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Research Projects funded by MoEF under NNRMS Programme up-to March 2011

Sr. No &# Thema tic Area Code 1 EIA File no./sanction no. & Title of the project Name of PI & his/her Organization Date of Sanction Total Outlay In RS. (including revised) Duration (Years/m onths) Completion Date/Ongoing Total Expenditure incurred (Rs.) Remarks

1987-88 (J-22011/6/87-CSC) Impact of Mining Activities & Super Thermal Power Stations on Environment (J-22011/7/87-CSC) Coastal Environment Dr. J.K. Garg, Space Applications Centre, Ambawadi Vistar P.O., Ahmedabad-380 015, Gujarat Dr. Baldev Sahai, Space Applications Centre, Ambawadi Vistar P.O., Ahmedabad-380 015, Gujarat April, 1987 10,07,000/3 1990 10,07,000/Completed with in stipulated time & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 3 years & 4 months & additional funds of Rs. 5.98 lakhs contributed by Implementing agency Completed with in stipulated time & allocated funds Completed

2 CR




March, 1994




(J-22011/5/87-CSC) Remote Sensing Application in Monitoring Environmental Impact of Mines in Jharia Raniganj Coal Belt, India (J-22011/11/87-CSC) Study of Impact Industrialization in Urban and Rural Environment in Madras Metropolitan Area (MMA)

Dr. V. K. Srivastava, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad-826 004, Jharkhand Sh. A. Damodaran, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) No. 8, ThalamuthuNatarajan Building No.1, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600 008, Tamil Nadu Sh. J.P. Agarwal, Gujarat Ecological Education & Research (GEER) Foundation, Indroda Nature Park, P.O. Sector -7, Gandhinagar-382 007, Gujarat




March, 1991


March, 1988





(J-22011/9/87-CSC) Changes in Land Use because of Urban Spread & Industrialization in Ahmedabad, Vapi Region

1988-89 1-4-1988





Completed with in stipulated time & allocated funds


27. Remote Sensing Applications Centre. Bhubaneshwar-751 001. Mishra) Directorate of Mining & Geology.000/- 1½ - - Completed Jan..000/- 3 May.D.31.6 EIA (J-22011/8/87-CSC) Environmental Impact of Iron ore Mining in Goa through Remote Sensing 7 EIA (J-22011/10/87-CSC) Remote Sensing Studies of Environmental Impact of Mining Bauxite & Chromite in East Coast Area (J-22011/20/88-CSC) Remote Sensing Studies for Regeneration of Pushkar Lake Valley System 8 WETL 9 EIA (J-22011/21/88-CSC) Impact of Industrialization on Environment in Indore. 1992 18. Tamil Nadu April. 1989 3. Maharashtra Dr. Gujarat 1989-90 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 21-10. Baldev Sahai. 1988 11. Powai. 1994 11.91. Govt. Guindy. G. Ahmedabad-380 015. Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering. Space Applications Centre. P.00. Powai. Bhatnagar. Madhya Pradesh through Remote Sensing 11 EIA (J-22011/16/88-CSC) Environmental Impact of Coastal Wetlands of Vedaranyam Dr. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).. Ambawadi Vistar P.221. Baster District.97.02. Madhya Pradesh Dr.Dewas-Ujain Region of Madhya Pradesh 10 EIA (J-22011/20/88-CSC) Study on Environmental Impact of Iron Ore Mining in Bailadilla.000/- 1½ - - Completed 12 CR (13/02/92-EI) Land use Mapping of the Coastal Regulation Zone of India Dr. Ber Sarai.000/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & 2 months & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 2 years & 6 months & allocated `funds Completed Nov. New Delhi-110 016 Shri Tasneem Habib.770/- 2 27-2. Vigyan Bhawan. MP Council of Science & Technology (MPCST). T.26. Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering.00. Chennai –600 025. of MP. Deptt. K. Natarajan.1992 28. Bhopal –462 003. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 1989 9. Venkataraman. (S. 1988 18.N. 1998 28. 13.31/- Completed with extended time of 3 years &3 months & additional funds Jan. Anna University.O. Government of Orissa. Orissa Dr. near Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hostel.02.000/- Completed within stipulated time & allocated funds 2 .27.000/- Nov.000/- 5 March. College of Engineering. Mumbai – 400 076. Venkataraman. Institute of Remote Sensing.90. Mumbai – 400 076. Maharashtra Prof. Rath.000/- 3 June. R. of Science & Technology. 1988 4.1994 2.000/- 1½ - - 2-11-1988 2. Nehru Nagar. G. Consortium of Indian Scientists for Sustainable Development.

