Chrissy Ann stepped out of her 2011 Lexus Convertible and put on her Prada shade s.

Ashley, her best friend, got out from the passengers side and did the same. T hey flipped their hair and the two strutted into the school. People looked in aw e as the two glamorous girls walked to their lockers in a catwalk fashion. Chris sy Ann and Ashley simultaneously opened they’re lockers, got their lip gloss, and applied it in their identical mirrors. “So,” Ashley says after making sure her lips were nice and shiny. “Are you still comin g to Jason’s party tonight? I heard it’s going to be off the hook.” Chrissy Ann combs her fingers through her long black hair to makes sure it’s in place. She pouts at Ashley. “Ugh, I know, I want to go so bad! But my mom is like forcing me to go to church t onight. She says they have a special pastor visiting and she doesn’t want me to mi ss it.” Chrissy Ann slams her locker. “ I wanted to go to the party so bad! I can’t be lieve that out of all times, now is when she’s going to force me to go to church. She knows I don’t believe in that stuff.” She rolls her eyes and starts walking to c lass, heels clacking down the hall. Ashley closes her locker and follows. “Woah woah wait, are you serious? You’re about to miss the biggest party of the year for church?” She looks at Chrissy Ann like she was crazy. “Thanks for rubbing it in Ash.” Chrissy Ann rolls her eyes. “I’m sorry Chris but this is serious stuff here! I don’t think there’s going to be a bet ter party this year, you know how rare it is for Jason, THE hottest guy in schoo l may I remind you, to throw a party. I mean how can you miss it? And do you kno w how many girls are going to be there? They’ll flock around him like birds. What chances will you have?” Chrissy Ann stops in her tracks and looks at Ashley. “You don’t think I know that? I would do anything to go tllo that party, but I can’t o k?” “Yes you can.” Ashley rolls her eyes. “Just play sick, duh.” “She won’t go for that.” Chrissy begins walking again. “Maybe she will.” “No, that doesn’t even work when I try to get out of school, especially not church.” T hey hear the bell ring and people start rushing to class. Ashley groans. “Ok well you better think of a way to get out of this or you’ll be one lonely girl.” S he turns around and struts to her class. Chrissy rolls her eyes. I really do nee d to get out of this. she thinks. She starts walking to class, thinking of ways to get out of church, but then bumps into someone. “Oh, I’m sorry” Hanna says as she gets down to pick up her books. Chrissy’s nose flares. She hated Hanna. Hanna always tries to act all nice and sweet, when deep inside Chrissy thinks she’s just trying to get people to like her. What Chrissy hated mo st about her was that she always talked about “Jesus”. Jesus this, Jesus that, she a lways has something to say about Jesus. She reminded Chrissy of her mother. Some times she felt like her mom sent Hanna there just to annoy her. I get enough Jes us talk at home, why do I have to deal with it here? she thought every time Hann a asked “Do you know Jesus loves you?” . “Why don’t you watch where your going next time?” Chrissy says, pushing Hanna to the g round. Some passersby gasped, then laughed. Hanna looked up at Chrissy but doesn’t say anything. She just stands, grabs her books, dusts herself off, and walks to class. Chrissy smirks. She looks around and sees people are still laughing at H anna, pointing and calling her names. Now in a good mood, Chrissy walks to her c lass, which is the same as Hanna’s. They get to class at the same time, right befo re the bell rings, so Chrissy pushes past her and sits at a lab table. Science was Chrissy’s favorite subject for one reasonllklk‘pp, and one reaso n only. Jason. Jason was her lab partner for this semester so she hasn’t been late once. “Hey Chris” Jason says when she lies her backpack on the ground. “Hey Jason” she smiles, making sure to show off her pearly whites. “So, are you still coming to my party? I just got the ok from my parents for a cho colate fountain.” Chrissy’s jaw almost drops to the ground. “You’re going to have a chocolate fountain?” He nods. Ugh!!!!!!! Chrissy sighs. “What? You don’t like chocolate?” Jason asks.

