Many deserving candidates lose out on job opportunities because of their vernacular accent.
Can I 'neutralise' my accent? Yes, you can. All you need to do is train yourself to speak English as comfortably and perfectly as you speak your mother tongue. How do you train yourself? By inculcating certain practices in your daily lifestyle. These will get you closer to sounding like a native English speaker and equip you with a global accent -- and you will speak not American or British English, but correct English. This is the first step to learn any other accent, be it American or British or Australian. Lisa Mojsin, head trainer, director and founder of the Accurate English Training Company in Los Angeles, offers these tips to help 'neutralise' your accent or rather do away with the local twang, as you speak. i. Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well and try to imitate them. When you are watching television, observe the mouth movements of the speakers. Repeat what they are saying, while imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech. ii. Until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English, slow your speech down. If you speak too quickly, and with the wrong intonation and rhythm, native speakers will have a hard time understanding you. Don't worry about your listener getting impatient with your slow speech -- it is more important that everything you say be understood. iii. Listen to the 'music' of English. Do not use the 'music' of your native language when you speak English. Each language has its own way of 'singing'. iv. Use the dictionary. Try and familiarise yourself with the phonetic symbols of your dictionary. Look up the correct pronunciation of words that are hard for you to say. v. Make a list of frequently used words that you find difficult to pronounce and ask someone who speaks the language well to pronounce them for you. Record these words, listen to them and practice saying them. Listen and read at the same time. vi. Buy books on tape.

Lillian Poms . You can change the way you sound if you are willing to put some effort into it. Quick tips Various versions of the English language exist. Research has shown it takes about three months of daily practice to develop strong mouth muscles for speaking a new language.Record yourself reading some sections of the book. ~ Watch the English news on television channels like Star World. We'd recommend Westlife. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English. Robbie Williams [ Images ]. You can change the way you speak but it won't happen overnight. Skeeter Davis and Connie Francis among others. People often expect instant results and give up too soon. vii. viii. Abba. Barrons Educational Series English Pronunciation For International Students by Paulette Wainless Dale. CNN. Compare the sound of your English with that of the person reading the book on the tape. Be patient. Read aloud in English for 15-20 minutes every day. Many people hate to hear the sound of their voice and avoid listening to themselves speak. ~ Listen to and sing English songs. x. Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes. However. ix. Begin by identifying the category you fall into and start by improving the clarity of your speech. this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making. BBC and English movies on Star Movies and HBO. Pay special attention to 'S' and 'ED' endings. ~ Focus on removing the mother tongue influence and the 'Indianisms' that creep into your English conversations. Books to help you improve your English     Essential English Grammar by Murphy (Cambridge) Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison Pronounce It Perfectly In English (book and three audio cassettes) by Jean Yates. Pronounce the ending of each word.

On the other-hand speaking fluently demands a very high free flow of ideas in your mind. if you want others to believe in you".Confidence is something that comes by practice. We all have it. since we all had learned to walk the same way. then you would be more accurate and avoid accidents. don't be afraid to make mistakes. This is called true dedication. and chances are high that you can fumble in between. Similarly if you think and then speak. you have to drive it yourself. If you feel that accuracy is getting compromised. Whenever you encounter any new word. but every-time he gets up and starts again. It is like driving a car. then choosing a limited right words can convey the meaning much more effectively. Similarly you cannot become a master of great speaking ability in English just by reading something. This makes a great impression on the listener. then you have to do it.In communication. Good fluency comes by practice. these phonemes are the way to pronounce the word correctly. just make a note of it. he falls so many times. the more is the chance of an accident. Don't be afraid to make mistakes:. Many times our weaknesses are hidden by our confidence. Learn from a child. Use a dictionary:. Many sentences can often lead to confusion.If you want to learn something. Small fumbling in words are usually ignored in this case by the listener. It is an immense boost to your vocabulary also.Dictionary is your best companion. Try to speak correctly and to the point. This is not a good practice. It's equivalent to saying that "Believe in yourself. Try to be fluent while maintaining accuracy. then can he ever learn to walk? The point is clear that you cannot learn something without making mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. then start speaking a bit slowly. So where is this dedication right now? Gather your courage. Try to speak with confidence in English. you have to practice it consistently. Try to indulge in conversation with parents and friends in English.blogspot. If you want to express some idea.Fluency and accuracy are the reverse of each other. Choose the right words:. Moreover the dictionary contains the phonemes before the meaning of the Tips to Improve Spoken English  Speak in English:. Speak in English whenever and wherever you get a chance.Can a child learn to walk without falling? And if the child is afraid of falling. choice of correct words is essential. always keep one in your pocket. the faster you drive.      . Speak Confidently:. It conveys the idea that you are very much familiar with the topic and can converse easily on it.http://improve-english-spoken. The driving factor is our confidence. and he can understand the information in much less words. This will help in getting the right pronunciation as well as meaning of words. Many times people use too many words and sentences to describe even a small topic. Are you fluent or are you accurate?:. You cannot learn a car by reading a book.

