DFCA - NSN OSC NSN SAIC + AMR NSN: Frequency Hopping, Flexible MAIO Management, Fractional Loading, Power

Control, DTX, Intelligent Frequency Hopping, Optimization of MS Power Level, Adaptive Mul ti Rate Codec (AMR), BSS Synchronization, SAIC and STIRC, Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation Content page: 1.Trends on moving GSM900 to UMTS900 2.List some cons and limitation. 3.GSM freqeuncy planning concerns for the GSM900 - Typical 4.2MHz of GSM900 Frequency are reframed to UMTs900. (non standard fre quency) -Solution parameters Main Frequncy reuse Follow by Interferance mitiation techinque http://wenku.baidu.com/view/cdae717da26925c52cc5bf17.html

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