld-12 times chc. Row l·B. ~)f black with so ill I[gpi 1(. TI. 1'{}V. ND UrotD'ER QIW ()if join 2 strands (If red in firs I skipped fT:otl'~ wiudsh ie ld.2 ~HZ Hl11mt st sc 'in 14~4" ell l. Raw 48 C hr.ch J.. Whipstite.. 'Wnrk rnds hColg:s. 10.ig 4~ sts.ta-n . Turn. \. st2liOg. aCf(lss-8 ::itS'.crnss-l-3· tSts.center of back end.g:a _{}11g[:iUU ror $tWU1~ . wo:t"l\:: 2: 8ct.. SG il1 i'll ring. Rows 42 .Rew4' o ell l. in 'ffont '~ogeth(tJ" Centering this seam 31 .teprow '~8 ~Q'~S ROW~'Z'~~9 Ch I. Frtow40 Rep in each st to Iaatst. I [. ~{nl:nd8 0 f rsd liI:B'ld .:ewil1g•.efI.c Row 24 ell I. 2.and.1.I.!(f2. [Se in l2 sts tha~. Join f0"('111 stiteh in pl. 'Iuru.Front .Fasteu .ii!'"·1 s·j··g • .'2nd ch fromhnok. Driv!er s:idie wj'ndoW' PosiLiol1'uPP{ll" JhoCiy ofoar so.2 . d(!'WD hood as" ShllWIJ.enee. ~l')aeed flCI10SS opening. aa.s:ten off loo.11'l.w :1.'Or . (1 $' rn is completed. white 6 times-24 sts.-6 C]] l.h windpw to .Cl~ (-:11a.Were IRow I (RS) Sc ill2tr1d.J.Cr()!~8-9sts. Turn. 'hrhip.' i.. . . to 1 strands cf b lack..6. I ~oJ( '.lpd :I LSe in eext f\. 2. TU1'.Q!. Using 2.and in . sein each Sl to ~Q~t2 sts..12 CJl l~ in each $t ·a. Rnd ~ (HS) Work (j se w. sc in se mere ~\..lie'P row 46.Iojn •.C. '. m~ll~ with the..t~e 1 pie.fillemob Row:s.. Rnd S [Sc hl next 3 sts. .senlgel'" si:de window P'OlillHo. work 2 SIG 1[1next sts. RoW's 5. For 2 'spare wheel~.i~~ ").gb Iack o<T1 IS. .mging to 1 strands ofbhlck-18 Ind st:i. limes cha. TlItil. RO:Wfi".off JeH. . 1.c. -3 sts. sc in. Sf: aCIl(15S . Ovethrp: OJ] Turn. 1j. reef each rCIJI~1 1$'1. sc:Uo£.st~~ sx. R. .ees) Tnrn.t}rj~2 se in titS t st.S i st] . Wl:th ~a.~ild1 pieces together. TUTIl •.-5 sts.ii.hh~ld"row and ltoW I (RS). Row .Vr upper section of trunk and whip- 1-~7Repl"ow 2.l..6 ell I .'~k With 2..n. 01' fronl.. ttl 2 strands ofbtack- aCl"OS.S I Cl1 6~ sc in 2~ni1ch from ell -~~Ath..w'ork ... . st and eh i~lcJ'Oss~l5 srs. sc in .. 011 In.last st eacll St to Is st . 4t5 and 49-2 sts._ ill 'each st across.~.at 'top Row 49 ell.enly each tolast s'~. ]. ffrst st.~sside ( . sc [11 Iasfi~-] 0 srs. sc in eac]] 8t aeress.lil(J R'ows' SO arid .. Rj~ 25 Rep rm.edge of lewer side [Jmnel~ to bottom edge of upper side panels and b~1I0k C:11d of C·~4r. Paslim is. sts~ wOl~k:2 'S.5 ] ~7.V: Sew Iast Towef each lower si'''\ti! pmle I. s:c ill ~acl1st across chflngll]!!. row l8-} I sts.. It sCZt9'3t6C in each rem it:C:i'OSs---.! Rnd a Sc in . 'sclwg.. J Sf: in each cbacn~s-2$: 8'1 ]a81 2 sJ:uiJeld 5'1:S.1·. -tb 1~. Turn. . I1.c:h rem . 'Rows p[.WClJ:K 2. -s.is completed.ring. ell. with 2:. Row 61. Ror~jjs46 and"" rEl I fie in each t With "2 strands. SIC Turn. T urn. . llI.. Tum. F1 l51 N~C:E CAR 41. use red for first 3mQs.IlQ is at your left Row...]j"iP.:&--30 sts. "".ck held tog".g. pm top.[I.. each ell across.2'. se WIhen rew 1. sts.! CR. se2tog 1 RIlld7 nex l 5" sts. a h~mg fa II few s.t~wciJk. fasten off Jeavjng a long taal f~lr sewing . ell L. and.S-9sts:. rear e. . Rac:~'ll1Ig: stripe (ma. M ake 3 rnoee wheels using foe same color ~~qp.S) With RS fat. 5. sts. Mark.i dn-\¥ RO'W'$ epen ing~ work side !ed.. This forms open- eaehzem lSi 3.driver"£! side and p a~iSengCI.e.4 Ch ~.bws :1 arid J Ch I ~ SC' in each 81 across. - [rf hla.. in neXJ.q. ~I}C~ IDE ( MAf4e :Eel J T lEND . sc21log-9 sts.Row! Sa in :and lih from Jl1.si"il &_t ails.$tmnd~~ 3 FliTW 4 . ~ for fn:mt u~i1J.g)~ f win. Row 2: $u in each st across.t" windsh~ield ns facing. {)J blue held "~og ell 3. t:k 2.B1.Row 5 Rep row 2 . . P.. sci RoW'sZ-..-.IIell I.. rurn..cusing tail.cin neK~ pi a. open Ing LJsfn:g. ~l boupm' ed:ge' of of Beg' at front end.safety pin.urn.Wlinds. Tum.oO'I<: andin each ell ~'010SS-:~ 0' ~~cg at frc:nt ~n1~ with '2 stnuu:l:sIh:'~dLog5 ell 2. sci]'} each across. ing a ring. to~. !:1.~ se2wg___j9 ~Is_ Fasten off leaving rearwind- sts. ra. 31 .a:e.e. mark beg and ~m:)of ~ailJllOW for beg ofuuclerbody.se in next st] 6 ing··m Iiong tail _fur sewh1l:g.. ~nleavstripe Rows SO SJ Rep' .. .t'j cad'!.

36 sts.l!I a..fOlln~~ chnn~~~J'lg'lt} 2 ll11and!{o.afety r in. Ind made with th~ _~< . Using :2 strands of WH.leveL Add y. leavmg r u.2 strands of red wi:lh S. strands ofredwith a d st to side edge Check pieces ·eve'!').Ill Be in €'acli s~IIJQWld. Rhds J·]".3. S~$.nd. side door medallions..around.p'¢ning cl osed. A. Rndis. ·2se in next SLJ 6 times.cpening Brim (m_alce.of 'black. Rnd 3'2. . Hand-\').Ctal.. Whe. I (RS) Work '6 sc in ring .'!1\' ilI be . stitch medallions toea"!'.ow I Sc in 2mI ell iioJl]] hook and in ·~acih 2 strands of rtll>- 2~'/5'Cm opening .o1'lgx (-l! ]Scn1t udW.c in neX. nnmber? 0111 Sho~s ln each do not tum.. R.lJ(. Tum.ea-el] ch aCfloS~-13 gt~. agjt~lJi1~ Rnd. scltogJ a ·42 sits. a 81"] 16 nSXJ Rod 18.¥I:llg a ICl<FJg tail for sewing.t:ic2tpg] .!(:wi ng. 11 until shtch(l~ are not.a:de with FI. Sew :one bi.nd Rnd 42 [Sc i:lll1.eB-·6 . .el:s.r()~~] Rnd 29 Sc hl ~ach~t rJJ.on Rinse in cold water 1illnd remove.seenand race car measures 6W'/16..1 S'ide 3.~card rem thn. Rnd 43i l Sc h l.. Turn.ipp~red pillo wease ·tln<!:'VIi heels in another zippered pillowcase. in each st around. Rnd ..2to gJ 6 t j.3 complete rows facing. and whee ~s. Place race en r in r~IW .. row.nd4 0 Sa in each st around. With R8 tacmg~jloin.. Rnd41 r.( St. I [Se in neXl G sts.. . Em brQidiery UseZ strands Row' ~ (IlS) S. ch ~ 41. Se 18 1 sc2. work I de in si. M~on']pillowcases.6 Ii mes- Rnd -4. Turn ... Velemto race car j ill diameter. strands ef white held mg.work :2 se in st] fi t~tle~.ap Rnd:!i..1)c Lbnes.6 [S. then 2" de in ~ide edge uf )rd row.0Se .'J7 ~IC ed:gt . Shl@ d'oQ·rmedan:i. 1V[aT.~ts. l:Lli' nflaundry ~01]d Rnd4 [Soc ·In next .-24ts_ s .itog] in each .!:~:]() til]leS'---- deh-xr- 6 'ti rnes changing Pann 1:0 1'sth.RoW' ~ Ch 3 (counts ax de). work 2 sc in next SIlT i11 til acros. wod:: 2 next bodv w ith ff:b~rfHJ. Edging.t>rit end to frontedge of hood.. p (5 t~m~.·r· of jeans for _a~. TU:n1. Feltill1g race . sc2to.m 1.jQck t( measurements.-· sts. RnO! '1 [Sl. [Sc in ne-::\9' st~. sc2tog] 6.~ewin.iou and Use tails to 'whip" Shirt RndsZ3 . 51 Sit in next sf. '8 sts.Fasren off leavIng a ~ol1gtaU fhl" 8.. Rndl i" [SG in next S s'tK.beHiU~ whipstiteh open:irug closed.sc.th side edge of.lCk. U.[ W hire .sl·O~nd 31 Sc m eaeb staround .:y sides of Velcro.sts.T . [Sc in next 5 sts. S!C 2tc'gj 6 'time~.mid wheeh-i·!11. Stufl? with flliberfW ~ wbip- stitch o. :Ro.edg~ of fi. Use h(Jt~water w(l§. of first row'.2 sts. lea. . F Il~H!110Jf.g.::e:! using 2: With 2 strands of black held ltU·g. nit m@dal I ~O. xl S/}. Y011.Z p..h 2 sb'fl1td.f}xl 4 sts.C iJ.[l1.. Hmes'-li2 sts. chl-l.I't st amund. Fasren off1ea..c. from hool .3 S'lS. baek. a Iong t~ll I-(n.t':~ -..:$·afety pin to indioate end of'rnd.-l.slug .2 strands .ilecE!!s) days.rm (m. ~lJ6 tLl1lc:'~-:36 S:l5.~Jffirst row.of Veteto.ds]-3a~ fQf Iront W!lu. Whipstiteh StuHF Ilte.~of blue heid tog. Machine-rlry Srrl 0 -min~ ut¢"g. Rnd2 Work 2 sc in each st arou ttd-12 srs.h •. Ha..Stuff ·~. When row :5 is completed. lea v ing Rndl: [S. Lim. work '2 sc in 1'lle~-t st] I) 1ime~k---4gsts. ·w~d~ ihn{txt 2. whipstitch bottom . fasten off5 sts.gc2togl Work n.edge Qf brim. f asten off. [Sci nneX:l .!/3Q...5-1: 0 minutes.2. .. [Sc in next 41 st s.5c.1<. Fasten off leaving a. [Sc in nex.d. for strands of white held tog. ch ch with ·asl st fQ[ming a ring.work- reel whip~~it'Ch. with n.Cu:l6 W'/22Jf11111 SeW one .: in nex LSi sts. Rnd ·22 [Se lin next 4 S'U~~ .win S'LS~ each st to la1)l1 of red.gent aniJ an est wa'teJ:.u regular (no~ delioate) cycle and lbw= .5cm"~ l\Vlde. ")tinlfS- Rnd .In.2 sts.s sts. and ~n hoo'k -side to eenter wheel. Rnd II [Se in next 6 sts.g. ('J ·ti_i:p~s.] ration. Row I (IRS) Sic evenly along curved .. 2.sts. ~ast st Head :8. P1T Cll£W PERSO I 'dha:ng~ing to 2 straruls 0 r bJuc-JO S'~..ake l p~eces) W·tth 2 strands-cf red held tog.1~t. I()tlg tai ~ for S~W1J'g~ of car.ne8~J (.sten Ofr 36 sts.'~. C. underbody to bo~lmr~..~aslLre·3%N9'i~cnl1 IRnd44 lg sts. changing 10 42 813. Stu ff head i closed. Sc in '1106>:1. D~. join 2. wor1l. :W sts.viug a ~'!!I OCtu..C in 2nd eh 8[~. 1 de ill side (:II' 2nd. a from 'to- ill.. wotk 2 sc in next :s1J 'I sts. W'i.tog. with f1bm'fitL Sew top. qrk 2 S' in next 4 w s t] 6 t u. changing tel 2. sts..lm~l 3 sts. pa:i..lUds ot N~d 2. RD'w 12 51 st in first' .. se2~()g1 6 litlleS24.11 u ~I riirk rllid~ ~~6 a 1) for fi'~l!]1 VII bee] using. Rows 1-5 Ch I ~scZtq.C'dge 11\& h1 aspiral markingthe Ka~d81 m.t.le. Df each ~tnmd$ of black. Row 21 Sa In each s1 around ..e edge (:If Jlvs:t row.rnn-y side of each wheel. ·Lel-air dry 1l:lt for] to kngtVJs . embroidera bat:kstitch center of trunk m:edal]. f'Jace itl washing machine. .wJ So In first 7 81~ in last to sts .S.30 Rn·d Rind S [Sc in next J S~.opening.s-l.

and 39 using rails.-e. .!'1:. '[ 1"U''!29c]"Q taU.._. bJ.. Conl to 1:eJ.. .11 meeJ$lJr..:b cap brim 10 center fTt'mr of head betwcclI1 rnds 38.. black for belt. Whvel swill adhere lu doll by :simp~y Pl~. center 11 ntil each Position do.c lli) for 'race car.'ilcll number? OIl center front of •c ..:J!blue for brim.·s'.5SIEJg·-i"ill·p. white tor head illld. l eap. .u_t.1? bur L.. U@.2 sb~and~of yarn held tog thrtnl.Hck for pal. bltJe. '~b~l:I se: blue u blue for '2JjI~ 31'ld."" .u'" 1 U..e~tinl pit ICro~W i~·lace each clotl hi a.. .. Ei. 'red :fer bril'll. red IDr shirt. to ''''''''''''J-'' "]'.1i!1c:kfor ed-:g~ ing. Useblack for arms: and hands..g white ifor SchOC8.separate zippered pi1. UliiJ:J@.. ~]ue fer pants.. Use hands..gbtJ.:I"'O..ns r-etifor belt."fll" W.ftu shirt. Usc.'0.. WhipsJJtc.. . whi te for' ~~~a(l nd t:iJ I.!I so' oo. sJraig:hl sHtoh mouth ~Sillg.t.r. 'Vork "a~fOfpiterew person t.th~u a.re:dfo:r Sh(leS.. Using sameeolnr' as shirt..ow. red... then use .~(~k.I!~ fur [lap'. usiu.S. black for cap.lor changes d~. erabreldera fit ~~lgbrl" s~.titdl eyes using bl. li:. V se a back.e.. 'FI ~T IE ill"ie at'. F..I. ease.. FELTED RUG DllP..' ."'I".3'ILin s.~ R60 1 'Work as for pit I~rew:P e~~D.. ". " iJ] .iat.El1 _'''.nbtaider horizontai. .Embira:idery fOT edging.l I..Jljl .

]1 (5tl10l) LlS.Ji"~a. E. sk]j:' dtr. cerner de.1 3'2 tomate CBll #7l1 0 neranja (e). E.hand-hoo:llred rl!lg €an tha~ ch~3--· 245tS. 'tim'B to !I'IJl~I~.C..I:. rep .g.l9~uu Into was·hi. *work 2.eaS'uremel1llll. an 'j'lf jeans for :~gitaHon.E •. J 0 i11 "Me with a ~ds t Me._MC 3> Ta."MC:: 3 M:e~ 1iJ1.iU'lJ RS fating" join • Me w]thsJ l s.rJacel'uenl diagram For c:~"IQ:nvays.ef' cro. . ~ . M'C~E.qlJ.form . fast-en off. Me..l i·n..Me M:C . 'C'r MC· • I hank each .l1l~rt. He: MltC.l'l"4~.k'e t ime to (.lO. c. de in next st: rep llvJITl in Bach 51 to. b" MJI(. RemOVE eXllTt'. s.1 5.lnei)' Ll1etJtSl. sts.tlinse in take· a 1'@.1]j diagrarn.Appro~ 24u X J4W~/61 X· 8:l..IEI"A.'C. st. One .¢"de! sc) i11 next COTn~r(:11 :1 . iQiF-! rod wirh a sl st 'in I1r:S'l F r N ~'SH t.o~lnd. R"1i'I ..colors ~ capture the.5 W!chR S facing. ny a S.A.A.tC It'.dt'in nex:~ st. h. skip . JJ"l'120'maiz fA)~ #"7. Ch I.:}!. .nt--D'est Ide:o!!igmllE!ld t iin iil pallette O'f . M'C.5~:u. #71 U8 tabaen (Q) and #7~25 sea turtle {E} in same Sll:aS . and working [11.and.e.:l1lXk. A.1ling~~de in nt.I sl sl iil tc'l:)oJ beg "nom.5 us IT!").g machine.ery5-1 U minutes. '1 nc.of Berm co. whipstitc.. - 1l0~m]l(lw t() [rOlTII go throllgh spin is pillowcase.iE. Fills~en' off.IJ. Me W. Pesu v i:fl (f':al'uvian ·hi.•join rnd with :.fi'6m * aro und.]I.ru~ M C" A. de in lil:eXl.(corner made). 'M!:. 3: 4: S 2 • Size IllS: (5m~m) erocher hook (lr~~zv w obtnin ~auge GAUGE lrdc In next Si~~ rep frem * ~lI.eriic:a" A .. IE c •.:I Me. CO~OJ s~! in linn sc. I.pirU! of C'olofllial . Fasten oft 31 Felting U1. e.square to fJiV 15el.l li·ng. L .[. 2.A.He A Me. Edgin! MC. work (se. Me crocliet hOQ~ (b efb re -r-e1LLing:} •.. Check piece 'wet.MC #7 L22 ilyot:adtl (MC) '. PLACEMENT end tr in ~. 12 Be in. A.ot-. . eh :I.. rep fF{)~l1-$ around..Jf<.MC !"<t'e.tiimlefla:t: whrenyou feJt stitch. Rfiid 4] With RS l:acj~j join next i~ Set' in same Sip s] ~lS joining.5 M'€. sl s1 ill 1!:2u'~le p as joini ng.m:gerrl .D'.me'S m.(RS) ell l i work. C.. ell .wa'Le. bt}l::k lps.JMC ~ fi1!C. Be in next 3 sts: r~p from :* around. .. with • 4 3.Me MC..re.. gauge.. end fie ill ¢clrh ~Lto end. de in sam e ~p as jni.l1U.each :apppox I 74ydf (6Um) . wor1~'(tr~dtr.es. ne:X1 eomer. h')iri rnd with (..::. "C. dc. ast:2 sts. Rnd I .N'G SL 5 Mc. s-p...h ~.E :S M~. tr) in next st .. werk (~C'l do. end de In last st.. in corner de. .10in~1l. eh J.rwa&b.[I.S.875c. beg Rnd .. sc ) ill "sc Sl':-J 81' ' 1 as joiQing.t. Ch 3 (.j st.e ~ tO~J1J Qfmoney to buy).ing.M'C ~."II11:C . M.s ~ sf. Hand-block to measuee- FINISHED MEASUREMENTS .~ work 2: tr innext ·st.A m.are nocseea and rug measures Zd" x J'4W~!6'1 . join rnd 'with a sJ st in first st .IO. *tr in next 28·tS.' approx 28--:30 'n:i..B. SQUARE Fasten uff (HAKE 35) E1I"E..g. d DIAGMM MCrB.agitating. D.1.'H~:. Use h. MC MC. tbell.J W]'th Rs facing. do cyc~e.8:.(C01.~*sc in next 7s~~" hde il1 ncxt sL~. ~. IMiC Me. de in samr~:'p Block .x . HC. tr in same' 'SJl' as jQil'~ln.C{'H!l1tS as lde). ~~C in next [D . join next (:£1101" with a.BiHC Me:.sts.1:1. ~hu (011" 'canp't' 'the sam'e look h'll n..g size I ~-!R w()j~k Hi.. WOl:k 2 de in next st. rirtg.ftrpund.P..Ir::~Me :MC.}~I stin top erIc' ch. eh :3 (counts as s I de). M'C MC!A~. D.dc: t)}d pair ~ltd lowest wt~te~' :ron in toweb toassist in drying if rog Let air drv Bat-for lto 1 days..111. dtr. M. B. Rl1Id . Llnt~]s~·itches ..lStMC I 1 .5am MATERIALS.L dtr.ed.·D. join rnd with H &11" s! in top of be-g <:h-3-36' ·Sts. a. Join ub W \!!I1th ~I.1. Me. ch l. Mie~Es.vtl" Add ~ cup of latUldl)'detl.i.Rna 2. itll Me color.E. 'c. Me ~ Me.gendy r~g-L11ar(oot nclic-atp) cy. M~rt:iha.l~~geth.5ov 100g hiH1K!li (.I1. join rnd 'with a sl sLill '~()P o [ be. iOl1l'ftl!:edi5qu:ares. rep' frnm *' around twice - -- - - .::ires tug foll pl acem(:.t. E..IMC MC.Using Me to 4 :3 I .. c.Me Make 3S'squares fall .B. !B.IE:.5t€:1]1 (~ff '...t.J ·ev.Me: •.t: 4 1 I join md wj~b.A.g.. 1'1:. _s c.. ll'I~'lCe Fl)g in cl zi~j:pl~i'ed pillQwp~ cold water.ghL~ndl wool) in 00101' eh 4. D. Slmona. I!l.. D.

