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Ref: INF/AUG-11/650 Vimal Patel 216-R9, MMRDA Buliding, Punam Nagar, Andheri(E) Mumbai

August 5, 2011

Dear Vimal, Sub: Offer / Appointment Letter It gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to join INFOKALL as one of its valuable members. We believe that organizations grow and flourish fuelled by the enthusiasm and energy of the people who are willing to invest in to the future. We therefore believe that all our people are truly our ASSOCIATES. We are happy that you are one such associate joining us in our effort to create a truly global corporation You will be designated as PCB Design Engineer and deputed at our Clients place in Mumbai. You are required to join on or Before Monday, September 05, 2011 for your further assignments. Your appointment in our Company is as per the following terms: 1. Date of Appointment Your appointment is effective from the date of joining, which shall be on or before Monday, September 05, 2011. We would have the offer open till the Monday, September 05, 2011 and prefer you to join us before the said date. On your joining day, we will require you to submit various documents for our records, as mentioned in the list enclosed. 2. Remuneration You will be paid remuneration as per the details given in Annexure I. 3. Terms & Conditions The detailed terms and Conditions of your assignment with Infokall are specified in Annexure II As much as your association with INFOKALL will be governed by the terms of offer made in this letter and the various associate related policies and guidelines of the organization, it will be also guided by the core values and beliefs of our organization cherished over the last many years. While welcoming you to INFOKALL we are confident that you will contribute to the organization and its goals, add value through your roles and strengthen the Infokall. We wish you all the very best. Yours Truly, For Infokall Enterprise Solutions Ltd.
I have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of my assignment outlined herein as above. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned above and I affix my signature to signify my acceptance

Shashidhar Pampati VP Operations & Finance

Vimal Patel

Annexure 1 Remuneration

Name: Vimal Patel

Designation: PCB Design Engineer

# 1 2 3

Compensation Details Cost to Company (Annual) Monthly Remuneration Gross Less Tax Deducted at Source (T.D.S as applicable currently @10% (Per month) Net Monthly (Take Home) * (Rupees Thirty One Thousand and Five Hundred Only)

Amount (Rs.) 420,000.00 35,000.00 3,500.00 31,500.00

For Infokall Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

I have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of my assignment outlined herein as above. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above and I affix my signature to signify my acceptance.

Shashidhar Pampati VP Operations & Finance

Vimal Patel

Offer Letter Vimal Patel


Annexure II Terms & Conditions 1. Probation Period You will be on probation for a period of 180 days from the date of joining. Your confirmation will be based on your successful completion of training during your probation period. The probation period may be reduced or extended at the sole discretion of the management. 2. Performance Review On successful completion of your 12 months tenure, your performance will be reviewed and rated based on the internal appraisal process and customer feedback on your work; you will be eligible for any variable components including Performance appraisal and/or Increments as per the rating given accordingly. 3. Leave You are entitled to take one Leave per month. 4. Appointment Related a) In view of your office, you must effectively perform to ensure results and you will be expected to work extra hours to achieve this whenever the job so requires. b) Upon completion of the probation period, your service shall continue in the normal course and shall be deemed regularized. 5. Welfare Benefits As welfare measure in order to facilitate/support major medical expenses of employees & dependant family members (Employee+spouse+2 children) a sum of Rs One Lakh will be covered under medical insurance. 6. Other Work Your position is a whole time engagement with the company and you shall devote your self exclusively to the business of the company. You will not take up any other work for remuneration or work on advisory capacity or be interested directly or indirectly in any other trade or business during the engagement with the company without permission in writing of the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. It is necessary that you observe the usual working hours laid down and whenever required or called upon to stay beyond those hours. 7. Transfer The company reserves the right to Transfer, Depute or Lead your service on Full-Time or Part-Time basis and on Temporary or Permanent basis to any other Office/Works/Sister Companies existing or which may come up in future, connected to our Company or our Group of Companies Which are located in and around India. 8. Past Record Your engagement with the company is subject the successful clearance of your credentials (employment, academics / others) by the company and/or a third-party verifying agency. If any declarations given or furnished by you to the company prove to be false or if you are found to have willfully suppressed any material information in such case, you will be liable to removal from service without any notice or compensation and the company will be empowered to initiate legal proceedings against you to seek compensation & damages. 9. Confidential Information You will not at any time without the consent of the Chief Executive Officer of the Company disclose or divulge or make public except on legal obligations any information regarding the companys affairs or administration or research carried out whether the same may be confided to you or become known to you in the course of your service or otherwise. You will not divulge to anyone in any form, documentary or other wise any information or particulars or details of any trade or business or other matters connected thereof which may come to your knowledge by reason of your being an associate of the company. Offer Letter Vimal Patel -3-

