. 5. the time-stamp of submission will be taken into consideration. 4. only one member is to submit the answers. 7. the link for which has been posted on Facebook and also mailed to your IMI email ID. Teams may be formed between programs and batches. PGDM-HR. 2. Entries received after 10:45 PM will not be considered 3. Each member can participate in only one team. Answers are to be filled in the Google form. 8. XPGDM and PGDM-PT students of IMI. Each team may have one/two members. 6. In case of a tie. 9. Only one entry (the last one submitted by 10:45 PM) would be accepted from each team. From each team. No prior registration is required. This quiz is open to all PGDM.Rules 1.

com in 1998? 4. launched in 1961. On the first page of which Delhi-based publication. .1. would you find the tagline “Read to Lead”? 3. The red square in the logo signifies passion. Connect these 4 pictures. 2. The white swirl at the top right represents the invigorating qualities of the product it sells. Which company founded by Rakesh Mathur in 1996 merged with Amazon. The font used is ‘Slurry’. Which panIndian chain’s logo are we talking about? 5. . Identify the person and the occasion.

He got company in the form of product manufactured by company Y. Identify the occasion/incident. Which gharana of Hindustani music. Identify X and Y.6. the famous toothbrush tree used for centuries. 7. based on the story Robinson Crusoe. Dabur owns a toothpaste brand by its name. This product has been scientifically formulated from the extract of the plant ‘Salvadore Persica’. Name the brand. 9. considered the “mother of all gharanas”. . Which company got its name from the names of two companies – Volkart Brothers and TATA Sons? 10. According to commentary on DVD edition of the film. The movie Castaway. shares its name with an Indian brand? 8. the use of these companies name was for authenticity. However. he was not alone on the island. and not a result of product placement. is about an employee of company X who survives a plane crash and subsequently becomes stranded on an island.

as a throwback to the historical India of famed wealth. Name the dog. 12.11. Connect. and with a mission to reinstate it? 13. Which group’s logo features the `Sone ki chidiya’. .

which went on to feature several other models over the next 25 years or so.14. Connect the USA's national anthem and GoAir. Which product are we talking about? 16. The lady in the photograph shot to instant recognition in the 1970s in a popular ad campaign. Connect the images. . 15.

Connect these 4 pictures. What connects Leela Chitnis. 20. which is responsible for the commercial marketing of Indian space technology in the international market. known as? .17. What is the marketing organ of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Aishwarya Rai and Shahrukh Khan. among others? 18. Which Indian politician and activist modelled for DCM Towels a few decades ago? 19. Elizabeth Taylor. Sridevi.

21. By what name do we know the location of that barrier today? . Who created him? 22. A familiar 20th-century mascot (see picture). The Dutch built a barrier in 17th-century New York to protect themselves from invaders.

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