p .O (6mJTI) obtMingalJ~~ cr(JG'helI'liau~t With A.ydI .1 hook and in eacl]t eh acro:.' fo.as.~FeJ'Dnl t:t':'eate. a hdc).iltlng). :De~~gnedby Leslie Johnson in a. Turn.Mrow.5cn'J high x: 2:1!/JCf. turn to' buttOl1l l ps of [bU[[datio Il ch.1. 'Iurn . yo! brigb. #M #.~te(1{woo Vilwha Lr).turn L.']€: to cheak IJflI uge..7 :2 (do~!il.draw thr-Qugh all l .1 hdcin each st across. .c :ev~nJy 8pwpedac[1()S~ to last raw! wO~Fk2 hdc in side-edge of Ia.itles £:11111g- Two Il~Ji/j l.If9 (5.turn to·s~de~dge~ work 2.w fabric and m. hdc in' each st across. Take til. iJUO st..:. work plastic canvas Y. each 111 ]05 ItPMpink (8).cm.. c:h :SO. ~I(JRS) Ch Z (dces riO~ U()1lJIJIl as • One ]2" x ·ISrI110. W1d~plaGe()fi_hj)ok. tum .lc45.tw]']l ..fe.ClJill1. sheet of ..nd.Mll I 0 orange you g..atcbing s~wil1g thread l opti:dnaj ~ GAUGE "1 llt'd.~ull: R.Sem wide:)1 14!V3-5.in #M l20 Ilm'liJilemde CA) fII' l skein. draw new color Go gJreen with this all-l1!atuniJl'!lfeu:sabfr!l1!l .1l deep sheets of Sll'nrfo. and dnw up' ~l lp. hdc in each bO'l\OlIJ lp I] !I~:8and ] OV!liWS to 4 . S. yo 31'i1d. insert ll{iok in fl~~ ~t~yo aud draw up alp] twice._0. 5.S) Hde in :3 rd 'cJl frol..otf:oml p::tir!'6 Won.! l.lad (C'll and #M3·g' ImLu:t 'pjn~kCD) • Site' J/rr.Sheep Co~npailYf.tOte b. Clli.teh OlU'~ even wit1l a heayY 2.&----4'S sts.(each a:~prox 190ydJ ]" 4u.tre. iJJiSen-~imok. ' 1 1lII8iflg size . '('I.al'l'lb'.Jor~.s a.t arr'a:Y of eand. .5 111li~i~1. Notes: Ips on h'OOlI<.i. bde ~ltside edge of first row..1 l stin rop'ofbeg' ch=2-'1 ]~ sts.'l) of Bn... work 7 hdc even ly spaced across to last nJ'W work 2 hdc 'inside edge of last row join rnd with~ sl ..a . Ye. hdc).5 . Rows J.5rm:mi) croehet book- (hero re . turn .s h*2:tDg [Yo.g to: B. Ch'2. Wben cb~lJ]ilng colars. T-OTlE B. fabric "~b:!"ughB Ips on htooJetD.lli count . in.plete Iast lSt that' 'W~nrt s. werk 2 hdo in side edge of first row.QW 8 Ch 2~ hdcin each solacross. dymbt~. IRow I (R. yo Iiliud draw throughall 5 Ips·on hook. To joili] yam witlb! 8 hoc" mskea sH.Oom over hde r :aci'Dss. STnCH GLOSSARY MATERIALS 2 4olzl11 J_g skeins .6 side edge.knut toad. o{size to I.

Se[]i wide x l4u/35. Use tail. hdc .:Wseam. ell . 'Ch 2. turn.grJlgb. For eac. N]a:r}.2 pieces ofphutic canvas . R.jain rnd . to W'. 2S~.~tn whipsvllch bcMum edge of strap to edge of ~st A J'O W on bouom. '~.. fh~n 1~ tWll. Rinse. When end 44 X ..~m allowance. 1 huGi2"~Q5"-5 sta. turn: Rnc)h~.ed.l :d $.11Rel~ rrul 2. 'Vorking bo u~~ltn Il. sl .. Fold tor band in halfto R$ algn...ow 90 Ch . hdc.~. ' C.2 ~bangil1g to D. i'D Top band On front .i~!lj. Hand-block to measureInsert lining i11ltU' tote.~" with a sl Sf in top of heg:ch-2 qhangrngt[) It Ch ..d water level. loin rmJ'with {.3em seam .(gj. ~I Wotk:2 hode in lim'!" St hde sts.h str.g ~ hde in nex '! 3 s f~ .eup of laundry detergent !ilrd.. then gent] y 1"0] I in. :5 sts.40 1Ld~ in eaehst across.to fit inside bottorn 01:' tote. Ch pjl~strap in pla~'c maldJlg 8L1t't it is perfect1y 5tr:1i~1Lrt. witha slSlt: 111top' of-beg ci1-2 dlanging fa C.between ma rke 1$ to form lli. Wlti1 a sl st "in top nf beg ch-:2 cl1atlgi ng to D.[J'ld. ·\ViRm row 130 is· cornpleted.. '~'''''I 3:0' Hde in each st across . jOb1 rrul with a sl sf in top of b~g c'hJ. (m'ake 2).d w~lUer.. t~LlI . Rei" rnd 2. ~:lUBii1.cc~ lining in p. towels seam a1. ell 2.2.ll sido~ piece every 5-1 I) minutes. join mel J:ldc2to. skip next parallel to side edge~. turn.aUowaHce is. JrJ:J ne-XllQ sts. RQW' 4.1 ''?2. Trim 'lOp edge. sew d(.29Rep rnd 2. 37 .t Ull0p of begeh=2.oi[e (jo Lin'lntl M easure ins ide circu mference of rote.g llew iug thread.'lcg~.S st-s.5cm deep.mble thickness of ~)oIastic canvas IW' inside t~11'\)U.rmmd. t~ m~sist in "tlry:iJl]g. pillowcase (uta put lQwe's. tml~. b~g' til n€iX_~"' t11J11. Rild 4':2: Hdc in each lilt uroundworktng -5 hue in each ch-S l'p~jeln. ~UB.gil~g.36 Hdc i~~ ea~h 81 around.(.2 ¢hangi[lg 1:0 turn.g).2.join fl1di s 1 "5 ~ iii IQiP of beg ell ~2.and 4·4 Rep rnd 37. 8] Rnd 24 Hde in each st around. ell 1.~e' easurement. And 1 Cli H de in each st . in Iast 20sts.~j~d ofrkh~t I1JW..a slst in [t"''lPofht. tum.r.rap or..1Hdc \..Row' I (RSJ IIde ill 3td(. .ng to C.l~ 8' . eomJ1le(. join md wltfJ~ ?J. ". Ch .ows·4~Bi9Hdt R. T.~j.. 'Rnd 2.~nseam in ~~ntel!'ot.'tad for sew"Jng.cm high x tote. around. with a ~dst II) top ofheg ch-Z.. Mark beg ~nd end 01" lill. jnin rnd R.g:]1Un r usi neg A.Ill' top of beg d]_-2 cb~n..I' l~cp rud 2.. ·skip next 5 ~n'l.t lP'hu.lIt~ 12%Y/31 ..t'!:]~h1.a-Cb S[ aiound .r~nat ~m~ra. lJS~llg H W!'!I. 'fUD] and pin H)'p ed~e of lining. a. join ruG with FInd . s.2. 1urn. s=tra:rr through both ?!n:a. cb~5. R-e111QVe tQPodgenfHilirig is even wlllh.1i Wiih A~ch 7~leaving a It)tag.}!. US~'hnt-w:tter wash.1. Ch 2.~4 Hdc I'D each r~e'U5s. Rnd5 '-I. if:l) last $:1--7 $t.Ul'd les.ll Rnd 34 Hde jlleacl~: s'l around.lS. Cheek R.~e.m}]. fas.rml with top {). Rep ~n bli11:e:k of tote. .0 I:'Jdc jrieaeh st around . rnd Hdc in each st Hrtn&nd.tong la~i for 8l.bottQ'tr1 edge (d~ 101' band.~:till 'h"lp' of bcrg ch.In halt lengthm wise. sklp L. 'fi. ('11 2. with il. work :2 hac turn. .. fo ld in 11 f.. jolnJ'ijd wil h ijl'. Sew -~t1'...~n. with rem strap. Beg at 'bottom edge.ws :2. unril tote rneas'IJress.~l. join rnd Rnds 43 . fa. eh 2... 81 st in tn. Cut one $-J st in machine. "tbnn~gLl(.J{J nut an~w lu go through spin cycle.regular (not delicate) cyclean. ell 2:~unn. ~~urn.ap~ itl place using A. I S-.8U~]:a QfC Sltraps.'f'lld~tri[~ .Ch.~"llLlfil_ Rl1dsll . Place Ij.Ch 2. eh 5. in lOp band . Sew bottom ':!>ea1'11 . hde 2. Rnd 18' Hdc in ~aifh staround.r of beg . WS laeing.l5.. Insert l ining ~nto 1.8 80 3. ell 21 'ttl 111. each ell across.g F-eldng l!id layers.: f["()tmpillowcase. Add B1" Ch 211 turn.)Ul:.. Rnd 35 [{ep-md 2.. rumingevery 6-g· kWUfS for e'Ve~:jdrying.n. ROw.h ijnrn hook and irn Rnos 21 ~21 RE:p mit 2.. in cnl.it necessary.. ell '5~ skip nextS srs.. IRnd. FiNfSHtNG Rnd .'..411)1 Hdc in-each st around. So al strap tog. .f beg· ell-Z . Ch 2.en. bandles so the"j are smooth and R.vith Rnd8 1:1 e.ill place.S togetbe. Let air dry flat for Vto 2 days.~.xe uf>jn. ~[L in nex l 29 $. hdc JIl next 20 srs.lnwance:~o ~·"/I. turn... :£1 41.e tete in a zippered tnt{)~shil:1:g add .2 chal1lging to A.~ri" both sheets of S:tytofoam so totedries 'll) shape..i. Rnds..§:cm ft)!~ 5N!.raj-eLl of' tote. th 2! turn. sl ip.g ch-2 chang..p or Iahric 18~'!4S5Gm" ltltal eircumferby .3cm.t'i~" row.5. ::m:rsti~ch tOp edge of ments.l1lOtr kfavit".5.iiwi!lg. turn .$. IPre$~seam open.ew. .eh.ts. in each stacross.i. Ch 2. Remove i:inh'lg':rrJ~e$!S. WI~h and Rrt old pail' of jeana for agitation.Rnd!i ~2.Q.J Rel" rnd Rnd 41 Hde in first 9 sts.

draw new color throl~gb '~rit~it2.Dundinl b3:si. Design'Eu! ~. 2. "'·.fmm the top !Qf hi~.:1 3:3 'l~ut11:pl{i-n (Bj Size Am (5ru:m) croehet hClJpk .t. yo and draw throughboth sts.. Rl'ldl fRS) Work 6-sc in 2nd. wnddhg between next .nd7 [Be in.aud draw up a lp.. J(ath leen Situart~he..t7 cmc. 15'~yd/ ill «III:) of Lion "Brand Yam Lion Wool dra V{I threugh lp . lps: on :honlL 'f ~G pY Rnd :8. work 2 sc A''j}dfli~d 41t 1'1Ocm next $H 6 l4 sts and i 7 :SF). Rn d :I [Sci n next st.mel #.r(jw.l\e't. l!rot:llet) Insert hook b~jgh1 as the.e.r tisne to'. work 2 se in I1~t st] 6. !iit2:llo.i. tJl from hoo:k.Ev'erryone''S 'fa!Vor~te 'Eold~w'!i!:a'tJh. Head W nn 'Mr' c.~ets. Joz/85g skein. cher.d draw up a lp thsJ is tl1le singl.i1'e-ad to the bQttDim O'f bis webbed feBt.2 se ~11. next 4· sts. yri 'and .[Se in next 6·sts.on book. Yon the will be worki'qg 'in a .dnlw Rnds 9\. work 2 :)C'1t] [lflxt 8 sts. t wool) in tI ]53 ebony (Me) II 1 skeineaeh in t4099 winter white fA) .llil. lWnrk over SCi llsi~ng 1n ea. work 2: . F l'M.. Rnd :6 [Sc ill. work 2' sc in next wOllk .-18 :. TCI Johtyalll with 1df5'C" st] 6 tim~s-30 sts.fke slip St"iluh) insert hook between T1CX. FfN'" tED 5U £ r0*. . [S~111 next J sts.~C 13t] 6 t~'mes-}6::lL~.Rnd4 J[Sc in next 2: st] '6 I:irlJes~24shi. then r 2.2 81] {) tirues ill next mak~ a J~ljp 101m and pbc£? on hoek: .': l/f: "(3mm) crochet book (before fe.. yO' . Ute safe~ty pin to. indicate end .s (each. I1tJct Rnd'S.tlU~~(:\ times..2 sts of row 'I. R.a.ingh~ SHlJ1(C Ss.lIS.ltilUe:S~.8 Sic in each st around. '-"" ..YOand draw Lbrou~h both Ips on heck. next :$ sts..t'!!t" . 'worked inl the: ". • D lIT}' a I p] tw icc."s.d1 st asound+-l 2 jill sts. ? .[nsert hook 111h) s. S~E.1. yo oil t!lI'ld uta w throl}gh'~U J Ips hoo!~. -. .yoand draw upa lp that ApPf{)X 12H/30·:Sc:m fall 'is the sameheight as Ji1.t.c:. lps O!H1UQk to c{jll1l"lete~a:sn.Uing).spiral marking t'hela!)t sl n1ntk~~ith IT]~rnd.j._k 'Note:s B. h' Mark last ~ltmade ··witl~ safetypia.lI1Id " . Sss ~sp. (spik€!:5.. yo .{)f' si~r: to 'oib'rtrin gauge' p(dyester fiberfi II SU:laH safet y pin AUfJ.2 sc Rnd.g[htsert hook in next st. adJorable. I Wl1enclunghlg: eolors.. al'{)foX.t T~ 2 5tsof row 1.the roym '€e"~thilrtreatment .e wOfk~ng.

