By: Herb Fitch
1970 Thunder of Silence Series
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ome five thousand years ago, give or take a few centuries, there was a man on earth who stepped out of this world. What he discovered was so unusual to him that he flung a challenge to the entire human race, and Joel captured that in the three words of this chapter: “ otold Wh yu” o? When this man stepped out of this world, he discovered forms that could never die, forms that knew nothing of pain or sickness, forms that knew nothing of hate, forms that never heard of the word “ a”. . the human race. It was w r. , as if he were looking at two television programs at the same time. While he saw this immaculately conceived, perfect universe, on the other TV set he saw man of earth, walking in a body destined to die, unaware of this living Kingdom all around h —t e i u dout. And this m n enlightened individual had to find a way to bring his truth to the creatures who walked the same earth that he walked. And so we have the beginning of a fairy tale, a fairy tale about man named Adam, woman named Ee n v—adin this allegory which the world has interpreted to be about sex, about naked human bodies, about s —t senlightened i h n i individual told a story which confronted every individual on earth and said to him, “ Really, what do yu nwaot ely” o ko buR at i?


You look out and you see a child dying of cancer. Or you go to your doctor and your doctor says, “e s Lt look at the machine here and ’ see what it says about yu ha . or er” t Or they take an x-ray of your lung, now they make their pronouncements. Y uv gt B yuv gt o’e oT ,o’e o cancer, and this child cannot live. “ o o yu” Wh t d o? l “ lmy doctor, his charts, his We, l m ci sh xr s ah e,i - y. n s a ” “ ldoes God know anything We, l aoth ? but s” i Y ur o’ eabout t sy “ l I o a, We, l suppose s, o ”but it occurs to you that if God knew something about this, how come Go’ lt gi ds ei t tn happen? How come God is letting a million plus die every year? How come God is selecting fifty thousand youths and sending them away and saying, “ Here, get your brains shot ot u ”How come God permits . two thousand to be massacred in five minutes? How come God permits two million blacks to be massacred in Biafra? How come God permits war after war after war, killing off what seems to be HIS own creation? Is that what the human mind sees? Is it Truth? Is it what God sees? And finally we see we have been creating a monster called “o, monster who kills, who gd ”a permits killing, who encourages killing. Then we look at the real monster and find out it is the human mind. The mis-perceiving

mind, the mis-creating mind, the unillumined mind. That mind which walks the earth in a body of clay. It sees what is not there. And so we have our man Adam. “ ee Whr were you when I called for yo? says the Father, “ y u” Wh didnto cm f t ” ’yu o eo h r? “ l I a e br s dbWe, w s m ar s e l ae cue e ee ae. as w w r nkd ” “ hyu O ,o were naked. Well, do declare. Who told thou thou wast nkd” ae? Now we have the real gauntlet flung before the entire world. “ o thou thou wast nkd” Wh told ae? “ lI a ” We, m said Adam, “ am, l I I ra y ae. ’ el nkd m l ” “ se Ie. ” And so here we have the revelation, way up in the beginning of Genesis, which the world has refused to look at. The revelation that Adam was not naked, for surely you do not believe that the Father would have said “ o Wh told t u hu at ae? h t w snkd” o o But Adam thought he was. Why? Because he was looking at the world through his human eye. Through his little brain box, through the counterfeit human mind. And he was looking straight at the spiritual universe, straight at spiritual form, but all he could see was his physical sense of form. Oh yes, in his physical sense of form, he was very naked. But the writer, through whom this allegory was being written, he had seen the

immaculately conceived Adam, the divine Adam. Here was the divine image and likeness of God: never in a form of flesh, never born to die, always the original Essence, Spirit of the Father. And Adam paid the price, Eve paid the pi —btonly in the re u c story, because who is Adam? Every child ever born into this world. Who is Eve? Every girl ever born into this world. When you were born, your name was Adam, or it was Eve. The story is no different today. Isthe story of the human race. t ’ And if all we read there was a story of sex, bodies, apples, sae—hwridiculous that story nks o would be. But still, still we have not perceived the main message from this illumined consciousness, for he was doing more than challenging our mis-perception of Spirit into flesh, he was say g “ eta e i ,N x fr n ,t you have taken this into contemplation, after it has dwelt with you for some five thousand years, after you realize your name to be the Spirit of God, then take another look at the material mis-creation of your senses, and ask yourself if these concepts of false powers, of diseases, limitations, of a life span that begins and end—akyusl i s s or f f e this is the divine Way. And go a step further. Once you see that matter is the mis-perception of the five senses, as it touches the invisible S it hn must p i e you r—t see that you too have a job to do. You must get back to that place where you can say to yourself, “ otold me that I was naked, Wh that I was not the Spirit of God” ? And as this grows in your consciousness, you may finally say,

