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1. What is the worst fault for a power system?

a) L-G fault b) L-L fault c) L-L-G fault d) symmetrical fault

2. Which curve represents inverse time characteristics? a) A b) B c) C d) D

3. In distance relay the operation depends upon a) Voltage b) current above 4. Buchholz relay is a) Located on top of conservator tank b) Installed inside the breather c) Connected in the pipe connecting main tank of transformer and conservator d) Part of circuit breaker installed near the transformer 5. Translay relay is suitable for a) feeder b) welding transformer c) alternator d)none of the above 6. In induction type relay torque is directly proportional to a) Current b) c) (current) 1/2 d) current2 c) voltage to current ratio d) none of the

7. Which of the following relay has inherent directional characteristics? a) Impedance b) reactance c) mho d) none of the above

8. Which of the following system suffers most from arcing ground? a) Solid ground neutral system b) Isolated neutral system c) Resistance grounded neutral system d) Reactance grounded neutral system 9. Which of the following is not true for sf6 gas? a) SF6 gas has insulating property b) SF6 gas is non-inflammable c) SF6 gas is poisonous d) SF6 gas is heavier than air 10. CB is equipment which can open or close a circuit under a) No load condition c) Fault condition b) full load condition d) all the above

11. The rating of CB is generating determined on the basis of a) L-G fault circuit b) L-L fault circuit

c) L-L-G fault circuit d) symmetrical fault circuit 12. An arc in a circuit behaves like a) Infinite resistance b) resistance decreasing with voltage rise across the arc

c) Inductive reactance d) capacitive reactance

13. The power factor of an arc is a) Zero leading b) zero lagging c) 0.5 d) unity

14. For protection of radial feeders the relay used must have a) Linear characteristics b) inverse time characteristics d) none of the above

c) Exponential time characteristics

15. The general characteristics of a relay is given by In.t=const The relation for definite time relay a) I0t=constant b) I.t=constant c) I2t=constant d) I3t=constant

16. Any voltage travelling on the transmission line will first enter a) Switch gear b) current transformer c) circuit breaker d) lightning arrester 17. Which section of a power system generally suffers from more faults as compared to the remaining? a) Generator c) transformer d) transmission line d) under ground cables 18. A short circuit is identified by a) Voltage drop b) voltage rise c) heavy current flow d) no current flow 19. Which of the following gives rise to symmetrical fault? a) L-G b) L-L c) L-L-G d) 3 short circuit 20. The buchholz relay is invariably used on a) Long transmission line transformer d) alternator b) short transmission line c)