BOYCOTT! Newsletter 11.9.11-24.9.11

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Welcome all to the 66th BOYCOTT! newsletter. On July 11th, 2011, the Israeli parliament passed the "Law  for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott". The law exposes members of this group to lawsuits and is aimed at silencing any criticism or dissent. In spite of the law, BOYCOTT! continues to support and promote the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, until it aligns itself with the principles of international law and respects the universally recognized human rights. (For more information) ‫. ב-11 ביולי 1102 נחקק בכנסת "חוק למניעת פגיעה‬BOYCOTT! ‫ברוכות/ים הבאות/ים לעלון החדשות ה-66 של‬ ‫במדינת ישראל באמצעות חרם". החוק חושף את חברות וחברי הקבוצה לתביעות, במטרה לשתיק כל ביקורת או‬ ,‫ ממשיכות/ים לתמוך ולקדם את הקריאה הפלסטינית לחרם‬BOYCOTT ‫התנגדות. על אף קיומו של החוק, חברות‬ ‫משיכת השקעות והטלת סנקציות על ישראל, עד שזו תקיים את עקרונות החוק הבינלאומי ותכבד זכויות אנושיות‬ (‫אוניברסליות. )למידע נוסף‬

‫היכל התרבות קריית ארבע‬

Israeli actor refuses to perform in West Bank theater

Israeli citizen or resident? ?‫בעל אזרחות או תושבות ישראלית‬

"‫רמי ברוך: "לא אופיע בקריית ארבע‬

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Kiriyat Arba Cultural Center
‫ עצומה: לא להופעות התיאטרונים‬ ‫בקריית ארבע‬
West Bank settlement celebrates opening of controversial cultural center Controversial West Bank cultural center opens Israeli artists seek boycott of new West Bank theatre Culture war

‫רמי ברוך מחרים את היכל התרבות‬ ‫בקרית ארבע‬ ‫פרשת אריאל 2? אמנים מחרימים את‬ ‫היכל התרבות החדש בקרית ארבע‬
Kiryat Arba culture center courts controversy Screening committee mooted for Kiryat Arba cultural center Richard Silverstein/TikunOlam on Hollywood/Broadway settlement boycott

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‫לא להופעות התיאטרונים בקריית ארבע‬
BOYCOTT!: Philip Catherine, Do Not Cross The BDS Picket Line BOYCOTT!: Marianne Faithfull, The Occupation isn’t Complicated, Just Well Obscured

Latest BOYCOTT! Action

Despite boycott law, Israeli BDS activists forge ahead: an interview with Kobi Snitz

BOYCOTT!’s Shir Hever: The Economics of Occupation

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Palestinian BDS

Virtual statehood or the Right of Return This Poem will Not End Apartheid

PACBI Salutes Iain EWOK Robinson's Principled Stance Complicity or Solidarity? You have a choice!

‫אחריותיות תאגידית‬

Corporate Acountability
‫הפלהרמונית בלונדון‬
‫נגנים בריטים קראו לחרם על ישראל‬ ‫והושעו‬ But music and politics have always mixed MRTI recommends PC(USA) divestment of three companies TUC Votes For Palestine And Review Links With Organisations Complicit With Israel’s Occupation

in London
Musicians suspended over Israel Proms row Musicians against apartheid at the Proms

Artists protest 'Philharmonic Four' suspension: full letter Mike Leigh, AL Kennedy, Mark Wallinger speak out for the LPO Four


Classic Japan Ltd. Don't buy Agrexco - Don't support Occupation

LPO urged to end suspension of Breaking: 4 players suspended from Israel boycott musicians London orchestra for anti-Israel letter


National Building Museum Cancels Caterpillar Inc. Award Ceremony! ACT NOW: Stop Rewarding Complicity in Human Rights Abuses Altogether!

International BDS

UK approves amendment to universal jurisdiction FRANCE: Yes, the boycott of Israel is legal 17Sep11 Danske butikker sælger varer fra ulovlige bosættelser Move to relabel 'Israeli' goods as bads Two Israelis try to help Brooklyn’s Jews cross the Red Sea

Letter from the Corries: Petitions Delivered to National Building Museum!