“ otold me that I was born? Wh Where and when did Spirit become other than ITSELF? ” T as ht quite a shock for us, and ’ quite an opportunity, for we can begin to glimpse beyond the margins of the human mind, that there never really was a place where my spiritual Self became less than ITSELF. There was never a place where I dropped out of my true Identity, there was never a time when I did not walk in Christ Consciousness. I could never be less than that which I am. But there is an imposter walking this earth, and this was revealed by the illumined one, five thousand years ago. When he stepped out of this world and saw perfection everywhere, life without end, forms without fear, Truth without oppose—h was in Christ Consciousis e t ness. And he could see both sides: The Christ Consciousness of Reality and the material consciousness of unreality. And he called that material consciousness “ el p t s e, h e ” “ ehpoi”“ eunawareness t yns , t h s h of IS. ” He decided that he needed a name, a way, and so he took his two characters, serpent, few trees, a mist, he put a “ od o” L r G d above it all. N t o, u m ns ocp o G d bt a’ cnet called the “odG d Then he L r o. ” wrote his little play under divine inspiration. And you have to give Christ Consciousness a name, so that people will understand it in their terms, so he called it “ dn E e. ” A little garden cae “ dn w s ld E e” a l his Christ Consciousness, and because man had come into a material sense of it and had fallen from Christ Consciousness to material cnc uns t osi ses became the “ l o —i fl a f mE e. r dn o ”
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And now we were in a world of good and evil. All imagined by the new material consciousness of the man. A dt t w e w r n h ’ hr e e as e mained until we came into an awareness that in spite of the appearances around us, when you are above mortal thought, you are right back there into that original Eden consciousness, witnessing the world, not as it appears to man of er —bt it is, as it ever will a h u as t be, as it has never changed. Now we look out, we cross out the belief that the mortal sense of life is my reality. We look across to our neighbor and we see through this veil of flesh, we look around to the conditions of the world and we recognize that everywhere man is still walking in his Adam and Eve world, still thinking of himself as a physical form, still believing that the material conditions of the world must be prayed for to improve them. But we, like the man of old, know that we can step out of this world, out of the Adam and Eve m s r t n bv words, above ic ao—aoe -e i thoughts, out of the material consciousness. For this very gifted individual had really told us the story of ONE Self, ONE BEing, without opposite. ONE Mind. And to be sure we knew the Reality, whoever edited the Bible at that point, presumably Moses, put first the chapter of the perfect universe, as it was seen out of the Adam and Eve consciousness. And remarkably enough, in that entire first chapter of the perfect spiritual universe, if you take the finest microscope and pour over those words you will never find the word “et mentioned once. da ” h Never in the perfect spiritual universe outlined in the first chapter of

Genesis is there any indication of the existence of anything called death, or pain, or suffering, or war, or hate. “ et r b Lgt Lth e e i . e h” You know, television was’ nt invented in this century at all. It goes back to the beginning of all things, when there was Light. And the first television image was made of this Light, and finally the divine image, Man. Male and female made HE them both, in MY image and in MY likeness. And this is the spiritual creation, which later misperceived, becomes the mind creation of the second and third chapters of G ns —ad eei n there we have s our mental universe. First the spiritual, and then the mis-perceived or mis-creation called the mental universe or the Adam and Eve fall from the garden of Eden. From Spirit to mind. The return from mind to Spirit has taken some five thousand years since that announcement, and now we are just beginning to put our foot in the threshold to understand that Adam was my name, Eve was your name. This writer was telling us about our present condition o about two people back —nt there in a little garden. He was describing the present condition of the human race, of each individual on this earth, walking in his false mentally created universe, while one veil away, right where he stands is his infinite eternal life, immaculately conceived, ever perfect, never bor—w in t b n ai o e tg recognized, released, into his consciousness. Now we are challenged to look at everything in this universe that is not the eternal perfection of BEing, and to look at it in such a way that we can say to it: “ oare you? Wh

