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porn actress and now attend UC Berkeley in pursuit of a PhD (self.IAmA). Tiana Tianna is the stage name of a retired American pornographic actress. Tara Collins Tianna Tara Collins, Tatiana Tara Collins Porn Star She retired as a porn actress in Retired pornographic actress Semi-retirement pornographic actress Tracey Adams was active in the porn industry was active in the porn industry

Retired pornographic actress Categories: 1963 birthsLiving peoplePornographic film actors from CaliforniaFemale pornographic film actors Αυτό είναι μια ομάδα για όλα τα κορίτσια εκεί έξω που σε κάποιο σημείο του mayyyy νιάτα τους έχουν βιώσει μια σύντομη γλιστρήσει στο στάδιο πόρνη, αλλά τώρα γνωρίζουμε ότι δεν είναι ο τρόπος να πάει, και λυπάμαι πάρα πολύ αυτό. Θα μπορούσε να ήταν απλώςένας μεθυσμένος hook-up ή ίσως ακριβώς μια σύντομη περίοδοδιαταραχές της κριτικής, αλλά θα πρέπει τώρα να

συμβιβαστεί ότιθα ήταν μια σκαπάνη, αλλά είσαι από πάνω και είστε έτοιμοι νααρχίσετε ένα νέο κεφάλαιο της prudness. Ως μέλος αυτής της ομάδας όμως, είναι δική σας ευθύνη να ... 1.) Δεν είναι μια πόρνη. 2.) Μείνετε μακριά από τα αλκοολούχα ποτά όταν το αρσενικό άλφαείναι στην περιοχή 3.) Συνειδητοποιήστε ότι το φύλο δεν σημαίνει αγάπη, ούτε θα σαςκερδίσει το σεβασμό που θέλετε από το αγόρι / κορίτσι που προσπαθείτε να αποπλανήσει 3.) Δεν γελάμε με την κοπέλα συνδέοντας με 5 παιδιά σε ένα πάρτι, αλλά προσπαθήστε να σταματήσετε και να αποθηκεύσετε της 4.) Προσπαθήστε να recrute sluts να περάσει για πάνω στην «καλή πλευρά." Είναι εντάξει εάν δεν είστε παλιοθήλυκο, μπορείτε ακόμα νασυμμετάσχετε αν θέλετε για την υποστήριξη της διασταύρωσης των συναδέλφων τους συμμαθητές και τους φίλους σας, την προηγούμενη ups γάντζο ή απλά τυχαία άτομα, ή απλά γενικά υποστηρίζουν την ιδέα του να σταματήσει η sluteration σε ολόκληρη την Αμερική . Tiana Tianna is the stage name of a retired American pornographic actress. Tara Collins Tianna Tara Collins,

Tatiana Tara Collins Porn Star ab2cadeb47a543e48/l.jpg Διαχειριστές Andrea Flannery (University of Maine) This is a group for all the girls out there who at one point in their youth mayyyy have experienced a short slip into the slut stage, but are now aware that it is not the way to go, and regret it immensely. It could have been just a drunken hook-up or maybe just a breif period of impaired judgment, but you have now come to terms that you were a hoe, but you're over it and are ready to start a new chapter of prudness. As a member of this group though, it is your responsibility to... 1.) Not be a slut. 2.) Stay away from alcoholic beverages when the alpha male is in the vicinity 3.) Realize that sex does NOT mean love, nor will it gain you the respect you want from the boy/girl you're trying to seduce 3.) Not laugh at the girl hooking up with 5 guys at a party but try to stop and save her 4.) Try to recrute sluts to pass on over to the "good

side." It's okay if you're not a slut, you can still join if you'd like to support the crossover of your fellow classmates and friends, previous hook ups or just random people, or just generally support the idea of stopping the sluteration across america. Tianna (pornographic actress) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached Tianna is the stage name of a retired American pornographic actress. She entered the adult film industry in 1989 at age 26. She was a favorite of director John ... You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 10/8/11 Christy Canyon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Christy Canyon (born on June 17, 1966 in Pasadena, California, U.S.) is a retiredAmerican pornographic actress and current radio personality. ... Bree Olson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached She later said to a reporter on whether she was retired from porn, "As long as I'm with Charlie. But be .... "Adultcon Names Top 20 Adult Actresses

Honor Roll". ... Angel Kelly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Angel Kelly is a retired pornographic actress. With Jeannie Pepper and Heather Hunter, Kelly was among the first African-American women to "cross over" into ... Julian (pornographic actor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached Their relationship is documented in the film The Girl Next Door. In 2000, he was married to porn actress Jill Kelly. In 2002, he retired from performing to direct ... Jenna Jameson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached In July 2006, Jenna Jameson became the first pornographic actress to have a .... as Jameson had planned to retire from adult entertainment upon becoming a ... Sasha Grey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Jump to Adult films: ... taken after the French New Wave actress, before deciding on her ... Less than six months after entering the adult industry, Grey was ... On April 8, 2011, she officially announced her retirement from adult films on ... Gauge (entertainer) - Wikipedia, the free

encyclopedia - Cached Gauge (born July 24, 1980 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.) is a retired Americanpornographic actress and a former stripper. Gauge entered the pornographic ... Belladonna (actress) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Jump to Semi-retirement: In August 2007, Sinclair decided to semi-retire from ...aspects of her career in pornography, particularly her early notoriety for ... Vanessa del Rio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached March 31, 1952) is a retired American pornographic actress. ... Though del Rioretired from adult films in 1986, in part due to the AIDS scare prevalent at the time, ... Belladonna (actress) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Jump to Semi-retirement: In August 2007, Sinclair decided to semi-retire from ...aspects of her career in pornography, particularly her early notoriety for ... Sasha Grey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached Jump to Adult films: ... taken after the French New Wave actress, before deciding on her ...

Janine Lindemulder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached ... adult film actress, best known for her work in American pornographic ... Hide more results from Courtney Simpson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached 1 Early life; 2 Career. 2.1 Controversy; 2.2 Retirement ... In January 2005 ... Ashlynn Brooke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached 1 Early Life; 2 Career in Adult Entertainment; 3 Retirement; 4 Awards; 5 ... Bree Olson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached ... of Bree Olson, is an American pornographic actress and Penthouse Pet. ... Christy Canyon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached ... California, U.S.) is a retired American pornographic actress and current ... Semi-retirement pornographic actress s/a/a9/Tracey_Adams-chickipedia-skin-sexy-soft-

lovely-smoking-hot-stunningbefore_thumb_585x795.jpg dead porn stars. Here is a list of the porn performers who have come before us and have since shuffled off this mortal coil. νεκρών πορνοστάρ. Εδώ είναι μια λίστα με τις πορνοστάρ που ήρθαν πριν από μας και από τότε έχουν ανακατεύονται από αυτό τοθανάσιμο πηνίο. : faq : dead porn stars Here is a list of the porn performers who have come before us and have since shuffled off this mortal coil. It's kinda sad, but we all gotta go sometime. If the performer has a filmography in the Internet Adult Film Database there will be a link under their name. Names that are hotlinked have deeper articles attached to them. Special Thanks to Tim Evanson for most of the gay porn citations and to the readers of and rec.arts.movies.erotica for all the other references. Send corrections, clarifications, additions or deletions to We recommend these sites for further reading. We

have some, but not all, of the information from these sites in our list:Charon's Ferry, Ken's Gallery of Deceased Actors Please note that is an administrative address and is not intended or provided to be an 'answer-man' for general inquiries or 'do you know what happened to...' questions. We just don't have the time or manpower to answer individual questions; for those answers, we refer you to the exhaustive FAQ. Everything else we know and like can be found elsewhere on the site. _Not Dead Kevin Dean [IAFD Listing] Rumor N/A Not dead, as has been claimed on the Rad Video forums. Meghan Chavalier [IAFD Listing] Still kickin, tho living in Indiana "I just wanted to send an email because I keep hearing from people who think I've died in a car accident. I am not dead, although I do live in Indiana haha. Anyway, thanks if you post it for my fans." Joey Morgan [IAFD Listing] Not dead "I "retired" from the industry some time ago in the early 90's to persue a career in Pharmaceuticals,.. Latley I have been getting back in touch with all the folks and everyone has me listed as being Dead. The local Miami Gay Rag even said I was dead some time ago as a

friend of mine said,... I called CHi CHi and she wsa shocked and also thought I was dead. While I Did battle a long year of chemo and radiation last year due to Hodgkins Lymphoma,. I am alive and kicking,.. SOmewhere somehow the rumor has spread. I thought maybe you might be interested in adding me to your rumors list" Tamara Lee [IAFD Listing] Rumored We have no confirmation of the death of Tamara Lee. Excalibur is the only source listing her as dead; so while some may consider that a "scoop" no one else has been able to verify it and run with it, so we remain skeptical. Tiffany Mynx [IAFD Listing] Rumor N/A Not dead; just a movie title. Bambi Woods [IAFD Listing] Allegedly Alive N/A "Bambi" allegedly gave an interview to CJ Laing [IAFD Listing] N/A C.J Laing is alive and well, currently residing in the Bay Area...She looks as good if not better than she did before she "died"... please remove her from your list as she still has a pulse :)... Holly Landers [IAFD Listing] FAKED: Car crash FAKED: Story devised to allow clean exit from industry. She has returned to the industry at January 2009 AEE. Holly Landers was killed on New Years Day, 2003

after a collision with a drunk driver just outside San Jose, Costa Rica. AVN Obit _Unsure Desire Bastareaud [IAFD Listing] R.J. Reynolds [IAFD Listing] Eric Ryan [IAFD Listing]

