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APRIL 11-16, 2011

SM NORTH EDSA Overstock of wings 20 crates due to non delivery of spicy mixes last month. Already talk to Verna of landmark trinoma for the possible transfer.

LIST OF NON COMPLIANCE FINDINGS ACTION TAKEN ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1.lights are not protected with clean no protective covering. Non glass cover. pest control activity records being implemented 3.chlorinated water in pail and sanitizer Bottle not available. 4. no foot operated trash can. training certificate. 6.not enough food keepers for Marinated products. 7.walk in chiller temperature -2 to 0 LANDMARK TRINOMA Dennis dela cruz renewal was not approved by the store manager Rhodora Cruz. She said Edmar de luna and Erfe Marticio 5 damaged food keepers. chiller temp. 1 degrees. will give them on my next visit. plans to buy next week. damaged pail and Sprayer. already requested to the store supervisor for the records. plans to buy new ones next week.

That mr.Dela Cruz is no longer performing well. I will look for possible outlet for transfer.

LIST OF NON COMPLIANCE 1. Lights are not protected with Clean glass cover.

FINDINGS no protective covering


2. No food handlers certificate. No xerox copy on file. Advice them to xerox theire Romeo Aguirre health certificate. Roger Bermudez Dennis Dela cruz

3. No updated temperature monitoring..

no thermometer

for calibration at ugong.

4. Food keepers for marinated 4 pcs. Food keeper is item Products. broken. 5. No calibrated thermometer. ugong

I will replace the damaged Within this month. Brought thermometer at For calibration last march 30,

6. Stainless knives and sharpening rod. Lacking 1 knife and Sharpening rod. 7. Chiller temp. -2 to 0 8. Freezer temp. -10 or colder 9. Temperature of whole chicken And cut ups not more than 7 degrees.

will buy them this month.

thermometer is currently at ugong for calibration.

SM NORTH HYPERMARKET LIST OF NON COMPLIANCE 1. Lights are not protected with Clean glass cover. 2. No documented pest doc. control program. FINDINGS no protective cover no documented pest control Program on file. already requested the ACTION TAKEN

Last march, the person in charge in giving the document is corrently on leave.

3. no food handlers cert. a

no xerox copy on file. Letty Rodriguez Ramel Ybanez Mark Obejero

Advice them to provide xerox copy.

4. No foot operated trash can. Friday. 5. No sink with faucet. 6. Lacking chopping knife. last 7. Food keepers for marinated. 8. Display module -2 to 4 Misty 1 damaged knife

Already bought last

already bought them Friday april 10, 2011

5 broken food keepers temp. 6 degrees, few delivery inform kam MAM

Ice since april 10, 2011

about the few del. Of ice.