Who made you? What have you to do with the creation of God? What possible power could you have if yu rnt o’c ao? o a o G ds r t n” e ei We are enabled thus to look at all of the material conditions of this world and to know that God being Spirit, and Spirit being all, that every material appearance is in the Adam and Eve false creation. But it would be ridiculous to read this chapter and simply to agree with Joel. We have to go to the place where, in our agreement, we move out of the consciousness of flesh. And this is somewhat confusing for we find even in the chapter itself that we cannot quite understand some of the statements about the f s—ut perhaps we l h nl e i take them into contemplation and receive a little enlightenment about his meanings. Now one chapter, one part of it for example, that may illustrate the difficulty of this chapter is this: We have here the statement in the eighth chapter of Romans, we read that “ a m nof f s, lh e ”that is the Adam-man, “ant cno please God, and is not under the Law of God, and is only the Child of God if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in h . Let us never forget, howi” m ever, that there are not two of us, t r s a real man and an unreal h e not e’ man. T e ’ nt r l n e e hr s o a e ui r e a vs and an unreal universe. And so we find that we cannot be two, there cannot be a real me and an unreal me, there cannot be two, a Kingdom and a wol u r hrh r —bta e t d t e world is our mis-perception of the Kingdom. And now iscoming difficult t ’ becas yur w ne n,Im ue o’ odr g“ y e i s flesh my mis-perception of my spiritual bi ? A d h e o’ e g” n w i yur n l e
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trying to come to that realization, you read some words that at first confuse you. There is only one universe, and that is the Real universe. There is only one you and that is teR a yu A dyur h el o. n o’ e just about to say, “ l then I am We, l spiritual sl” e ,when here comes the f statement actay “ h m no ul , T e a f l flesh is that real man, even before the Spirit of God has been awakened to him” A dnw yur . n o o’ e really confused because how can the man of flesh be the Real man if I am the spiritual man? You seem to have walked around and come right back to where you started. Until suddenly you learn that the man of flesh he speaks of is not the man of physical flesh and you learn that there is two kinds of flesh. He is speaking about the man of spiritual flesh, not a man of physical flesh, and until you have injected that word before the word “ eh in this chapter, in f s” l this paragraph, you will be confsd eas the first Adam and ue—bcue the last Adam are both spiritual, the one pure before expelled from Eden, the other pure after his return. And so now you must keep a weather eye open so that when you set w r “ eh i Je yu e h od f s” n ol o e l , must begin to say, “ o N wwhat does hem a? H w s oavne en” e a s dacd that when he said “ eh he could f s, l ” speak of the spiritual flesh that he knew in the Kingdom of God. And I, looking at it from the other side of the veil would be thinking of material flesh, and be unable to understand. As a matter of fact, he once had a tape on that, and t r s he e’ a new letter on that about flesh and flesh, so that you learn the two kinds of flesh are the only kind:

One spiritual flesh, and in physical flesh is our mis-perception of spiritual flesh. Now you go another step. You see physical flesh because you are looking at the physical flesh through physical eyes. B t t gt ul’ e es a little deeper here. Certainly the writer of the story of Adam and Eve had seen far beyond a moment in time. He had been able to live in eternity witnessing the fullness, the completion, the wholeness of your being. And he saw a different kind of illusion than the one we are accustomed to. Our kind of illusion is the obvious one: The mirage on the desert that i ’there, the railst n road tracks coming together. His kind of illusion was very different. He saw the cause of every illusion, and we can in a sense, glimpse that cause. If you will see that he was revealing the existence of only one infinite Mind. And the creation of the second m n—t i d h esense of m n—bcm as it were a giant i d ea e cosmic counterfeit mind, and in it was the illusion of all things. And in that atl s nt r s lt vsiui h e a il l o e ’ te speck that bears your human name, and that little speck looking out from within the vast illusion of the one false mind—sees time and space and matter, catastrophes, disasters, epidemics. Always the illusion i ’j th r l a t c s tu t ar d r k n s e io a or the mirage on the desert, the illusion is the total material world. For that little speck of the human there is unaware that what he sees is that which is being given him by this cosmic mind. And that is our tomb, that is the tomb in which the man lives, as Adam did, unaware that they are entombed in one vast false cosmic mind. And they are