2/25/2005 1/9/1987 Unknown

Accidental Robert Elephante [IAFD Listing] Accidental Electrocution 5/25/2011 During a storm in the Dallas area, he was found near some downed power lines. Echo Valley [IAFD Listing] Car crash 5/21/2011 She was killed as she was turning into a bar when her small Pontiac was rear-ended by a pickup. She was ejected from her car and died at the scene. She only wore a lap belt, as a shoulder belt was uncomfortable across her giant breasts. Fox News, San Antonio news story Ricky Hawke [IAFD Listing] Carbon Monoxide poisoning 1/22/2010 Randy passed away last week after falling asleep in a confined space and was subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning. He was 22 years of age. Anne Castro

[IAFD Listing] Car accident Aug 9 2009 12:00AM According to Jazz Duro (via Chris Streams on ADT), Anny perished in a car accident. Erica Boyer [IAFD Listing] Traffic Accident 12/31/09 Erica Boyer was reportedly struck by a car driven by an off-duty policement near her home in Panama Beach, Florida. She was 53. AVN Obit Mark West [IAFD Listing] Accidental drowning in Hawaii. 05/01/2008 Popular, ruggedly handsome star active between 1992 and 1996. Anna Alexandre [IAFD Listing] Car wreck 2/22/2007 Born Jeffery Bryan Schley, he was a standout in the Jacksonville area gay,. Lesbian and transgedered community as the woman he became, Anna Alexandre. Sheridan [IAFD Listing] Car Accident 12/20/2006 Eromaxx Blog: December 20, right after party shoot, only twenty years old model Sheridan died tragically in a car accident on D1 Czech national freeway on the way home. Anna Malle [IAFD Listing] Car accident 1/25/06 According to Luke Ford: "Anna's husband Hank is fine. He wasn't in the accident, which was not alcohol related and Anna was not driving." Julie Robbins

[IAFD Listing] Car Crash 9/22/2005 Luke Ford reports: "[Julie] was involved in a car accident in her hometown on 9/22 around 2:15p.m ET. [Julie] was alone so her daughter, thankfully, was not in her vehicle. I'm sorry to tell you this but [Julie]'s car burst into flames as her vehicle hit a telephone pole. It is my belief that she may have fallen asleep. Many, many witnesses to the accident tried in vain to get her out of the vehicle but the heat was too intense. [Julie], God bless her, was burned over 95% of her body. She was alive when they were finally able to get her out of the car and airlifted her to Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. [Julie] passed on 9/22 @ 11p.m. with her family surrounding her. [Julie] will be laid to rest on Sunday, September 25th in Lexington, NC." Livia Choice [IAFD Listing] Car accident 6/9/2005 Popular German actress. Obit article is in German. (German fetish model Livia Choice is dead. She died in a fatal car crash on June 9th on her way to BoundCon II.) Britney Madison [IAFD Listing] Car Crash 4/30/2005 Madison (Real Name: Stacey Pfeiffer) was killed along with her boyfriend in a car crash in Las Vegas. Jasmine Grey Car Crash 12/10/2005 According to the Akron Beacon-Journal, at about 2 AM on Saturday the 10th, Jasmine Grey was driving a car which went off the side of the road, slid through a

snow-filled ditch and struck a tree. (Memorial at: Glamourcon) Fran ois Girard Electricuted 2002 According to The composer died as a result of an accidental electrical shock caused by faulty recording equipment. Linda Lovelace [IAFD Listing] Car accident 04/22/2002 [Lovelace] was taken to Denver Health Medical Center with massive trauma and internal injuries after the April 3 automobile accident, hospital spokeswoman Sara Spaulding said. She was taken off life support Monday, Spaulding said. Teri Diver [IAFD Listing] OD 1/2/01 "She had apparently taken too much of her headache medicine," Ren Savant [her husband] told AVN Veronica Blue Car accident 6/22/2000 She was a bondage perfomrer. Kim Kitaine [IAFD Listing] Drowned 4/1/99 aka Kim Bailey Dave Chandler [IAFD Listing] Accidental Head Injury, whilst on Valium 3/5/99 From Tim: Dave Chandler, R.I.P.: (aka Dave Kemple). Chandler was a newcomer to the industry, having just completed his first film for Studio 2000, titled "Night Riders." According to the Associated Press and local papers, Chandler was found dead in his home in Las Vegas on Friday, March 5th.

Cause of death is unknown. His parents claimed the body, and took him home to Utah, said Chandler's agent, Peter Scott. Chandler was a property manager in his private life. He leaves behind a lover of 8 years. I'm not sure what Chandler died from, but a memory fragment in my mind says it was a heart attack. Tiffany Rose [IAFD Listing] Car crash 1998 Krysti Lynn [IAFD Listing] auto accident 12/7/95 Tribute page at Tommy Wilde [IAFD Listing] Auto accident4/94 Joey Stefano [IAFD Listing] Drug Overdose, HIV Positive 11/21/94 aka Nicholas Anthony Iacona Jr. Tom Farrell [IAFD Listing] Hit and run as he urinated by a road at night 9/2/93 Leilani [IAFD Listing] accident related to psychological turmoil 2/4/93 Leo Ford [IAFD Listing] Motorcycle accident, hit by truck 7/15/91 LeoFord [IAFD Listing] Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident 07/17/1991 He died at the age of 34, a

few days after being hit by a car while on a motorcycle with his lover, Craig Markle, who survived. Laurien Wilde [IAFD Listing] Auto Accident 1984 A Bobby Hollander discovery only did a few films. a/k/a Tina Ross Dick Fisk [IAFD Listing] car crash 10/31/83 Thanks to LEGENDS website for the heads up. Bob Blount [IAFD Listing] motorcycle accident 9/6/79 appeared in a number of gay porn flicks, including L.A. Tool & Dieand Inches Sandy Dempsey [IAFD Listing] Boating Accident Unknown A fan writes: "She reportedly died in a boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 1975, as per Candy Samples' column in a late 1990's issue of JUGGS" Marc Radcliffe [IAFD Listing] Accidental drowning in his bathtub Unknown He may have drowned because he was on drugs at the time and passed out in the water AIDS Allan Gassman [IAFD Listing] 4/12/2010 "'He wound up working against a drug he himself was secretly addicted to, and got found out, and returned to New York to die there, it is believed, of the combined

effect of drugs and AIDS,' Patrick told" - Craven Cox [IAFD Listing] Illness associated with complications of HIV 3/17/2010 Satiny Miranda [IAFD Listing] AIDS 10/11/2009 Brazilian transsexual star Tom Howard [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2/27/07 JC Adams: Our condolences to the COLT Studio Group on the loss of classic COLT Man Tom Howard, who died February 27 from AIDS. His partner David was at his side and notified COLT of the news. Joe Romero [IAFD Listing] Complications from HIV 10/30/07 JC Adams: Gay Porn Times has confirmed the death of performer-activist-musician Joe Romero. He died October 30 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Mr. Romero s partner, who notified the industry of his passing, told me he passed of HIV complications; his body just couldn t handle everything. Kristian Brooks [IAFD Listing] AIDS September 2006 From JC Adams: "He passed from AIDS at a hospice in Colorado, according to a family friend. He was 35 years old. ... On a personal note, I worked with Kristian Brooks and got to know him on the set of

DREAM TEAM. He was talkative, bright and always had an anecdote related to his sexcapades that had the cast and crew in stitches. That's how I'll remember him." Brandy Dalton AIDS 8/4/06 From JC Adams: Mr. Dalton in the 1980s began performing with his boyfriend Robert Woods, eventually forming the techno/electronica band Drance; Mr. Woods passed from AIDS in 1995. Together and separately, Mr. Dalton and Drance won numerous awards scoring many of gay adult's classic films, notably the acclaimed FALLEN ANGEL series for Titan Media, as well as many titles for MSR Videos, including the PROWL series. Surama Valencia [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2006 Surama Valen a a well know Brazilian transsexual model, died of complications due to AIDS in 2006. Johnny Rey [IAFD Listing] Testicular Cancer and "advanced AIDS" 1/18/06 The Adams Report: I was able to confirm that week that performer and director Johnny Rey died on January 18th at just 42 years of age. Cancer and various illnesses related to AIDS was the cause. At the time of his death he was living with his family in Pomona, California and they were with him at the time of his death. Mr. Rey's ex-boyfriend Dino Phillips was able to visit with him prior to his passing, and confirmed some of these details.