10. Protection of Interest If you conceive any new or advanced methods of improving processes/formulae/systems in relation to the operation of the company, such developments will be fully communicated to the company and will be and remain sole right/property of the company. 11. Notice Period You will render service for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of joining. For any reasons, any time during/after the probationary period, you intend to discontinue your services, a minimum of one months notice or one months salary in lieu of the notice is compulsory. However, you will have to complete the assigned task(s) and a complete knowledge transfer of your work & responsibilities, before leaving the company. INFOKALL reserves the right not to accept salary in lieu of notice. 12. Termination Of Services In the event of any breach of the code of conduct or non-performance of contractual obligation or the terms and conditions laid down in this agreement, you services with Infokall Enterprise Solutions Limited could be terminated without any notice not withstanding any other terms and conditions stipulated herein. Infokall Enterprise Solutions Limited further reserves the right to invoke other legal remedies as it deems fit to protect its legitimate interests. 13. Disciplinary Action In case of any Indiscipline or in the case of any misconduct you shall be removed from the services of the company immediately with out any prior notice, In case if there are any damages that are caused by your indiscipline or misconduct the company reserves every right to claim Liquidated Damages. However, you will complete the assigned task, before leaving the company. 14. On Separation On termination of your assignment by either side, you will give up all correspondence, specifications, formulae, books, documents, etc. belonging to the company after which the relieving process will be initiated. 15. Non-Solicitation Associate recognizes and agrees that INFOKALL has spent considerable amount of time, effort and money in identifying, and providing professional opportunities to all the associates. Therefore, associate under this agreement agrees that during the assignment and 24 months after the assignment with INFOKALL, will not under any circumstances pursue or seek employment on fulltime or a part-time basis, with the identified or Prospective clients of INFOKALL introduced either during pre or post sales directly or indirectly through any other means. The associate also agrees to intimate HR/Group Head of any offers made by above-mentioned clients within 24 hours of such occurrence. The associate agrees and approves INFOKALL to take a legal course, in case he violates any of the terms mentioned herein knowingly or un-knowingly. 16. Terms of Engagement Terms & Conditions applicable for the engagement are specifically spelt out and are available as an Addendum to this Appointment Letter IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Infokall Enterprise Solutions Limited, and Associate have executed this agreement as of Date: Monday, September 05, 2011 For Infokall Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Shashidhar Pampati VP Operations & Finance
I have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of my assignment outlined herein as above. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above and I affix my signature to signify my acceptance.

Vimal Patel Witness: ___________________ Date: __\__\____ The above terms and conditions are subject to change according to the company policy. Offer Letter Vimal Patel -4-


1. Salary certificate from your previous employer indicating tax deducted so far. 2. Copies of your education certificates (10th Onwards).

3. Appointment letters from your previous employers.

4. Relieving letters from your previous employers.

5. Photocopy of the PANCARD. 6. Photocopy of PASSPORT (front 3pages & last 3pages)

7. Signed Acknowledgment Copy of this Letter

Note: Four-passport size photographs. All Originals are to be brought for verification on the day of joining. All the above documents are to be sent thru email if scanned or copies to be couriered immediately!

Offer Letter Vimal Patel