10. National Institute of Hydrology. Ahmedabad-380 015. Indian Agricultural Research Institute.18.000/- 3 30-6-1999 23. Department of Earth Sciences.000/- 2 - - Completed 27-3-1993 1. Soil Erosion and Inundation through Remote Sensing Techniques (13/4/93-EI) A Rapid Assessment of Bio-diversity Using RS/GIS Techniques in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary(Mishmi Hills). Panda Division of Agricultural Physics. Andhra Pradesh 2 - - 21. Anjaneyulu.541.500 (revised) 13. Space Applications Centre.13 HAZ (13/4/92-EI) Identification of Landslide Prone Areas Using Remote Sensing Techniques 14 WETL (13/5/92-EI) Wetland Mapping Dr. 15-2-1994 Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON)..156/- 4 March 1998 1. Seethapathi. Hyderabad .528/(original) and 31.55. Coimbatore. 83.36. Kalyanm Palayam. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU).08. Canchipur. New Delhi110 012 1993-94 12-10-1993 2 10-12-1995 12.O.130/- 28-12-1993 25.000 /.500/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & within revised allocated funds Completed with extended time of 2 months & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 2 years & 6 months & allocated revised funds Completed 15 WR (13/3/92-EI) Geo-environmental Studies of Manipur River Basin 16 ESS (13/6/93-EI) Monitoring of the Diara Lands of Eastern India with respect to Vegetation. P.92. B. J.68. Arun Kumar.18.50/ - Completed with extended time of 2 months & & allocated funds 3 .C.500 028.V. Imphal -795 003. 23-6-1994 Centre for Environment. Wasteland. Roorkee-247 667.18.63.98. Kukatpally. Ambawadi Vistar P. K. Garg. Manipur University.241/(revised) 4. Manipur Dr. Uttrakhand Dr.58. Arunachal Pradesh Dr. Tamil Nadu 1994-95 Prof. Y.686/- 17 ESS 18 CR (13/2/94-EI) Monitoring of Godavari Estuarine and Mangrove Environment using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Dr.85.51.(original) and 1.641 010. Narendra Prasad. Institute of Post Graduate Studies and Research. Gujarat 15-2-1993 5. Jal Vigyan Bhawan.840/- 3 6-8-1997 21.

19.72. R.318/- 3 January.19 WETL (13/3/94-EI) Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Coastal Wetland Ecology of Tamilnadu with special reference to Mangroves 20 HAZ (13/8/94-EI/RE) Monitoring and Identification of Shifting Cultivation Areas of East Khasi Hill of Meghalaya by using Remotely Sensed Data (13/6/92-EI/RE) Environmental Impact Assessment of Dhanbad District with particular Reference to Forest & Soil Cover through Remote Sensing Image (13/4/94-EI/RE) Survey & Study of Loktak.557/- 23 WETL (13/2/95-EI) Wetland Mapping Pulicat Lagoon using Remote Sensing Techniques 21-3-1995 9 Months - - 24 WR (13/4/94-EI) Study of the Ecological and Environment al Status of Upper Catchment Area of Pamba River Basin using Satellite Data 1995-96 10-4-1995 12.21. Annamalai University. Jharkhand 13-10-1994 12.84. Dhanbad-826 004.390/- 2 June. IOM Anna University.05.33. S.21. S.081/- Completed with extended time of 6 years & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 8 years & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & 3 months & additional funds Completed 12-12-1994 13..910/(revised) 1.000/- 9 Months 31-12-1997 10. Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology. Tamil Nadu & Dr. Andhra Pradesh Remote Sensing Application Centre (APRSAC).06. 2005 9.500/- 22 WETL Dr.000/- Completed with in extended time of 2 months & additional funds 4 . Ramachandran.57. Mipun.. Meghalaya Dr.67. Rao. V. Shillong. Co-PI.O.40. DES Campus. Vattiyoorkavu P. Manipur Dr. Khairatabad.S. Parangipettai -608 502.661/- Completed with in stipulated time & allocated revised funds 12-12-1994 16. K. Manipur University. Babu Ambat. Centre for Environment & Development. Pumlen and other adjoining Wetlands in Manipur 21 ESS Dr. Andhra Pradesh Dr. North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU).413/(original) and 10. Kerala 28-12-1994 9. Cuddalore Dt.94. 2nd Floor. Tiruvananthapuram –695 013.360/- 3 12-12-2003 13. L.336/(Original) and 15.46. Department of Earth Sciences. Imphal -795 003. Kannan. 1997 13. Thozhuvancode. Srivastava.793 014. Hyderabad-500 482. B. Department of Geography. Arun Kumar. Canchipur. Madras600 025 Dr. Indian School of Mines (ISM).428/(revised) 2 30-9-1996 15.

Pondicherry University (PU) R.84. Tamil Nadu using Ground Data and Remote Sensing Techniques 19-12-1995 Dr. 4-12-1996 School for the Study of Population Resource. Mrs. T.30. M. CoPI. Environment and Development.33.85.426/- 3 Ongoing - Started on 1-41996 & still ongoing 11. 10-12-1996 Institute of Environment Education and Sustainable Development. D. A. of Geology. V.99. Mumbai – 400 076. S.L.050/(original) 2. Ramanathan 3-1-1997 Deptt. Powai.K. 2007 3. Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University.30.S.510/- Completed with extended time of 10 years & 6 months & allocated funds 2. Rajasthan Dr.510/- 6 Months December. Guwahati.L.44. Indira Nagar.K.640/- 2 1999 - 5 .860/(revised) 11. G. Delhi -110 007 Dr.000/- 3 - - Completed 5.380/(original) & Rs. Bhalla. Palria. Near IDBI Bank. Jhanwar.Case of Selected Indian Cities using RS and GIS (13/1/96-EI) Remote Sensing for Keoladeo National Park Wetland 29 WETL (13/3/94-EI) Integrated Study of Wetlands of Golapara District. Annamalai Nagar-608 002. 24-9-1996 Faculty of Management Studies. Goswamy ( Dr.980/(revised) 2 31-3-2001 - 3 27-7-2001 10. Nagarathinam. Kalapet. Jaipur-302 018. Ghosh.000/(revised) 1 1998 2.61. Sundarvel.920/(original) 5. Rajasthan Dr. of Assam using Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System (GIS) Techniques 30 EIA (13/7/95-EI) Environmental Impact Assessment of Zaawar Group of Mines using Multi-date Satellite Imagery 31 EIA (13/6/95-EI) Environmental Impact Assessment on Lignite Mining in Neyveli. C. Assam Dr. Annamalai University. 4-12-1996 Baruwa) Assam Science Technology and Environment Council. Tamil Nadu 5. Salim Ali School of Ecology & Environmental Sciences. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 29-12-1995 Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering. University of Delhi.Venkataraman Nagar.29.000/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & allocated revised funds Completed with in stipulated time 5. Tamil Nadu Dr.77.605 014. Maharashtra 1996-97 Dr. 16. Bigyan Bhawan.418/- Completed with extended time & allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & 7 months & within allocated funds 3. Anna University (AU). A. S. Pondicherry & Dr. Road. Institute of Remote Sensing. Ajmer – 305 009.26.781 005.30. K.25 ESS (13/1/95-EI) Ecological Evaluation of Land and Water Resources in Drought Prone PMT District of Tamil Nadu using Remote Sensing Techniques & GIS 26 ESS (13/6/94-EI) Satellite Data and Geographical Information System for investigation and monitoring of Desertification 27 EIA 28 WETL (13/3/95-EI) Impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on Environment. Chennai 600 025.97. 5-A.