Terry Mahaffey AIDS 10/30/05 JC Adams: president of gay powerhouse Falcon Studios: Died 10/30/05, AIDS. Troy Steele [IAFD Listing] AIDS 09/26/2005 Gay performer/AIDS activist Karen Dior [IAFD Listing] AIDS complications (cirrhosis of the liver) 08/25/2004 (Real name Geoffrey Gann, changed real name to Geoffrey Karen Dior). Performer and director. Mason Flynt [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1/4/2002 Brett Ford [IAFD Listing] AIDS/HIV-related complications 12/25/2001 Ron Pearson [IAFD Listing] AIDS 12/10/01 Chuck Holmes AIDS/HIV-related complications 9/9/2000 Founded Falcon Studios Lisa Melendez [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/1999 Sparky O'Toole [IAFD Listing] AIDS 8/1999 aka Donald Keith Paton, shared the wrong needle. Scott O'Hara [IAFD Listing] AIDS, lymphoma 2/18/98 A friend of Scott's has set up a web site in his memory:Pammie's Celebration Of Scott's Life

Kurt Houston [IAFD Listing] Liver failure 8/23/97 Hepatitis related Bob Shane [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/1/97 Chet Thomas [IAFD Listing] AIDS 3/23/97 Richard Locke [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/25/96 aka Richard Holt Locke Steve Kennedy [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1995-97 aka Luke Bender, Scott Plaisance; Exact date of death unknown Eric Stone [IAFD Listing] AIDS 12/24/96 aka Roger John Zellner Brad Braverman [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1/10/96 Ben Barker [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/28/95 Lon Flexx [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/15/95 Pierce Daniels [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/8/95 Jon King [IAFD Listing] AIDS 3/8/95 a/k/a/ Jon Gaines Chris Burns [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2/26/95 aka Danny Joe Burns

Jason Steele [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2/25/95 Kip Tyler [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1995 "A good friend of mine, Kip Tyler, passed away from AIDS in 1995. His real name was Jack Hawkins and ran in Radical Faerie circles as Billie Jack. His videos included Heat, Rings, Manscape I and II, Boys Will Be Boys, and 976. Kip/Jack was active in the gay community, volunteering with the Pasadena City College GLSU and Christopher Street West as well as other organizations." - E. Pruitt Melchor Diaz [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1995 "Starred in a number of films including Dynastud. He was a great guy with a big heart, often taking in lost souls he met on the street. I lost touch, and only discovered his death upon contacting his family to find out where he was. Thanks for the ability to contribute to his memory". - DougeeBear Joe Simmons [IAFD Listing] AIDS complications 10/2/95 Glenn Steers [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/17/94 aka Rick Sommers Ed Dinakos [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/6/94 Colt model, star of Muscle Ranch; aka Michael Harris Glassman Jeff Lawrence [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/31/94

Brad Peters [IAFD Listing] AIDS 5/31/94 aka Jeffrey Garrison Woodward Jeremy Scott [IAFD Listing] AIDS 5/28/94 aka Troy Andrew Myers Craig Markle AIDS 1994 Morelle DeKeigh [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1994 pre-op transsexual Scott Taylor [IAFD Listing] AIDS 12/22/94 aka Scott Taylor Hampton Zeff Ryan [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1/94 AKA Jeff Ryan Clint Lockner [IAFD Listing] AIDS 6/17/93 Luc Colton [IAFD Listing] AIDS 5/18/93 Lei Lani [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1993 She-male star; verified AIDS death. Haron Masters wrote "I was friends with Rick Donovan, who was her lover, and was directly involved during the last 6 months of her life. For historical accuracy she did indeed die of AIDS. She was cremated and her ashes were spread up at the Russian River." Lisa de Leeuw [IAFD Listing] AIDS complications 11/11/93

Paul Pellettieri Tyler Regan [IAFD Listing] Scott Bond [IAFD Listing]



Valley fever 10/93 AIDS complications 10/29/93

Keith Ardent [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/9/92 Jake Corbin [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/27/92 Al Parker [IAFD Listing] AIDS 8/17/92 Drew Glenn Dime AIDS 8/12/92 Roy Garret [IAFD Listing] AIDS 4/3/92 Tim Kramer [IAFD Listing] AIDS 4/15/92 Murrell Cooper Lucky Luc [IAFD Listing] AIDS 3/2/92 Chris Williams [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/11/91 Bart Darryl Weld [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/24/91 Lee Ryder [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/10/91

aka John M Aveno aka Robert Okun

aka Douglas

aka Todd Dunning

Died from AIDS

complications Lance [IAFD Listing] AIDS 5/26/91 aka David Alan Reis Christopher Rage [IAFD Listing] AIDS 4/24/91 aka Frederick Mongue Frank Vickers [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2/24/91 AKA Roger Koch Bill Harrison [IAFD Listing] AIDS 10/18/91 Chuck Vincent [IAFD Listing] AIDS 09/23/91 Popular film director Keith Anthoni [IAFD Listing] AIDS 07/22/1991 Died on July 22 1991 in Marshfiled, Wisconsin from AIDS complications Nick Elliot AIDS 9/2/90 renowned cinematographer Steve Craig [IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/13/90 aka George Joseph Dufour Steven Craig [IAFD Listing] 9/13/1990 Tony Bravo [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/25/90 aka Michael Pietri Bill Henson [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1990

Chris Ladd [IAFD Listing] AIDS 11/14/90 aka Darwin Lee Moehle Johnny Dawes [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/25/89 aka Brian Lee Jesse Koehler [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/17/1989 Obituary in 'Manshots' February 1990 Issue Luke [IAFD Listing] AIDS 6/20/89 aka Phillip Wagner Philip Wagner [IAFD Listing] 6/20/1989 Obituary in 'Manshots' December 1989 Issue Marc Stevens [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1989 Per Patrick Riley: "[Drug theory snipped], however I have two other sources who say the cause was AIDS and I believe the latter two." Rydar Hanson [IAFD Listing] 10/18/1989 Obituary in 'Manshots' May 1990 Issue. John Holmes [IAFD Listing] Cardiac arrest, encephalitis and AIDS 3/13/88 Eric Stryker [IAFD Listing] AIDS 2/19/88 Colt model Noel Kemp ("Not Just Friends", "Easy Entry", "Good Hot Stuff", "Wrestling Meat 2", "Bore 'N Stroke") died of KS in the early 80's. Just prior to his death he

marched in the Christopher Street West parade in West Hollywood wearing shorts & a tank top. It was one of the first times a person with KS marched publicly in LA showing the symptoms of his disease. aka AKA Michael John Saunders, but originally Michael Skrzypcak Jim Moore [IAFD Listing] AIDS 11-28-88 a/k/a Ken Joseph Savoie Kyle Hazzard [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1/16/88 aka Edward Izzo Casey Donovan [IAFD Listing] AIDS 8/10/87 aka John Calvin Culver Arthur Bressan Jr. [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/29/1987 Paul Vatelli [IAFD Listing] Complications from AIDS 8/9/1986 Beau Matthews [IAFD Listing] AIDS 7/20/86 aka Matthew Polchert Congelosi J.W. King [IAFD Listing] AIDS 12/5/86 aka James Waldrop Mike Davis [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1/19/86 Former Colt model and porn star Mike Davis's real name was Winn Strickland and he died of AIDS in "the early months

of 1986", according to a biography of another gay porn star, Al Parker: "Clone: The Life and Legacy of Al Parker, Gay Superstar" by Roger Edmonson (Alyson Books: New York, 2000), page 169 Val Martin [IAFD Listing] AIDS 4/13/1985 Joey Yale [IAFD Listing] AIDS 1984-85 Wade Nichols [IAFD Listing] AIDS, not suicide as once thought 01/28/85 "Straight-for-Pay" pornstar; Was on "Edge of Night" a popular soap; had a disco recording career as "Dennis Parker" Marco Vassi AIDS Unknown Gloria Leonard wrote "essentially a writer-journalist, Marco Vassi did the occasional porn film and was one of the most interesting, colorful characters I ever knew, in or out of the adult industry" Gordon Grant [IAFD Listing] AIDS Early 90s David Rockmore [IAFD Listing] AIDS Early 1990s Lee Richards [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Ken Diamond [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Nick Rogers [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Jim Ed Thompson

[IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Jaap Penrat AIDS Unknown Dave Connors [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Thom Katt [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown The original Thom Katt, who appeared in such films as CULT OF MANHOOD and SHOW IT HARD; there's another Thom Katt -- this ain't him. Steve Taylor [IAFD Listing] AIDS Unknown Steve LoignonAIDS Unknown Combo1 Tallie Cochrane [IAFD Listing] Ray Dennis Steckler [IAFD Listing] Reggie Nalder [IAFD Listing]

5/21/2011 1/7/2009 11/19/1991

Medical Jean Afrique [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 7/29/2011 Leticia Vlasak [IAFD Listing] Cancer 3/2/2011 ~Jane Waters [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 10/1/2011 Jane Waters was the nom de porn for cinematographer