~Mng'.Hl4{) sts. in fir:d sts C'tmnging to .~-~2 sts.2 se in next times chall'lg'ungto V~G iu next . :3 sts. Rl'lId1 '2 [Sic in next st. 2: Sf] J nex~ 54 sts. ~fety pi n to indka1e elld ef'rnd. j ni~:llrn:d with u.{:han. 3 times-« ~g sts.e'xl st] 4 times..O'(11. ~c::l'lOg] times.:36 '6 work 1. [sc in n.fi: -ft)U. ~vof:k2 se In -nexr sc in . [~~ iii st msde wit h 'tIDe safety pin h1 I ndicate en~ Rod J. hde inOJ2X'[ st. Rind 5S. in next 4 sts. In Ja..~8 sts.piieeels) Beg. jO.5 SlS.tog] ~ ~wic-e 'CbHlg"il1g~:o -rvtC. sc in next 2:] Sots ch[JugO]l8 to.e8-I·H sts. [se in next . Do no\ful.~. f :in first s. sc in Urs[ 20' sts changing tp ~q41iOlt)~ ~ha'llgillg to A. then row 31 once. in rle%'~ Rnd 54 C. ft~'IdIO [St in next '5 st~" ·. 8tS.. . 11.sts.sts.I sr tn ~41.~1] 7 Rnd 26 Ch J. _a:t bUU(J!:fl. Rh. Y()ill wi!] now be working illjoi_l. illDxt .Fasten f"fL r st~Win:s (mal~e2. join rnd with 1I ~l st in fi_n~l st] 4 l]h]e~ ch~mgi]:a. jO][1 rod with a sl. work].joia rnd \Vilh a 51~ srin first sc. Turn.[sc-in next ~ sls. wi II bc~otkingi Rodi 5 Sr: }. }Clin JJJQ witll a 81 -sti:l1 H rs1 N~------I60 sis. ·e. T url1. sts.g) 4 A. rrext st ] lwi. [so inneJfl 3:sts. times-> 18 sts. Rnd 65 [SQ2tb~J 6 ~iile~------u . IRnd ·4 [S. j .!.e~-2 4 l$C in. sc.tt 4 tin:u. Rnd 612 Cb _~ [sc in next 3 ·S1tS~·sc2. to A~ sc1~o:gJ 4 Rnd 7 [Sc in rimfi 6 sts. '~2~gg] twice..\i:.oril1 rad wJUi a. that are.: M nil<.1. Tum. work . join flui wi~rh £I sl st in first S!tC3--42 sts.rs·t 0 sis durrJging 2 W inl1Elxt.. [8& in [u::'J!lt 5' sts.2 ·SO' fu ned tinJ. a . [sr ilJ tinles-9 hoede hIs\' s. Rnd .HjS. ~c2tQg]II tunes'-3U ·SlS. Y DU v.. Stull' head with -}ther(ilLl. .e 'atches :Rnd I (RS) Work '6 SG til 2nd .:Q FInd 21. with Me.. [Sc jn next 2" SLS. M ark last st made with whe. with !lI 81 stin fi:rst sc-36 sts.-tog] 6 Urnes. jo i n rn d witha sl st . [Sc in mB):.:11"n next 2 sts. sc2tgg] 6.afking the ttme~.. Dro1p: sa fety pin. R..~~~l st. work .~ ~J :st in first SIC:~· I (RS) Wt'H~k SC ill 2nd 6 5t en liorn Rnd :] Sc in 'e!. 'Work 2 ~C.--------. Sits.u_l]jt'litl~d r::nd. A RI1Id :2 7 [Sc j~l .st] twice..d 21 [Sc 'in nest 2 'sts. work 2 sc hi next st] . ~l'J4 lin:. Turn.arcmnd. R. workZ Sit: in fl. sts. w(H~k2sc ~n nt'. last Inad~· wi tb 'I he S'afet-y p 111.'Il :40 sta.ere dlaTI. Rnd 24 [Sc innext 2 sts.6 31"5" -sts. sc . se in next J 7 s:rs~ Vs.lleSd1].s_with _MCij. RJlIds 33.Ilext g sts. work i .48 sis. sts. Rnlclj next 6 sl$j~~Vb. sc-66 sts. t1:e~t !'II ] 'twice cfja'l1g~n:g to 'M. Rnd ]. Tafl IJ. T~ml.5.1~dm~:Js.J..xl 7 s] SL in sts.h ~.ts.fJe~~ sts. work 1 8(: iunexr st] :6 ti mes -24 sts. Tt!rn .~ sts. 2 de in next st. Rrl~d 60 Ch I" [~~ st] 3' time~L2 sts. join md with -a 81 ~l in -flrst B§:~64 sts. Stuff" body with.fog] I~~ioechanging to MG. SiC in next st] J Rnd 57 eli t_j. work" . Turn. si."JI'L Cut A and cont t('J! work ...L1 each $1 . Rnd l I C~1:[ se.V l·~'U n a s:pirf<k ~ ]]l.~wQrk2.s s:t~~work 2 _ _s~ st] 3" fimes-2] st 11 3- _ in nexi forth. IRnd·2 [Sf. sts. sc in nexrsr] twjce.nexl.:. fi bed] 11" ('I Rnd 2. Tmm.~ 7 sc'2fogJ t'w tee..safety . next 2. sc2tog] '6 tirnes-e- 12 . worl ~lLS.w0rk_2 sc in ill Me.jnin md with a . ~c2'tc}SJ 6IilTIe-S. Me •.in first 20 sis ch:mging tlJ fs(' hl nexr 6 f.J.h v?ork 2.54 sts. [se In next 4 sts....[5(' b:l ne}G~:381:81 sc2tugJ 6 i~iules--14 with a sl st in first sc~·6H sts. rn chan g in g I~n A.JOf_[l 4V trllles--.2Il0g~ tiP1.Rl1d Sf [SCh1 licxt ().rk 2 se in next Sit] 4 times.ch :.. h. f se h.3 U_mes~15 sts.~ Rnd 56 ell l. ne'x1 st J twice changing to MC~ [RC i~l next rnd .\:M:llog] lwicetjo~i.c in ~. in ocx1 8"1" R~d11 [So in next 4 sts. Tum.e2to'gj i'5 times.111 ext st. Be IRnd "4 ISc bJ Il@xt S't ~ ~lc2.i n Hn:tsc. 'times-6 ~ts. first llftnd.. And 6 I~ eh t) [sc in ne.sc in next ] 7 sts. JOiTi rnd with a: sl sr in Iirsl :sc-24 sts. J. Turn. Turn. SC. w(~rfk 1 sc in next S1'] 4.st sc----48 sts. scltogJ n H:mesl~ 42 sts.t in .ex.pj n. j.&. i1J next 4.. Rnd 4 [Sc in next 3 sts. be wor!dlilg in a spinl~ !\1Brki]1~gthe :~~llSU st made with the.a.. sts..ac s~ . worked Dody Rnd 25 [Sc in n~l balC·~{ and Rnd 31 ell I. 2 de ir3 next 81. sts.~$changing se-JO sts. Turn. in Iad 20 sts.2 sc 10 next .. beg in same st as joining.! 7' ·ste..\'lc2tO':l4~ times . ~~.gillg fa A . Inti work 2:sc:in lIlCL'iJ s~l"3 ~ sts. times.s]. stS'.in next 2 ids. sc_· -35 sts. rWJ1.na IJ [Sic ii1 uext :1 sts.. :eh 2. sts..lr. %c2togJ Ii_A d 5 [So in next 4 s1.echanging to MG. [sc in next j :ilts. foil: [sc .it~•. T~1TI1 .st In first 4 m].c~ ls"G' f11 bHa . St' in Fi. nlhe$ 1. s Rind 28 Chl. Rep 5-].j(·1j~11iJ(J with a sl '!ill in first sc.s.Z.nd 22 [So .n rria with ~I st In l1rs:t Rnds S-lO SIcin each staround . work work ..d U. W t[h n..~ '. sc in nest MC~ se in bi.iOi~l rod Rnd 55: t:h I sc in:frr£t 21Ft~~s~ 2$t:i n wor:~.ac2mg] 4 times. hde in _l1ex~ st.Ch 1~ [sc t-n ne>:'1 7 s1:lS~scl. ~fl2tDlg] 4 Rna 2' next C~l I. work 2. [sio in...g to A.rSl EiG-' -]0 S~1).k and l .work z sc Ltl sts.lr~lsten Jl(:::c~\viu g qn a long tail tor .1"" S.-l2.12 sts. Bea..51" C]~ J_~ [st in n(3X_'~()sts~ sc2:Lo-. work 2 sc 'Iu next sf] tWEDe:.anging A. Turn . n Ht~. 7 [0 Sf.~h nnu~ hook. Rndl 671 Ch I. land 32 H) rhnes.'roUlld. A. (\.3 [Sc2liOtd 6. .Qn rnd with '~l si~t iufir..ging bi MC~ [st..c2tog] 4lill1(l'S~ join md with a :u~. Turn.

e 4 ple€:(5) 'P' Iae e jt1erJgtli~])1!:l: .~fR.et( mak.face fQf= walxJ. jOin.C!f wing to side of p enguin. A. patch. Sf: in top edge.: ch 3.Awltb using..(l. work Sse."/3 o.and remove from pillowcase.! edge in ~lEnceusirng B. .in plocCe Hsi. work (Sse" Sss). work·2 de in last st-7 srs. . tirsl st.erft: 'e:y.. unti [ peng ui n:l measures 12. Beg with next row 2.e p~t(. Sht\1!pe: body. Row :2 ell l. so in 'e'~lcll st across.FelfJ:ng' F{!.I 81afctr l .. ~o .2: IaB~ st-5 ses. cent lei \\ittri.ok in "J. Be in. .eh 11'01n llo.ow I (RS). edges tog using B. U.po·sJ.PS'I: ~tc11 beak using B.:h from hO(j·k anti in next. eh 4.Whipstilcb.l.t. ·Row . Ch 3 tc ounts- :2 de jj1 R.ch "3.k/e.idery work Sse. .h eyes using s Me: H. ~trw..eh 1.IB. sts .alg' MC'~ 'd'~~il\g open- SCARF next ing at the 8al1:1~ time . Rigbtey~. for lemcn foot" plaee 1" 'st-J sts. work 2. T~m. and l"\e~t tGg" beakJeyt.f.cl~~ Znd . patchss are centered side to s~de: · Wh I.Scm ftequ.ld in next ch.IiC hot-water- wash and a regular (not delieare) c:ych. 6~ and toe:s.rilV1I1g a.I) Se in 2nd ell: 110m bock and in eaeh ch aqW~$-4 sis. de i11 rn'S'l4. a sc In next st. eh frQ. 8tS~ worl de ill fi:l~l. wurl 2 sc i~l ss. Turn . fl'lUen . Turn.t' ..m heok and' in next ch.Enlbro. hdc tn 21'1cl.z~ i pp. ~ht.to bottom of penguin SO. .I:1Jr]try.• hue in 2nd of jeans frw Mgj~aHo]l. Fasteu Olff" p.~er. as J de). same . Rinse in cold wa.li~S I~-rtt'y~ patch. TtHJL R~ 2.W :I Cl~J (eeunts. tI}!'r.!" Add ~ cup ot laluldry deferg~ul and an old pair Check Rowl . ~g: maebine. wi ugs . L.-3" sts. . iUl.S) With RS fttctng skip.t]mJ [UnCI p1!1I.ight edge . Tum.and feet.e. fho1l.l:e:d pil lowease.endy tall.~dge of eEI(:J.epatches ws Row Idi ~I (R. Fasten ofr [e.d ey. 'W'bjpsbtch each strargll. ~)iOsi·~~onndpin bea.h R.flCh wing. tong ta'i: I for S!C\1lI1 illg.! ib.•bea. Po~dtiotl and pin stl'aJ:ght .R. ell 5.as 1 d!c).. and put illt(~weshi Wi[h 113.even with nu.ye a patches tofacc: so heak is C:ll i'nd n 4.2 eh. se in frrs[ st. then allow tu .OSETTE sewing. . lOp open edge .. pa:tch (-alc:ing..Ltlbro1ti l er vertical satin ..

in . OL1~"S'~de edges in-place.nd each of A and B held tog (before "feltil:l:g1. f-\dd a tablespoon .y the same (:0101"iI:()CI"@'. fU'.~ I. J6'!!90cm long R~p' row 2 'Uutilpiece measures I.) '\VHb 1 '~tra:nd e:~l..7J:(lzlSOg b1:ln~ (. Turn.)Ja.k scarf if scarf i~ "extreJ.QW 2.lt. Ch .le. To j Qfn yurn wHha hdc.tog Row :2 011 2. I:. BNW.Citl\ use rern tail 19 sew ecnter and 'W'iJh ~~tralIlj..5" 112 .• and betrom ips 0 r [ouflt!aticm· eh_.. fINISHED MEASUREMENTS loo&e_~ych 1'9.twiee e!".~Me in Jrd Gil JrDm hook ~~]'1d in each ch -actnss-'~ 7 10 srs.0 sts '~mu rows. u~lng LAftC*E ROSETTE (MAR. sts. inl(). B· I Use I strand each ul' A t rn01JJ~>~:10 .~.:taI Pi.'a~:i"t. J'h-sl' bot~anl' lp. Let ~iT dry flat. TU![lL Edging '1':0 form each crocheted strip OJl~ w~erlt::v..1. With ~ 'strand each of Amnii loosely 1::h 7.w~r 'shape.g m_el1Bu:re~ ments and Foi'O]JpDng before spin cycle. I .ll roseHes. Monh:a.with m hdc in.E" '7 PIECES) size M/IJ. Gently ro IJ sesrf in towels to assist in drying I-land h ll. scarf tha:f's adl)rJil'ed with ~'ots of' .{1!I]g}. With 'I sh'fI. work .clw of. ~o P'IECE5) .'!.-.]ely 'iljitto _' J 1.eg with half IT)!. . Nates.chT()l'. Turn. Turn.wDlk:2 hdc hie~. hd~.e:l. ceil Ap~pl'OX 5"/l:::t5cm MATER.t·scarfmieaallfes 3611'Npcm ~.tor n zippered pmo:w~a$¢ and put hQ"I. 'Ht~Qkand .~ALS wlde X. Take.~a.hei1k /5f).]' (J Ip. to cud..ewer hde.g .hi~~1t:. USe a Row 2 ell 2.eat process I.)'1 .]7 sts.'of.st Agjta.USt-!1NG a Iong tail .Llgc.baHs (each ~l'pprO.[j]\vi:cJ.are at '~OPI Row I (. sI i.and place ~)J1 hook. hde innext 16 bottom :Ipto.~ku.~W"/47crn frGn1 beg.se .. 5 and ~.A and H held tog. conl to WClI~k as 1. M/~) (9:mm) c~VC'r'lel'Iumk or sisa .) (w:o~_i.te . SC _Lri next s:r.:u:lti. timE" to r. ill lId .frotn $. (9mm) crochet hook wiUJ ] slTfl.n~t.2 de 11nfirst st.c. ~:n on~ half of s~ad' ~IDd4 large and . SMALl ROSETTE (MAkE 2. 7 to 4 ~?l OCi1.d fflle:t:alli.ld tog~ [oose]y ch f2..ep. • 3 1.8) . On and pin 3 lall~g~.5c.etlch np~'r()x ] 02yd/ 9:hi1) (jf. :'~'~ork 3 de .j 11" next st.A ~'I1d H beli] tog ac:ro. [lIIt~. Fasten off Not Seciond half ns elf SrciJlhd~t li1r:r~n.ow I' (RS) .J. For shape..lail i"b.se'VVl"ng.ha1.7Jo~5bg. Jwp.y{edto n{')taingl1Lrgr: GAYGE O.s&-'s· sts.ghtly us the .B hCli4 log •.:ff4'~ll7 lIt W€t Position H:rst half'of searf.ear..RS is feeing- periwinkle _Size (. t~p . SH. YO insert fHi:lCJ~:imn st.agitatien.5 small on the Ol?cposile half. :t11 ake a.PlS) Hde I n e:IiU. . work ':2 hdc in each siacross-> 20 sis . Row I (IS) Hdc in Jrd dl frorn hook and UI]each eJ1 tlCrt)S&---J 0 sts.p kU<. urn.J eaeb .'r ! [Oyd! ] lUtn) of ~ry~. yu and draw fhrQug~ hoth J Ips on hook.ge rosette ~. -It~r first rosettes will be closer ~og after fdting.) iT] #1 DOg ~of:t ~Iue· {A) II row Cb 3. On 'WS~ use sew .c: e!y~Ia::!ih yams.a.e::~HZh Sit across.l(.enofr· r~~a~il]g lOJlg -.:nd each of A Iud 13 'l~.e3lSy·'t9-1malit@ rosettes. R.c]~1st feld~g' Place !'ic. rn:gtd.w ~ (. ttel1~1ss----- yarns of n.n has pureql 'DvO SCARF Fi rst hilllf' Rt).2•.. join Y:3. of laundry Inl~ ng.DO plut someliltz IjntQI 'feld"g 'whenyou 'Qmb~ne WOrOi~.CrystaJ P:aIi1ye A nl.e.eh "from.ce Fi~ ShJPdusf U)QJye:~ferlsotlmetEl'~ Iiher) 'l1'1. I"'"a$tel'loff leaving !.w2.a rfitzy. se ill nex l ~t."e.ewi:n.DQ IlCli! pack arrangernent too . washing -mi::. yd' and draw U.r a .~' (uot delica:ue) cycle and the lowest rosette.r.m.arEn R.R!.~\Vl'll~t wnsh.CE11icr tog to secure sail to detergent and two ~g~ beach towel s t(:l ass i. ut b~Jcl.~~'11ell l .

TtH.() sis.BASKETS MiII't.od1' [Se iFl n." 115 em ~ii. Ta.kst unti lp ieee IIIeasures 91 r /23'(.age.st amund..[ tljar.ed bas. Ivbrk .$~ m~k:" w 2 ~1].ie with ihe'safety prl:1! You wm tre wcrr.q. Fasten off . wo:rky2f"c Su]sd. ~2 or ~if1.~(.riids to4'? ~O-t11l over 8C using S!i:z~ eachsc around.k~ liw(J (0 st] 6' E rues-e. Rndl [Se next st.1tl'l..2 se in eac h st amund-l:2 sts. I.grillnoy. s Ls.) crochet book (before feJti'l)g).lw safety pintq ind. Re'jJ rnd l4 Iq.~mll1.ll~d ev.rkecil.s~. Rnd ~0 [Sc in next 8 SLS. LOlml t)fN'l1[iofKI!:it[iugFev!3t~ Inc. () a rn -IN.tin1JJs---48 1.6 Rnd I. nr tIl.me.~]. RO'lIJod botto.5cm Rndl 6. 'Si-Zoe ll I (8m rn) crocbet h:Qo! L ~e 'Q~jtaiJ1 g.. ill back Ips unJy".eo to hl.s~·2 sts.uare~b.'tf Rnd 9' [Sc in next 7 sts .1 [Se sts.ed baS:~ib. kets tanl be u's.. II [Sc ]'It!lW~'L'9 sts.nest <JJige stJ ()'-ljme~60 Rnd sts.·iii next s.nd 2 W mk. wOJrk 2 sc ' in ned 8t1 (-.1[1.st] '6 times-> :i6 sts..g1e cro~ chet:.Appro):.uare . 50h.~rk]~g 'the: la~t stma-d'(l wilh f.k-m.75.EI spiral ma. '~SE in next 4 s~:tlt~ Qt.g 81'S.. w01rk:2 ~C.IH.k W :2 so 0'1. Rnd 141 Se in each .r~yon (wooJ).you runllu[ ofya'fn..6 titnes=3(} in next sts . 6Wti/l65clD wh~e x 5"/12. Rn.o~j5. R. work 2 $l= in: n61 SIC • Appro! 6.ket. .erS'Qfb.XH 117en] dtameter b'a'sket x ('1.t enough s~ora.iltion 'to ~n'e . Hnd 8 [So lu next 6·sts.SHED MEASUREM£NT'S tbncs-I.g~.4 n~G ill iI1e'X12~1:s_.. . Rnd III Workin£. not llI\pClrl'(1nt.aut':end a.(I!.c.~cin. 2nd en fnJln hook . areworKedi in 'sil1.rme8'-6. t~.y pin GAUGE ~O6 I. work 2 SO in n~i'd in.s. whi'lllflr til e squaro-tH1ttomedJ b_limts $@lwo. lend I (lUi) Work {J. til =If i.Jlrge f. 'work 1: IilC in neXl j TIl nexl 'Ga uge is.med basket .each a:pprorx II OyliJ sts.J satbt. ell eek g~1uge.e'XiV .Oghtllls {.tlm:1U.5 sts.~:d! ba.83 . IRnd 51 [S:c in next 3 ..in next st] 6 timc~54S~\fll. U1.1 fmnr'i-md ]2 Ri:ou Ild:"bot.Ti.ottom.hlst s. I.next b~~~l MATER. work 2' sc in next 811 {')I IRIiJ'Und-b"ot:ttlIrnll12id 'or ~!iquare~b:o'tmmed b:~$lk~t' 2..erything from CO!imet~(Sto small'toycs. w(lIrk 2 se. Mm~r ha:s llIP with the pei"'fect.c*a:SSi:Cl·. I<u.IALS .j. se ~ n 5) sts and 12.~h_ !.d .sid:ed bas. of rnd..E_in .~round~bot'm:m. 'R.boittomed st] 6 ~irnes-24 sts. (:Olml~' ROUND"BOTTOMED BASKET Cl12.old problem of no.