keep asking small questions to them. This is one exercise that I still do today. so no issues of anyone laughing at your mistakes. This helps to keep the listener involved and interested. The listeners are automatically involved in the communication process and the session becomes more lively.If you want to be a good speaker then listening is very important. When we think in English. It is simply because if a person is deaf by birth. then he has not listened to any voice since he was born. Second you can practice at any time as per your comfort. Involve the listener by asking questions in between:. this is the most important advantage of this activity. This helps in better remembering the word.A communication is always two sided. A very effective way to analyze yourself from time to time. but always use different words to express the opinion. You also get accustomed to using new words into sentences. When you make a sentence. When first time I tried this activity. Just have a look at the news channel when they show the flashy "Breaking News". This is like a feedback to you.Try to make a sentence from any word that you find as new or difficult. Try to vary words among sentences. so as to judge your voice yourself. There they repeat the same news for more that an hour showing the same video clipping. I never knew that I sound so unclear.Using same words again and again makes the listener think that you don't have a good vocabulary and that you are not good in spoken skills. where you give the output. Make a sentence from any word you learn:. If you are giving a seminar or presentation or even talking to someone. There are many advantages of this. For speaking we must be aware of the correct sounds. I talk a lot at night. I hope you all must be having televisions in your home. Being a good listener helps us to attain      . then we are able to communicate better since we need not translate it to our native languages every-time. secondly this also insures that they are interested in your speech or not.Talking to yourself is one of the most effective way of improving spoken English. Have you ever though that why is it that all people who are deaf by birth are also dumb. I was shocked. as I discuss my thoughts with myself in English. though the reverse is not true. This ensures that they are paying attention to what you are saying. take some part of it back and use that feedback to correct yourself for further output. It requires you to record your voice using any tape recorder or even a mobile. Avoid using same words again and again:. First you do not need any one to talk. and then listen to it again. and is therefore unable to speak. then actually your brain works to think over the meaning of that word and how it fits into a sentence. Talk to yourself in English:. Third is that you start to think in English. Ultimately his brain did not know what sound is. Be a good listener:. It's like a closed loop system. Record your voice and listen again:. phonemes and pronunciation of words.Now this one is an interesting tip to improve spoken English. This variation of words is the key factor which involves the listener.

and forces us to fill gap words like "hmmmmm". It is also a sign that you are interested in what the other person is saying. o  listen--------------->think--------------->speak  Read newspaper loudly:. so he is better prepared for the coming words and can relate to them. etc. This slows the communication process. Stress on punctuations:. The aim is to . just sound natural:. but reading them loudly helps in improving spoken English. Just have look at the example below:o o   The gangster dropped the bullet in his head. then your words will be very clear to the listener. then thinking in native language requires translation. Natural speech and sound is the best form to communicate. You get extra time to properly rephrase your sentence so as to make the best impact. the bullet in his head.Many movies show there stars using some or the other accent. The best part is that we listen think and then speak. "errrrr". The listener usually gets a confused or wrong information in this case.  Pronounce the beginning and ending of words correctly:. and they don't even bother to stress the correct punctuations. it encourages the other person to converse more. Don't spoil your voice by putting any unnecessary accent.This is the basic rule to converse in English.Punctuations can change the meaning of sentences. Most of the time we speak the starting of the word correctly. but jumps over the ending part of the word. It has many other advantages like. and yet they are very powerful speakers. If the thinking process is also in English then the complete cycle is in English and in fact is very fast. Many people speak sentences in a flow. Think in English:.this. The gangster dropped. Just notice that how the good speakers pronounce each and every word so clearly. If you speak the starting and ending of any word correctly. In practical life this sounds really bad. This make the pronunciation a bit tricky and the listener is unable to clearly understand our words. Just try to remain natural. Speaking slowly gives the listener time to understand what you have said. Moreover speaking slowly gives you time to think over your own words. The choice of words is usually much better when we speak slowly.It is a crucial tip for English communication. It is in fact the most important tip of all the tips mentioned. Our thoughts must come in English just as they come in our native language. It is this beauty of clarity that makes them excellent orators. If the listening and speaking are in English. Speak Slowly:.Have you ever noticed that most of the politicians speak slowly.  Don't use accent.Reading of English newspapers helps improve grammar and vocabulary. These scenarios could be avoided by giving due respect to the punctuations. Thinking in English helps to avoid translating thoughts from native language to English and vice verse while communicating.