John Keeler. Sexy Cora [IAFD Listing] 1/20/2011 The German porn actress Sexy Cora shot web content, mainly for her own homepage. In January 2011 she wanted to undergo her sixth breast augmentation, to enlarge her F to a G cup. Shortly after the surgery in a private clinic began Cora suffered a cardiac arrest, lasting 15 minutes in which her brain wasn't supplied with oxygen. An emergency physician brought her to the university hospital where she was placed in an artificial coma and died nine days later. The public prosecution department of Hamburg investigates if Cora became a victim of negligent homicide and initiated an autopsy. John Summers [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 8/21/2010 "It is impossible to say anything about Vaughn without using the word elegant." - Kevin Clarke Ami Jordan [IAFD Listing] Passed in her sleep. 6/11/2010 via LukeIsBack: "... I also recieved a link to her memorial service which appears to be posted by a funeral home. (Thanks L & C for info) So sadly I report that 19 year old Ami Jordan has passed away in her sleep. No cause of death is being reported. One of her friends is telling me that there were no drugs found in her system, but truthfully, since it usually takes weeks to get those kind of results, I

question that statement." Phashon [IAFD Listing] Diabetes Complications 5/12/2010 In addition to his stint directing porn, Phashon was a dancer on Soul Train, reports AVN. Joe Sarno [IAFD Listing] Died from a fall following a long illness 4/26/2010 A pioneer of adult cinema and sexploitation, he was 89 when he passed. William C. "Bill" Atkinson Lung Cancer 2010 Sept 8 aka HDKBill, founder and CEO of Hot Desert Knights, a gay porn studio. He fought lung cancer for 12 months. Jenny Joyce [IAFD Listing] polycystic kidney disease 2/9/10 AVN: Jenny Joyce, a familiar face to fans of "mature women" videos, died on Feb. 9 at the age of 63 in Las Vegas of polycystic kidney disease after a long illness. Jamie Gillis [IAFD Listing] Cancer 2/19/10 Jamie Gillis was a pioneer in the adult film industry. He was 66 years old. John Leslie [IAFD Listing] Heart attack 12/5/2010 John Leslie was a renowned actor of porn's "Golden Age" who was one of the first to transition from performer to director. John Leslie

[IAFD Listing] Heart attack 12/5/2010 Viper [IAFD Listing] Lung Cancer 12/24/2010 She was most well-known for the large snake tattoo she sported down her left side. Juliet Anderson [IAFD Listing] She was found dead at home. She suffered from Crohn's Disease. 1/11/2010 "Aunt Peg" was a groundbreaking female performer in the late 1970-1980s and she later moved on to making instructional videos and remaining a sex positive force in the industry and beyond. AVN Obit Jack Wrangler [IAFD Listing] Lung disease 4/7/09 1970s gay and straight porn icon; his life was chronicled in 2008's documentary "Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon". He is survived by his wife, Margaret Whiting. Jon Von Faust [IAFD Listing] pneumonia and cardiomegaly 4/30/2009 Did bondage work with Rick Savage in New York City from '96/'97. Marilyn Chambers [IAFD Listing] Natural causes 4/12/09 Marilyn Chambers was an Ivory Snow box model who turned porn star. She had a long career spanning both adult and mainstream work. She was found by her daughter, McKenna, in the mobile home where she had been living the few months leading up to her death. Cause of death is unable to be determined by the LA County

coroner and is being attributed to natural causes. Todd Welch [IAFD Listing] Lymphoma 12/13/2009 Cause of death was "an aggressive and rare form of lymphoma," per his agent Howard Andrew of FabScout Entertainment. Welch filmed for several web studios and had shot roughly half a dozen DVDs since 2007, including for Falcon Studios and Lucas Entertainment. David Aaron Clark [IAFD Listing] Pulminory embolism 11/28/09 From AVN: "Veteran adult director David Aaron Clark passed away of a pulmonary embolism at around 4 pm this afternoon at Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Los Angeles. He was 49. Clark was taken to the hospital yesterday after complaining that he felt ill. With him at the time of his passing were two of his closest friends, adult actress Aiden Starr and Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann. Mann confirmed Clark's death to AVN Saturday evening." Lorissa McComas [IAFD Listing] Suicide/Illness? 11/03/09 From her website: "On November 3rd, 2009, after a long battle with illness, Lorissa McComas passed away. Lorissa's family is going through the grieving process and will release more soon on this web site . Lorissa leaves an extensive body of work from photographs to video. She is fondly remembered by family, friends and her fans, whom she deeply appreciated and considered her friends." She suffered

from RS Dystrophy, a crippling disease that afflicts the joints. Julie Ellis [IAFD Listing] Medical Condition Brandon Iron: "I believe that Julie did pass away shortly after shooting for I was informed by her agent at the time that she died suddenly due to a pre-existing medical condition. I don't know much else but I am happy to have met her." Peter Steiner [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack Dec 22 2008 12:00AM Steiner died on 22 December 2008 at the age of 81 years to a heart attack he had suffered at his home in Munich. Henri Pachard [IAFD Listing] Cancer 9/27/2008 AdultFYI: "Porn legend Ron Sullivan passed away this morning (9/25/2008) at 9:45 after a three year battle with cancer. Sullivan recently suffered a stroke and remained pretty much comatose. He had been under hospice care at home. Pachard, who had been treated in the past for squamous cell carcinoma in his jaw, was diagnosed in May with throat cancer." Buck Adams [IAFD Listing] Heart failure 10/28/2008 AVN Hall of Famer; actor/director. He passed away with sister Amber Lynn, his daughter and a business associate by his side. Gerard Damiano

[IAFD Listing] Stroke 10/25/2008 The groundbreaking director of "Deep Throat" and "Devil in Miss Jones" passed away from complications from a stroke. Annie Ample [IAFD Listing] Mutiple Sclerosis 1/1/2008 Annie Ample was a top-paid stripper during the 80s. She gave it up in 1992, became rather reclusive and quietly passed away in a Las Vegas rest home. Sasha Gabor [IAFD Listing] Heart Failure 06/27/2008 Died while on vacation in Thailand. Jean-Daniel Cadinot [IAFD Listing] Heart attack 04/28/2008 Heart attack at home in France. Influential directorphotographer-activist, AVN Hall of Famer and one of only a few household name directors; considered perhaps the best all-around filmmaker gay adult ever produced. Kenneth Keith Kallenbach [IAFD Listing] Pneumonia, complications from cystic fibrosis 04/24/2008 AP: "Kallenbach contracted pneumonia while in custody on a charge of attempted child abduction. He died Thursday at Riddle Memorial Hospital near Media, his mother, Fay Kallenbach, said Friday. She said her son suffered from the chronic ailment cystic fibrosis and officials at the Delaware County jail near Philadelphia had failed to properly care for him. A county official said he had been

cared for promptly." Lolly Pop [IAFD Listing] Probable Heart Attack 02/06/2008 aka Federica Gori; born Mary Besesti Federica; Natural causes, possibly a heart attack. Mel Roberts [IAFD Listing] Lou Gehrig's Disease 8/8/2007 Mel Roberts [IAFD Listing]

Lou Gehrig's Disease


Jim Mitchell [IAFD Listing] Heart attack 7/12/2007 Half of the legendary team, the Mitchell Brothers. "He was sitting in his chair and doing something, I think watching TV, and he just, 'Ehhhh.' That was it. His heart quit him just like that," said family member Merle Lane. Aiden Bonini [IAFD Listing] Meningitis 3/26/2007 "Aiden was sadly taken from this world earlier this week ? he was just 21 years old. Fate or God or some other unknown force having decided that his time on Earth was over." - Blake Mason Brett Mycles [IAFD Listing] congestive heart failure 2/24/2007 Mycles was a contract star for Jet Set from 2000-01 before he retired from making adult movies in 2002.

Alain Payet [IAFD Listing] Cancer 12/13/2007 He died in Paris of cancer Haus Weston [IAFD Listing] Cardiac arrest 11/6/07 JC Adams: I ve confirmed this morning that COD was cardiac arrest. Mr. Weston suffered a heart attack while traveling abroad. I ll post more details when they become available and can be properly verified. Cody Foster [IAFD Listing] Liver Cancer 1/7/07 Passed away in Colorado. Holly One [IAFD Listing] Heart failure 9/8/06 Spanish star and director, did some movies with/for Rocco. Kitty Fox [IAFD Listing] Complications from Stroke 9/21/2006 Passed away in Las Vegas. The first "MILF" pornstar. She was 64 when she passed. Rocky [IAFD Listing] Cancer/AIDS 12/7/2006 The "Adams Report by JC Adams" has learned that performer Rocky died on Thursday, December 7th in Los Angeles. He was 26 years old. His agent David Forest notified the industry of his passing. Rocky was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2006 and was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood. When he died, he was undergoing chemotherapy as he battled the cancer and other AIDS-related illnesses.