“No, it’s not that, I love chocolate. That’s just the thing though,“ she sighs again “I’m g ing to have to miss it. My mom just told me that I can’t go.” “Aw man, that stinks.” Jason looked disappointed. That flattered Chrissy. “Why can’t yo u?” “ She’s punishing me for getting a bad grade on my report card” Chrissy sighs, she doe sn’t like to tell everyone about her insanely religious mother. “Oh. Well that’s too bad. I kind of wanted to ask you something…” Chrissy’s eyes get big. There had been rumors that Jason had a little crush on Chrissy, but she wasn’t sur e if they were true. “You can ask me now if you want” she says, trying not to sound to desperate. Jason l ooks thoughtful, but then shakes his head. “Nah, never mind. It wasn’t important.” he turns around in his seat and starts on the assignment the teacher just passed out. Chrissy furrowed her eyebrows. Was Jason a.k.a. the hottest guy in school about to ask her out, but didn’t because of chur ch?! She felt herself getting angry. This had better be one good service for all it’s costing me! _______________________________________________________________________ 7:00pm Chrissy and her family arrived at church right on time, which annoyed her. She w as hoping that maybe she could stall a good thirty minutes so that by time they got there church would almost be over and she could still make it to the party, but her mother insisted that she hurry. The family walkso;/k in and moves close to the front. “Sit here” her mother tells her . Great. Front and center. Chrissy rolls her eyes. I t turns out church had already started, they were doing Praise and Worship. Chri ssy ignored most of the service. She distracted herself with things like circlin g the designs on the pew or folding the fan in half. Chrissy even tried going to sleep with her eyes open. Her mother would pinch her every now and then because she knew she wasn’t paying attention. The whole service bore Chrissy, until the p reacher got up. He looked like a typical pastor, nothing special. Chrissy rolled her eyes, she thought he was going to say the same thing all preachers say. To her they might as well be the adults on the Charlie Brown shows. Womp womp “Sinner” womp womp “Going to Hell” womp womp “Surrender”. She was ready to go back to sleep but s omething he said intrigued her. “The devil has a way of making church seem almost like a plague. The World doesn’t w ant to get near it. Just the thought of hearing the Word makes them flee. They h ave no idea what they’re fleeing from though.” the preacher gets down from the pulpi t and paces around the alter. “Freedom, peace of mind, love, all things that the W orld promises, but can’t really give. Only Jesus can give these things, and the de vil knows that perfectly well, so he puts a blindfold on people. He wants to mak e sure they don’t see the truth, and according to John 14:6, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.” Chrissy’s ears perk up. She had never heard it said like that before. bjThroughout the rest of the sermon the preacher spoke out things that she thought she had already known. It was as if he knew her whole life story, bu t that was impossible because she never met him in her life, and neither did her mother because this was his first time in town. He continued to explain how the devil twists things up like your thoughts and fe elings to make you reject Jesus. “Jesus still loves you though. He’s just waiting fo r you to accept him.” The music starts which means it was time for an alter call. The preacher stands in front of the aisle. “Will you? Will you accept Jesus into your life? Will you let him take off your blindfold so you can see the truth? Wi ll you let him save you from a burning Hell? Then come to the alter.” The music ge ts louder and two people get up and stand in line. Chrissy feels her heart pound ing. A little tear escapes her eye. She feels her insides stir. She wanted to go up there, to give her life to Christ, but she was scared. She was scared that e veryone would stare at her. That they would whisper rumors and look at her disa pprovingly. Chrissy was going to stay in her seat but then her mom took her hand . She gently pulled Chrissy out of her seat and walked with her to the line. By time they got to the preacher Chrissy was crying waterfalls. She couldn’t stop sh