‫בד”ס בינלאומי‬


Pizzarotti should follow in Deutsche Bahn’s footsteps

Sydney Boycott Max Brenner (Newtown) - 10 September 2011 Why it is important for Jews to discuss the cultural boycott of Israel

'Queer Lisboa' drops Israeli sponsorship following boycott campaign

Pink BDS

‫בד”ס ורוד‬

‫הפגנה נגד ישראל בפסטיבל תרבות‬ ‫ישראלית בשווייץ‬


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!‫הצטרפו לחגיגה‬

BOYCOTT! Invites all its siganitories to help write letters, to the following artists (letter suggestions should be sent to Music: Marianne Faithfull * Roxette * Dance & Music at the Israel Opera * Philip Catherine * Paul Anka * Pat Metheny Haris Alexious * Engelbert Humperdinck* Scott Henderson Trio * Mireille Mathieu * Omar Faruk Tekbilek * Julio Iglesias Click for More Artists

Non au partenariat avec Israël au festival international féministe lesbien de Paris ! Communiqué from Cineffable

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‫בד”ס מאחורי הסורגים‬

Irvine 11 Found Guilty of Speaking Truth to Power The Anti-boycott Bill Hebrew:


BDS Behind Bars
De-democratization in Israel: Repressions Against Human Rights Defenders and the Need for Implementation of the EU Guidelines on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders Israeli Foreign Ministry Sponsoring U.S. BDS Lawsuits BDS Repression Around the World "‫הטלת חרם על מוצרים מישראל - כמו‬ ‫"הנאצים‬

‫חוק למניעת פגיעה במדינת ישראל‬ ‫באמצעות חרם‬ BOYCOTT! Fights Back!
We Will Not Be Silent: Statement in Regard to Israeli Anti-Boycott Law

ynet ‫ צפו: רוקסט מזמינים את גולשי‬ ‫להופעה‬
Dear Roxette: OPEN LETTER


Knesset study: No democracy has similar anti-boycott laws Poll: Israeli public supports boycott law Boycott bill rollcall: How did they vote?
The BDS Movement Would Like to Thank the Following Zionists ‫תנועת הבד”ס מבקשת להודות לציונים הבאים‬

 JNF looks to the future with MC Hammer Israeli Online Magazine Editor: New Israeli Boycott Prohibition Law Has Turned Me Into ‘A Censor’ Israel: Adrift at Sea Alone Brand Israel hits the skies: El Al signs up for North America hasbara program

Palestine Statehood Bid: Mahmoud Abbas Announces He Will Ask Full U.N. Membership UN set for showdown over Palestinian membership bid Palestinian statehood bid: Tony Blair 'like an Israeli diplomat' Statehood Showdown: US set to dash Palestine's high hopes

At the UN, the funeral of the twostate solution Netanyahu: Israel will agree to upgrade of Palestinian status, not statehood

‫דניס ג’אנה ורמון ולה‬

Knesset report slams Israel's preparations for Palestinian U.S. Takes Lonely Path In Opposing statehood bid All Forms Of Palestinian Recognition The one-sided US veto: an astounding display of hypocrisy At the UN, the funeral of the twostate solution

Denise Jannah & Ramon Válle
Denise Jannah and Ramon Válle Now Support BDS

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‫טריביונאל ראסל‬
UN experts say Israel's blockade of Gaza illegal

PKK leader demands apology from Israel for Öcalan capture Why the Palmer Report Deserves No Deference UN independent panel rules Israel blockade of Gaza illegal

The crime of apartheid

At the Click of a Button

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‫משט החירות‬

Petition: Stop Israel hosting UEFA U21s Championship Classic Japan Ltd. Don't buy Agrexco - Don't support Occupation JVP: No More Demolished Villages

Don't Play Apartheid Israel Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel Israel Divestment Campaign Punks Against Apartheid Artists Against Apartheid Jewish Voice for Peace: TIAA-CREF: Divest from the occupation Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics Act now: Tell BT to hang up on the Occupation Orange County DA: Charge me for interrupting for human rights Stop Israel's Blood Diamond Trade

‫אקדמיה‬ Academia Petition opposing Ariel College ‫ספורט‬ Sports Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics
Boycott the 2012 London Olympics if Israel is not barred! Facebook: Red Card Israeli Apartheid - Tell UEFA to move 2013 tournament from Israel

Roxette - Listen to your heart! Ställ in konserten i Tel Aviv 22a oktober Yardbirds: Please Don't Play in Apartheid Israel Global Call to Boycott the Israel International Harp Contest Agalloch : Apartheid Goes Against the Grain - Boycott Israel Children of Bodom - Prepare for Peace - Don't Play Apartheid Israel Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival: A Call to Boycott Denise Jannah & Ramon Válle Now Support BDS

‫חוליו איגלסיאס‬

‫תאגידים‬ Corporations Adidas, Stop Sponsoring Apartheid ‫מוסיקה‬ Music Marianne Faithfull : It's Not Complicated, Boycott Apartheid Full-stop

Julio Iglesias
An Open Letter from Gaza to Julio Iglesias: Don’t Entertain Apartheid Again!

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