University Road. Hyderabad. John Britto. S. Tamil Nadu Dr. 2nd Floor.48. West Bengal Dr. 2001 13.89. Tamil Nadu using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) (13/4/97-EI) Serpentines of Andamans: A Geo-botanical Study for Resources Survey and Management Dr.13. Geo-Engineering Department. P. K. Saikia Department of Geography Arunachal University Doimukh. 35.S. Gujarat Dr. University of Burdwan.424/- 37 EIA (13/2/97-EI) Environmental Monitoring of Raniganj Coal Belt using Satellite Images and GIS 31-3-1997 3 - - Completed with extended time of 1 year & 9 months & allocated revised funds Completed 38 WETL (13/7/97-EI) Integrated Remote Sensing Study of Pulicat Lagoon and its Catchments 31-3-1997 11. DES Campus.234/(Revised) 5.685.32 EIA (13/3/96-EI) Remote sensing of GIS in the Environmental Analysis of the Coastal Wetlands – a study on the Kolleru & Pulicat Lakes 33 EIA (13/6/97-EI) Monitoring Environmental Changes due to Industrialization and Identification of HOT SPOTS in Vapi-Vadodara part of the Golden Corridor 34 ESS 35 ESS (13/3/97-EI) Evaluation of Natural Resources and Environment of Kolli Hills.08..61. Navrangpura.000/- 2 - - Completed 6 . Rao.914/- 1 May. St.90/- Completed with extended time of 2 months & allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 2 months & allocated revised funds 36 WETL (13/10/97-EI) Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Coastal Wetland Ecology of Tamil Nadu 31-3-1997 8. Department of Geography.700 019. Andhra Pradesh Dr. Kannan. Visakhapatnam. Josephs College (autonomous).91.) Anjana Vyas.09. Parangipettai -608 502. Trichirapalli620 002.360/- 3 - - Completed 3-3-1997 13. Andhra Pradesh Remote Sensing Application Centre (APRSAC). Annamalai University. Itanagar-791 112.128/(Original) and 8.78.691/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & allocated funds 31-3-1997 31-3-1997 11.. Ballygunge Circular Road.750/- 2 - - Completed 39 HAZ (13/1/97-EI) Delineation of Shifting Cultivation Areas and Forest Cover Mapping in the Eastern Region of Arunachal Pradesh using Remotely Sensed Data 31-3-1997 3.500 482 Andhra Pradesh Sh.691/- 3 March. University of Calcutta. K.09. R. School of Planning.24. Golapbag Burdwan.713 104. Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology. Khairatabad. Mukherjee & Dr.000/(revised) 3 31-5-2000 14. TamilNadu Dr. A. Kolkatta. Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT). Remote Sensing & GIS Dept. (Ms.010/(original) and 2.91. Ahmedabad-380 009.Paul Department of Botany. Kuntala Lahiri Dutt. West Bengal Dr.776/(original) and 14.66.131/(revised) 2.464/- 2 31/12/2000 7. Cuddalore Dt. A.50. Nageswar Rao. Arunachal Pradesh 12-2-1997 7. Kasturba Lalbhai Campus.K.18.93. 530 003. Andhra University. Waltier. L. 1998 1.

Ambawadi Vistar P.160/(original) and 20. Mangalagangotri (DK)– 574 199. Gujarat Dr.76. Garhwal Himalaya using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques (13/4/98-EI) Watershed Prioritization of Barak basin using GIS and Remote Sensing Dr . Gujarat 1997-98 31-7-1997 5. Space Applications Centre. Ambawadi Vistar P.792/(original) and 8.. Gopinathan) Centre for Environment & Development. (G. Department of Earth Sciences.000/(Original) and 83.334/(revised) 5.800/(revised) 3 October.293/- Completed with extended time of 3 years & allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & allocated revised funds Completed with in stipulated time & allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 7 months & within allocated funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & 2 months & allocated revised funds Completed 42 HAZ 43 WR (13/6/98-EI) Environmental Hazard Zonation and Optimal Resources Use in the Alaknanda Valley.680/- 46 EIA 16-10-1998 14. R. Babu Ambat. Kerala Dr.40.48. Space Applications Centre.000/- 45 EIA (13/3/98-EI) Study of the Environmental Status of Four River Systems in the South-Western Ghats and its Influence on the Land and Water System of Kuttanad Area using Remote Sensing Data and GIS (13/7/98-EI) Environmental Assessment and Monitoring of Kalrayan Hills. S. Canchipur.J .. R.O.334/- 10-6-1998 2 30-04-2000 6.76.000/- 3 - - 1999-2000 7 . 2003 39.K..30. Ambawadi Vistar P.000/(Revised) 50. Manipur University.O. Thakkar.83. Imphal -795 003.54. Edwin Chandrasekharan Department of Environmental Sciences..40 CR (13/5/97-EI) Terrain Analysis of Coastal Karnataka Prof. R. Vattiyoorkavu P. Eastern Ghats. Ahmedabad-380 015 . Space Applications Centre.69. 1999 2. Thozhuvancode. Gujarat Dr.000/- 3 March. G. Garg.44. Tamil Nadu April 1998 4 March. Ahmedabad-380 015. TN using Remote Sensing and GIS 13-8-1998 15.615/- 3 - - Completed 41 ESS (13/5/98-EI) Grassland Mapping in Gujarat. Bishop Heber College. Manipur Dr.78. Karnataka Dr .83.55. B. Navalgund.72.83. Ahmedabad-380 015. Raghawan Department of Marine Geology. 2002 20.O. Arun Kumar.O. Mangalore University.94.P. HP and TamilNadu (in different bio-climate regions) using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques 1998-99 2-4-1998 90.760/- 44 CR (13/1/98-EI) Preparation of Mangrove Atlas 13-7-1998 4 Months August. T.R.80.900/(original) and 39. 2004 83. Tiruchirapalli – 620 017. Tiruvananthapuram –695 013. Sreedhara Murthy and Dr.546/(revised) 2.