seeing evils that do not exist, they are seeing forms that do not exist, they are seeing oceans that do not exist, fires and floods that do not exist, they are seeing a world of good and evil where only perfection stands. Now it would be futile for us to just have a cursory examination of this chapter without coming to some conclusions. Now then, who told you that a forest fire is real? Who told you that a flood is real? Who told you that the destruction of flesh is real? Is that any different than the question which the Fa e si t A a , Wh t d t r a o dm “ o o h d l thee thou wast nkd”Who told ae? you you were man of the flesh, not Spirit? Now we know God d nt i’ d create floods and God d nt i ’create forest d fe ad o d nt et y l h i s n G d i ’dso f s. r d r e But if God did not create a flood, is the water real? If God did not create a forest fire, is the forest real? If God did not destroy flesh, is the flesh real? Who told you it was real? Why should our flesh be any more real than A a ’flesh? Why dm s should the water which seems to be in a flood be any more real than the flood itself? You see, the writer had a challenge that had to be phrased in symbology. He probably took a few disciples and told them a story, kept embellishing that story, eventually Moses put it in the Bible. And there it is, still challenging us, sy g“ o o yu” ai :Wh t d o? n l From that belief in the flesh came the belief in diseases of the flesh, came the belief in the death of the flesh, came the belief in the limited life span of the flesh, the mortality of people. But who told us? Only the five limited senses.
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In the entire Adam and Eve world is the revelation of the non-existent world of the five limited senses, because as Joel just told us, t r s he e’ only one universe, not two, and we know this that we experience is not that one universe. T e ’oloe hr s n n e y Real you, not two, and we know that this that we experience is not that Real one. But where is the Real one? Where is the Real universe, where is the Real I? Outside of these five limited senses which tell us about that which God did not create. God dent os’remove the flood, or the destruction of the flesh. God dent os’remove the diseases. Only man knows about them, God does not know about them. If God knew about diseases and did not remove them, would you want to pray to that God? If God knew about the destroyal and massacre of the flesh and did not prevent it, would you call that God? God knows none of these things because they happen only in the counterfeit human mind. The counterfeit human mind knows more than God. It knows what God does not know, and in that classic error, it kills itself. But now we have turned the corner of error. If God knows none of these things, as evidenced by the fact that God does not remove destruction, disease, disaster, epidemic t n G d o ko i ,h e o—nt nwn g about t m h —w y e h they could have no reality. God knows only Reality, only Truth, and what God does not know cannot be true or real. We know that God is going to do nothing about our sicknesses. God is going to do nothing about preventing our destruction. And therefore, my sickness and my destruction must be unreal.

God does nothing about a mongoloid baby, or a mother dying in childbirth, or children crippled in their infancy. Why? Because God knows only Truth, only Reality. Then these things are not Truth, and are not Reality. We are finally seeing a God who is God, instead of bringing God down to our own limited concept of what we think God is. We are saying to the mind of our own self, “ o you that Wh told you know more than God? God dent that cancer, how can os’ see you? Wh’ t lrG do m os h i , o r y ea m n? i ” d Finally w ’ cm n t t ee o i o h r g e place where we can look at our own mind and having said to it, “ otold thee that I was sick? Wh Who told thee that I must die? Who told thee that I am getting older? Who told thee anything? T e ’oloe i ! hr s n n m n ” e y d And we finally divorce ourself from the false sense of knowledge of good and evil which has conditioned the universe, since that first primitive came out of his cave. There is no good and evil, it simply does not exist! We have been creating our own false sense of good, and our own false sense of evil. We have seen good people and we have seen evil people. We have seen good conditions and evil cnios n God sees none of od i —ad tn that. The fact that God doesnt e ’ se evil is quite clear, nothing is done to remove it. The fact that God dentsee good is quite clear, os’ because the good becomes infected with what appears to be the evil. Our total concept of good and evil is no better than Adam and Eve. As a matter of fact, you know, if you just look at it very clearly, ob-

