26 March 2010 Draft Agenda HL: High Level / IFM: Interactive Facilitation Meeting / IS: Interactive Session / AL: Action Line / TW: Thematic

10th May Monday
09:30 – 10:30


11th May Tuesday

12th May Wednesday HL Debate No 3 HL Debate No 4 ICTs for Disaster Management Room H HL Debate No 5 Cybersecurity and Cyberspace Room K TW Matrix of ICT Solutio ns for MDGs Advan cement GAID Room H

13th May Thursday TW ICT4Peac e Room L TW World Federa tion of Scienti sts (WFS) Room M TW 1/4 Experts Group Meeting : EGovern ment DESA/I TU Room K TW Global Informatio n Technolog y Report dialogue: Capturing and leveraging ICT for developm ent. World Economic Forum Room L TW ICT4 D in Bangl adesh : Innova tion and Succes ses Room M TW 2/4 Experts Group Meeting : EGovern ment DESA/I TU Room K

14th May Friday WSIS Action Line Facilitat ors Meeting (09 :0012 :30) CICG

Opening Ceremony CICG

HL Debate No 2 Broadband Applications for Tomorrow Room H

Social Networking Room K

10:30 12:00

High Level Plenary Session Turning Targets into Action WSIS and MDGs CICG

12:00 13:00

HL Debate No 1 Build on Broadband Lunch Knowledge Exchanges CICG Exhibition Inauguratio n (Entrance Level Montbrillant Restaurant) Press Conference (Media only)

IFM AL C2 Infrastr ucture ITU Enhanci ng ICT Room H

IFM AL C7 EEnviron ment UNEP

13:00 14:30

IS Sustain ability of the WSIS Implem entation E-Waste through Stockta king Room K Process ITU Room L

TW: Indigen ous Knowle dge / people ITU Room M

IFM AL C7 EHealth WHO Room L

IFM AL C9 Media UNESC O Commu nity Media for Disaster Prepare dness Room H

IS Financi ng Mechan isms for ICT4D UNGIS Room K

TW Child online Protec tion (ITU/e NASC O/Sav e the Childr en) Room M

TW CONG OICTD activiti es with CS Room H

Closing Ceremo ny (12:30 – 13:00) CICG


Lunch Knowledge Exchanges (Montbrillant Restaurant)

LDC’s Room H IS Room L TW Cybercr ime ITU/U NICRI/ CYMR U Room M TW Comm unity Media Room H TW WSIS +5/ the role of Africa n Civil Societ y on promo ting ICT Room L TW Partnershi p Task Group on eGovernme nt Indicators ECA (Members of the Partnershi p on Measuring ICT for Developm ent only) Room M TW 3/4 Experts Group Meeting : EGovern ment DESA/I TU Room K . Room H Fostering information and communication for development: UNESCO's follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society. Poverty Reducti on. A mid-term review. Data EGovern ment Room K IFM AL C7 EEmploy ment ILO Youth and Aged. ITU-D Publications Trends in Telecommuni cation Reform 2009 ICT Regulation Toolkit Room K Global Informati on Society Watch 2009 APC Room M 13th May Thursday Publications Releases The Global Information Technology Report 2009-2010 Room H Publications Releases World Telecommunication / ICT Development Report 2010: Monitoring The WSIS Targets. Room K 14th May Friday UNGIS Working Level Meeting (UNGIS Members only) 14:30 – 17:30 14:30 16:00 IFM AL C6 Enabli ng Envir onme nt ITU LDCs.10th May Monday 14:00 14:30 11th May Tuesday Publications Releases National eStrategies for Developme nt: Global Perspective Room H WSIS Stocktaking Report Room K ITU’s WSIS Plus 5 Report Room M Room H 12th May Wednesday Publications Releases Digital outreach for a better future. SIDs Room H IFM AL C8 Cultur e UNES CO Multil ingual ism Room L IFM AL C7 Ebusiness and Eagricult ure UNCTA D/ FAO /ITC ICTs and Rural Enterpri se Room K TW: ICT and Gende r UNES CO / ITU Room M UNGI S High Level Segme nt (UNGI S Memb ers only) (15:00 16:00) 14:3016:00 IFM AL C10 Ethics UNESC O Informa tion Ethics Room H IFM AL C3 Access ICTs and Disabili ty Room K IS WSIS and MDGs ITU/ UNU Room L TW: Cybercr ime ITU/U NICRI/ CYMR U Room M IFM AL C1-C7C11 DESA MDG.

16:00 17:30 IFM AL C4 Capac ity Buildi ng ITU Digita l Oppor tunity Room H 10th May Monday IFM IS Partners AL hip on C3/C Measuri 7 Acces ng ICT s / efor Scienc Develop e ment UNES ITU/UN CO CTAD Open Acces s to Scient ific Infor matio n Room L Monitor ing WSIS the Targets Room K TW: IPbased Netwo rks enabli ng ICT for Devel opme nt ITU Room M 16:0017:30 IFM AL C7 E Learnin g UNESC O ICTs and Educati on Room H 11th May Tuesday IFM IS Regiona AL l C7 ECommi Environ ssions ment UNEP/I CEPA TU L/EC A/EC Energy E/ES Resourc CAP/ es ESC WA/ Room K Room L TW: Cybercr ime ITU/U NICRI/ CYMR U Room M IFM AL C5 Cyber Security ITU Cyber Crime Legislat ion Room H 12th May Wednesday IS TW Update ICT for on IGF Human Rights Room L Room M TW GAID Room K TW Room H 13th May Thursday TW TW Room L Room M 14th May Friday TW 4/4 Experts Group Meeting : EGovern ment DESA/I TU Room K 17:30 18:00 18:00 Briefing Session Reception (Montbrillant Restaurant) 18:00 Open Discussions .

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