aking. The preacher lifts her chin up and stares her in the eye. “Miss, do you want to accept Jesus into your life?” She nodded. “Romans 10:9 says “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”.” “I accept Jesus into my life,…. and I believe that God …raised him from the dead” Chriss y says between sobs. The preacher smiles. “Then you are saved”. He yells “The angels are rejoicing!” The whole congregation start s praising God. Chrissy hears her mother speaking in toklngues behind her. Chris sy starts praising God herself, thanking Jesus for saving her, and the next thin g she knows the preacher lays his hands on her stomach and she starts speaking i n tongues. The whole time it felt like she was outside of herself. She was so ha ppy though. When they finished Chrissy sat down in the closest seat and wiped he r tears with her hands. An evangelist past her a tissue and rubbed her back. “Welcome to the family” she whispers and smiles. Chrissy blows her nose and smiles b ack. Her mom hugs her and sniffles. “I love you Sweetie” she says. “I love you too Mom” Chrissy feels her mom tense up. She and her mother never had a very good relationship, so this was the first time Chrissy ever said that and me ant it. Her mother hugs her tighter and sniffles again. The pastor does the bene diction then everyone begins to leave. Some people come over and give Chrissy a pat on the back. Chrissy’s father a little sister come over. “Well what do we have here? Is this the new, saved Chrissy Ann?” her father says, ki ssing her on the cheek.?;’’’ “How does it feel?” Chrissy smiles. “Good” she gets up and hugs him and her mother. She felt like her eyes were opened. It made her happy. “Great actually” “Wonderful Sweetie” they hugged her back. “Let’s get home now, Samantha is getting sleep y” Two year old Samantha was sleep in her father’s arms. “Ok” Chrissy gets up and they all head to the car. While in the car Chrissy starts thinking of things she’ll have to give up, and thi ngs she’ll have to pick up, like the Bible. She scheduled in her head every mornin g after she got ready for school she would pray, and then read 5 or so verses o f Matthew. She would stop listening to Pop and start listening to more Gospel. C hrissy went through a whole mental list of things she would stop doing, and most of them were easy to give up, but then she hit a road block. What about Ashley? What will Ashley think? Chrissy felt her stomach turn. Ashley would think she h ad lost her mind. And what about Jason? What was he going to think of her now? S he groaned. What do I do? How am I going to face them tomorrow? ________________________________________________________________________ That night Chrissy prayed. “Uhm, Lord? I know it’s probably a little too early to be asking for help , but I re ally need yours. Please show me what to do. I have a friend that doesn’t believe i n religion, and a guy that I really like but probably won’t want anything to do wi th me. What do I do?” Chrissy waits for a little, not really knowing what she was waiting for. A few minutes later she gets up and goes to bed. While she lies the re, a word comes up in her mind. Apologize. Chrissy ignores it but it keeps popp ing up. Apologize, Apologize. Apologize to who? She wondered what this meant, but was to tired to do any deep thinking, so she fell asleep. ________________________________________________________________________ Chrmnijujuinjhissy Ann walked into school that day, worried. She had prayed that morning, and the same word kept coming up. Apologize Apologize. “Who? Who do I apologize too?” She thought aloud. “Yourself for missing that party last night!” Ashley says coming up behind her. Chri ssy had forgot all about the party. I’ll have to give those up as well I guess. Th at thought didn’t bother Chrissy as much as she thought it would. “Hey Ashley” she smiles. “Chris, dude, you seriously missed out on something special. Jason went all out la st night!” she squeaked. “That was the best party ,ev-uh!” Ashley prances around, hype r, then stops. “I mean… sorry you missed it. ” Chrissy rolled her eyes. “So how was ‘churc