.k the feltiJ'lg prng]~ss D1" eVitnr. 0 .5cnl wide 1 ~.. trnu. * wurk a 51 st in tl'P' nfbegell-1. '11sp.[J . SrS:l in each st~o first corner eh-I ~p. in nex Lehsp. cont •.n:s.3ir tLry 01~ a flat su. ch 1] . (}ij L rWoik {J de .. "* w:o~·k(. drain the water from the washing machine each time. e h.pmg:~tll eh-l sp~ (eennts ~s I deJi.J ~~ 011' 1]1 .SQUA.12(k ell 1.-3 de) in same (. ira each de :uoul1d.I. j oin md wi th a' S] !'it :ill a: j01r11 rnd with a sl st in U:r8t sc.3' d Q'~ ch <I..n d:5. r. lf so.RE . 'wod'{ J de in next chI SiP. s:t~[tfng them w~'th Ilewspaper to 'wick awaythe water and help them dry Lei . ~:5 ell J. chi J. j{)ir] rnd whh en~1 sp.:.·h 10 .~1 x t ell -~.en 1.S] st i"n' each st to first enrner chJ 'Sp'.. or mere times l1) adft·qual~ly J'b I L the.2 de in S ame de in r~n. J ·:dcl in same ch. J de) ill rmxt comer .dac.rOK J (}. wort..'f' areundtw ice more.'3 de J in same ch-I ~p~ l. d~ 1 THO' ura couple of I'll bber balls or Hip nops J to help w~th ~gitat[on. 4 'SJ st ill each st h) Ilrst ch-I ~p~eh . and ~chec.~kril 6M'~J[6. ch I. rep frnm 'il: aJirtJtmtl. rep from * aroutul twice more. jO.I. machi ne to low.'I 81' (00r~ ner made l.corner made). lair] >c!hwith a. tenliJ~nJ[llr.J.ch r ~:3 de)1in next eh. [wo rk 1 de.h~1 sp.Sel the' wa[er~evd on your wash- top t)f: beg t:h·. Set yourwasher for a hL!aNY load.~'n. ell :3 (couhts as I' dc.ee mo.. ~wotk Pdt" ch J t:3 de Jill rl~~t c orner ..2+$'Cll1 big~ x (iM 'lIo..: h wtlrk {2 dc.yi.ep Jion~>I!.t. de in . und start again. 3 de) hl next eomer ch-.sl{il. c:~.).~cicc). eh . [work 3. ch-I ~.baskets. S~ ~t in eaeb sl La fi_rSil-co:rn~J'c~h-I sp.in cycle.. 5 kets go I 0 minetes. ch J: (cmmts as I de).llle round basket slmuhj measure appro.) Ch 3 [counts as . trel'cb the S baskets into shape.L~s thi~. 'nl&Y Y (1l1 m~ty ha ve l'Orep:~at this ill: same I. st ch J (00'Llm. I ~P1'ob 1•.linn corner ch-I SJp.tch1 ~i.BOTTOMED BASKET eh 4.Cll .11-1 ~P. *WDrk: (.-. rep f)'Ot'1n . Rnd. chi 7 tw ice. 6~ 14.11-1 ~r) (beg.times. 5)1'1 ell 1] -Iw ice.~u_s:.% 6]4t!/ ~7c·i]] diamerer x 6u I i $~til l1igh snd square bil. :~de to work . [work] de in ring CJl I. S.. and the. J rcountsas P~~aeeach b~~ket ina separate zipperedpile R. ~" same sp as joml]~ng . I sp" ch j] 3: titlc.5cn1 deep. ch I ~ wOlck 3 die in nellli:1 d~.l 5l ..~.~. \i'trwcasJ~.:81 81 fanning a ring.riA'tl. r s..~ sp.~ 1 n' [work 3 de W next ehch cause creasing.] 3 tilnes~ jei n nul with as] ~1..]. de ~JDld. fas:ten oTt f'INISHING IFif!l-ti Hi!.e clear laLIl'KIrj! de(:el~gel1jt.. work 3 de in Ilt}KI ehell I ing.:' eh l. join 'filfi with Z! ~d51 tn' lOp of beg cb_-3.eh..nd J. lhen m[] U1E~:m in tewels to squeeze out the excess V!i~U~t.I sp. Ri]flS~ them in cold water..fehjng proce~s one.: ell.:3~ CQrHerC]l-1 S]'lIS.I. ch I. nld towel urtw().3 times.e to hot. 2.. Put ln a .(RI.3 de. work . (or a !la-ir ofu~d jeans. work de" ch I.3 3 de ill -l1e. n6 nor lei the.iQ lOp' orfheg ell3~12 Rndl. R.g" eli 1.. bas- through the sp. RodS.i n rnd wi ~h a ~d st in top of beg ch-J.PtS.. R:l'ld 4 81 st in !etl!t. I de) t work (2 dc.arcund. Rnd I . cb L 3". rnd witha sl st In top of beg th-. Y()U may also add SOUle boi ling water to the machine WbelJ JuUy feUed.

Z1· in fI~xl 2 .d"lJ l. ~1I l.. !SUi.tront Ip across..NTS 'CCiVER (I Appl'QX Q<.:. lrem ~ to -. HNISHED M.5rot'n)'~roch:et hd:~k.1: p~intbnJsMt· t~ *:~l1.I) ach 'in #26 e erabapp Ie ('Ai.(.[S'i\ work Jhdc {)1. 5. cut~fr~nl~~ edging ·a.50z1l00g skein ~.i. next 2. Fall ndatian row (W5i) Scin hd ch fro'm hook and ineach ch aCfosrr-23 sts. Turn.. 3 hdc..EASiUREME.g~mg. Rnd 3.l.. c m !::t:M. asl hdc). heartfelt . 'rum to side.triped .1~urn.. 14!f f~. .MCl Nt./23CJ!Il1 ~incJud.4 hdc.on~to HiUl'8t!bd ~'Wo~~.:ttl ohtain g:i ugc • OneYu x 16~JI:2J·. Turn. ( eve'rth. wnwk 3 h.g precess .eat~~llCV~ this wiU be cotr-ed.a'l~ gets a. Size KJ lO~ (6.~c.e L{j_~tJ~ f~"5rn:ni) croJ. Vash·ti [IranI.-eyed yarn needle ~in n ext st.s.~n a~1 your warm.n .1 When cll:an.i n. hdc innexl using stz.~4.amd '~iu:zy 'thcnuth'tsin th.5.c. ~ide edge of fO'W" work (.l8)1'" x. C h :2 tC()lllusa. work 2.:hethO{):k.d 3.dcHll next '2 sts. row.Scm . hde ..gh.e will gJ'v~ the' gets ~" uneven ~llll.ktdc. lake tm:lt: ta' cheek gaug."" • fabric • ~!'I g!.... (Nule On nad 2.l~i\"e1l:WlMJ .ockij1.oini:!l'g rnd. 'lting. as 1:011: B~o'ckiugboard ~andpins FInd 2: C h 2. The loose .nd' work 3 hdc in tas-[~l.drc) in side edge .ra:tch.ch are MS. • 'te£ifirlis del~gh1tfu'l pinl~::m.. edge 'tlf IU 3. 7 818*. ~. d~. ~n same plac eas joining". em: ed. ¥hdc in ne. 3 hdc • Awl or ice pick l~:rg~...work :1 hdc in next 2 .. sts..(b~fu(refy:lling) .s I hde I.Fo~ty-e1. duri. work (4 . lih 24.ing·fri nge) MATERIALS wide K II i~12gcmldgh Witb of A. .~ rep..X. turn to.. .'$ to 4'1'/10c:l1'I: over be. join rnd with 'a :.~0t80 f W~hl e pH per t treated as Q Wdrk'hl front lp only r .gt[l~ colors.. chi.I. ts: ..3. turn ~u bottom ]pM of fo urulation ch.. wodl:.4' 'sts and 4ch.) ~ work.. 4 hd-cf itQ side cd:g~ "r row.. hllc ~ch l.ug the ftHili~ a:nlt b~.) and#5J pllJl pan~het (B) '.1 1'1 lit.'QlJ NOEe:s I.e.erica . hdc i11 e~~chbi.g Gn-2-1\S'4 sts.or $flz't'.eacl.u~ /6mlll n0.JO'URNAL COVER Write.eaehapprox 193ydl 176m) ofLo.. draw new :c{llor . ~ hd'c in ]"1 sts.-pilRk.tbut n~ake from.5[:11] pieee of wl1lte cardstodt • .join rnd w iU1 asl till in top nt'i:H~gch-2 changing to 13.)rlh Am. rep from of! $.fter threugh sl stwhen J.lio1l1rnal . hde ill nexl.. 11dc. (count s as .· sl.around.. hdc each st aeross.d st i~1'1 top lade 'GAUGE I] sts and 1 [0. :3 h.~t '). 'lind I (RS)I Ch :2: rGOUi'itti'.0.srs.

. '-'-'" 3 hdc 1~"'l"· '.IlaC'" .1.An e.- Rnd:s 6. ...iJ:...(. .litJ :bf jQl~m~~.1l[Jnece~S~fy fm _I .. . Ul!lxt~ AI --'.j. 4.1.~"_I ii.rlJ next 2.. insert needle through bottom iU. -' q .4 .~cti UIII I IS . . t:jach side. Prum. . "'4'" 'II. A.5pto hollmn al1d sido FINISHING lu' ·tiid~. _.'!=rdstlJdt Adhere 'I.j. 'hdt" _it)] n¢xt 3:5 ~tS".Prorn w·g. Thread hde in."-"b.ae~d" evcilly between.~'hdGin 116X1 J. Position loose . r~p from to ta_geUl.C'S with yam needle. '.. j om ~fsl . . plaeeas ..' rn'_d Willa.end. $1 in tC1f"Q f beg elr. beg Gh-Z"'.C~ofl'e journal cover.. Rnd'1 Ch :2 "'~OLI'" . ~. hdc 1·1]-.'" ~s. st. * ..-.i"> 1'10' !"' .:1 .dl"ijj:g hole t.h. needle. sts. work 3 hde in _' ex[ 2. work J hdc in first st.!... ..>" .Weenmcs 'on each ~ 2' A side . . J ldc ... ".more .() Frnt1l RS.(~: "''''d'"c:~~nglJ1g '11".' . seeure..e.(lill gJirtg.~]ll aTQund Qdgc. 'I'oj].~eto bottom 110:113 between br:~~id(. \-1'.'i'U1.]--.nl:~Ue. -'yt4: A and! 2 B strands of'yam {jnl~!] 2. Thread {)Pl:IDsit6 end othra:id fn yarn Ile~d~.. IJll:ktng care to 1..t1it~F 1[.'" ".• . . " -" Rt~ml ·.. Felting l)nt~i PI. $J -lSI' in top ofbe:g ch~2 changiralg't:o 13-112 Turn. ~11entie braids work -. inserting frcdded llld WI1"b ..Lo!!! .O!' 1.llac s. ..• colors flvery md:-S06 8tS.'. '" "1 ·""1" J poke hfJ.. ~ t I. ...5t:rn wide by 11'1/2. Scm deep fringe ov~!rM'ighL bath ends Qfbmid in tlmn ne~dle.. - .1nlust't'/50m..dcorners.'..:iU.- i bde)..)I\..' ... "v.'Rnds 14-16 wotlu. .!it m ...1 0'-''".op {h .C: . UndQ' braid. Turn.'h.lL.sts between meS] on eacb side nf 4 rectangle (.. ..'n"'U"~''''''l) "'l~JYm ~'I'!I' -.W..a ltd the stmads Thread one end ef braid [11 MrLk.kin n-n". ~ell.UoJ! :A. Use awl to ws of jpUI]lat remove CQYeT On WS.. (ben eltbl1t~ iC10j. :'t:!J1c fl'0'l11 *-acro ~s.Ij§ . 911 ce more.'~ -" .o .2' chaXlging stili.'''" t::'lII1{ I work --n~ ..~g -.as C' .. C") 1!" .. TlLH1. ~ hdc-in Ile~l ~:1sts.Sl 1-..ch 2 (counts.ds H •.oJ rectangle _ " -. worit J hdc m I~Ud join rnd wifhll&1 st.erl.12.1''''iC!. werk 3 ~ldt. their dh ide ~lfands .._.~~)'i-. end SitS.) Rndl8 ell 2 (eounts M 1 bdc)" hdc 'in each .~pply glne. Y~u"l..l l USES..n1y I:(l WS .~ 'I d.. md WJ.I.a1: each comer.(h~·C a bonk u!~-l{'J!p')then ~llo.' .. Workil1g more Hg~~t] braid eaeh.oov~r~ remove needle.. ~·s~~work 3 bac in next :2 sts.I__."~ sts _l' UJ .Scm S I\Q~:lg. se 'PailIt1)nll~h 19 .'id ends.mgahl it1!lAJ! 1 groups u r 6 strands. hdc joinfng. t··· .. '~ sl:o>t in tQP of beg Gh~i uhan_ging[o t N'o'te ·.n""=vl' -? ~..13 Rep mtls2-5 twice more" work1!l1g. '. gm~p uf strands to y.e n overhand knot work J.. RS . ~ve. . place asjoln:u1. 15-' ends.. . Ito A -J 00 irt>ll1 bottom edge and tlllc re:n~'I. 2'1'/jo'l1] fr:tlUl Ch 2' (C{)u.5.>'1.:F. rims from ~cipho. And In sts.no 4mQ.... Leese lybr:. R.'Veryl'lld-Z60sts.]~...~'1' 11UC' -. ". '~ ". . wcrrkin-g 1 hdc U1 each of .re~Li~h]gthe number of ns by roughly 11alf will Improve 'the: sbspc 'Vo'~len fehed. L ~ iU) \.'I.sIS. -. insen needle th-mugh top hole.111 ~au~e .braid tll~1:t OTI'Ct!'tD *'.:I t .. C UI!'i ~'U1JUJ. even u_rJ!braid ends.nd.sts: '-':-"n fr OJ]]! r. .'e.todry lakin!1): care net 10 IVUl Ce1rcistock. '.nt~as 1 hdc)~ 'work 2. . nex:t . insert needle U]'r'Oligh center I:mi~~remove needle.'"' a'ii""""W.t.

ClH. yo 'and draw up a ~p.) (55mrlu) C>tiJGll. C:ll. yo and draw urI' a 1]1.n8~rl.k *' )lt1fl:ild draw sl~is worked in two tltt'i'lugh 2 ljJlS '~)l1i hook. draw ~p a lp in Row :1 (se. '~i.. TfI£e u~nieto r. half) 'Wi.res. 3 H Ips..5 1 • b1gh % 3" n""5ClTI deep (ex. I • 18o. Change ttl B.S R.Il.tr'lpe~s on Qm~.ra-f'Qo...vy (C) • Size 119 'f5. 1 i t'1ATERIAl.~.011'$' L the prev row. 1. Chmlge'~ol A. hall) "Vim 13. cmlrs.et~ond.draw through tl1iS~ ~p l1 .ideedge of v 1.gical how· ill simp.0 sts lIla 16 rows b)·4ifl1. draw ~iP .t :tp (li. 7"~n 144. *' yo arul djraii.(first hil1df)1 Retainil1g al1~ps oli ~n)iokt in sert IIQ.11Ipes.500)'dl (wo(')J) Raw ~ (sl.i. I fliONT V"id~A.t na'fi) ~lallk!j(each Wlt:h Hi insert hook.and bo.~k ln to' 2nd . .l1l1ge to A .. #207 etl. The Hl'S~half is worked fr011ll right the~second h~~fis WClrke.my shouh:fI·e. hook LJrt0next cb.:.k "to make tlri.:v' through 2 ips.on 'the Hip ~id'e when ·ftlltedi.~()dgh.Laces Fi!iiJen~J:l!l of the ]~revi(ms rOW I m ~~6ns t chaliCCIJ.cond.ona:'.5mln) afglutJ1. x. CllalT8e tu B" FtNIS'HED MEASUR.hedi.thook (l'..}J (A) @d' reiail11"llg all 1ps: cnl hook. for 'afghfl:~t st: mit.flOn)8S. rep 1) n"om * aeross.subtle.e.a lp in \beforeieltingJ.yo.ilnd dc~:v{up alp. di.. on.(Ar!!lft hlaU'j1 Wi.): A.o l green (B) :~~nd each verticn~thl"ead..7~1It1) Lorna 's. pin$.. un hoo If~ rep from * across. tn o'vtaingauge GAUGE ].a.rep f({l n1 ~ lUlfJll ~ lp rem Cltl hack .t. Fte'!" 3 (fi]·st QJ. ip.!' piece 1:1] Cf1su..n hbok.ow 2. ho6~ retaining.1e afghan 5utcJh 5tr~peDec.ttl A ~ inserl' hon~. ertica] tlilBl!d fro.dl A~ yo~ draw Hn:uugh • I 11ank each ill #47"n car.t] hook.EMENTS Appnli< lS'W! /39 5 e·tl'l wide x i4.ld gocond htllvc:s :2 and lef .ESSENGER BAG • 0 It~5 Iqdit:e nl. yo .s "On ~:lOok-.c_b frum book.tI nder 2m.gmles.1' 135.5mmt af~har.. Danrl8l Chi'~d's did ·t!h.z1227g 'aJlrpl~ON under Znd verl]'ca'i thread: [rorn SlMde ed~e or 4~. Row 3! (se~pnd balf) Witb .dr.{)cn1 nver n~'~1Mll 1St OQcTIoi tum. Row . bag e'K!tra-5p~cial.]. .r~fI fro~n'a:C-rOg5-91 lpscn hook.po f10i turn. Jf.i.ow I .rlc. yo.:)em from . 8. 'jo anil dra 111JSlng ~Iz~ lf9 ($..yo ood draw thtou gil next 2.r size n1~.~. w up a lp~· hnok. rovl{S halves.t honk or' ~i~etCl QIDtiiliu gallg~ • Size F<.j.l. Note Each row of afghan to ieflmd ~~ch Vior-tiCal thread across.[u ~. g:aUg/. drn\V tluuugh first If' (111 ho(.:~dde.e!uding S'lrap) .nge t(. n"oril Del not turn.t:h ~n .ld hori~on-· t~d 'stt. Do not turn.

ack 1:i1~ir1lg. BtQc:k.hi'ne 'wash 3~d dry bag until It m. 00)'.s 1<l' same POIlU as front. With RS or.g. C. :&01]] beg.d with second haff Uffrow 2.ap/glJl~~~et 5e2:[n:ltct ceuIl4i:r bottom IQt ba. point as fl"onl seam..g.S~w the two short edges <If strap tog using turn 'to side edge. Ch I. Fasten.'ti. o Wotk until pietfe' m€·~SUTies 3~'1 Ig 1Gill frmll .[J si de edge..second hid r of rO\l( 2.se in. Mat:.om to pin sllap/g~!g8et£. t. With WS tog) pill ~tr. bo ~IJ]II in Row I '(HI) Dc hi 4th ('.5uU1 wide ~ 1411'13:5.1~e:nU.$. Place lp on Blifgh"att hook 'On19'c!'Ocihe1 ]110{fk. 'crothel hook 'aJJd A" b~ ~[ltop edg~ and sc front ami strH:p/gLl£stt'll tog" Fasten . Fasten o:rr.he'l ok. Rep row 2 un~Hpi ece mea ~ures ~20'1'305cn'1. bag 'between 'two damp pressillg cleths usi1t~:'~ hat iron.~from ho ok each ell ucrO$-· -~ 5 sts.g. beg.for front •.ng: tog heg til S3JTIt.ck:. F asten ·off ~~. Turn. . Ed!:ging IRod I~(WI) With A11 . (coiunt1>: _8. jnin tail. Wlidl RS of b. each st and row around. Turn.begt··ejjJ. 'OJ j. W i111WS. Work edging as for front. die ilCfll$£\-.alrrog bottom . ConI: ~() pin s~~rapjgusscrs. Place Ip On afgl'l~:.utI.us!ng C i~ll~~¢ad f B. strapLgu83els iF'e'. pin strrrp/gu~sel.(l..k onto ercchet hoo'k_ Ch I.ch ~7.v Lri. in esch st."m. sc badl{ and. thea IL~IP rnd with a s~ S1 iIJ! lir~. f~ll(il with FIN~SHmNG .Bfl$UI'C·S 15Wr/39.sC:l:~l deep. wW] A and Row l!~. working 3 sc in eacn corner. alung bottom edge. . seam '~<> el!l1t:er ~Dottnrri of frent.rtonl' faeing.1h!Jo.a ! IDng tail ~hrBe'\¥i n.~st. STRAPfGUSSET5 side edges. turnto side edge. l.5 high x Y'n . 1. off BACK AND FRONT FLAP Work as.edge.