Hyderabad. Central Building Research Institute (CBRI). Orissa Prof. Statue Circle.000/- 1 2001 2. 2002 3. Bhubaneswar751 001. Institute of Environment Education and Research. Birla Institute of Scientific Research. Arockiasamy.533/- 52 HAZ 31-1-2000 8.S.73. Trichirapalli620 002.700/- 8 .700/- 2 2003 17.29.650/- 3 28-2-2003 21.411 043. St.20. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). Rajasthan.601/- 1 2003 5.16. Anji Reddy.20/ - Completed with extended time of 1 month & within allocated funds 28-1-2000 3. Andhra Pradesh Dr.26. S.37. National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA).47.108/- Completed with extended time of 3 months & with additional funds Completed with extended time of 6 months & allocated funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & with additional funds 53 ESS (13/18/99-EI/RE) Temporal Assessment of Forest Cover Changes in Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu – A Remote Sensing Approach 2-2-2000 16. Department of Botany. Jaipur302 001. Directorate of Geology.47 HAZ (13/10/95-EI) Assessment of Land Degradation due to Tanneries – A Remote Sensing Approach 48 ESS 49 CR (13/11/99-EI/RE) Key Conservation Issues in the Semi-arid Deccan Pleateau and use of GIS to Study Ecological Degradation and Suggest Management Strategies for Critically Endangered Grassland Areas in the Deccan Pleateau (13/13/99-EI) Remote Sensing Studies for Analysis of Coastal Geomorphic Features in Orissa Coast 50 EIA (13/15/99-EI/RE) Evaluation of Impacts of Land use Changes on Environmental Quality (Air.00. Water. Kukatpally. Hyderabad-500 037.100/- Completed with in stipulated time & allocated funds 18-1-2000 8. Geotechnical Engineering Division. Tamil Nadu 3-4-1999 5. S. Uttrakhand Dr. KatrajDhankawadi. Sarkar.401.00. Deekshatulu (Dr. Erach Bharucha. Anjaneyulu & Dr.816/- 3 31-7-2003 5. Maharashtra Director. Government of Orissa.97.500 028. R. Dwivedi) Land Degradation Division. Pune.47.44.500/- 3 Ongoing - Started on 1-42000 & still ongoing 18-1-2000 22.601/- Completed with extended time of 2 years & within allocated revised funds 12-1-2000 3. Rajasthan Dr. Sinha Roy. D. Institute of Post Graduate Studies and Research. Andhra Pradesh Dr. Bhubigyan Bhawan.99. Y. Roorkee –247 667. Josephs College (autonomous). I. Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed University). Centre for Environment. and Preparation of Geo-environmental Database (13/19/99-EI/RE) Landslide Risk Assessment in Darjeeling Himalaya using Remote Sensing and GIS Professor B. Soil and Bio-environment) of Hyderabad and its Surroundings using RS. GIS and Field Studies 51 WR (13/22/99-EI/RE) Geo-environmental Studies in the Banas Drainage Basin. L.746/- 2½ Sept. Centre for Natural Resources Studies. Balanagar.