h’?” Ashley says sarcastically. “It was actually pretty good..” Chrissy says sheepishly. Ashley raises her eyebrow. “It was…good?” Chrissy nods. “What, did they have Pizza Night or something?” Chrissy shake s her head, then closes her eyes. Here goes… “Ashley, last night… I got saved” Chrissy felt a strange giddiness when she said that that made her want to tell the world. “I got saved!” she smiles. Ashley raises her e yebrow even higher. “You got…“saved”?” “Yup! And it feels so good Ashley, it really does! I was worried when I came here at first, but now I just feel..I don’t know..happy!” Chrissy feels herself smiling w ider. Ashley looks annoyed. “Wait, so your telling me your going all goody-goody toe shoes on me?” She rolls her eyes. “Oh great.” “Ashley, you should get saved too!” Chrissy gets even giddier at the idea. “Dude, we c ould be saved together!!!” She tries to hug Ashley but Ashley steps back. “Uhm, how about no?” She turns her back “Talk to me when you get your sense back.” she w alks away. Chrissy looked surprise. She didn’t think it would go that bad. What do I do now, Lord?, she prays silently. Apologize. There goes that word again. Apologize. Was she supposed to apologize to Ashley? For what? She hadn’t done anything bad to Ashley. Please show me who you want me t o apologize too. Just then Hanna walks by. She was singing a gospel song Chrissy had heard of before but didn’t know the name of. Ohhh, I see. God wanted her to apologize to Hanna. But she had been mean to that girl since 9th grade, there’s no way Hanna would accept the apology. Apologize. Alright alright I will. Chrissy reluctantly went after Hanna. “Hey Hanna” she calls. Hanna stops and turns. She looks surprised to see that it’s Chr issy, but comes over anyway. “Yeah Chrissy Ann?” Chrissy tenses up. She didn’t know how she was going to apologize. She felt her heart getting tugged. Ok, I can do this, in Jesus’ name. She takes a deep breath, and then let’s go. n “Hanna, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you for the past few years. You di dn’t deserve to be treated like that, you never even did anything to me. I’ve just b een a really horrible person.” Chrissy shrugs sheepishly “And I know you probably ar en’t going to forgive me, but I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” “Oh..“ Hanna looks completely surprised, but then smiles. “Thanks Chrissy Ann, I forgi ve you “ “You forgive me?” this didn’t add up to Chrissy “After all those mean things I did to yo u? After yesterday? You really forgive me?” “Of course I do” “But…why? …How?” Hanna giggles. “Well, that wouldn’t be fair for me to not forgive you if Jesus forgave all my sins now would it? That’d just make me a hypocrite” she laughs. “And besides, I try not to take what people do or say to heart ,you know?” Chrissy raises her eyebrows in surprise, then smiles. “Yeah …I guess” she laughs. Hanna laughs too and they both start walking to class. “You know, something has changed about you, but I can’t put my finger on it.” Hanna ex amines her. “Well, it could be the fact that I got saved?” Chrissy says sheepishly. Hanna gasps . “You got saved?” Chrissy smiles and nods. “Oh my goodness that’s great!” Hanna hugs her. “I so happy for you!!” Chrissy laughs. “Well, I’m glad somebody is” “What do you mean?” “Ashley isn’t exactly crazy about the fact that her partner in crime went Christian on her” Chrissy frowns. “Ohhh I see.” Hanna nods in sympathy. “Well, just keep praying for her. Ask God to sav

e her like he saved you. It might not happen when you want it, some people wait 40 years before their loved one gets saved, but it’ll work out in the end.” “Forty years?! What am I going to do without a best friend for forty years?” Chrissy was mortified at the thought. Her and Ashley did everything together, not hangi ng with her was like not breathing. “Oh no, no! That was just an example!” Hanna laughs. “Might take less time then that, but the point is that she gets saved. You don’t want Ashley to go to Hell right?” “Of course not!” That thought mortified her even more. Ashley, her best friend since before she could even remember, burning in Hell? For eternity? “No way.” “Then it looks like you have some work to do.” With that, Hanna walks off to class. She’s right, I do have work to do. Whatever it takes to get Ashley to realize that she’s in danger.

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