ch ~4. o'fn1(.Wnat pre:titiiler [~'i:'I'tilLfl ·.: 2 sc in next s SlJ Tea cg:z.!. a.' f.nd ~.e11inos t>~ MO\ll1d. ROd 1.:au th1'nk (lif Boel. work 2. Ilurn. wurk 2 se in next st] '6 Lime&.!li '1- (~D'I:' '" t a ~n.sa·fe:ty pin.e ~o betWt~~.a:tu res.2 J·5oz/1 Wig balls (each approx 2.d posy and shapel. oblEii~ b1{/luge Sewing.lt to wo:r~ as es:l. sc in t~mg¢riIie (B) ~nd #13lb grass (C) next Size J 11tr ~blum)' icroche\ tlo()k Of size ttl ~t] 6 Urnes-30 SUL Rnd .'3c:m In diarnerer ~1.. # l 54 . wf)!. next st] 6 (:rvrC') #9.y shownl3t~. :Rnd.SC: ill [!.ve-(md leaves every rnd .\1'o. Mar~ last '~t made with the.\.5tnn t:l.a &-cup tea.d:..cth:alte3 II • .(RS.h Co. :9i1J2. ·tap! l~(!ulp~ mu:i'dco~ot I~DOpie.1::.---6:1) sts.~'I workiugi Q C~f.k'mu/23.~!tGd(wool) in #129' biue .S~. ts. .and II' me:ll rrul LJ.te: end 9.made with the safety pin tp~nrUca.6 sc.~ball each in HOld:3 [Se ~Il next st.nd I I Sc in each IRnd 12 [Sci [I Sntnll sa fe\}' pi t1 GAU'GW ne>et9 sts.r.I!Onl.o m'fu:Ul:e.exc. I 81. U Take.n:d II l Rep mcd 1'1.. 2 ~~ in' eaehst i'lround-l2 sts.8 Repmcl 11.) WiOrk . Rod I:4 [Se 'in: ~~ext (I sts. Join a ring.] W()l·t~ 2."? lOc'I'1} 6ver ~ctfsi~g size . [Sc iu ne:~i 3 sts.h n~\.s~ FonuiJ1JI.f:}i. ell r.1/10 t6mln) crrll. pULlrpkin tA). R:l}1Id 5.sh8d.d. hook.1t base N be working spital marking the I·mn: Approx..c· times-> L8 ·filS'. irue. . en with a sl.ed the pra.y Toploopl ICyr has 'h. Drop ~afe1:'Y pi n marker... T'ne cozy W'i!h MC. R~\l. Ie.cO wurk oif 3:1".d'5lS .i'gll ~.oll.2 \.Ves.ollJl:" [tea piping Ihod' FINI H! D EA ~.}l.il[I"i1.udingtop \oop) :rE~4 u. R. tQ' keep.). to uh[eck ga ug:t!. thread Sewing needle t.DO UIFMj[a! coz. Not~ 6 time~ 71 sts. work:2 sc in. Rnd4 [Sc in nexr Z sts.:. Ch2.1. R. '-.O.L hook (befo~Gf'd ling).H1:.can achieve t1i~ertghl size to fit your'teapot during the fdtin_g pf9~·e.th "YcU::I. "-Ild I J [Sc'~nnext I ~. Y'l~U ill a win {. UJydl 1'!bl2[m) ofPlym.~bli.in 2uil eh fro:1l1.-66 sts.. :6 Hrn~~-18 sts.p~}t You. work 1~c inllext ~:IJ6 1]ltle~-24 sts. Galvr'a:y ~bj.i:he.:. TS R. mOJ'. 12 stH and [4 Tnds to 4.

Rnds 2~ Sc ijj each staround .hr(lugh. rod'willl a 80181 in l st ch ofhcg cfrl-4- I [h yOI and dtuw H de (iL1cludi~lg3c$] ofh~g!.' l. H.Iurn. sc 1:11 Beg with row 2. ell.jOin U with a..Ch L 1:!011t. all ~ OJ) heo k. insert 11HJ k from frotn to C hack to j~FOllt around :rm"s~ of next de" 3:I:lU worka ~I st.'Use h.:: c de around. leach si across lxI.cr~~ 'then wbrk.1. R:owZ Skip Ilrst st.B_ de. ll(:.. TUTIl to RS. 'sl Sf 111 de of rue! J'. do.nf~xt 2 de.1 st.~1e·X1 ]. Turn...~·il . 81 ~1 in .p]~lowcasefind put into washi~ng!!n~H:hine.-12 cIi.'. w~jrk hook] tya. T urn.II-45 s Hi.~k. in tep Qf (-th--42 srs.-]p'~:. sl 81 SflU1. same 'dcas hook and dra tv up . ~r meach Sl across. in same de as last 1-.1ill t in. FHS Len o n: ps 'Nt'S through 2 Ep~011 'twice.{ :2 {':. ·1i rues.t IJ ill~~w{lri. se in top ~)...b 2. Mark last st made "\vith the d. Skip fi rs tst.t Turn.1ffi tIl JCll ". J de in each 'WitJl.Xt Row S -SkJp 'i:irsl dt:. Ch ~'.. ell it R:ow I Work '7 de in 4th. r work~t~'g:sl sts 4:~ Wlth Ws faCllltgr join Me with !lGKI st 'trJler row ] of~lTont.DiyjdefQ.. wrlr~ 2sc in . . g. \V~Hl'A~ ch tJ·.. 2! Row safety rin.f Rep row _di.. aroun d sk tpped posts n rnd I. ch 2. 3.( ounts as I de)1 worl. sc ~n each ~t a. ~~ i n each ~d across si] C~.i.*c:b6 .~151 Rgw I (VVS) . Fasten ~..~ . (Ws:) ell 3 . j'(>"'innm eh-3~24de in flame sp asjo.ldp P08"1 of next de.:.e in next 1 de.ork as fb'r front. Fasten off. rep ~rrom * around-S ch-lps.)"f£ W'rEh ws f~le[:n:s. skip next del ~I 31 in next de: rep ft0nli' oi~ around.r front: [I~d 3. Rnd '2 "eh 6. Fasten ott werk as last s.':Jl-4).ts. lust 1\1st. lE V \ F.p fhs~ de.a~ hud sl st Turn. next 19 ~rs. a regntar U101 d~lkak) cycle and ]he :[Io'wes[ . in eaelr st around. Rod S 'Work 'as for mda.1 a11~ de nfrnd 1..H!x'l. 011 fr~nl ·!~p-ok. Rnd 4 (RS)''Ch 6'. [~C in nex. Row 1 Srii:.6 .Gt-w~mer· wash. 7 de jOin.n.k ill 4th c:h fromhook.3 and 4 Skip fif51' st.\r~d~ En:ilrJ'~-90 "'.. SC ~T1 h)p Qft~h . Do fasten 011'. H iRoW5 6~2.Slstin I. .f . R}ow~ .Row 5. s 4 Skip First de.Row 2: Slir)! w. Ch . ~."'·[- r work sl HI: areu nd post of nex ~ de ~ I'ep :f'rom *" aft)ll. 8.r l1li [leKt]!) sts.oW' I (WS) S:c in same st as . jfH)'( \Vil~he. tum. Fasten' oti.oin!fill fflQ. W{I]:1l\.5 de in l..nd . Ic.t and back Rna [I' So in first de.raw Fe~'tli:ng 'Place :piec~8" iJIT a zipPt!reJ .j()i~ling. Rmld '1 ·81 st 'flOW . Sf: J de -in same de 2.5 "de.l. sc ill next ] 0 sts. Ch I. de. 'yo ~l1dd.c ~G stin top of beg- hmnext st] ) times. J.. I. iu~erl ----- ~~J I Rnd[ I I(RS) '~VQ~. si st ]:1.emS·s.. hU1J.1 in 11tr-~1 2.t-Llfn. e B~I.nd. eJI.inlng.

~. 5C in 'ne:d st.3 ]:(1ell from !. ..j.75oz/50g ball. join 1'11. work .ex~ -f.pj1ti5 ~l.. a t tUJlnd pllt'Ch .g:auge 11 r'f2$em length ofW'/L5rnrn rj. strap) .2 ::its. rep. RHd §j ell ~. v:HJ[k 2.--~2..zt:H:JKI( .-4~ 'stifl.a br1ghlt rioDillfli 'carrying strap.hdc in e~eb st ar-ound.placing it be'lweenmdf:L2-12 and centering it frnm . d.'FdU~ld~ rnd with join sl st irt first: 5'c--1l2 sts.p(llltan ~CC).g CC~~ hipw 61 .l: }lfauna. lit ." L~ ch"'Z•.tid ehErem heck.~uding c.gfaln cRnd :4 ell 1. join rnd yiili1 a SlS.lm 1p'Sl jo'in rnd wiln ill. wiit~.reV..oclitet large errcJtlgh t~ 110. ~'.ur 'p~ed('l'UlSl .5n:uTI 1:' crochet hookor ~Jbln'i:tl. join mil witb a slst :mspber. Rnd6 .fo-l'e dlflckgaT1:.~ ~ fie. Rnd I (R'S) Work 6 cc Be in 2. join rnd vv"~t~l a sJ &l i11 top 101.'~8C' in next 3 sl~" wt:n'k2. 'Iii}.:oh tn MOlts D~~lI't:o~ts Chl'ik lk 1 O'I":n' " .~ sl st in fi[&~ sc. Ch ~~*scin next st. 'I ~'f £itJ..1lJok (I1rS't ' . rep in firSii from S~ .e'l!! . .5un2~3:cm h hill (e:li:c.l'lU $ ~[i:mnd1jo~nmd wi. a .td camera. fIIN'1 HrNG PQsit~\l1lp[)ckel~ en front of ho1d:~·.. ~ndv.CA HOLDER J~. I. ~:~. ell ~ "(1!. ·31~1l2.ln.~.5B to 'c~'Jour .cb apprex 11ydi ( 71 ~)of Cm1'wheJ~J(WOIt)J) ~jM. Se'wi:j]gf1:~edle c. ~_cill. '14 slsand Hf rnds to 4·~/lOtm ove:vhdc fe]tingip.. turn lO bottom lptl.l. '81 st in top 0 r beg ch-:z. i:!...bboll Dne }'1~Il.(1.e . in . R._ 1:8 stts.. t:sc' in n:e~ . _ I. Take rime HOLD:! t(J 'Rnd 11 Ch I.idin .elBl. :repl Durn *u. and 3" '~!11ap closure t~ p..:1 tail for sewing.of 2 Wd1h Me..2ct11 metal s'Iit.)t so-3t.. W:~)I:k 2. Ind'S z. Pocket Appn::H.a sl st in first 8c-6 sts.2...found...... l~av'mg long til -IYf.a'rJ~1 frtonl' fain 0:1 out. sc in 'n. using size IUS t Smm_) crochet ]liook {bc. sc in next ·g1:.. rie!s(NtC) and #1:9.Sw..ri~·:·:' . ch 2 P 1:1 d I (RSI)Htlc 1 :.de }l.74:8 'nc~.h(\e:a.Wben rod 19 iscJ'jmp]eued~ fl:l~ten:off. L..arr)fing An: t LA \Vllth .neitl·st.1'. '1.9.apset s i~cto grOs. ' DD IJII1 Sus has tfieatedtbe sweete1E.:00'1.5 sts. ell 2 (cOLUl:1S as 1 btk) .l:)tJr.. I IL:!lt st ~. n e:tftf~ film ~ard and hatberies. T1J'm. .811::. fiJundatitm dt" hdc in next 21 hou~...1] *a:n und.f. i-ll first "'''':..ntd w·itch·.d'ig.1 st Mulching :s:ew'~L1g l.d. Rod J. ~'""' -~'-.·] n IU!N:t 4 sts.8I11t yo.n~p frmn * . Us.2 eh co:tntl: ai5 1 hdc) " hdc in nex 1 1.fork hill: in l~8t:ch.:I~ji'Ij. work 2 sc.in . sl stin 111·St se-' 30 stH.1 'U.~._.side to side: pin in pJaec.~ . F ~gt~n o'1T. fl'. *se iWl next .'UU3.5cm w.h 2.nd :2 ell 1 ~ work 2'!4c' ill eabh~naroLtnd~ . UGE ell next 81~rep ~l.Z4 sts. Tum.ld .

.idng ln the same manner.'. of ribb~)J1r On in~ide.~e. a .12. centered side 'Lcr Ride.ep for upposii:~ stitches . fron~ of hlJlder l'lo$i. Chef. put iUil.Fbld 3cn1 to ~{8..re:g:uhu {n:t>t deJi. Position Place holder ill a zippered pillewcase [Inc! one end of ribbon Wifl .unst itched forp:qc ket epenlng .'l bigh~R. sew bf)U:om ha If of sn:~p ·to inside back~f holder.c-a'~g) cycle and the edge of'ribboa is I ul2. Add it tabl~sjp. W01..are Ii:] ttl ~~eTfl '~~nLJ del' l1J. Dry in dryer until sligJuly dump .map is ~"!... t!i~W iuplace.. I( llS ofr(bb(1Hl b laundry d~t~tgen1 nnd iIl1 n ld pair 0f ji~a.. F6ld tOIP ~dge'I '!r!15cm over t:o RS.llv~r.o] ures 5.Bdg~ . Place (.Ootl :or and is.~ shape. 'Ioas ty to/!.k piece fr~qLlenUy~ . .)1:]..1:/'/ lSGtl.eURh.5c:m Wide . top or ribho.~gjtating place usingsewing 'l:hread. Hand bhle'kto measurements. Use luit~W"']Eer. .:il]He in cold cwt. . so edge' of ). then remove piece from pi 1loV!rCI\S~.stitch pocket.0sts across top .S Jar ~'b:ou~tde fUkdng 'ouL) Sew rlbl?(1d'1 end in ~~Ilatioll.ed edg~' lCiWe:~t water level.il end.'l' W~tsbi IJg 1J[I~{~bi~.H(}n top 'lEft! f of' snap ~.6om from folded ltdge of'ribhon and ctrr~"fufj side tQ liide. f:h]1'n fOld.5c:m.end ofrlbbon 'on ins-ide of h(j. Ilihcn stuff llnti I end. Roll ttl towels to remove nrest ur the water.s []al surface to 311' dry.Jder. Feltifilg lightly with a tblded plastic grecery bag h~ ho:ld ~.. in place leaving 1. R.tI.so folded wash.

5? 29)c1l1 ]cmg . de·insame 5]l alljriinlrig.:t '9 (9. ch beg.C sole. I put ~ntt)\tV1iSbihg. in next I 8 (2. SlnS Irrstructicns Changes are written Jpr size Small.'2.fjn"q:ui lting temp]~l1e Mledium r:acing.sts. d~.. de in LO ( 1. *[w('lrk 1 d!'. tum. 22.~'J in no DI1"'Iea:t 3lI1. do not r.(8~ 101 lOJ ~ts..nl.2. fin~1 HfD E·tJ"R T 2i~·its) 12 sts. de jn next :2.te for stiff- One sh~t extrn-s. Insert st ifTi:nerb~lwee:t1 soles. RoW 5.8( ]·8..2~ 28-) .' :RndS Ch J~de -~tl same sp asjoiaing.. ltemovc Irom p1:Ilow~ ~1 case..rk. B'a$JY (merino \Ni)On ii:l #~4 dafkoliv~ (Me)..2 81 sts.5 (2.le. t] r. 'WorKini 'th. Ket3iP'yo.~~ (9~ . Hand block. :~'e~nr. SOLE ( "'!! . Ch 3:. 22" 22 )1.(CC) Size K! IOX (G.. tb~~ g~nd. pers.to bcttomlps OrfOtlDda~innGh1 de En :nex~ .o~' I (AS) W'iHl ii_tS al~taifJ fIa.rd.first 2 sts. 1.ipstifch e4gestog using a.2S») 'CRl long.x . de In next 3 sts. de in same sp 'as j oinil1.'~Q... ll ) .i1th a.· 2.- ARE 1.·. DeSigned 'by Unda C)'llr" buichal1f .s'e ev~nly . Use unsti ~ohetl sole to trace outline twice 011 2.~3'" 13) sts. Row' '7 (8~. ch 25 {Z5. FeJUng "ow 1 Skip first 2sts) de in . 10) SkJp flr:S'[ . ~n Rnd4.5 (24.3.approx 60ydl i't(Jnl-*around -." de Liftnext 1 ) wash .!r:?(im« M ~heck .work 3" de.inner sole.~ 13.MC mill Cf: wh. f1n.:arnund once more.. de in UUb:~I: -ettg:e.• Fasten off R.• de ill na.l. 1T!!:ttd. sts] 6. m·~tchitle.~. ch~3.o..gb both 'lhic_b'~ l'le~ses join tOfrl and sole wherethrey meet tO n~w. '!I .~ tn:k.1. Cheek them every 5-10 min. ~"'"rwork .Use bOl-water i (H f _i J:lnd II (RS) JO~it. 4) 6) 't~~n~s nuJre. ence more.all winter long 'WineD JIOU slide ~ntDd1efle'wnoly II!ip~ . (9. IRnd ]. Inc.arQtmd.~ Appro. to 'rl1J~a~Ll!reme[]m.nex't st.INNE . ~.s i st in.te) .2 d~ in . join r:nd With asl st in J. (6J 8. Rinse 'lD coJd. ~pfun ill·p~~ce.(5" '"I'" 19 8kip.lion l'D.~~2.ed ofgo~e.nga 3" /7.tOo:tsi~51 'toia. d¢ in neX'~ ~. l~~steIl. Ch 1" Ium. hook. lenvn .dr~lWt:hrQughlbotlh y l' C~~1Jtr top en tee 0 F"M.ZO (20. 28-) ch .p~first fdgimg 2. rnd with a sl st llllQP- 5.w' 6.) sts..3) ch. 24.~well:k'3 de in next 51:.cycl~ "nod 'fJ.I:l\exlSl. de. ~. 11t.Ii. VA GE l2 sts to 4 '1/ fOam over de using sine C65uUJI) crochet h(ltjK KJ] Uri Far'sb!~!i1 Lal".8(22. sJip.O}i~ i 1%1)"/2]. 1nsert hook into st (D<1r Ip)~ yo and draw :!1I)tIii lrr~.s/T ahki""Stncy Char Ies.water. .:'l: st. sts] is ti Jr'J. I.rle~l I~)(~o.'\ Ido'llJb~e' W(Jdil~t~·'they: tan. C'C with .Rlllidl (R5)W'OIk 6 de in 4th ch from.d 21 (2H) sJ::l.R. . Not:e.pers in azir"pered pHh::rwcase and 12) .hottorn lps. tum. d~ in next [~ f221 22.around entire W'ruthMe. AU !iUZE (. 12:) S:k.oft e To finish .~'more. jOj~l rml with n·llIly 1. Rep row 2: L lL. ·Ch 3. tj]FOustlspi~cyc.ur . 9 ~ I I~lP' Fi rs:t Ski 2 de. 1) lpSi en hook. doubole STrand of ce. for rvtedimu. ·11 . de: in ne. flow S' (9'" ~ I.drjdeterg¢:lI'Il and an 0'1d pai r f j e~ut'S jorn met wm'l a sl st hl ~I. U~!i~ ~j ~)U120. ach rem l:p:. if slippers . ..'. O.sQr war'im. a fie .·se eners. be made c . mll:te a ~lir' knOl and place on hook . 13.5el11 O_PCt1:il1g at' 1)a~k 'he:Bl.Larg~o. next ! ~ (~~.·oi:nino ~'I l J • ~rr back n.lpof'beg eh-S.in finn bottom lp' of-fOll'nda.) Ch 3~ turn. turn. 26~2"6) sts.j:)1. balls in #64 PUlllp:kin ..4~ 26. 1. ell 3. wa. e JIO tni ng tOJ"lJOI so I.. FOlr si·ze:i ·Smalland Fasten -0:[[ I:illdlting~en~pl3. Large a:ndX. work :1 de in·ilcxl cll~ de in.FOR.db. (1!.j~'itl..each sUpp·er. de in next q 19~ l 1. . Add rablespoon (':1 of' are in parentheses. Ch 3. ~jaM.3 de if 1 -.3. to~ve:'. de ext J 3. air dr~llDl for Let J :~ to 2 days..seen 2615...tcross. .. ·i)nc. . ~!($1.as .g~ and X~.2 de: h~1l1ext8l de in next :0JmCt' dryi:mg.2 st~~ de iIi ne?tt Jilr a:iil:atioIIl. ilfiOtlQ. }D 11 and each ~Hpper and sole measures ~Hi{~~.5oz1 lOOg bans (each. de in next rep :Hn1In 4. torpofbe:g. work f'i do in ~fli With Me eh 23 (''''7 ·"1~·"1""\ L .fLn::e extremel y wet.ip. rep frmn :.sl wale!' level. ~ a nd . (2. agi tati ng until stitches are I1tl~. Gn 3. in n€<.24) sts. j oin rnd w.-ltl~e last ch. in. wHII CC~rep as' for . jail. de in' next st] s 6 Urnes. ·h1 sts. nextst..~ de j11 (22.) :Ski.U.1 turn..~ rep fr"mu >I< (ht:f(we felthrg). l2) sts. R~0'W 4. 5nl rn) cmcher hClOl( OJ· size i'f-} 'o:f beg ch~." 1 ~.ul()w~o go TEftiA.dc r-IflX12 .t 2 de.rQu. fegUhar (not Gc1ica. -w:ll.cb.l CC wiUlli m tSt ill center -"!Sl·w ork 2 de in next (. de Ll1 next l:g. 12~ Place.ga:l1ge:.)9~ 29t ~ow I (RS) De in tUhch fron} hook. times.lige IJf . Fasten otf OUT so .eS'.d.5 m) l'tf Taaki Y W:]l. Cutcut 50'~~~tS and W'J31. . jj)lnjund more .1'. 11'1 1"1) ·sts.ipsH:tch Oipe:nl"tlg closed.11]]1 smaller all .a sl 15t in top efbegeh-S.. Rnd :2 ell :t de in same place . de tn last' I. :*["\voik . Ch . To join YiU]] 'WHb asc.y ron toweh:l JLa MS.'{·t 'I8:' (22 ~ 21 . rep ne~t tum. utes. 28) sts.S'tS.