Ambawadi Vistar P. Room No. Ahmedabad-380 015. J K..50.072/(revised) 3 Sept. Assam Dr. Kolkata. Environment & Remote Sensing. Gopabandhu Academy of Administration. Paul.066/(original) and 6. J. P. Nr.O. Department of Botany. Ballygunge Circular Road. Regional Research Laboratory (RRL). Geosciences Division.779/- 58 EIA (13/16/99-EI/RE) Impact Assessment of Sugar Industries on Water Quality of Eastern UP 25-6-2000 11. Garg. Remote Sensing Application Centre. K. K. Sector G.000/(Revised) 4 March.20.40. Assam: Its Migration and Erosion-a case study 7-6-2000 57 EIA (13/10/99-EI/RE) Impact of Human Settlements on Some Rural Lakes of Kashmir using RS Techniques 9-6-2000 5. Srivastava.802/- Completed with extended time of 2 months & within allocated revised funds 60 WETL (13/14/99-EI/RE) Inland Wetland Information System (INDWET)-A Pilot Study for West Bengal State 17-7-2000 20.25.P. Janakipuram.11. SDA Housing Colony.86.01.700 019. Manipur Dr. Uttar Pradesh. Tasneem Keng. New Secretariat. Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre. Jorhat-785 006.178/- 3 February. University of Calcutta.60.855/- Completed with extended time of 9 months & within allocated funds Completed with extended time of 1 month & with allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 3 years & 6 months & within allocated funds Completed 56 WR (13/21/99-EI/RE) The Subansiri River. Gujarat 8-2-2000 9.000/- 2 - - 59 WETL (13/20/99-EI/RE) Studies on Spatial Pattern and Landscape Structures of the Major Wetlands of Orissa using High Resolution Remote Sensing Data 4-7-2000 24. Randhir Singh. Directorate of Ecology. Mukherjee and A. Gandharba Kumar Behera.41. Space Applications Centre. Srinagar.107/- 2 31-3-02 5. Lucknow-226 001. 2004 18. Bemina. Plot No. U. J&K State Remote Sensing Centre. Orissa Remote Sensing Application Centre. Unit-16.000/(original) and 18.190 018. 2004 13.97. B. Dr.054/- Completed with extended time of 1 month & within allocated funds 55 ESS (13/12/99-EI/RE) Serpentines of Andamans: A Geobotanical Study for Resource Survey and Management 2000-2001 19-5-2000 19.52. 161.18.45/48(Part).54 ESS (13/17/97-EI) Analysis of Forest Cover and Landuse Dynamics in the Upper Catchment of Manipur River using RS & GIS Sh.000/- 3 31-7-2003 6. Imphal-795 001. 2003 11.37.60. 35. West Bengal Dr Probhat Kotoky.638/- 2 19-12-2005 5.616/()revised 11. J&K Dr.95. Bhubaneshwar-751 023.. Jayadev Vihar.000/- Completed with in stipulated time &with allocated revised funds 9 .95. Orissa Dr.000/(original) and 11. Ministers Block. N.

Tamil Nadu Prof.O.291/(revised) 18. C. V.S. Alternate Hydro Energy Centre.26. Department of Wildlife Sciences. National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA).79.29.61 ESS (13/7/2000-EI/RE) GIS Based Forest Density Stratification and Time Series Analysis for Resources Mapping and Monitoring in J&K State using Remote Sensing Techniques 62 WETL (13/8/2000 – EI/RE) Wetland Information System for Conservation.75.26. 2007 - Completed with extended time of 4 years & 2 months 17-10-2000 8.190 018. Annamalai University. Parangipettai -608 502. Balanagar. Management and wise use of Notified Wetlands (NOTWETSYS) – Loktak Manipur (13/23/99-EI/RE) Assessment of Impact of Hydropower Dams on Vegetation using Remote Sensing and GIS Dr. Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology.521/- 66 ESS (13/2/2000-EI/RE) Biogeochemistry of the Western Ghats region between Goa and Mangalore. New Delhi-110 067 Dr.250/(Original) and 27. Directorate of Ecology.. Ahmedabad-380 015.456/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & 3 months & within allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 11 months & allocated funds Completed 31-12-2000 6. Aligarh Muslim University. K.270/- 68 ESS 6-3-2003 3 2007 6.86.522/- 2 30-11-2004 26.78. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).000/- 1 - - 65 ESS (13/1/2000-EI /RE) Evaluation of the Palk Bay Bioresources through Conjunctive Use of Conventional Ground Surveys and Satellite RS 2001-2002 28-5-2001 25. Ajai.000/(original) and 7. Roorkee – 247 667.67. 3-11-2000 1½ 30-4-2002 11. G.78.75. Andhra Pradesh Dr. Gujarat 9-10-2000 46. Arun Kumar. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Subramanian. U. Humayun Rashid J&K State Remote Sensing Centre.494/- Completed with extended time of 1 year & within allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 1 year & within allocated funds 10 . School of Environmental Sciences.25.571/(Original) and 27. Cuddalore Dt. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).691/(revised) 32. L. Uttarakhand Dr.291/- 63 EIA 64 ESS (13/2/98-EI) Training of Manpower Development Dr. 2004 7. New Delhi110 067 Dr. Kannan.920/- 2¼ March. J&K Dr. Afifullah Khan.050/(Revised) 11. School of Environmental Sciences.952/- 3 December. Ambawadi Vistar P.45. using RS and other modern techniques 22-8-2001 3 - - Completed with extended time of 1 year & 6 months & within allocated revised funds Completed 67 ESS (13/6/2000-EI) Monitoring and Modeling Landuse / Cover & Biodiversity in Dehang – Debang Biosphere Reserve.17. Arunachal Pradesh (13/4/2001-EI/RE) Application of Remote Sensing for Bioresources Characterization of Gangetic Grassland Ecosystem in and around Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary 2002-2003 6-3-2003 3 24-3-2007 9.Dutt. Aligarh 202 002.49. Environment & Remote Sensing. Bemina.83.77..270/(revised) 10.78.B. Hyderabad-500 037. SDA Housing Colony. Space Applications Centre.P.440/(original) and 9. Srinagar. Saxena.