Matt Sterling [IAFD Listing] Neuron disease 12/6/06 Per a report on, the helmer died at CedarsSinai Medical Center in West Hollywood of "a motor neuron disease he was diagnosed with 18 years ago." Andy Dill [IAFD Listing] Meningitis 12/6/06 Per the Lavendar Lounge blog, Mr. Dill "died at 3:00pm Wednesday. He spent only a few days in the hospital, but deteriorated quickly, and was gone." Michael Morrison [IAFD Listing] Natural Causes 12/22/2006 AKA Milton Ingley. Sharon Mitchell in AVN: "Some say Milton grew tired of life; diabetes had left him blind. He ate too much, lived hard, fucked a lot, loved a lot, and laughed more. For a man like that to be inactive is like a death sentence, I think." Candice Rialson [IAFD Listing] Liver Failure 03/31/2006 Died in Palmdale, CA of liver disease Austin Black [IAFD Listing] liver cancer 03/06/2006 JC Adams: Austin was was 43 years old. Austin was one of the few gay performers whose career stretched over three decades, going all the back to the mid-'80s. Ursula Cavalcanti [IAFD Listing] Cancer 9/22/2005 Via Einsiders: Italian adult film actress Ursula Cavalcanti died of

cancer just one month after being diagnosed with the disease. Ms. Cavalcanti was very popular in her native country. She also worked in productions by US filmmakers working in Europe. Peter van Aarle [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 9/18/2005 Peter was a co-founder of RAME and founded and maintained the data for the Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD). As part of the RAME family, he will be greatly missed. He was 42. Devon Barry [IAFD Listing] Brief Illness 8/5/2005 HOLLYWOOD -- The " Adams Report by J.C. Adams" has confirmed that performer Devon Barry passed away in August 2005. Mr. Barry died following a brief illness in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 5th, 2005 according to a newspaper report. He was 28 years old. Named in part after fellow performer Rod Barry, whom he strongly resembled, Devon Barry was a favorite of All Worlds Video and appeared in roughly one dozen films between 2001 and 2004. Rod Roddick [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 8/18/2005 Duck Dumont [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 8/14/2005 AVN: "Alan Shustak, the AVN Award-winning owner of fetish production house RedBoard Video, died of a heart attack last night. Shustak, who directed

numerous BDSM titles under the name Duck Dumont, was 56. " Chloe Jones [IAFD Listing] Passed away unexpectedly of liver failure 6/4/2005 Former Penthouse Pet passesd away in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Club Jenna Inc. indicated it would be setting up a fund for Jones' children that it would contribute to on a monthly basis. The email address info@chloeaid.comshould be operational by 6/11/05. Bob Zak [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 6/27/2005 Bob suffered a heart attack at his home. He was 51. He owned GwenMedia, a specialty house. Barry Knight [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 6/16/05 a/k/a Brian King, of Jaguar Productions and Delta Video, born 09/27/45. Sad detail: He collapsed while walking his dog near his house and fell onto a neighbor's lawn. The dog ferociously defended his body and would not let anyone near him. They had to call Animal Control to subdue the dog so the paramedics could get to him. He was taken to the hospital and died later that day. Turns out he'd had a stroke in 2002 and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier in 2005. Clive McLean [IAFD Listing] Cancer 3/29/2005 AVN Hall of Famer (2001); directed Barely Legal and Hot Showers

series for Hustler. He was 60. Candy Barr [IAFD Listing] Pneumonia 12/30/2005 Candy Barr (70) exotic dancer and pornographic film star who dated mobster Mickey Cohen and was friends with Dallas club owner Jack Ruby (killer of Lee Harvey Oswald), who trained actress Joan Collins for her role as an exotic dancer in the 1960 movie Seven Thieves, and who later served 4 months of a 15 year sentence for possessing less than four-fifths of an ounce of marijuana, ending her career, died of pneumonia in an Abilene, Texas on December 30, 2005. ( Patrice Cabanel [IAFD Listing] heart failure 06/12/2005 Heart failure Tony Alizzi [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack (also HIV and drugs played some part, if not directly) 01/03/2005 Tony Alizzi (real name: Rob Allen). Owner of MSR Video. Jim Holliday [IAFD Listing] Complications due to Type II Diabetes 12/15/2004 AVN: "Jim Holliday, AVN Award winning producer, historian, founding father of the X-Rated Critics Organization and author of such inside industry tomes as Only the Best and The Adult Movie Almanac, passed away due to complications brought on by Type II Diabetes. "

Lea DeMae [IAFD Listing] Brain Cancer 12/09/2004 "DeMae, a popular star that had a six-year adult performing and modeling career, would've turned 28 on Dec. 26. She earned a nomination for AVN Foreign Female Performer of the Year for the 2004 ceremony. " AVN Fabio Scorpion [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 11/24/2004 Fabio Scorpion, a Brazil-based bisexual adult performer who appeared in Evil Angel and other productions shot there, suffered a fatal heart attack during calf implant surgery, Evil Angel reported Wednesday. Russ Meyer [IAFD Listing] Pneumonia / Alzheimer's Disease 09/18/2004 Wikipedia: Meyer died at his home in the Hollywood Hills, of complications of pneumonia, on September 18, 2004. Jim Salyer [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack May 2002 Jim was Private Performance Video and at the time of his passing in May 2002 (of a heart attack in his home in Northridge, CA), he had a catalog of over 200 single girl and girl/girl titles Dante [IAFD Listing] Natural Causes, cereberal aneurysm March 2002 Blond gay porn star and Jet Set regular Dante was found found dead at his home a few weeks ago. Natural causes, a burst blood vessel

in the brain (cerebral aneurysm). Dante lived alone, and when Jet Set couldn't reach him for several days, they called his father, with whom Dante had been close, and asked him to go check on him. That's when it was discovered that he'd died.Jet Set has put a memoriam at the front of all copies of "Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang." Bobby Astyr [IAFD Listing] Lung Cancer April 2002 He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1996-7, was in remission, but then it came back. AVN Obit Woody Long [IAFD Listing] From a head injury 9/28/2002 According to AVN, Woody had a stroke on 9/16/02, fell down a flight of stairs, and hit his head. Chuck Traynor [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 7/22/2002 There's a longer piece at AVN Bobby Hollander [IAFD Listing] Brain Malignancy 3/7/2002 Hollander was a director from the Golden Age, and was married to Gloria Leonard. AVN Obit Winston Love [IAFD Listing] Meningitis 2002 According to African-American star Winston Love made around twenty videos, mainly for Bacchus Releasing, All Worlds, Jet Set and US Male. His titles include: Black Balled 2, Black Encounters, Frat

House, Interracial Interrogations, Marine Chronicle, Special Forces, The Underboss and White Guys With Black Ties. The cause of death was Meningitis. Devon Renfro [IAFD Listing] Brain Aneurysm 12/25/2002 found by his boyfriend, porn star Kris de Ferr Greg Ross [IAFD Listing] Asthma attack 10/4/2002 Shaun Michelle [IAFD Listing] Massive stroke 10/28/2002 According to boyfriend Wesley Emerson, Shaun died of a massive stroke. Bob Tremont Pneumonia and liver problems 03/10/2002 Co-owner (with his lover) of straight-porn colossus Odyssey Video and its gay porn subsidiary, Men of Odyssey.AVN Obit. Robert Rimmer He was 84. 8/1/2001 Rimmer wrote the X-Rated Video Guide (later co-written with Patrick Riley) as well as The Harrad Experiment. AVN Obit Alex deRenzy [IAFD Listing] Stroke, Diabetic Attack 6/8/2001 Prolific director; a pioneer. Robert Kirsch [IAFD Listing] Non-AIDS-related cancer: lymphoma 5/5/2001 Co-founder of Titan Media Lynx Dyan [IAFD Listing] Cancer 2001 "She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after making her last

film, and eventually died in 2001 of complications during her battle with the disease. She was 25 years old." -- David, her husband Alfonso Ribeiro [IAFD Listing] Meningitis 2001 aka Eduardo Dean Roberson Lung Cancer 11/23/2001 Roberson was an art director. AVN Obit Steve Regis [IAFD Listing] Heart Failure 07/26/2001 See article. Leslie Glass [IAFD Listing] Cancer 8/4/2000 Anthony Spinelli [IAFD Listing] complications due to pneumonia 5/30/00 One of the best adult filmmakers ever. Bruce Seven [IAFD Listing] Complications from stroke and emphysema 1/15/2000 As reported by AVN, the details of his death are as yet unknown, but are believed to be related to emphysema and his recent stroke. AVN Article Eartha Quake [IAFD Listing] Complications from pregnancy 3/15/1999 Carla Himes, known to many of you as adult fim star Eartha Quake, passed away Monday in Hemet, California. Initial reports from family members suggest complications during the fifth month of her second pregnancy in two years. Carla underwent weight-loss surgery in 1996 and recently

had experienced health problems involving her spleen and iron retention. Bob Vosse [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 1999 Silver-Age Director; age 72, retired to Tennessee. Joe D'Amato [IAFD Listing] Heart Failure 1/23/99 Passed away in Rome. Poul Bundgaard [IAFD Listing] Kidney failure6/3/1998 Joey Carson Heart Attack 2/26/98 John Derek [IAFD Listing] Cancer 1998 Directed "Love You"; most recently married to Bo Derek Scorpio [IAFD Listing] stomach cancer and complications from AIDS 12/24/98 Lee Baldwin [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 11/30/98 It's with very great sadness that I must tell you, the fans of Lee Baldwin, that my model & dear friend John Francis Mallette (known as Lee Baldwin) died on the evening of November 30, 1998. He had a massive heart attack in his home preparing to walk his dog. Death was instant. He had found true happiness and had plans for a commitment ceremony & a new house. Joey Karson [IAFD Listing] Heart failure 02/27/1998 "Unfortunately, in June of '92