ts. stl>'l.f~·ch~t. db ch 'i ~ :2 de) 1n ne.) illlTffXtSt. .d6} HI Crom~rrah.k (A) • .5in ff36 l.lI l{i!l'~ MATCIltIALS X I gH/45.rny ~Ol11llr ChA'~ Sp~ ell 3 (colln't~ as 1 dp). #3fJ turquoise pnlow • (A. de 'I.Omds "f[ike 4"/! Ocr'll over.n.. S t sl i 11 eae h !ill to ~1st corner' ch.I sts .w I !l~ ~ofirst CD11.eJ~ ". IRnd 5\Vjlir:l RS ·facing...8~"'iII each d13.Si. n Fasten off. about . next cemer ('. join rnd with ~] $1 si ill l{~Pofheg c\l.e. .5·K in samech-l S~1..("t'/4(t5 5q~larekrtif~-ellg:e: 'Pillow h] n~xl l5 sts.2 de! 'Qb L 2.fi... ch I~ I de) in 'oexl corner ch-l sp: rep from .:. (counts as 1.~ i sp~·*(:J.]. ~ next Icoril~rcl~-~. de) in n.. de). !~l in tcfp l'1fbE:g ca.~t ':st .Cjl n"om *' .ts.W rfl1ef. ~.cnoo. join md 'w~th£1 sl 51 itt loOp of beg rC:h~3..1 Sf' • • 5 L750zl~fOg. join B wilb b sl sl in .'(c lunts as 1 de).rr..'Xt elf chr: l 'sl'jl~ !-ep' FRQNT 'pmo. lnc.P.wnrk (! de. ~C()il1I1~S as lde). IRnd 1 Ch 3. g:P. l $d~ ar uext CDTn I q sts. d~ in neKt .w II p_nd i (RB.J.H in . :2 tic) In.111last L'9 sts.a. 127 Print(w'o~1) in.f{d ·. t'ep f~m:~ arouu.(comer m'ade). c114 frem *a tou]]d twice more.: Dle.} .o~"n 1!:'I>{!I:)OSiOO phe:l1I:ty of c. w'o:ik (2dc:.h-ls'lT~ r.k ~nd fOr'l:n.or"lpli~ nmeAts. wbne 'me' baGcks :ar~ wor. 'work (I elc.. 's.d hoM. wur.e.d.(l!lid I.~ sp.~ 'rVOrk (2 dr. in the round.Qlurt::. r 'ff! 1~. Gh 1.l1. end de .. L:h-]~ Pi1!o. :£1 ~1.) With A. 'C~l !" Z cl(. dh L 2' de l size ~L~(5.p~rox Q2ydi 84lil) nf}"ihdlLrtl de).. rep from twice more. cill 1.] ..rJf~~· end .ld!OStaG~' in 'Sa:fl'Ie:~h.~nd forlTIS GAUGe oe in.P LLO~S _ DO ~al!l5thes~pi:llp'wson.. I~sl 2 lin sts.tn. to . yOtu'.u. 2 de) im same 611..our crodlle:dns' m. d~ in lust ~.3 Rod3 ScI rot In each st 10 ti'rgL.om !OIl:" ~h~f' a.2 ba~l.'j.end. de using c In ~~.gned by' Lilil'da CVr~ FJN~5HED MEASUREMENTS ch 3 (CQUll'ts. as 1 de) work ( I.sT'be fn:n._ • 3 ban~ ttl #37 pInk (6) 'lop of betg ch-3". 'from hg(}k~joi~~ rnd .{55mm:) . Rnd. ch '1j2 de) 4j5ctl:l A:pPlU::. last l I!< around 15 sts. e h t. ell 1~2.l~r IC11.: g.!S.~ sp.d 8 Rep rnd 6 'Working 4 de 11]£)1'e betwc. in dloub!teE. . baUS' (~uch .. end dci 11 last 7 s..time .het hQ'ok or Vi.uin rnd with a 81st in lOp ofheg: j Rod 4 S.lrk (l do.around l'W ioe m ere.k (2 de.~m(~h brC 13 w0d~ 15 do in 4th d1.as I.~u·quni:se (8) • Size lIl.1 sp. In' same eh. .ug. work (2' de. Mound twice more.i.\y . de.obtain gapgt.. .e: de(loratill'lr! sklill1..·'$.J..5tiUfI) crod'U~tbook (be. And .s: 7 .Zf: 7 bal~l$ #37 pi. Wij'h a ~1 s:1 in lst ch nfbeg C:h-4r-t6 sts. :2 d. t=r..c il' next " Lsts." • Two I.( C. de in.join rnd w:ith asl s1i]'1 Charle's'. wOfk (2.'io~1!erd'lF\ sps every rmlP.~~d bac:.. :!'i:wmt{ (. j OiJ1 :md w i'111.fore te]Ung).~tk in next ? slS. am -w'orked .CUn)er ch-I :.

ep' turn. ch 3 (C'qlJ. .l'it~. and p put into wasrung·JDllIchin'e. Row 2~2. Wit]. Turn._g w fl"h A. rndwitha 51 st .~laS'l ].facil]g~ join A with 11: sl St in '16.~'corner eh-l .l froltLhiJokrJ.()wc(i~e.~g B. joi n rn d with ~ $.. end de 111 last .cQmerr ch-I ~.6~$ back pieces will oYm:hq.join md Wi1tl-u sl st. work (2 de. :t< armurd [w. 21 regular (no!.3. ~C b 1.. endde in fast J 1 sts. sl sl in IJ)p 0. Pillow n Work as forpillow I. md 5 'Vi t h 13'. ~tl1engcnUy roll in 1~(Iw~ls-to assl~1 in dryiJ]·g ifpi:ll~)w i~. 1Lm~ng as facil~g~wb]pstilcll·~O:trter edges ~.ry $-] a "~niDute's~ from .h.g_~}. join rod with a.lLUThdcy~:tel~rgenl-and cdd pa[r of jeans nex e0 1'11 ~r 1 '.5 IR.2 clC') ~:l~:!.s" Turn. Use bot~waLOI" wM.iccmorc. around rwiee more. d9 110~ allow t(1:. ork w in same ch-] sp.5.. ch 'I~2' de) in samech-! sp. SIIst in .) jtJ {2 r~p . Row I (IRS:) De . work I( ~ de. ~dc in next J5 !-fts.2de) in same eh-] sp.':ipS·ev~ry md.11 azippered ~c.er ch.1 sts. wOirkl. 2 de).ch L 2 de} iu ne. Hand-block to" measure . let air dry Hci:tfur ~ '1. ell J . Rinse in 1]0]11 water. HlfQugb spin cycle.rth A.(. *:dc innext 3 11sts..xt . 5 .' ch-I .ACK (MA'K.sp~ r~].c:ro'~8 center.5 de. fasten off. Fasten 'off.taliHg until . wt)d<.lrkin.~ditdu~s notseeu mnd pilare iow measures lS"!455c:.with B" rnds 1 1-14 w.~4 de mere 13 betv!'I(:cn :ctn11Blf.mdt 5~~~l"UrillCaJ11.5Wtl. ch I~2: de.&)S tOr pillow 1.ia.3 (COU]1IS as dC)r de in each !'it across. md I agi.1Sl in top '"uf b¢g ch~.iil-4dl·d. Hill. Remove Emm pillcwease.s(.(Cou~tR as ~ d6>~ Tl~~u1drll~:l$: Hl inni:'17 IB. work (~ d¢" ~h 1~. repf[o.ch l.~.Hl square. :2 de) In. meJlts.m top''of beg ch~3" cb 3' (~uunts~. mere hetween comet ch-I ~p:l! every rnd. 'WitJl RS.iRnd ..ys. A t end of J"(}W 10~ ~ci:t do W'Odt ._E '2 P lEe (-5) ' A. around twice rnom.. :!it IPUllow I Ie].4 dc.2 {la.0.next 5... as 1 dc)~ wod~ (1 lib. F..eli 3 {COU:I1:tii ..Jl~] ill sts join . Fasten off Pillow 111 tl~1II * around l"W'ice . (2 de.f.4WHirr RS fac:ing join .1 cotl]l'lrch~ ~ Sjl.p.'I 'Sp'~ fbragitatierr. work (2 de~.e. [llSett pillow ftmn.r~dng.J sp..in tap of beg~h-3·.11. Add a tnJJh~t. m ]]ex..0 Ch . I":rrad.1' beg.B wlth a sl 51 With WS fflCil1g~ Frill back pie"o~5 to front! in any~.· end' de in last 55 sta. W'itb B.· froll1 ~. each Cit aeross-> 69 SJ~.~ Rep md J 0 wi. chi? 2 de) ill next corner ch-I sp. Rndsl6 andl 17 Rep rnd 1. eh 1. 71 lonsely. ch-J: Rndl 0 S II st in e'~u~h 'to fU·'s.'extremely wet.triing: I~bu:epillow .l1g rnds 1--4 w~t:I A.c in.*d. Rnd 1. ANIS~'NG Rnd' 1. d1::liCU1@) eycle and lo~s~ water level. rnd 15 with WliUl an}! corner ch-I Sp.n:u:ue~etldde ii. 'CJu!'ct J[!'ve.~ds.( I de. .lpooI'IOf G1!11 jldc)~ wade . I d~). &eaV~ bade overlap npen.I II.omer '~h-I sp.r~.1:.same eh-l :!3_P~ *dc ~1'1next 5 J csls:.

-". h!OS""me up wit" .~ii1~·(eM~ide fIlcSlble' First cor"er th~.. . (A') :/)'. as Take: li:m~ttlCtJOCK gaL~ye.id. Do not as! ~"I~m·~i.B-15 f. rep frem -*' across. ell I: turn.]r)In #5185 spritl:g . Raws 13~11'I~ rl'lw t.h slabi1izer Sew.ing ~ewi-ITg -!j]r'elld~ GAUGE ~h ~lCl.S2 81 s. MC. I Row 11:2 '\llfJ'l'~'k2 sc jn first AIC S~ in ·e1!l!c'hst rJ.6.:ch~tedappi'~ques and knots. .lbel h a.1.. c..1'O(.pd Sic'in ~ st._. wm... Ino. Rep rows ~ atid 2.dillg~ j(lll1 for first corner tie .. Ch l. en I" lure..STRUCTURED ET •• ~"Iution 0 ttl COOlntllFtop N.ngi. RoW's 27-36 Rep'Tow pink (Ell • Stz~-G/6 (4mrn) croche~ h~H)k~}f ~iz~il. • j.. R. Z.] 1. 'lind . "/2115(:111 ".~I~ 3\.6m uLtl:a-:IJ. (:P.37. Chi.IiS f~." ..--. FINtSHED • Approx II~. Cr..nI~ge Row ']7 *Sc in next 2: sts.bt~1in.itll a Fil st in side size ('1/6 {~hlml)t.otes cil!i:IJe"..... ep Row 2..5.Sm IilTln.. !5 S~$ and g rows 'In 4 f LOa:m U.nllts/Wt:sbnillsl:er J'iiberS. dnulg1ng 'to A.sl!OI".! pUll lmd~r.s.o-----54 sts .oll 5~.1d in 36 with a.ros8..g.'lf['05S tL) last !1it~ work 2 se in !.~1.l.~["of row turn. ~ turn . Row. E\ 'I Whlll1 c:1.2250 • 1 skein eaeh in #IJJ2~/ (hied whca1 (Bh #1220 tar~nished br:ass(C)" . sl .nade.~C1P row 12-56~hL skcil'L'ls in #-5 t 7$: !. 'ell' 3t sl ~l in top oilaost st r.g -fabric ~yclf. I(IIrful it .green (MG) .JO~U1 to sid~' ~d.etat !Ppl x 711 "1191>'" l~gIJ • llW'121 em dee-l) {at 'tpp) HEASUR~E=MEmS Beg at OOltOill edge.~-. French lw~cear6lUJd need~e" FRONT '~. Tench pumpkin (D) and #8~41 pretty in I Rows 14a:nd 25 Rep row 2_ RJl..!' tj.upi ue. 'SecQ.[lst .01E:featuring 3.'tts. Row I Sc ill 2nd ch fi'tItll hook.. Sc iu e~tb.rt. Med. With . Or'! 16. {}fro'W .750z!SOg skeins (each appfO)t gJ·ydl 83m) lof Nashua Hand!{. turn.-. dt~W new color iJ i'llrQugb lall 2 Ips on hook wh.d (:olrner tie_ 111 !t:ifl:e...rm.ilI' "tt· d.. JuJiidw00U:ill1p~1~a/ml'_hfL. edg.. eh' I.¥yr Reusing ~I 1'V:rr \.!!: colors.w16 Se ill c~tehs~acl'os:S.'68'.imlejii:!iu:m.ok (before ~~ll]r~).i.l1ch ilc..pl'tun rr'ent'I'IIm __ L 'I _1i. starcrU8S" Fasten off.ng 'rIe~dle'and Inutcl1. ell 1.·ows 1'1"'" I Sc 'in each st ecross. R_I (1'15) S~ ill 2nd c!1 Irom hook andi n etu::..at' !Uietll. witl. y • !1ydJ . • ." wQrk l!1: last st 2: \Vt~~llw!!JrtLinQ.il d d"' gliVe I. 1. 'mlt~ i1n wa:tref' the'me.

Ch I" Iltfll:ljl. s~ ~l in Lop sr made.e_xl :2 .t. nun: jl~s'~~l1 0'11. in place using. 31 bO.J"..-. 'Trim .~t.. sow ~ large' and I SlID-till ~q:U]ggaes to slde. WiiLh_ _ '[\. hook and ." . \J!I-.n·u s. ell fr011t.11 . design 5i..~u '.S1 cl\~ngjng to A.in the same manner. . ell fromhertk .'i.:]t til.row 33 is eemelete d 'I Aro··-".1. [II]. Insert Iinin. -- pieces..~~·/I ew loe~m~l side o-Feach J iou:tLine fOj' seamal tt1wa.SACK Wor!" Beg fl. anl\l.' '~.e. Do il<)1i CO rner ties.· 1. skip next "2 e11 sc iunext ch.~hl (as 5l10\¥n in photo)..~~I -. ell I. adJust- menls.~.~ usIFI." work .~tir<. 2 hunt wiU./! -LJSI-I1g: E.pill.2. rep lrem * a~MSS:.ow '~BR e]1 row 3-3 7S'l~.2 turn.'''' _. Row J OlS_) Sc ...ltOlTl'cqge. At .'~a. '. sc to .. .~'tchch ~U::Ii('}S.1":"'1.. Use pai-wnt& Jo :cot ij:u-~. Row 16 I\OW5 side scams 'thrmirefg tote.Ucwa~ce lrem pape r patt-e'. Scid~ pieces slld 1 bmtorn piece -['1'TIm hOlllg -thbric. BonOM I C.'9' Rep row 1. lqUiJ"\ving. 1mcl eh from hook und in L~ 18 .O'ws .I.nslnlctiOf1B. .1'JJ- lshed Lining !. :i n .. Mmahi'lle--.h front bflj.It'Cany necessary '~fu(.' .~!~epl" J~j C) ~t!li". Row 11 ~S!.~ . Row 'jWark.ltstH_ch side S~w:tIS.ul:e t ' 1 ClltH. turn.. ''''''''.v~i..ms. Ch 11 tum. S~W 2 sc ~n first las~ st.I[ (IS) :Be in :21'ld.. Row ]0 Rep :row J'----41 sts. threads.Tum 'lnp' edge of linin.st across. I. 8c~in each.]: ~"'"'I36 Rep row 2. ch 30. !..t as.S.atn.r."-' ~ 11'11"'1'11' _g D .p-icees.. 0:1-[ small :s:qujgglea to both fronl and back. end sc in CUl last 1S1..~J III 2'DlfJ ch from... ijtSert Ih:'liL'lg filto l.fo r hut second ccmerties ef trl)...· d .'!. ITllid..ten l _ " ~ ~~ ...2_ Row 1-4.2·:nd elil from hook and e. ·. paptrpatterlls. . Row . theJl l}~i~f1uff ~c._(lC:L1l from MaIre 5··-m..· 'U of frcm:l)'side and bottom ontn . Insert f:i.R ep row .eC{lnl! .&_l ~U'I.IS) Sc ill.2'g sts. sewing thread.~acl1(:QTnCT!.ow . R(I!w 2.Cl back of 'lini~g LARGE:SQU. 2 PIECES) IMakil1llinine I)\\'J~'W outline patterns Row... ~u_l i.n'h)1 t~C1le.ptlper.::l and Rep rows I-. hold two comerties toget~l~r~ UghUy wt~lP 6 times with D..gC(}):OIS A to. First . into curlicues 'that faee left cw i'h!. . 'l1. RQ:W~ 19~2l Fhi:p TQW . 4 large gtl\d 2.u~ely . 27 . C~l RQW' ~ (. Set aside.s.d¢[· Frrinch knfl1ts ~rr a randOL'll Using-. Add. APPIiql~ OL~'I-r(H'pa. rep from *' across. SlOE (MAKE When . I '2 ~ep mw 3-J5·~tB. 2: side pieces und I bottom piece fn)(ht1 stl1bi lizer.2. ~ RIQW sis. 'Work J sc ill next ell.sis eh ~f 1£151 3'.IZ • c _ III use fnft.W'¥.g to WS so top 'I!:dge'cif lining is ~'!j. hr I each eh !:~~I~os~52 ats.t-ching. . row A. Siip:sHtch ~n]1edge ('d~liooJg Rows.. him. ' _'.·1.2Ji Rep row 2. . ell ] .~.s~ 11nrrig pi0C es together. I :Rep row 2. 1: flvnt p. iRow 2.ginto tf~l.ts.s 4 .lecfls! SCi I'll each st atirOs. R.and 5Rtp :I'(JW 2. !rtLs1 8'[-3 I !'.. bQtl:om.in .. in n. Ch :15.il. 9 ij<. . !Gut out fe~t[ng iiinilll Usin~.IDe. eh 1. 1.furn.~ d.ttJ1~ - Row."""""" . rna]]Jufactufer' s T. M1C. Cut terns.CiGLE (MAKE 12 PI~C~S) pi~~~. 11 Sein each s·t across. then FtNISHING to E.. EnmroiOOry E:mhrt).e~~:h to st With D" ch 31. • (~~ r .:lt snd sides U?bettom..l~ 2. b"e"W Sew frtnll"!o ba~k and R. 'thell. Fuse ~tal')UiZ:{'lr I. 7 .off seam a.".~~s top lJ1dg..~ W 'll. 1-]· ast . next cIT.ft .3'l'1l100am aUuW$inc·~hb~.{'D' 0'F r !LiW: ·1 -...oc in st. Remove Hnhlg~press. :Rbw 6 Rep row j~3] Rows 7. "I-lorking.~l In next 13cb -. If{lmrdng ends.