Shibpur. 6-3-2003 Department of Earth Sciences.66. Tamil Nadu Dr. M.978/(original) and 14. Post Box No.673/- Completed with extended time of 5 months & within allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 2 months & with allocated revised funds Completed with extended time of 7 months & with allocated funds Completed with extended time of 2 years 7. Kachchh-370 001.86. Canchipur. Tamil Nadu 2003-2004 Gujarat Institute of Desert 10-10-2003 Ecology. Trichirapalli620 002. P. Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History (SACON). R.69 EIA (13/12/2002-EI) Development of GIS Based Environmental Information System for Coal Mining Areas of West Bengal 70 HAZ (13/13/2002-EI/RE) Inventory & Monitoring of Shifting Cultivation & Forest Eco-system in Manipur 71 ESS (13/14/2002-EI/RE) Evaluation and Generation of Geocoded Spatial Digital Database on the various Natural Resources of the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu Ph-II (13/13/2001-EI/RE) Identification & Mapping of Lesser Florican & Breeding Sites in Western India 72 ESS 73 ESS (13/3/2001 – EI/RE) Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Biodiversity Mapping and Conservation. Changleshwar Temple. West Bengal Dr. D .53.A Case Study of Kachchh District. Mundra Road. V. Khire is its PI ) 11 . Coimbatore-641 108. M. A.436/- 2 31-05-2005 14. Manipur University.208/- 2½ Ongoing - 74 ESS (13/6/2002-EI/RE) An Integrated Technique for Monitoring Desertification using Intelligent GIS Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering. Bengal Engineering and Science University. St.64. Shankaran. Opp. Gujarat 6. Howrah -711 103.I. Bhuj. Jana was its PI who left the organization & currently Dr. Department of Botany. 83.08. Arun Kumar.O. Paul.18. Dixit was its PI who has left the organization & the new PI is yet to be decided) Started in 2004 & still ongoing (Earlier Dr (Mrs.700/(original) 5. Analkatty P. 6-3-2003 Avian Ecology. Maharashtra 17-3-2004 27.34. 2006 20. Department of Mining Engineering. Josephs College (autonomous).672/- 11.95.18. Mumbai – 400 076. Arockiasamy 6-3-2003 Centre for Natural Resource Study.826/(revised) 20. Powai.520/- 3 Ongoing - Started in 2003 & still ongoing (Dr. Imphal -795 003.470/(revised) 3 7-08-06 5. K. Gujarat 6-3-2003 Dr.826/- 3 October.21. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).) R. Manipur Dr.025/- 3 March. 2008 - 8.22.

27-6-2005 Department of Geography and Resource Management. L.370 001 . Post Box No.000/- 3 Completed - Started on 288-2007 & still going on 18. Ahmedabad-380 015.00. Post Box No.63. Subhash Ashutosh. M.000/ - 4 Completed - 22. University of Baroda.) Garge Sandhya 27-6-2005 Kiran. Ambawadi Vistar P. Ajai.063/- Completed with extended time of 5 months & within allocated funds Started in April 2004 & still going on Started on 1-42004 & still going on 55. Department of Botany. Dehra Dun248 195. Justus Joshua. S.O.34. Gujarat Dr. (Mrs.38.04. Hqrs: Lumami.18. Chandrabani. Chhattisgarh 31. Gujarat Dr. Dehradun-248 001.000/ - 3 Completed - Started on 1612-2004 & still going on Started in May 2005 & still going on 996.Mathur. Ambawadi Vistar P. Gujarat 76 ESS 77 ESS (13/13/2003-EI/RE) Nationwide Forest Encroachment Mapping using Remotely Sensed Data and Geographic Information System (13/11/2003-EI/RE) Mapping of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks 78 ESS (13/10/2003-EI/RE) Forest Type Mapping of India’s Forest 79 ESS (13/12/2003 – EI/RE) Snow & Glacier Studies 80 ESS (13/11/2001 – EI/RE) Forest Atlas of Nagaland 81 ESS 82 ESS (13/11/2004 – EI/RE) Impact of Joint Forest Management on Protection and Development of Forest in Rajpipla Division in Narmada District – an RS-GIS Approach (13/14/2004 – EI/RE) Ecosystem Research Project on Landuse Dynamics and its Impact on Carbon Sequestration.S. Uttarakhand Dr. Bhuj. V.000/- 3 Ongoing - 1.75 ESS (13/6/2003-EI/RE) Assessment of Biodiversity and Preparation of Conservation Plan for the Forest of North Gujarat Region. Raipur – 492 006.500 /- 3 Ongoing - 300. Changleshwar Temple. 29-3-2004 Wildlife Institute of India. Krishak Nagar.00. Kachchh. Ajai.700/- 2½ 28-2-2007 27. Kaulagarh Road. Mokokchung – 798 601. Mundra Road.84.46.10. Nagaland University. Indira Gandhi Agricultural University. 17-3-2004 Space Applications Centre. 27-6-2005 Department of Forestry.O.B. Uttarakhand 2004-2005 Dr. 16-12-2004 Forest Survey of India (FSI)..02.. T. Nagaland Dr. Swamy. Opp.800/- 3 Ongoing - Started on 1512-2005 & still going on 53. Vadodara – 390 001. Nitrogen Cycling and Biodiversity of Tropical Forest Eco-systems of Chhattisgarh through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques 17-3-2004 Dr. Ahmedabad-380 015. 28-3-2005 Space Applications Centre. Gujarat Dr. Gujarat 2005-2006 Dr. Lanusosang. Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology.83.000/- 3 Ongoing - Started on 3011-2005 & still going on 12 .