They started calling me human dictionary. A limited or small vocabulary forces the speaker to use the same words again and again. so that you can understand any word in case of discrepancy. So overall they provide good service for the money that you pay to them.Singing songs is a pass time that we do occasionally. Most of the material online is free. Just practice at the leisure of your home. Grammar is important:. We may utilize this pass time to improve our communication. It automatically implies a clear understanding of the song. How to improve vocabulary:.English songs are a great source of good English audios. Listen English Songs:. how to present yourself. Join a personality development program:.Vocabulary plays a vital role in any communication.While speaking in English.stretch our mouth muscles so they get used to speaking English words. and should be correctly used      . Consider joining them if you need a class of learners and teacher's guidance. Knowing the song implies that you are able to pronounce the words in the sentences of that song. Try to get the lyrics of songs also.PDP or personality development programs are very common in almost every city. The respect you get after any achievement is enough to keep you motivated. But if you want to make a real good impression.Keep checking online for more information and material on the internet. A good vocabulary helps the orator to vary the words among sentences so as to keep the listener interested. the better would be your understanding of the language. Building vocabulary is a bit hard. PDP courses help in grooming the overall personality including spoken skills. Singling it loudly is again a brain tuning exercise by which we help our brains gain confidence in speaking English words and sentences. One activity multiple advantages. It is so natural that most of the time we don't even know that we are singing songs. Later a time came when my friends used to refer me for any word they encounter. I actually used the Brute Force approach. or tutorials to Improve Spoken English. It might happen that you are able to get some good audios. Sing English songs loudly:. These programs work on confidence building. Try singing English songs loudly. Just check the link for more information on it. You may check in your area for a reputed course provider.  Keep checking Internet for more information:. The way I had improved my vocabulary is discussed in detail in this article. I managed this by picking a small dictionary of around 2000 words. that is to learn an entire dictionary by heart. sometimes grammar can be avoided. For singing you must know the song. then work on your grammar. Grammar is very important for written communication. Do listen to English songs for getting more and more accustomed to the way English words are pronounced. The more songs you listen and understand the lines. but be consistent. oral communication. etc. Regular practice and consistency helped me improve my vocabulary massively. Moreover our mind gets trained that yes we can speak these words with confidence. so no need to pay for anything.

I used to watch "Mind Your Language". A person needs courage to ask for help. We have a habit of translating everything from English to our native language. comics newspaper anything that draws your interest. Get some good English DVD's with English subtitles. We used to study from "Wren and Martin for English Grammar". and only the strong are able to ask someone for help. Don't be shy to ask for help:. Read a lot of English material:. Just try to gain a comfort level so that you do not face issues in normal conversations. it implies that you are not good in spoken English. So don't be shy to ask for help. BBC. Watch English Programs on TV:. and they do help us whenever we ask them for. novels. The more we read in English. Initially the process will be slow.while speaking. Television is a great source. On the other hand BBC is more likely for advanced users.Read as much you can in English.I heard somewhere that asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness. The topic is not important. There voice is very clear. Star World. utilize it. The more we read. All these programs are a great source of quality English audios and videos. don't just read for the sake of reading. Write a diary:. Do not translate while speaking:. but slowly it catches speed and you will be able to think much faster in English. It helps us to get the right pronunciation of words and also there usage in sentences. Avoid translating while speaking as this creates a very bad impression on the other person.English channels like Discovery. Play the movie along with friends or family. Remember that no one can learn all the grammar rules by heart. Try to understand and read. "Friends". The speaks on BBC are very fluent in English. The weak ones are too shy to come forward. the better it is for us. otherwise this exercise will be wasted. Watch English channels on television:. and also they use very good English to communicate. The meaning of words and sentences must be clear. vocabulary and thinking process in English becomes. etc. Almost everyone will come forward to help you.Television is a great source of help for Oral communication improvement. There are multiple English programs coming round the clock.A very nice way to build thinking in English capability is to start writing a diary. Poor grammar depicts poor usage of the language and magnifies your weakness in the language. Get a good English grammar book. Particularly I like the way the speakers communicate in the Discovery channel. and you get them for almost free(just       . but you must think in English only. The earlier we get rid of this habit. are good sources of English conversation.Translation slows the communication.  Watch English Movies:. parents and friends all care for us. You may get anyone that suits you. then you will like this tip. Keep a tab on the subtitles and how the actors pronounce them. Our teachers. etc. They speak slowly so that we get enough time to understand. It becomes clear to the other person that you are translating and then replying. the more we think over it. Try English magazines. the better our grammar. National Geographic. Just start a diary and write down all the thoughts that come to your mind.If you like to watch movies.