I I'm ()._:. agltating until..cl. work JsC' in ·~am.e:.extnane'ly wet.:.INJ5HiED • A '-'''i~' ~P[.\ p'iec~ e:V'cry 5-1 pi~c:~ me~.5 JOIJ stroll with the carf'ilag:e~'try Unda Cyr'~s IgV1elypra.tbefoTe ftltmgJ. Fe~tin:g Ijlaee ~apnib¢' iu azippered pil1../.01n rnd ".IOX 'toget1her MEASUREMENTS .off Mak..d 'II (. 'and 15 lIsing D.lCemelilt di.CiWc. . $0 in each st armmd.'ch. c{tch' mcit'lg '". work 2.Rl.tl14 pink (B). .1nks iu l. join mel witha sl st in first so.un. and C..et ill ir dry 11 l -f'~ir a I to 2'daY::l· .it-er.ply ~11U New Zeala rid wool" iS3Cb i 11 re #2016.c_m'. Edgin"g M. I'. CheG. Use h01. .FlJ~ j. whip- stitch ~'rUrareslog roll ~1:.~ as sp 333m).-wlrt~-r blind tl~bl6SpOOIl (ff tj~" ( I Utnm} cl·oL~he~ lH~nk wHlt2' Slranas ryarn w.1 h!:ld r:og..P. 7 1..ri. 1 as i de J.tll:-n he] d 'tug threughcnu.k.oUI w(. 2Q"{"·.3.re f~'tiflg..'+ Using .r'elllent$.ch 3 II ~ times.' J'i. ~6. ~'ha.agl'bm1.stll~~~ 2..e' !:.TERIALS • 1 70·z/20Ug·hmik fe. Add . 11.nd tf:20n{} seafomt"1. SQUARE (MAK.-].u. ch 1~ de") in next Gh-3 sp. [worl~ To.ch-~~t Fasten .l!'i ..:ts: off~ill1t~5ile .~~! x ]8'i!'/54. 'Fasten ott. F. miilchil1.ach apPf9x 364ycl! \?. sp.. A and -worklng In back lps. o~F Y.pd::. of Nmf. c<over [n four pretty "Shade:s ~f'wiO!ol~ a:l'lld II!: rea:t:edr withl hll.FlS) Ch 3 lli01..E1!>h. • Si:M: N! 15 ~~nmmJ crqche1 hook or size joining.~ Iy NZ!fiber Trends Alpine 10' .ranny (J de. of B with a sl st in ~U1y [lamer eh. Handblock to ~Ii~as.C' drying if lap robe is .e' fg laundry aelerg~nl tlrtd.n:sc and m pbrain unuM GAUGE 'One square to 4W / 1 ~ lcm using size Nt 15 0 IlUI."'.!i •.. intQ w:ashing. Remove (J Note Use 1s lramj:s.vjtl~ ~.. an old pair utes.. s] st In 3rt{! ell of 'beg .lm.:Join 121'1 Rn. wa..)".J. .V~th Z strands of A~ held tog. lhcfI g~ntly rell in towels to assist En in ring.5 'L~)mus1b spi n cycle. Tuke riHJ.dli (FtS) Ch l..g. gr~Y (A)" #2. '31 \. ''S~l. work (3 de eh 3.rn'll ..i:Hg f\.th 1:tS 'Facing" join 2. worki_n~ :1 sc :]11 each ch-J corner sp. s'litcJlles nrc Rlnse jCElu~ min- (tbeek ga ug~" For ag:itZtl-iou. :~t e) in last ch-J d sp~ ]. ell 4 ..' X.. ~ regLLhu (not del ie alie' ) cycle k. do uot i!lHuw to go fro III pillow- with u sl -sf forhlitlg a ring. (D) .3Ut'le5.E :tlll~seev\ and x 71. lu~ep bab.lwes more LlS.CJl 3 join rnd'iiv~thrn. sl '81 in k~p of b6g. fiNISHING sq u. .1d 2: ell 4lCcCi'Llrrl~as 1 de and eh 11.~west water level.l. Whi pstitchsq'Uares ·beJo. case. [dl J~W{J 1'1< 3 die ln l' ing 1 3 tlmes •. 3 Rn.. #2002 lime {c):a.

.y K Ch<l~n t" • .U DERT TE St:~tdl! .·.0::+ "h Doulbh::l:C...F" "".. .$.Iin "".-och((!iI.C" ..e.

lim in next FtNu.l· '~':l:sh.~(FtS) Se [n"2 nd ch ·thyro .00g balls (each approx 210\ld/ 192111") OfPJYITIOU.Ili.ow. With Me. :~].t.tpS) M TEfUlU.lipro~ 1.L': ln last st·~ 8: S'lS.. Designed by S'ides Llllf1rdla.shIQn.slin.trIll Oem ever f>C using.Sew button between: ~y fl. Y nuwi IJdg..dfC~efac.shon edg. r' R:ow 27 Skip Iirst ~1.aU strap a..0'1' size to oDuun gau.ge One 1!'/25I1]m button Sma II safetypln G UGf made with the safety pin. . When rnd 1 54 i:8.5ozll. Mark lrut ~t .~t.~lg rl.n:elll' h ~C'arouu d~j oin rud with a sd st in first st.5cUl ·ba. sc ln la~t 4~lsts.~ turn to This fabulous shoullde'r' tote is sure 'to dlclrt~dg.8.ofbeg ~th-4)1.ud-24· sts.n. iRows 1.ndblock ~6 measurements. '1I srs t. ell 'I m). OI'.1100k and fuJ until stitches are not seen ~l1db. M alr· o:r:iophi5tica:t~Qtl ·t:o th@ . eachof ~ue~l '16 I'q\.C ~n·each dc·ro_'Ou. Turn. I. turn.3ts .ding 3 ch . I!i U'" E) L1S~ji1g MC. so 4Ii!lOClf!: edgesare bOUOli1 edge of etrclcs are from . ~ 'llU:O. Th@ fel..6.f1l!ds ~54 Sc in each .tHl1.SJ stIn each S{" rl[lce ·1ti:a.• I. around.SL'1T1 w~de x I.t~ Jf~ U (6miHlcr:pelHJ1 hm~k. S. Arrange straps Sq) Ihc. Mark last . fr.h~8'h x 3W'/CJctll dee. n Second half 'of' ~5tr:-~p'and 'selcond dr-tie' Turn te beucnn ~p:s.ge. ch. sc iri l~~s't.sc in1it.d 2..25. It im.cioSs. .. RQw I (RS) Sc ~rr e~d'!: Si and row arolmd . Ch I.51 still each 81 aeross." skip l.5.0 minutes. Rnd I W I. sts.. SJ.g. st tn~id:e' is ~. em wi de' l'i Ht" J2 ~t5 high ta~ting ~ 3 y!Tf 19c. skip Posit ieu and pJl'l £'tra:'lght edge of \:: osing tQ. Rna I ..4~ skip next 4 S. do Ts Ire time lb cnt~k ga~tJ'e.'U/ giv-:es.eh ].'1 and 58: 81 sl in each se J)f'md j. u J sts-: !0 C'b: I. R. then ge[dl. de in eachbetlp ~a.ls.. 8'[ 6' a rt. Drop 51:lfely pi u.size In' 0(6rnrl]) crochet hook (be'fore' n~dHllg). Cin:1e5 I(lmake . next -3 RQ~ 25 w~t aile [)]H. joill.side of row l.5. Row].~rn~s--E.~'V!i'Me :sew rem Fieil'tAn.:l'~'f4em frorn h:lfl .1' WithMC.p (e.! 11 spiral marking the last st made with the ttl indicate end 'L'lf rna. agi- TAB 1.igM. tu m.so slH~aigbt e4gl: uftah always be iln 'f.O'lt2:5.s 2-24 5c ~ :each sc across" Cb l. sc in last sl-7·sc and 4 eh.C~ bag on with MC. Gi~lM!Y " W~)FCft~d(wuol)~. tumto next . hoot.. ~tl·tfnilvf bag.edge "Qni)~g and 15 Cf.€! Wheu rnd S8 is completed. I F HEll· M UR hlU~l- . ()J'l25..CC n w ith 3 's!.¥/' ..0 tlwough s'Pi~'9 cycle.e~eatesa dlJra:bIe fabr:'if!~ but also bottom lps..l . Pl~il.c'il!1 Znd ch 'li:OID hook andi neaeh ch ac~iJss--44 sts. First h. Wh:ipS'litc11 edge ln place usiug Me..~e. join rnd with a slsi in firsl 51 changing: to CC. de singh~! ft'loe:het sti'teh. IW inside back orb~lg. sts.:5~ ~asteri :0 IT. b~come a.e .completed.. Add a tablespoen of bluutiry detergent nnd ~a:n. S..n#]6 red fMC) . iPositiu[1. skip next st. ell. eaoh s.v~:tturn IL(l top C:Jd. sc in j at:. 'Mfrr~k a flat surface.:r~~5.. Ch rt~'st se.g strap R.ch 45.~ ~etair 2 dfolYS.US'e: 11ot-~~a. sc in.h\'l te.Workillg same manner.l~~t s.20 sts.!h Y.::fl eyery 5.ifll to back cf bag.1 . werk _pjei.nd fimt cirt. I bail ill #9 black .·DO W_he-nrow I 6 is :C~Rn pleted.of chain. Ch l . se in each de around-24 sts.e~W01'kl S~ ill Edg'iing Wllith RS ff~c:i g..6 Skip 'work 2. Slst in 'each sa. turn. .s not 001'. Rinse jn coM w ater.y IOU in tlJw·eJs to assist in dryi ~)liif bill g LS:.ow J S~ ~-i1r'l each se l·OW 1.'_ . 'fl:~ijmi 'tlhe size is jllls<t right and _it will tu 1"11 to bottem lp~ o r heg ch.slde edges of A. hI1l'J1" s R.y Row I S.i nd.-ll.3 j·. .»:t 7~ts.~.lilC ~U.. CLO$ \\YUh ce. Turn. Ski p Iirst p~Xl' S~. wardrobe 'stap!e.turn. Remove Hntl1 pillowcase. made with the safety pin. ade with the safety pin . S. l se ineach of next J 6 rows. Set circles' aside. fbiid I WilIii RS of secoml .ltHLJoinmd wilh smooth and sh:el.in md with around. Work 'I ~ de in 4th ch from 3 • . Fasten off.b l last '$1-6 sis. 1. Rnd ..n d 55 ChI ~sc i. ex treme 1y H~utl:onhoh.. Rn4:l5i." HOU Bott:oml G each ~h' ~~. tap edge of bag ~nd oinside sc\:[LUil of e lrcles in pJace' 1:111 the or 2W'/6. ~C ~n nex l 44 .tjf] deep... ~h 14. .Ch l.. di4.:16 Sc in ea CJ.xcludillQ: s~'r. pair of'jeens old aglta- ror tJOl1'~ Check Riilt. . j('. .ting p'r~C[e5!.e of row 1. safety ph] "ow 2.st ar01.Ro.c·afcl'l.d I With RS of first circle facing. and pinstrap circles to HTIii n be wm'king .guJur tn~~~delleate) cyde and l'owes1 Ylah~illevel.r[lg1 tQt''L1 JIlorallow to . Cylt' in !hot red with ebol:1i)t\bJac:I~.fCC) slst in Ist ~h' of beg chu4---.e to side..Mark last st m~dc with the sfiJi!'~yf'iiu. sc it] next 3 sts. m Rn..2.sciu st.I.~tBn(JfF.fO]' I \0 [rDut ~irdes.(R'S).~tllepposi tcred ~id. Fasten off. Row 2.5 . st R. ~ .~ Z £.'Uil':iIJ"Ures U)l'1. next 4 eh.) Skip first Sec. eo.l2 de (inclu. S"'t: iii FHJ)d 3 5it!'l..-1. n 5 sts..g lna zippered pillowcase and put into washing rna:~·hftle.

1:Sot. . R..ow' I.y .g :.(5mm) crn.l I T~) j oin :yunt 'with a sc.aC:l't)~ -1st~.g]ll 1. III fl.2 He j n Ursl st. sl to '(lc.pson hook ]. se itt fleX18t-6 'Tum. TlJt:~L • 1 1.aVl 1 Rep' row 4---. more :lIt. )lo.dorabh3: :butte1rfl. ne st.o~~!J(:?A Inc.[ sl-9 Rows.2. .BUTTER.3. ~d 3.• hIM si.6 ('11 1. Rows :J.. place nn tU:lOL.e. mal et~-c3tdrdng toy fa..'t 3. lie in J . sc ineach ~rli~GrOS~.lWS2.J\UGE Raws TW:ll.) l'1l yo anddrsw up a Ip.!:50g ball (eachappros I09ydl 99m) of Re.g llmls. se . T urn..011gtall f-pr ~e\~~~g.~ . s R(.udlilda Gli:li.eU/.~ll wnrk'ing French ktlOf's_ wrap y.1 I.f. JLl~lak.:5cm wide ]ljgh {imdudim.. leav-ing a l. dru'!r~ new ~otor tdst i'aiJ fot ~..y~.t Row .cing. FINISHED MEASUREMENTS. SQ2'lQg.. . Ips on hook to complete last 5:~.ight .r.d derebFatiy. Row" W itl1 RS fsemg.fJ'rqw 2.e: a sl i'p U11d. • 'Size I-IfS.Pastee 'C. tRi.'~c eae It st across. Rep r~w Hi.7 • Small lSil fe~y 'pin G. \\fb.embrolfiery rnah:e this a.r. ehangtng eelers.2 sts.3 sts. sc2tog-'9 8[5 e. Sand .and dr~lwthroughb.Row I B.Rep ruw 2.flth ~. leaving relll 4. 19' and 10 l~. skipfi"~r2 sts of row 2Q.[(J10. I(B.(R'S) Wlrn Itsftl.OW Turn.8!u:14 Row I ell I ~.i'to. IRows8-1 S Rep I. se in each S~ aeress..roc. . rr lea 'V ii'lg a !Dug 'tbfO~'~.'1$.to last . eh 8. Ll1f2-LlJl.QliDfS ~n.oin Me with a 'SC' in next st.bert~II 2.ep n1W 2. Oh L ..FL'Y TOY ••0 I.1ie'bh(lOk {before feltung).8 (5mm l <:.yo a nddra w ~JN)a twice" :Y~ atrd dl~WI11J:tlugh all 3 Ips lp] onhti'Ok. 'ST~TCI-tJ Gt. Turn. !F:l sten 0 fC J6 ~iJ5 (lIld 17 toWS to "t! lO-enl oV€'J' se 'USillg si:.ntennae Tr7i. #43'5 gO~ldenrod (AJ and #436 'p~1 ~l::ll')ki[l 2.Jt tim c t«~ Not..e .. When 3.go.iu saatc sa. Cesi~gned 'by' l.i Row 4. Ch I.r 'tots.. sts. Turn. SIS~ • Pia:1yester Row 1''1 l~e.{ 6~~lf'16:~ln • Approx 6Y£~·116.cht::[ hoek or si~~ to ~\brtljn giN:lg~ Aow 1. j om A wi th a ~e in first st. . sc in s. j. w~]{ii.ultcn:nae)l MATERIALS R.wing. 1-'ltslU:iwotked-2 u sts. work ill each l')lS.OSSARV sc..(R5) 'Se in 2nd ch from boci~ and in each 011. se iii each st. work . lnsert !u)()k inti.r61 ell 1.elgmdic woo'l) each in #441 lelaf (Me).Ck g-a use. Turn. BODY' W1tb 'MC..ert h(}n kin next st•. Pasten eff in ti rnes arou fie! needle.es Cflf..