while performing, Joey collapsed and was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with severe damage to the electrical part of her heart." Matt Gunther [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 5/27/97 Had AIDS Rene Bond [IAFD Listing] Liver problems 6/2/96 She died in LA of liver problem, possibly cirrhosis. Teri Hall [IAFD Listing] Cancer 1995 According to IMDB, Terri died of cancer in Elmira, New York in 1995 Terri Hall [IAFD Listing] Cancer 1995 Moana Pozzi [IAFD Listing] liver cancer 9/15/94 Did she fake her own death? Jack Baker [IAFD Listing] Cancer 11/13/94 Cathy Stewart [IAFD Listing] Natural Death or Overdose 08]09/1994 Died: Breuillet, Charente Maritim, France. Cause: two different causes are quoted in different sources, one states "natural death", the other states "drug overdose". Mackenzie Poe [IAFD Listing] Pneumonia 8/25/93 Ralph (Mac) was 6'3" at 185lbs and had a chain-link design tattooed around his left wrist (mb right wrist?) Both

a Texas stud and a Southern gentleman, he served tours in Vietnam in 1968-69 while a sailor, USN, Seventh Fleet. Buried in the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM. Died Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, August 25, 1993 of pneumocystis pneumonia. Stasha [IAFD Listing] Leukemia 4/93 Post-op T/S star from 1992. Bob Mizer [IAFD Listing] Cardiac Arrest 5/12/1992 Bob Mizer [IAFD Listing] Cardiac Arrest 5/12/1992 Bob Mizer [IAFD Listing] Cardiac Arrest 5/12/1992 Bob Mizer [IAFD Listing] Cardiac Arrest 3/12/1992 Angelique Pettijohn [IAFD Listing] Cancer 2/12/92 Mark Weiss [IAFD Listing] Undisclosed medical reasons 1992 screenwriter of "Catwoman" and "Welcome to Dallas" among others. He directed "Black Taboo" Joseph Tiffenbach [IAFD Listing] Heart attack 1/27/92 Aldo Rey [IAFD Listing] Cancer 3/27/91 Buster [IAFD Listing] Congenital Heart Failure 2/10/91

According to Frontiers, Buster (aka Jeffrey Wayne Cole) was HIV+ but not related to his cause of death Dick Masters [IAFD Listing] Spinal cancer, not AIDS-related 4/27/90 Greta Garbo [IAFD Listing] Natural causes 04/15/1990 "Porn star" is really stretching a definition. She did appear (wthout her knowledge) in a non-sex role in "Adam & Yves" in 1974, billed as her last film appearance. Armand Weston [IAFD Listing] Unconfirmed 5/26/1988 Sources report he succumbed to a heart attack, but it is not confirmed. Kurt Marshall [IAFD Listing] AIDS-related kidney disease 10/10/1988 His real name was James Allen Rideout Jr. He was only 22 years old at the time of his death. The official cause of death was kidney failure due to substance abuse - Manshot Magazine May 1989 issue. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. My source for this information may be found at: dead_friends/list.html Luis DeJesus [IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 07/27/1988 From IMDb: "Best known for his role as Ralphus the

demented dwarf in the infamous Blood Sucking Freaks (1976) (aka "The Incredible Torture Show), Luis DeJesus had been a circus performer, but was actually quite infamous around New York in the Seventies for his role in a stag movie, a charming little ditty entitled The Anal Dwarf (1971)." Ajita Wilson [IAFD Listing] Cerebral Hemorrhage 1987 a very exotic, American-born actress in European porn films Kevin James [IAFD Listing] Testicular Cancer 1987 Frank Hollowell [IAFD Listing] heart attack? 01/12/1987 According to IMDB; died in Hollywood of an apparent heart attack Lauren Dominique [IAFD Listing] Cancer 6/86 Michael Bruce [IAFD Listing] testicular cancer 1985 boyfriend of Sharon Kane, appeared in Devil in Miss Jones 2 among others Bodil Joensen Medical 01/03/1985 Danish pornstar who made some bestiality loops. From Wikipedia: Many believed her to have committed suicide, however in the April 2006 UK documentary, "The Dark Side of Porn: The Search For Animal Farm", which traced the production of the notorious underground film known as Animal Farm from excerpts of her many bestiality

films, it was stated by a close friend of Bodil's that she died on January 3, 1985 from cirrhosis of the liver. Tina Russell [IAFD Listing] Natural Causes 5/18/1981 Acute alcoholism; Tina Russell was born in Williamsport PA. She died on Monday May 18, 1981 at Tri-City Hospital in Vista CA, while visiting her brother. She was married to Jason Russell and is buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Montoursville, PA. J. Brian [IAFD Listing] Unknown Unknown J. Brian was a filmmaker from the '70's, according to LEGENDS website. The Bay Area Reporter reported the cause of death was a massive heart attack. Hypatia Lee [IAFD Listing] Faked Her Own Death N/A Murder Tom Dong [IAFD Listing] Stabbed by co-worker 6/1/2010 Tom Dong (real name: Herbert Wong) was one of four men attacked by fellow co-worker Steve Driver (real name: Stephen Clancy Hill), who went on a rampage at the Ultimate DVD studio on Tuesday, June 1, at around 10:20 pm. Tom succumbed to his injuries later that night in hospital. It is believed the two men had been living at the Ultimata studio, as well, the pair had appeared in at least six films together

including Brutal Femdom Cuckholding and Cuckold Abuse and Femdom Humiliation 1. Ironically, in both titles, the two men are shown sharing the boxcover. According to "Dong, one of the few Asian performers in the business, was used in a variety of fetish videos because he could work well in that capacity. Dong is described by many as a "nice guy who couldn't hurt a flea." Lindon Hawk [IAFD Listing] Victim of Road Rage; Sustained a massive head injury after getting punched 12/13/2010 On Saturday, he was involved in a fender bender and the driver of the other car punched him in the head. He had hit his head and died Monday due to his extensive injuries. Damien Michaels [IAFD Listing] Murder 10/27/09 Found stabbed in a Comfort Inn hotel room. According to Rob Spallone, "He got hooked on the crystal meth and crack and that was the end of it." Giselle Lins [IAFD Listing] Murder 09/2009 "I received a report late last week that Giselle Lins was murdered, in Europe, last week. The best information I could receive is that she made some enemies with either the local Brazilian mafia (pimps) or some other Brazilian tgirls and she was shot to death." Felicia Tang [IAFD Listing] Found beaten and suffocated in her

apartment 09/11/2009 CBS News: Police say a one-time reality TV contestant and pastor has been charged with murder and torture in the killing of soft-core porn star, actress and model Felicia Lee, 31, whose body was found in a Monrovia, Calif., apartment on Sept. 11, 2009. Honey [IAFD Listing] Murder 12/25/2008 Indianapolis Star: Avery Elzy, 34, and Michael Hunt, 22, were found dead late Friday afternoon in a home in the 5800 block of Rosslyn Avenue. Police say they were victims of homicide. Police continued to withhold information about the cause of their deaths pending autopsy results. Investigators also said they remain uncertain of the motive. Vanessa Freeman [IAFD Listing] Strangled 1/9/07 The Sun UK: A HIGH class hooker who boasted a boy band hunk among her string of A-list clients has been found strangled in her bed. Bryan Kocis Murder; stabbed multiple times 1/24/2007 Owned Gay Studio, Cobra Video. Kocis was stabbed multiple times, then his house was burned down to cover up the murder. Bryan Phillips [IAFD Listing] Murder; stabbed multiple times 1/24/2007 Owned Gay Studio, Cobra Video. Kocis was stabbed multiple times, then his house was burned down to cover up the murder.

Taylor Summers [IAFD Listing] Stabbed to Death March 2004 Found stabbed multiple times in suburban Philadelphia (Conshohocken, PA) Nozomi Momoi Stabbed to death 2002/10/12 Japanse AV star; involved in bizarre murder/suicide pact. Lolo Ferrari [IAFD Listing] Murder? 3/5/00 Update March 2002: Her husband has been charged and arrested for suspicion of murder in Lolo's death. The original obituary: GRASSE, France, 2000 March 5 (Reuters/Variety) French porn star Lolo Ferrari died on Sunday of natural causes in her house on the French Riveria, police said. She was 30. Ferrari was billed as ``the woman with the biggest breasts in the world'' and had a reputed 71-inch (177.5 centimeter) silicone-enhanced bust. A bid to register her name as a fashion label was defeated two years ago by her namesake, the Italian car-maker. There were no further details about her death. Steve Cadro [IAFD Listing] Bludgeoned and stabbed to death 3/21/00 Hungarian gay porn director Mark Nixon Murdered in Mexico 3/3/1998 was HIV Positive Derek Powers

[IAFD Listing] Murdered 5/19/96 Brandon Wilde [IAFD Listing] Murdered 3/5/96 Riny Red [IAFD Listing] Murder 04/12/1996 European actor Riny Rey is dead. He was gunned down in Budapest on April 12, just days after completing work on Private Dancer and Sin, two productions for Private. Riny is known to European audiences for his extensive work in adult. American audiences may best remember Riny for his appearances in John Leslie projects. Surviving Riny are his wife and five children. P.S.: Private Media Group is organizing a collection for the surviving family members. Interested donors can contact Peter Backman at Private's Sweden office." Christopher Lance [IAFD Listing] Stabbed during lovers' quarrel 4/24/94 AKA Robert Lance Slacke Artie Mitchell [IAFD Listing] Shot by his brother Jim 1991/02/27 He was half of the legendary Mitchell Brothers. Billy London [IAFD Listing] Mutilated 10/29/90 Found dismembered in a trash bin on Santa Monica Blvd. He did gay video work such as: "Bulge: Mass Appeal", "Hard Choices", "Head of the Class", "Hot Wired", "Imperfect Strangers", and "Sex Drive 2020"