the amount of cable fee). Be consistent.I kept this tip last. It's as simple as telling someone who wants to learn car driving to read a car manual to learn how to drive it. Use Divide and rule approach:. don't try to run in the beginning. We need food daily for our stomach and body. Utilize these resources to your advantage and try to understand what the speakers are saying. Make it your passion. You like to cook food. Just try it with your friends or parents and see the results yourself. because this is the baseline of Improving Spoken English skills. by dividing it into small and easy tasks. but is very essential to analyze our-self. Borrowing money requires good communication and convincing skills. Everything need time to improve and grow. then you will be a good gamer.Internet is vast and deep.Don't burden yourself with too heavy targets. Get a hold of some good English audios and videos. presentations whenever possible. The learning process is the food for our brains. Take one step at a time. enjoy them with your family. Try to be consistent in the learning process. then it will be a very boring activity for you. Don't be bluffed with sites that show you conversation between two people and claim that your spoken English will be improved by this. Try some exercise like borrow money from someone in English. Don't expect to become a great speaker by the end of 3rd day. Maintain consistency to get the best results from your brain. Enjoy whatever you do:. and you will automatically become a very fluent English speaker.Try to enjoy the learning process. Allow the spoken English skills to grow inside you. how they pronounce sentences and words. you don't expect it to start going to office when it is one year old. Seminars. These bluffing sites can hamper your growth process as they misdirect the learning process. A baby also takes time to grow up. You like to improve your spoken English.      . the you will be a good chef.It will take some time for the improvements to show in your speech. Make realistic goals which you can achieve in some time duration. then you will definitely be a good speaker.  Avoid bluffing sites and material:. It's a long process and requires continuous efforts. Participate in English quizzes. Divide the time for the subtasks involved in achieving your goal. You like to play games. Be consistent:. You need to listen proper English for getting proper pronunciation. If you are still scared in giving a presentation in English. The key is to make a large task appear small. Don't expect to see results instantaneously:.It's hard to test our-self. it means that your confidence level is low and needs to be improved. If you take it as a burden. Take these challenges and they will show you your confidence level in speaking. You will get plenty of material online. but their energy levels are gone by the end of 2nd or 3rd day. Test yourself from time to time:. and allow your English to improve. Many people start the improvement activity for English communication with full force.

   All the material provided in this site is absolutely free. Discussed below is some material to Improve Spoken English. and I plan to post it in a pdf format on one of my domains. then check this link and enter your details in the comments section. Do post comments in case you want to make any suggestion or addition. Spoken English Exercises for Children are simple activities designed for small kids. I hope the material presented in this blog and my upcoming pdf ebook are useful in helping my readers gain higher levels of fluency and better communication skills in English. These activities are very simple and kids usually enjoy doing them. Spoken English Exercises helps to gear up the students practice some exercises to improve there communication skills in English. I will publish the details city wise later in this blog.Choose the tips that you feel best suits your needs. I am working on an ebook on How to Improve Spoken English. . If you are also a course provider. This section is designed to cater to this need. I will be further expanding the material section to provide more relevant and meaningful content for the learners. how to speak fluently. Moreover this blog does not allow me to post pdf files. Spoken English Courses is an under-process list of curse providers in various cities and locations. You may utilize this material and many more materials online to your advantage. etc. There are many advanced areas in which you may like to foray like building strong communication skills. Material to Improve spoken English  Spoken English Games are great source to enjoy the learning process while playing games. All the advanced topics relating to communication and fluency are discussed here.

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094147.7:59089:/039857.0798-4/408349.907398-4  O O O 902.70/8.39./.3070.  4480909589.80894 2574.980.3/3902.57080390/398-4.9394.3 .80..708250.907.0 ./.0$540338 4:2.0.3/1:03.0/945.907.38:0894347.3.247343.73078  .943 5:-890/09.//943   8.:880/070  .:780574.1:039 09./0/3988908.08805.574.907.4:2.3/ 4.984:7.908.034/43902  $5403384:78088.422:3.:90982.907..9438 14:.30-44434942574..3.331:.942574..5/11472./.804:.3/039074:7/09....0-:/389743 .94:100-0898:984:7300/8 45489.4:780574.83.733574.439039147900..907.907..42094 54895/1108 .3/-09907 .70.808058940.70:801:3053270.84330944:7..983..4235/10-44.0/.08420007.39942. %880.0 -01:790705.3//8:8:.70.808147/703.422:3.94388 494850..3945489 93.324702.38 450902.42203983.9438/0830/94..94388338  $54033807.0888941.908/0830/14782.422039880.208  $54033807.9079498300/  90..3/2 :5.908.208.94388338   %070./07 903.0$540338 .422:3.84.870..907.94394 574./0783..942574.39./02470700.3/20.8.08411:03.09070.094034900.9.943430412/42.422:3.9..:880/-04884202.3:3/07 574./078.3..83 90.078250.7070.3/5.-84:901700 4704.74:8.702..70.3/ 2.9./8  %080.08540338 O $540338.943.

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