.~~ t~tming each between row IS tJalld 16. FIN~S.{< "3 Mel' whipsti~ct\r two pairs of small wings o !lM_4II lea:f same Sf . use 13 tu embroider 15 French . f1a.ch~dru. 4 and 5.s.''?5erni n diameter.S) 'Work 8" se in ring . then pin.ipper-cd pillowcase.a tablespoon of Rnd 3W'id:1MCt [work 2 ~c hi next st•.S.k J. Rnd . sa in next 2 sts] ~ li:m. . the bottom. sc in . Mark last 81' made with the srde:ty pin.LHehfiver censer of SiCW' a vertieal s:tndgJu each .e&.g B to embroil" around. ~oiri IV[-( with ase ~l1nex.3 ~ . Rnd..~ing Me.ng antennae]. J0. .~l1~tJ 'between measurements.sc lJJ next-sf] 8 times.knot~ s.lr.erg~til f.g. lowest water level.i n eh wi th a: sl s~ n'lonmg a ring.C. o #435 G(J. Wjlli A~ whip' .:il'\g the Pta.ea~~ne) eycle and tile :BI' around. Sew pieces as toll: beg at top edge of body. sc in rrext :1 stii] 8 tlm~"j-40 ~. ~lg unworked Turn. Cheek pieces frequently. Fo'r tiach·al'ltE:rma.lpst~tc:h 'tail ~~~a1TI Me section.(MAKE" 2: sts•. changlng to .n 10 gsth er ~tn~ fasten Embro~dery Fnr body.!"'l.M.c machine.ge wings.EJiJc'ed venly arouud. 1:Og.~kye~· until tlliey are Hand.for-righi ·~mtcnnae.1e-. ·~.J&.ind c lose opening. Pill large wings. [Wt'llt 2~c ln next st..Lb f\.. wash. COUll! it seC'u"I'ely .diurrreter and snlZl] I 'vvi-rfg'!S2. sectiou. fasten off'securely.r.l Whh A. Pld I )!f~]] fa ge"ther . changli'ng to A.5 [Wo.32' sts.ruse between rnds 2'and . PIECES) large witl.Eden~odl CJ #4. rep from . end of rnd..d.ts.z. WbipstLtoh ill place Bsing.(JV ~g 'rem 2.e W]]lg"S" 1~9g··WHJ'~ 'C{I!lo:t" KeY' s'ts ~uld 1 I~OW. then 'Work I~ds 1-3:" as liorlarr.unpl:ci Iil OOr·6 French knots spacedevenly Rnd II (R.4' Wi. W'h~rsti:tch in place u. TUWS ·Q"{)UJ stitches around bonom edge of bQdy. Add . to' whip7.l ~uTface. VO!L~wi11 bc··working til a l)p.~t1 -higll (.I'U1i!lg both::~1U 6 and S1~u. f!l. work l. and Use hot-water last st made w]th the sare:ty pin [u. hloek eaclh piece to slightly damp.r:ndic.c:~ -pieces in a zippered pU1 il~l:O" wash]ng pi]h~\vca~'e.. SMALL WtNGS (MAKE '1 PIECES) baundry d~l. With S. Rinse in t:old water. tu sides of bo~:y. Rnd . -e~~(:h smaII wing· ~G it' touchos body and large WIng.RS:)\Vith ~~Sfacl~ng. ()if kl·~i.sc in each cllangiJ~g. Sew m. Let air d~ryon a.X1r(9.'EO M'C-J 6 1)1.! skip I ]!OW.ex. ill. so in next st. Use ~ tail of stitches [jrol. PLaoe ..5tim"wide x 4%'!i/12{h. For smallwings. Pu ll sti:tch seam of Ii. regular (. e With Me" ch 4.sthcl~ t\YO pairs . position.Fei"tiin.of jeans fhr agitation.Fasten off.(.HING i1ty in . times mere. then remove pi~ce1'!from pi llewcase.C~)S~ !llbtch.tst.'bOlly finnJy with fiberfU L ~ yar.brJj.A~Z4' 8t8.not d.to remove most of the water. P-[)!. Com to workas LARGE WINGS . RoJl1pieces :i11: ~o~eb..Left antennae Row' I . agjtating tl'l1lU bedy measures 3. large wings 2W'/cHl in. use: IV:1"C t'O wh. ·foJ between rnds .nd em old pal r .. then sew nll'lining rows j) use ~vrcto whipstitcb seam leaving edgeopen.p ieces in CI dly.r ~t of row 2U. 4.i'I~lllYJilli. sktp c~nte.

gl1:!m.se in 1 wo:r. ell 1.i n first :it. c.-11st8 .ngtng to • Apprq:x ~W H/21. Rnd'9 Ch 1.. t -l·B·'s. rep R~d Ii C'h l.king last st.do~net • ~n.a. ·M'nllel".5Q:zII (lpg skei'l1S1I(each :!lprprON.~.1! *wQrk 2 se in flex"!' s.rl color lllfOUgl1 'o/h~H joining. beeause ~t~s flJgged el1o:ughfor hiki ng th!mugh the ~oufiltr)''' ..otes 5 ~l 131.ide. Rnd· 2.inth~-t"Oun. r-ep.h~on '[:or s:tromng wm:k: elver ~]~ 'IDose str~tods. around..SOUTHWES.. Ch 8.i.~ "/ dla.cfoc:hetet! .onWS· Dr Wf)l'k " On .l'.0 l wool) each in #9410 t~nJ (1\) ru~dl ~'~l8.'!c' around.! a:~{Ju~d~j~Thjl rnd 'With ·u 51 sa ilf! next sJ~sc si 'll1 firs. 't .~d -gr. S~ "iri' . '*"wofk:Z SiCin next 81.nd.esiSned by ":arty ith .roundthedty. sc in next 2sts.ts .TERN BAG Mtneral co~~r5·".!.giug to :13-48 sts. -r~ke tiil~C'..eloosely .'8Lcilan.11·rst '~I .e felting). il1r$pllred designs rriaife 't1'~is.. IRli1ds Cb l.. St· in nex.z~L! 1 I (Rm. *:w()rk Z 2 '\Vherll changlng {j~(lJO(5 on rows. R.kffi . Rnd 4 Ch l ~·WOfl\t 2 so in nextst.:ie in next st.~.5CJ..8: rep fn)m. se.:l "firsL b1-3{} in 4 sts.IS Slts~ rep Irom" .11 diameter 2gcrll l.d tote a .. FINI. ell 2. BAG witb A. Size Lt·~ 1 {8f1nu) 'c:rodiWl irmok . jcin rnd with .rT:l ~ 22Oy.I!asr.o.t changing 'to A-36-' S1HL 10 SUs and _~ 211108 tP oc using Rnd. *"wod< ls. ]ID]lJ rntl whh D sl stin ~]~t st Cl:Ull11tgitl. 4.md. 4rl!1Oen:~. fIo.-.te.W7011 V1d) join rnd w ith a s J infirst st --·42 sts.ite"xl :s. rep from 5t ·f amund.us.a:l'r~ Co~ors L~Ptl'l(). in next i]1d8. join rnd 'W a.n~t rnd. w'O"fk 2 in lle'.SHED MEASUREMENTS j oi n md 'witb a til. drew new in I1exL ~50IlJr Uu:O'U. Rnd 6. s • 2 l..gh last 2 Ips on 1100k "vllen 7 sts. N. ne?t.rnD'AJ.. l! Wtl'rR 2 se ill each '&I.i·allY:~[./ork '6" sc in 2nd . join ~IC ilind wH:h a s~ ~1 iJ1 llrst ~.t~mWnew I" Wh~11ehang LtJg colors . st ill . join md wi ih :a 1iI to obmil1 gCi uge Safety ~ptm.or si. GAUGE sts .l hu<\k(~lilj. from . D. 'Wlwn worki-ng stripes on rnds.scly _on\VS of work.dl20] ol1' sf c.~~iqf.L. 1 VVi]en w~'rking ch®ltl' pat::1.*.t: in Jl1ftX:t st.ell ·ti'o~nhook. yet .-sj:in first 81. Rn-d 1'0 C. tw{)d~"2sc' iu next st.p1td1c Andean .101'0 rnd witha sl . st around •..g III C--24 sts.(~~c luding MATERIALS straps) Rnd J Cb I. witha sl Sl in t~n!i.pilml ~ _ 8 C) • 1 skein in #7 g 22 go idenF(h] tB) .m) urocl. rep fron1 "* a'l'P\ltid. :6 sts.u:le arns lJ~"Cade Y 22. sc in next .3 sl st.. over Je]ll from . Ybu"11 have th~ ~f!ittef bot~ worlds.rign't i'n 'fas.4· Ets. 7 Ch 1~"t. join rtld. rep from ~aroun~d.I (R. *work 1 Sc~' in next"st.r!) check gau-ge. .i.3 sf$.eJlgth .S)Y.

. Fl1stsu !.~ proeessc . . ~t clt~u~gilnftQ' -~4 sts. se in each: st across.c:Ii1ru-t pat st sl 12. 10 Rep row2.. 3-9•. '~i-c' .rI [0 squeeze.1Ce tote 111" a zippered pi llowease. ay cauae :cr~a~ing.juinrnd with a 81 st in .&j: :1t~R'. 8C: in I16'..slsrln first st chang:ing to A~72 sts.'.tElgwah~r to Dl.' LC.. !."d! r.... join md..tes. sc in e:~U:-Jl51 ~tcro5~."'-.arou. R..2 5C·in.sc next sis: I'ep··frem ~ :" 'C'enter. in nextst. i~1fie the.~ f.d.rsl st C 11l1t 10 f:pl]..f' . rep'lft)H1 '* ~H·O.ncl~.ll~C in side: edge of next ·~I mw~-L~sts..p to rf)~1' in Iirst S'~. .1 • ~ ~ ~ l rI I~'i\: '1 I'. with With RS facing.~: p .sts. U.cokrrs tlR Il..sts S2 and 9~l Feitin.~. changing to B.i... L ~wodt 2's c "in next s'~.'I·1 I.__ '. tum .' sts. jOin rnd with . I~ . sts: repfrom Row' '9 SC ~JI each ~.cin!t~use-safety riJ1S 1-+4-·~~~--I-t~+.._ P.fl mi]li~t.1 Past-len ·.eh 1. '0 Gah:IJc!mrod fUl) Plum ~C) .nd I 1& Ch L '*\vyork 2 sci n. se [11 next l:4 sts. PUl In a little ol. ..an (:dd tow:t. se iIJj 1 w TI!~~ (HS) S c . JJl. y nu -8Qrnt' boj ]. 1IUJe. :r.O C-6€. Rep r(nVS.a. l\'J Ir!' l: ~~..il. ith .) 0]11 ~beg with sr ~andwork lp iEndisec:tion Row ~ (RS:) W_ith RS of center section st 11!. . sue end of same stt~lPhei~een.. R.iJ1tle H Ln auld wilter.'19 Ch 'I. x I r'l~8cll'L. 12~ 28. R mu::ll II". and the ~. rep li·01n·~ arQu:nd..1. (in hook lSC _S~ .~ Chi.~ o..You rul.Uac ox 1L11q:]~e times to nd¢quatf. 66. Ch l.ded~ ted.rOUF washiagmachiue on ~olow.'I .off. Row J 1 Sc ineach Jo:~n~n.6d.~Whave to m repeal [his." :. jofnr A with.V\lork 12-S1 Jrep 9 tim~8 more.g !P'1. . sc end seet icn of a strap R~ tiJltpte between LOr sts 1 and '1.. .b1ngmachine each time and start aga~n. bJ"iI'Iging bottom lips of Ihui..ID1d hotl~[lm~1J fog)..-I--I=---~"-I--+-+ 1.. :'[I .!. RC ~n next 16 sl~~l"e]l-frQm·3. . Row 10 And IIII C h. Ch 1.nnppo- I-.-+ l-·I~-I·· .1< w{]ri 2 so in nextst.~ ~'1 ln rnarl( .l ] 2" S[8: rep frcYm=i< around. Ch I.s t~ll ffif..Vit~.st. Rows B. I-...L5cFt1 wide.: ~ I. cbang. t R.. Ibll: 1.~ I" .fir~:L51 {~haI1gil1g·to C-9'6 818.1opposite *' ~t~U]l··1 .Jlg ttl (\._~ I . b1d~dd ill sideCldg~ (ff t)rs1.. Stu ff with newspaper rro wick awav ~be: water ~f1td rJte~p it dry.A) tIlt' tote is. ~ISi . yo and draw UUQu.':\y '[1 1-' r -r..T..Jlo-+--!--I st ~:i'lf1r£L.!i.turn.I-- ~ ':"~. ~..19-and ·]. With A...>i >'.-'--+-I-+-+-i--i· '-.l..~ 9]. C h ~. 1_1---+=+-II--+---+--"II'r+=I"':.:~ -:<=. Cb I.t aun:)~s~ j. Set the I-'_ -F-f-I~ - Ih..~rolgJ!ess every :5 or . h each RQw Cit eJI acruss.. -.. .~.e.[ IE !~ I~i' r~.h JT~)iI:n ook and.I1O with ag itmtioJl.v . across.9..sts ~$.~1. ebauging st r edge r-a. yo" dr.w' 2.1.')' . pttQ]. Next row I(IRS) Insert hook in first st tow rz or ~uld i11[O I~r. iJ .Row § SG in . rL. fac- ROod I (ft'S. *'wo:rk 1· scin next st.a s. 't ~I' l:c.in 2nd ~. '*Scin nestst ~Jld next bettom Jr :~{lg: rep li'om $ aCHJSS. rep frem >:< around. H.gh :2 Ips.c..joimll11d.':.:bine. ::!ts·.cend sectien 01 W r~n] ·stt~]~· b~lw~el.-+-+~I' I-'-c~""_I--+_.. .join rnd wi 'Ih .· 1-10 ter seetion...il s r 81 in firs L 81:-90 sts.41 6!:1 !t~~~h: across..his \ivay~o hld 44~ . iii' ..'C to hot.sts. *'~'(:!rk :2 sc in next st.seet~ofl C'h I.iErnd with .11 Row II SC in eaeh sr acress. Turn .. B@g .lo. . Ch L turn.'C1" L5 Sl~.:jt.Ra.I-.cn OLLt ../ ~~ '£ :""'.Ullt:Jl. '11 ~ ~. J bin rnd '~I\dth...nip' Hops ~to h.S et yml.sl st in ~ll]~M chang:iu.-I --..each st across.- next 13. Rnd 117eh l. Row'" St' in each £1" across.. B And 115. \. ne X] $. ill STRAPS (MAKE 1) Rows 1. turn.do:ti'in eh u." I-- ~ - 10 ~ r" 'i . '-.!-.: . Tunt ing.. turrr.1p~uslte end o I~same sb'E1P be'tw~e11sts '28 and 21j}'. roil] rna 'wi'~h £1 sl .d 13:ell I ~ $wurk 2 $1.g' 5C water 'l.rk2 '~C' iii next st..2.g to A-log sts.~ i ..~ ~.TI } .o . '.. DQI not h.~ ~) top wat~~..'.'. Rn. Jilt Rnds .~ or two '(01' ~I IJair-nf nld jearts..l~ ]I~ offeundab tion ch. ell I.ernl·j·e1mllllLI.. .~1 -sl st in fit$t st changing :Gl' t.ear]i1w]c~ry detcrgent. I0 sts.. Wit]] Ro. changing te A. 11 ':1' ."1 i:. a..ly fe]t the tote and lind] it measures 'xW'11. . turn.. C.: ~ I:~ . ell l.st j:n :1] rst .ng tu C. j'l)I"'ll' '1-" r'''d'' w.. .O!Ch J. tnrn.~ ".-l~~-+-'~ B 31 .join rnd with R ~..-I~+-+.:.. feltt.and 'bl(:lCk to measurements Place tote on r~flat surface... 1:.~~~ TeaJ I(.~! j. Arran ~l1: straps so they are smooth and straight.o:w I~ 'Ofr. ~. through lim spin cydc:.55 and 66..··j. as th i~.5$ .I. ~. With' RS log fJoli A.fcltin. .r<i'l :J Sc in turn. cbarl i]] I. to. h-+--+-l--.~ i~ ~~ . FINISHING end ofcen- ~'~I st in UrS1sl-6~S. 82. r02 IRnd 18 Ch l. or a couple o]'fubbcl' ba lis. lie i 11 n~x. :.Wh. Se in 'each st across. next 51. @[. ... f'ol' in next ~l' sts: rep lr~~l"l around.ev~JI . changing tt) B.: I'.--: ~.~hluJg:i'ng . fold center section iii) hal f. -. than 40 st i11 first d-'7.a.. Sit In each· sr 2IlIJO UJl1d.. -- ~ ."'l the tote go.iW' ~xp a lp.. 'i.n13(. . Fa.. Let air dry n ai for '! to 2: days.. *work . scin ~ around. 'an:ci roU It in a ww~. rQW• the.l st in tJi.RS tog and A. U SO~ dmin the water frrnuthe WUs.hang']..r washer for a heavy ]oad and cheek th~ felting. ~.....'-- -+.er . :ihe: excei'i~ ~.

I: . NC' .. J 1:5 B ayvi ew A.w.: 3430 lorillgdpWi 'Vay Suit~ 3tH .ci '!lisa. RESOURCE'S Fiill:a.I'·s la·ClEfS T~ h I.O.hkago. MA (1.ji])befln."EII..•¥.iII.~. " ".t(l!Wi11I P.igtrilYl.si'reel Dtlelluultm.pa1...1l~~J()..i.:l'er . N..R'ESOUR..jJ'§ Bl.1' (nmiiaMNfy ")~Y'arrr5 nor lh r.Ia.rielg~! M A 'W'W.cl:l tJl't~:'!I distri b.o.'l:ario C'ana~a L~nF.llI 8.We~:[ j. CICHJ1 . n s J20 Li\liug~IL~'I"e AJ\.S.ejit-ey.flll iSte Ii" Fib . h hi <. Write hy tru.{llm Bpe li"fi[j ~Q ~ lin t.PI far 'mall-clnk.111'1 c .i. Inc.t:rtprl by Tsh i. T ~!i!C.19nt~l)aces. J. cade Tarnf!ii.¥stili J P a.nmlW4. NYIIJ1":5 www Ja.nds . 1VJA0 I.e5rlurC(1): :3:5 Scaks Lane owasend.tyvfulJo.E'{1lI:S1T ukwil !i. Box 336.lyarn .v'W''fV .n ldmli:l i~IlI!.c.~ 21rd £tr~~t' 6~O d."r. In d11C II IS~ d[~b:t'~iud by CA. J~(iP"l'l .4 Pre s{.CE:S U.Jion. Box 7.'.(:(ln't Reylfllollds Pat.J!~edby II~ ~ .OfO C ww:w.j~e.Ii.HE Uf U W'fliN~I'.4129 N~:rth P!~rrt(we.brow nsheep.d~~ 'N4\W lEI].10 :80 ~1 S tEC~1."eet: .~p' CCilimp~ny 1O()o62 County ~Oild IJ1 Mitd'JJcll NE 69357 'i.~5 ~ WW1fJ. R. W \II W Nj-I. NY 1.Olfl Com p 2I.s.·.JrnCO'. T~h.3ms.l$t"'~d~m:t:ls" .k~··"Su1:.rv~r fm'k .2 W estern At.FI herroee.I$~ic.i'ii. o I 5(1)9 K.cfnu 1.!.ml1'rand:.tmfb.Iym~'th "i.fot· ~1lJrd1asin.morl:cadetl N!'~::. NY ~.5: . Westnd.~e.com R.. US{)~0 emu. Listowel.C[y~ta4'Pililaceyams"Gom Fibl:ll!f Tr·ends U'yN Z r.!atIlt tn'Cll".D1..eoataaudelark.I'1ik i~t.r!1l. trd.~h.. Vftf1lu(:' Lewell.cem d isl['ibwlad 'by N!:1shua.!\Ita'!:: !.R. PA I~007 WWWrpIYlUo:iu:IJ.~od.~ w .am~. Charlutte.3 Ci69 M (j..NADIAN RESOURCES L!lHUl. Ne'w Ynd~ I 'www Jtn~~ttil] fcvcr.s~:r.itett Wesh:n.o. 11 60'613 "'"..t lih'rt.l65' ILAildgeS'm. Box g ~17f:l A nca8'~ur..com g jl1'(lI-Il) r.tu r a [D'E C "''9'$. com S'he.'. Ine. OnL~1 rio Canada L9G4X1. nm Bristol.a c)' c: ~'~iF 70 .O•.!·. 5lh$ilecftt .cw Z'!lla~2md 'W\Vw .h ArulerE CiIJ· The O~d M:m Kil·iUing. d i~h4bi.: Ott! Mni ~.New York.1~u:ibu'U..Oy arles.}.:d by nu.u::rchElr.l'itl:iiJg (\:'lIm p~Ullj l4E~mdale Rood UX'b.{Ii'."oti. www.corJl 1i.LI. iOJll"k . Auckland.westmi·j"~le]"r~'betl'l.36 RirJgew..lit!.o. l l no JeA.& .1S.flj rr:=. 1224 AI~d{. Box1~ '. OlJt.C:.Tn I www.' n'li wwv.com IH ite 'Yarns 12.nry P~O.wae:r ~'nf(Jn'tw..l11'I~'~ N~t·UI rally HZ d. . Wmalchec' . J nc . Oll. P.0f)tn Tahk~ y'arrfls et N rth A n1I1iHd'!ca: (II CO'lll~nc~-c~ Park Drive Ugdens hu rg.{'I1IC $ou~h B.. WA 9~~n2 WIN W. ~' dL~i:r:ibtlll:~clby ('omptmit!s 1i~te1i belvw.4.dillg 11.!r'aJ'll d Va Jf'1'!I Ca. ell JCA.V!C:I11te A\Jllj.W A :c. Rjcl1mk)udt C 1\ 94N04 Fibers.."<I i'iY. !Box 367 filigtriblMd by l~.!.C.S:'ITee'~ C.llj~.Ot[l E.:Errio Co rI. Eiber Trends 1N1~ro Write to n.s·sl if: C(:.clark www.Yfl~JlZ.1469 w\vw .net l lO.2RJ 77 www.166 ICO 1]1 13 Clum:h . www.j'11S.la·ce Ya !f'jnl~ Hotndlnlil ~)1 . lnc.com C.j~Sl'llGJ!' Chad e~.'e.e r.


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