000 /- 4 Completed - 89 ESS (13/24/2004 –EI/RE) Forest Encroachment Mapping in Uttar Pradesh using Remotely Sensed Data and Geographic Information System (GIS) 2006-2007 Director. L. Ajai. Govt.995/- 1 Ongoing - Started on 1810-2005 & still going on (Dr. Director is its PI) 29-6-2005 17. Gujarat 27-6-2005 10. Hyderabad-500 037. Forestry & Ecology Division.01. Jnanabharathi. Ahmedabad-380 015.36. H2.65. Multi. S.500/- 2 Ongoing - 87 ESS (13/9/2002 – EI/RE) Conservation of Ecologically Sensitive Areas Hotspots in India – An Integrated Approach through Remote Sensing and GIS 18-7-2005 21. Udaipur. 4th Stage. Balanagar. M.122 001.560 001. Bangalore University. Haryana Dr. Department of Environmental Science. Ambawadi Vistar P. U. National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA). Bangalore – 560 056.313 002.600/- 3 Completed - Started in January 2007 & still going on (Sh.83 EIA (13/29/2004-EI/RE) Environment Impact Statement of Abandoned/ Closed Mining (Iron Ore) Activity in Kuduremukh National Park Area. Rajasthan Dr.240/- Completed with extended time of 9 months & allocated funds 30-6-2005 18. Rameshwar Tiwari is currently its PI) 13 . Bangalore. Space Applications Centre.18.P. Gurgaon. R. Kanpur-208 011. Sudhakar. Balakrishnaiah. Kidwai Nagar. Block.406/- 1 Completed 14.17. Haryana Forest Department. 19-7-2006 Forestry Training Institute. of Karnataka.Storeyed Building. Karnataka HOD Botany Department of Botany. Andhra Pradesh Dr. 50. Department of Information Technology & Biotechnology. Sukhadia University. Ambedkar Veedhi. H.330/- 3 * Project withdrawn - Project withdrawn 30-6-2005 15. Karnataka 84 WETL 85 ESS (13/18/2004 – EI/RE) Studies on Wetlands of Udaipur (Rajasthan) with special reference to their Bio-diversity Conservation using Remote Sensing Data (13/15/2004 – EI/RE) Forest Fire Dynamics and Vegetation Regeneration Analysis using Remote Sensing in Bandipur National Parks of Western Ghats 86 ESS (13/27/2004 – EI/RE) The Trend of Vegetation Cover Change in National Capital Region of Delhi and its Thermal Impact on the Living Environment Director Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC).460/- 2 Ongoing - 88 CR (13/14/2003 –EI/RE) Coastal Zone/ Mangroves /Coral Reef Studies 10-10-2005 1.K.05.80. South Circle. Karnataka Conservator of Forests.O..61.22. Somashekar. # 611. M. 6th Floor. Dr.

Ahmedabad-380 015. J.K. Rajiv Gandhi Salai.Singh. Srinagar.860/- 1½ Ongoing - 29-12-2006 13. Chhattarpur Hills. Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology. S. Monitoring and Management of Resources due to Changes in the IGNP Command Area using Remote Sensing 94 ESS 95 EIA 96 ESS (13-20/2004-EI/RE) Techniques of Survey and Planning for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Mizoram. Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-informatics. J&K Dr.054/- 2 Completed - –Nil – 14 . Chennai – 600 119.38.87. Palria.02.24. Ambawadi Vistar P. Gujarat Dr. T.260/- 1½ Ongoing - 3-1-2007 671. Tamil Nadu Dr.O. Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-informatics. Thangaradjou. Rajiv Gandhi Salai. Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology. A. Parangipettai – 608 502. University of Kashmir. Annamalai University.. 431-432/D-22.10. Jeppiar Nagar.87. Rajasthan Dr. Jeppiar Nagar. Hazratbal.400/- 3 Ongoing - Started in 2007 & still going on 28-3-2007 17..90 CR (13/11/2005 -EI/RE) Monitoring of Coastal Environment with special reference to Disaster Mitigation using High Resolution Satellite Data and GIS 91 ESS (13/13/2005-EI/RE) Biomass Estimation of Teak Forests using Microwave Remote Sensing 92 WETL (13-5/2005-EI/RE) National Wetland Inventory and Assessment 93 ESS (13/6/2005-EI/RE) Assessment and Evaluation of Sea Grass Resources of India in Two Oceanic Island groups (Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep). New Delhi-110 074 2007-2008 29-12-2006 15. North Eastern Region Dr. Garg. Kashmir – 190 006.600/- 3 Completed - 14-2-2007 31. through Conventional Ground Surveys and Satellite Remote Sensing (13-9/2005-EI/RE) An Integrated Environmental Analysis of Liddar Watershed using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS: A Step Towards Sustainable Development (13-25/2004-EI/RE) Impact Assessment. Cuddalore Dt. K. Surendran. Department of Geology & Geophysics. Chennai – 600 119.D.640/- 3 Completed - 29-1-2007 24. Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University. Space Applications Centre. Shakil Ahmed Romshoo. School for the Study of Population Resource.000/ - 3 Completed - Started in February 2007 & still going on 23-1-2007 36. Environment and Development.59. Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE). Jayaseelan. Ajmer – 305 009. Tamil Nadu Dr. Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology. S. Tamil Nadu Dr.

B. 13/4/2007 EI/RE Inventorying Sacred Groves of Jharkhand forests and their Characterization through RSGIS technology 13-9/2008-RE Forests in Carbon Sequestration: Estimating Carbon Sequestration Potential using Remote Sensing and GIS Dr. P.M.03. Peninsular India Andhra University Visakhapatnam-530003. Bhagalpur University.97 ESS 98 ESS 99 WR 2008-2009 13/1/2006-RE Dr.Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development. of the proposed river link canal projects of College of Engineering. 2008 Centre for Regional Studies. Information management system in Namdapha National Park Mauling National Park Mehao Sanctuary and D’Ering memorial Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh using Remote Sensing of GIS Technology 31. Prakasa Rao.180/- 3 Ongoing - 19. Areendram World Wide Fund. Subrat Sharma.90. system with GIS. Kosi-Katarmal.P. G.85.170/- 3 Ongoing - 26.93. O. Dr.22. GPS and Remote sensing Department of Geointerface for environment impact assessment Engineering. Thiruvananthapuram-695013. Lodhi Road New Delhi-110003 22-07-2009 19. 31. Vattiyoorkavu P.Shashikant Tripathi. Kumaun Himalayan towns using Remote Centre for Remote Sensing and Sensing & GIS Geo-informatics. 01-09-2009 Habitat characterization at landscape level Lecturer. B. Chitrakoot. R. Bhagalpur-812007 Dr. Kerala 2009-20010 Dr.V. Remote Sensing & with special emphasis on Geobotanical GIS Analysis at Achanakmar-Amarkantak Centre. Mahatma Gandhi Biosphere Reserve Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya. T.K. Director. Thozhuvancode. diversity. 2008 Natural Resource Management. Uttaranchal 13/9/2006 EI/RE Dr. G.238/- 3 Ongoing - 100 ESS 3 Ongoing - 101 EIA 3 Ongoing - 102 ESS 13-22/2007-RE To develop a protected area.2008 mapping of vegetation in the urban forests of Scientist B. Centre for Environment and Development.112/- 3 Ongoing - 15 .) – 485 331 13/2/2006 EI/RE Exploration. Satna (M. Karunakaran. Almora – 263643. and Dr. Sinha. 31-03-2008 Development of a comprehensive information Professor.