Charli Waters [IAFD Listing] Murdered 1989 Murdered by a john according to Excalbur's Adult Porn Star Mall Toymaster [IAFD Listing] Killed during a violent crime Unknown Not Dead Rio Silver [IAFD Listing] Hoax 9/6/2010 For reasons unknown there was a hoax alledgedly stating that he died in a car accident on his way to an airport in London. OD'd Greg Centauro [IAFD Listing] Changed Facebook status to "Single" from "In A Relationship" days earlier 3/25/2011 There is some confusion surrounding his date of death. Woodman reported on 3/26 that he died "yesterday" and French Wikipedia claimed March 26. Blue Angel, his former girlfriend, confirmed they broke up and days later he OD'd. Whether this was a suicide or just an accident is unclear. Missy [IAFD Listing] Accidental(?) overdose of prescription pills 08/18/2008 AVN: "Missy, the soft-spoken five-foot-high blonde who took the adult industry by storm shortly after her first appearance

in 1994, was reportedly found dead in her apartment in Valencia, Calif. from an accidental overdose of her prescription medication. She was 41 years old." Her brother posted a eulogy on his myspace page which seems to insinuate it may have been voluntary. ("But most of all I will just miss you. As much as I want to be selfish and have you back here with me. I know you are finally at peace and where you want to be.") Chico Wang [IAFD Listing] Suspected OD 9/29/2007 Found dead in a motel in Morgan Hill, California. Wanker Wang [IAFD Listing] Suspected OD 9/29/2007 Found dead in a motel in Morgan Hill, California. Danny Dukes [IAFD Listing] OD 12/3/07 AVN: Performer and agent Danny Dukes was found dead in a San Fernando Valley home today in an apparent drug overdose, according to his friend and fellow performer Will Powers. Kirby Scott [IAFD Listing] Overdose11/2/2006 A classic COLT Man as well as a popular fitness and physique model, Kirby Scott, 44, died November 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. The cause of death was a drug overdose, per a newspaper obituary. Eva Lux [IAFD Listing] Heroin Overdose 9/20/2005 aka Leticia Blake. She was taken off life-support after a

heroin overdose landed her in the hospita. Juliette Jett [IAFD Listing] Heroin OD 11/5/2005 Received via e-mail. Unconfirmed. Judy OD 8/20/04 Post from Unfortunally, we got a confirmation on the death of Judy real name (Stano) few days ago. Robin asks in his post if we would now take him from the opening graphic of Slovakiaboy out of respect for his passing away. We did think about that, but if I look at how we got to know Judy (He himself insisted on having that name, no matter that it sounds a rather female!) I don't think we should. In all work he did for the camera, you can see how much he liked to do it. I am very sure that he was actually proud of the way he showed himself off. What better tribute can we give him than to leave him on the graphic for slovakiaboy? After all, someone is only really dead when nobody remembers him anymore. Rebecca Steele [IAFD Listing] OD'd on Carisoprodol; suffering from AIDS 1/18/2004 Mike Henson [IAFD Listing] Overdose of heroin 9/21/2002 Was HIV+, death was not AIDS related; aka Kenneth Seymour Amber Sexxxum [IAFD Listing] Heroin Overdose 7/26/2002 According to Mike South, the Pinellas County

Corner listed her cause of death as heroin overdose after autopsy was done. Leo Masters [IAFD Listing] Heart Failure due to Drug Overdose 6/22/2001 Christian Murphy [IAFD Listing] Overdose, Crystal Meth 1/23/2001 Retired gay porn star; he was 34. Jamoo [IAFD Listing] OD 8/31/00 Chance Ryder [IAFD Listing] Accidental overdose of antipsychotic prescription drugs November, 1999 David Morris [IAFD Listing] Drugs 05/21/1999 J.D. Ram [IAFD Listing] drug overdose 9/30/98 heroin overdose Trinity Loren [IAFD Listing] drug overdose 10/28/98 Daniel Holt [IAFD Listing] Heart attack after accidental drug OD 11/20/93 AIDS complications may have played a part Chanel Price [IAFD Listing] Drug overdose 12/20/1992 Arcadia Lake [IAFD Listing] Accidental overdose 9/13/1991

Fred Halsted [IAFD Listing] OD'd on sleeping pills 1988 Pierre Buisson [IAFD Listing] OD November 1987 Drug overdose Linda Wong [IAFD Listing] Overdose12/7/87 Jill Munro [IAFD Listing] Heroin OD 1982 Sex change star companion of Mr. "10 1/2" Marc Stevens. "I recently purchased an old back copy of Adult Cinema Review, December 1982. Inside was an entire two page memorial to Jill. Two articles were penned about the transsexual(pg's 4-5). One written by Ron Jeremy and the other by a guy named Boz Crawford. To make a long story short the article says that Jill Munro was found dead in her apartment, the apparent victim of a heroin overdose. The time of death was August, 1982." Roberta Pedon [IAFD Listing] Alcoholism 07/30/1982 Roberta Pedon died at the Alameda Hospital in Alameda County, California on July 30, 1982 at the age of 28. On Pedon's death certificate, the examining physician recorded her death as a result of "shock" due to lactic acidosis caused by "alcoholic liver disease". Pedon's remains were cremated at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland.

Suicide Evan Cobb [IAFD Listing] Suicide 4/28/2011 Mentioned by George Duroy in his BelamiOnline Forum Shane Risk [IAFD Listing] Suicide by Hanging 7/26/2010 "What many may not know about Shane Risk is that he was an incredibly talented musician who gave up porn shortly after filming "Taken" to focus on his music. He wrote lots of beautiful brilliant songs and produced for many artists as well." - Jason Sechrest Steve Driver [IAFD Listing] Died during a stand off with the police 6/5/2010 He was involved in the June 1st, 2010 murder of Tom Dong and was on the run until the 5th. He was in an 8 hour stand off with the police until he jumped to his death, some 40 feet off a cliff. Shawn Ricks [IAFD Listing] AVN reports "self-inflicted wounds" 6/26/2010 From AVN: Veteran performer/director Shawn Ricks, who appeared in more than 180 adult movies and directed more than 80 of them, was found dead on Saturday, June 26, of self-inflicted wounds. He would have been 47 on Aug. 3. Shawn Ricks [IAFD Listing] AVN reports "self-inflicted wounds" 6/26/2010 From AVN: Veteran

performer/director Shawn Ricks, who appeared in more than 180 adult movies and directed more than 80 of them, was found dead on Saturday, June 26, of self-inflicted wounds. He would have been 47 on Aug. 3. Jezebel Yum [IAFD Listing] Suicide 10/19/2010 Leila Lopes [IAFD Listing] Cardiac arrest due to OD Mar 12 2009 12:00AM While death was attributed to cardiac arrest, anti-depressants were found in the vicinty of the body and suicide notes were found as well. Caleb Carter [IAFD Listing] Suicide 02/20/2009 Twink star active between 2004-2007. Also appeared on several MTV shows in 2006. He had been struggling with manic depression, alcoholism. Tami Lynn [IAFD Listing] Suicide 11/28/2008 Not explicitly confirmed; but most memorials refer to her as "having to be happier now" and a history of mental illness and drug abuse. Tiffani DiGivanni [IAFD Listing] Suicide Approx Oct 07 According to AdultFYI's interview with Michael Fattorosi, ""She turned her car on in the garage and fell asleep..." Kent North

[IAFD Listing] Suicide 7/4/07 JC Adams: Horrible news this morning: Hot House exclusive Kent North committed suicide July 4th. Word is currently spreading via grapevine. Very few details are available at the moment, but we re working on getting the full story. His website currently features only a photo of Kent and a short message: "In Memoriam: 27 December 1972 - 04 July 2007" Jon Dough [IAFD Listing] Suicide 8/27/2006 He was 43. Method unknown. Camilla deCastro [IAFD Listing] Suicide 7/26/2005 Camilla is alleged to have committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment, although the details surrounding her death are unresolved, and drugs were involved in the circumstances of her death. Tim Barnett [IAFD Listing] Suicide by hanging7/13/2005 A former gay porn actor and real estate agent suspected in seven rapes in Colorado and Texas died Wednesday after hanging himself in his jail cell. Lance Heywood [IAFD Listing] Jumped off a building 4/28/2005 He performed under the name Lance Heywood. In the early 90s he was a talent scout who discovered, among others, Savannah. Johnny Rahm [IAFD Listing] Hanged himself 11/7/2004