jectively, try to think of the real possible sin that those people committed in its allegory. What sin did they commit that you and I dnt o’ commit every day of our lives? Just what did Adam and Eve do t t so terrible? Why, they were h’ as almost babes in the woods compared to evil that we see in this world, now. T e cu nt a hy ol ’hr d m anybody in the world, there was nobody else there to harm! Who could they commit evil against? And finally you can see the whole story is the revelation of the non-reality of mortality. They could not commit evil against people because there were none. Against each other, there was no evil. This becomes a living message then, that as long as we remain in the belief of the flesh, of the material world, we are one step out of Eden, one step out of Christ Consciousness. And we are simply denying ourselves the right to be what we are. There are some little exercises I like to suggest to you. First the ’ d acceptance that because this is a spiritual universe, that Spirit is everywhere. Instead of being a mortal man in the flesh who has to now go find God, who has to seek his Source, let us see that only Spirit does exist, and I am that Spirit. Everywhere is Spirit, there is no place where Spirit is not. We fill the empty spaces of the air, realizing that the radiance of Spirit is invisibly everywhere. This is our first exercise. A ten minute exercise, I mean a ten second exerc e ut awareness that Spirit i —j the s s is everywhere. I ’ mrecommending that you do it several times in the morning,
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several times in the afternoon, several times at night, just for ten seconds. The awareness that Spirit is everywhere. T e ’ n p c hr s o l e e a where Spirit is not. Just ten seconds of that, repeated frequently during the day, until you know, i ib —a that exists is Spirit, n sl l v iy l t rs o i ee h e nt n l . e’ h g s And then your second exercise, again a ten second one, you can do this with your eyes open all the way, both of them. After you know that Spirit is everywhere, then in your next ten second exercise, repeated frequently, frequently, until it gets to be a perfect knowledge: Because Spirit is everywhere, spiritual power is everywhere. And as you walk down the street, for ten seconds you can just look out, knowing spiritual power is invisibly everywhere. Every other claim to the contrary is the denial of the Truth, is or i t yu m n ’ d falling into the universal illus n ht i —t Spirit is not everywhere, o a and that spiritual power is not everywhere. And every time your min f l fr htl s n ht d as o t iui —t l a l o a something else is there besides Spirit ad p i apw r un n sit lo e ru —t to r your mind within and say, “ o Wh told you? God says only MY Spirit is here and only MY Power. Who t d h m n? o ts i ” l i d Now these ten second exercises are only coming up because of a little conversation the other night with someone. B tist f u t h r ,’ e e quency of these which will establish your constant awareness that wherever you are, you can always spare ten seconds just to look straight ahead of you and know, “ s as my eye can see, Spirit is A far all that is there. And therefore as far as my eye can see, only the

pw r f p icn ehr” o eo S ita b t e r e. As you practice these two exercises, you can come then finally to the third one. And that is, because Spirit alone is there, in spite of all appearances, because the power of Spirit is there in spite of all appa ne—I relax, I can rest in er cs can a the assurance that only that Power can function in my experience. I can relax, I can rest, I can trust, and if I have done my work with sufficient frequency and understanding, I will finally be able to do what I ’ d like to do right now. All that can be here is the Spirit, although the mind will try to tempt us to think that something else is here. Only the power of that Spirit can be here, and therefore only the one spiritual Consciousness, the one divine BEing is here. And I can rest in the peace, the harmony, the love of that divine BEing, knowing there are no opposites, that every appearance to the contrary is but a mis-perception. I can look through the Adam and Eve world of serpents, the mist, false tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, and without any judgement can accept that I now am walking in the consciousness that only divinity can ever be present in this universe. In that I rest, just to feel the self of my being, the self of my neighbor, the self of all those who have ever walked the earth and ever will, for I am touching that one infinite Self in that resting. And that is the entrance to Eden. That is the entrance to the Kingdom of God experienced by the writer of the Adam and Eve story. We have our moment in eternity... And with the practice that we should give it, this moment in