000/(7. Somashekar. Ranchi Information System 13-13/2008-NNRMS/RE Director.000 /- 4 Ongoing - Total 10. Jankipuram Pollution Zones with Reference to Heavy Kursiroad. Imran Ali.648/- 3 Ongoing - 23-12-2009 9.33. Himachal Pradesh (India) Using Geospatial Mesra-835215.000/(MoEF part) 17. Pant Institute of 23-09-2010 Inventorisation and Monitoring of Biosphere Himalayan Environment & Reserves in India using RS and GIS Development. Uttarakhand 13-4/2008-NNRMS/RE Dr. Laxmi Kant Sharma.30. System for Shimla Forest Division in Birla Institute of Technology.14.103 EIA 104 EIA 13-6/2008-RE Monitoring of Arsenic in Ground Water of Ballia District.K.24. 13-23/2007-RE Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for urban solid waste disposal (Identification of Dumping site and optimal transportation Route Modeling) 105 ESS Dr. Landslide hazard zonation of Kalingpung Department of Mining subdivision of West Bengal and creation of a Engineering. Ravi Prakash. portal to upload Landslide hazard map and all Bengal Engineering and other maps created using open GIS Science University. Space Application 06-12-2010 Monitoring of Snow and Glaciers of Centre (SAC). Gujarat 13/14/2007-NNRMS/RE Dr. 20-04-2010 Development of Forest Fire Management Department of Remote Sensing. S.K. G.01. India 23.962/- 3 Ongoing - 18-12-2009 15.195/- 3 Ongoing - 7. Shibpur. Lucknow-226021 Metals and trace elements in Gorakhpur and Maharajganj Districts of Uttar Pradesh.75.762/- 3 Ongoing - 106 ESS 107 EIA 108 ESS 109 ESS 110 EIA Dr.83. Jamia Millia Islamia.440/- 3 Ongoing - 2. Anjana Vyas Centre for Research and Development Unit (CRDU). Irrigation and Delineation of Ground Water Sector-G.14. Navrangpura. 29-12-2009 Department of Environmental Science. Howrah-711103.00. Ahmedabad-380009. Paul.L. Bangalore-560056 Karnataka 2010-2001113-15/2009-RE Director.000 /- 3 Ongoing - 14. Bangalore University. Scientist 06-07-2010 Assessment of Present Status of Ground Water “SE” Uttar Pradesh Remote Quality with reference to Drinking and Sensing Applications Centre.565/- 3 Ongoing - 16 . Uttar Pradesh Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques. P.33. Kosi-Katarmal.B. Technology Almora.72. New Delhi-110025 Prof. West Bengal 13/20/2007-NNRMS/RE Forest Encroachment in Karnataka –A two decadal analysis using RS and GIS 05-11-2009 26.93. CEPT. AhmedabadHimalayan Region-Phase-II (A joint 380015 programme of MoEF and DOS) 13-15/2008-RE Dr. K.34. R. Department of Chemistry. Campus.30.

(3. Karunya Nagar.) Water Resources (incl. Karunya Development of a Decision Support System University.12.777/- 3 Ongoing - 27-07-2010 23. Hyderabad-500037 Andhra Pradesh 13-16/2008-RE Dr. 13-30/2008-RE Dr. (2. in Tamilnadu. Andhra Pradesh. Environment Area. (4.98.HAZ.WETL.86.111 ESS 112 CR 113 ESS 114 CR 13-12/2007-RE Dr. 13-18/2008-NNRMs/RE Shri Tarun Coomar MD.28.1.) Coastal Resources (Areas/Concerns) –CR.) Ecosystem Studies – ESS.480/- 1yr 6 months Ongoing - 3012-2010 66. E.A Coimbatore-641114. Hyderabad-500082.) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)-Industry & Mining.) Wetlands/ Mangroves. groundwater)-WR 17 .J. Tamil case study of Point Calimere of Cauvery Basin Nadu.) Hazards (geo-environmental /environmental). Associate Geospatial Analysis of Climate Change in Professor. (6. Corporation Ltd. Valli Manickam. V. (DSS) for Management of coastal wetlands. K Srivastava Mapping of Non-Timber Forest Produce using RS&GIS Application Area. Different Agro-Climate Regions in Andhra Administrative Staff College of Pradesh India.800/- 3 Ongoing - 12-08-2010 30.EIA. A& N Assessment of Carbon Sequestration in Island Forest and Plantation Mangroves of A&N Islands using Remote Dev. Portblair Sensing 14-07-2010 34.James. Remote Sensing and GIS National Remote Sensing Agency (Department of Space) Balanagar.640/- 2 Ongoing - # Thematic Class/ Category & Codes:. (5.