Rogers hung himself with a wire on the fence line of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, according to the Atlanta Police Department. Spalding Gray [IAFD Listing] Suicide 01/10/2004 From Wikipedia: "In January 2004, Gray, known to suffer bouts of depression in part as a result of these injuries, was declared missing. The night before his disappearance he had seen Tim Burton's film Big Fish, which ends with the line "A man tells a story over and over so many times he becomes the story. In that way, he is immortal." Gray's widow, Kathie Russo, has said You know, Spalding cried after he saw that movie. I just think it gave him permission. I think it gave him permission to die. (New York Magazine Feb 2, 2004)" Jay Anthony [IAFD Listing] Suicide, reasons and method unknown April, 2003 Anja [IAFD Listing] Unconfirmed reports say she committed suicide over "an unfulfilled love affair." 1/1/2003 Date of January 1 is specious.. Naughtia Childs [IAFD Listing] Suicide? Jumped/Fell off her balcony 01/07/2002 Seems like a suicide, tho there's a homicide investigation pending. Mark [IAFD Listing] a/k/a Mark DeBoy9/1/2000 of fame Mark DeBoy [IAFD Listing] Suicide 9/1/2000 Jon Vincent [IAFD Listing] Drug overdose/suicide 5/3/2000 aka Jeffrey James Vickers Brad Chase [IAFD Listing] Hanged himself 4/19/2000 Brother of Kyle Matthews Kyle McKenna [IAFD Listing] Suicide, OD'd on pills of some sort 3/14/2000 His parents refused to claim his body (they had long ago rejected their homosexual son), so Kyle's ex-boyfriend and friends had him cremated. His ashes scattered over the mountain where he loved to snowboard. Wendy O. Williams [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 4/7/98 lead singer of The Plasmatics, appeared in "Candy Goes To Hollywood" Steve Fox [IAFD Listing] Suicide 10/23/97 aka Rommel Eugene Hunt; Self-inflicted gunshot wound after years of mental illness Christian Fox [IAFD Listing] drug overdose 9/20/1996 Fade Out in "MANSHOTS" March 1997 Andy Mantegna [IAFD Listing] Suicide, Hanging 8/13/1996

Alex Jordan [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 7/2/95 Cal Jammer [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 1/25/95 Savannah [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound (N Smith's Page)7/11/94 Rod Phillips [IAFD Listing] Suicide by drug OD as he lay dying of AIDS 5/24/1993 Celia Young [IAFD Listing] Unknown method 1992 Did 4 or 5 movies Alan Lambert [IAFD Listing] Suicide by gunshot 12/92 Nancee Kellee [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 11/91 Wife of Twin Peaks star Jack Nance, daughter of Coach star Jerry Van Dyke Megan Leigh [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 6/16/90 Kristine Heller [IAFD Listing] Suicide 1989? Paul Thomas' girlfriend in late 70s; starred in Babyface Kyle Carrington [IAFD Listing] Suicide 1989 From a fan: "I

think you should add "Kyle Carrington" to your list of dead porn stars.He only made three gay films ;all classics;ALL AMERICAN BOY 1985,HOT MALE MECHANICS 1985,TOUGH COMPETITION 1984. ... Guess he could not live with himself, according to several websites, both gay and traditional; Kyle Carrington committed suicide in 1989 in Hawaii, a few months after moving there.He was either age 34 or age 37 at the time of death. " Joel Curry [IAFD Listing] Suicide 5/22/1986 "He took an overdose of his step-mother's "cramp" medicine, THEN, went to sleep in the back seat of the car, with the car on, and the garage door closed. Left a note taped to the garage door for his little brother and step-sister, saying "Don't come in the garage go and call Dad". he was my best friend, and I know this info. to be factual. And, it is true that this did happen only a year or two after his mother's suicide." Shauna Grant [IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 3/23/84 Mary Millington [IAFD Listing] Suicide 8/19/79 Melba Bruce [IAFD Listing] Unknown method 7/1/1977 Lynn Tars [IAFD Listing] Unknown method Unknown Did 4 or 5 movies

Claudia Fielers Danie [IAFD Listing]

Not Sure How

Unknown Unknown

Suicide, method unknown

Susanna Britton [IAFD Listing] Suicide Unknown AKA Barbara Peckinpaugh / was in Bad Girls 2 unknown Dean Johnson [IAFD Listing] 9/14/2007 He only made one porn movie "Daddy Dearest" in 1984. He was very active in his band and a gay rights activist. He was HIV+ wasn't what killed him, foul play was considered. Unsure Harry S. Morgan [IAFD Listing] April 30, 2011 Hunter Bryce [IAFD Listing] 4/12/2011 Goldie Sparxx [IAFD Listing] cause of death.

Found dead in his apartment on 4/30/2011 He was 65 years old. Did not wake from sleep Details are unknown at this time. Her obituary didn't menation a 8/21/2010 page=lifestory&pid=145439191

Violet Adamson [IAFD Listing] Unknown cause of death 12/19/2010 Joey Valentine [IAFD Listing] Cause of death not disclosed 12/16/2010 Family and friends sent us notice confirming that she died on this date. Included facebook obit but ask us not to disclose reason or facebook page. Eddie Black [IAFD Listing] Cause of death has not been released.7/28/2009 British performer with and Treasure Island Media. Family has not released COD. "Eddie was most definitely a TIM fan-favorite," said director Liam Cole. "He was really a pleasure to shoot." Richard Montford [IAFD Listing] Unknown 7/1/2009 Director/photographer Richard Montfort was found dead in his home in Burbank, CA. He was 53. Details of his death are not available. Brok Austin [IAFD Listing] 3/21/2009 Dominique Aveline [IAFD Listing] 3/13/2009 Steve Pierce [IAFD Listing] Unsure 03/12/2009 Popular performer active between 1995-2004. He specialized in BDSM, leather films. No reason given in his obit.

He was 44 years old. Cole Ryder [IAFD Listing] 7/30/2008 Initial reports stated Staph infection but the cause of death seems to be inconclusive. Danny Roddick [IAFD Listing] Possible OD 9/13/07 While no official word has been made about the exact cause of death, industry insiders believe that it may have been caused by an overdose of prescription pills. Haley Paige [IAFD Listing] Unknown 8/21/2007 The cause of her death is still under investigation, awaiting the results of a toxicology report. Richard Mahler [IAFD Listing] undisclosed 03/06/2007 AVN: Filmmaker Roger Watkins, who wrote and directed such adult film classics as Her Name Was Lisa under the name Richard Mahler, passed away on March 6 at his home in upstate New York. He was 58. Valeria [IAFD Listing] 2/21/2006 Clarissa Doll [IAFD Listing] Suicide? 03/09/2006 AVN: "Veteran director/producer Joe Gallant, who was close to Doll, said details of her death are unclear, but added that it appears she took her own life." Nick [IAFD Listing] Falling into a Quarry 8/31/2005

Trevor [IAFD Listing]

Falling into Quarry


Yumika Hayashi Unknown 6/29/05 From Jans-Web: [Japanese AV Star] Yumika Hayashi was found dead in her home on Jun 29 2005. She was 35 years old. Yumika Hayashi was one of the top stars in the 20 years of AV history. Werner Hedmann [IAFD Listing] Unknown 26 July 2005 Kenny Dee [IAFD Listing] undisclosed 07/11/2005 DeCARLO, KENNETH R., 42, of St. Petersburg, died Monday (July 11, 2005) at St. Petersburg General Hospital. He was born in Maryland and came [to Florida] in 1998 from Kansas City, Mo. He was a musician and a homemaker. Michael Lennox [IAFD Listing] 02/23/2005 Patrick M. Wright [IAFD Listing] 12/9/2004 Sophie Roche [IAFD Listing] Unknown; perhaps suicide January 2002 Videotek X via RAME (via Babelfish): ""Le world of X is in mourning. Sophie Roche went herself from there. It does not matter the circumstances of this drama. The beautiful blond, who was of a frankness and a rare kindness left on the point the

feet, as it had arrived. All the team of Videotek X presents her more sincere condolences at its family. Rest in peace little angel... " Tolly Crystal [IAFD Listing] Fell to her death 2002 Snowman: The details are sketchy, but it is reported that she fell or jumped to her death from a high window or rooftop. As far as I know, Tolly was the only Asian girl of Mongolian ethnicity to appear in U.S. porn productions. Peter Balakoff [IAFD Listing] causes unknown 10/29/2000 According to IMDB, he died in Brooklyn. Bruce Walker [IAFD Listing] Unknown 1999 Ole Soltoft [IAFD Listing] 05/09/1999 William Hunter [IAFD Listing] Unknown 1998 gay porn producer/director Sergio Canali [IAFD Listing] Unknown causes 8/15/94 aka Paul Di Rosa, Paul Francis Sypek Mette von Kohl [IAFD Listing] 03/24/1975 Died in Denmark; cause unknown Bill Eld [IAFD Listing] Cocaine addicition Unknown aka Bill Young, William Eld

Kathy Harcourt [IAFD Listing] Shot in the head Mid 80s?kathy harcourt was found floating in the east river back in the mid 80's, cause of death was a gun shot wound to the was never determined if it was self inflicted or not. theories arose that it was, as her body had been determined to have been floating for nearly a day. no gun was found at the site where she turned up, but the telling gun was found up stream a ways in the water near the bank. however no prints were liftable as it had been in the water too long. it was also said that she was badly in debt to a dealer, but that could not be proven either, so to this day, the case is unsolved. Morgan [IAFD Listing] Murder or Accidental Early 1980s Alleged he died, murdered, thrown from a cliff in the early 1980s - according to another source he was stoned and took one step to many, after another source he died in a motorcycle accident. Allegged William Higgins refuses to answer questions after Morgan. Shawn McIvan [IAFD Listing] Unconfirmed aka Brian Hawks, Brian Hawkes, David Anders; Some sites say he died in a motorcycle or automobile accident; others are not convinced. Last Generated: Saturday, October 08, 2011 7:48:22

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