eternity can become an eternal moment... While in this level of consciousness, we should feel ourselves being lifted away from the belief that I am a separate, finite individual, divided from other individuals on earth. Rather should I know that in my one spiritual self, I am one with every spiritual being on this earth. We are all one in Self. And that Self is the Law, for as we stepped out of the Adam and Eve creation of the mind, we came into the government of God. We came into the Law of the ONE Self. We are restored to that Consciousness which was ever the only Consciousness t t r l h i i tC nc uh i e —t n n e osi s as a e fi o ness. And this is the Grace, the Grace of Christ Consciousness, the Grace of Eden, where every form is immortal, where Infinity is ever individualizing ITSELF infinitely, where the sequence is always divine, where imperfection has no place. We step out of the world of imperfection into perfection, out of error into Truth. But we do not make the mistake of coming out of sickness into health, and I want you to see why that is an error. If you still believe in good health, you are still in the Adam and Eve creation, and I know many of us do. We are learning not to believe in sickness, but we make the opposite error of believing in hah las believing el —a y t w that once the body is well, this is Reality. This is the error that we must now come above. There is no belief in sickness and there is no belief in health. Spirit is never healthy or unhealthy. Spirit is Spirit! When you linger with the belief in health, yur o’ ebelieving in the
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health of matter, and that remnant of the belief in matter slams the door iyu f e T a s o yu n ora . ht hw o c ’ push away the release into the Kingdom of Reality. Still clinging to the belief of good matter, a good body, a good income, a good marriage, a good something on a mat i bs —i e a ai s rl s only half way home. And until you drop that belief in the goodness of material things, accepting only the ALL-ness of the invisible Spirit, you must vacillate and fluctuate between the good health and the bad, between the good income and the bad, between the good marriage and the bd eas a—bcuethere is no opposite in the Spirit. There is no opposite in the one Consciousness, there is only Grace. Oh, it may show forth as good health, but only because you have lived in the consciousness of the Spirit. And so if you find yourself unconsciously or even consciously seeking better health, take that into your cont em pl at i on regul l n l can see how that is a y t you r —u i a stumbling block. You have accepted a material “o” yu that must nw f d go hah n t o i od el —ad h n t e Law of God will never work in a m t i “o. a r lyu ea ” If you were trying to help someone, l’ e ssay you were trying to t bring up a child. Y udl et o’ i o k know that at the age of eighteen or twenty that child could go forth into the world, and without your peec—m e all things in this r ne et s world with courage, integrity, undrad g Y ud i to be able e t i . o’ l e sn n k to depend upon that. And so as a parent you naturally do this for your child. Bu yur t ci i S it t o’ h h d n p i e e l r, and before you can walk forth in

this world, meeting all of the physical appearances, and walking through them in your true Identity, you must now take this child called the human m n—ad i d n every time it insists on trying to be an adult, you have the weapon, “ o Wh told you? Who told you there is evil on this earth? Who told you there are evil people? Or who told you there are go pol ” od ep ? e If you distinguish that this one is good, then you must mean that someone e ei ’ go—t t l s t od h ’ s n as judgement. T a sh blf f ht t ee o a ’ e i human mind. “ oo t ehr Wh t dh t e l e e were healthy people on this er ? a h” t Why do you call them healthy? Because you know some sick ones, dnt o’you? N w yur d i n o o’ i d g e vi again. Finally you have no health, no sickness, no good and no evil, no good people and no evil peop —yur aoe j gm n l o’ e e bv u e et d . Why must you get above judge-

ment? Because only the human mind judges. The divine Mind dent os’have anything to judge. It dent os’have anything to remove or to change. And asl ga yur i t t o s o’ n h n e a mind which does judge, this is Adam and Eve, this is the belief that I am material being, that I can be naked, that I am not the Spirit of G d am separated from my own o—I Self in that mind. I am not in my Ft r a e sKingdom, I am in this h’ world. I am not in perfection, I am in imperfection. I am not in immortality, I am in that which must die. I am not in eternal BEing, I am in changing age. This is the lesson of Adam and Eve! Now we have been given some interesting revelation which will give us an insight into quite a number of things that have happened as we have walked this path of Truth. It will explain things wehvnt ae’

understood, perhaps, and it will also give us a new Way to accelerate our progress out of illusion into Reality. Very possibly this can be one of the most important Truths that we can learn. A dI l eo n ’i t dk spend a little more time in the silence, between in the intermission myself, that is, preparing for it, and I hope that in the second half we can all step up several notches to another place where we have a new degree of confidence, a new degree of awareness, new kind of courage born of the fact that we know something. I assure you, that whatever we are to be given is something you have never hear. A ds w ’ d n o el l have a brief intermission, and then we will discuss this particular answer to the question, “ otold Wh yu” o? Il you in just five or six ’ see l minutes.

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