Power Continuity Systems, the UK’s premier power protection company, recently designed, built and installed a purpose

built bespoke uninterruptible power protection solution for the head offices of the UK, World renowned fashion icon Burberry plc. Burberry Plc chose PowerContinuity Systems from a number of companies, to ensure that their prestigious New Word Head quarters would always have power in the sumptuous 160,000 square feet of newly designed space over the eight floors of Horseferry House, Horseferry Road, Westminster, London. The Burberry HQ is more than a functional building as it includes showrooms, designers as well as offices. Burberry is bringing all the companies eight-hundred and fifty London employees together under one roof for the first time, as they continue to expand their famous high end fashion ranges across the globe. Power is now more important than ever as the growing digital business gathers a pace. Having all the key management and buying operational control personnel in a single prestigious central London building required a unique resilient power protection system comprising large UPS’s and Generators systems supplied by double skinned fuel pipework and tanks. Loss of power would not only affect the head office but all the world wide operations. PowerContinuity Systems won the project with its unique, ‘state of the art’ power protection system allowing all the departments automatic off grid power in the event of any power outage. PowerContinuity Systems successfully completed the roof mounted power protection systems on time and in budget. Chris Bossons Senior Engineer at PowerContinuity stated, “Placing Power Generation Systems on Roofs in Central London is common place for us. This installation is particular pleasing as the space allowed was restrictive, in the centre on the building roof area. All commissioned on time.” ‘Luxury fashion label Burberry has recently increased its spending on digital marketing to sixty percent of its total marketing budget, three times the amount spent by the average company. The move comes following a successful start to a Facebook campaign and more recently YouTube,’ states Gabriella Blake, Retail Digital. This increase in digital marketing and the company’s reliance upon information and communication systems to reach out and develop sales in new markets, means that Burberry cannot afford any disruption to the company’s stream of digital advertising and the power on which those information technology systems rely. Burberry chief executive Angela Ahrendts said, ‘The cost and efficiency benefits were always planned, but the way our new space helps to unite the culture, improve communications and purify the brand are all added benefits.’ This comment by the company illustrates just how important Burberry’s communications network really is, especially in this new age of digital media marketing. Power Continuity Systems were entrusted with the design, build and installation of the N+1 UPS and generator systems, providing total resilience in the event of any National Grid power outage. Power outages have happened in the Westminster area since we completed the Burberry Power Protection Project, and yet Burberry have retained their power independence through each power outage, thanks to PowerContinuity systems whenever failure is not an option. Burberry plc now has a state of the art 24/7 power protection system, by Power Continuity Systems. PowerContinuity Systems 81 Spinney Hill Derby DE73 8LX 0845 055 8455 support@powercontinuity.co.uk www.powercontinuity.co.uk

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